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Thread: Madden NFL 20 Dev Stream - Gameplay Part 2: Playbooks, RPOs, & More

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    Madden NFL 20 Dev Stream - Gameplay Part 2: Playbooks, RPOs, & More

    This week's Madden NFL 20 developer livestream focused again on gameplay. This second gameplay stream took a closer look at playbooks, RPOs, and more.

    Continue on to watch the livestream and check back afterwards for the archived stream as well as the TGT Recap.

    TGT Recap:

    Hosted by ZFarls and Kraelo

    Joined by Clint Oldenburg

    Superstar X-Factors Recap

    Fast to Fun

    Less time on cutscenes, more on the action
    On-field Trainer: Dynamic tips on in-game mechanics. In-game feedback
    Updates to Playcall Screen: Show featured players on each play.


    Joined by Game Designer Anthony White to discuss.
    [Sound issues]
    RPO = Run Pass Option. Gives offense multiple ways to attach defense.
    Three types: Peak (second level, reading backside LB), Read (think option but pitch replaced with pass), Alert (option to pass you can make right away based on pre-snap alone; no need to make read post-snap; run play with route option).
    Over 200 RPO plays.

    New Handoffs

    Allows for multiple characters to interact for handoff.
    Opens door to new play types.
    New Jet Sweep Plays: Jet Pass Fk Zone, Zone Fake Jet, Jet HB Zone, PA Jet Sweep.


    New Trick Play: Philly Special
    12 Pistol formations in Ravens offense.
    Playbooks will be updated throughout the year.

    Additional Updates

    Joined by ZFarls and Associate Game Designer RG to discuss legacy fixes.
    Locomotion (movement) improvements. ‘RPM 2.0’
    Ball-carrier moves: Improved stiff-arms
    Spin & Jukes more balanced
    Auto-strafe removed
    Ball Hawk now defaulted to ON
    Strip Ball improved; cannot be spammed
    Stumble logic improved; reduces falling after INTs, for example
    Removed Pass Rush coaching adjustment
    WR Hot Routes: Certain player chemistries get four extra hot routes; on directional pad
    Pass icons disappear + inaccuracy penalty if QB drops back excessively


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    Strange that outside of motion caps they have not really shown any gameplay.

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