• EA SPORTS FIFA 17 Demo is Now Available

    Courtesy EA SPORTS: FIFA 17 Demo now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Be the first to try FIFA 17 The Journey, powered by Frostbite, where you live your story on and off the pitch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC. Play Kick Off with 12 world class clubs including Manchester United, Real Madrid C.F. and FC Bayern Munich.

    After you try the demo, share your thoughts with the community here.
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    1. gigemaggs99's Avatar
      gigemaggs99 -
      Downloaded FIFA 17 demo and PES17 demo.

      Played 1 game with each.

      Quick impressions after 1 game.

      EA Fifa17, it must be the frostbite engine, it's really cool how the field gets chewed up, more in the middle from the up and down running of the players. The graphics are smooth and look very nice. The players movements look very good. I prefer to play on all manual controls so I didn't see an issue with the passing like people complained about in FIFA16, in real soccer/futbol they miss passes so I think it's more realistic that way.

      The goalie had grass stains on his kit after a few diving saves, that was cool to see him get dirty.

      The new corner kick is nice, seems to give you more control over where you aim/hope to land the kick. I actually scored on a corner, the ball when where I wanted and headed it in.

      Crowd sounds good, announcers sound like they have, good stuff.

      I've played more FIFA so I'm more used to the controls.

      PES 2017 Demo: this game LOOKS AMAZING! Almost too good if that's possible. From the opening scenes every single thing looks to be in HD. It's amazing, when you watch live sports on TV 100% of everything isn't in this much HD, the game looks AMAZING!, I'd say everything is super crisp and HD compared to FIFA 17. FIFA17 doesn't look bad at all but PES2017 looks to be in true HD.

      The passing on PES2017 (I wasn't sure how to change it to all manual) but it wasn't hard at all, the passing is very easy and like tic-tac-toe it was very easy to move the ball around. The ball moves more like what I'd expect, it takes subtle bounces from time to time, more how I'd expect to see the ball bounces as it rolls along in real life. FIFA17 the ball seems to be rolling perfectly smooth all the time.

      The ball is the only "strange" thing on PES graphic wise, it looks TOO GOOD if that's possible, it's in super duper HD. Almost looks like a pin ball, like there is a metallic sheen, it never looses the perfect HD quality. I guess compared to real soccer on TV even when they kick the heck out of the ball and it's moving really fast it sometimes gets a blur, on PES it always looks perfect HD. I don't know if this is necessarily a bad thing, just seems to really stand out that it's always looking AMAZING!

      One thing the PES2017 Demo does not have is commentary. The crowd sounds awesome though, so we'll see how the full game is.

      I've always been an EA FIFA guy but after playing this PES I'd really consider looking into PES. I'll probably get both at this point, they both look and play awesome. I was just really surprised with PES. I'd like to read up more on PES, if it has a season/franchise mode, has real players, rosters, teams, etc...I can easily see picking up PES.
    1. gigemaggs99's Avatar
      gigemaggs99 -
      Played more of both,

      FYI, the first review was for FIFA17 on Xbox1 and PES2017 on PS4. This time around I played both on PS4, the graphics of PES2017 still are absolutely stunning! I would say FIFA17 looks slightly better on PS4 than on Xbox1 but not by leaps and bounds.

      I did notice when there are replays and cut scenes on FIFA 17 (PS4) the players kits will stretch and move, wrinkle as they move around, looks really nice.

      FIFA17 you can hear the stadium announcements which is cool, you can hear him on the loud speaker calling out substitutions, or goals.

      PES2017 the players faces look almost life-like, FIFA17 has a more computer animated look. I would also say the entire body of the players on PES2017 looks realistic, their skin, blemishes etc, on FIFA17 the faces and mainly their eyes look really nice but the rest of their features, arms, skin, etc.. don't have as much details.

      Back to ball physics, PES2017 again the ball bounces and hops along, like how I see it on t.v. or when you kick a ball in the yard. FIFA17 the ball looks like it's on ice, smooth as can be, the only time it bounces is when you hit a high lob pass, or it bounces around in the back of the net, the rest of the time it's laser smooth. I like the realistic look of PES for ball movement.

      I did find out how to change the settings on PES to make it full Manual controls. It's much harder to pass now compared to full auto assist but it's not impossible and does feel like I have full control over it. Passes are missed but it feels realistic. FIFA17 on full manual feels great too.

      I just can't put my finger on it though, PES seems hard, feels like a real soccer match where you're fighting for every inch, every pass, trying to thread the needle, it's HARD, I like that. FIFA has a more fast paced, arcade style feel to it, more like a simulation vs an arcade style, I've always leaned more towards the simulation style.

      One thing I did find different and NICE is on PES 17 you can make it to NEVER auto-switch. Even when you kick to another player you have to manually take control over him otherwise the CPU controls that player. It's kinda cool b/c you can still control your other player and do give and goes. On FIFA you can turn off auto-switch but once you kick the ball to another player you still automatically switch to "that player". I can see how the PES way of doing things actually can give you more control and freedom to create things. It's almost like the PES way of "never switch" combines the FIFA never switch + 'be a pro' but still gives you the option to take control of other players. I like having the option of both, seems/feels like more freedom.