View Full Version : baseballplyrmvp's sliders

09-09-2010, 07:25 PM
i'm the commish of a 3 person od and my friends who are in this dont really offer a whole lot of suggestions with the sliders, so i'd like to hear any impressions you guys have.

heisman 7 minute quarters
game speed 30

all penalties set to 100 except holding=50, facemask=50, clipping=50

qb accuracy 35/5
pass blocking 60/50
wr catching 40/35
rb ability 55/60
run blocking 70/55
pass coverage 40/25
pass rush 55/40
interceptions 50/40
rush defense 45/40
tackling 65/60
fg power 40/50
fg accuracy 40/50
punt power 50/60
punt accuracy 20/80
kickoff power 65/50

if anyone could test these out and let me know of your impressions, i'd appreciate it.