• The Gaming Tailgate Podcast Ep. 28 - NCAA Football 14 Dynasty Mode Discussion

    In this edition of the TGT Podcast, Chris, Jeremy, & Tommy discuss the new features coming to Dynasty Mode in NCAA Football 14: Power Recruiting, Coach Skills, and more. The second half of the show focuses on answering game questions from the @gamingtailgate Twitter community.

    Continue on to listen to the show and then share your thoughts on the mode and show with the community.

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    1. Deuce's Avatar
      Deuce -
      Good show guys.

      Any idea if coach skills will be something that can be changed with tuning or will it require a patch?

      Typed by thumbs.
    1. ram29jackson's Avatar
      ram29jackson -
      What sounds funny ?
    1. jaymo76's Avatar
      jaymo76 -
      Good listen gentlemen. I am also most excited to see how matchup-stick works in dynasty.
    1. steelerfan's Avatar
      steelerfan -
      Good job, guys.

      I'm using Tapatalk 2 and the Cleveland Browns STILL suck.
    1. SCClassof93's Avatar
      SCClassof93 -
      As I stated earlier, good show!
    1. Big Blue's Avatar
      Big Blue -
      Great show.
    1. CLW's Avatar
      CLW -
      good stuff!
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