• The Sights & Sounds of FIFA 16

    Improvements to game presentation and atmosphere are highlighted in a video narrated by FIFA 16 Senior Art Director Matt Jones.

    The majority of improvements have been noted in the past, including the addition of Women's National Teams, nine new stadiums, hundreds of new facescans, vanishing spray, and more. However, this video is a great way for people to catch up on presentation news should they not keep up with info on a regular basis.

    Continue on to see the video and share your thoughts with the community.

    Video notes & highlights:

    • EA SPORTS NEWS - Tile menu will present the latest game news.
    • Favorite Club - If your favorite club's stadium is in the game, it will appear in the menu background.
    • New Weather Conditions - Foggy & Hazy.
    • Nine new stadiums in the game.
    • Accurate BUNDESLIGA presentation.
    • New statistics and player storyline tracking.
    • Over 900 new crowd chants.
    • Post-game highlights will be presented in the new tile menu.
    • Additional and improved player headscans.
    • Women's National Teams.
    • Authentic player shapes.
    • Vanishing spray, interaction with substitutes, and new celebrations.
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