View Full Version : MLB The Show 17 - Gamestop MLB Mondays: Franchise Mode

03-06-2017, 08:05 AM
In this week's Gamestop MLB Mondays video, Designer Matt Schaeffer provides a first look at three new Franchise Mode features: Critical Situations, Player Lock, and Quick Manage. As Schaeffer notes in the brief video, the improvements are designed to create quicker, more impactful game experiences while allowing the user to maintain full control over their team.

Critical Situations - As simulating games users can hop into late inning, game deciding moments instantly. Also includes lighter moments such as statistical milestones, including completing the cycle, for example.

Player Lock - Can play controlling only your 'favorite players.' This is similar to Road to the Show and also Player Lock as found in NCAA Football, for example.

Quick Manage - New text-based simulation mode. User can hop in and out at anytime, while having the full managerial decisions at your disposal, including pitching around batter, calling for hit and run, etc.

More Franchise info will come this Thursday during the Twitch livestream.