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06-25-2013, 12:36 AM
Check out my team if you like. Not sure there are a ton of B1G guys on the site, but I always wanted to build a team and figured why not build a realistic team while I wait for another 2 weeks for the new game!


First and foremost, I will NEVER, EVER, EVER complain about how long it takes the guys to create the full 122 team rosters with edits and all of that when the new games hit the shelves. It took me about 3 days off and on to create just the one team, let alone 122. Not to mention that I used the player attributes that volstopfan14 already did for all of us. I tried to get player race(color) correct and a similar hair style, but that was about it. Seriously, I really had no idea how time intensive it was. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU THAT CREATE THE BIG LIST!

I am going to update little things here and there, but this is it for the most part. I will explain a couple things before you look at it though.

First, I used the coaches choices from:


for the initial players.

Then I picked additional players to fill needed positions to fill the Juggernaut Template. This I based off of season stats and players that received honorable mention.

This team is not Wisconsin intensive because I am a Wisconsin die hard. There are actually more OSU players than other team. Any Wisconsin player on this team was a first or second team or they had the stats and honorable mention. Also, the Wisconsin players are the ratings that volstopfan14 had on his rosters.

FS was a HUGE issue. When they said DBs, they really meant CBs and SSs. I did my best to find the best FSs to add to the team. I think I moved on SS to FS to keep him on the team.

I also moved players from one side to the other if needed. If I had 3 RGs and 1 LG, I moved one of the RGs to LG. Same thing for positions that work the same.

Two players, the FB Mark Weisman and WR AJ Barker weren't on the rosters from what I could find, so I found similar players and used their stats. Also, I realize AJ Barker is going to cause an issue for some people since he didn't finish the season, but seriously, his numbers were good for when he did play.

Also, Tyler Scott is on this team as a DT although he is listed on the team roster as a DE. However, in looking at his stats on ESPN, they called him a DL. That to me, meant I could use him as a DT, and wanted to have him on the team considering his sacks were SICK and he wasn't a first or second team while leading the B1G in sacks.

The substitution is set at 85 on purpose. Since it's an all-conference team, you want to get all of the guys in that you can. I am still contemplating increasing it to 90 or 95.

The coach of the year is the coach of the team.

Only thing I really didn't like is that I couldn't set the depth chart so that first and second team players were at the top of the depth chart. Braxton is the first team, but Denard and Taylor have higher ratings.

If you have any feedback, let me know.