View Full Version : 3 team dynasty usc, clemson, alabama

08-03-2013, 01:46 PM
So i decided to do a 3 team dynasty so that i can maximize the potential of ncaa 14. So im a big fan of big play wide receivers and so i wanted to be able to control who i think in my opinion is the top 3 prospects are 1. Marquise Lee 2. Sammy Watkins 3. Amari cooper and yeah i kno amari
will not be able to come out this year but despite that if he was i think he would be no.3. Any way all 3 of them are having great years so far in the dynasty and oh yeah USC is my user controlled team but all 3 players and 3 teams are doing great. All of three of them are 4-0 and here is a game log of each individual Madden prospect...p.s. i will have to switch my controller back and forth if one of the teams im controlling play each other like usc vs. alabama in the national championship.

Marquise Lee:

game1- 11-161-2
game2- 8-173-4
game3- 8-148-2
game4- 11-178-2

total:38-660-10td yds/gm-165

Sammy watkins:

game1- 5-79-2
game2- 7-202-2
game3- 7-109-1
game4- 12-161-1

total:31-551-6td yds/gm-138

Amari Cooper:

game1- 5-90-1
game2- 6-57-2
game3- 8-157-2
game4- 8-151-1

total:27-455-6td yds/gm-114