• MLB The Show 16 - Diamond Dynasty Expansion Livestream

    This week's MLB The Show 16 livestream focused on Diamond Dynasty (DD) and improvements coming to the mode by taking a deeper look at some of the DD features announced earlier this week.

    Play a Friend allows users to play others on their friends list with a bevy of options. There will be no way to farm or exploit items in this mode; it is simply playing friends.

    There will be hundreds of 'Flashbacks' that will reflect the player at a certain point in his career. For example, the Jake Peavy Flashback card highlighted in the video has five pitch types, including a slider. Peavy does not throw a slider much currently, but since he did at that point in his career, the card will include it.

    Other modes discussed include Captains, Inside Edge ('live' ratings updates), the ability to see player cards and improved filters in the Marketplace, Missions, bullpen energy, new player gear, dedicated stats area, pack types, card images, and more.

    Additional ways to play & DD improvements will be announced in early March.

    Continue on to watch the archived livestream.

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      JBHuskers -
      Has anyone played this? I'm thinking about digging into this for the first time ever this year.