View Full Version : Quick Rebuild: USF Bulls under Willie Taggart

03-25-2014, 03:46 PM
Since I started playing in late Jan, I've gotten through 2+ seasons. Generally, I play with USF until I win an NC, which usually takes 5-10 seasons. (after that I do a build up from the ground up with a created FCS or D-2 team). Every year I've purchased NCAA, for some reason, USF is always better on this game than in reality, so I can usually build them up quickly. Recruiting in Florida is a blessing. I skipped NCAA 2013, but gameplay-wise it's not a big jump from 2012 to 2014. I play 6 minute qtrs on Normal speed.

The 2013 season went pretty poorly for the Bulls, finishing 5-7. The QB play was terrible, as I didn't really have a grasp of what I needed to do to get the ball moving. I ran the ball pretty well though. I mostly run Shotguns, goalline, or Ace. I like formations that are symmetric, so I can audible-flip the play quickly without any shifting. Defense was really poor, i couldn't stop the pass most games, and a few game teams ran all over me too. I normally used a multilple D playbook, which I don't think was a good idea. I also had a bit of a learning curve with coach XP, and by that I mean I didn't realize it existed! I didn't apply coach XP to my coach until week 10 or 12! I sort of figured it out, but by then it was too late to do well in recruiting, and I ended up with a robust class of seven players. and one WR transfer. Also kept All-Conf. DL Aaron Lynch from going pro. Most importantly though, I picked up a mobile 5* QB, which was huge.

Things went much better in 2014, finishing 9-4, 3rd in the American, with a loss to Wash St in the BBVA Compass Bowl. The American got a lot easier without Louisville. The run-pass threat at QB changed my offense completely, as I was finally able to get a good offense going. I still ran the ball a ton, over 200 ypg. On offense, I added every goalline package and ran right down their throats. On D, I ditched the multiple D playbook in favor of the 4-3. I figured if I can't stop the pass, I'll stop the run and pressure the QB. I got 12.5 sacks with Lynch, and was top 5 in rushing defense. Also starting using more man-to-man, which helped on everything except out patterns and screen passes. Screens are so deadly. I did much better in recruiting, picking up 18 players.

I'm currently in the 2015 season and will post about that soon.