• NBA LIVE Mobile Now Available Worldwide

    After months of being available only in Canada and select regions, NBA LIVE Mobile is now available worldwide in the App Store and on Google Play.

    The mobile title is similar to Madden NFL Mobile in design and features as both were designed by EA Swiss Sarl with content being created/updated by the Forge live content team at EA Tiburon. Game modes include: Live Events, Head-to-Head Games, Season Mode, Friends Matches, Leagues, Collections, and Store/Auction House. The game uses a modified version of the NBA LIVE 10 game engine, which is considered by many to be the best in the history of the console franchise.

    Continue on to see the launch trailer and press release for NBA LIVE Mobile. If you play the title, share your thoughts with the community.

    NBA LIVE Mobile brings the fun and excitement of NBA basketball in your hands!

    Featuring 5 v. 5 basketball action, get drawn into daily, real life inspired, Live Events where you will experience a range of quick and engaging skills challenges, along with 1 quarter (two minute) game scenarios keeping you connected to your favorite teams and players.

    Within any game, choose to directly control your team or elect to automate game play and let your team determine its own destiny.

    As you progress, build out your NBA Ultimate Team using star players from the past and present. Use your dream team to advance through your personal NBA Season and compete against other players in ranked matches or play against friends in friendly games.

    Progress in Season mode and/or ranked matches to unlock bigger and better rewards including items, packs containing collectibles such as rare, skillful players and improve your teams’ line-ups.

    As you progress and increase your user level, unlock new types of player line-ups allowing for different gameplay tactics and new ways to collection players.

    NBA LIVE Mobile introduces an all new way to build your unstoppable team with, Special Abilities. Special Abilities releases new versions of players throughout the NBA season with special game-changing abilities that reflect the real-life achievements of the NBA's star players.

    For example, if Russell Westbrook performed a stunning dunk in last night's match, soon after NBA LIVE Mobile will introduce a special new Russell Westbrook item celebrating this achievement with a special, unstoppable dunk ability.

    Enjoy the all-new NBA LIVE Mobile with the following features:

    Live Events: Regularly updated short session challenges that reflect day-to-day events in the NBA

    Head-To-Head Games: Play competitive, ranked games against other users in your division. As you climb the divisional leader boards you'll progress to higher tiers, earning greater rewards and legendary status.

    Season Mode: Start a season whenever you want and play all the way to the finals for great rewards. Complete multiple seasons for super rare rewards.

    Friends Matches: Invite friends and play against them for fun. Earn special “Friend Collectibles” to redeem rare prizes from Friend Sets.

    Leagues: Create or join a league (clan) for friendly intra-league matches and competitive tournaments with other leagues.

    Team Management: Review and edit your line-ups to fine-tune your team.

    Set Collection: Collectible items also form a large part of the reward system in NBA Mobile. Players will use these to complete a range of collection sets to redeem great prizes.

    The Store and Auction House: Buy items in the store and join the excitement of the Auction House to sell or bid on rare players.
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    1. cdj's Avatar
      cdj -
      - I set up a Canadian iTunes account when this game first launched to try it out. It's good and very similar to Madden Mobile in structure.

      I'll admit now, I prefer Madden Mobile for a few minor reasons:

      1) Madden allows you to turn off the analog stick and basically play with by just tapping on the screen where the pass or ball-carrier should go. NBA LIVE requires you to play the virtual stick and skill move buttons. I just don't enjoy playing games like that on a tablet/phone.

      2) The game uses a line-up system, so you can't just build one mega-team off the bat. Players you earn fit/play on one of pre-established roster/line-up types: Two-way, Small Ball, Defensive, Big Man, Shooting.

      I do like the variety of Live Events and that by putting in the time you can establish a pretty good team, much like Madden Mobile. If you're a fan of Madden Mobile, I'd recommend giving NBA LIVE Mobile a try.
    1. JBHuskers's Avatar
      JBHuskers -
      I am not a mobile gamer at all, but have to admit that I'm having fun with this.
    1. cdj's Avatar
      cdj -
      EA will have a livestream tonight to coincide with the launch of the game.

    1. cdj's Avatar
      cdj -
      The NBA Live Mobile "12 Days of Christmas" promo is now underway.

      This one is pretty active (events almost always going) with mystery presents and jerseys that be accumulated and traded in for items. It seems pretty easy to at least get something with this promo.