• Madden NFL 17 - Game Update 1.08 Details

    The newest Madden NFL 17 game update is small in size (just 88.81 MB on PS4), but alleviates issues that arose during the game's most recent eSports event, the Madden NFL 17 Classic.

    This update also prepares Madden Ultimate Team for the upcoming Holiday Freeze event.

    Continue on to read the full list of announced patch improvements.

    Hey Madden Fans. We on the Madden Team all have our collective 4’s in the air as we near the end of 2016. But there’s still time for one more Mini-Title Update, here are the details:

    • Addressed a gameplay issue where a receiver who was hot routed would switch back to his previous assignment if he was motioned and not fully set.
    • Addressed a gameplay issue where the QB would freeze after hot routing a running back and motioning him out before he became fully set.
    • Various upgrades to improve the Madden Ultimate Team Holiday experience.
    • Enhanced preparations to help deal with the upcoming Freeze.

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