• Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR Game Update 1.03 Details

    Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR game update 1.03 is expected to be available Tuesday, September 22. The update adds East Lake Golf Course as a playable course in all modes (minus Night Club Challenge).

    Also addressed in the update: issue where ball would roll through the pin instead of colliding with it, matchmaking and invite stability issues, updated attributes for golfers, & more.

    Continue on to read the full list of items included in the game update.


    • Added East Lake as a playable course. It is available in Play Now, Career, Online H2H and Online Tournaments.

    • Improved bounce and roll physics on all courses.
    • Improved flop shot.
    • Addressed issue where ball would roll through the pin instead of colliding with it.
    • Addressed issue with cup lip outs near edge of cup on slower green conditions.
    • Addressed issue that would make pin move to a different location between shots.
    • Addressed shot type switching to custom when aiming left or right.
    • Addressed grass divots showing up when a putter was used off the green.
    • Addressed issue with putting mishit on Classic Gameplay Style.

    • Addressed various Matchmaking stability issues.
    • Addressed various invite stability issues.
    • Addressed issues where opponents were not visible in Online H2H games.
    • Addressed issue where golfer would disappear during the post shot animation in Online H2H games.
    • Addressed an issue where the hole count on a score submission for an online tournament would sometimes become corrupt and enter the score with bad data.
    • Addressed an issue with settings changes made inside of an unranked session would not get synced to all users in the session before the session is started by the host.
    • Addressed issue where user would be loaded into an Online H2H game that was already in progress.
    • Addressed issue where users would load into a beauty cam of Chambers Bay with gameplay in background instead of an actual Online H2H session.
    • Addressed HUD showing E as scores for the host when a user quits and Online H2H game.
    • Addressed issue with stats not tracking properly after a user quits an Online H2H game.
    • Addressed issue that caused user to be returned to main menu after completing an Online Tournament.

    • Made tuning changes to several Night Club challenges.
    • Added notification pop ups to Night Club challenge when equipment or apparel is unlocked via the mode.
    • Addressed long loading times in Night Club challenge golfer select.
    • Addressed stars not tracking properly sometimes in boost menu screen of Night Club Challenge.

    • Updated attributes of licensed golfers based on real world performance.
    • Addressed various audio issues.
    • Addressed some popping issues of golfers, wildlife, crowd, structures and vegetation in beauty and intro cameras.
    • Addressed hair clipping through hats on some created golfer heads and hairstyles.
    • Addressed an issue where VoIP would be heard when it shouldn’t be.
    • Addressed issue with Gameplay Styles being used on guest accounts.
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    1. bdoughty's Avatar
      bdoughty -
      I do not see where they removed those god awful player celebrations? That is a must for me. Plus a dozen or so more courses.