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    by Published on 11-22-2022 05:30 AM
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    Today, EA SPORTS has announced a summer 2024 release date for EA SPORTS College Football, confirmed two features (Dynasty Mode & Road to Glory), and released work-in-progress screenshots of the title.

    While the February 2, 2021 announcement of College Football's return indicated that generic players may be utilized if NIL rights could not be attained, EA Sports' vice president and general manager Daryl Holt today stated "our intent is to work towards that and find a meaningful way to include them in the game." As of now, all 10 FBS conferences and the College Football Playoff are signed onto the title along with 120 programs. (As of publishing, there is no word on which schools are remaining as holdouts, but EA expects more to join.)

    To very little surprise, the first two confirmed game modes are Dynasty Mode and Road to Glory. The WIP screenshots include two of Brutus Buckeye and one of Michigan Stadium in various stages of design.

    The information and quotes from Holt came via two ESPN.com articles by Michael Rothstein: "EA Sports to release college football game in summer 2024" and "What to know about the new EA Sports college football video game."

    Continue on to see the screenshots and more. ...
    by Published on 11-18-2022 08:06 AM
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    Could College Gameday be coming to EA SPORTS College Football?

    On location for tomorrow's College Gameday for Montana vs. Montana State in Bozeman, MT, Matt Brown (of Extra Points with Matt Brown) had the opportunity to interview producers and hosts of the program, including Rece Davis and David Pollack.

    From Brown on Twitter:

    - Pollack "confirms that he WILL be providing voice talent for next year's EA Sports College Football."

    - "Rece Davis told us he's played as Montana a few times in the old EA Sports CFB games. I asked if he'll be in the next one. He smiled, said he isn't sure how he's allowed to answer...but hes gonna be real busy on Monday. (WINK)"

    Perhaps the most noteworthy tweet came in a response to community member Nate (Twitter: @OklahomersPod) who asked "WE’RE GETTING GAMEDAY IN THE GAME AREN’T WE." Brown responded solely with a smiling emoji, seemingly suggesting Gameday may be coming to year one of EA SPORTS College Football.

    If true, how would you like to see College Gameday incorporated into the game? What are the key aspects you are looking for?

    Continue on to see the aforementioned info courtesy Matt Brown on Twitter. ...
    by Published on 11-17-2022 01:20 PM
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    The November title update for Madden NFL 23 is now available. Spearheaded by numerous gameplay additions/fixes, the patch also includes playbook updates and most notably fixes for issues within Franchise Mode.

    One such item includes a server-side fix to attempt and rectify the 'Draft Revert' issue: "The team was able to fix multiple high priority issues via server side fixes since the last Title Update. There is also an attempted fix going live today for the draft revert bug. The Draft Revert Fix is a server side fix, and while it is deploying at a similar time to TU4, it is not part of the TU4 fix specifically."

    Continue on to see the full list of disclosed title update changes courtesy EA SPORTS. ...
    by Published on 09-07-2022 03:15 PM
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    It's arguably the most anticipated possible addition to Dynasty Mode in EA SPORTS College Football: the Transfer Portal.

    In the latest TGT Podcast, cdj and JBHuskers talk about how it might look should it be added to EA SPORTS College Football. What features or aspects of the Transfer Portal would you like to see in the game?

    Follow the link to watch the Video Podcast and share your thoughts on the show along with future topics. ...
    by Published on 08-29-2022 06:05 AM
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    Since the creation of the Transfer Portal in 2018, it has become the most immediate, high impact way for a college football program to try and turn around their fortunes. Conversely, it can also see a program suffer a roster exodus, stymying any progress or depleting a position.

    In the NCAA Football franchise and in the pre-Portal world, Recruiting was the lifeblood of a program. Success or failure depended on the evaluation and development of talent with minimal transfers. Now, the floodgates are open and programs can get immediate help on their roster through the Transfer Portal to establish depth or even a starter. Some programs (Pitt in regards to Jordan Addison leaving for USC, for example) would argue that other schools are tampering with players in part with Name, Image, Likeness policies to pull players away.

    As important as Recruiting was in NCAA Football, the Transfer Portal may be even more so in EA SPORTS College Football. Its inclusion seems all but a given in year one and should add an entirely new dynamic to Dynasty Mode. The Transfer Portal will undoubtedly be the most anticipated new feature within Dynasty Mode, and for good reason. Based on community feedback and seeing the Transfer Portal in action for several seasons, here are some key aspects we would like to see reflected for the mode in the video game as well as some questions we have on how it might work.

    Continue on or click Read More to see our thoughts and to share yours with the community. ...
    by Published on 08-22-2022 06:00 AM
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    As the college football season gets underway, we are asking the community to help us here at The Gaming Tailgate update our Stadium Sounds section.

    While we do not know if/when the mode will return to the EA SPORTS College Football franchise, it's never too early to have the information updated. Plus, it can still be used in NCAA Football 14 and CFB Revamped.

    There are numerous ways to submit info for your team: Printable PDF to fill out while watching games, Google Form, or posting here at TGT.

    Even if you only catch one song in a random game, please submit it as it helps get our records one step closer to accurate and complete. Our goal for the year is to have several song items for every FBS program.

    As you visit our Stadium Sounds sub-forum, make sure to check out our new Resources and Covers thread, containing links to marching band albums and covers of popular songs.

    Continue on to submit songs, chants, & traditions for your school. ...
    by Published on 08-16-2022 12:23 AM
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    Think you can predict the winners each week of the college football season? If so, join our annual College Pick 'Em group!

    Each week, pick the winner of 10 match-ups along with your confidence level. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be the winner.

    The group is FREE to join and the winner will receive a $20 gift card of their choosing (Amazon, PSN, XBL, etc.).

    Continue on for more information. ...
    by Published on 08-15-2022 08:04 AM
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    Utilizing open records requests and sources close to EA SPORTS, 247sports.com's Brandon Marcello has been able to uncover the latest news surrounding EA SPORTS College Football. Some highlights:

    In line with previous reports, game development has ramped up in the final calendar year of a three-year development process which is still aiming for a July 2023 release. As of July 2022, developers were entering the final push in gathering art assets for all 130 FBS programs. Currently, on-air talent from ESPN (no names given or hinted) are recording commentary for the title.

    Industry leaders expect EA SPORTS to finalize a partnership with an NIL group deal this summer. As mentioned in the article, this could include OneTeam's partnership with OpenDorse.

    To no one's surprise, the game is being built on the Madden NFL engine but with tweaks and changes to fit the college game, similar to the formula for the NCAA Football franchise. The focus for year one is game design, atmosphere, and unique traditions for each program while playbooks will be more robust and team-specific.

    Finally, in terms of game features, Dynasty Mode and Road to Glory will appear in the title, while other modes (including Ultimate Team) could be added in later updates.

    To view Marcello's entire article on 247sports, click here. ...
    by Published on 07-13-2022 03:15 PM
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    As we’ve passed the second Tuesday in July, it has now been nine long years since the release of NCAA Football 14 on July 9, 2013. However, should EA SPORTS College Football follow the same release schedule and rumors of a 2023 release prove true, we are now within one year of the title being launched.

    While game info is still likely a ways off from being publicly known, we have put together five aspects that we’re looking forward to learning about and seeing in EA SPORTS College Football. When will the first official game info be released? How will the massive changes in college football over the last ten years be reflected in-game? How will the game utilize the leap in console technology?

    Read more to see all five aspects and our thoughts on each. ...
    by Published on 07-11-2022 10:00 AM
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    We’ve reached the traditional release date for NCAA Football (the second Tuesday of July) for the ninth, and hopefully final, year with no college football video game before the rumored release of EA SPORTS College Football in 2023.

    Before we start looking ahead to the new title, we want to hear from YOU, the community: What are some of your favorite memories regarding NCAA Football?

    These memories could be a great game, your favorite version, favorite feature, midnight release story, friends made through the game – basically any great memory that reminds you of the game.

    Share your memories here and we will showcase them in a future edition of the TGT Podcast. ...

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