• Pre-order WWE 2K17 to play as Goldberg

    During tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night RAW, the first television spot for WWE 2K17 announced that pre-ordering the game will let users play as Goldberg.

    From the 2K Games Official Store description:
    After more than a decade, one of the biggest and baddest Superstars to ever step foot in the squared circle is back! Pre-Order WWE 2K17 and receive two playable versions of the legendary Goldberg, as well as two classic WCW arenas!

    The two versions of Goldberg are black tights and black & white shorts. The two arenas are WCW Monday Nitro and Halloween Havoc.

    WWE 2K17 will be available in October for PS4, PS3, XB1, & 360.

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    1. JBHuskers's Avatar
      JBHuskers -
      That was a pretty badass trailer for the reveal.
    1. souljahbill's Avatar
      souljahbill -
      Man, I was such a Goldberg fanboy back in college. The night he beat Hogan for the belt, I ran through the dorm, I was so excited.
    1. hawkeyeguy's Avatar
      hawkeyeguy -
      *Fingers crossed for more run-ins during matches and better servers.............*
    1. JBHuskers's Avatar
      JBHuskers -
      Quote Originally Posted by hawkeyeguy View Post
      *and better servers.............*