View Full Version : Auto Subs, Fatigue and Game Speed they do matter

09-02-2013, 06:47 PM
Hey Guy's I want to bring up a topic about auto-subs, fatigue and game speed. I've found that these along with your slider set do make a difference here are my AUTO SUBS findings: Here's my set sub out 0 - sub in 1. In my experience over the past three NCAA and Madden games I've found that changing these ratings do matter most people like I did would think that your players would gas out and wouldn't come back in, well that's not the case, normally here's what happens most players will get tired and come out except for your OL, QB, some WR, DB's depending on there stamina ratings and style of play. They will usually sit out for 4 to 5 plays again it depends on the players stamina rating. FATIGUE findings: my set Fatigue is ON - The other thing I noticed is that the game in the first half is played faster (this only applies to 12 + minuets games only) especially the first quarter this is when most big plays seem to happen with out any bad play calling, scheme or poor pursuit angles happen. As you go into the second half in particularly midway into the fourth quarter time of possession comes into play, if you are even with your opponent then your players should be about equally fatigued (depending on the college of your choice most BCS college players are well conditioned compared to their smaller counterparts), if you have controlled the ball whether it be with the run, the pass or both then your players on both sides of the ball will have a clear edge in controlling the line of scrimmage, on offense play action works better because defense's are wore out, running lanes open up leading to huge gains this opens up your entire playbook. On defense your blitzes are better, D-line controls the line of scrimmage and DB's play tighter man-to-man defense giving you more options to all of your defensive plays. In both of these scenario's you have the advantage, what happens when you are not controlling the ball, (my opinion only you have your own strategy for coming back) use some creative play calling on offense try to slow the game down to give your defense a break play field position game and give your defense a break or hope for a big special teams play to get you into scoring position. On defense you are force into sub packages to maximize your starters for big play down's, call more zone coverage's to protect your DB's and LB's from man-to-man duty which could raises the fatigue of your players, be more aggressive and hopefully cause a turn-over. GAME SPEED findings: my set is VERY SLOW - I've found that the faster the game speed the faster the fatigue rate, so if you want to play a 12 or 15 min quarters you should play on slow or very slow setting.

12-05-2013, 02:57 AM
So your saying you have to play 12 min quaters or more for fatigue to effect players?