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    HairyDawg | Georgia Bulldogs

    Scouting Report for the Georgia Bulldogs

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    Offense: Very balanced....62 plays....31 runs....31 passes. Very patient on offense....takes what the defense gives....I forced a ton of turnovers, but it didn't affect his play-calling due the great success his D was having.

    Defense: Very aggressive....he controls a D-linemen and controls him very well. Blitzes a ton which was a great gameplan vs my young o-line....after some costly redzone changed my plan to use my QB's 97 throwing power for deep balls. I believe the cpu is on aggressive for big hits so be careful with extra moves after a broken tackle.

    Still hurts

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    Loves targeting his tight end and WR Gurley. Most common throws were crossing routes across the middle. Very good at finding routes that will beat your coverage -- seemingly no matter what you call. Runs two different QBs.

    Noticed a base 3-4, or so I thought. Actually think he has a custom playbook with 3-4, 4-3, 4-2-5, etc all in it. D-line was very effective at disrupting running game in the backfield. Uses balance of pressure and coverage effectively.
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