• Madden NFL Mobile - March 2017 Update

    Madden NFL Mobile has received its second update of 2017. The update adds in on the field playcalling, inbox improvements, and Defensive Gameplan tuning.

    Continue on to read the blog entry from Madden NFL Mobile Designer Danny Doeberling.

    Happy Spring Break, Madden Mobile fans!

    Danny Doeberling, Lead Designer of Madden NFL Mobile here, stopping by to tell you what's new in our March update.

    This is our second update of 2017 with the first one coming back in January. That update focused on Defensive Gameplans as our design team looked at offering varying degrees of on-field counters for the Defense. We also introduced the Social Sharing button on the Pack Opening, My Team, and Gameplan screens allowing you to share your accomplishments in the game across multiple social networks.

    Now for what's new in this update!

    On the Field Playcall

    Players can now view his or her suggested play recommendations on the field. Flip instantly between 3 plays, all recommended based on the game situation. You can also jump to the full playbook view at any time. I believe this feature will help new players get a better idea of what the play will actually look like in reference to the position on the field. Speaking of full playbook view, you can now call plays by recent history. Have a set of go to plays that is working on a drive? Now, you can quickly access those plays and also avoid calling plays back to back to avoid the dreaded counter by playcall frequency.

    Inbox Updates

    To make auction house management easier, from your inbox, you can easily get through all your auction house messages with the push of a button. Players can press the dismiss button, and instantly claim all of your auction house winnings. The dismiss all button will also clear any postings from your auctions that expired and didnít sell. Other messages in your inbox, besides auction house, are sorted by category and can also be dismissed as a group.

    Defensive Gameplan Tuning

    During the January release, we added varying degrees of defensive counters based on your Gameplan. We got a bunch of great community feedback and we made some tuning decisions based on it.

    First, we took a tuning pass on counters and made the level 2 counter more difficult for the Offense. When we looked at the numbers across the board, the community was gaining too many yards for that severity, so we dialed it up. Game difficulty in league vs. league play will also be increased for similar point scoring reasons. We increased the difficulty on all play type counters, and also addressed the bug where frequency counters were not triggering critical counters. We are committed to balancing the game based on feedback we look at on the number of games being played.


    That was your Dev Deep Dive into the Madden NFL Mobile March update. We hope you guys enjoy these new features. Until next time.


    Courtesy: EA SPORTS
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