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08-05-2013, 11:06 PM

I guess you can say I am doing a coaching run with Mike Leach as others are doing ones with new created/young coaches. Here is my progress summery. Enjoy

Year 1 - (Washington St) - I had a blast. I went 8-5. Lost the Alamo bowl to Oklahoma 49-42. Signed 1 4* 9 3* 5 2* 3 1*. Time to setup my team! I signed a four-year contract. This going to be fun running the air raid!!! Now to work on my custom air raid playbook! I will be switching to the 335.

Year 2 - (Washington St) - I went 10-3. Won the PAC 12 Title and won the Rosa Bowl over Wisconsin. NEW OC was hired as my old one lefted for a better job. We hired the OC from Missouri (which came with 27 OC upgrades I maxed out all his skills btw). As my rule is I will use the new OC/DC playbook for the 1st year then If I have a losing season then I will go back to my custom playbook. The coaching offers was a mile long. (NOTE) Its nice to see you not only get offers from big schools but, small/1* schools as HC and OC's. This will keep me playing for months to come.

My incoming class was ranked #34 in the nation. In this class there was 2 standouts. The first one was a 5* 79 OVR RE (J. Peppers stats). The second was a 74 OVR ATH named Franklin. What makes him speical is that he was a "GEM" and has a 94 Speed. Looking over the places I could put him. They was slim so I put him at ROLB that dropped his OVR to 60 but, what I noticed next was he made a great play and hit on kickoff and the announcers was talking about buidling around him for the future. Now this was old and then I had to try him out.

While on defense my starting freshman 61 OVR ROLB got tired and here come my other freshman (GEM) ROLB. The ball snapped and BAM! Like a shot out of a gun he was in the backfield. Note that he was playing beside my 5* FR RE. Here I was thinking "What a combo for years to come!" So, in the 2nd half vs Wyo. I put him to see who he could do. Well his stats was at one point 5 tackles/5 sacks/1 TFL. So, needless to say that we are switching to a 335/34 hybrid defense and I found my new ROLB.

Now staying on the topic of my freshman ROLB Franklin. He was also 3rd string RB which I was going to put him at RB at the start of the season but, I was already loaded at RB. How I discovered this was running the 3 RB package out of the Pistol Fullhouse. He was one leading blocking backs. So, while in the lead. I ran HB Off Tackle and BAM! Not only can the boy cause havoc on defense the boy can run the ball like a power back with the moves of a speed back! Now not only do we have a new starting ROLB we have possablie a new spell HB in the mix also. He will def. see time a running back while staring on defense. Since all this happended he needed a new number. He went from 58 to 44. This will be my first ironman player. This should be fun to watch playout.

Year 3 - (Washington St) - went 14-0 won the NC vs GT 18-0. 35th ranked incoming class with some GEMS signed. I am going have to get hard sliders. SECElite's don't provide a challenge when you get your team builded up. (Note) I beat GT with HB Blast and FB Dive and the defense couldn't do nothing about it.

Year 4 - (Washington St) - I am up to a 4 * program and have a dynasty on my hands. As for the schedule I had only 3 open spots so, to make it a challenge I schedule the top 2 ranked schools in the nation (UGA and Mich.). Also it gets to the point where I can't get beat within this season. I am going ot my backup file that I did before going on to this year and take another job and keep the new one (2nd saved file) there in case I want to make a run to see how long I can go without getting beat. RECAP of year 4 will be done when I get it finished.

08-06-2013, 04:50 PM
I like the idea of a two way player. Wonder if it will impact his heisman chances

08-06-2013, 08:20 PM
I like the idea of a two way player. Wonder if it will impact his heisman chances

I don't know. Interesting question

08-13-2013, 10:26 PM
Year 3 round up so far. I am 8-0 so far and ranked #1. My current class is a blast to play with but, hardly getting any good tough games winning my games by 21+ I don't know If I am going to stay to see what this current class can Go to a new team to rebuild? I will see what kind of offers I get in the offseason. Choices....choices My 2 way ROLB/HB is lightening them up on defense and running them over on defense.

08-15-2013, 01:50 PM
Year 3 has been updated on main post

08-15-2013, 10:24 PM
Year 4 is preview is up

05-22-2015, 04:34 AM
Im looking for people to join our dynasty. PS3. Start as 2 star cordinator. We add during bowl week.
Realistic sim style players. Who dont abuse.
We talk a little trash, but everyone is adult and cool with each other.
Sliders are up for CPU and down for human. I slide from year to year......as I do with penalties.
Im not sold that replying back through here works so contact me on our FB page is https://www.facebook.com/groups/Ncaa14Earnit/
Request to be added to the page, or email bucknastey@gmail.com
or send a message on PSN to tag imyourfather.
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