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Thread: Reading defense "in the game"

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    Reading defense "in the game"

    I've seen some posts/threads that went through "QB reads" and such, but they all seem to be 'how to read the defense...IRL.' That's not the 'game' or CPU, however. Reading through a 15-page description of what WVU's defense is (was, at some point I guess) and the strengths/weaknesses of each formation might be helpful, but I feel that it's overkill and confusing for playing in our game. As well, that example and others I've seen are almost all QB reads for the passing game.
    Running a custom spread/option attack I have likely a 75/25 run/pass split, so the YouTube videos, QB read threads, etc., haven't been as helpful as I'd hoped.

    What I'm looking for are posts, links, videos, threads that apply to reading a CPU defense in our game, more so as it applies to the run game. When should I audible out of my read-option call? my triple-option counter? Even a basic counter play? When to simply switch which side to which the run play is called toward. Should I pinch the line on read-option, especially if I think inside LBs are blitzing?

    Bottom line is IMO that much of the defensive reading/help I've seen is more complicated than it need be, as I don't think the CPU (nor its magical play calling) plays, plans and reacts the way defenses can and will on Saturday afternoons.

    Where can I find some definitive "playing against EA Sports NCAA football" defenses here in the forums.

    Hopefully here, in this thread with help from the folks that are way smarter about this than me.

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    Pretty sure before in previous forums the reads for Pistol have stayed consistent for NCAA 10-14. Just depends on what your looking for. I recall PocketScout had an MOB Pistol and Advanced MOB Pistol Guide that I used exclusively for my benefits.



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