Journalist Ben Baskin and his 'Lost in Sports' podcast has devoted an episode to NCAA Football, focusing on the success of the franchise and also what led to its ultimate end.

The 40 minute show features clips from former dev team members Jeff Luhr and Dan Baker, as well as Sam Keller and Sonny Vaccaro, whose lawsuits targeted EA Sports claiming improper use of player likenesses.

Show description: For years, EA Sports produced an extremely popular, and extremely accurate, college football video gameó with all the NCAA teams, stadiums, mascots, traditions, and, yes, the actual players. And then it was gone, leaving its cult fanbase enraged and fighting to keep the game alive. Ben explores the NCAA Football video game series, how it was made, why it went away, and how its loss exposed what it really means to be a college athlete.

Follow the link to listen to the show.