• Madden NFL Mobile - January 2017 Update

    Madden NFL Mobile has received a new January update including updating the digital cover athlete to Pittsburgh's Antonio Brown after previously highlighting Rob Gronkowski and then Von Miller in previous updates.

    The primary focus of this update includes changes to Defensive Gameplans to help alleviate the severity and harshness of some counters. Other additions within this update include social media sharing, quick selling coin collectibles from the pack opening screen (ala NBA LIVE Mobile), as well as stability fixes.

    Continue on to read the blog from developer Danny Doeberling.

    Happy New Year Madden NFL Mobile Fans!

    Danny Doeberling, Lead Designer of Madden NFL Mobile here, stopping by to tell you about what is in our upcoming January update. This release focuses on a major Defensive Gameplan upgrade and social media sharing features.

    Defensive Gameplan
    At the start of the season, Defensive Gameplan transformed the way to build a strategy to stop your opponents in Head to Head and League games. Now that we are five months into the season, the harshness and frequency of counters can sometimes make the experience of playing Offense frustrating. The design team set out to keep the fun and strategy of building a Gameplan intact while offering varying degrees of on-field counters for the Defense.

    The Gameplan Hub remains unchanged as it is still all about collecting items and filling out Gameplans based on how you match up against your opponent. Once in game, your Gameplan items will still determine if the play is going to be countered or not. When a counter happens, the Defense can trigger one of three counters varying in severity. Each counter can influence the following areas: pursuit, defensive block shedding, knock out chance, ensuring an advantageous Defensive play is called, and more. Severity is determined by which team has the offense/defense OVR advantage. A significant Defensive advantage will give the player a higher chance at getting a more severe counter. Inversely, if the Offense has a significant advantage, they will run into a slight mismatch counter instead of having the play be completely blown up as in the current system. The objective is for the Defensive Gameplan items to remain powerful while having a more realistic gameplay experience. No one wants their Offensive Line going into full meltdown mode after every play and this release will address that.

    Social Media Sharing

    Pulled that X-Factor player from the last revealed item in a pack? Now share it with your friends and let them know how much better your team is than theirs. The share button has been added to the Pack Opening, My Team, and Gameplan screens. Sharing works with any downloaded app on your device that supports sharing (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Now, go out there and let the world know how proud you are of your line-up, because in this case it's OK to boast.

    Quick Sell Coin Collectibles
    You no longer need to find coin collectibles from your items on the Sell Items screen. Save time by trading in your coin collectibles directly from the Pack Opening screen immediately after opening them.

    As Always
    One last thing to note, we have also built features around some fun upcoming programs. We want to make sure that when those programs roll out, the Madden NFL Mobile community will get to engage in new and exciting ways to fill out sets and earn players. More details will be shared in the coming months as we get closer to the launch of those programs. Finally, as with every release, there will be stability fixes, bug fixes, and fair play tuning. Bug fixing wise, we spent some extra time ironing out some of the lingering audio issues from the last release. Our goal is to make sure we devote time and resources to these areas for every release.

    That was your sneak peek into the Madden NFL Mobile January update. Hope you guys enjoy the release as we get closer to the big Super Bowl day. We have got plenty more to come this year, so take care for now.


    Courtesy: EA SPORTS
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