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By EA SPORTS Jul 1, 2013

Build your ultimate college football powerhouse in the brand-new NCAA Football 14 (http://www.easports.com/ncaa-football) Ultimate Team (NFUT) Mode!
Collect players from schools across the country, assemble your best squad, and then test your creation against teams from all over the nation, either online or offline. Do you have the skills to build a juggernaut? This Beginner’s Guide will start you on your way to building, managing, and competing with your NCAA Football 14 Ultimate Team (http://easports.com/ncaa-football/ncaa-football14/xbox360/features/ncaa-14-ultimate-team).
Getting your NFUT team started is easy. Enter Ultimate Team from the main NCAA Football 14 menu, choose a favorite school, and open your free starter pack. This will provide everything you need to play your first game: players, uniforms, playbooks, and a stadium. From here, you can play in your first online or offline game, or jump into a Head-to-Head Seasons tournament.
On the way to your first NFUT game, take a moment to examine your lineup. You can choose Best Lineup to have the CPU make your starter decisions automatically. Once you have made your choices, enter a solo challenge or Head-to-Head Season and start to win coins. Coins are the currency of NFUT, and you can them to purchase packs in the Store or bid on the Auction Block.
Play games anytime against a CPU opponent in Solo Challenges. You’ll win coins and earn rewards, including items you’ll need to complete collections. Collections are a great way to earn coins and item rewards for your items that aren’t in your current lineup.
With new solo challenges posted every week, you’ll always have competition waiting for you. Find featured matchups from the current NCAA schedule to play, just like in real life. Special rivalry challenges highlight the storied history of college football, complete with authentic rivalry trophies and more.
Head-to-Head Seasons provides a tournament experience featuring a series of 10-game schedules against other random NFUT players. If you win enough games in a season, you’ll make the playoffs and qualify for advancement to the next level. There are eight levels in all, and each of them has playoffs and a championship. You’ll earn coins and item rewards along the way. These are big competition with big rewards. Your goal is to complete this mode and reap the benefits.
Start a Season today, and complete the games at your own pace. There’s no time limit, and you’ll always match up against a player with similar skill sets.
Now that you have a feel for NFUT, it’s time to learn about the items you can collect to build your team. There are a few basic categories. Coins are the currency of NFUT, and you earn these throughout the mode. You can use coins to purchase packs in the Store, or bid on the Auction Block.
More than 1,400 players from are available for you to collect in NFUT. Players have an overall rating (OVR), a preferred position, games remaining, and many other attributes that directly affect their play on the field.
Consumables are important for keeping your team among the mode’s elite. Players have a limited amount of games and may get injured – just like in real life – and these items serve as fixes and extensions when you need them. Consumables are included in most types of NFUT packs.
You’ll also find uniform, stadium, and playbook items in most packs. These allow you to customize your team in many ways. When you change your home uniform in the lineup panel, your favorite team is also changed throughout the Ultimate Team mode. You can also go to Settings to change the name of your Ultimate Team.
A few specialty spirit items called Collectibles are found in packs too. These feature your favorite team’s Mascot and Nickname. There are also items for Conference, Championship, and Heisman Trophies. Collectibles are often used to complete collections for coin and item rewards. Sometimes you’ll even find a collectible that you can quick sell for 1,000 coins or more.
Visit the Store to buy new items or packs to improve your Ultimate Team. You’ll find several different kinds of packs at various prices. Each pack includes a number of random items with the chance to find a legendary or elite player. Check back often to find special limited-time promotions and sales.
Use the Auction Block to buy and sell items with other players. You can search Auctions by item type, tier, position, team, and overall player rating.
To place one of your items on the Auction Block, send it to your Current Roster and select the duration, starting price, and “buy it now” price for your item.
Collections are a great way to earn coins and item rewards for the items that aren’t in your current lineup. Browse through the different collections, and check the items that are required to complete them.
To add an item to a collection, move it to your Current Roster and add it to Pending Collections. This is a bin that holds 10 items at a time. Move to the collection and the items in your Pending Collections bin will be highlighted. Select and add the items until the collection is complete to receive your reward automatically. Check collections often, since more are added almost every week.

07-08-2013, 06:49 PM
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I wonder how many alternate uniform cards there will be ?

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it seems a lot of people don't even know you can change a team name. They just keep their psn