• Madden NFL 17 - Title Update #2 Now Available

    Game update 1.05 is now available for Madden NFL 17.

    This significant update - considered title update #2 - includes a number of improvements and fixes to gameplay, Franchise Mode, and Ultimate Team. Among the gameplay changes are: wide open passes will no longer be dropped by WRs as frequently, auto-broken tackles will be less frequent, defensive tuning v. stretch/outside zone runs, and kick-meter Accuracy Range increased on All-Pro & All-Madden difficulties.

    Continue on to read the full list of announced improvements in game update 1.05.


    * Tuned Wide Receivers dropping wide open passes to be less frequent
    * Auto-Moves now set to OFF for all MUT Solo Challenges
    * Player-Lock camera fixes
    * Tuned Auto-Broken Tackles to be less frequent
    * Variety of defensive run-game tuning fixes
    * Strip-Ball exploit fixed
    * Fixed issue around clock running out on a defensive penalty
    * Fixed issue with QB’s unable to tackle after throwing an Interception
    * Fixed a variety of rare Special Teams issues
    * Defensive tuning vs. stretch/outside zone runs
    * Addressed a variety of fatigue-related issues
    * Nano-detection System improvements
    * Nano-detection System disabled for user vs. CPU games
    * Fixed 'Ice the Kicker' not functioning in certain situations
    * Addressed users holding kick button to take a delay penalty and re-kicking
    * Fixed issue with user not being able to switch players in co-op play
    * Tuned to WR/DB positioning on streak routes
    * Tuning & Adaptive AI to Linebacker fake-out chances vs. counter plays to make defensive reaction better
    * Kick-Meter Accuracy Range increased on All-Pro & All-Madden
    * Decreased 'nearby player' penalty for defender interceptions, making Interceptions more frequent


    * Added ability to save/resume solo Cloud Franchise games
    * Head to head Cloud games will now default to the standard camera
    * Fixed issue where players on IR were counting against active roster
    * Fixed issue where user to user trades could be auto accepted when week advances
    * Many stats and ratings menus are now in widescreen format
    * Fixed issue where some heads appeared incorrect while editing
    * Addressed stability issues in Play the Moment, Training, Formation Subs, and Schemes
    * Fixed issue where some players with preexisting injuries would never return to health
    * Addressed issue where stats are not showing properly when viewed on team goals menu
    * Tuned game regression that can occur for quarterbacks
    * Fixed issue where defensive rookie of the year can show up as offensive player of the year
    * Removed ability for kneeling QBs to be hurt while simminng
    * Adjusted fatigue during Play the Moments
    * Punter stats are now visible in the menus
    * Draft Classes will now have varying penalty traits
    * Highlights menu is now available when ending the game on a simmed play
    * Going for it on 4th downs in Play the Moments have been tuned
    * Strategy suggestions in play call will now track multiple concepts

    Ultimate Team

    * Added the ability to add multiple items to a set at once (“Batch-Add-to-Set”)
    * Improved MUT substitution screen UI
    * Chemistry art modifications (larger images!!)
    * Addressed the issue where filters in the Auction House would disappear
    * Addressed the issue where the “Unopened Packs” tile would show 0 even if you had packs unopened
    * Surfaced the “restart” button when failing a Solo Challenge
    * Game speed is set to default for all difficulties including Rookie and Pro (no longer “Slow”)
    * Auto Subs in MUT Solo Challenges are now working correctly
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    1. Rudy's Avatar
      Rudy -
      It's comical how often the IR players have still counted against your roster in Madden. This seems to be an annual problem.

      I see nothing on formation subs being fixed. They don't always work right. I do like the mention of fixing play suggestions.

      I think the run defense on stretch plays was important. I still think cpu defenders can react too quickly and that the pass reaction slider remains largely useless.

      Nothing in the notes about QBs scrambling more. That was a problem up until now. I hope that got addressed.
    1. skipwondah33's Avatar
      skipwondah33 -
      Sigh..."increased kick accuracy range on All-Madden"

      Guess kicking was too hard

      The Counter reaction and WR/DB positioning on streaks did need work so curious to see how those play out.

      A few other nice things in there as well
    1. Rudy's Avatar
      Rudy -
      I know the kick accuracy issue is seen as a negative but I think Madden punished the accuracy too harshly on longer FGs. Personally I don't know why there is a difference between short and long. You should hit the meter the same way. Being slightly off center moves the ball left/right and on longer FGs that should translate naturally to more misses. The bigger question is why they still don't freaking have separate user/cpu sliders in franchise! It's ridiculous.
    1. skipwondah33's Avatar
      skipwondah33 -
      People wanted harder and difficult FG kicks. For Special Teams to matter for once... EA does this very well this version

      Now people think it's too difficult, or that kicking in snow should be easier, or kicking in the rain should be easier. Or people want to be able to kick max power every kick without penalty.

      It's a no win trying to please 4-5 different groups of Madden players.

      Longer FG's should be more difficult, it's the reason there are more misses on PAT's where they are kicked from now than when they were closer.

      Before, any and every kicker could nail a 58 or 60 yarder with ease on All-Madden. It was comically easy. Point arrow down, take a sip of tea while holding the controller in one hand or texting...boom nail the FG.
    1. Rudy's Avatar
      Rudy -
      I still wish cpu AI was more human. The lack of QB scrambling by them was definitely hurting the experience. The sideline awareness by receivers is still a real sore spot for this game as well.

      Maybe I just need to bite the bullet and accept EA will do little to improve the offline cpu AI and either play online or just quit.
    1. skipwondah33's Avatar
      skipwondah33 -
      Find a group of guys or place where you can play other users. Playing against another person who isn't glitching or cheeseballing it is FAR more enjoyable than hoping for better play against CPU.

      Another note on kicking. I'd even like to see stadiums factor into kicking, wind gusts and even a confidence factor. For example the Cleveland Browns kicker, miss a few and see a Kicker's rating or accuracy window start to decline/shrink if they are a lessor rated kicker.
    1. Rudy's Avatar
      Rudy -
      Don't know if anyone saw this in the MUT thread but I will repost it here.

      I almost forgot. I got a DLC promo with my game when I bought it. I think it's a MUT code. Found my receipt lying in my end table.


      Available for the first person to activate it lol.
    1. JBHuskers's Avatar
      JBHuskers -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rudy View Post
      Don't know if anyone saw this in the MUT thread but I will repost it here.

      I almost forgot. I got a DLC promo with my game when I bought it. I think it's a MUT code. Found my receipt lying in my end table.


      Available for the first person to activate it lol.
      I'll let you know
    1. Rudy's Avatar
      Rudy -
      Played one game and lost 20-17 to Bills. Hard to say what has changed after one game. Felt similar. I did see a non qb fumble and I was sacked once and never fumbled. Stretch play defence seemed a bit better. One thing I did notice was tackling from behind seemed better. Receivers made catches and we're tackled rather than race to end zone. CPU DBS had hands of glue on interceptions. I threw a bunch and they made me pay every time.

      Didn't seem like a huge difference or anything but I only played one exhibition game. Sideline awareness was still bad. Tyrod Taylor did scramble once but didn't move around much other than that.
    1. Rudy's Avatar
      Rudy -
      I don't think they changed the CPU qb ai. After three games and two of them against ARod and Throw Taylor I don't see a difference. They don't move around the pocket much or scramble like they should. The play suggestions do have more randomness now but I don't think the CPU play calling is much improved. On 3rd-11 there is a very good chance you see 4-verticals called still.

      Honestly, some people call the patch trash and others say it's awesome. I think it's a little different and on the good side for run defence. I think catching is a little easier on offence and especially defence but I don't think this is a big change in overall gameplay imo. I never had an issue with WR drops before the patch though. All WRs in the NFL drop the ball. Average drop rate is around 10% or so. My issue was the game didn't record them as drops.

      QB strip sacks do seem toned down so I am happy about that.
    1. skipwondah33's Avatar
      skipwondah33 -
      The drop issue was tied to a user controlled RAC bug according to EA. It was a legitimate bug. I play with Pittsburgh and Antonio Brown would have 1-3 a game often, wide open.

      Did a test and let the CPU decide which catch to go for. Every time they chose "RAC" there wouldn't be a drop. But soon as I chose RAC catch (which I always control which catch I want), there would be random drops.

      For reference Antonio Brown has a 99 catch rating. In the 2015 season he had 136 catches and only 2 drops in 16 games.

      Rest of patch seems solid thus far. I like the reaction that Defense has to Counters now. They aren't always stopped, but they react much better instead of mindlessly running opposite way.
    1. jaymo76's Avatar
      jaymo76 -
      I need to get back into this game. Now that I have my new stud rookie QB, it's time to bring the Bears back to greatness.

      Props to the MADDEN TEAM for FINALLY allowing the user to change the cpu uniform in CFM. It's been missing for too long. I love this addition!
    1. Rudy's Avatar
      Rudy -
      Cpu had 3 fumbles to. My two in a little over one quarter in the rain with the fumble slider at 75. I quit. May be dumping this game sooner than later.