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Thread: 2018-19 NBA Discussion Thread

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    2018-19 NBA Discussion Thread

    With Lebron headed to the Lakers, can we just eliminate the Eastern Conference for the next four years? Maybe make them exhibition games, that do not count toward the season?

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    I thought bdoughty's post would be a good one to move and start next year's NBA thread with.

    No PG-13 to Lakers, but maybe Kawhi joins LBJ? I still don't think anyone can touch Golden State and now the East may be Boston's for the next few years.

    If Toronto struggles, do they regret firing Casey since the guy that owned them has now left for the Western Conference?

    IMO LeBron's Finals streak ends, but maybe he doesn't care. If they lose to Golden State in the playoffs, it lets LBJ get at least an extra two weeks of rest each year now. This move is (obviously?) more for his post-basketball career, helping with movies, possible production company, etc.

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    Even with LeBron, Lakers aren't even top 3 in the West. Warriors and Rockets are by far the top 2 teams (they're gonna enjoy whooping LeBron's ass all season long now instead of having to wait until the Finals), I'd say the Jazz are #3, and then a mix of the Thunder, Trail Blazers and Lakers fill out 4 through 6.

    As long as the Warriors and Rockets have the roster they currently have, LeBron doesn't sniff the Finals again for the rest of his career.

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    I still don’t quite understand Lebron to the Lakers. The Cavs team had a better shot at winning with James than the Lakers imo. Without PG joining him or Kawhi ending up in LA I can’t see them taking out GS or Houston. Not even close. Lebron will put on his cape and I fully expect the Lakers to win 50+ next year on his back but that is not a true contender.



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