• Team Entrances in NCAA Football 11

    One of the most popular features in the history of the NCAA Football franchise will be making its return in NCAA Football 11 - Team Entrances! Last seen in NCAA 04, Entrances are back and more unique & special than before.

    Designer Greg Heddlesten describes Team Entrances and the process that went into the feature:

    Pageantry and Tradition; two words commonly used to describe what separates college football as one of the greatest experiences in sports today. Contrary to popular belief, not all of the action takes place on the field... and one of the hallmarks of collegiate football is how you get there. From Howard's Rock at Clemson, to the "Play like a Champion Today" sign at Notre Dame, to the roar of the crowd as our favorite team takes the field, we've recreated some of your favorite traditions before kickoff and brought them to you like never before.

    As I wrote in my last blog, we really wanted to strengthen our authenticity and presentation in NCAA 11. And to do that, we knew pregame entrances were a major component of building a great foundation. We've created run outs for some of the most popular schools based on who you pledged your loyalty to in last year's title, including Clemson, Notre Dame, Miami, Nebraska, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia Tech, Florida State, and more.

    It was import for us to create a sense of nostalgia and identity with each entrance, and we did that by finding key elements that separated one team from another. Objects like LSU's "Win Bar" or Tennessee's "I will give my all for Tennessee today!" sign helped us to expand our interior environments. However, other key elements were found via the interactions of the players; for instance, Ohio State's players interlock arms as they head to the field. In addition, we looked to see what role the teams' mascot played in the entrance. We saw mascots leading the team out to the field holding a giant team logo flag (Notre Dame) or an American Flag (Iowa) or simply running with the players from the tunnel exit (Georgia). Each of these elements was important in creating the run out sequences you'll see in the game this year. With that in mind, I'd like to give everyone a glimpse of our creation process using the Miami Hurricane's entrance as an example.
    Visit the NCAA Football 11 website for the full story including storyboards, Clemson & Notre Dame entrance screens, and a video.
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    1. Jayrah's Avatar
      Jayrah -
      OH man, just watched the trailer for this again and it's got me jacked. The theme music, the crowd bursting into cheer, the general feeling of a big time atmosphere and game on the horizon. I am excited about this. Nothing gets me pumped like my team rushing onto the field. I gotta have it. It's something that personally I never skip. It always creates the perfect setting for any game. And honestly, I wish they would show more of them IRL. They don't do enough of that.
    1. Solidice's Avatar
      Solidice -
      yeah, that was probably one of the best trailers I've seen EA Sports do for the NCAA series. it should get any college football fan pumped up.
    1. JBHuskers's Avatar
      JBHuskers -
      Yeah man....some of the videos I saw when I was down for the draft...HOLY COW. If you are even the slightest bit of a sports fan, let alone college football, you can't help but be pumped up for it.