• NCAA Football 13 Rosters

    Info regarding the PS3 & 360 rosters will be posted here when available. The file is meant to be shared with the community freely.

    Download these files via EA Locker, an in-game feature. You do NOT need to add these user to your friends list.

    Rosters - Names Only, No Player Edits
    PS3: gamingtailgate (Created by BigWY; Players & Coaches Named, No Edits) - Download Link (Right click and Save As)
    360: FAIRDALE KINGS (Created by Fairdale Kings; Players & Coaches Named, No Edits)

    Rosters - Edits and Players Created:
    PS3: volstopfan14 (Operation Sports NCAA 13 Community Rosters; Players & Coaches Edited, Ratings Changes)
    360: CcAaRrSsOoNn3 or CK11 or Nsuplaya84 or Raven 304 or Geauxlden (Operation Sports Community Rosters; Players & Coaches Named, Rating & Appearance Edits Made)

    Rosters - Misc.
    360: pastapadre (Creator and changes made unknown)

    How to get the rosters via EA Locker:
    Team Management > Roster Sharing > Download > Download (again)