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    As we approach one month before the release of EA SPORTS PGA TOUR, the development team has been sharing additional, in-depth game info via Community FAQs and developer blogs. Combing through the multiple entries, here are some brief highlights:

    - Cross-play will not be in the game at launch, but EA is "constantly evaluating the possibility of this feature appearing post-launch." However, EA did add that "cross-Platform progression is available for your created golfer so you can save your gear, outfits, and achievements to access your created golfer across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox."

    - On consoles, the game will run at 30 FPS, while on PC it can run at 30 fps, 60 fps, or unlocked framerate.

    - Online game modes support simultaneous play for up to 16 players and includes Competitive, Social, and Private Match. Offline game modes include Quick Play, Career Mode, Challenges, and (limited-time) Tournaments.

    - Weather impacts include altitude and wind.

    - "In game, we represent [the best times to show each course/hole in its best light] as 3 different “tee” times, morning, mid day and late afternoon, across 4 unique “Biomes”. Each of the 4 biomes , Humid subtropical, Mediterranean, Oceanic and Desert, have varying lighting conditions, levels of contrast, clouds and atmospheric haze etc. to give each course a unique look based on its location and the time of day that you are playing."

    - The 3-click swing system is currently planned for addition in a title update shortly after launch.

    - "There are four options for camera height when addressing the ball with the ability to set your default preference for normal swings and putting independently. There are three different camera packages for tracking the ball while it’s in flight. ... Additionally, there is also a pre-shot “Zoom” camera that allows you to preview the landing area of your upcoming shot. You have complete freedom to control the zoom camera’s rotation and depth along with three options for its height."

    - Created players will have "have 12 different swing animations to choose from, seven male and five female."

    - The game will launch with 28 real-life courses and two fictional. The 202 major courses will be added after release. (Continue on to see the current live service timeline and more.)

    Current Live Service Timeline

    The 2023 major courses including Oak Hill, Los Angeles Country Club, Royal Liverpool as well as Olympia Fields as a part of the FedExCup series and Marco Simone for the Ryder Cup will be released prior to each major championship.

    We will also be releasing updates alongside golf’s biggest moments like The Majors, FedExCup and Ryder Cup with compelling new content tied to current and historic golf moments for players to enjoy.

    The game will launch with Road to the Masters and will include a variety of Masters-themed Challenges. We’ll share more details about the live service timeline after launch.


    All info above courtesy EA SPORTS & Operation Sports:

    Operation Sports Community FAQ
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