View Full Version : NCAA 13 sliders

01-15-2014, 11:18 AM
I got NCAA 13 for Christmas and been trying get a slider set that I like. For years, I played on varsity with a very low number for Hum set. When I had NCAA 12, I had Hum set to 25 for all on Varsity and left the CPU at 50. Had a lot of fun games and would lose a few games a year, if I had a really good team.

I tired this again with NCAA 13 and where I feel that I can lower the passing for Hum, when I had the RB set at 25, my RB was like running into a wall just about all the time. I like to run the football but not over do it, but it wasn't fun to have a RB that couldn't get more the 30 yard a game.

I then tried AA and left them alone and my RB was running all over. Should I just stick with AA, but lower the Hum set. Also, I was playing teams with A plus for both offence and defense.