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    As is normally the case, NBA 2K19 will once again feature a bevy of gameplay improvements.

    In an blog authored by Nino Samuel, known in the community as Da Czar, the AI Producer breaks down new features and improvements such as upgraded play art, streamlined OFTC coaching menu, player specific dynamic plays, improved AI play distribution, pick and roll smart switching, improved transition flow and switching, rebuilt double team reactions, attack and retreat pressure relief module, additional freelance sets, new procedure based AI system, as well as series and series AI.

    An additional gameplay blog from Scott O'Gallagher will be coming soon detailing improvements such as penalties for dribbling into a crowd and more.

    Check out the lengthy blog on the NBA 2K Facebook page.

    Here is one quarter of NBA 2K19 gameplay featuring Da Czar vs. the CPU AI on All-Star difficulty.


    Comments from thread creator Rudy:

    A lot of really nice stuff in the new blog. Play art, easier play calls, new pick and roll defence, mismatch AI, ETC.


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    1. Rudy's Avatar
      Rudy -
      There is a lot of foot sliding in 2K. I don’t really notice it much when I’m playing but when you watch the videos it is apparent. But the game is darn good. I really hope you can pump fake the cpu more this year.

      I’m still waiting to buy though. Black Friday always has it half off and with me half way through HZD, Spiderman and TR I can wait closer to the start of the real season.
    1. SmoothPancakes's Avatar
      SmoothPancakes -
      I'm definitely getting this, but also going to wait for a sale. I want this for one reason only, the massive additions to MyLeague. I want to play a MyLeague with that ungodly high level of freedom and customization.

      After last year's shit show of micro-transaction and VC hell that was My Career and the Neighborhood, fuck that. I'm not even touching My Career this year. If anything, I'm going to create "my player" as a rookie in MyLeague and then player lock him so I can only play as him in games.

      So, since I'm only buying it for essentially one mode, I'm going to wait for a sale before I get it.

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    1. Rudy's Avatar
      Rudy -
      It appears quick play calling for specific players will be easier. I liked Live and their quick call method better.