• NASCAR Heat Evolution - Official Trailer

    DM Racing & Monster Games have released the first official trailer for NASCAR Heat Evolution, the first full-fledged NASCAR title for PS4 & XB1.

    The trailer provides a quick look at the licensed tracks in the game, a fast scan through some of the selectable drivers & racing teams, the create-a-driver face options, car set-up settings, and some in-game racing including pit stops and crashes.

    NASCAR Heat Evolution will release on September 13, 2016 and is currently available to pre-order for just $48 for Amazon Prime members. The title will hope to reach and satisfy a hungry NASCAR gaming fanbase as it faces a challenge in reaching more casual gamers in such a crowded release window. Late August through October features game releases for titles such as No Man's Sky, Madden NFL 17, NBA 2K17, FIFA 17, WWE 2K17, and Battlefield 1, among others. Such a populated release window is believed to be one of the reasons NBA LIVE 17 has been moved to an early 2017 release instead of staying in late September/early October.

    Continue on to see the first official trailer for NASCAR Heat Evolution.

    Featuring over 40 drivers, all 23 licensed NASCAR Sprint Cup Series tracks, and a variety of gameplay modes, NASCAR Heat Evolution is the first authentic NASCAR game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
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