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Iron Dragon
07-02-2010, 08:28 AM

Iron Dragon's Tulane Green Wave: Let's try to be consistent

This dynasty started back in July of '09 and after some consideration, I'm moving it onto '11 as well, so keep in mind I have six seasons of stuff to transfer over here to TGT, so bare with me. Throughout the dynasty my reporting style has changed around a bit, and I hope to keep it more consistent in '11. So here we go..


PS3, NCAA '10 --> then to NCAA '11 in July '10
7 minute quarters
All-American difficulty
Starting Rosters: Buckeye02/GatorBait2006NC's Roster with some fixes and edits (HUGE props to them).. NCAA '11: none (no repeat players needed)
Sliders: My own sliders redone prior to season four
Offline Dynasty
Playbook: Tulane, 3-4


Tulane - believe it or not - has had three undefeated (two before the Modern Era) seasons in school history, and was originally in the SEC until the early 60's. However, Tulane has been one of the most inconsistent programs in Division I. In 1900, Tulane went undefeated (5-0-0), however just two seasons later they only won one game, and then had back to back winless seasons two years after that. Tulane went undefeated in 1929, and over a span of '29-'31 they only lost two games. However from the 40's to the 90's (including a winless season in their final year in the SEC), Tulane was up and down, throwing in winless seasons, and their best season was 9-3 in 1979.

In 1982, Tulane defeated LSU 31-28 in Baton Rouge, that is the Green Waves' last win over LSU in the Battle for Tiger Rag (the win made the series 22-51-7 all-time for Tulane), and they have only been within a touchdown of victory twice since (1987, 1990). However, Tulane and LSU did not play in 1997-2000 and then 2002-2005, but since the rivalry's renewal in '06, Tulane has only averaged 8-and-a-half points versus LSU, while LSU has averaged 40 points per game.

In 1992, Tulane hired Buddy Teevens, who won just a lowly 11 games in 5 seasons. Then came Tommy Bowden. Bowden brought the program to life from 2-9 in '96 to 7-4 in '97, but missing a bowl. The next season, Bowden led Tulane to a C-USA title and a 11-0 record before leaving before their bowl game. Tulane beat BYU under Chris Scelfo to finish off the 12-0 season, and Tulane finished #7 in the polls.

However, since then - Tulane has just reached one bowl game - in 2002 (8-5, beating Hawai'i in the Hawaii Bowl). After Scelfo left in 2006, Bob Toledo came in and went 6-18 in two years before 2009. In 2008, Tulane started off at .500, but finished the season with 8 straight losses sending them to a 2-10 record and winning just one conference game. Then in a sudden change, Iron Dragon came in and took the reigns.. and that is where the story begins of Tulane's (hopefully) new era.

Tulane all-time record (through 2008): 484-565-38 (0.462)


MAC: Eastern Kentucky for Northern Illinois
BIG EAST-ACC: Boston College / USF
WAC-SUN BELT: North Texas / Louisiana Tech

Iron Dragon
07-02-2010, 08:29 AM

To be updated, eventually

Iron Dragon
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LSU: Battle for the Rag

All-time series record: 68-22-7 LSU

Current winstreak: LSU 16 straight victories

Tulane's most recent win: 1982: 31-28 in Baton Rouge

Last time Tulane has led the series: 1893 (1-0), tied the series record twice before 1945

The Battle for the Rag is a traditional college football game between the LSU Tigers and the Tulane Green Wave. The game has been played nearly every year since its inception in 1893, although there have been some notable dormant periods. In 2006 the rivalry was officially renewed, returning to yearly play for the first time since 1994. With its 34-9 win at the Louisiana Superdome on September 29, 2007, LSU continued its winning streak that began in 1983. In the most recent meeting, LSU defeated Tulane 35-10 in Baton Rouge on November 1, 2008, to bring the overall series to 68-22-7.

The "Rag"

The winner is awarded a satin trophy flag known as the Tiger Rag at LSU and the Victory Flag at Tulane. The flag is divided diagonally, with the logos of each school placed on opposite sides and the Seal of Louisiana in the center. LSU's name for the flag comes from the popular tune Tiger Rag, one of LSU's many fight songs.

The original flag was created in 1940 to foster good sportsmanship, most likely in response to growing tension between fans of the two teams that eventually escalated into a riot after Tulane's victory in 1938. It is believed that this flag was destroyed in a 1982 fire at Tulane's University Center. In 2001, LSU and Tulane worked together to create a reconstruction of the rag based upon archived photographs.

Southern Miss: The Battle for the Bell

No longer an official rivalry, but Southern Miss and Tulane played each other from 1979 up until 2006 until the C-USA split into two divisions. Following 2006, Southern Miss led the series 21-7, and the two schools did not play, however they are scheduled to play in October 2009, for the first meeting since 2006. Other future games could take place in the Conference USA championship game, as well.

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Iron Dragon
07-02-2010, 08:31 AM
Eastern Kentucky to FBS, move to new stadium, replacing Northern Illinois in the MAC

RICHMOND, KY --- Eastern Kentucky fans, welcome to Division I, FBS football. Starting with the 2009 season, Eastern Kentucky will be playing in a larger 50,000+ capacity stadium, and will be in the MAC with their sites set on greener pastures in the FBS. EKU has done fairly well in FCS, but with Western Kentucky moving up, why not Eastern Kentucky as well?

2009 is the first year for Western Kentucky in the Sun Belt, and 2009 will be the first year for Eastern Kentucky in the MAC. These two teams have more things in common: WKU and EKU both have new stadiums. (Western Kentucky's stadium is generic, by the way) Western Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky both move out of smaller <20,000 capacity stadiums into larger 50,000+ capacity stadiums, hoping to succeed in FBS, and succeed in a fan base, as well.

Eastern Kentucky hopes that they will have a decent first season and hopes to reach a bowl game sometime in the next few years as their FBS era begins in 2009.

Two more: Louisiana Tech/North Texas, Boston College/USF swap conferences

For awhile now, people have been probably wondering? Why is Louisiana Tech in the WAC? The WAC = The Western Athletic Conference, but with LTU in it, it basically means, the West (maybe) Athletic Conference, however, today Louisiana Tech has announced that it is swapping with North Texas into the Sun Belt as North Texas makes a jump up into the WAC-ky conference, which has recently been dominated by Boise State, and challenged by Fresno State, Hawai'i and everyone's favorite under-appreciated team San Jose State.

But wait? Isn't North Texas in Texas. Why yes they are! But if you look at a map normally, North Texas is farther west than Louisiana Tech. Therefore, the WAC now makes more sense because a team in Louisiana is now in the Sun Belt where it's hot. Does this make any sense? It should.

And secondly, USF and Boston College have swapped spots. Really, USF is in the Big East. Ponder this for a second: the farthest south team in the Big East is either Louisville or West Virginia. About a fourteen hour drive south you hit USF. The Big East is now basically the Big Northeast as Boston College, one of the original members returns. However, BC left a message to USF the other day and we have the transcript:

"Yeah, hey, USF, good luck in the ACC, hope you enjoy losing four games in conference each year and have a great shot at winning the whole conference! Enjoy the Orange Bowl.. oh wait, we play in that. Well enjoy never having a chance at the National Title. Well, oh wait, the Big East has only made one national title game and that was with a team that's now in the ACC. Well, uhh.. shit. Ummmmmmm... uhhhhh. Enjoy your beaches, and enjoy your 9-4 orange bowl teams. Goodbye."

And with that, the 2009 college football season is just around the corner..

Iron Dragon
07-02-2010, 08:32 AM

ESPN 2009 Season Preview



Tim Tebow looks to lead Florida to another national title, while taking another Heisman. Can he do it?


HOUSE OF PAIN: No team looks forward to trying to knock off LSU at home.

MAKE OR BREAK WEEKEND: (Boise State) Broncos look to come out on top over Oregon in a big opening weekend for football.

SCHOOL'S OPEN!: Virginia Tech starts the new season against Alabama in a battle of top ten teams.

SHUT DOWN D!: Alabama is out to prove that "Defense wins championships."

UP TO THE CHALLENGE: Julio Junes and Alabama look to compete for the National Title in 2009.

TOUGH TEST EARLY:Oklahoma opens the 2009 season against BYU.

GROUND ATTACK: DeMarco Murray is looking to run wild en route to the 2009 National Championship.

ATTACK MODE: Tim Tebow is embracing the opportunity to lead his team to another title.


Rank|Team (FPV)|OVR







7|Ohio State|A-

8|Penn State|A-

9|Oklahoma State|A-

10|Virginia Tech|B+




14|Boise State|B


16|North Carolina|B+


18|Georgia Tech|B+


20|Florida State|A-



23|West Virginia|B+



27|USF (ACC)|B+

29|Notre Dame|B+

30|Miami FL|B+

36|Boston College (Big East)|B-

47|Southern Miss|C+




73|Louisiana Tech (Sun Belt)|C








113|North Texas (WAC)|D+


120|Western Kentucky|D



1. Southern Miss (Overall & East Champion)

2. Tulsa (West Champion)

3. ECU

4. Houston

5. Marshall

6. UAB

7. UCF

8. Rice

9. Memphis

10. UTEP

11. SMU

12. Tulane (6th West, by the way if you couldn't tell)


1. Tim Tebow, SR, QB, Florida (2007 Heisman Winner)

2. Sam Bradford, r-JR, QB, Oklahoma (2008 Heisman Winner)

3. Colt McCoy, r-SR, QB, Texas

4. Jahvid Best, JR, RB, Cal

5. Daryll Clark, r-SR, QB, Penn State


1. "The Swamp", Florida

2. "Happy Valley", Penn State

3. "Death Valley", LSU (Guess who gets to play there)

4. "The Horseshoe", Ohio State

5. "Not Cool Enough for a Nickname", Oklahoma

Iron Dragon
07-02-2010, 08:33 AM
Tulane will travel to Baton Rouge on Halloween for a night game versus LSU

Week|Opponent|Time|Team's Ratings
1|Tulsa (Friday) (ESPN)|8:00PM|C, C+, C-
2|#17 BYU (ESPN)|7:00PM|B-, B+ C+
3|McNeese State|12:00PM|D-, D-, D-
4|SMU|12:00PM|D+, C, C-
5|at Army|12:00PM|D, C-, D
6|Marshall|3:30PM|C, B-, C
7|Houston|3:30PM|B, B, B-
8|at Southern Miss|3:30PM|B-, B, C
9|at #5 LSU (ESPN)|8:00PM|A-, A-, A-
10|UTEP|12:00PM|C-, C+, D+
11|at Rice|3:30PM|C-, C, D+
12|at UCF|3:30PM|B-, B-, B-
CCG|vs TBA (if reached)|TBA|N/A

Bold = C-USA Game
Red = Rivalry Game
Team's Ratings = OVR, OFF, DEF

Tulane's schedule starts out with tough games with Tulsa and #17 BYU. After a BYE week, Tulane should pick up a win over McNeese State at home. If not, we suck. We could get another win in West Point versus Army. Then four games we'll probably lose ending with a road trip to LSU. Unfortunately for the Green Wave, five of their last six games are on the road and for one of the bottom two in the C-USA, that can be a bad thing.

Iron Dragon
07-02-2010, 08:33 AM



##|Player Name|H/W|Year|OVR|SPD|AWR|THP|THA

#2|Kevin Moore|6'4", 232|r-JR|81|62|66|88|83

#7|Joe Kemp|6'4", 220|r-SO|78|59|66|86|83

#11|Ryan Griffin|6'4", 211|r-FR|73|62|48|82|80

The trio of 6'4" QB's is led by starter Kevin Moore. Moore won the starting job over Joe Kemp, but could easily lose it if he flat out sucks. These QB's are pretty slow. Ryan Griffin is the fastest QB, but we're not running the option with any of these guys. These three guys are drop back and throw kind-of-guys.



##|Player Name|H/W|Year|OVR|SPD|AWR|BTK|CAR

#32|Andre Anderson|6'0", 207|SR|82|88|55|86|78

#36|Stephen Barnett|5'11", 184|FR|75|89|56|73|70

#22|J.T. McDonald|5'9", 212|r-SO|72|86|56|79|66

#31|Peyton Jason|5'11", 193|FR|70|86|50|77|64

#29|Nathan Austin|6'1", 206|r-FR|66|84|40|77|62

##|Player Name|H/W|Year|OVR|SPD|AWR|BTK|CAR

#45|Antoine Duplessis|6'2", 262|r-SO|66|70|56|64|70

#44|Kasey Stelly|6'1", 245|SO|55|62|58|68|56

Andre Anderson returns from a season-ending injury in 2008 to lead the Tulane runningback core, but freshman Stephen Barnett, a younger version of Anderson basically, will see some time. Barnett will hopefully take over as the starting RB for the next three years after Anderson graduates. McDonald, Jason, and Austin will see maybe a bit of clean-up time, or if injuries happen.

Antoine Duplessis (say that five times fast), leads the two FB's and will be used here and there this year. He has 64 catching which could be helpful, too. He also has 75 Run block strength, as well. Stelly is just a blocker. If he's in at FB, he probably won't see the ball, unless he is wide open for a pass, since he has 62 catching.



##|Player Name|H/W|Year|OVR|SPD|AWR|CTH|RR|CIT

#20|:impact: Jeremy Williams|6'2", 203|r-SR|85|87|74|84|78|75

#19|:impact: Casey Robottom|5'11, 183|r-JR|82|87|64|82|80|75

#87|Alan Mitchell|6'3", 168|r-JR|79|88|66|78|70|72

#5|D.J. Banks|5'9", 175|FR|76|90|56|76|64|66

#89|Devin Figaro|6'2", 197|FR|75|90|58|78|70|68

#15|Taylor Echols|6'2, 175|r-SO|73|88|48|70|70|62

#9|Wilson Van Hooser|5'11", 177|FR|71|90|56|70|65|66

#86|Chandler Davis|6'2", 172|r-SO|70|84|48|72|70|64

#14|D.J. Ponder|6'2". 194|r-FR|69|84|71|75|63|75

#1|:redshirt: Jordan Sullen|5'11", 181|FR|69|88|54|68|64|64

Despite my first thoughts, Tulane has alot of wide receivers. Let's start with the big two. That no. 20 and that no. 19. Williams and Robottom might be our all-day guys, hopefully they are open alot. That probably won't be the case, though. Alan Mitchell is a good no. 3 man. He has better speed than 20-19, which is nice. D.J. Banks and Devin Figaro are true freshman and are going to see the field quite a bit this year. Both will be returning kicks along with D.J. Ponder (former QB, still a 75 OVR if needed at QB), and should make some catches here and there. Echols, Hooser, Davis will be on the field somewhat, Hooser might get a "did not play" redshirt. Jordan Sullen is reshirting... he needs to work on catching.


##|Player Name|H/W|Year|OVR|SPD|AWR|CTH|CIT

#88|Tyler Helm|6'4, 238|JR|66|78|58|68|62

#81|Brock Sanders|6'3", 225|FR|65|80|70|75|73

#80|Cody Sparks|6'4", 239|JR|64|82|61|66|62

The three tight ends are pretty good, but Brock Sanders is going to be making the most catches of anyone. He's basically a big, slow wide reciever who can block and that equals a tight end. Brock could be a big stealer of TD's in the red zone (or inside the 10) from wide receivers with his good hands.


##|Player Name|H/W|Year|OVR|SPD|AWR|PBK|RBK|IPB

#78|Nick Landry (LT)|6'7", 295|SR|84|48|64|82|87|84

#77|Lawrence Abrams (LT)|6'5", 329|FR|78|58|58|76|78|80

#76|John Landa (LG)|6'3, 325|r-SR|82|48|58|88|89|88

#71|Harris Howard (LG>RG)|6'4", 300|SO|80|58|58|82|84|82

#68|Andrew Neirman (C)|6'1", 300|JR|86|59|61|85|84|82

#63|Kevin Leary (C)|6'2", 300|r-JR|78|56|64|84|84|80

#75|Taylor Rice (RG)|6'4", 292|r-SR|76|58|60|84|82|82

#66|Joey Ray (RG)|6'2", 316|r-SO|74|56|58|78|80|80

#58|Pete Henderson (RT)|6'7", 285|r-JR|80|48|61|84|82|87

#79|Eric Jones (RT)|6'6", 302|SO|74|50|64|78|78|78

#72|Rio Mares (RT)|6'5", 314|FR|73|52|54|78|76|76

Starters (L to R): Nick Landry - John Landa - Andrew Neirman - Harris Howard - Pete Henderson

Our offensive line is pretty good, led by Andrew Neirman. There are a few skilled freshman and sophomores, so the line should be good this year and the next few years.. we hope.


##|Player Name|H/W|Year|OVR|SPD|AWR|STR|TKL


#54|Devin Williams|6'2", 220|FR|67|80|66|70|76

#93|Logan Kelly|6'2", 245|SR|61|76|48|74|68

#48|Josh Smith|6'2", 255|r-SO|60|72|70|72|70

#91|Brooks Cunningham|6'2", 230|r-SO|46|65|48|62|65


#51|Dezmen Moses|6'2, 249|JR|69|78|66|76|74

#90|Adam Kwentua|6'3", 249|SR|68|76|64|78|78

Our DE's are just plain average. Devin Williams will lead the left side attack as a true freshman, with Kelly and Smith backing him up. Hopefully we don't have to resort to Brooks Cunningham. Dezmen Moses and Adam Kwentua are very similar but just average, and will lead the right side.. right now Moses is the starter.


##|Player Name|H/W|Year|OVR|SPD|AWR|STR|TKL|PMV

#62|Oscar Ponce de Leon|6'3", 311|r-JR|75|58|60|89|82|84

#96|Tony Bryant|6'3", 256|r-JR|74|65|61|80|78|73

#92|Reggie Scott|6'4", 272|r-SR|73|72|56|78|80|78

#52|Emanuel Eluko|6'3", 285|SO|70|59|42|85|82|63

#95|Justin Adams|5'11", 255|JR|68|84|66|78|70|60

#98|Cedric Wilson|6'2", 260|r-SO|66|78|48|76|70|70

#99|:redshirt: Chris Asomnu|6'2", 291|SO|63|64|56|82|72|74

We have quite a few DT's. Starting with a 4-3 defense this year, Ponce de Leon and Bryant will start, and expecting to switch to a 3-4, we'll lose some of the DT love and strength after they graduate. Our DT's are better than our DE's right now, which is interesting as well.


##|Player Name|H/W|Year|OVR|SPD|AWR|TKL|PRC|BLS


#42|Kristifer Rhymes|6'0, 220|r-FR|68|88|56|74|60|68

#55|David Kirksey|6'1, 225|r-SR|56|76|68|74|40|65

#46|Andrew Podet|5'10", 212|r-SO|54|72|56|70|54|64


#34|Darryl Farley|5'11", 228|r-FR|78|84|55|85|62|92

#53|James McMurphy|6'11", 226|r-SR|63|74|61|72|64|73


#37|Cody Leford|5'11", 213|FR|68|82|63|79|56|68

#8|Travis Burks|6'0", 215|SR|61|80|56|70|60|74

#43|Sule Osagiede|6'0", 190|r-FR|55|68|52|68|60|64

Here's what I got: If Rhymes, Farley, and Leford (or any of them) get injured. We're screwed. Our starters are all freshman which is awesome. Farley is the leader of these linebackers, and he's a redshirt freshman.


##|Player Name|H/W|Year|OVR|SPD|AWR|MCV|ZCV|PRS


#21|:impact: Charles Harris|6'2", 175|r-SR|82|89|79|88|85|80

#13|David Phillips|5'10", 160|JR|72|90|61|76|78|51

#8|Alex Wacha|6'0", 183|r-JR|72|86|61|80|65|78

#49|Shakiel Smith|6'0", 185|FR|70|89|52|70|74|64

#4|Jordan Garrett|5'11", 194|FR|68|87|56|71|70|64

#18|:redshirt: Detlrick Strozier|5'8", 162|FR|66|87|50|68|70|66


#38|Corey Sonnier (SS)|5'10", 195|r-SR|68|84|58|72|73|75

#24|Chinonso Echebelum (FS)|6'1", 208|SR|68|86|68|72|65|85

#28|Ian Harson|5'11", 174|SO|61|85|58|68|65|72

#17|Alex Lauricella|5'10", 170|r-FR|58|87|44|52|70|75

#30|Peter Morreale|5'11", 189|r-FR|58|83|55|64|65|70

Our secondary is led by cornerback impact player Charles Harris, who is a redshirt senior. Charles is basically the best player on this defense, and the most experienced. Phillips is quick, Wacha can play safety as well as CB, Smith, Garrett are freshman and are there if needed. Strozier is redshirting.

At safety, it's two original SS's at SS and FS. Sonnier and Echebelum. Both are very similar, and both are seniors. Their backups are led by Ian Harson, and then the two freshman who are very similar as well.


Kicker: #47 Ross Thevenot, SR, 6'0", 180lbs - 82 OVR, 65 SPD, 68 ACC, 76 AWR, 84 KPW, 82 KAC

Punter: #40 Darrem deRochemont, JR, 5'8", 185lbs - 79 OVR, 62 SPD, 65 ACC, 55 AWR, 90 KPW, 74 KAC

KOS: Ross Thevenot

RET: D.J. Banks, D.J. Ponder, David Figaro will all split time between KR and PR.


Iron Dragon
07-02-2010, 08:34 AM


NEW ORELANS -- Well, everyone, for the first time in almost a third of a year, it's time for a dynasty game with Iron Dragon at the sticks.. is he still any good? Was he ever any good? Did Tulsa forget that Andre Anderson was 7th in the NCAA in YPG before going down in the 7th game of last season? Am I foreshadowing something? Enough with the questions, let's get to the game..


Tulane wins the toss, and defers to the second half.. let's get this party started. The opening kickoff is anything but a beauty, only traveling to the Tulsa 40 yard line, and Tulsa has the ball at midfield to start the game. Great. G.J. Kinne picks up 5 early yards, then on 3rd & 4, he would throw..


..to Darryl Farley! Interception! Tulane ball!

Tulane's drive however was not much, they picked up a first down but fell short of picking up a second and punted for a touchback. G.J. Kinne then hits fire for Tulsa, picking up 60 yards on two pass plays, to Shelley and Cawyer, and then G.J finds Shelley for an 8 yard TD to put the Golden Hurricane up 7-0.


Tulane would go three and out. Awesome. But then so would Tulsa. And then it became the running show. Andre Anderson runs for 8, 5 and 5 yard gains. Then Stephen Barnett for 3, then Duplessis for 5 and a first down, then Anderson for 2, then Kevin Moore finds Helm for a 11 yard gain, then Anderson runs for 11...


..and then 8 more. However the drive stall and Thevenot will attempt a 41 yard field goal..


..off the bottom crossbar.

Tulsa picks up 19 yards on a 3rd down pass, but then stalls and punts. Tulane then goes three and out. Then G.J. Kinne catches on fire again, with passes of 14 and 48 yards to Shelley, then hits up Johnson for a 12 yard TD. 14-0 Tulsa. Oh boy.


Tulane then goes on rapid fire. Andre Anderson makes back-to-back wide open receptions for 30 and 13 yards, then Moore hits Jeremy Williams for a 18 yard TD... all in under 45 seconds. 14-7 Tulsa.


Tulsa gets one first down, can't get a second. Punt. Tulane has a minute to work with to try to score and tie it up.. they can not. Halftime. 14-7 Tulsa it stands.


Tulane gets the ball first and it becomes the Andre Anderson rushing clinic. He passes up 100 yards on the ground with a 9 yard carry (his 6th of the drive), as Tulane marches down the field.. only to fall short on a failed 4th down in field goal range. Tulsa gets one first down, doesn't get another. Punt.

Welcome to the Andre Anderson show. After losing 7 yards on a sack, Moore finds Anderson for a 22 yard gain, then Robottom for a 30 yard gain, then Anderson picks up 27 yards on two runs, then scores on a 7 yard TD where he goes untouched. Tie ballgame. 14-14.


Three and out Tulsa. However, they pin us down to the 8 yard line with a 58 yard punt. And now let's return to the Andre Anderson all-purpose show from 2008: Kevin Moore will pass on first down, Anderson is open, gets into the open field, runs, runs, runs.. all the way for a NINETY-TWO YARD TD RECEPTION. 21-14, or 21 unanswered points. Tulane leads. Holy crap.


Not a three and out Tulsa.. Tulsa goes to the ground, picks up 46 yards on 4 carries.. and they head into the 4th quarter with the ball, driving.


G.J. Kinne passes to Meyer down to the 2, and then Williams for Tulsa scores on a 2 yard untouched TD. 21-21. 6:35 to play.

Stephen Barnett checks in for the tired as heck Andre Anderson who is just short of 300 all-purpose yards. Barnett picks up 27 on the ground, but the drive stalls. Punt for a touchback.

Tulsa gets one first down, doesn't get another. Punt. Three and out Tulane. Punt. (Exciting, huh?)

G.J. Kinne catches fire again. After a 4 yard loss, and a incomplete pass. He hits up Johnson, he goes the distance. 60 yards to he house, leaving Tulane 3 minutes to tie the game. 28-21 Tulsa.


Tulane goes three and out with all three timeouts left. 2:15 to play. Tulsa goes three and out.. we have a shot.

We take over with 1:31 left. Jeremy Williams is the recipient of a tipped pass, almost catches it for a nice gain, but cannot. 2nd down.. Kellen Moore drops back..


..and is nailed for a 9 yard sack.

Alright that's not a bad thing.. 3rd & 19 with plenty of time and things to work with. He then overshoots Robottom. Oh crap. 4th & Game. He drops back, Tulsa with pressure from the line, he gets hit right after he throws.. it's a catchable ball.. but it's tipped and incomplete. Damnit. Well, we still have two timeouts.

Tulsa picks up a first down, wasting both of our timeouts. (cue the price is right losing horns) Damnit again. G.J. Kinne kneels out the clock.


Well, I expected us to lose by around 2-3 scores, but instead we rallied back from 14-0 and took the lead 21-14, however, we stumbled late and that's what cost a shot at the "upset", I guess you could call it. This gives me confidence in this team.. or it was a total fluke and we'll get our behinds handed to us on a silver platter against BYU.





Kevin Moore: 142.3 QB Rating, 10-for-26 passing, 243 yards, 2 TD, sacked 3 times

Andre Anderson: 24 rush att, 132 yards, TD, 8 broken tackles, 5 rec, 158 yards, TD, 123 YAC

Stephen Barnett: 8 rush att, 35 yards / Duplessis: 5 rush att, 23 yards

Jeremy Williams: 2 rec, 28 yards, TD / Robottom: 2 rec, 46 yards

Pete Hendrickson: 5 pancakes

Darryl Farley: 10 tackles, 2 TFL, Sack, INT

Chinonso Echebelum: 9 tackles

Cody Leford: 8 tackles, TFL

Tony Bryant: 6 tackles, 4 TFL, 2 Sacks

Charles Harris: 5 tackles, TFL

Devin Williams: 3 tackles, 2 TFL

De Leon: 2 tackles, Sack

Darren deRochemont: 7 punts, 314 yards, 44.8 avg, 33.7 net avg

D.J. Ponder: 101 return yards

Tulsa player of the game:

G.J. Kinne: 189.5 QBR, 18-for-27, 301 yards, 3 TD, INT

Iron Dragon
07-02-2010, 08:35 AM


Week one is upon us! Will there be any upsets? Will any FCS <Insert Direction Here> teams win a game, despite playing about 20 games at once? Let's find out..


FCS <Insert Direction Here> 17, Southern Miss 41 ... USM led this game 41-3 in the final quarter.

FCS <Insert Direction Here> 10, ECU 44 ... RB Lindsay runs for 145 yards and 3 TD's. ECU was 100% in the redzone.

FCS <Insert Direction Here> 3, UCF 31 ... RB Harvey runs for 177 yards and 2 TD's. UCF rolls.

UAB 33, Rice 10 ... C-USA Game ... UAB's 20-point 2nd quarter leads them to victory.. 584-269 in total offense.

WTF ALERT: Memphis 31, #11 Ole Miss 21 ... Memphis has a dangerous offense. 80+ rated QB, RB, and like 5 80+ WR's. Did I expect them to go into Ole Miss and ruin their season on week one? No. Calhoun with 2 TD receptions.

FCS <Insert Direction Here> 17, Marshall 52 ... QB Anderson for Marshall with 4 TD passes.

FCS <Insert Direction Here> 0, SMU 42 ... SMU took a 35-0 lead in the first half and did not allow FCS <Direction> into the redzone.

FCS <Insert Direction Here> 0, Houston 49 ... Case Keenum: 4 TDs, 0 INT. 42-0 halftime Houston lead.

Buffalo 20, UTEP 6 ... UTEP didn't have any turnovers, forced two, but their offense was MIA, as they only found field goals in visits to the red zone. Both teams combined for just 7/33 on third downs, and there were 18 punts in this game.

NCAA Notable Scores

#12 Oregon 23, #14 Boise State 14 ... After throwing 4 picks, Kellen Moore's late 2 TD passes made the score closer than it looks. It was 23-0 with 9 minutes to play.

#7 Ohio State 30, Navy 13 ... Pryor: 20/36, 263 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT

#4 USC 41, San Jose State 3 ... Absolute lies. Ronald Johnson caught 3 D passes despite only having 46 rec yards.

#15 Cal 38, Maryland 27 ... A game of trends: Cal 16-0, Maryland 27-16, Cal 38-27. Cal scored 22 in the final quarter, Jahvid Best had no TD's.

#13 Georgia 31, #9 Oklahoma State 14 ... Zac Robinson's early injury and Dez Bryant's 6.1 ypc were two key factors.

#2 Oklahoma 27, #17 BYU 20 ... Bradford had an off-day, 2 TD's and 2 INT's. BYU kept it close but fell short with a 4th quarter rally.

#10 Virginia Tech 37, #6 Alabama 17 ... Greg McElroy: 4/22, 21 yards .. Star Jackson: 2/2, 106 yards, 2 TD (mop-up duty in the 4th). Who is the better QB?

#5 LSU 22, Washington 20 ... LSU down 17-0 at halftime, rally with a Charles Scott TD run with :40 left + a 2pt conversion to win it.

Miami FL 20, #20 Florida State 0 ... Punt fest. 23 total punts. Miami had 19 penalties for 153 yards. Realistic? You decide.

Eastern Kentucky 3, Wisconsin 27 .. EKU led 3-0 after one. That's all I got.

Tulane commits: *2 G from Louisiana.


1. Florida(32)

2. Oklahoma(22)

3. Texas(5)

4. USC(1)

5. LSU(1)

6. Ohio State

7. Virginia Tech

8. Penn State

9. Georgia

10. Oregon

11. Alabama (0-1)

22. Miami (FL)

25. USF

Ole Miss dropped 15 spots to #26, Florida State dropped to #28. Minnesota's just outside the top 25, along with ND, PITT and Boston College.

Heisman Watch: Unchanged

Performances: Tebow had 4 Total TD's. Darryl Clark had 3. Bradford had 2. McCoy had 1. Best had none.


Offense: Savier Stephens, HB, Air Force | 35 car, 178 yards, 4 TD, 22 rec yds

Defense: Korey Bosworth, DE, UCLA | 9 tackles, 5 TFL, 2 Sacks, 2 FF

UP NEXT: Tulane gets #20 BYU fresh off a disappointing loss to #2 Oklahoma. Can we pull off the upset with BYU slumped? Kirk and Lee pick BYU. Not suprising. BYU is B- OVR with a B+ OFF and a C+ DEF..

Iron Dragon
07-02-2010, 08:36 AM

NEW ORLEANS -- BYU rolls into town with their pass-happy, or maybe a little too pass-happy attack, which can score some points. Off a loss to #2 Oklahoma, the now no. 20 Cougars (0-1) comes to the Superdome as 6 recruits visit Tulane. Tulane was upset-minded, but could they even keep up with BYU's B+ offense taking on their D+ defense? We'd just have to find out..


Two for two: Tulane wins the toss, defers to the second half and we're underway. The pass happy attack of Tulane gets underway as Max Hall finds true freshman Brent(?) Thompson, then Murphy, then Pitta leading BYU into Tulane territory and driving fast. However, just a minute into the game, Hall steps back, finds his man.. FUMBLE.. Darryl Farley with the recovery..


...and he goes all the way for six! Touchdown Tulane! Holy crap. 7-0 lead. BYU would then get one first down, and would not get a second. Tulane would get a first down, but it gets called back by holding. Three and out. Punt. Unga was the main man for BYU on this drive, but their drive stalls on a fourth and one and they elect to kick the field goal from 34 yards out. 7-3 Tulane.

Three and out Tulane. Awesome. And then the Max Hall show returns, Pitta gains 29 yards on 2 receptions, then Beck gets 17, and then he finds Unga for a 26 yard TD.



Well BYU takes a completely expected lead into the 2nd quarter. And then it became the Andre Anderson show. A 6 yard run, a 3 yard run, a 22 yard reception, a 4 yard run, a 10 yard reception, a 9 yard run, a 8 yard run, and a 1 yard TD run. Boy that was pretty anti-climatic. 14-10 Tulane.

3 and out BYU. Tulane puts together another drive and Thevenot misses a 43 yard field goal. (Note to self: 40+ yard field goals = Thevenot not good) BYU gets one first down, then goes four and out. Tulane runs out the final 2 seconds of the half.

14-10 Tulane at the half. Holy shitcakes.


And we get the ball first too, now let's just drive down the field and make this an 11-point game. Well, in perfect land, that's what would happen, here's what really did:


17-14 #20 BYU. Alright, let's not lose composure now.. and we start driving. Only to fail on a 4th down in BYU territory. But BYU would go three and out. Then Tulane's next drive is led by 21 yards from true freshman Stephen Barnett, Tulane gets in field goal range, stalls, and kicks the easy 33 yard field goal. 17-17.

BYU starts to drive, Max Hall gets a critical 1st down through the air, then another, then Harvey Unga gets them to the four of Tulane on a big run..


..and two plays later, Unga gets a 4 yard TD run. 24-17 #20 BYU. Okay that's alright, we got the ball, all three timeouts, alot of time. Anderson gets sevem, then loses 1, then KEVIN MOORE runs for a first down (this might be the only time a QB scramble gets a first down this year), Anderson loses 4, but Moore finds Helm for 17. First down. Anderson loses 3. Barnett gains 10 on the reception. No gain on 3rd down, and we go for it. Moore throws to Barnett.. first down.. NO! He drops it! He's hit and drops the ball! DAMNIT.

Well, if we can just hold BYU... Hall to Pitta for a 19 yard gain, then to Beck for 21, then to Thompson for 1, then an incompletion, then to Kariya for 7. Field goal. 30 yards. Good. 3:34 to play. 27-17 BYU. We're still in this..

Two incompletions start the drive, but Andre Anderson gets the first down on 3rd & 10. Excellent. Then to Mitchell for 7, now a critical 3rd & 3.. Moore steps back, to Anderson.. first down and more..


*cue the losing horns* 34-17 BYU. That about does it.. but we can try. And on fourth down, Kevin Moore is sacked. This seems like last week all over again. Well, in perfect world, BYU should just run the rest of the clock out..



41-17 BYU. Damn you Cougars. Revenge will be mine one day. Well let's see if we can get some pity points. 8 yard pass to Anderson, 30 yard pass to Williams, 26 yards to Echols, 3 yards to Mitchell.. and then this...


ah good ol' pity points against the somewhat mop-up defense of the Cougars. Final score should have been 34-17 you Cougar idiots. Instead, it's not.

We attempt an onside and fail. And in a perfect world, Max Hall should just take a knee and win the game.. and he decides he should before BYU loses -100 showdown points in sportsmanship because that obviously exists in real life.

FINAL SCORE: #20 BYU 41-24

This game's final score turned out how I expected it to be. I thought we had a shot at the upset, and we should totally blow the crap out of McNeese State next week. Starters should be out by halftime. Hopefully we can get 2 100-yard rushers. Despite two fumbles, Andre Anderson still almost got a double-double (100 rush, 100 rec yards)

#20 BYU|10|0|7|24|41

Kevin Moore: 118.9 QB Rating, 23-for-39 passing, 239 yards, TD, 0 INT, 0 rush yards (after being worst in the NCAA with -22 last week)
Andre Anderson: 28 rush att, 103 yards, TD, 2 fumbles, 5 rec, 64 yards
Stephen Barnett: 4 rush, 19 yards, 4 rec, 18 yds, 34 YAC
Tyler Helm: 5 rec, 44 yards / Alan Mitchell: 4 rec, 25 yards / Cody Sparks: 2 rec, 16 yds
Taylor Echols: 1 rec, 26 yards / Jeremy Williams (double-covered all game): reception, 30 yards / Casey Robottom: Reception, 16 yards, TD
Darryl Farley: 8 tackles, 2 TFL, FR, Def TD
Chinoso Echebelum: 8 tackles
Corey Sonnier: 8 tackles
Charles Harris: 5 tackles, TFL, FF
Alex Wacha, David Phillips: 5 tackles each
Kristifer Rhymes: 3 tackles, 2 TFL, Sack
D.J. Banks: 111 return yards / D.J. Ponder: 81 return yards

Max "Throwing for TD's up big makes me feel good" Hall: 29/39, 339 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT.
Harvey Unga: 50 yards rushing, TD, 2 rec, 49 yards, 2 TD (Player of the Game)
Cameron Corner: 3 tackles, FR, TD

Iron Dragon
07-02-2010, 08:36 AM


Week one's biggest upset was defiently Memphis over #11 Ole Miss. Talks of "Memphis busting the BCS" flourished and some people starting thinking of putting them in the top 25. Flashback to 2008. East Carolina got to #14 after week two. East Carolina, then lost 3 of it's next four games and finished 9-5. Just something to think about..


#21 West Virginia 31, ECU 6 ... Lightning does not strike twice for ECU. Noel Devine runs for 3 TD's.

Virginia Tech 41, Marshall 17 ... Marshall led this game 17-7 in the opening quarter, until VT scored a nice 34 straight to finish the game.

MAJOR WTF ALERT: Mid Tenn State 14, Memphis 12 .. Memphis on cloud nine after upsetting no. 11 Ole Miss, is promptly kicked off by in-state foe Middle Tennessee State. Dwight Dasher had 2 TD passes.

UAB 55, SMU 38 ... UAB improves to 2-0 (2-0), even better, SMU led this game 31-7 early in the 2nd quarter, before a 48 point unanswered run by UAB.

New Mexico 29, Tulsa 27 ... G.J. Kinne has 3 TDs, no INT's but Tulsa fails to win.

#24 Kansas 30, UTEP 6 ... Briscoe with 3 TD receptions for KU.

UCF 31, Southern Miss 24 ... RB Harvey scores the GW TD with 1:06 left for UCF.

#14 Oklahoma State 22, Houston 20 ... Case Keenum ties the game for Houston on a 21 yard TD pass, but Houston fails to get the two-point conversion costing them at shot at OT.

Rice 45, Texas Tech 42 ... 754 combined passing yards. Taylor Potts has 31 incompletions, but yet has 4 TD's and over 400 yards passing. Fanuzzi has 25 incompletions, but 340 pass yards and 5 TD's. When they weren't passing, they were punting, however.

NCAA Notable Scores

UConn 17, #13 North Carolina 14 ... Can someone tell me why North Carolina was no. 13 again?

South Carolina 41, #9 Georgia 20 ... Spurrier and his hat's offense took a 41-10 lead on Georgia with over a quarter and a half left to play in this one.

Purdue 35, #10 Oregon 3 ... Week 1: Everyone please welcome Oregon to the top 10. Week 2: Everyone please welcome Oregon to the "others receiving votes" section.

#5 LSU 26, Vanderbilt 20 ... Vanderbilt falls short of upsetting LSU, who was almost upset last week.

#4 USC 17, #6 Ohio State 13 ... Ohio State had a 13-7 lead headed for the 4th, and USC kicked a field goal with :09 left. Why? I'm not sure.

Eastern Kentucky 24, FCS <Direction> 7

TOP 25

1. Florida(39)

2. USC(21)

3. Oklahoma(1)

4. Texas

5. LSU

6. Virginia Tech

7. Penn State

8. Alabama (1-1)

9. Cal

10. Ohio State (1-1)

11. Oklahoma State (1-1)

12. TCU

13. Boise State (1-1)

14. Nebraska

15. Iowa

16. BYU (1-1)

17. West Virginia

18. Miami FL (Weren't you 30th two weeks ago?)

19. North Carolina (1-1)

20. Utah

21. Georgia (1-1)

22. Kansas

23. UConn

24. Georgia Tech (1-1)

25. USF

Others: Oregon, Clemson, Minnesota, Ole Miss, Notre Dame

Heisman Watch

Top 5: Tebow, Bradford, McCoy, Best, Dezmon Briscoe (WR, Kansas.. 4 TD this year)

NCAA Players of the Week

Offense: Russell Wilson, QB, North Carolina State (17/29, 345 yds, 16 car, 100 yds, 4 Total TD)

Defense: Toryan Smith, MLB, Notre Dame (14 tackles, 4 TFL, 2 Sacks, INT)

UP NEXT: McNeese State visits. D- across the board. We shouldn't have trouble in this one.. the key word is shouldn't.

Iron Dragon
07-02-2010, 08:37 AM
McNeese State @ Tulane (0-2)

NEW ORLEANS --- Remember when I said that Kevin Moore getting a first down as a slow QB scrambling was a strange sight? Well, in this game, what if I told you a QB took an option keeper to the house, and that TD was 18 yards long. And he's a third stringer! Also, what if I told you Andre Anderson wasn't the leading rusher and that someone who played just about a quarter was. What if I told you we were playing a D- team that's average starting rating is about 51? Well, it's all possible against FCS... I mean McNeese State. Which is in Louisiana, if you guessed that.

And now, I present to you a touchdown highlight reel theater, because there's not much reason to do a report, due to the case that the team we played sucks:

5:22: Casey Robottom 9 yard TD from Kevin Moore

3:58: Andre Anderson 54 yard TD run

1:54: Casey Robottom 2 yard TD from Kevin Moore


5:00: Thevenot 24 yard field goal
1:35: Jeremy Williams 7 yard TD from Kevin Moore

0:10: D.J. Banks 19 yard TD from Joe Kemp (First TD for Banks)


4:23: Stephen Barnett 68 yard TD run (first carry of the game)

0:58: J.T. McDonald 2 yard TD run (2nd carry of the game/season)


6:22: Ryan Griffin 18 yard TD run (Option Keeper, 1st career Tulane TD)

3:03: Thevenot 22 yard field goal.

Add in a McNeese State TD somehow, someway.


We won. We won big. Did anyone else expect otherwise? Hopefully this carries momentum into the SMU game next week. Stephen Barnett is the player of the game. Ryan Griffin wins the "WTF Did you just run for a TD award" for 2009. I'm not sure if that award exists but it does now.

Joe Kemp: 247.8 QB Rating, 3/4 passing, 43 yards, TD
Kevin Moore: 183.4 QB Rating, 14/22 passing, 196 yards, 3 TD
(No passes in 2nd half for either)

Andre Anderson: 15 rush att, 160 yards, TD, 2 rec, 42 yards (202 total, lowest this year: 168)
Stephen Barnett: 13 rush att, 169 yards, TD
Payton Jason: 11 rush att, 51 yards / J.T. McDonald: 3 rush att, 37 yds, TD / Austin: 12 rush yards / Stelly: 8 rush yards / Griffin: 18 rush yds, TD

Jeremy Williams: 5 rec, 67 yards, TD / Casey Robottom: 3 rec, 17 yards, 2 TD (pulled at 1:35 2nd qtr.)
Tyler Helm: 3 rec, 55 yds / D.J. Banks: 2 rec, 46 yards, TD / Echols: 15 rec yds

Logan Kelly: 5 tackles, 2 TFL, 2 Sacks
Tony Bryant: 4 tackles, 2 TFL, Sack
Oscar Ponce De Leon: 3 tackles, 3 TFL, 2 Sacks
D.J. Ponder: 89 return yards

UP NEXT: Week Three Around the NCAA

Iron Dragon
07-02-2010, 08:37 AM

Week two featured the #9 and #10 teams getting blown out by unranked teams, what would week three have in store? Could Nebraska go into Blacksburg and beat Virginia Tech and hopefully move up into the top 10? Will UAB and UCF remain undefeated?


#19 North Carolina 29, ECU 3 ... ECU had a painful 122 yards of offense without Pinkney at QB. Twenty-two total punts in this one. Yawn.
UAB 19, Troy 10 ... UAB is halfway to bowl eligible and still has 2 conference wins. Solid win over a Troy team that lost to Florida last week by only 19.
Southern Miss 27, Virginia 24 ... USM "upsets" Virginia at home, Austin Davis with three pass TD's including the game winner in the mid-4th quarter.
Battle of I-10: New Mexico State 35, UTEP 28 ... UTEP is winless, which is surprising. 3 INT's for Vittatoe are costly in the loss.
Memphis 41, FCS <Direction> 0 ... Calhoun: 6 rec, 161yds, 3 TD.. what is that? 6 TD's this year?
#11 Oklahoma State 62, Rice 3 ... Zac Robinson has 6 total TD's.
Bowling Green 35, Marshall 17 ... Bowling Green was winless. Now they aren't.
SMU 26, Washington State 17 ... Despite being picked 11th in the C-USA, SMU is 2-1 and won at Washington State.
UCF 38, Buffalo 3 ... UCF halfway to bowl eligibility. Doubled up Buffalo in offense yards.
#3 Oklahoma 45, Tulsa 3 ... Bradford has 3 TD's and 0 INT's. G.J. Kinne musters up 46 total yards of offense.


#24 Georgia Tech 21, #18 Miami (FL) 13 ... Jacory Harris has 3 INT's, and no TD's for the U.
#25 USF 38, Clemson 13 ... USF's first ACC game goes quite well. 529 yards of offense. I'd say USF is liking their new conference.
#10 Ohio State 36, Toledo 33 2OT ... Bad day for tOSU. They lose Terrelle Pryor in the 1st quarter, then blow a 27-7 lead on the Rockets, and escape on a 25 yard TD in double OT thanks to Ray Small from Joe Bauserman.
Baylor 44, #23 UConn 34 ... UConn's short-lived top 25 days are over, Jay Finley with 3 rush TD's for Baylor.
Here comes another Tebow speech alert: Tennessee 28, #1 Florida 27 ... Jonathan Crompton finds Gerald(?) Jones in the endzone for a TD with :38 left to play as the Vols travel to the swamp and knock off the #1 Gators.
#6 Virginia Tech 30, #14 Nebraska 13 ... VT finds the endzone three times in the final quarter, they entered the 4th down 13-6.
#20 Utah 34, Oregon 27 OT ... The Ducks have went from top 10 team to losing record cooked bird. Matt Asiata with the GW score in OT.
Florida State 31, #16 BYU 15 ... BYU took an early 9-0 lead until FSU rolled off 31 straight.

TOP 25
1. USC(38)
2. Oklahoma(21)
3. Texas(1)
4. LSU(1)
5. Virginia Tech
6. Penn State
7. Alabama
8. Cal
9. Ohio State (dumbfounded by the moving up)
10. Oklahoma State
11. TCU
12. Florida
13. Boise State
14. Iowa
15. West Virginia
16. Utah
17. North Carolina
18. Nebraska
19. Tennessee (from no votes last week)
20. Georgia
21. Georgia Tech
22. Kansas
23. USF
24. Florida State
25. Miami (I think #24 and #25 should be flipped)
OUTSIDE: BYU (with two losses, really?), Baylor, Ole Miss, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, UConn

Heisman Watch: Tebow, Bradford, McCoy, Brizcoe, Adron Tennell (WR, Oklahoma)

NCAA Players of the Week:
Offense: Kelly Page, QB, Ball State - 20/37, 341 yards, 41 rush yards, 5 Total TD's
Defense: RJ Kieselkauhane, OLB, Hawai'i - 15 tackles, 5 TFL, 2 Sacks, INT, FR

UP NEXT: Our first road game to SMU, they are D+ OVR, C- OFF, C- DEF.. if we're going to win just one conference game, this is probably it.

Iron Dragon
07-02-2010, 08:38 AM
Tulane (1-2, 0-1) @ SMU (2-1, 0-1)

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Well, it was the first road game for Tulane, the first game outdoors. An interesting fact about Tulane this year: Every time they've won the coin toss, they've lost. Every time they've lost the coin toss, they've won. SMU is led by pass happy June Jones. SMU averages 44 passes a game, and the starting running back is lucky to get to 100 yards by midway through the season. BYU and Max Hall put up some big numbers through the air (the last TD doesn't count), however this is a road game, and predicted 11th place SMU looked for a 3-1 start, while predicted 12th place Tulane looked to avoid a 1-3 start with a win only over McNeese State. SMUs' top WR isn't an impact player, but his two friends beside him are. It's the no. 8 passing attack versus the no. 1 rushing attack. How would they fare.. let's find out.


SMU won the toss and chose to receive. Well, let's see what they can do on offense. Here's some options that they might do: 99% chance it's a pass, 0.9% it's an option/QB scramble, 0.1% chance that the halfback will get a carry. Well, the first play is actually A SACK! Good start. McDermott passes for 3 and then overshoots Lunday the runningback. 3 and out. Punt. (SMU's special teams = bad, short kicks and missed field goals (if attempted) a'hoy)

Let's see, Andre Anderson gets 19 on two carries, then D.J. Banks gets 15 on a reception, and then Casey Robottom goes deep.. and Moore throws a perfect strike, he's tackled somewhat at the 2, but keeps his footing long enough for a 38 yard TD reception! 7-0 Tulane!


Then J.J. McDermott starts to pass like crazy, going 8-for-10 on this drive, including a 10 yard TD strike to Robinson.


However, SMU's kicker MISSES the extra point, and it's 7-6 Tulane. And now, David Figaro lines up at kick returner, for the first time in his career.. it's a short kick to the 23.. Figaro.. has some blockers.. cuts up field.. he's got the lane to go.. he WILL TAKE IT ALL THE WAY BACK. 77 yard return TD on his first ever kick return. That's a 100% TD average per return for those keeping track at home. 14-6 Tulane.

Well, SMU would come back out passing, and it took them one play to find the endzone, J.J. McDermott to find Robinson again, this time for a 66 yard TD pass. Epic fail on the coverage.


Even better, McDermott finds Zimmerman for the two point conversion. 14-14 tie. Even worse, Tulane goes three and out. Even better than that, McDermott on 3rd and long finds Medford for a 72 yard TD pass, coverage fail again.

..and Tulane's coverage thinks it's going out of bounds. It didn't and he had the easy YAC and score. 21-14 SMU.

Tulane would pick up two first downs and then...


..they would continue to milk the ground game thanks to Andre Anderson and Stephen Barnett. Eventually, Anderson finds the endzone jumping over people in a goal line set on a 3 yard TD:


21-21. SMU gets one first down passing, doesn't get a second thanks to a scramble failed by McDermott. Tulane then works the ground game again without slipping, somehow. 9 yard run by Andre, then 6, then 11, then 9 by Barnett, then 18 by Anderson, then 16 on two carries by Barnett, but once they got to 1st & Goal, Tulane struggles to pick up any yards, and Thevenot hits a 25 yard field goal, 24-21 Tulane.

That would leave SMU with over a minute to drive and try to score. It's a quick third and long.. however, McDermott knows how to throw long and he finds Zimmerman for a 67 yard score. Zimmerman gets past a missed tackle and goes untouched, 28-24 SMU.


Tulane does nothing. 28-24 at the half.


Alright, we get the ball first.. let's just drive down the field and score here and take the lead back. Kevin Moore catches on fire with two passes for 24 yards, then one to D.J. Banks for 32.. now it's time for a handoff to Anderson, to the 1 yard line! Now let's punch this in..


Oh shit, fumble!! Hurry someone please pick it up! Instead, the big man (#47, Thomas, a defensive tackle) somehow manages to go ALL THE WAY TO THE ENDZONE untouched for a 95 yard fumble return TD. Oh shit. 35-24 SMU. Not good.

Moore gets fired up, a 25 yarder to Mitchell, then an 5 yard pass to Anderson, then 30 yards on two more passes to Mitchell, then they are in striking distance. 3rd & Goal.. Jeremy Williams to the 3. Coach Ron Draggo says, let's go for it, we gotta get back in this game. Moore looks, looks.. SACK! "Ah shit", as Draggo tosses his playbook to the ground. "That's two straight drives inside the five and SMU outscored us 7-0 on those drives." The defense who was fired up forces two bad passes and gets a sack and SMU punts from inside their own ten. Tulane starts in SMU territory looking for blood, that is the endzone.

Moore to Robottom for 22, then on 3rd down a couple plays later, Moore runs for 9 and the first down (WHAT!?!), then Anderson runs for 6, and then Stephen Barnett runs for eight yards and he...

..scores a touchdown!

35-31 SMU. SMU starts to drive.. huge 37 yard reception gets them a first on third and long and they are in scoring range...


McDermott runs to our 2 yard line on a 5 yard gain, then he loses four. Then he throws to Sanders for five. Back to our one and on FOURTH AND GOAL.. it's a TD run for Lunday on the option! The halfback's first score of the year comes in their fourth game of the season. 42-31 SMU.

Tulane, however, was not out if it yet. Over six minutes to play and all three timeouts. Three and out and a punt. Nice. Three and out SMU. Punt. One minute went by in that fun punting game.

First play of Tulane's drive is a 10 yard pass to Helm. Helm gets a second first down on 2nd & 9 two plays later, then Kevin Moore somehow runs for a 14 yard gain (WHAT?!!), yes that's right, the field was wide open for Moore. Moore to Helm for 13, then to Williams for 7.. inside the ONE YARD line. The booth reviewed to see if he got in the endzone, he did not. Antoine Duplessis (FB) wouldn't be denied, straight up the gut for a 2 feet TD run. Tulane would go for two to make it a field goal game, and Moore overshoots freshman TE Brock Sanders. 42-37 SMU. However, the defense comes alive again and gets three incomplete passes. Punt. 3 minutes to play. Here we go.

Anderson gets one yard. Incomplete pass on 2nd. 3rd and 9 and Barnett on a toss play picks up the first win ten yards catching SMU offguard. Anderson gets 2. Barnett then gets 17! First down inside the 25 of SMU. Barnett then gets 7 more, to the 14 yard line. Then McDonald gets three, Duplessis gets 3. First down. 1:38 to play. Barnett loses 2, then gains 3 back. Third and goal and 0:59 left to play.. and here was the call.

"Moore in the shotgun, four wide recievers, Barnett is the tailback. Third and goal. 42-37 SMU. 55 seconds to go.. Moore gets the snap, he looks right.. looks right.. no one is open.. HE WILL RUN FOR IT.. MOORE WIDE OPEN FIELD.. TEN, FIVE, TOUCHDOWN TULANE! TULANE HAS SCORED! Kevin Moore the pocket passing QB has scored a 7 yard TD! Tulane leads it! Tulane has taken the lead, 43-42 over SMU! Wow!"


Tulane goes for two and they would get it as Moore finds Stephen Barnett in the endzone and he makes the grab. 47 seconds left, 45-42 Tulane.

Great kick by Thevenot, Sanders to the 28 on the return. McDermott to Lunday for 15. First down. Incomplete pass on 1st down. To Sanders for 9 on 2nd. 30 seconds. McDermott throws out of bounds, too far for Medford. FOURTH AND GAME. Fourth and just one yard to go. If SMU gets it, they will call a timeout most defiently. Here we go.. and here was the call.

"McDermott has two runningbacks and three tight ends here. Fourth and one. It's a handoff to the fullback, no it's to Lunday. Tulane IS NOT FOOLED. HE MEETS BRYANT IN THE BACKFIELD FOR THE TACKLE FOR A LOSS. TULANE WILL WIN IT! Lunday goes down two yards short of the first! Tulane wins! What a comeback and what a game! It will be 45-42 Tulane over SMU!"


Tony Bryant would make the game winning tackle and Tulane would come out, take two kneeldowns and win the game. What a comeback by the Green Wave.


What a performance. SMU looked like an offensive explosion in the first half, but did not throw for a TD in the second. McDermott was a mere 25% in the second half as Tulane's defense was the key to setting up scores for the fourth quarter rally and victory. Kevin Moore is the player of the game. Still no picks by him. Incredible and surprising TD run at the end. When he started to run it seemed like he was probably trying to just shorten the fourth and goal because there was NO ONE open on that play. Everyone was covered but one player and his name is Kevin Moore. Now with our second straight win after two season starting losses, hopefully we don't lose our next eight straight like 2008 Tulane.


Kevin Moore: 141.7 QB Rating, 18-for-33 passing, 264 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT, 8 rush yards, TD (9 Total TD this year, 0 turnovers)

Andre Anderson: 21 rush att, 108 yards, TD, 3 broken tackles, Fumble, 3 rec, 25 yds
Stephen Barnett: 13 rush att, 72 yards, TD, 2pt conversion catch
Antoine Duplessis: 2 rush, 3 yds, TD

Jeremy Williams: 3 rec, 24 yards, TD / Casey Robottom: 2 rec, 60 yards, TD
Tyler Helm: 4 rec, 51 yards / Alan Mitchell: 3 rec, 55 yards / D.J. Banks: 2 rec, 47 yds / McDonald: Catch, 2 yds

Cody Leford: 8 tackles, TFL
Chinoso Echebelum: 6 tackles
Kristifer Rhymes, Oscar Ponce De Leon: 3 tackles, Sack each
Adam Kwentua: 2 tackles, 2 TFL, Sack
Tony Bryant: 2 tackles, 2 TFL (GW TFL), Sack

Thevenot: 1/1 FG, 4/4 XP
David Figaro: 4 KR, 137 yards, KR TD / D.J. Banks: 5 PR, 38 yards

SMU: J.J. McDermott 22/43, 386 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT / Aldrick Robinson 2 rec, 76 yds, 2 TD / Zach Zimmerman: 2 rec, 65 yds, TD / A-Darius Medford 2 rec, 75 yds, TD

UP NEXT: Week Four Around the NCAA

Iron Dragon
07-02-2010, 08:39 AM


Week three brought us our first #1 team to fall, as Florida fell to unranked and now top 20 team Tennessee at home by one point. In 2008, as the number 1 team, Florida lost to unranked Ole Miss by one point at home. Tebow then had a speech that year, but this year he did not. Let's see what week four does to the NCAA..


Vanderbilt 31, Rice 17 ... Fanuzzi having 26 incompletions and 4 INT's really cost Rice who did really well in this one.

ECU 30, UCF 6 ... UCF falls for the first time this season, as ECU goes back to .500 with Patrick Pinkney back at QB. No TD's for the NCAA's leading TD rusher Harvey.

#22 Kansas 44, Southern Miss 29 ... I really thought USM had a good shot at this one. Austin Davis had a great day with 402 passing yards but only had one pass TD. USM had three turnovers, Kansas had none.

Texas A&M 28, UAB 24 ... Battle of the undefeateds and UAB falls, Jerrod Johnson has 4 pass TD's for aTm.

Memphis 28, Marshall 17 ... How did this team lose to Mid Tennessee State again?

Tulsa 34, FCS Bologna 7 ... Tulsa is without G.J. Kinne.

Houston 33, Texas Tech 19 ... Excellent OOC win for Houston. Case Keenum had 2 pass TD's. Taylor Potts was 34/69, 1 TD, and 3 INT's (6 TD/13 INT)

#3 Texas 51, UTEP 10 ... UTEP completes their OOC schedule at 0-4. McCoy with 3 Total TD's.


Boston College 21 (Big East), #24 Florida State 7 .. BC beats former ACC team Florida State and drops them to .500.

Clemson 34, #11 TCU 19 ... TCU was no. 11. Four field goals in the red zone is not what they needed.

#1 USC 38, Washington State 16 ... Washington State scored one less point on USC than they did SMU. Hmm..

Arkansas 32, #7 Alabama 14 ... Alabama was already overrated with a loss, and Arkansas takes out the trash.

#17 North Carolina 31, #21 Georgia Tech 21 ... GT already has 2 conference losses.

#6 Penn State 31, #14 Iowa 17 ... Hey, is anyone talking about Penn State? They are quietly taking care of business.

Oregon 34, #8 Cal 29 ... Oregon back to .500. You still lost to Purdue by 35 at home.

#23 USF 31, Wake Forest 21 ... USF is 2-0 in ACC play.

#5 Virginia Tech 30, #25 Miami 14 ... Ho hum, Miami is under .500.

Illinois 45, #9 Ohio State 23 ... Yeah, Juice Williams threw for 404 yards. Has this ever happened? The Buckeyes are back in 2004 mode.

TOP 25

1. USC(33)

2. Oklahoma(25)

3. Texas(2)

4. LSU(1)

5. Virginia Tech

6. Penn State

7. Oklahoma State (1 loss)

8. Florida (1 loss)

9. Boise State (1 loss)

10. West Virginia

11. Utah

12. Cal (1 loss)

13. North Carolina (1 loss)

14. Nebraska (1 loss)

15. Illinois (no votes to 566)

16. Tennessee (1 loss)

17. Iowa (1 loss)

18. Alabama (2 losses)

19. Ohio State (2 losses)

20. Georgia (1 loss)

21. TCU (1 loss)

22. Kansas

23. USF

24. Oregon (2 losses)

25. Clemson (1 loss)

OTHERS: BYU (2 losses), Baylor, Georgia Tech (2 losses), Ole Miss (2 losses, I think), Arkansas (1 loss)


Poll logic fail. Kansas and USF are buried with undefeated records behind teams who can lose to unranked teams and only lose four spots.

HEISMAN WATCH: Tebow, Bradford, Briscoe, Austin Pettis (Boise State), McCoy


Offense: Tim Hiller, QB, Western Michigan (27/33, 338yds, 68 rush yards, 5 Total TD)

Defense: Antonio Coleman, DE, Auburn (6 tackles (4 TFL), 2 Sacks, 2 FF)

UP NEXT: We have momentum. Now it's time for a road trip to West Point, to face Army (1-3, lone win over Duke), D OVR, C- OFF, D DEF. I smell three straight wins.. I hope.

Iron Dragon
07-02-2010, 08:40 AM

TULANE (2-2) @ ARMY (1-3)

WEST POINT, NY --- Army has a crazy-styled offense. Basically a wishbone/flexbone passing/qb running/option weirdness hybrid. No camouflage today for the Cadets, however, if you are a fan of that like I am. Maybe next time if we meet again. Tulane's 3rd worst pass defense should have a good day today as Army should be on the ground more, maybe not. Speaking of passing, Kevin Moore has thrown 120 passes this year without a single interception, but yet he only has 8 pass TD's, would that increase and/or change today? Or would it be a day for the ground game like it usually is? Could Tulane get to above .500 at 3-2? We'd just have to wait and see..


Army gets the ball first as Tulane wins the toss and defers (we're a nice 0-2 when winning the toss), and Army would drive down the field, stall and kick a 26 yard field goal.

And besides that, nothing at all happens in this quarter. It's a darn punt fest quarter. Skipping ahead to the final minute in the quarter, Tulane is driving specifically thanks to a 28 yard pass to Robottom, but Army leads after one, 3-0.


Kevin Moore took over, on 3rd & 11 he finds Alan Mitchell for 14, then on first down for 10 yards, for a 1st and goal, then he finds TE Tyler Helm for a 7 yard strike. 7-3 Tulane.


Army then drives down the field, they manage to throw for first downs when they need too, but their drive stalls and they kick a 23 yard field goal. 7-6 Tulane. Excitement!

Then Andre Anderson picks up 55 yards on just two carries, putting Tulane at the 8 yard line, and hey, guess who scores a TD, Kevin Moore to a familiar face, TE Tyler Helm, this time for an 8 yard score. 14-6 Tulane.


Three and out Army. Punt. Tulane has a minute and a half to work with. Kevin Moore gains 24 through the air on 3 passes, Anderson gets 15 (12 rush, 3 rec), then 9 more on the ground to make it 1st & Goal. Tulane will take one shot at the endzone with 9 seconds left.. Moore throws a good strike to Jeremy Williams who catches it, is it and it goes out of his hands with two ticks left. Tulane elects for the simple 31 yard field goal to end the half. 17-6 Tulane at the break.


Kevin Moore comes out gunslinging.. a 17 yard pass to Jeremy Williams, then a 20 yarder to Andre Anderson. Right now for those keeping track at home, Kevin Moore has thrown 137 passes without an interception to start the season (the NCAA record is 209, set in 2008 by Robert Griffin).. well that doesn't mean anything. Let's pass again shall we.. Moore is hit, well he normally throws it away from everyone or just takes the sack.. he throws it away..


..but not far enough out of the way. Intercepted! Well, it could be worse.. it's not like he's going to return it for a touchdown or anything..


..but yet he only has 25 yards of distance on everyone. Moore's first turnover of the year is an pick-six. 17-13 Tulane. No worries however. Anderson runs for 16, then Barnett runs back-to-back times for 12 yards, then Moore obviously not thinking about the last INT does this..



..he throws a beautiful TD strike to true freshman Stephen Barnett, 25 yards for the touchdown. 24-13 Tulane.

Army drives down the field, stalls again, another field goal. 29 yards this time. 24-16 Tulane.

Moore, still not thinking about the INT comes back to the field. Also, Anderson went down on the last drive - it's not serious but Coach Draggo decides it's best to let him sit on the bench to not risk a serious injury. Stephen Barbett starts the drive with a 11 yard run, then Moore to Williams for 6, then 19, then to Banks for 19.. then Barnett gets 4 and loses 2, and on second and 8, Moore steps back and finds Casey Robottom for the 17 yard TD strike. That's TD no. 4 for Moore today.


31-16 Tulane. This one is starting to turn into a comforting day for the Green Wave. Army gets one first down, does not get another. Punt.


3 and out Tulane. Not three and out Army. They get 15 + 12 on a facemask penalty play, then 9 more, then 31 on a pass.. uh oh. Then on 2nd & Goal, their RB punches it in for the 3 yard score. Then the QB Bowden runs for two. 31-24 Tulane. Army kicks deep though. 4:50 to play.

Three and out Tulane. deRochemont boots a 55 yard punt WHICH just barely lands for a touchback, just BARELY over the line. Three and out Army. Punt.

And then the nail in the coffin drive (spoiler!), Barnett gets 5 on two carries, then Moore to Robottom for 27, then Barnett for four, then Moore to Banks for 20 yards. Barnett gets three and then on 2nd & 7 from the 13.. Moore will throw..


.. and finds Jeremy Williams in the endzone for his FIFTH TD pass of the day. That about does it. 38-24 Tulane after the XP.

Army then goes four and out, Barnett gets two first downs and seals the game as Moore takes two kneeldowns and Tulane wins.


Despite throwing his first INT of the year, Kevin Moore is still the hands down player of the game. Moore had the best game of his career, with 5 TD passes and all of his passes were on target today. We didn't run for a TD for the first time this year but almost had 2 100-yard rushers again. We had a season high amount in TFL's and sacks which was very good. This team has gained alot of momentum since winning our first game two weeks ago. Now we're over .500 and looking at a possible .500 season. We'll see.


Kevin Moore: 205.9 QB Rating, 22-for-30 passing, 301 pass yards, 5 TD (1 short of Tulane record, well tying it), INT

Stephen Barnett: 17 rush att, 90 yards, 1 rec, 25 yards, TD

Andre Anderson: 16 rush att, 137 yards, 3 rec, 25 yards (played 2.5 quarters

Jeremy Williams: 5 rec, 67 yards, TD / Casey Robottom: 5 rec, 90 yards, TD

Tyler Helm: 2 rec, 15 yards, 2 TD

D.J. Banks: 4 rec, 55 yards / Alan Mitchell: 2 rec, 24 yards

Chinoso Echebelum: 11 tackles, TFL

Corey Sonnier: 10 tackles, 2 TFL, Sack

Adam Kwentua: 8 tackles, 6 TFL, Sack

Darryl Farley: 6 tackles, 3 TFL, 3 Sacks

Cody Leford: 3 tackles, Sack

Reggie Scott: TFL, Sack

Darren deRochemont: 3 punts, 154 yards, 51.3 average

Devin Figaro: 94 kick return yards

Army: Alex Carlton: 3/3 FG, 1/1 XP / Chase Prasnicki: 15 tackles / Mario Hill: 4 tackles, INT, Def TD

UP NEXT: Week Five Around the NCAA

Iron Dragon
07-02-2010, 08:40 AM


Week four brought us two top ten teams losing to unranked foes at home, more poll BS. And the BCS polls aren't even out yet. What will week five do? I have no clue.


ECU 30, Marshall 27 ... ECU's Hartman gets the game winning field goal with :30 to play (39 yards). Pinkney with 4 TD passes.

Memphis 31, UCF 20 ... Memphis would be a top 25 team if they didn't lose to Middle Tennessee State. Hall with 4 TD passes.

Southern Miss 38, UAB 12 .. UAB held a 9-0 lead until the third quarter and the rest of the game wasn't pretty. UAB falls to 3-2, 2-1. USM to 3-2, 1-1.

Battle for the Iron Skillet: SMU 24, #21 TCU 13 ... WHAT?! Lunday has 6 yards rushing and a TD.

Battle for the Williams Trophy: Tulsa 31, Rice 10 ... Rice is not the team it was a year ago. Tulsa should inherit the C-USA lead.

Houston 32, UTEP 22 ... Oh UTEP, you are just one game away from no better than a .500 record. Houston to 3-1, 1-0, without Keenum.

NCAA Notable Scores

Colorado 20, #10 West Virginia 9 ... There's something about losing at home to unranked teams in the lower-end of the top 10. Colorado is undefeated.

Virginia 27, #13 North Carolina 7 ... When's basketball season?

Indiana 28, #19 Ohio State 22 ... Ohio State slips to 11th place in the Big Ten. Indiana is somehow 4-1, 2-0. tOSU only converted 3 3rd downs.. out of 15.

#1 USC 34, #12 Cal 7 ... Cal only fell 4 spots last week, should have fallen about 14.

#2 Oklahoma 46, Miami FL 7 ... Miami has the lowest amount of offensive TD's in the NCAA. Even lower than Utah State who had none like two weeks ago.

#6 Penn State 27, #15 Illinois 25 ... Takin' care of business, Nittany lions.

#4 LSU 27, #20 Georgia 3 .. Maryland 22, #25 Clemson 21 .. not much to say about these games, but that's #19, #20, #25 probably falling out of the top 25.

#23 USF 23, Florida State 20 ... USF is 3-0 in ACC play, while FSU is 2-3 overall.

TOP 25

1. USC(34)

2. Oklahoma(25)

3. LSU(1)

4. Texas(1)

5. Virginia Tech

6. Penn State

7. Oklahoma State

8. Florida

9. Boise State

10. Utah

11. Nebraska

12. Tennessee

13. Iowa

14. Alabama (2 losses)

15. Cal (2 losses)

16. West Virginia

17. Illinois

18. Colorado

19. Kansas

20. USF

21. Oregon (2 losses)

22. Georgia (2 losses)

23. North Carolina (2 losses)

24. BYU (2 losses)

25. Georgia Tech (2 losses)


Others: Ole Miss, Arkansas, UConn, Boston College, Ohio State (7 pity votes)


Tim Tebow - Daryll Clark - Desmon Brizcoe - Jordan Jefferson - Austin Pettis

UP NEXT: Back at home, with nine prospects visiting versus dismal 1-4 record Marshall, C OVR, B- OFF, C DEF, maybe not as good a team as they look. Kirk/Lee pick Tulane for what it's worth.

Iron Dragon
07-02-2010, 08:41 AM

Marshall (1-4, 0-2) @ Tulane (3-2, 1-1)

NEW ORLEANS -- Marshall's ratings looked good on paper. A B- offense and a runningback with the last name Marshall, Darius Marshall who could do alot of things. However, Marshall's QBs looked good, they were slow run-of-the mill pocket passers, but their numbers weren't. These team looked good but didn't have anything to show for it. Then you have Tulane, a team who started off by blowing leads in the 4th quarter to Tulsa and a ranked BYU team, beating a dismal FCS team, then going on a road trip and knocking off SMU and Army. Tulane then returns home to face the mess that is Marshall. Marshall hasn't had much success since leaving the MAC, and the days of Randy Moss. What did that mean for today, I don't know, before anyone else gets confused let's get to the action..

Tulane has alot of prospects visiting including the number 6 kicker. With promising visits and an exciting game, we could add to our 3 commits..


Tulane wins the toss and elects to receive for a change. Andre Anderson, fresh with a newly gained impact player status started off the game with four straight runs - 6 yards, 2 yards, 8 yards and 4 yards. Then Barnett got two. On 3rd down, Moore hits Williams for a 12 yard gain, then Robottom for the same amount, then Anderson gets one more, and then 5 more, and then Duplessis gets 3. Kevin Moore then runs for 8 for some reason (when did you become dual-threat, mr. 2nd worst in the NCAA for rushing yards?), but then found Jeremy Williams for a 5 yard TD score..


7-0 Tulane. Marshall then returns the ensuing kickoff 86 yards for a TD. On the ensuing kickoff, David Figaro runs the kick back 71 yards but does not get a TD (the kick was to the 5 which equals the 24 of Marshall). Anderson picks up 21 on this short field on three carries but our offense stalls, Thevenot kicks a 24 yard field goal. 10-7 Tulane.

Four and out Marshall on a fake punt.

Anderson goes back to work: 18 yard gain, 7 yard gain, then a 10 yard gain, then Barnett runs for 3..


And then Kevin Moore hits Brock Sanders (freshman TE) for a 6 yard TD, the first of his career:


17-7 Tulane. Well, as you may know, our secondary has no interceptions this year, until today when Chinoso Echebelum reads this pass perfectly..


..and he gets the pick. And he has a great name. Stephen Barnett picks up a bunch of rushing yards on this drive but we go four and out inside the five, so therefore we get 0 points and we could have had a 13 point lead. Lucky for us, Marshall starts to drive. On a certain play, Marshall's QB goes back to pass, and Charles Harris, without an INT this year thinks, now's the time to be aggressive and get one, he lets TWO guys have a great shot an at easy wide open TD, and he does this..


.. he perfectly reads the QB's underthrow and picks it off.. Harris returns it into Marshall territory. Barnett gets 10, Anderson gets 8. And then a play later after a 0 yard pass.. Andre Anderson decides it's time to score..


..and he barely gets into the endzone, but he scores! 18 yard TD run!

24-7 Tulane. Marshall needs to drive, and they start to pass, they get deep into to Tulane territory..


.. until Phillips picks off this pass and Tulane will seal a 17-point lead into the half. (Tulane runs down the final ticks of the 1st half). 3 INT's for the defense in the first half and no offensive TD's allowed. Awesome first half by the defense.


However, Marshall came out fired up in the 2nd half, wasting no time. Anderson threw nicely, including a 28 yard pass that put them at the 1. Darius Marshall then scores a 1 yard TD. 24-14 Tulane.

Kevin Moore and Andre Anderson lead Tulane down the field until Moore is picked off deep in Marshall territory and it's return inside the 20 of Tulane. However, Tulane's defense does a great thing, pulling off a goal line stand. Marshall had the ball on 1st & Goal at the 2, and they would go FOUR and OUT at the one yard line. They could not get the one yard they needed after a 1yd rush on first down. Tulane goes three and out however, and Darius Marshall makes us pay, after 24 passing yards by Anderson, he runs for a 22 yard TD and we've got us a ballgame. 24-21. And on top of us having a ballgame, we have a pictureless quarter. Tulane would start the final quarter with a crucial 3rd & 1.


And they would convert that third and one, but they would not get another first down. We would punt and the ball lands at the two, but makes a second bounce into the endzone. Touchback. And then our secondary, which has been great all day long lets this gem happen:


..a 77 yard pass to the one yard line after the reciever breaks two missed tackles. Ouch. Darius Marshall gets the easy one yard TD run. And with that our 17-point lead is now a four point deficit. 28-24 MARSHALL.

Kevin Moore then went into super awesome mode. After some early run, on 3rd & 7, he finds Banks for a 12 yard gain, then on another third down, finds Mitchell for a 29 yard gain putting Tulane in striking distance. Then this:


..a 15 yard TD strike to Jeremy Williams! 31-28 Tulane. 3:45 to play.

Marshall would drive down the field, however our defense only allows them to gain one yard during 1st and goal, and they kick the field goal. 31-31. 2:18 to play.

D.J. Ponder has the return of his career, taking it from the 11 he and his white guy moves speed goes all the way to our own 48 yard line. Excellent. All we need is a field goal or a touchdown to get us out of this mess and get the victory.

Andre Anderson takes over. A 14 yard run, then a 12 yard run, then an 8 yard run and we're in field goal range. He's not done, then he gets 9 more, then 5. Barnett gets three more and we're suddenly at the 1 yard line. We still haven't used a timeout and the clock is down to it's final seconds. 15 seconds to go, we have two chances at the endzone then it's field goal. Now let's breakdown some random play in pictures shall we:


Hmm.. would you look at that, nothing up the middle, let's just cut to the right, shall we?


Hey look at that, Anderson found his way into the endzone for the winning score! What do you know! HOW ABOUT THAT! 38-31 Tulane. 10 seconds. It's not done yet.

Anderson has a long way to throw, he dumps it off to Marshall and he gets 5 and Marshall calls timeout with 1 second left. It's a prevent defense versus a hail mary offense. Who would win? Oscar Ponce de Leon would. He puts a hit on Brian Anderson as he throws and it's INCOMPLETE! The Green Wave win!

FINAL SCORE: Tulane 38-31

(GGS score was 432, I believe)

Well, well, well.. Kevin Moore had the lowest amount of passing yards he has had all year, but still throws for 3 TD's. However, Andre Anderson has a career day including the game winning TD, and now, are some people thinking Heisman talk? Anderson entered the day 7th in rushing yards in the NCAA, and probably will be higher after a 200+ day today. What a win, great day by the secondary with 3 picks, finally some turnovers for them. Marshall isn't very good right now and we almost let them come back and beat us, that wouldn't have been good for our team and our season.





Kevin Moore: 161.8 QB Rating, 15-for-21 passing, 132 yards, 3 TD, INT, 71%comp, 14 rush yards

Andre Anderson: 34 rush att, 215 yards, 6.3 avg, 2 TD, no catches

Stephen Barnett: 14 rush att, 69 yards

Jeremy Williams: 4 rec, 37 yards, 2 TD / Casey Robottom: 3 rec, 37 yards

Brock Sanders: 1 rec, 6 yds, TD / Alan Mitchell: 2 rec, 29 yards

Darryl Farley: 8 tackles

Corey Sonnier: 7 tackles, TFL

Cody Leford: 6 tackles, TFL

Chinoso Echebelum: 6 tackles, INT

Charles Harris: 4 tackles, INT

David Phillips: Tackle, INT

(3 returns each) D.J. Ponder: 76 KR yards (25.3 avg) / Figaro: 123 KR yards (41.0 avg)

UP NEXT: Week Six Around the NCAA

Iron Dragon
07-02-2010, 08:41 AM


Week five, oh week five, it just shook up the bottom of the top 25. Not much else. Really.


Rice 42, Navy 28 ... Nick Fanuzzi was finally accurate (17/26, 344 yards, 4 TD).. Rice took a 4 TD lead into the final quarter. Not as close as the score seems.

Southern Miss 45, Louisville 10 ... Umm.. damn. USM took a 45-0 halftime lead and did not look back. Austin Davis with 4 TD passes.

Mississippi State 31, Houston 24 ... Yes, this is the same Houston team that beat Texas Tech. Mississippi State wins the game with 24 unanswered points. Keenum still out for Houston.

Memphis loses the most random games alert: UTEP (previously 0-5) 31, Memphis 17 ... Memphis, you realize if you didn't lose to Middle Tennessee State and NOW UTEP you'd be in the top 25?!!

SMU 31, ECU 22 ... I don't know about you but our win over SMU is looking pretty good that the Mustangs are now 4-2.

NCAA Notable Scores

ACC Game of the Year(?): #5 Virginia Tech 38, #20 USF (was 5-0) 17 ... if USF falls out and is replaced by a two or three loss team, the pulls are crazy.

#4 Texas 42, #18 Colorado 22 ... And another lowly ranked undefeated team bites the dust.

Texas A&M 17, #7 Oklahoma State 14 ... And please welcome aTm to the top 25.

#25 Georgia Tech 19, Florida State 7 (2-4, 0-3) ... Is Florida State going to make a bowl game? Welcome to Michigan 2008.

#22 Georgia 20, #12 Tennessee 13 ... Tennessee still beat Florida and was lower ranked than them. Oh well, no argument now that they have two losses.

WHAT alert: #8 Florida 52, #3 LSU 10 ... Florida just lost alot of season showdown sportsmanship points for running up the score. Tebow with 5 passing TD's and one rushing.

TOP 25

1. USC(34)

2. Oklahoma(26)

3. Texas(1)

4. Virginia Tech

5. Penn State

6. Florida

7. Utah

8. Boise State

9. LSU

10. Nebraska

11. Iowa

12. Kansas (sudden 7 spot jump)

13. Alabama

14. Cal

15. West Virginia

16. Illinois

17. Georgia

18. Oklahoma State

19. Tennessee

20. Oregon

21. Colorado

22. North Carolina

23. BYU

24. USF

25. Georgia Tech

OTHERS: Kansas State (undefeated, 6-0, best wins: at UCLA, at Texas Tech by 34), PITT, Boston College, Ohio State, Clemson, Minnesota, Ole Miss

HEISMAN WATCH: Tim Tebow, Darryl Clark, Darren Evans (RB, Virginia Tech), Dezmon Briscoe, Arrelious Benn

UP NEXT: (Possible a mid-season stat update).. Our joyous winning streak probably ends as Case Keenum is back and Houston rolls into New Orleans. Houston is B OVR, B OFF and B- DEF.

Iron Dragon
07-02-2010, 08:42 AM

Mid-season stat update

Tulane is sitting nicely at 4-2, and we'll get back to the games shortly, but here's a report on some of our stats and some of the NCAA's stats.

Kevin Moore sits at something very good. 155.7 QB Rating, 102-for-171, 1375 yards, 16 TD, 2 INT, 229.1 yards per game, 59% completion, 9 times sacked.

In the NCAA, Tim Hiller has the most completed passes (149). J.J. McDermott has the most attempts (280), McDermott and Hiller are the top two in yards. Max Hall has the most passing TD's, then Tebow then Hiller, then Kevin Moore. Taylor Potts (injured) has the most INTs: 13. Mike Kafka is second.

Andre Anderson is number one in rushing yards.. by 112 yards. I've always been good with power backs (cough Oliver deBurrows cough), but I've never won the heisman with one. Stephen Barnett is 4th in YPC, and Anderson is 6th. And Stephen Barnett is like 50th for rushing yards. He's ahead of Noel Devine, Kendall Hunter, Brandon Minor, Graig Cooper, Harvey Unga, Caleb King, C.J. Spiller and DeMarco Murray... just to name a few. He's a true freshman. (Stephen Barnett for Heisman 2010). In the C-USA, Barnett is 7th just 2 yards out of 6th.

In recieving, Jeremy Williams has 6 TD's and Robottom has 5 TD's, both in the top 50 in the NCAA.

Chinoso Echebelum leads the team in tackles with 42. Tony Bryant has 10 TFL's. Darryl Farley, Bryant and De Leon have four sacks each.

Thevenot is 6-for-9 on field goals, with all of his misses from 40+.

deRochemont has a 44.8 yard average in punting.

David Figaro is 4th in the C-USA with kick-return yards, despite only having 12 returns. We don't have anything spectacular on punt returns.


QB Rating: Tim Tebow (188.8)

Rushing attempts: Darren Evans (170)

YPC: Savier Stephens (7.2)

Rush TD: Josh Adams, Atiyyah Henderson (9)

Receptions: Jordan White (57)

Yards: Jordan White (892)

YPCatch: Jeron Mastrud (22.0)

TD Catches: David Gilreath, Duke Calhoun (9)

Pancakes: Dan Voss (27)

Tackles: Greg Jones (57)

TFL: Corey Bosworth (19)

Sack: Corey Bosworth (7)

INT: Chris Maragos, Johnson Bademosi (5)

Field Goals: James Aho (19)

Field Goals 50+: Zac Minturn, Kevin Harper, Kyle Hughes (2)

Field Goals Missed: Aric Goodman (9)

Most Punts: Zoltan Mesko (63)

Punt Average: Reid Forrest (45.8)

Kick Return TDs: Alot of people (1)

Punt Return TDs: Aubrey Quarles (3)

UP NEXT: Houston game.

Iron Dragon
07-02-2010, 08:43 AM
Alright, there we go.. half of season one is up and posted, like I said, I'm in season six right now and I'll probably be bringing over this half-seasons early on, then windle it down to a couple games a day, then have you guys caught up on season six by the release of NCAA '11, where I'll probably start this thing right away.

Also, if I posted it all at once, it'd be a long read straight through.

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 09:13 AM

Houston (3-2, 1-0) @ Tulane (4-2, 2-1)

NEW ORLEANS - Last year, Houston took down Joe Kemp on a cheap shot and won the game. This year, 12th place predicted Tulane sits at a better record than Houston. What? Yes. Houston has been without Case Keenum for the last two games, and when you are without a star, it's not a good thing. But now he's back and Kevin Moore has the 4th most passing TD's in the nation. Some thought it'd be Keenum with the most passing TD's out of the C-USA, instead it's Moore. Anyways, on to the game..

(My apologies for the shorter game report, had a major headache while writing this)


Tulane won the coin toss, and elected to receive, to be different again. And we go three and out. That's not different. Houston goes four and out.

We would not go three and out again. On third and 5, Moore connects with Robottom for 15, a play later, Helm for 27 and Barnett for 5. That puts us at the Houston 14, Anderson gets 10 and then he gets 4 yards and the touchdown.


(I have no clue what #30 is trying to do)

Case Keenum leads Houston down field gets the wind knocked out of him, and Turner his backup throws an easy strike for a TD (his lone throw of the day). 7-7.


Kevin Moore on third down gets picked off. Well, that's not a bad thing. But a 6 yard TD pass from Keenum to Castille is. 14-7 Houston after one.


Tulane would march down the field using the ground game but stall near the goal line and kick a 22 yard field goal. 14-10.

Three and out Houston.

And then Tulane gets the ball with 3 minutes to play in the half, and they'd run it all down (or almost all of it), a mixture of it all, rushing, passing, WR runs etc. The scoring play on the drive, is once again Andre Anderson, this time from just two yards out. 17-14 Tulane.


Houston has a few seconds but does not do anything. Halftime. Tulane leads Houston.


Houston would get the ball first, and led by Case Keenum, would drive down the field, Keenum threw for 46 on this drive, but Houston stalled and kicked a 29 yard field goal. 17-17.

Tulane goes all-running on their next drive and gets one first down but not another. We would punt, and deRoachment would kick it inside the five.

Houston then gets the ball from their own three. Three runs, three yards. Punt. The punt is a crappy one, only twenty-two yards. Tulane already in field goal range. It didn't take them long either, two runs by Anderson, first down, Barnett 3yd run, Williams 6yd catch, then Antoine Duplessis on third and one...


..dives in for the four yard touchdown! 24-17.

Houston would get one first down, then would go four and out. Tulane gains no yards on two rushes.. and it's the..


Well, let's pass the ball, now Moore has plenty of time, he throws...


..and Saenz for Houston picks it off. And Saenz has the room to return it all the way. PICK SIX. 24-24. Three and out Tulane on their next possession.

Houston then drives, down the field, their biggest play being a 25 yard rush by Beall, and Mannisto hits a 20 yard field goal with 4:29 to play. 27-24 Houston.

Figaro returns the kick to the 29. Then Andre Anderson takes a carry to the outside, he gets a block... breaks a tackle, and he's OFF TO THE RACES! Anderson gets past mid-field, one man to beat, forty, thirty, twenty, brought down at the 16 yard line! A 57 yard run puts Tulane in field goal range. Two unsuccessful runs later, Moore goes to pass, he has Williams open.. but he can not get the ball away fast enough. Sack. Field goal from 36 is good for Thevenot. Tie ballgame at 27.

Houston goes three and out. 2:11 to play.

Anderson then gets 5, Barnett gets 4 twice, Barnett then gets 8 more, Anderson gets 10 on two carries, then Barnett gets one twice, putting us at Houston's 40 yard line. It's fourth down. There are 24 seconds left, we can either:

a) Run down the clock, attempt a 57 yard field goal

b) Call timeout, attempt to get the first down

c) Run down the clock to inside five seconds, call timeout, one shot at the endzone.

Not wanting to give Houston a shot, we chose option C. Moore had plenty of time to throw, he looked and waited until the last second, to the endzone to Jeremy Williams......



27-27 all still.


We win the toss, defense we go. Two runs by Beall for 5 yards. Third and five, Keenum will throw.. to Beall..


..who breaks a couple tackles and scores. 34-27 Houston after the XP.

Barnett gets 5, then 6, Anderson gets 4, then Barnett for 2, Anderson loses one on third down. Shit. And he's injured. Double shit.

Fourth down and game. Moore steps back.. time to throw.. to Mitchell in the endzone......



FINAL SCORE: Houston 34-27 OT

Ugh. We'd got so used to winning, this loss is hard to swallow, but in the preseason we thought we didn't have a chance in this one. Not only did we lose to a better team, we pressured Houston to the final seconds. Houston is the C-USA leader, and they have alot of talent. We knew this game was going to be tough, and Houston was favored even with the game in the Superdome. Oh well. Moore had a bad day and Anderson we're not sure how he's doing but he had a good day like he normally does.


Kevin Moore: 85.6 QB Rating, 12-for-22 passing, 129 yards, 2 INT, Sacked once

Andre Anderson: 29 rush att, 152 yards, 2 TD, 1 rec, 17 yards

Stephen Barnett: 15 rush att, 54 yards, 2 rec, 15 yards / Antoine Duplessis: 4 rush att, 12 yards, TD

Casey Robottom: 4 rec, 37 yards / Jeremy Williams: 1 rec, 6 yards

Alan Mitchell: 2 rec, 25 yards / Tyler Helm: 2 rec, 29 yards

Chinoso Echebelum: 13 tackles, TFL

Darryl Farley: 12 tackles

Charles Harris: 9 tackles, 2 TFL

Kristifer Rhymes: 5 tackles, 2 TFL, Sack

Corey Sonnier: 5 tackles, TFL

Tony Bryant: 3 tackles, TFL, Sack

Ross Thevenot: 2/2 FG, 3/3 XP (long of 37)

UP NEXT: Week Seven Around the NCAA

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 09:13 AM


Week six saw the #3 team in the nation get beat badly. That's about it.


#8 Boise State 40, Tulsa 28 ... Huge props to Tulsa for sticking it out with the #8 team in the nation, Boise scored a TD in the final three minutes. G.J. Kinne had 4 TD passes.

Southern Miss 37, Memphis 34 OT ... Memphis almost pulls the "upset", but slides to 4-3 (2-2), first respectable loss of the season, still they lost to Mid Tenn State and dreadfully bad UTEP.

#15 West Virginia 37, Marshall 3 ... Marshall falls to 1-6.

Miami 44, UCF 6 ... Miami gets back to .500, UCF has dropped three straight down to .500.

SMU 28, Navy 17 ... SMU was predicted 11th in the C-USA but yet is now 5-2. They rallied out of a 17-7 hole.

Ole Miss 34, UAB 23 ... The C-USA drops to 1-1 at Ole Miss this year. UAB slips to .500.

ECU 52, Rice 31 ... ECU went up 24-3, then Rice ties it at 24 in the third, and ECU pulls away in the late 3rd & 4th quarter.

NCAA Notable Scores

Wisconsin 37, #11 Iowa 10 ... Wisconsin lost to Ohio State which was 11th in the Big Ten when they beat them, Wisconsin is now 5-2 and upsets the no. 11 team in the country.

Vanderbilt 26, #17 Georgia 10 ... Vanderbilt is now 5-2.

#6 Florida 59, Arkansas 0 ... So why is Florida suddenly running up the score? They passed well into the 3rd and 4th quarters, throwing 6 TD passes. Tebow threw five of them. Something tells me Urban Meyer is padding stats.

#3 Texas 21, #2 Oklahoma 19 ... Oklahoma led this game 13-7 at the half. Texas then went up 21-13 and Oklahoma failed to convert the two point conversion with 2:17 left.

Indiana 28, #16 Illinois 14 ... Ummmm, did I mention Indiana is tied for the Big Ten lead?

UCLA 33, #14 Cal 14 ... Cal is 3-3 and winless in the pac-10. Will they fall out of the top 25?

#1 USC 19, Notre Dame 16 3OT ... Damn. Low scoring game, Notre Dame leads 10-7 at the half, then USC kicks a field goal in the 3rd. Then they trade field goals twice in the first two OT's and Congdon hits a 36-yard game winner in the third OT.

#12 Kansas 30, #21 Colorado 7 ... Hey, uh, Kansas is undefeated.

Texas A&M 32, Kansas State 25 (previously 6-0) ... aTm goes to 5-1. K-State drops their first game on a TD with 1:04 left.

TOP 25

1. USC(32)

2. Texas(26)

3. Virginia Tech(2)

4. Penn State(1)

5. Utah

6. Kansas (hey would you look at that)

7. Florida (lost a spot for running up the score)

8. Oklahoma

9. Boise State

10. LSU

11. Nebraska

12. Alabama

13. West Virginia

14. Oklahoma State

15. Tennessee

16. Oregon

17. Iowa

18. North Carolina

19. BYU

20. USF (1 loss)

21. Illinois

22. Colorado

(the three loss club)

23. Cal :D

24. Georgia :D

25. Ohio State :D:D

OTHERS: Cincinnati (1 loss), Wisconsin, Vanderbilt, Texas A&M (1), Georgia Tech, Kansas State (1), Ole Miss

HEISMAN WATCH: Tebow, Evans, Clark, Briscoe, David Gilreath

UP NEXT: We're back on TV (0-2 on TV).. THE BATTLE FOR THE BELL: at Southern Miss (5-2, 2-1), USM is C+ OVR, B OFF, C DEF. The number one offense versus the number four offense. Oh my.

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 09:14 AM
Battle for the Bell: Tulane (4-3, 2-2) at Southern Miss (5-2, 2-1)

Hattiesburg, Mississippi -- The Battle for the Bell hasn't been played since 2006 and has been dominated by Southern Miss. However, this is the best Tulane team probably since the undefeated team in 1998. Maybe. Southern Miss is looking to become bowl elligible and Tulane is trying to avoid slipping down to .500. Let's find out what happens in the Battle for the Bell.


Southern Miss won the toss and chose to recieve and went three and out.

Tulane moved down the field riding Andre Anderson, and a 23 yard pass to Robottom, but they stalled and settled for a 31 yard field goal. 3-0 Tulane.

Southern Miss got one first down, but not another.

Antoine Duplessis starts off Tulane's drive with a 11 yard run, then Anderson gets 11, Moore finds Mitchell twice for a total of 15 yards, and Duplessis runs for two. And hey, we are at the end of the 1st quarter. Pretty darn exciting so far.


To start the 2nd quarter, Kevin Moore somehow manages to pick up 16 yards on the ground and we're still confused how. Two plays later on 3rd & 6 he finds Duplessis for a 20 yard gain, then he throws to Tyler Helm..

... for an 8-yard TD. 10-0 Tulane.

Three and out Southern Miss.

Then it's running time for Tulane. 5 yards by Moore, then Barnett gets 11 on 3 carries, then Anderson gets 2, Moore finds Mitchell for 20, Anderson gets 19 on 4 carries, then Barnett loses 2, and that's not what we needed on third down and we kick a 40 yard field goal. 13-0 Tulane.

Southern Miss goes three and out.

We go three and out and we're at the half of a boring game scoring-wise.

HALFTIME: 13-0 Tulane (comments: WHAT?!)


Tulane starts a passing storm, getting down inside the Southern Miss 15, but then stalls, and kicks a 31 yard field goal. 16-0 Tulane. WHAT!!?!!

And then our defense, who has only allowed 27 yards all day, allows a 53 yard TD run (sorry for no picture, there was a penalty on the play - declined, it was on Tulane) to the backup running back. 16-7 Tulane.

Three and out Tulane. Three and out Southern Miss. Tulane then starts to drive and it's the..


Entering the fourth, we only have one picture. Boring game so far. The key phrase is "so far".

We start the 4th quarter punting. Southern Miss goes three and out. And you thought it was going to be exciting.

Well, it was about too. Stephen Barnett on play three of our drive does this:


and of course Southern Miss does this:


And hey, we have a ballgame. 16-14 Tulane.

Well, now that we have that fumble out of our system, let's just drive down the field..

..not you too Andre Anderson!! Southern Miss ball. Damnit.

Luckily for us we get a three and out, unfortunately for us, Southern Miss has a kicker with quite the leg:

and that's a 51 yard field goal. 17-16 SOUTHERN MISS.

Three and out Tulane. Even better. And to make things worse, they injure KEVIN MOORE. He's out for the rest of the game. Damned cheating birds.

Southern Miss starts to chip into the clock. They start driving, they then stall, and on third and ten from our 14, we need a stop, however our defense, who has gone MIA allows this:


A USM reciever to get wide open and walk in for the 14 yard TD and then put down a pity tackle on him as he gets in the endzone. For those keeping track at home, it's 24 unanswered for Southern Miss in about a quarter and a minute. 24-16 USM.

Could Joe Kemp save us? He's quickly faced with a fourth down and game, but he comes through and finds Helm for a 18 yard gain.

Then on third down and 10, he finds Williams for 18. Then Robottom for 11. And then we are at the USM 15 yard line. 17 seconds to play. This one isn't over yet... Kemp steps back.. throws..

.. to the one YARD LINE!!! Timeout!! That's our final one! 12 seconds to go inside the one yard line. And now let's just run a QB sneak to get this game down to a two-point conversion, and let's let the radio announcer take over (or what he would say):

"1st and Goal for Tulane, down 8, inside the one. No timeouts, 12 seconds to go. Kemp, the backup in the goal line. He snaps it and runs straight forward.. IS HE IN?! IS HE IN? NO HE'S NOT HE IS STOPPED. NO GAIN. TULANE HAS TO HURRY, he's trying to get everyone back up to the line, 6 seconds. Line em' up Kemp!! Four, three, snap it, snap it, one second, he snaps it but NO, THE CLOCK HAS EXPIRED. SOUTHERN MISS WINS. A GOAL LINE STAND FOR THE GOLDEN EAGLES! Unbelievable, Southern Miss rallies from 16 down to win 24-16 in the Battle for the Bell."

Damn you Golden Eagles. Revenge will be ours (maybe) next year.


Well. I thought we had this one. Southern Miss's offense was just pitiful in the first half. They could not do anything, and they did not get over 30 yards of offense. We took a 16-0 lead, and our game just fell apart, the big run, the fumble-TD and then the fumble three plays later cost us. We went from leading 16-0 to trailing 17-16, and eventually 24-16. I can't believe I called a QB Sneak. A good call, but a bad idea. USM had alot of pressure and Kemp got nailed immediately. Should have spiked it when we got to the one, saved the timeout and had 7-8 seconds to run maybe two plays. Oh well. It seemed like the best idea in quick thinking. The results turned out to be otherwise. Also, Kevin Moore is fine.

Kevin Moore: 162.5 QB Rating, 11/15, 120 yards, TD, 13 rush yards / Kemp: 4/8, 61 yards

Andre Anderson: 29 rush att, 147 yards, 5.0 avg, fumble / Barnett: 7 rush att, 10 yards, fumble / Duplessis: 25 rush yards, 20 rec yards

Tyler Helm: 5 rec, 43 yards, TD / Alan Mitchell: 4 rec, 53 yards
Casey Robottom: 3 rec, 47 yards / Jeremy Williams: Rec, 20 yards

Darryl Farley: 8 tackles, 2 TFL, Sack
Kristifer Rhymes: 6 tackles, TFL
Cody Leford: 6 tackles
Adam Kwentua: 3 tackles, 2 TFL

Ross Thevenot: 3/3 FG, 1/1 XP

Southern Miss: 163 offensive yards, 0 turnovers, 6 punts

UP NEXT: Week Eight Around the NCAA

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 09:15 AM


Week seven allowed the 6 undefeated teams to be the top 6. That's about it.


Rivalry: Tulsa 30, UTEP 19 ... Tulsa up to 3-0 in conference. G.J. Kinne had 3 TD's (2 pass, 1 rush).

UAB 38, Marshall 11 ... UAB up to 3-1 in conference, Marshall still in 12th with a 1-7, 0-4 record.

UCF 45, Rice 6 ... Whatherford with 5 pass TD's for UCF.

Houston 44, SMU 14 ... SMU drops their third game in conference (4-0 OOC, 5-3 overall), Houston to 5-2, 3-0.


Now it's just sad: #18 North Carolina 13, Florida State 7 ... FSU is 2-5 and 0-4 in conference. I don't think FSU will be going to a bowl game this year.

Michigan State 29, #17 Iowa 13 ... Michigan State entered the game with a dismal 1-6 record.

Holy crap, Kansas?!?: #6 Kansas 48, #8 Oklahoma 20 ... Why has Kansas been in the lower half of the top 25 all year? Oklahoma is without Sam Bradford.

#12 Alabama 26, #15 Tennessee 3 ... Not much offense in this one, Tiffin with 4 Field goals.

WTF Alert: Washington State (0-6) 35, #23 Cal (3-3, 0-3) 31 ... [laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh]. Washington State rallies from 17 down and beats Cal at home. Cal is overrated so much.

TCU 35, #19 BYU 23 ... Max Hall with 3 picks and 0 TD's.

Minnesota 27, #25 Ohio State 20 ... Someone tell me why Ohio State was ranked along with Cal again? Also Ohio State has alot of injures: Dan Herron, Brandon Saine, Dane Sanzenbacher, Laamar Thomas.

Not this year: #1 USC 24, Oregon State 21 OT ... Oregon State took a 21-0 lead on USC. USC rallied with two late TD passes from Corp (in the final two and a half minutes), then got the field goal in OT.

Auburn 25, #10 LSU 3 ... This is pretty good for Tulane. Auburn had a 22-point third quarter. (Auburn led 3-0 at the half)

Hawai'i 28 (5-1), #9 Boise State 21 ... Hawai'i is back and upests Boise with a 21-point fourth quarter (game was 9-7 Boise after three).

TOP 25


1|Texas (.997)|USC

2|USC (.997)|Texas

3|Virginia Tech (.989)|Virginia Tech

4|Penn State (.983)|Penn State

5|Kansas (.977)|Kansas

6|Utah (.967)|Utah




10|West Virginia|West Virginia

11|Oklahoma|Oklahoma State

12|Oklahoma State|Oklahoma


14|USF (6-1)|North Carolina


16|North Carolina|LSU

17|Boise State|Boise State




21|Wisconsin|Cincinnati (6-1)


23|Kansas State|Kansas State (7-1)

24|Texas A&M (6-1)|Vanderbilt (6-2)

25|Minnesota|Texas A&M

Outside the Coaches: Minnesota, TCU, BYU, Colorado, Ole Miss, Maryland, Illinois


1. Tim Tebow, QB, Florida (142/194, 1800yds, 25 TD, 380 rush yards, 3 TD)

2. Darryl Clark, QB, Penn State (175/255, 2152yds, 20 TD, 131 rush yards)

3. Colt McCoy, QB, Texas (126/232, 1655yds, 15 TD, 434 rush yards, 3 TD)

4. Darren Evans, RB, Virginia Tech (196 rush att, 885 yards, 11 TD, 90 rec yards, 2 TD)

5. Corbin Louks, QB, Utah (132/232, 2018 yards, 16 TD, 153 rush yards, 3 TD)

UP NEXT: Don't get scared, it's halloween, and it's a night game, LSU HAS TWENTY-THREE PROSPECTS visiting including the #1 and #3 players in the nation! And they are A- across the board. And they are 5-2, but they just got spanked by Auburn. Can we keep it close? Can we upset LSU somehow and make a disaster for their 23 visiting players? We'll have to find out.

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 09:15 AM


Since I'm allergic to typing up large recruiting boards (even though I will at the end of the off-season), and I'm also allergic to typing names of high schoolers for now (I will at the end of the off-season), here's a quick rundown:

Tulane still needs for the next season: K, 2 MLB, 1 SS

Tulane has 4 commits: a 2-star G, another 2-star G, a 1-star T and a 1-star DE.

There are 31 players left on Tulane's recruiting board: the lowest Tulane's interest is any of these players is 4th.

There are 16 players who have Tulane in 1st, including four three star players, a G, a K, a DE, and a OT. There is one three-star who has Tulane just barely in second, and that is a 3-star CB.

Tulane's most recruiting position is the athletes with five, four of which have Tulane first, and one has them second.

Probably more than half the players with Tulane in first will probably commit before the end of the season or in the early off-season.

Tulane's targets as of now: 2 QB, 3 HB, 1 FB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 OT, 2 OG, 1 K, 1 DE, 1 OLB, 2 MLB, 4 CB, 4 SS, 5 ATH

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 09:16 AM

Battle for the Rag: Tulane (4-4, 2-3 C-USA) at #16 LSU (5-2, 3-2 SEC)

BATON ROUGE -- LSU is down and so is Tulane. Tulane has lost two straight heartbreakers and LSU has had the crap beaten out of them by unranked Auburn and top-10 team Florida. LSU now sits outside the top 15. Tulane, who started a crappy 0-2, then rose to a nice 4-2 at the midway point, but has recently dropped back to back C-USA games to Houston and Southern Miss, both heartbreakers and both tough (and close) losses. With LSU down a bit, this could be a closer game than expected? Iron Dragon's never reported prediction for this game was 30-13 LSU, with Tulane's TD probably coming in garbage time, but both teams struggling, with Tulane struggling more. Let's see..


There's no reason to report the 1st quarter because there's not much worth mentioning. LSU lost the toss and got the ball, and punted. Tulane punted. LSU faked a punt and failed miserably losing 8 yards. Tulane rode the ground game for about 20 yards and kicked a 38 yard field goal. LSU ended the quarter with a fitting 16 yard punt (!!!).

3-0 Tulane after one.


Kevin Moore found Andre Anderson for 18 on third down, and then D.J. Banks for 19 on another third down putting Tulane at LSU's 21 yard line.. and then Moore would step back and find Anderson..


.. who would spin away from a defender..


.. and drag the same defender into the endzone! TOUCHDOWN! 10-0 TULANE with the extra point!

Even worse for LSU, they went three and out. But so did we. Then it became the Charles Scott show, he picks up 13 yards on 3 carries, then..


..bulldozes his way through Tulane's defense for 37 yards. A play later would find his way into the endzone for a 5 yard score with just over 2 minutes left in the half.


(notice how we have one guy in a flip cycle, two defenders on top of each other (What the heck are they doing?!), and a slow d-lineman trying to catch Scott, and two defenders taking down Jordan Jefferson, meanwhile Charles Scott just takes a stroll into the endzone. what are we doing here Tulane?!)

10-7 Tulane, though. However we went three and out.

Tulane then starts to throw with Jefferson, he throws to Dixon three straight times for gains of 14, 10 and 20 yards, then to Scott for 5. With 15 seconds left in the half, Jefferson throws..


..but throws to Alex Wacha! Wacha would be stopped at the one yard line and Tulane would run it straight up the middle and run down the final seconds of the 1st half. And they would lead at the half over #16 LSU, 10-7. (We're 0-1 when leading ranked teams at the half, and outscored 31-10, if you wanted to keep track of that.. (cough BYU running up the score cough)


To start the second half, we did a popular thing in this dynasty that goes with this phrase: "Tulane/opponent got one first down, but not another. Punt" And that's what we did. So then LSU started to pass, and then they throw a WR screen (counted as a run) to Brandon LaFell from their own 36, here's the result of that play:


14-10 LSU. On third down for Tulane, Kevin Moore throws a pick. Ugh. We'd force a three and out on LSU, but they were well into field goal range and boot a 41 yarder. 17-10 LSU.

Three plays later, Kevin Moore's pass goes through the hands of D.J. Banks and into the hands of a LSU DB. INT again. Damnit.

Then Charles Scott makes a mess of our defense a few plays later:


.. by breaking a few tackles and then being pity tackled for a 25 yard TD.

Tulane needed something. Andre Anderson got 23 yards on three carries, then Moore passed for a first down, then Anderson got three more, then on 3rd down, Moore passed to a wide open Duplessis, he catches it, to put us at least into field goal range.. but wait there's more..


.. he fumbles the ball and another LSU defender is there to get it. Damn it. 24-10 LSU entering the 4th.


Welcome to the boring quarter (along with the 1st), where the offenses struggled. LSU missed a 50 yard field goal wide left, Tulane punted for 53 yards (deRochment might be our player of the game, every kick of his was a beauty), LSU punted after chopping half of the remaining clock out (5 minutes to 2 and a half), Tulane did nothing and punted for 50 yards, and then LSU ran out the clock on three Charles Scott runs.

FINAL SCORE: #16 LSU 24-10

(23 prospects interested in LSU, watched LSU be tested by little Tulane from the C-USA but they probably liked what they saw out of LSU, hopefully it doesn't hinder our recruiting.) Anyways, last week, we went up 16-0 on the road and then gave up 24 straight, this week, we went up 10-0 on the road to a much better team and gave up 24 straight. Which loss am I more happy about? This one. Our offense struggled, not a surprise, Andre Anderson didn't hit 100 yards rushing (we only had 100 yards as a hole), Stephen Barnett is no longer the flashy back up that he once was it seems (1.4 avg), and right now this team is in a slump. We have anywhere from 3-5 games left (Yes, we could win a C-USA division with a 5-3 record, it's possible), and we could win all of them. Hopefully we bounce back against a crappy UTEP team next week, and get back to .500 at 5-5.


Kevin Moore: 81.3 QB Rating, 11-for-23 passing, 100 yards, TD, 2 INT

Andre Anderson: 18 rush att, 70 yards, 5 rec, 52 yards, Rec TD

Other rushers: 13 att, 30 yards, Duplessis with a 16 yard reception and fumble.

Receiving: nothing worth noting, D.J. Banks had 1 catch for 19, Williams caught nothing, Robottom only had three yards.

Darryl Farley: 13 tackles, 2 TFL

Alex Wacha: 10 tackles, INT

Tony Bryant: 10 tackles, 3 TFL

Chinoso Echebelum: 9 tackles

Cody Leford: 7 tackles

Dezmen Moses: 7 tackles, 2 TFL, Sack

(10 players with 5 tackles or more)

Ross Thevenot: 1/1 FG, 1/1 XP

Darren deRochemont: 6 punts, 280 yards, 46.6 avg, net yards: 262 (43.6 avg), 4 inside the 20, long of 53

LSU: Jordan Jefferson: 19/24, 187 yards, INT, Charles Scott: 42 rush att, 219 yards, 2 TD, Brandon LaFell: 1 rush att, 64 yards, TD

UP NEXT: Week Nine Around the NCAA

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 09:17 AM


Week eight put Cal in last place in the Pac-10 after falling to winless Washington State, and #9 Boise State fell to fourth in the WAC after falling to one-loss Hawai'i at home.

C-USA coming into the week:

EAST: Southern Miss, ECU, UAB all 3-1 in conference (Memphis, UCF 2-2) [Marshall: 0-4]

WEST: Houston, Tulsa 3-0 [Tulane 2-3) [UTEP 1-2, SMU 1-3, Rice 0-4]


ECU 31, Memphis 24 ... ECU rallied with 2 4th quarter TDs, one by Patrick Pinkney.

WTF Alert: SMU 48, Tulsa 6 ... Tulsa throws SIX interceptions, while backup Smith for SMU throws 361 yards and 3 TD's, and runs for 2 TD's! SMU is now 6-3. What a turnaround by June Jones.

Southern Miss 24, Houston 21 ... USM went up 17-0, then Houston 21-17, then USM scored on a Baptiste TD catch with 1:45 to play and won the game.

WTF Alert Part II, UTEP is .500 in conference: UTEP 31, UAB 24 ... If UTEP somehow manages to win out, they'd be 6-2 in conference. WTF. They beat a team leading the East.

UCF 38, Marshall 3 ... Expected.


#3 Virginia Tech 39, #14 North Carolina 34 ... VT rallies from a 34-24 deficit with a 15-point final quarter.

Central Michigan 27, #15 USF 17 ... This doesn't affect USF winning the ACC, it just probably moves them out of the top 20.

Ole Miss 59, #18 Auburn 10 ... Uhh.. what?! Ole Miss scores 35 fourth quarter points, includng two passing and three rushing TD's.

Georgia Tech 29, #24 Vanderbilt 13 ... GT has lost four games in conference play but is 3-0 OOC.

#19 Tennessee 44, South Carolina 0 ... Spurrier is probably gone, since beating Georgia, SC has done nothing but lose (3-6, 1-5 SEC).

Welcome to the top 25, aTm, Welcome to others recieving votes: Iowa State 9, #25 Texas A&M 0 ... Snooze. Iowa State kicked three field goals.

#12 Oklahoma 30, #23 Kansas State 23 ... But yet, Kansas State still has a better record than Oklahoma. Bradford is still out.

Baylor 28, #8 Nebraska 20 .. Way to lose Nebraska.

#2 Texas 38, #11 Oklahoma State 13 ... Oklahoma State loses number three on the season.

#1 USC 29, #13 Oregon 14 ... Corp with 3 TD's.

Hawai'i 38, Nevada 24 ... Hawaii is now 6-1 and 4-1 in the WAC.

TOP 25


1|Texas (.997)|USC(33)

2|USC (.997)|Texas(22)

3|Virginia Tech (.989)|Virginia Tech(5)

4|Penn State (.983)|Penn State(1)

5|Kansas (.975)|Kansas

6|Florida (.965)|Utah (undefeated)

7|Utah (.964)|Florida

8|Alabama (.958)|Alabama (2 losses)

9|Oklahoma (.950)|West Virginia (1 loss)

10|West Virginia (.948)|Oklahoma (2 losses)


12|Boise State|Boise State


14|Oklahoma State|Oklahoma State



17|Wisconsin|Cincinnati (1 loss)

18|Cincinnati|North Carolina

19|North Carolina|Wisconsin

20|Ole Miss|Ole Miss



23|Kansas State|Kansas State



Outside the Coaches: Maryland, Illinois, Iowa, Baylor, Georgia, Rutgers


1. Tim Tebow, QB, Florida

2. Darryl Clark, QB, Penn State

3. Dezmon Briscoe, WR, Kansas

4. Corbin Louks, QB, Utah

5. Colt McCoy, QB, Texas


EAST: Southern Miss, ECU 4-1 (Play each other week 14)

WEST: Houston, Tulsa* 3-1 (Tulane 4th, 2-3) (Tulsa holds tiebreaker)

UP NEXT: UTEP at home, they are 2-6, 2-2.. we have 5 players visiting, I'd think we'd win this one, but UTEP has won two of their last three, and we've lost three straight.

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 09:18 AM

UTEP (2-6, 2-2) @ Tulane (4-5, 2-3, L3)

NEW ORLEANS --- It's the final home game of the year for Tulane in their tenth straight week with a game. Six, not five prospects are visiting so we need to come out of this three-game slump now. If we don't win this game, our bowl hopes are very slim, because then the best we could finish is 6-6 and 4-4 in the C-USA, which probably won't get us to a bowl. Win out, and we finish 7-5 and 5-3 in C-USA and most likely make a bowl as the #4/#5 team in the C-USA. Time's ticking for Tulane, so we have to break the streak.


We won the toss and deferred. UTEP and Trevor Vittatoe take the field. Van Dyke runs for 17, then Vittatoe passes twice for 27, and hey, would you look at that, they are in scoring range, and they would, on a 15 yard TD pass. 7-0 UTEP.

Tulane started with Andre Anderson. Four carries for 20 yards. A little later in the drive, Moore hits up Casey Robottom for a 21 yard gain, then a play later, let's give it to Andre..


.. who will power is his way in for a 10 yard score! 7-7.

UTEP then responds and has no trouble what so ever moving down the field, Vittatoe throws all over us, and Dyke picks up 21, and then Vittatoe throws to Wenrick for a 15 yard TD pass. 14-7 UTEP.

With 16 seconds left, Moore steps back and looks.. and Jeremy Williams is WIDE OPEN. Williams has space, he's at our 40, the fifty, the fourty, the THIRTY, THE TWENTY, taken down at the 15 after a 68 YARD GAIN! Tulane is in business.


Second play in the 2nd quarter, Moore finds Mitchell for a 12 yard gain, Mitchell can not break the tackle to get into the endzone and is stopped at the two. (Mitchell: 0 TD this year, ~25 rec), the very next play, time to power it in..


.. or not, Andre Anderson gets everyone to think it's a FB dive to the left, WRONG, it's him to the right. Untouched, 2 yard TD. 14-14.

UTEP once again has no problem passing over us, this time scoring on a 46 yard TD on just their fourth play of the drive. Ugh.


21-14 UTEP. Can you find the missed tackle?

Tulane then puts together a long drive, Anderson gets 18 on two carries, then Moore finds Banks on third and long, gets help from pass interference, short of the first down, but the PI gets them the first (Banks still makes the catch with PI!). Then Banks is the recipient of a 11 yard pass and a 21 yarder. A couple plays later on second and goal, Moore scrambles and looks for someone, but is sacked and we're back at the 7. Moore would look to throw on 3rd down and his pass is batted down. 24 yard field goal by Thevenot. 21-17 UTEP.

UTEP goes three and out. Tulane goes four and out past midfield. UTEP goes three and out. We get the ball back with 15 seconds.

Anderson runs for 5. Timeout. 8 seconds to go, Moore would throw.. to Robottom.. WHO HAS BEAT HIS MAN, FIFTY, FORTY (Coaches yelling run out of bounds!!!), THIRTY, TWENTY-FIVE (time expires), TWENTY, FIFTEEN, ONE MAN TO BEAT.. TEN.. brought down at the 7. Tulane players celebrate but realize the clock is expired. Damn. 21-17 UTEP at the half.


Tulane gets it first to start the 2nd half and goes three and out. UTEP gets the ball and Vittatoe coughs it up on third down and Adam Kwentua recovers. Tulane in great field position now.

Four runs with Andre Anderson for 19 yards, then Moore would step back and find D.J. Banks..


.. who breaks a tackle


.. and finds his way in for the score! 18 yard TD. 24-21 Tulane. UTEP goes three and out.

Tulane's running game takes over:

13, 4, 18 yards by Anderson

1, 24, 7 yards by Barnett

6 yard run by Anderson

And then Stephen Barnett from 8 yards out takes it in. 31-21 Tulane.


UTEP gets one first down but not another. Punt. Tulane runs out the third quarter by picking up 21 yards on 4 carries.


Moore then passes to Williams for 6, then Barnett makes a huge play and picks up 35, then to Anderson for 17 down to the one yard line. On second and goal, Moore steps back for the throw..


..and hits freshman TE Brock Sanders for his 2nd career TD. 38-21 Tulane.

UTEP needed a rally. And they would get one, they ride Van Dyke down the field until he loses 9 yards on two carries putting UTEP into a third and goal from the 17 situation, then they throw to Van Dyke for no gain. Fourth and game. Vittatoe steps back, he has a man and it's tipped down by Corey Sonnier. 3:37 to play and that's basically your ball game.

Tulane then chews up the clock by running, Barnett gets 28 on two carries, Anderson gets 12, Barnett 6, Anderson 4, Barnett 4, Moore passes to a wide open Alan Mitchell on a QB Option play (season showdown can suck it), for 18 yards, Anderson gets 5. That puts us at the 14 yard line and Barnett has 87 yards running. Coach Draggo tells himself, "Let's score one more for the home crowd. He tells Barnett to go for the endzone." Barnett would take the toss and needing 13 yards for a 100-yard gain..


.. he gets 14 yards and a touchdown! 45-21 Tulane. And with that the clock fell to two seconds. Tulane kicked it short and tackled the return man. Game.

FINAL SCORE: Tulane 45-21




"Running up the score?" No. Why'd we score that last TD? For the fans, for the team, we've lost three straight tough games. We've gotta let these guys celebrate before our road trip to end the season. Hopefully we'll be back here in December in the New Orleans Bowl or something. This home crowd is great. Great day by the whole team to get back to .500 at 5-5, 3-3. Now let's go get these last two at Rice and UCF.


Kevin Moore: 183.5 QB Rating, 15-for-26, 311 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT

Andre Anderson: 30 rush att, 177 yards, 5.9 avg, 2 TD, 1 rec, 17 yards

Stephen Barnett: 13 rush att, 101 yards, 7.7 avg (he's back), 2 TD, 1 rec, 35 yards

D.J. Banks: 3 rec, 50 yards, TD (Look forward to him at home in the next couple years)

Alan Mitchell 3 rec, 36 yards / Tyler Helm: 2 rec, 11 yards / Brock Sanders: Rec TD

Jeremy Williams: 2 rec, 74 yards / Casey Robottom: 2 rec, 88 yards

Darryl Farley: 7 tackles

Adam Kwentua: 5 tackles, FF, FR

Cody Leford: 4 tackles, TFL

Alex Wacha: 4 tackles, TFL

Corey Sonnier, Chinoso Echebelum: 4 tackles each

Oscar Ponce De Leon: 3 TFL

Ross Thevenot: 1/1 FG, 6/6 XP

D.J. Banks: 65 return yards

UP NEXT: Week Ten Around the NCAA

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 09:18 AM


Week nine did not much to the BCS championship contenders.

C-USA ENTERING THE WEEK (not copy and pasted)

EAST: Southern Miss, ECU 4-1 (Play each other week 14)

WEST: Houston, Tulsa 3-1 (Tulane 4th, NOW 3-3)


#3 Virginia Tech 30, ECU 20 ... The C-USA shows it's muscle as ECU held a 10-8 lead at the half, and VT had to rally with 15 fourth quarter points to win.

#15 Tennessee 27, Memphis 13 ... Not another upset over the SEC for the Tigers.

Florida Atlantic 28, UAB 27 ... Hey does anyone remember when UAB was 3-0? I don't either, they are 1-5 sense.

Houston 41, Tulsa 27 ... Why did I say last week that these teams had already played? Anyways, Tulsa now has a losing record and Houston has the West lead. Keenum is back, scoring 3 TD's.

#2 Texas 34, UCF 10 ... UCF held a 10-0 first quarter lead and only trailed 14-10 at the half, as Texas loses Colt McCoy.

Rice 52, SMU 23 ... Oh SMU, I don't get you. You're bowl elligible with 4 conference losses and giving a first to Rice, who we get next week. Great.


EAST: Southern Miss, ECU 4-1 / UCF, UAB 3-2

WEST: Houston 4-1 / Tulsa 3-2 / Tulane 3-3


#10 Oklahoma 27, #13 Nebraska 16 ... Nebraska has a 13-0 halftime lead and blows it in the 3rd quarter. Jones with three TD's for OU.

#17 Cincinnati 45, UConn 0 ... Why is Cincinnati ranked so low again? 8-1 overall and 5-0 in the Big East.

#11 LSU 27, #8 Alabama 24 ... The SEC is eating itself alive. LSU wins the game on a Charles Scott TD run with 1:21 left.

#5 Kansas 21, #23 Kansas State 10 ... Todd Reesing's two TD passes on just seven throws led KU to victory.

#6 Utah 45, New Mexico 19 ... New Mexico was 6-2, Corbin Louks with 3 TD passes.

USC blows a Pac-10 game alert: Arizona State 25, #1 USC 20 .. USC, what is it with you and unranked pac-10 teams and losing randomly. Not a close game. ASU led 25-7 headed for the final quarter. USC scored a pity TD with 14 seconds left.

Other teams update: Hawai'i improves to 7-1 and 5-1 in the WAC, Eastern Kentucky falls to 3-5.

TOP 25


1|Texas (1.000)|Texas(33)

2|Virginia Tech (0.994)|Virginia Tech(24)

3|Penn State (0.989)|Penn State(2)

4|Kansas (0.983)|Kansas(1)

5|Utah (0.973)|Utah(1)

6|Florida (0.972)|Florida

7|LSU (0.964)|LSU

8|Oklahoma (0.958)|Oklahoma

9|West Virginia (0.949)|West Virginia

10|USC (0.946)|USC

11|Boise State|Boise State

12|Tennessee|Oklahoma State

13|Oklahoma State|Tennessee



16|Wisconsin|Cincinnati (should be #12)

17|Cincinnati|North Carolina

18|North Carolina|Wisconsin

19|Ole Miss|Ole Miss






25|Auburn|Maryland (8-1!!!!)

Outside the Coaches: Illinois, Iowa, K-State, Georgia, Rutgers, Arizona State, Clemson, GT, Boston College


1. Tim Tebow, QB, Florida (28 Pass TD, 5 Rush TD)

2. Jordan White, WR, Western Michigan (Jack Ryan alert!) (Holy shit: 89 rec, 1468 yards, 16 TD :o) (Caught 4 TD this week)

3. Darryl Clark, QB, Penn State (25 Pass TD)

4. Dezmon Briscoe, WR, Kansas (10 Rec TD)

5. Corbin Louks, QB, Utah (22 Pass TD, 4 Rush TD)

Iron Dragon's thoughts: GO JORDAN WHITE


Maxwell: Tim Hiller (WMU), Tim Tebow, Jordan White [Andre Anderson 10th]

Bednarik: R.J. Kieselkauhane (Hawai'i), Eric Childs (K-State), Navorro Bowman (Penn State)

O'Brien: Tim Hiller, Tim Tebow, Darryl Clark

Walker: C.J. Spiller, Enrique Davis (Miss), Andre Anderson

Best WR: Jordan White, Aaron Valentine (Purdue), Dezmon Briscoe

Mackey: Jermaine Gresham, Ben Wooster (WF), Kendrick Bruton (Miami OH, FR - Should win: 60 rec, 944 yards, 9 TD)

Best OL: Austin Barrick (GT, injured), Levi Pardee (WVU, FR), Eric Shrive (Penn State, FR), Nick Claytor (GT)

Rimington: Dan Voss (GT), Joe Bernardi (Fresno), Bradley Vierling (Vandy)

Lombardi: Nekos Brown (VT), Christian Ballard (Iowa), O'Brien Schofield (Wisky)

Best LB: R.J. Kieselkauhane (Hawai'i), Eric Childs (K-State), Kyle Lark (WESTERN MICHIGAN)

Thorpe: Chris Maragos (Wisky), Eric Berry (Tenn), Chad Jones (LSU)

Groza: Hunter Lawrence (Texas), Jacob Branstetter (Kansas), James Aho (New Mexico)

Best P: John Gold (Texas), Brent Bowden (VT), Jacob Harfman (USC)

Best RET: Brandon James (Florida), Denarius Moore (Tenn), Mardy Gilyard (Cincy)

UP NEXT: at Rice, they are 3-6, 1-4, with one player visiting, C- OVR, C OFF, D+ DEF. We should win this one to get back to 6-5, but who knows. We'll have to see..

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 09:19 AM

Tulane (5-5, 3-3) @ Rice (3-6, 1-4)

HOUSTON --- Rice got their first conference win of the season versus SMU last week and their offense rolled. Last week, Tulane beat up UTEP for their first win in three weeks and have their sites set on a bowl game. They need to win one of their final two to be bowl elligible, but need to win out to most likely make a bowl game. That would put the Green Wave at 7-5, the same record they had in 2002 when they got a Hawai'i Bowl bid.


Tulane wins the toss and defers. Rice would get it, Fanuzzi would get a 17 yard pass but then would do nothing else. Punt. After two runs by Andre Anderson, Kevin Moore throws an INT and Rice returns it to the 35. Rice would stall and kick a 46 yard field goal and it was good. 3-0 Rice. Tulane then started to drive, Anderson got 10, Moore hit Sanders for 20, then Anderson ran for 15, Moore ran for 6, Anderson for 10, Robottom catches one for 7, then Moore finds D.J. Banks for a 2 yard TD strike:


Rice would finish out the quarter by going three and out and punting.


On 2nd down and 10 (or the 2nd play of the drive and quarter), Kevin Moore looks to throw, but has a lot of space and takes off and runs for a 20 yard gain. Anderson then picks up 8, then 9 more, then Barnett gets 8, and then Anderson does this..


.. he breaks some tackles and drags some people into the endzone for a 27 yard score! 14-3 Tulane.

Rice would get down the field thanks to 15 passing yards and a 26 yard run by Hill, but Cody Leford would pick off Fanuzzi near the twenty and pick up about 15 on the return.

Tulane would hit the ground again. 16 yards by Anderson, 3 by Barnett and then 5 by Anderson, then an incomplete pass. On fourth down near midfield, Tulane goes for it and Kevin Moore ends up JUST SHORT. He gets two yards but does not get three. Rice would then drive down the field and Fanuzzi would hit Randolph for a 10 yard TD.

Tulane would try to score with the minute they had. Moore would hit Robottom for a 44 yard gain that would put them in field goal range. With four seconds left Tulane attempts a field goal..


..and it's BLOCKED! The half ends with no points for Tulane. 14-10 at the break.


Tulane gets the ball first and goes three and out, but so would Rice. But then Tulane would go three and out again. Rice would get one first down but then would hit a terrible punt, just 19 yards to their own 29. That's half the quarter. Punts.

Andre Anderson gets 13 yards on four carries, then Barnett gets 3. Then Moore steps back and scrambles and...


... Jeremy Williams is WIDE OPEN in the endzone. 13 yard TD pass. TOUCHDOWN TULANE. 21-10. Rice comes out and goes three and out. Then it became the Andre Anderson show to end the quarter: Three carries, 45 yards.


More Anderson to start the 4th, three carries, 13 yards. Then Barnett for 2. And then this happens, how about the same player, same amount of yards as the last TD, Moore to Williams, 13 yards.


What a grab there by Williams as well. 28-10 Tulane. Rice then goes four and out. Then it's the Anderson show: 2 carries, 33 yards. Barnett gets 12, then 8 more, then Anderson gets 5 and then Barnett..


.. goes UNTOUCHED up the middle for an 18 yard TD! What is Rice's defense doing?! 35-10 Tulane. 2:06 to play. This one's over folks.

Rice then would drive down the field against our backup defense and score a 7 yard TD pass with :53 to play. Meh. 35-17 Tulane. We'd recover the onside kick, and then Anderson picks up 26 yards and runs down the clock. (Rice's defense still MIA). Anderson dives forward for one yard and the clock expires a few seconds later. Ballgame.


Rice kept it close for one half and then their defense just collapsed. We ran the ball all over them, and when they expected the run, we passed for two TD's to Jeremy Williams. Moore recovered from his early INT to throw 3 TD's despite having under 10 completions. Andre Anderson wants the Walker and put up a performance to show it. Now we are bowl elligible at 6-5. Let's go get UCF.


>>Kevin Moore: 138.8 QB Rating, 6-for-16 passing, 99 yards, 3 TD, INT, 20 yards rushing

>>Andre Anderson: 30 rush att, 259 yards, 8.6 average, TD

>>Stephen Barnett: 7 rush att, 54 yards, 7.7 average, TD

>>Jeremy Williams: 2 rec, 26 yards, 2 TD / D.J. Banks: Rec TD

>>Casey Robottom: 2 rec, 51 yards / Brock Sanders: 20 rec yards

>>Chinoso Echebelum: 7 tackles

>>Charles Harris: 6 tackles

>>Darryl Farley: 5 tackles, 2 TFL

>>Oscar Ponce De Leon: 5 tackles, 2 TFL

>>Devin Williams: 4 tackles, TFL

>>Kristifer Rhymes: 4 tackles, 2 TFL, Sack

>>Wilson Van Hooser: 75 return yards (first game as RET)

UP NEXT: Week Eleven Around the NCAA

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 09:20 AM


No. 1 USC went down to Arizona State last week. Texas and VT moved to no. 1-2.


EAST: Southern Miss, ECU 4-1 / UCF, UAB 3-2

WEST: Houston 4-1 / Tulsa 3-2 / Tulane (now) 4-3


Houston 21, UCF 14 ... Houston scored 3 TD's in between UCF's 1st quarter and 4th quarter TD's. Keenum only had one.

UAB 37, Memphis 17 ... Not good for Tulane, could have used a UAB loss, would have put them at 4-6, 3-3 not 5-5, 4-2.

UTEP 38, SMU 35 ... SMU is now 6-5, 2-5. What a failure. Vittatoe with 4 Pass TD's.

WHAT Alert: Marshall 31 (1-8, 0-5), Southern Miss 28 (7-2, 4-1) OT ... WHAT?!! Marshall held a 21-7 halftime lead and USM needed a miracle 64 yard TD pass with 12 seconds left to send the game to OT where they still fell short to lowly Marshall.

ECU 38, Tulsa 10 ... Tulsa might miss a bowl game, now at 4-6. ECU thrived from 1 passing TD and 3 RUSHING TD's from Patrick Pinkney all in the 2nd quarter.


EAST: ECU 5-1 / Southern Miss, UAB 4-2 (USM tiebreaker) / UCF 3-3

WEST: Houston 5-1 / TULANE 4-3 / UTEP, Tulsa 3-3 (Tulsa tiebreaker, UTEP not bowl elligible)


#9 West Virginia 44, #16 Cincinnati 0 .. Well. Umm. Shit. I was wrong about the Bearcats. Jarrett Brown throws for 5 TD's. Pike had 3 INT's.

#1 Texas 30, Baylor 23 ... Baylor rallied in the fourth with 20 points but it was too little too late.

#20 Nebraska 41, #4 Kansas 34 OT ... Nebraska ruins Kansas's dreams, forcing KU to get the game into OT with a TD pass with :10 left and then holding them in OT and delivering the L.

#19 Ole Miss 35, #13 Tennessee 9 ... Ole Miss only has two losses actually. They've done quite well since an embarrassing opening weekend.

#22 TCU 16, #5 Utah 10 ... And there's two. Low scoring affair but Utah's BCS hopes MIGHT be done.

New Mexico 50 #23 BYU 7 ... Holy crap. That's all I got.

#2 Virginia Tech 30, #25 Maryland 10 ... And Maryland comes in to the top 25 only to fall back out.

Other notes: Hawai'i is now 8-1, 6-1 (needs to be considered to be ranked). FIU has won five straight Sun Belt games to improve to 5-5.

- Tulane gets two commits.. more on this later.

TOP 25


1|Texas (1.000)|Texas(41)

2|Virginia Tech (0.994)|Virginia Tech(20)

3|Penn State (0.989)|Penn State

4|Florida (0.983)|Florida

5|LSU (0.975)|LSU

6|West Virginia (0.971)|Oklahoma

7|Oklahoma (0.969)|West Virginia



10|Boise State|Boise State


12|Oregon|Oklahoma State

13|Oklahoma State|Oregon

14|Nebraska (7 spot jump)|Alabama

15|Alabama|Ole Miss

16|TCU (6 spot jump)|Nebraska

17|Ole Miss|North Carolina


19|North Carolina|TCU





24|Tennessee (12 spot dip)|Tennessee

25|Maryland (lost and is now in)|Kansas State

Outside the Coaches: Maryland (1 spot loss), Rutgers, Clemson, Georgia Tech, PITT, Hawai'i, Central Michigan (7-3. WMU is 9-2), Colorado, Vandy


1. Tim Hiller (QB, Western Michigan | 30 Pass TD, 7 Rush TD)

2. Jordan White (WR, Western Michigan | 94 rec, 1492 yards, 16 TD)

3. Darryl Clark (QB, Penn State | 27 Pass TD, 0 Rush)


4. Aaron Valentine (WR, Purdue | 79 rec, 1347 yards, 13 TD)

5. Colt McCoy (QB, Texas | 21 Pass TD, 3 Rush TD)


Maxwell: Tim Hiller (Andre Anderson 7th)

Bednarik: Eric Childs

O'Brien: Tim Hiller

Walker: Enrique Davis (Andre Anderson 2nd)

Best WR: Jordan White

Mackey: Jermaine Gresham

Best OL: Nick Claytor

Rimington: Dan Voss

Lombardi: Nekos Brown

Best LB: R.J. Kiesel-Kauhane

Thorpe: Rahim Moore

Groza: Hunter Lawrence

Best P: John Gold

Best RET: Brandon James

UP NEXT: The finale of the 2009 regular season: at UCF (and possibly the whole 2009 season). UCF is B- across the board, they have two prospects visiting. We win, and we most likely finish 2nd in the West, we lose, we could finish 4th.

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 09:21 AM

Tulane (6-5, 4-3) @ UCF (5-5, 3-3)

ORLANDO, FLORIDA --- This could be the final game for the seniors. Andre Anderson, Jeremy Williams, Nick Landry, John Landa, Chinoso Echebelum, Adam Kwentua, Reggie Scott, Charles Harris and Ross Thevenot. With a win, it's probably not, because we'll finish from 3rd to 5th in the C-USA, and with the C-USA having four or five bowl games, we're good to go. But we have to beat UCF. Could we do it and secure a winning season? Let's find out.


Tulane lost the toss but UCF decided to recieve. UCF went three and out. Good start. Andre Anderson picked up 19 yards on 4 carries, Mitchell got 21 from Moore, then Moore ran for 8, then Moore found Banks for four, Anderson then would pick up 15 more yards, Moore would run for 5 more, and two plays later from the UCF 9, he would be picked off in the endzone. Damn. UCF went three and out and had a terrible punt.

Anderson went for 17 on four carries, then Moore got 9, Anderson got 5 more, and then Stephen Barnett checks in..


.. and scores a 2 yard TD. 7-0 Tulane. :25 left in the quarter. UCF would start to drive.


.. And on UCF's fourth play of the quarter, Harvey runs for a 23 yard TD. 7-7. Wilson Van Hooser then returns the kick from inside the five and picks up 78 YARDS on the return. After 5 yards on the ground by Anderson, then Moore found Robottom after breaking a tackle and moving up through the pocket and finding him on the run. Then Andre Anderson punches it in to finish off the drive with a 1 yard TD:


14-7 Tulane. UCF drives right back at us, getting 15 through the air, picking up 29 on a Harvey run, then Clabrese found Watters for a 16 yard TD. 14-14. Andre Anderson then starts off Tulane's next drive with a 31 yard run, then gets 19 more on 3 carries, then Barnett would get 11. That puts Tulane at the UCF 5, where Moore steps back..


..and finds Stephen Barnett for a 5 yard TD. 21-14 Tulane. UCF would go three and out. Tulane would drive a bit but would not score and the half ends.


Tulane starts off their first drive of the second half with a 19 yard pass to Robottom, then Anderson gets five, Moore gets 8, Anderson gets one, and then he would get..


... 34 yards and a touchdown. UCF would then take awhile (maybe too long) but would eventually find the endzone with a 4 yard TD pass from Clabrese to Kay. 28-21 Tulane.

Tulane then runs and runs into the 4th quarter on a "chewing clock" drive.


More runs for Tulane, chewing the clock inside the four minute mark in the 4th quarter, until they stall inside the 10 and kick a 26 yard field goal. 31-21 Tulane. (Yes I know that was a boring drive summary but all we basically did was run the ball, with a few short passes sprinkled in).

UCF would get the ball and on there first play out..


...Cody Leford forces the fumble..


...CHINOSO with the recovery..


"HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WINNING RECORD!", Chinoso thinks as he crosses into the endzone. A 39 yard fumble return for TD. 38-21 Tulane.

The rest of the game is highlight-less, because it's just a three and out fest. Tulane gets the ball to end the game and Andre Anderson takes off the final seconds with a 7 yard run, hopefully not the last of his Tulane career.


Welp, that's the regular season for 2009. 7-5 is an excellent finish, don't know if we'll make a bowl or not, but let's hope for it. Andre Anderson has another workhorse day, with 2 TD's, and hopefully he gets one more game to pound the ball up and hopefully increase his NFL stock. Jeremy Williams caught no passes but was out for parts of the game with an injury, but it's not serious and he finished the game on the field. Now we get to sit back and wait as the final three weeks unfold and then it's bowl season.

Kevin Moore: 116.3 QB Rating, 10-for-17, 101 yards, TD, INT, 30 rush yards

Andre Anderson: 38 rush att, 219 yards, 5.7 avg, 2 TD, 9 rec yards
Stephen Barnett: 9 rush att, 29 yards, 3.2 avg, TD, 1 rec, 5 yards, TD

D.J. Banks: 3 rec, 13 yards / Alan Mitchell: 3 rec, 41 yards / Casey Robottom: 2 rec, 33 yards

Nick Landry: 3 pancakes / John Landa: 2 pancakes

Cody Leford: 7 tackles, FF

Oscar Ponce De Leon: 5 tackles, TFL, Sack

Chinoso Echebelum: 5 tackles, FR, Def TD

Tony Bryant: 5 tackles, 2 TFL

Devin Williams: 3 tackles, 2 TFL, 2 Sacks

Wilson Van Hooser: 128 return yards

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 09:21 AM


Number four and five lost last week.


EAST: ECU 5-1 / Southern Miss*, UAB 4-2 / UCF 3-3

WEST: Houston 5-1 / TULANE now 5-3 / UTEP, Tulsa* 3-3


UAB 31, ECU 14 ... UAB and ECU are now both 6-5, 5-2. UAB's Webb had 3 TD's.

Marshall 27, SMU 9 ... Remember when I said great job June Jones? I regret that. 6-6 and LAST in the C-USA ain't getting you nowhere.

Southern Miss 31, Tulsa 24 .. USM now 5-2 which means ECU/USM decides who wins the East next week. With Tulsa's loss, we clinch 2nd in the West and Houston clinched basically already.

Memphis 39, Houston 17 ... This conference is eating itself alive. Everyone has at least two losses. Crazy. Memphis had 36 unanswered points. Houston with five TO's.

Rice 34, UTEP 23 ... Rice is at least no. 11! They are at least no. 11! They aren't last.


1. Houston (West, 5-2)

2. ECU/Southern Miss (East, both 5-2, game week 14)


Rivalry Game that has no meaning this year, Ohio State (6-5, 3-4) @ Michigan (4-7, 1-6): Ohio State 17, Michigan 6 ... tOSU has been killed by injuries. However they should have a good Alamo Bowl. tOSU injuries: Brandon Saine, Terrelle Pryor, Lamaar Thomas, Etiene Sabino, Kurt Coleman.

Colorado 31, #12 Oklahoma State 24 ... Okie State loses it's fourth game of the year.

HOLY CRAP WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU KIDDING ME STATE OF FLORIDA SUICIDE WATCH: FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL 17, #4 Florida 3 ... Excuse me for a second, let me get this out.. :D:D:D:D:D Holy crap. Florida. Paul McCall throws for 2 TD's as the Gators fall without Tim Tebow. Florida had 131 yards of offense. At home. Holy crap. How do you let this happen. FIU has now won six straight games.

#15 Ole Miss 38, #5 LSU 14 .. And another SEC team bites the dust.

Penn State is headed for the BCS National Title: NC State 21, #2 Virginia Tech 17 ... Russell Wilson scores all three TD's for NC State including a TD pass with :46 left.

#1 Texas 48, #9 Kansas 13 ... Kansas has died.

Other teams: Hawaii wins the WAC at 9-1 and 7-1 in conference play. Western Michigan has a BYE.

So let's see, no. 2, no. 4 and no. 5 lose this week. That puts West Virginia in the title picture. Wow.


1. Texas (1.000)

2. Penn State (0.994)

3. Oklahoma (WTF?) (0.986)

4. West Virginia (0.986)

5. USC (0.975)

6. Boise State (with two losses) (0.970)

7. Ole Miss (TEN SPOT jump) (0.964)

8. Utah (0.954)

9. Virginia Tech (0.953)

10. Oregon (0.947)

11. Nebraska

12. LSU

13. Alabama

14. Kansas

15. TCU

16. Florida (wah wah wah)

Hawaii is up to 28th in the Coaches and 26th in the AP.


1. Aaron Valentine, WR, Purdue

2. Darryl Clark, QB, Penn State

3. Tim Hiller, QB, Western Michigan (bye week)

4. Corbin Louks, QB, Utah

5. Jordan White, WR, Western Michigan (bye week)

Awards: Andre Anderson to first in the Walker.


NEW ORELANS BOWL: Florida Atlantic (7-3, 5-1, Sun Belt #1, most likely could be FIU)/Tulane (7-5, 5-3)

ROSE BOWL: West Virginia/Oregon

SUGAR BOWL: Florida/Boise State

FIESTA BOWL: Oklahoma/TCU (at #17, really?!)

ORANGE BOWL: Virginia Tech/USC

BCS NC: Penn State (lock)/Texas (two games left)

UP NEXT: Week 13 and 14 recaps and such.

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 09:22 AM


Previously on Around the NCAA, FIU beat Florida, Virginia Tech fell to NC State, and the C-USA East battle heated up as I turned the oven on. And before anyone else gets confused..


UCF 30, UAB 23 ... UCF is now bowl elligible, this knocks UAB to 5-3, should put us to #4 or something in the C-USA.

Southern Miss 35, ECU 25 ... And now Tulane is third in the C-USA. Probably. Unless EA screws us. Southern Miss vs Houston for the Championship. Davis with 4 TD passes.

Rivalry: Houston 41, Rice 34 ... Rice made this game closer than it looks with 21 4th quarter points. Keenum and Beall both run for 2 TD's each.

UTEP 28, Marshall 15 ... UTEP rebounds to finish at 4-8, 4-4.

Tulsa 10, Memphis 7 ... And neither of these teams are headed to a bowl.

C-USA Bowl Eligible Teams: Southern Miss (9-3), Houston (8-4), Tulane (7-5), UAB (6-6), ECU (6-6), UCF (6-6), SMU (6-6)

NCAA Scores

Another [number] one bites the dust: Texas A&M 27, #1 Texas 26 ... [laugh] Bullock for aTm hits a 36 yard field goal with 29 seconds to play and Texas' NC chances are most likely gone unless something like 2007 happens.

#4 West Virginia 30, PITT 7 ... Impressive enough for #2? One game left. Hopefully they don't 2007 their last game.

Oh pfft: UCLA 21, #5 USC 10 ... Did someone say something about 2007? Oh USC loses the pac-10.

OH WHAT THE PFFT: #23 Oklahoma State 40, #3 Oklahoma 13 ... Is Texas going to drop from 1st to 3rd or something? WTF?

Hawai'i wins no. 10, now 10-1.

Ball State 36, Western Michigan 21 ... Hiller 3 TD, 0 INT, 295 yards | White 12 rec, 172 yards, TD


1. Penn State (1.000) (CLINCHED)

2. West Virginia (0.994) (Just needs to beat Rutgers, 8-3)

3. Boise State (0.989) (Please no!)

4. Ole Miss (0.981) (I'd take that)

5. Utah (0.981) (Hey, look who it is)

6. Virginia Tech

7. Oregon

8. Texas

9. LSU

10. Nebraska

11. Kansas

12. Oklahoma

13. TCU

14. FLOLrida

15. North Carolina

18. USC

24. Hawai'i (Hooray!)

Heisman: Valentine, Hiller, Clark ... Hiller and White have MAC CCG left versus Bowling Green (6-6).

Awards: Anderson falls to 2nd in the Walker. Tim Hiller leads the Maxwell.


Texas Bowl: Tulane/Kansas State

Rose Bowl: Boise State/Oregon

Sugar Bowl: Florida/Utah

Fiesta Bowl: Texas/TCU (...)

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech/Ole Miss

BCS National Title: West Virginia/Penn State

(THREE non-BCS teams? Seriously sim engine? Way to go idiots of teams who lost to dumb teams.)

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Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 09:23 AM

Previously on Around the NCAA: Texas lost, Oklahoma lost, USC lost. What a weekend! Boise State is #3 and needs a West Virginia loss or something. Please say this doesn't happen..



Oregon State 41, #6 Oregon 17 ... And Oregon blows the pac-10 unless USC loses. What a wacky, wacky season.
Western Kentucky 38, Arkansas State 20 ... WKU finishes the season at 7-5, 5-3.
#2 West Virginia 22, Rutgers 19 ... WVU almost blew it. Brown threw a pick-six with 1:13 left but Bitancurt hit a 29 yard field goal with :06 left and WVU is headed for Pasadena.
Navy (2-9) 37, Army (3-8) 17 ... CAMO FEST. Navy held a 31-0 halftime lead. Byrd ran for 3 TD's.
Sun Belt Championship: Florida Atlantic 30, FIU 20 .. Florida Atlantic beat FIU who beat Florida. Well what do you know. FAU at an impressive 9-3.
#17 USC 44, Arizona 23 ... USC will win the Pac-10. Wow.
Wisconsin 37, #24 Hawai'i (10-1) 21 ... Hawai'i's 11-win regular season upended by 9-win Wisconsin.

1. Penn State (1.000)
2. West Virginia (0.994)
3. Boise State (0.989)
4. Ole Miss (0.981) <-- Will need to massacre Florida for any chance, which FIU did. So that's not saying much.
5. Utah (0.979)
6. Virginia Tech
7. Texas
8. Kansas
9. LSU
10. Nebraska
11. Oklahoma
12. TCU
13. Florida
14. North Carolina
15. Auburn
16. Okie State
17. Cincy
18. USC
19. Tennessee
20. Alabama
21. aTm
22. Georgia Tech
23. Oregon (16 SPOT DROP)
24. Wisconsin
25. Central Michigan

HEISMAN: Tim Hiller for some reason jumps to #1. If he has a good MAC CCG, the Heisman is his.

Tulane's unchanged.
Rose Bowl: Boise State/USC
Sugar: Florida/Utah
Fiesta: Texas/TCU
Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech/Ole Miss
BCS National Title: WVU/Penn State (basically set in stone)

UP NEXT: The Championships, The Heisman, The Awards, and the Bowl Matchup

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 09:23 AM

Basically, it's a fight for the other BCS bowl games as Penn State and West Virginia are basically shoe-ins for this year's national title game.

Maryland (9-3, 6-2) versus #6 Virginia Tech (11-1, 7-1)

GAME ANALYSIS: Virginia Tech got off to a quick start, with a 61 yard INT return for six, then Tyrod Taylor found Boone for a 18 yard score, as the Hokies lead 14-0 after one. Maryland hit a FG from 29, and VT scored from 6 yards out with one second to go in the half, giving them a 21-3 lead. The Hokies rolled with two more field goals and another pick-six, and Maryland put up a late passing TD. The teams tied in offensive yards at 278 but VT's two pick-sixes were the deciding factor. Rivers was the MVP with 4 tackles, 2 INT's and a TD.

FINAL SCORE: #6 Virginia Tech 34, Maryland 10

#11 Nebraska (9-3, 6-2) versus #7 Texas (11-1, 7-1)

GAME ANALYSIS: Texas outright dominated the first part of this game with Colt McCoy back. Hunter Lawrence kicked a 23 yard, a 39, and a 42 yard field goal in the first half too. McCoy had two passing TD's in the first half, and a third in the 3rd quarter, as the Longhorns took a 30-3 lead on Nebraska. However Zac Lee and Nebraska went down fighting. Lee threw three TD's all to Holt in the fourth quarter of 14, 3 and 32 yards, but it was too little, too late.

FINAL SCORE: #7 Texas 33, #11 Nebraska 24

Houston (8-4, 6-2) versus Southern Miss (9-3, 6-2)

GAME ANALYSIS: (Both of these teams beat Tulane) Well, this might be the best CCG of them all. Two evenly matched teams that both went 6-2 in conferences with some offenses to work with. Houston scored in the first with Case Keenum TD pass to Edwards for 15 yards, then in the 2nd Beall ran for a 3 yard TD as Houston went up 14-0. USM battled back as Austin Davis throws 2 TD's to end the 2nd quarter. 14-14 at the break. Estes for USM hits a field goal in the third, 17-14 USM. And then with 1:15 left, Mannisto for UH hits a 28 yard field goal and this game goes to OT. In the first OT, teams trade field goals, and in the second USM scores on a 5 yard TD pass from Davis to Fletcher and they win it in double OT 26-20. USM's player of the game is B. Davis who had 17 tackles, 5 for loss, 2 sacks and a INT.

FINAL SCORE: Southern Miss 26, Houston 20 2OT

The I lost to ________ at home championship game: #5 Ole Miss (10-2, 7-1) versus #13 Florida (10-2, 7-1)

GAME ANALYSIS: Both of these teams lost embarrassingly at home, Ole Miss fell to Memphis and Florida lost to Florida International. Florida is still without Tim Tebow. Florida started off the game with a John Brantley TD pass to Dionte Thompson. Then Herman pick-six'd Brantley for Miss. 7-7 after one. Ole Miss took the lead on a Bolden TD run, but Chris Rainey tied it at 14 minutes later. And then a minute after that, Brantley hits Aaron Hernadez for a 29 yard TD. 21-14 Florida at the half. No scoring in the third. In the first Jevan Snead threw a 6 yard TD pass to McCluster with 2:36 to play, but Phillips for UF hit a 32 yard field goal with 44 seconds left and the Gators win.

FINAL SCORE: #13 Florida 24, #5 Ole Miss 21

Bowling Green (6-6, 5-3) versus Western Michigan (9-3, 6-2)

GAME ANALYSIS: Yes, this is a national broadcast as people watch to see how good this Tim Hiller and Jordan White really are. This game was action packed. Bowling Green took a 7-0 lead on a Sheehan TD pass, but then WMU kicked a field goal and Hiller found Jordan White for a 5 yard TD. Bowling Green battled back with a 17 yard TD pass, but WMU ran for a West TD, and Hiller found White for a 22 yard TD as WMU led 24-14 at the half. Hiller threw for 2 more TD's in the 3rd quarter and Bowling Green's Sheehan threw another. In the fourth, Bowling Green rallied but Hiller, White and Western Michigan celebrate a 10-win season and now head to New York as favorites for the Heisman. Hiller puts up amazing numbers: 33/40, 376 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT, 64 rushing yards. White puts up great ones too: 15 rec, 192 yards, 2 TD.

FINAL SCORE: Western Michigan 41, Bowling Green 35

UP NEXT: Where is Tulane going Bowling? Who wins the Heisman? Find out! But here's a hint: The winner is from Western Michigan, they swept 1-2 in a close vote, but who wins?

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 09:24 AM



Tim Hiller

WMU's Hiller, White crash the Heisman party, finishing 1-2, but Hiller hoists the trophy

http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm191/UIronDragon/White.jpgNEW YORK --- Kalamazoo, Michigan got it's time in the NCAA spotlight on Saturday night as coming into the night, they knew that one of their Broncos from Western Michigan was going to hoist the trophy.

Tim Hiller's season stats were 322-445 passing, for 4222 yards, along with 172 carries, 628 yards, and 44 Total TD�s. Jordan White's were pretty darn good too, with 121 receptions for 1856 yards, a 15.3 average and 19 Touchdowns, as Hiller and White hooked up alot each game. White's YAC for the year is 816 (6.7 avg).

The others invited to New York were Purdue's Aaron Valentine, Kansas's Dezmon Briscoe and Penn State's Darryl Clark.

But at the end of the night, it was all about Tim Hiller and Jordan White. Many thought it could be Jordan because of some of the catches he had made and the things he could do after getting the ball. Others thought it would be Hiller, because he threw for 4000+ yards and 445 times with only 4 INT's and he was also dual-threat.

When the annoucement came: "The Winner of the 2009 Heisman Trophy, from Western Michigan.......... is Tim Hiller, Quarterback." Hiller and White both celebrated as they did on the field through their many scores this year.

White told Hiller, "Congrats man, thanks for everything, enjoy the trophy and let's go get 40 [passing] and 20 [receiving] but enjoy this first man."

Hiller walked up on stage, hoisted the trophy and gave a short speech, "I'd like to thank my family, my friends, my coaches, Western Michigan, Kalamazoo, Jordan White especially, he's been a great teammate all year, along with the rest of them. This is truly an honor to win the Heisman after such a fun year, but now it's time for the Broncos to go get our bowl game and celebrate this championship, the Heisman and hopefully a bowl victory. Thanks for everything, and thanks to my team.


Tim Hiller|QB|WMU|492|220|65|1981

Jordan White|WR|WMU|188|325|179|1393

Aaron Valentine|WR|Purdue|42|104|247|581

Dezmon Briscoe|WR|Kansas|26|69|109|325

Darryl Clark|QB|Penn State|19|33|93|216

Tim Hiller had 492 first place votes, and 1981 total. Jordan White and Hiller had room on third place Aaron Valentine, who had room on Dezmon Briscoe and Darryl Clark.

Along with winning the Heisman, Hiller won the Maxwell and the Davey O'Brien while White won the Best WR honors.

Hiller (a senior) and White (a junior) now have to look forward to their bowl game against #25 Purdue the day after Christmas in Detroit to a home crowd as they hope to get to 40 passing and 20 receiving TD's.

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 09:24 AM


Basically the top 10 entering the bowls, the all-americans, all-CUSA the award winners, the BCS bowl games (and C-USA).


1. Penn State

2. West Virginia

3. Boise State

4. Utah

5. Texas

6. Virginia Tech

7. Kansas

8. LSU

9. Florida

10. Oklahoma

(11. Ole Miss, 20. Nebraska, Southern Miss 31st in Coaches')



QB|Tim Hiller (WMU)|Tim Tebow (Florida)|Kelly Page* (Ball State)

RB|Andre Anderson (TULANE)|Jeremy Avery (Boise)|Lou Greenwood* (Colorado State)

RB|Enrique Davis (Ole Miss)|C.J. Spiller (Clemson)|Chris Polk* (Washington)

WR|Jordan White (WMU)|Freddie Barnes (Bowling Green)|Marcus Allen (NMSU)

WR|Aaron Valentine (Purdue)|Dezmon Briscoe (Kansas)|Brett Thompson (BYU)

TE|Aaron Hernandez (Florida)|Greg Boone (Virginia Tech)|Kendrick Bruton* (M-OH)

T|Nick Claytor (GT)|Austin Barrick (GT)|Eric Shrive (Penn State)

T|Levi Pardee (WVU)|Jon Walko (WVU)|Levi Pardee* (WVU)

C|Dan Voss (GT)|Ben Burkett (Northwestern)|Mark Arcidiacono (Penn State)

G|Sergio Render (VT)|Byron Isom (Auburn)|Sam Robey* (Florida)

G|Josh Jenkins (WVU)|Joseph Gilbrt (GT)|Justin Lewis* (Maryland)

LE|Jerry Hughes (TCU)|Nekos Brown (VT)|Kapron Lewis-Moore* (Notre Dame)

RE|Korey Bosworth (UCLA)|O'Brien Schofield (Wisconsin)|Antonio Harper (Troy)

DT|Mark Roberts (Fresno)|Jonathan Stewart (North Texas)|Sheldon Richardson (Missou)

DT|John Graves (VT)|George White (Missouri)|George White* (Missou)

LOLB|R.J. Kiesel-Kauhane (Hawai'i)|Barquell Rivers (VT)|Kyle Lark (WMU)

MLB|Ryan Dimperio (Rutgers)|Eric Childs (K-State)|Darryl Farley* (TULANE)

ROLB|Blake Lawrence (Nebraska)|Marcus McGraw (Houston)|Manti Te'o (Notre Dame)

CB|Jeremy Brown (Florida)|Kyle Wilson (Boise)|Darius Winston (Ark)

CB|Aaron Williams (Texas)|Myron Lewis (Vandy)|Chris Williams (Cincy)

FS|Rahim Moore (UCLA)|Chris Maragos (Wisky)|Matt Edwards* (UConn)

SS|Eric Berry (Tennessee)|Nick Sukay (Penn State)|Brandon Smith* (Mich)

K|Hunter Lawrence (Texas)|Jonathan Phillips (Florida)|Ryan Fowler* (Vandy)

P|Brent Bowden (VT)|John Gold (Texas)|C.J. Feagles (North Carolina)

RET|Brandon James (Florida)|Chris Potter (Boise State)|Chris Potter* (Boise State)

* denotes redshirt-Freshman



QB|Austin Davis (USM)|Case Keenum (Houston)

HB|Damion Fletcher (USM)|Darius Marshall (Marshall)

HB|Andre Anderson (TULANE)|Dominique Lindsay (ECU)

WR|DeAndre Brown (USM)|Kamar Aiken (UCF)

WR|Duke Calhoun (Memphis)|Justin Jordan (USM)

TE|Jeff Anderson (UAB)|Adam Nissley (UCF)

T|Calvin Wilson (USM)|Tyler Holmes (Tulsa)

C|Ian Bustillo (UCF)|Cameron Zipp (USM)

G|Adam Arthur (UAB)|Anthony McNac (UTEP)

G|R.J. Brown (USM)|Chris Thompson (Houston)

T|Jared Koechner (UAB)|Jah Reid (UCF)

LE|Terrance Conner (USM)|Roshaad Byrd (USM)

RE|Allen Crowder (ECU)|George Clinkscale (Tulsa)

DT|David Hunter (Houston)|Anthony Gray (USM)

DT|Nick Davison (UAB)|Torrell Troup (UCF)

LOLB|Brandon Davis (USM)|John McIntyre (Houston)

MLB|Darryl Farley (TULANE)|Korey Williams (USM)

ROLB|Marcus McGraw (Houston)|Mario Harvey (Marshall)

CB|Jamal Robinson (Houston)|Andre Watson (USM)

CB|Ashton Hall (Marshall)|Brandon Brinkley (Houston)

FS|Kendrick Presley (USM)|Jack Candy (Houston)

SS|Willie Garley (Rice)|Nick SAenz (Houston)

K|Justin Estes (USM)|Trey Ragland (UAB)

P|Dylan Lanphere (USM)|Chase Turner (Houston)

RET|Maurice Duckworth (USM)|Justin Johnson (Houston)


Maxwell: Tim Hiller

Bednarik: R.J. Kiesel-Kauhane

O'Brien: Tim Hiller

Walker: Enrique Davis (Andre Anderson 2nd)

Best WR: Jordan Davis

Mackey: Jermaine Gresham

Best OL: Nick Claytor

Rimington: Dan Voss

Lombardi: O'Brien Schofield

Best LB: R.J. Kiesel-Kauhane

Thorpe: Rahim Moore

Groza: Hunter Lawrence

Best P: Brent Bowden

Best RET: Brandon James


St. Petersburg Bowl: UCF (6-6) vs Kent State (7-5)

New Orleans Bowl: ECU (6-6) vs Florida Atlantic (9-3)

Hawai'i Bowl (2003 rematch): Houston (8-5) AT Hawai'i (10-2)

Independence Bowl: Georgia (6-6) vs Kansas State (8-4)

Papajohns.com Bowl: Rutgers (8-4) vs Notre Dame (7-5)

TEXAS BOWL: Tulane (7-5) vs ???????? (Who could it be?)

Insight Bowl: #17 Oklahoma State (8-4) vs Ohio State (7-5)

Rose Bowl: #3 Boise State (10-2) vs #16 USC (10-2)

Sugar Bowl: #9 Florida (11-2) vs #7 Kansas (10-2)

Cotton Bowl: #14 Auburn (9-3) vs #20 Nebraska (9-4)

Liberty Bowl: Vanderbilt (7-5) vs Southern Miss (10-3)

Fiesta Bowl: #5 Texas (12-1) vs #12 TCU (10-2)

Orange Bowl: #6 Virginia Tech (12-1) vs #4 Utah (11-1)

GMAC Bowl: Central Michigan (9-3) vs UAB (6-6)

BCS National Championship: #2 West Virginia (11-1) vs #1 Penn State (12-0)

LSU gets snubbed by the BCS. SMU (6-6) did not make a bowl game, because they finished 12th in the C-USA.

UP NEXT: Who are we playing in the Texas Bowl? Find out in the game preview.

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 09:26 AM


Tulane draws Blaine Dalton, .500 Missouri in 2009 Texas Bowl

http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm191/UIronDragon/Missouri2.jpgHOUSTON, TEXAS --- Tulane (7-5) will meet Missouri (6-6, 7th Big XII) in the 2009 Texas Bowl on December 30th at 8:00pm, on the NFL Network. Will anyone be watching?

In 2008, Rice defeated Western Michigan 38-14. This year, Tulane and Missouri will meet up. Missouri has had a disappointing season without Chase Daniel and Jeremy Maclin who are long gone, and they lost Blaine Gabbert in a loss to Illinois for the whole season, putting their QB position to a true freshman, Blaine Dalton. Dalton has done fairly well, going 163-for-333 with 2026 yards, 19 TD's and 10 INT's. Dalton has also ran for 4 TD's and 353 yards.

Derrick Washington (left) has run for 773 yards on 171 carries for only 3 TD's. Washington also returns kicks, having a 25.7 avg on kick returns, and a 10.5 average on punt returns.

Jared Perry (#4) is Dalton's main target, Perry has caught 13 TD's this year and has 1064 recieving yards. His no. 2 man is La-Roderick Thomas who has 819 yards and 5 TD's. Derrick Washington has the third most receptions on the team, so Tulane will have to look out for those two and a duel-threat runningback in Washington.

Sean Weatherspoon (#12), linebacker leads the Missouri defense, he has 88 tackles, 11 TFL, 2 INT's, 9 deflections, FF, FR, and 2 Def TD's this year.

Missouri's 2009 results:

Illinois L 17-27

Bowling Green W 22-17

FCS Insert Direction W 40-6

at Nevada W 35-30

#20 Nebraska L 22-32

at #17 Oklahoma State L 13-34

#5 Texas L 6-37

at Colorado W 30-10

Baylor W 40-26

at Kansas State L 6-9

Iowa State W 34-17

#7 Kansas L 28-44

Tale of the Tape:

Tulane (7-5)||Missouri (6-6)




33.2|Points per Game|24.4

5210|Total Offense|4377

2871|Rushing Yards|1478

2339|Passing Yards|2899

3690|Total Defense|4837

980|Rush Defense|1752

2710|Pass Defense|3085

-6|Turnover Diff|+10

UP NEXT: Will Tulane win the Texas Bowl? Who wins the National title and all the other bowl games?

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 09:27 AM
Alright, there we go for now..

07-03-2010, 09:50 AM
In 1982, Tulane defeated LSU 31-28 in Baton Rouge, that is the Green Waves' last win over LSU in the Battle for Tiger Rag

My uncle caught the INT in that game that sealed the victory. Tyrone Smith #11, he played Free Safety for the Green Wave.

Roll the footage:


07-03-2010, 10:07 AM

I can dig it.

Who did Southern Miss play in the Liberty Bowl?

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 11:17 AM
My uncle caught the INT in that game that sealed the victory. Tyrone Smith #11, he played Free Safety for the Green Wave.

Roll the footage:


That is sweet that you are related to who gave Tulane their last real life win over LSU.

I can dig it.

Who did Southern Miss play in the Liberty Bowl?


Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 11:18 AM

Missouri (6-6) vs. Tulane (7-5)

HOUSTON, TX -- Reliant Stadium. It's a dome and stuff. Not much "preview" for this one, but we are in a bowl game. Missouri can have a good day passing against us but we need to watch out for Derrick Washington, he's a triple threat: running, recieving, returning. Or the three R's or the RRR. This is the final game for stars Jeremy Williams and Andre Anderson. Can we pull one out against a favored Missouri team? Let's find out..


We won the toss and chose to receive. Anderson would be the main man on this drive, but we'd stall and punt to Missouri. Missouri goes three and out.

Anderson would run for 30 yards on four carries, then Moore would pass, he would be hit but it's caught by...


...Weatherspoon. Well, it's not like I'm going to say "he's not going to return it for a touchdown or anything" because Weatherspoon will.


Notice how all of Missouri's team is in front of ours, notice how hard we tried to go for him. 7-0 Missouri.

We'd come back out, Moore would be sacked and we'd punt.

Then Missouri drove right down on us and Derrick Washington scored a 1 yard TD run near the end of the quarter. 14-0 Missouri. First play out for Tulane..




That INT would be returned into field goal range and Missouri would go three and out, but would kick a 32 yard field goal. 17-0 Missouri. Tulane would find life, as Anderson ran for eleven, then Robottom picked up 12 from Moore, then Williams got 42 from Moore, Anderson ran for 6, then caught a 6 yard pass... and...


.. that is one strange TD run. Just jumpin' straight up and putting he ball over the defender's head. 17-7 after the "leap" TD.

Missouri would take over and chew up half the remaining quarter only to miss a 54 yard field goal. Tulane would go three and out. Missouri would drive a bit, then punt. Tulane fumbled the ball to Missouri. Awesome.

And Missouri with the nineteen seconds they had, they scored a 13 yard TD pass from Dalton to Washington. And they get the ball first in the 2nd half. This isn't going well.

24-7 Missouri at the break.


Missouri would get the ball first, Dalton and Washington basically ran it for the first part of the drive, with an 8 and a 17 yard pass sprinkled in, just until Darryl Farley INT'd Dalton.

Tulane needed to score now. Anderson gets one yard on two carries, third down and 9... Moore to Mitchell for 29. Moore then to Williams for 12. Then Anderson runs for 3, then defensive pass interference gives Tulane a first down. Anderson runs for 25 on two carries. Barnett gets 6. Then, in a double split set..


Antoine Duplessis powers his way in for a 2 yard TD. 24-14 Missouri. Hold the phone, this one ain't done yet. Missouri comes out and they want to score to put this one away, on their first play, Dalton steps back and is PICKED OFF by Cody Leford! Tulane is back in this one baby!

But we'd stall and kick a 44 yard field goal.. and it was good. 24-17 Missouri.

Now we have to stop Missouri.. however, let's have a lesson in tackling:

exhibit A: Here's an option by Missouri:


.. and look at that open field. Well here comes Charles Harris, surely he'll make the TD-saving tackle:


Touchdown Missouri. 51 yards. 31-17 Missouri.



To make things worse, we'd get the ball, get one first down, and not another. Punt. However, Dalton was picked off by Corey Sonnier! However, we went four and out.

And to make things even worse, let's try tackling again, let's take this random play, a third and nine...


... alright a short pass, plenty of defenders around him.. one guy misses.. and well someone has to get him right?


Hey look someone got him! Too bad it was 60 yards later than expected. A 61 yard gain on a critical 3rd & 9. Next play? Missouri scores from two yards out. 38-17 Missouri.

Now let's get some pity. Moore throws to Mitchell who BREAKS a tackle and picks up 43. Now we're at Missouri's 32. Moore throws.. to Anderson who beats his man..


and for the last time in his career, Andre Anderson scores. A 32 yard TD reception. 38-24 Missouri. We'd just kick it deep and hope to stop them. We'd get it back with under a minute to play.. first play out..

Interception. Damn it. Damn it. DAMN IT.

Missouri runs out the clock.


Ah well. Missouri clearly had us, but we can't be disappointed in this season. We were projected LAST in the C-USA and will finish at 7-6 after being projected at 3-9. Not bad. We should have a decent off-season and we'll definitely miss these seniors. Best of luck to them in the future. Hopefully no one goes pro. Andre Anderson claims another Player of the Game honor, in his last game.


Kevin Moore: 98.5 QB Rating, 11-for-27, 218 yards, TD, 3 INT, Sacked 5 times

Andre Anderson: 28 rush att, 115 yards, TD, 2 rec, 38 yards, TD

Alan Mitchell: 4 rec, 93 yards / D.J. Banks: 1 rec, 11 yards / Tyler Helm: 1 rec, 10 yards

Jeremy Williams: 2 rec, 54 yards, 3 pancakes / Casey Robottom: 1 rec, 12 yards

Corey Sonnier: 9 tackles, INT

Darryl Farley: 7 tackles, INT

Cody Leford: 6 tackles, INT

Devin Williams: 5 tackles, 4 TFL, Sack

Chinoso Echebelum: 5 tackles

Adam Kwentua: 4 tackles, TFL, Sack

Ross Thevenot: 1/1 FG, 3/3 XP

Van Hooser: 106 KR yards, 27 PR yards

Missouri: Blaine Dalton: 21/30, 279 yards, 2 TD, 3 INT / Derrick Washington: 19 rush att, 51 yards, TD, 5 rec, 56 yards, TD / George White: 9 tackles, 5 TFL, 4 Sacks / Sean Weatherspoon: 6 tackles, INT, Def TD (3rd of the year)

UP NEXT: End of season wrap-up

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 11:18 AM


Find out the results of all the bowls, with some analysis here and there, who wins the national title and the other BCS games? Who is the final number one? Let's find out..


New Mexico Bowl: Arkansas 45, Nevada 27 ... Kaepernick had 3 TD's in a losing effort. Arky finishes at 8-5.

EagleBank Bowl: Pittsburgh 41, Baylor 34

magicjack St. Petersburg Bowl: UCF 23, Kent State 16 ... C-USA to 1-0 in bowls, UCF scored GW TD with :27 to play on a 50 yard TD pass.

New Orleans Bowl: Florida Atlantic 41, ECU 24 ... 1-1. Rusty Smith threw for 430 and 4 TD's.

Las Vegas Bowl: Oregon State 42, BYU 34

Poinsettia Bowl: UCLA 48, San Diego State 21

Hawaii Bowl: Hawai'i 32, Houston 29 OT .. Hawaii wins on a 3 yard green TD in OT. C-USA to 1-2.

Motor City Bowl: Western Michigan 34, #25 Purdue 21 .. Tim Hiller doesn't let down: 38/57, 541 yards, 2 TD, 37 rushing yards.

Emerald Bowl: Arizona State 24, Miami 7

Meineke Car Care Bowl: Indiana 17, Virginia 3

Champs Sports Bowl: USF 24, Iowa 17

Independence Bowl: Georgia 27, Kansas State 14

Papajohns.com Bowl: Rutgers 33, Notre Dame 16

Roady's Humanitarian Bowl: Georgia Tech 34, Fresno State 20

GMAC Bowl: UAB 50, #25 (BCS) Central Michigan 38 ... Webb throws for 5 TD's and 0 INT's, and has one more on the ground as UAB upsets CMU. 2-2 for C-USA.

TEXAS BOWL: Missouri 38, Tulane 24 .. 2-3 for the C-USA.

Holiday Bowl: #10 Oklahoma 30, #23 Oregon 23 OT ... Landry Jones leads OU to bowl win.

Armed Forces Bowl: Cal 48, New Mexico 17

Brut Sun Bowl: Washington 38, #15 Cincinnati 14 .. First major upset.

Music City Bowl: Clemson 35, #18 Tennessee 30 ... Not really an upset.

Chick-fil-a Bowl: #13 North Carolna 27, #19 Alabama 26

Insight Bowl: Ohio State 27, #17 Oklahoma State 24 OT .. Joe Bauserman scores on a 3 yard TD run with :06 left to get the game to OT, and Pettrey kicks a game winning FG in OT.

Outback Bowl: Illinois 27, #8 LSU 17 ... And that's why LSU didn't make a BCS game.

Gator Bowl: Colorado 17 (beat WVU), Maryland 12 ... Colorado finishes at 8-5, best win was over WVU.

Capital One Bowl: #11 Ole Miss 37, #24 Wisconsin 14

Cotton Bowl: #13 Auburn 47, #20 Nebraska 24

Liberty Bowl: Vandy 34, Southern Miss 22 .. C-USA goes 2-4 in bowls. Vandy held a 28-6 early 3rd qtr. lead.

Alamo Bowl: #21 Texas A&M 20, Minnesota 17

International Bowl: Boston College 24, Akron 17 OT



Rose Bowl: #3 Boise State 27, #16 USC 24 ... Wow. The boys from the blue turf knock off favored USC in a "home game". Boise won the game on a 36 yard TD pass from Kellen Moore to Young with 1:32 left.

Sugar Bowl: #9 Florida 20, #7 Kansas 10 ... UF/KU was tied entering the fourth at ten. Florida scored an early TD on a Reed TD (Florida's 3rd-string QB) run, and Phillips hit a FG to seal the game late in the 4th. Reed leads Florida to a Sugar Bowl win with a 120 yard, TD performance. (105 pass, 15 run).

Orange Bowl: #6 Virginia Tech 21, #4 Utah 7 ... VT wins another Orange Bowl as Utah doesn't win another BCS game. There was no scoring in the 2nd half as Tyrod throws 3 TD's.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: #5 Texas 17, #12 TCU 3 ... No scoring in the second half in this one either. Colt McCoy is the MVP with is one TD performance. Yawner.



JoePa, Penn State wins national title in yawner, 31-3 over West Virginia

PASADENA --- One year after losing the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Penn State returned for a national title. And thanks to a Darryl Clark 4 pass TD performance, Penn State are your 2009 national champions.

Penn State started with 2 passing TD's to Graham Zug, then one to Powell, as the Nittany Lions led 21-3 at the half. Clark passed for one more TD in the 3rd quarter to Carter, and the Nittany Lions added a field goal in the fourth to sail to a 31-3 victory.

Clark was named the MVP with the following numbers: 20-for-31 passing, 210 yards, 4 TD, INT. Coach Joe Paterno said after the game, "This is the best game I have ever coached, our kids played our hearts out. I thought about retiring, but I don't know now. Darryl is an amazing quarterback and he deserves the recognition all the way." It is currently unknown if Paterno will retire after this season however he'll probably be back.



1. Penn State(61) (13-0)

2. Virginia Tech

3. Boise State

4. Texas

5. West Virginia

6. Florida

7. Utah

8. Oklahoma

9. North Carolina

10. Ole Miss

11. Auburn

12. Kansas

13. USC

14. TCU

15. Georgia Tech

16. Texas A&M

17. LSU

18. Cincinnati

(all of these following teams camed from being unranked)

19. Hawai'i

20. Ohio State

21. Washington

22. Clemson

23. USF

24. Western Michigan

25. Oregon State

OUTSIDE: Florida Atlantic (Wow!), Colorado, Wisconsin, Illinois, Alabama

Well, that's a wrap for season one.

UP NEXT: The off-season begins! (Part 1: Seniors leaving, Who's going pro, Transfer talk)

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 11:19 AM

We will say goodbye to the seniors, hello to possible new transfers, find out who's going pro around the nation.. let's begin.

Program Prestige: Up from one-star to two-star after a 7-6 season.

Players transferring out/going pro: From Tulane, nobody.


'The Unknowns'

David Kirskey: LOLB, 56 OVR

Logan Kelly: LE, 61 OVR (Had 2 sacks)

Travis Burks: ROLB, 61 OVR (Had 3 tackles in bowl game)

James McMurphy: MLB, 64 OVR

Taylor Rice: RG, 76 OVR (3 pancakes in backup duty)

'The Knowns'

#38 Corey Sonnier

SS, 68 OVR

Stats: 65 tackles, 4 TFL, Sack, INT (Bowl game)

Analysis: Sonnier was a tackling fool. He made alot of quick tackles and hardly missed one. He also had a pick in the bowl game.

#24 Chinoso Echebelum

S, 68 OVR

Stats: 84 tackles, 2 TFL, INT, FR, TD

Analysis: Another tackling machine, had a defensive TD versus UCF in the late part of the game. Chinoso had a great name and was a great safety. CHINOSOOOOOOOOOO!

#90 Adam Kwentua

RE, 69 OVR

Stats: 39 tackles, 17 TFL, 4 Sacks, FF, FR

Analysis: If you were running towards Kwentua, he was going to stop you in your tracks. Had a nice amount of tackles for loss (almost a 2:1 ratio for his tackles). Kwentua also has an interesting (last) name.

#92 Reggie Scott

DT, 73 OVR

Stats: 3 tackles, TFL, Sack

Analysis: Not really an unknown. But he was. His lone start came versus UCF where he recorded those stats above you. That's why he's not an unknown, because has a sack. Just another one in a deep DT chart.

#47 Ross Thevenot

K, 82 OVR

Stats: 15/19 FGs, long of 45, 0 missed XP's, 1 FG blocked

Analysis: Thevenot missed two of his first three field goals on the year, and then turned it around and hit 14 of his last 17. His misses were from 40+ and was down the center on every XP.

#21 Charles Harris

CB, 83 OVR


Stats: 46 tackles, 8 TFL, INT, 14 deflections, 2 FF

Analysis: Harris led the secondary 'by example', having the most deflections but only having one pick. With better hands, he could have had 5 at least. Oh well. He did pretty well despite missing a tackle on that 51 yard run in the Texas Bowl.

#32 Andre Anderson

HB, 83 OVR


Stats: 340 rush attempts, 1994 yards (!!!!), 5.9 avg, 153.4 a game, 14 TD, 606 after 1st hit, 12 20+ runs, 42 broken tackles, 28 rec, 447 yards, 3 TD

Analysis: The no. 7 man in all-purpose yards somewhat in 2008 came through in 2009 with almost 2000 rushing yards, falling six short, but still having over 2300 total yards and 17 total TD's. Anderson was a workhorse. Third and one? Money runs. He could turn a broken play into a big play with some moves. Definitely underrated and definitely mentored Stephen Barnett. Will be hard to replace #32 probably early on next season, but hopefully Barnett has learned enough.

#76 John Landa

LG, 83 OVR

Stats: 14 pancakes, 2 SA

Analysis: Landa was a great o-lineman paving the way for our running attack. Only allowed two sacks which is very good. Landa was a stronghold on our line for pass and run blocking.

#20 Jeremy Williams

WR, 85 OVR


Stats: 28 rec, 431 yards, 15.4 avg, 8 TD

Analysis: Not the year I'd expected but we threw the ball around alot more than I expected. Williams was money once we got into the red zone and that's why he led the team in receiving TD's. He somehow always found a way to get open, and his 'sure target' ability will be missed.

#78 Nick Landry

LT, 86 OVR


Stats: 20 pancakes, 9 SA (4 in Texas Bowl)

Analysis: Landry led our o-line despite being pushed over in the Texas Bowl by George White. White had a bit too much for Landry. Landry was an excellent pass and run blocker and definitely was a great pick for the captain. He'll be hard to replace, but luckily we have depth. Landry led the team in pancakes, too.

And there are Tulane's 15 seniors.



Ashton Galsser, QB, 82 OVR, Missouri to Akron

Jim Youngblood, QB, 82 OVR, Arkansas to Eastern Kentucky

Teric Jones, RB, 81 OVR, Michigan to Eastern Michigan

Zach Renner, RB, 86 OVR, Georgia to Northwestern

Bryce Brown (!!!), RB, 87 OVR, Tennessee to Iowa

WTF: Enrique Davis, RB, 87 OVR, Ole Miss to Indiana (Walker Winner)

Fozzy Whittaker, RB, 90 OVR, Texas to USF

Chris Rainey, RB, 91 OVR, Florida to UC

Dyrell Roberts, WR, 87 OVR, Virginia Tech to Western Michigan

Thearon Collier, WR, 90 OVR, Miami to UCF

Nic DiLillo, TE, 81 OVR, Ohio State to Northwestern

Devin Smith, CB, 85 OVR, Wisconsin to Eastern Kentucky

(there were others..), hey look at this:

JARMON FORSTON, WR, 87 OVR, Florida State to TULANE (87 SPD, 86 CTH, 83 RR, 88 CIT, 81 SPC, 92 JMP)


Eric Berry, SS, 98 OVR, Tennessee

DeMarco Murray, RB, 95 OVR, Oklahoma

Evan Royster, RB, 94 OVR, Penn State

Derrick Morgan, DE, 94 OVR, Georgia Tech

Mike Pouncey, RG, 94 OVR, Florida

Jevan Snead, QB, 93 OVR, Ole Miss

Joe Haden, CB, 93 OVR, Florida

Deonte Thompson, WR, 92 OVR, Florida

Dezmon Briscoe, WR, 92 OVR, Kansas

Reshad Jones, SS, 92 OVR, Georgia

Harvey Unga, RB, 92 OVR, BYU

Tyrod Taylor, QB, 91 OVR, Virginia Tech

Ray Dominguez, LT, 91 OVR, Arkansas

Justin Jordan, WR, 90 OVR, Southern Miss

Ryan Kerrigan, LE, 90 OVR, Purdue

Greg Little, WR, 90 OVR, North Carolina

Ian Wolfe, DT, 90 OVR, Kansas

Antonio Brown, WR, 90 OVR, Central Michigan

Jordan White, WR, 85 OVR, Western Michigan (NO!!!!!)

Iron Dragon's 1st Annual Idiot Player Going Pro Award: Jeremy Boone, Punter, Penn State, 87 OVR.

(by the way, I am saving draft classes)

UP NEXT: Off-season part two: Recruiting (Results).

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 11:20 AM
2009-2010 Recruiting Report

The recruiting season is over as signing day is here and past. Tulane brought in 24 players in a suprisingly good class.. we hope.

OVERVIEW: 4 3-stars, 17 2-stars, 3 1-stars

And now let's look at our recruiting breakdown by position (along with ratings):

Bold = relatively good feature
underline = crappy feature

:r2star: Mike Bell, QB #51, 6'2", 226lbs, 66 OVR, 78 SPD, 73 ACC, 40 AWR, 80 THP, 69 THA (Bell is the fastest QB on our 2010 roster but has a crappy arm and if he makes the team, he'll redshirt)

:r2star: Donny Richardson, RB #94, 6'4", 207lbs, 74 OVR, 86 SPD, 84 ACC, 41 AWR, 76 BTK, 79 CAR (Richardson should battle for the no. 2 spot along with Jason McDonald and Payton Jason)
:r2star: Dan Thomas, RB #112, 6'1", 186, 70 OVR, 85 SPD, 73 AGI, 81 ACC, 59 AWR, 86 JKM, 79 CAR (Good up the middle guy, Will redshirt)
:r2star: Chris Fox, RB #115, 6'0"< 210, 68 OVR, 83 SPD, 80 AGI, 81 ACC, 40 AWR (didn't expect a commit from him, will be lucky to make the team)

The person we signed won't make the team.

:r2star: George Harrison, TE #88, 6'8", 217, 72 OVR, 67 SPD, 71 ACC, 71 BTK, 84 CTH, 73 PBK, 81 RBK (Hello money in red zone, 3rd & short, good blocker too.)

:r3star: Anthony Patterson, T #23, 6'4", 303lbs, 78 OVR, 80 STR, 87 PBK, 80 RBK, 86 IBL (Patterson is a diamond in the rough. Abrams will probably start though and he'll probably move to RT in 2011)
Another LT probably won't make the team.

:r2star: Jeff Keyes, G #123, 6'4, 288, 68 OVR, 45 AWR, 75 PBK, 78 RBK, 82 IMP (Will backup at G this year)
:r2star: Bryon Harrell, G #126, 6'5" 126, 66 OVR, 76 PBK, 78 RBK, 66 IBP (Will redshirt)
Another G will be lucky to make the team.

:r2star: Chris White, T #100, 6'6", 314, 66 OVR, 60 SPD, 80 PBK, 77 RBK, 71 IBP

:r3star: Harry CiGar, DE #37, 6'1", 255, 72 OVR, 78 SPD, 68 ACC, 76 TKL, 80 PM, 79 PUR (CiGar should start unless Williams improves greatly)
:r1star: Christian Martindale, DE #149, 6'3", 218, 67 OVR, 78 SPD, 72 ACC, 76 TKL, 78 PM (Diamond in the rough)

:r2star: JUCO-JR Jeremy Minor, OLB #90, 6'6", 218lbs, 70 OVR, 71 SPD, 69 ACC, 82 TKL (Should help Farley and the other LB's)

:r3star: JJ Black, CB #43, 6'2", 170, 78 OVR, 90 SPD, 90 ACC, 87 MCV, 62 AWR, 78 PUR (Major diamond in the rough should start at CB)
:r2star: Sammy Boudreaux, CB #101, 6'3", 200, 76 OVR, 87 SPD, 90 ACC, 86 MCV, 84 ZCV (Another diamond in the rough, could start?)
:r2star: Mike Jacobs, CB #174, 5'10", 180, 71 OVR, 86 SPD, 81 ACC, 83 MCV (I'm not sure if he'll make the team.)

:r2star: Gregory Hallinsworth, SS #82, 6'6", 230, 71 OVR, 86 SPD, 80 ACC, 64 AWR, 73 TKL, 77 STR (Can lay the hit on people, big fella from NY, will start at SS)
:r2star: Samuel Brooks, FS #77, 6'3", 196, 69 OVR, 79 SPD, 68 ACC, 90 MCV (His speed is crappy but his coverage abilities are great. This could be strange on how we deal with him.)

THE ATHLETES (Iron Dragon fail - missed them originally)
JUCO-JR Brad Allen will be playing FS
JUCO-JR Joe Howard will be playing CB
FR Marcus Huffman won't be making the team.

And that's our class for 2009-2010. That class put us at #46 in the nation.
SR Justin Adams (DT, 68 OVR) to ROLB (64 OVR)
JR Ian Harson (FS, 61 OVR) to SS (61 OVR)
JR Emanuel Eluko (DT, 70 OVR) to MLB (63 OVR)

Chris Fox
Cody Sparks
Brooks Cunningham
Andrew Podet
Alex Lauricella

UP NEXT: Holy crap! The off-season is over! That was fast! Who does Tulane play in 2010? How are they rated? What does Tulane's roster look like? What is the C-USA like? Who's number one? Why are there so many questions?! Find out..

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 11:21 AM

Tulane will travel to Hawai'i for a night game on week three


Week|Opponent|Time|Team's Ratings|Player to Watch

1|#10 LSU (ABC Regional)|3:30PM|A OVR, A OFF, A DEF|Terrance Toliver, WR, 99 OVR

2|at Rutgers (Big East Network)|12:00PM|A- OVR, B+ OFF, A DEF|Kordell Young, RB, 92 OVR

3|at Hawai'i (Hawaii's K5)|7:30PM|B- OVR, B- OFF, B- DEF|Brent Rausch, QB, 85 OVR

4|SMU|3:30PM|C OVR, C+ OFF, C DEF|J.J. McDermott, QB, 84 OVR

5|Louisiana Tech|12:30PM|C OVR, C+ OFF, C DEF|Phillip Livas, WR, 92 OVR

6|Houston|6:00PM|B OVR, B+ OFF, B DEF|Case Keenum, QB, 93 OVR

7|at UTEP|6:00PM|C OVR, B- OFF, C- DEF|Trevor Vittatoe, QB, 88 OVR

8|UCF|6:00PM|B OVR, B+ OFF, B- DEF|Rob Clabrese, QB, 89 OVR

9|at Marshall|12:30PM|C+ OVR, B- OFF, C+ DEF|Darius Marshall, RB, 90 OVR


11|Rice|3:30PM|C- OVR, C+ OFF, D+ DEF|Shane Turner, HB, 86 OVR

12|at Tulsa|8:00PM|C OVR, B- OFF, C- DEF|G.J. Kinne, QB, 88 OVR

13|Southern Miss|3:30PM|B- OVR, B- OFF, B- DEF|Austin Davis, QB, 90 OVR





red = rivalry | bold = conference game

Our schedule is harder than I thought. The C-USA improved nicely while we lost alot and improved well, but not as much as some others did.

LSU - loss. No way we win this game. LSU is loaded this year. Rutgers is another tough one, I don't think we'll get this one either. Kordell is dangerous and their defense is no laughing matter. Hawai'i is a tossup, but since it's on the road, I'll say it's a loss. We have to stop their passing game. SMU is a win, they improved but they didn't at the same time. Louisiana Tech looks better than they really are - they have two great WR's and then they fall off by almost 20 points for example. Shut down the stars and we win. Houston's probably a loss, Keenum and his wide open offense all return. UTEP is a winnable game, should be another crappy C-USA year for them. UCF is a loss, UCF is absolutely loaded this year, and they have Chris Rainey and Thearon Collier transfering in for 2011. They are going to be loaded in 2011 as well. Marshall is better, and it's a tossup since it's on the road, I'll probably predict a win though. Rice has a few good offensive players, and not much else. Win. If we slow down Tulsa's offense, we win this game as well. Southern Miss is probably a loss since they only really lost Damion Fletcher.


Also future scheduling talk: Hawai'i won't return in 2011, Louisiana Tech is one-game only too. LSU renewed through 2013 at least, We'll make a return trip to BYU in 2012, Rutgers will come to the Superdome in 2011. There's talk of a game at Michigan in 2013, along with TCU visiting the Superdome. Possible talks of a home and home with Mississippi State and Georgia Tech, along with Navy visiting the Superdome in 2011.

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 11:21 AM

2010 Season Preview


Garrett Gilbert has big shoes to fill at QB for Texas.


Devastating D!: LSU has all the pieces on defense to make a run for the title.

Greatness!: Toliver's big-play ability could land the (LSU) Tigers a national title.

Oklahoma's Year?: Sam Bradford is emracing the opportunity to lead his team to a title.

On the Ground: The Senior Vondrell McGree looks to run wild in 2010. (Texas)

No Easy Games: There are no cupcakes here as the Broncos open against Oregon State.

Blood and Guts: McClain leads a good Alabama defense into 2010.

Man Among Boys: Alabama's Ingram has fans in Tuscaloosa excited about the upcoming season.

House of Pain: Happy Valley can intimidate even the mightiest of opponents.



1|Penn State(36)|A-




5|Virginia Tech(1)|B+


7|Ole Miss|B+

8|West Virginia|A+

9|North Carolina|A+


11|Ohio State|A+

12|Georgia Tech|A

13|Boise State|B+





18|Texas A&M|B+

19|Oklahoma State|B+



22|Oregon State|A-






52|Southern Miss|B-

53|Western Michigan|C-


58|Florida Atlantic|C


62|Central Michigan|C-










87|South Carolina|B-

88|Western Kentucky|D+




98|Louisiana Tech|C


114|Eastern Kentucky|D+




http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm191/UIronDragon/boise1.jpg http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm191/UIronDragon/boise2.jpg

Kellen Moore & Jeremy Avery


1. Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State, r-JR (Last year: 40 TD, 11 INT)

2. Corbin Louks, QB, Utah, SR (Last year: 28 TD, 11 INT)

3. Titus Young, WR, Boise State (Last year: 75 rec, 1189 yards, 13 TD)

4. Jeremy Avery, HB, Boise State (Last year: 245 rush att, 1091 yards, 12 TD)

5. David Gilreath, WR, Wisconsin (Last year: 95 rec, 1120 yards, 12 TD)

(Iron Dragon's other players to watch: Sam Bradford (back from injury), Garrett Gilbert (r-FR, Texas), T.Y. Hilton (WR, FIU), Jake Locker (QB, Washington), Terrelle Pryor (back from injury), Darren Evans


1. Southern Miss (East & Overall Champion, 2009 Champions)

2. UCF (East)

3. Houston (West)

4. UAB (East)

5. TULANE (West)

6. Tulsa (West)

7. ECU (East)

8. SMU (West)

9. UTEP (West)

10. Memphis (East)

11. Marshall (East)

12. Rice (West)

Tulane All-C-USA picks: 1st team: Andrew Neirman (C), Darryl Farley (MLB) | 2nd team: Harris Howard (LG)


1. Happy Valley, Penn State

2. DKR-Texas Memorial, Texas

3. The Swamp, Florida

4. Gaylord-Oklahoma Memorial, Oklahoma

5. Death Valley, LSU

(Ohio State's The Horseshoe down to 6th, USC's Coliseum down to 7th)

UP NEXT: The 2010 Tulane Roster/Preview

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 11:22 AM


##|Player Name|H/W|Year|OVR|SPD|AWR|THP|THA
#2|:captain: Kevin Moore|6'4", 234|r-SR|84|62|72|89|86
#7|Joe Kemp|6'4", 230|r-JR|80|59|69|86|85
#11|Ryan Griffin|6'4", 213|r-SO|77|62|53|84|83
#17|:redshirt: Mike Bell|6'2", 226|FR|66|78|40|80|69

Kevin Moore is back for a senior season after throwing for 2453 yards, 25 TD's and 11 INT's last year. Hopefully we cut down on the 22 sacks that he took last year, anywhere under 15 would be good. Joe Kemp is a good backup, having a TD pass last year. Ryan Griffin's lone stat is an 18 yard TD run. Mike Bell is redshirting.. and at 78 SPD, he's our fastest QB.


##|Player Name|H/W|Year|OVR|SPD|AWR|BTK|CAR
#36|Stephen Barnett|5'11, 185|SO|78|89|61|78|72
#22|J.T. McDonald|5'9", 214|r-JR|76|87|64|82|66
#47|Donny Richardson|6'4", 207|FR|74|86|41|76|79
#29|Nathan Austin|6'1", 208|r-SO|71|86|50|81|65
#31|:redshirt: Payton Jason|5'11", 194|SO|72|86|54|77|67
#10|:redshirt: Dan Thomas|6'1", 186|FR|70|85|59|67|79

##|Player Name|H/W|Year|OVR|SPD|AWR|BTK|CAR
#45|Antoine Duplessis|6'2", 265|r-JR|70|70|60|67|72
#44|Kasey Stelly|6'1", 247|JR|62|62|64|71|60

The freshman "phenom" is now a sophomore, Stephen Barnett. The major question is, can he carry the load that Anderson did? Barnett improved not as well as J.T. McDonald. McDonald should see quite a bit of playing time playing the role Barnett did. Donny Richardson should see some time as well as a true freshman. Nathan Austin is just there. Payton and Dan are both redshirting.

Antoine is back at FB, with a little more speed and some better blocking. Stelly is his backup and he improved just the same amount as Duplessis.


##|Player Name|H/W|Year|OVR|SPD|AWR|CTH|RR |CIT
#19|:impact: Casey Robottom|5'11", 184|r-SR|87|88|69|86|84|79
#87|Alan Mitchell|6'3", 170|r-SR|82|89|70|80|72|75
#5|D.J. Banks|5'9", 177|SO|81|91|63|78|69|71
#89|Devin Figaro|6'2", 199|SO|78|90|67|80|72|71
#9|Wilson Van Hooser|5'11", 177|SO|75|90|61|74|69|69
#15|Taylor Echols|6'2", 178|r-JR|75|88|53|72|72|65
#1|Jordan Sullen|5'11", 185|r-FR|74|89|60|71|68|68
#86|Chandler Davis|6'2", 172|r-JR|73|84|53|74|73|68
#14|D.J. Ponder|6'2", 194|r-SO|71|84|73|75|66|77

Casey Robottom is our #1 WR this year after he and Williams were the recievers last year. Alan Mitchell and D.J. Banks are fighting over the #2 spot. Banks will probably be a #2 next year, though. Mitchell didn't find the endzone last year, so we'll have to fix that. Figaro has no receptions (just did returns last year), Hooser is the same way. Echols caught two passes. Sullen and Davis did nothing. D.J. Ponder returned kicks, and might be headed back to QB after the end of the season (his original position), depending on what happens this year. His awareness is about the only thing that's improving which helps as a QB.

##|Player Name|H/W|Year|OVR|SPD|AWR|CTH|RR|CIT
#82|Jarmon Forston|6'3", 221|JR|89|88|67|86|86|90

We'll get Jarmon as a redshirt-junior somewhere in the 90's overall-wise and probably with 90ish catching stats (Catch-in-traffic already is.)

##|Player Name|H/W|Year|OVR|SPD|AWR|CTH|CIT
#80|George Harrison|6'5", 217|FR|72|67|47|84|57
#88|Tyler Helm|6'4", 239|SR|69|78|64|68|62
#81|Brock Sanders|6'3", 229|SO|68|80|73|75|75

Incoming freshman George Harrison is the new starting TE, taking over Tyler Helm's job, even though all three of these guys will see the field quite a bit. Sanders is pressing hard for Helm's #2 spot.


##|Player Name|H/W|Year|OVR|SPD|AWR|PBK|RBK|IBK
#77|Lawrence Abrams|6'5", 339|r-FR|82|61|61|79|80|82
#72|Rio Mares|6'5", 322|r-FR|77|52|59|81|79|79
#70|:redshirt: Anthony Patterson|6'4", 303|FR|78|59|55|87|80|86
#71|Harris Howard|6'4, 305|JR|83|58|61|84|86|84
#60|Jeff Keyes|6'4", 288|FR|68|47|45|78|78|82
#75|:redshirt: Byron Harrell|6'5", 341|FR|66|46|51|76|78|66
#68|Andrew Neirman|6'1", 302|SR|90|59|67|87|88|84
#63|Kevin Leary|6'2", 302|r-SR|81|56|67|86|86|80
#66|Joey Ray|6'2", 320|r-JR|77|56|61|80|82|82
#67|Eric Hall|6'6", 321|JR|71|70|47|75|83|81
#58|Pete Hendrickson|6'7", 286|r-SR|84|48|67|86|84|88
#79|Eric Jones|6'6", 307|r-SO|77|50|67|80|80|80
#64|:redshirt: Chris White|6'6", 314|FR|66|60|55|80|77|71

Abrams, Howard, Neirman, Ray and Hendrickson lead the O-line this year, with Leary basically being a backup for every position. We have some young talent growing on at tackle, and guard. We need to find a center in the offseason, this line will be very young but talented next year.


##|Player Name|H/W|Year|OVR|SPD|AWR|STR|TKL
#54|Devin Williams|6'2, 223|SO|73|82|70|70|80
#53|Harry CiGar|6'1", 243|FR|72|78|64|75|76
#48|Josh Smith|6'2", 257|JR|64|74|72|74|72
#51|Dezmen Moses|6'2", 251|SR|73|80|70|76|78
#93|Christian Martindale|6'3", 218|FR|67|78|53|69|76
#62|Oscar Ponce De Leon|6'3", 313|r-SR|79|58|66|89|84
#96|Tony Bryant|6'3", 258|r-SR|78|65|65|82|80
#98|Cedric Wilson|6'2", 262|r-JR|70|80|53|76|72
#99|Chris Asomnu|6'2", 297|r-SO|68|67|61|84|74

Devin Williams, Dezmen Moses, Ponce De Leon and Tony Bryant are the four on the D-line this year, who will be starting. The DT chart lost half of it's depth with a couple players switching positions. Harry Cigar, Christian Martindale at DE should both see quite a bit of time on the D-line this year, most likely in the 5-2.


##|Player Name|H/W|Year|OVR|SPD|AWR|TLK|PLR
#42|Kristifer Rhymes|6'0", 223|r-SO|73|89|63|78|63
#43|Sule Osagiede|6'0", 192|r-SO|61|71|58|71|64
#30|Peter Morreale|5'11", 191|r-SO|60|85|45|67|57
#34|:impact: Darryl Farley|5'11", 230|r-SO|81|84|63|85|66
#50|Jeremy Minor|6'6", 218|JR|70|71|54|82|60|75
#52|Emanuel Eluko|6'3"< 287|JR|67|62|45|82|77|79
#37|Cody Leford|5'11", 216|SO|74|84|70|81|60
#6|Justin Adams|5'11", 258|SR|66|84|50|70|62

The LB starting crew are now all sophomores and they all improved. Farley leads this improving and young group. Eluko, Adams, Osagiede, and Mooreale all are new the LB position (from the D-line or safety), however, they all add some skill and depth to the LBs. Minor is the incoming junior college player, who can play outside and middle linebacker.

(Sammy Boudreaux)

##|Player Name|H/W|Year|OVR|SPD|AWR|MCV|ZCV
#26|JJ Black|6'0", 170|FR|78|90|62|87|76
#8|Alex Wacha|6'0", 183|r-SR|77|86|69|85|72
#21|Sammy Boudreaux|5'11", 168|FR|76|87|51|86|84
#13|David Phillips|5'10", 161|SR|75|90|68|79|81
#4|Jordan Garrett|5'11", 194|SO|74|87|63|76|75
#49|Shakiel Smith|6'0", 185|SO|73|89|61|73|77
#18|Detlrick Strozier|5'8, 165|r-FR|69|88|55|71|73
#3|:redshirt: Mike Jacobs|5'10", 180|FR|71|86|50|83|76
#46|Joe Howard|6'1", 199|JR|70|90|64|81|71

With our impact corner gone, freshman JJ Black takes the #1 CB spot, while Wacha keeps his #2 spot, and Boudreaux will see alot of time with our #3 spot. Phillips slides to the #4 spot (where Shakiel had 20 tackles last year), and Shakiel is now the #5 man. Strozier comes off his redshirt, while Jacobs and Howard redshirt this year.

(Left: Gregory Hallinsworth and JJ Black (CB) Right: Samuel Brooks)

##|Player Name|H/W|Year|OVR|SPD|AWR|TKL|MCV|ZCV
#23|Samuel Brooks|6'1, 178|FR|69|79|51|78|78|90|73
#27|Brad Allen|6'0", 180|JR|63|81|52|56|77|79
#33|Gregory Hallinsworth|6'2", 210|FR|71|86|64|73|77|73
#28|Ian Harson|5'11", 174|JR|64|86|54|71|69|74

With both starting safeties from last year graduating, their starting jobs are taken over by two freshman: Samuel Brooks at FS and Gregory Hallinsworth at SS. Brooks has great coverage ability but needs to gain some acceleration. Hallinsworth has nice speed and decent coverage. Basically what we had last year at safety, just younger.


Kicker: #12 Tinzen Ubeksita, K, FR, 82 OVR, 61 SPD, 56 AWR, 84 KPW, 87 KAC
Punter: #40 Darren deRochemont, P, SR, 81 OVR, 62 SPD, 63 AWR, 91 KPW, 76 KAC (also KOS)
Returners: D.J. Banks, Devin Figaro, Wilson Van Hooser, D.J. Ponder, Jordan Sullen, Jordan Garrett will all rotate time at KR and PR.

Tinzen Ubeksita is our new kicker, a walk-on with a huge leg and he's a true freshman. Ubekista comes from Scotland before residing in Florida and now New Orleans. deRochemont returns to punt where he did so well last year, and will also be taking long field goals (50+) and kickoffs this year.

We will rotate returners varying by game between a few WRs, CB's and possible RB's. We'll start with D.J. Banks and Figaro at KR and Van Hooser at PR.

TEAM'S RATINGS: C across the board

UP NEXT: The 2010 season is here with an opening game for the Rag, against #10 LSU at home.. oh boy. LSU is A across the board.

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 11:23 AM
Just thought I'd point out here that I am now caught up to where I was 11 months ago! August 3rd was when I made that 2010 roster post..

The first half of season two to come later today!

07-03-2010, 11:58 AM
Sweet....holy cow you're putting a lot of work into this baby. Very nice!

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 12:35 PM
Sweet....holy cow you're putting a lot of work into this baby. Very nice!

Yeah, I'd have to say this has been my favorite dynasty and I put alot of work into it here and there.. I've kinda slimmed it down in the later years though.

07-03-2010, 01:37 PM
Yeah, I'd have to say this has been my favorite dynasty and I put alot of work into it here and there.. I've kinda slimmed it down in the later years though.

I'd hope so. Good lord that's almost too much to even read. I can only imagine how long it takes you to make one of those for each game...

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 02:09 PM
I'd hope so. Good lord that's almost too much to even read. I can only imagine how long it takes you to make one of those for each game...

Around 45 minutes early on, down to under 20 minutes per report now.

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 02:10 PM


NEW ORLEANS -- College football is back for the 2010 season. An improved Tulane team will take on an improved LSU team. Terrance Tolliver is LSU's best player at a dangerous 99 OVR - the first Tulane has ever faced. Charles Scott is gone but Jordan Jefferson and others are back. Andre Anderson is gone for Tulane but Stephen Barnett is now a year older and a year better(?) as a sophomore, how will this all play out? Let's find out.


Notice, "first half". The first half of this game was a snooze-fest. Freshman Safety Gregory Hallinsworth recovers a fumble on defense and Freshman K Tinzen Ubekista kicks two field goals from 24 yards and 38. Besides those three things, nothing happened, both offenses struggled, and well, Kevin Moore did throw a pick. No worries there. LSU would get it first in the second half. Little did we know that the 2nd half would be action packed..



Remember Terrence Tolliver? The 99 OVR WR, well he returns kicks. His first fielded kick of the day is returned 91 yards for a score thanks to some nice moves and broken tackles. And just like that, 7-6 LSU.

Tulane's first drive of the half didn't go well, after two catches by Mitchell for 23 yards, we stalled and punted. Remember Terrence Tolliver, well we covered him, but what about Chris Tolliver? LSU drives down the field, and with 3:56 left in the third:


..that was easy. 19 yard TD pass from Jordan Jefferson to the "other" Tolliver. 14-6 LSU thanks to Tolliver(s).

On the second play of our drive, Barnett runs downfield for 19, then Moore to Mitchell for 11, then Robottom makes an excellent catch for a 26 yard gain. A play later:


.. LSU commits to the middle, we toss it left. 9 yard TD run for Barnett. And we'd go for two:


.. and ol' reliable Duplessis gets it. 14-14 tie ballgame. LSU would start driving and they would take down the rest of the 3rd quarter, when they started in the fourth they would be at our 10 yard line with a third down and short.


LSU would give it to Murphy who is gobbled up by our lineman for no gain. 3rd & 1 stopped short. LSU's Helton nails a 27 yard field goal. Tulane would thrive early in our drive with a 21 yard pass to Robottom, then 5 yards by Barnett, then 8 to Banks. However, on fourth down just out of field goal range and punting range, we'd throw..


.. despite the incompletion, that's still a pretty cool shot. 17-14 still. 5 minutes to play. Just gotta stop LSU. That didn't work. Three plays later..


... and we'd be overaggressive, miss the INT (or a swat/tipped pass) and allow an easy 14 yard TD pass. 24-14 LSU. Ten points and four and a half minutes. Plenty of time.

And then we'd do this, Moore would pass, he'd find Figaro..


.. and he would STIFF ARM THE DEFENDER and cut into the open field and that's A SIXTY YARD TD PASS!! 24-21 LSU.. hold on here folks, we got us a game brewing!

Two runs by LSU and it's third and short..

.. and on third and short they'd run it again FOR A TWO YARD LOSS. Our defense prevails. Hold on folks!!

With 2:04, we get the ball back with two timeouts. Barnett gets nine, then he gets this:


... look at the open field! 30 yard gain for Barnett, and we're in LSU territory. McDonald gets two.. Barnett comes back in, he has some blockers.. and in a perfect world, he'd score, right? Maybe THE perfect world comes true?!?




31-21 LSU. Ballgame. That's a 57 yard return for a TD. And that would do it. We'd get the ball back, drive a bit but the clock would expire on a hail mary toss to the endzone. Damnit. So close but yet so far. We'll get you next year, Tigers..

FINAL SCORE: #10 LSU 31-21

(no greatest game score.. thought it could be in the low 200-300's, guess not)

Despite his fumble, Stephen Barnett proved he could replace Andre Anderson by running for 158 yards and having 40 receiving, an Anderson-like day against a great team. This close loss gives us a lot of confidence despite the disappointment, because on paper, we really don't match up well with LSU, but like I said, we're underrated and we're out to prove we can play with the very best and we took LSU down to the wire. We can say "what if we didn't fumble" but we didn't have a guaranteed score coming. Yes, it's a tough loss but a "good" loss, I suppose..


Kevin Moore: 110.5 QB Rating, 21/41 passing, 274 yards, TD, INT

Stephen Barnett: 29 rush att, 158 yards, TD, 4 rec, 40 yards

Antoine Duplessis: 1 rush att, 7 yards, 3 yard 2pt conversion run, 1 rec, 9 yards

Alan Mitchell: 6 rec, 58 yards / D.J. Banks: 4 rec, 44 yards / Casey Robottom: 2 rec, 47 yards / Harrison: 5 yards rec

Devin Figaro: 3 rec, 71 yards, TD, 93 KR yards

Lawrence Abrams, Andrew Neirman: 3 cakes each

Gregory Hallinsworth: 11 tackles, 2 TFL, FR

Devin Williams: 7 tackles, TFL

Tony Bryant: 6 tackles, 2 TFL

Dezmen Moses: 6 tackles, 3 TFL, FF

Darryl Farley: 6 tackles, TFL

Samuel Brooks: 5 tackles, TFL

Alex Wacha: 3 tackles, 3 deflections

JJ Black: 2 tackles, deflection

Sammy Boudreaux: Tackle

Tinzen Ubekista: 2/2 FG, 1/1 XP

Darren deRochemont: 4 punts, 192 yards, 48.0 avg, long of 56

LSU: Those "Tollivers" (Are they related?): 5 rec, 91 yards, 2 TD, KR TD

UP NEXT: Week 1 Around the NCAA

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 02:10 PM

Not much should happen in week one. The key word? Should. Only one top 25 versus top 25 matchup this week, too. This is basically just blah week. Also, the bullet lists are gone.


>> Florida Atlantic 50, UAB 21 ... Closer than the score indicates, FAU had 27 fourth quarter points including a passing, a return, a fumble return and two FG's.
>> Memphis 20, Mississippi State 16 ... Dejavu for Memphis, beat an SEC team on the road in week one, and guess who they play next week? Middle Tennessee State! I'd be headed for Vegas now..
>> #11 Ohio State 42, Marshall 28 ... Not as close as the score seems, Bucks had a 42-13 lead on the Herd with 14:48 left to play. Marshall outgained tOSU 382-379, but went 9/21 on 3rd downs and 0-2 on 4th.
>> Texas Tech 41, SMU 17 .. TTU used two QB's to throw for 5 TD's while SMU only passed for two.
>> #2 Texas 40, Rice 28 ... MUCH closer than the score shows, Rice, yes, Rice held a 28-24 lead headed into the fourth before Texas had an early TD and FG in the quarter, and then threw a lame TD pass with four seconds left. Final is really 33-28 in my book. Gilbert had 4 TD's for the Horns.


>> NC State 27, #16 Cincinnati 14 ... No scoring in the second half as Russell Wilson has 3 TD's.
>> #14 Auburn 21, Arkansas State 17 ... This is a red flag for Auburn. They got pushed to the limit by the Red Wolves as Ark State took a 17-14 lead with 2:29 left and Auburn won the game on a even later TD pass by Burns.
>> #13 Boise State 41, #22 Oregon State 28 ... Moore: 3 TD, INT / Avery: 25 car, 116 yards, 2 TD, TD rec leads Boise over the Beavers.
>> #6 USC 42, Hawai'i 9 ... UH had a 9-7 halftime lead before McKnight had 3 TD runs (including a late crap one) and Corp had two TD passes in the fourth.

TOP 25
Nothing really changed, not even with Boise State. Cincinnati dropped to #25, Oregon State dropped out and Kansas is now at #24.

HEISMAN: Nothing happened and not everyone played so blah.

UP NEXT: We take on Rutgers (0-0), A- OVR, B+ OFF, A DEF.. and if they are worse than LSU, we might have shot. Or we might not. It's a road game and it's on TV, and we've never won on TV, yet.

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 02:11 PM

Tulane (0-1) @ Rutgers (0-0)

A town that starts with a P, NEW JERSEY --- Rutgers. What exactly is a Scarlet Knight? I guess it's a red knight, but I guess Rutgers is too good for just plain Red. Anyways, they get us first in this home-home series. They haven't played a game yet this year, like we have, in which we did not win at home.. now Tulane's roadtrip looks a bit look like this for week 2 and week 3:


Hey look a map! Also my reports are going to be a bit shorter. Now that we got those ADD things out of the way, let's get on to the game..


We'd kick to Rutgers, and we won the toss and defered and deRochemont kicks for a touchback. Jefferson passed twice for 28 yards then Harrison got 3, and Harrison got Young for 7. Then Kordell Young made our defense look dumb with a 43 yard TD run. 7-0 Rutgers.

Stephen Barnett battled back with a 19 yard run, then 2 more, then Moore found D.J. Banks for 16, Barnett got 5, then Donny Richardson dropped a 20+ yard gain (darn), but Moore then found Harrison for a 17 yard gain, Barnett got 5, McDonald caught a 7 yard pass, Barnett got 6.. and then McDonald..


...says hello to the endzone, 5 yard TD. 7-7. Rutgers went three and out. After a seven yard gain by Barnett, Kevin Moore drops back .. and throws a pick. Rutgers stalls but kicks a 31 yard field goal. 10-7. Tulane gets the ball back with 24 seconds left in the quarter, Duplessis grabs a four yard pass, then Barnett from our own 32..


.. this open field looks familiar, remember the 30 yard gain vs LSU? ... well..


.. the safety with the angle SLIPS! Barnett has thirty yards to go..


.. and he will GO ALL THE WAY for a 68 yard TD! What fumble? 14-10 Tulane at the end of the first!


The 2nd quarter was dominated by Rutgers. After a few plays, Jefferson finds Hayes on a 3rd & 4 for a 56 yard TD.. we had 6 DBs and Hayes somehow gets open and JJ Black runs out of bounds trying to defend him. Ouch. 17-14 Rutgers.

We'd go three and out. Rutgers would go one first down and then out. We'd do the same. Rutgers would go three and out. This is exciting. Well we get something going.. a 14 yard run by Barnett.. then 3 for McDonald, Mitchell catches a 29 yard pass, McDonald gets six more, Barnett comes back in..


.. and the ball is jarred out of his hands by a 320-lb defender. [glare]

Rutgers passes three times for 74 yards and gets an easy TD on a 16 yard pass. 24-14 Rutgers. We'd do nothing in the seven seconds we had.


Yawn quarter. We'd run down the field and kick a 42 yard field goal. Ubekista nails it. That takes off half the quarter. Rutgers drives down, stalls and misses a 55 yard field goal. Two plays later, we give it to Barnett..


.. another fumble. Barnett's starting job might be in jeopardy despite his great numbers. He has one bad one: 3 fumbles, none recovered by Tulane. It might just be the good A-rated defenses. I hope. Rutgers stalls, hits an easy 44 yard field goal. 27-17 Rutgers.


We'd start to pass and drive. We'd get to the Rutgers 40, then lose 8 yards on a sack, throw two incompletions then had a chance at a first down but Robottom with room to run gets tripped up after a 6 yard gain. Ugh.

Remember the BYU game last year? Up two possessions, you'd think Rutgers would run the ball? Nope. They'd pass for a 8 yard TD. Nail in the coffin. Dagger in our hopes. 34-17 Rutgers.

We'd drive again..


.. and that's Moore's fourth INT of the year. Please say it's the A rated defenses we've been playing. Remember, it took Moore over 100 passes to throw ONE last year.

Rutgers would thankfully run out the clock.

FINAL SCORE: Rutgers 34-17

Remember when we led this game 14-10 after one quarter? Everything was going perfect and then everything fell flat on their face. Moore had another rough day, he got beat up and had two picks. Barnett, when attempted to be tackled always had someone trying to rip the ball out of his hands, those fellas from Rutgers hit hard and wanted everything they could get. We're beat up a bit, but let's scruff off our shoulders and hopefully not take a "vacation" too much in Hawai'i.. if so, we'll be 0-3.


Kevin Moore: 94.8 QB Rating, 18-for-30 passing, 172 yards, 2 INT, -28 rush yards (From sacks)

Stephen Barnett: 19 rush att, 161 yards, TD, 2 fumbles, 3 rec, 9 yds

J.T. McDonald: 14 rush yards, TD, 7 rec yards / Donny Richardson: 3 car, 22 yards, ~20 yard rec dropped (but was hit)

D.J. Banks: 5 rec, 54 yards / Alan Mitchell: 4 rec, 54 yards

Casey Robottom: 2 rec, 15 yards / George Harrison: 2 rec, 29 yards

Darryl Farley: 11 tackles, TFL

Cody Leford: 9 tackles, TFL

Dezmen Moses: 7 tackles, TFL

Gregory Hallinsworth: 5 tackles

Sammy Boudreaux: 2 tackles

Samuel Brooks: 2 tackles

Tony Bryant: 2 tackles, TFL, Sack

JJ Black: Tackle

Tinzen Ubeksita: 1/1 FG, 2/2 XP

Devin Figaro: 70 KR yards / D.J. Banks: 72 KR yards

RUTGERS: DC "I might be related to Max Hall?" Jefferson: 23/28, 249 yards, 3 TD / Kordell Young: 20 rush att, 120 yards, TD, 8 rec, 58 yards

UP NEXT: Week Two Around the NCAA

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 02:11 PM


Week one did nothing really.


>> Iron Skillet: #21 TCU 51, SMU 21 ... TCU outscored SMU 44-7 in the 2nd & 3rd quarters.

>> Not this year: Memphis 54, Mid Tenn State 21 ... Bass for Memphis had this statline: 20/38, 334 yards, 3 Pass TD, 24 car, 117 yards, 3 Rush TD. Oh my.

>> NC State 20, UCF 6 ... Yawner of a game. Tied at 3 at the half, NC State had two 1yd rush TDs in the second half and both teams traded field goals. Offensive yards: NCSU 377-306

>> Tulsa 35, West NALFS (Not a Legitimate FBS School, new name for FCS <Insert Direction>) 7 ... The NALFS Fightin' Rick James had no chance. G.J. Kinne threw 4 TD's.

>> UTEP 40, Washington State 35 ... Vittatoe threw for four and Dyke ran for one.

>> Kentucky 23, Southern Miss 16 ... USM "upset" at home by Kentucky. UK rallied on two fourth quarter TD passes by Newton.

>> Miss State 40, UAB 10 ... UAB really missed on this one.

>> #8 West Virginia 41, Marshall 13 ... WVU dominated.

>> Missouri 26, East Carolina 16 ... Field goal fun.. Mizzou kicked three in three minutes in the second, ECU kicked two start to the game. Blaine Gabbert threw 2 TD's.

>> Houston 46, UCLA 41 ... Houston goes to the Rose Bowl and wins. Offensive yards: 587-497 Houston. UCLA's Crissman threw for 419 and 3 TD's but Keenum threw for 340 and 3 TD's and ran for 116 and 2 TD's.

NCAA Scores

Teams that played NALFSes in the top 25: Auburn, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Utah

>> Tim and Jordan Who? Western Michigan 20, #5 Virginia Tech 10 ... WMU's Crawford had a 77 yard TD run and Amheim threw for a 3 yard TD pass as the Broncos held VT to 4/19 on third downs.

>> Arizona 43, #24 Kansas 15 ... Arizona rolled thanks to FIVE TD passes by Foles.

>> #11 Ohio State 29, Miami FL 25 ... Does Miami know how to call plays? Nate Oliver pick-six'd Jacory Harris with 57 seconds left, RUN THE BALL. Seriously.

>> #1 Penn State 42, #20 Alabama 27 ... McElroy had more INT's than TD's for Bama, and Newsome for Penn State had 4 Total TD's on the road.

TOP 25

Rank|Coaches'|Iron Dragon's poll

1|Penn State(37)|Penn State(1)





6|Ole Miss|West Virginia

7|West Virginia|Ole Miss

8|North Carolina|LSU

9|LSU|Ohio State

10|Ohio State|North Carolina

11|Georgia Tech|Boise State

12|Boise State|Georgia Tech



15|Utah|Texas A&M

16|Virginia Tech|Oklahoma State

17|Texas A&M|Auburn

18|Oklahoma State|Clemson



21|Western Michigan|Western Michigan

22|Washington|Virginia Tech



25|NC State|NC State

Others recieving votes in the coaches: Cincinnati, Oregon, Nebraska, Oregon State, Illinois, Colorado, Georgia

HEISMAN: Unchanged

UP NEXT: Tulane visits Hawai'i, hopefully we aren't distracted by a September vacation, because if we are, and we play poorly, we're looking at 0-3.

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 02:12 PM
Draggo: "[Tulane] is very close to signing a four-star recruit"

NEW ORLEANS -- Ron Draggo told reporters Monday that Tulane is very close to nabbing a four-star recruit, which would be the first under him, and Tulane's first in many years.

Draggo did not say what position this player was at, or who he was, but he did say that the prospect will be visiting for the SMU game on week four. And that the prospect comes from Louisiana and the schools behind him featured LSU, Texas, Mississippi, Miss State and others from the SEC and Big XII. It is also known that the four-star prospect is one of 18 players that Tulane is recruiting who have the Green Wave in first. Tulane also recently picked up a commit in the secondary.

Some people may think that the position could be Quarterback, as Kevin Moore leaves after the 2010 season, and Joe Kemp has taken only a few snaps when Moore got the wind knocked out of him or in mop-up duty last year against McNeese State. However, others believe that D.J. Ponder will move back to QB after his WR-time did not pan out as expected, as Ponder only has done returns. Some speculate that Ponder could start due to his dual-threat abilities.

Whoever this prospect is, it'll be interesting to keep tabs on this player in the upcoming weeks.

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 02:13 PM

Tulane (0-2) at Hawai'i (0-1)

HONOLULU, HAWAI'I -- Ahh yes, a vacation.. we've lost three straight games dating to back year and our offense is full of turnovers. A spoiler for the end of this game: A major starting position is up for grabs next week at home against SMU. It's all a bunch of bagpipes anyways.. what? Hawai'i lost on week one at home to USC after having a 9-6 lead on the Trojans. We've lost to ranked LSU and Rutgers (who isn't ranked). Anyways, let's get to the game.


We won the toss and chose to kick and defer to the 2nd half. Play two of UH's drive: a 30 yard pass from Brent Rausch to Lofton. A few passes later, and Hawaii will RUN it in for a 1 yard TD run thanks to their true freshman FB Barnes. Strangely enough, that's Hawai'i's first TD of the year, and it comes from a true freshman at a position that rarely sees the field, and actually he never saw the field again in this game.

We'd go three and out and deRochement drops a nice 52 yard punt. A nice kick down the middle. That traps U(g)H inside their own 5, they'd get 13 yards from passing and then this happens. A lesson: NEVER EVER run a HB screen, wait around to pass against a blitz. Why? Because it'll probably turn out like this:




That's a fumble return for TD by Dezmen Moses. 7-7 tie. Hawai'i comes out..


Alex Wacha with the pick. We'd drive down the field and Ubekista hits a 42 yard field goal. 10-7. Hawai'i starts to drive..


Hawai'i drives some more, but stalls and misses a 52 yard field goal. We'd drive down the field, get inside the five thanks to a 34 yard pass to Robottom.. and in the endzone, Moore throws a perfect pass to UH's Ornellas. Wonderful. 1 TD, 4 INT. Luckily Hawai'i stalls and punts.

Barnett runs for 27 yards on four carries, then McDonald gets a 10 yard catch, and then Moore will throw..


... to Hawai'i's Walker. Nice one handed pick, Moore up to 1 TD, 5 INTs. That play wasn't done..


... and he returns it all the way for a TD. But the XP is no good. 13-10 Hawai'i. We'd drive down the field, and kick a 30 yard field goal with :19 left in the half. 13-13.

deRochemont hits a horrible kick, and Hawai'i passes to Blount for a 23 yard gain, calls timeout and they attempt a 54 yard field goal and it's good. Ugh. 16-13 Hawai'i.


We would go three and out. And Hawai'i would too. Then we'd pass and run our way down the field AGAIN, and we'd stall AGAIN and kick a 21 yard field goal. 16-16 tie.

Hawai'i comes out, passes to Blount, WHO FUMBLES IT and Gregory Hallinsworth recovers it! Moore would throw two 11 yard passes, then we'd stall. Ubekista 41 yard field goal is good. 3rd quarter = boring.

19-16 Tulane after three.


Brent Rausch would come out, look to throw, would have open field.. but Darryl Farley NAILS him, the ball pops out and Oscar Ponce De Leon recovers! Barnett then would run for 11 yards on three carries. Moore hits Figaro for 11, then Banks for 6, then two crap pass plays and we'd kick again. However, this time, Ubekista's kick looks good, but it swings right at the LAST SECOND and hits the crossbar. God damn. 19-16 Tulane.

Hawaii comes out passin' up a storm, Rausch hits a WIDE OPEN Alex Green for 42 yards. Then Blount and Taylor for seven each. They drive 8 more yards, throw a couple incompletions and it's fourth down and they kick a 24 yard field goal. 19-19.

Barnett runs for 19 yards on four carries. Incomplete pass, then Moore steps back, and it's PICKED OFF by Ornellas again! 1 TD, 6 INT. 1:04 to play. Oh crap.

Rausch hits Blount for 20 yards. Then Lofton for 18. Then him again for 10. Rausch runs for 4. Two incomplete passes. 4th down. Hawai'i kicks. 39 yard field goal good. Hopes shot. 14 seconds left. 22-19 Hawai'i. D.J. Banks returns the kick, is failed to be tackled, tries to spin out of it for a couple seconds and then is tackled. More time wasted. 9 seconds and 72 yards. Oh great.

Moore, who has had three INT's today does NOT need a fourth now. Four WR set. Three to the right, Robottom to the left. Barnett will come out the backfield and go deep as well. Five options, so little time. Moore looks right to the middle of the field, has plenty of time .. lets one go towards the 40 yard line.. this has to be caught and they have to be tackled immediately ... it's headed deep..

....boy this is exciting

... this ball has been flying for awhile. I suggest you all take a break here to get a drink. I'm sorry for the delay...


.. ITS CAUGHT BY D.J. BANKS ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!! TULANE IS IN FIELD GOAL RANGE! TWO SECONDS LEFT! TIMEOUT TULANE ARE YOU KIDDING ME! THE ball bounced of Banks HELMET and he stepped back and caught his OWN tipped pass! Catch of the year! We are Hawai'i's 37-yard line, down three. We're at the middle of the field.

Now we have a decision. Darren deRochemont is our long field goal kicker (50+). This is the first time this has happened and it's a game-tying decision. There's just about a 1mph aid from the wind. Tinzen Ubekista has made 51 yarders in practice but this is a 54 yarder, and he missed a 31 yarder wide right just minutes ago. We could go for the ball game and throw another pass up.

Draggo says, "deRochemont. This is yours. Go kick it." So deRochemont will attempt a fifty-four yard game-TYING field goal. We don't win the game kicking this. We force OT. Hawai'i has no timeouts to ice him.

And here is was.. the snap, the hold was good, it gets past the line and it has the distance.. but it starts to move right slightly..




We won the OT toss, defense we go. Brent Rausch comes out. Sacked. Good start. Then he hits Green for 5 yards, then Taylor for four. Symonds will go for the 38 yard field goal..


.. and IT'S WIDE RIGHT! 22-22 still. First play. 13 yard run by Barnett. Party. 3 more yards by Barnett. Then Ubekista will come out for the game winner..


.. HE MAKES IT! UBEKISTA HITS HIS FIFTH FIELD GOAL OF THE GAME AND HE WINS IT! The freshman comes through. Holy crap. 25-22 Tulane OT.

FINAL SCORE: 25-22 Tulane

GGS: 1033

Holy crap. Tinzen Ubekista hits five field goals including the game winner but deRochemont comes through and nails a HUGE 54 yard field goal to tie the game at the end of regulation. We had no offense TD's. Three INT's hurt us. One in the endzone and the other two in Hawai'i territory. We escaped thanks to a great kicking day: 6-of-7 (Tinzen: 5/6, deRochemont: 1/1). Nice to get our first win nevertheless.

What position is up for grabs: Kevin Moore's time at QB may be done as he'll have to practice hard to keep it, despite his good amount of yards. The competition is open through Moore, Ponder and Kemp for next week's job. We didn't expect Ponder back to QB so soon but he's showing interest.


Kevin Moore: 103.3 QB Rating, 17-for-33 passing, 275 yards, 3 INT

Stephen Barnett: 31 rush att, 121 yards, 3.9 avg, 5 yards rec

Duplessis: 21 rush yards, 14 rec yards

Devin Figaro: 4 rec, 49 yards / Alan Mitchell: 4 rec, 72 yards

D.J. Banks: 3 rec, 58 yards / Casey Robottom: 2 rec, 58 yards

J.T. McDonald: 1 rec, 10 yards / George Harrison: 1 rec, 5 yards

Darryl Farley: 10 tackles / Sammy Boudreaux: 7 tackles

Cody Leford: 6 tackles, TFL / Samuel Brooks: 6 tackles

Devin Williams: 6 tackles, 2 TFL, 2 Sacks

Alex Wacha: 6 tackles, INT

Dezmen Moses: 4 tackles, FR, Def TD

JJ Black: 3 tackles

Gregory Hallinsworth: 2 tackles, FF, FR

Oscar Ponce De Leon: 2 tackles, FR

Tony Bryant: Sack

Tinzen Ubekista: 5-for-6 field goals, long of 42, 1/1 XP

Darren deRochemont: 1/1 FG, 54 yarder.

UP NEXT: Week Three Around the NCAA

ID Note: This game is probably one of the greatest games I have ever played on any NCAA game.

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 02:14 PM


Virginia Tech lost to Western Michigan at home and then the Broncos became ranked. Basically that's it.


>> Kansas 42, Southern Miss 35 ... Davis had 4 passing TD's for USM but KU's Lewis won the game on a 3 yard TD run with 1:38 to play.

>> #8 North Carolina 34, ECU 20 ... UNC rolled to a 34-13 lead late until ECU had a garbage time TD pass.

>> Troy 27, UAB 20 ... UAB was in it but they weren't. Down 20-13 late, they threw a pick-six at Troy's 29, and then got another TD late but it was too late.

>> UCF 34, Buffalo 7 ... Harvey ran for 3 TD's.

>> Houston 45, UTEP 17 ... The teams traded pick-sixes, Keenum only had one pass TD (only two in the game). Beall ran for two TD's and Keenum ran for one.

>> Northwestern 26, Rice 20 OT ... Rice had a 20-7 3rd quarter lead, but fell in OT after they didn't score and Stephen Simmons for NU did on 2 yard TD run.

>> #18 Oklahoma State 48, Tulsa 21 ... Cate threw 3 TD's in 1st quarter and 1:43 of the 2nd quarter for Oklahoma State as they took a 34-7 halftime lead. G.J. Kinne had three pass TD's, two to DeMaris Johnson.

>> Marshall 34, SMU 24 ... SMU falls to 0-3. Marshall had a 34-0 halftime lead. Darius Marshall ran for 2 TD's, they had a pick-six, two field goals and a pass TD. SMU scored all 24 of their points in the fourth including a garbage TD with :10 left.


NALFSes this week in the top 25: #21 Western Michigan, #4 Oklahoma

>> #9 LSU 24, #7 West Virginia 17 ... Jordan Jefferson had 3 pass TD's.

>> Florida State 36, #14 USF 13 ... USF loses to winless Florida State. USF only trailed by one at the half: 14-13, but Ponder threw for 3 TD's including a strange 2pt conversion (wtf? 21-13 not good enough for you?) in the second half.

>> #16 Virginia Tech 30, #11 Georgia Tech 27 2OT ... Miracle win for VT. Clayton throws a 42 yard TD with :17 left to get the Hokies into OT, then in the 2nd OT he throws a 19 yard TD.

>> #10 Ohio State 24, Ohio 12 ... Not as close as the score seems as tOSU held a 24-0 lead on the Bobcats in the 3rd. Jamaal Berry ran for a TD.

>> #12 Boise State 43, Wyoming 27 ... Boise trailed 27-16 at the half, took the lead in the 3rd (29-27) and then added TWO garbage TD passes including one with :50 left. Kellen Moore threw 5 TD's (3 really).

>> Suicide Watch Alert (Southern California): MINNESOTA 34, #5 USC 28 ... Mighty Minnesota hosts USC and takes a 21-14 3rd quarter lead then a 34-14 lead, and then USC rallies back with two late TD's but it's too little, too late. USC has some QB trouble: 3 QB's played, combined for 4 INT's and two fumbles. Ouch.

>> Nebraska 45, #22 Washington 30 ... Nebraska added a late TD and a late FG to make a 35-30 game look better for them.

>> #19 Clemson 24, #13 Auburn 3 ... Not a surprise. Auburn almost lost to Arkansas State on week one.

>> Not this year: #3 Florida 26, Tennessee 7 ... Brantley threw for 2 TD's.

>> Maryland 17, #25 NC State 10 ... Welcome to the ACC.

Other teams: Eastern Kentucky drops it's first game to Illinois (was 2-0). Temple is 2-0.

TOP 25

Rank|Coaches'|Iron Dragon's poll

1|Penn State(38)|Penn State(1)




5|Ole Miss|Oklahoma

6|LSU|Ole Miss

7|North Carolina|North Carolina

8|Ohio State|Ohio State

9|Boise State|Boise State

10|West Virginia|Clemson

11|Virginia Tech|Utah

12|Utah|West Virginia

13|Clemson|Texas A&M

14|USC|Virginia Tech

15|Texas A&M|Oklahoma State

16|Georgia Tech|TCU

17|Oklahoma State|Minnesota



20|Western Michigan|Western Michigan






Outside the Coaches: Cincy, Oregon, Illinois, Maryland, Florida State, Washington, Colorado

HEISMAN: Kellen Moore, Corbin Louks, Sean Fitzgerald (WR, Utah), Andre Debose (WR, Florida), Titus Young

UP NEXT: SMU (0-3) at home, some prospects visiting. Who starts at QB? Does Kevin Moore keep his job despite the slow start? Find out..

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 02:15 PM

SMU (0-3, 0-0) @ Tulane (1-2, 0-0)

NEW ORLEANS --- So who's the starter for this game? Kevin Moore. Yes, that's right. He did really well in practice so nothing happened. Meanwhile, for SMU, JJ McDermott is out for multiple weeks with an injury for SMU so Braden Smith (r-SO) starts for SMU. How many times will SMU run the ball this year? Probably not many. Last year, we battled back to beat SMU. This year, we play at home. ON TO THE ACTION!


We won the toss, defers. SMU went three and out. Stephen Barnett takes five carries for 22 yards, then Moore gets sacked, but redeems herself with a 27 yard pass to Banks, then Barnett gets 3 and gets 10 from Moore, then Moore hits Banks for 4, then Figaro for 6 to the 1. Then on the next play..


.. would hit Robottom for a 1 yard TD pass. SMU went three and out again. Barnett ran for 12 yards, then a bad run then two incompletions and a punt. SMU started to drive with a 12 yard pass, then a 36 yard pass, then a 13 yard pass..


A few plays later Smith throws to Lunday for a 9 yard TD pass. 7-7 all.

We come out and run, Barnett gets 11 and then makes a 8 yard grab. Moore gets sacked, but then does this..


.. he throws to Robottom and his defender went WAY too hard for the pick and got smoked for it. A 58 yard TD pass. SMU fights back and passes down the field and scores on an easy 4 yard TD. 14-14.

We'd drive down the field, we'd go for it on fourth (too far for a field goal, too short for a punt), and Moore's pass would be tipped once, then twice, then a third time and picked off. That's actually acceptable. SMU does nothing in the 45 seconds they had. Halftime.


We'd start out running. 6 yards for Barnett, Duplessis got 8, Barnett got 7, then 5, then 7 more, and Moore hit Banks for 7, Barnett got 10 and then four, Moore then found Robottom twice for gains of 13 and 2, then Barnett for 8, and then Barnett scored on a 1 yard TD run. Anti-climatic. Yes.


SMU comes out..


.. and Farley gets an INT. Moore hits Robottom for 9 yards, then hits Banks..



.. who is wide open and goes for six. 28-14 Tulane. SMU comes out, drives a bit and stalls and punts.

We'd start to drive, we'd get a 7 yard run by Barnett, Moore hit Robottom for 31, then Moore to Mitchell for 17 yards. And the quarter ends.


Unfortunately, we'd stall and Ubekista would fail on a kick and miss it wide left. But SMU goes three and out. We then give it to Barnett, who gets 3 yards, then 28, then seven. Moore hits Banks for 5, then Barnett for 13 and then he hits a Utopian..


.. whose name is George Harrison and it's a 6 yard TD. 35-14 Tulane. SMU goes three and out again. Richardson gets 5, then McDonald gets 2 and 9, Barnett goes for five carries, Duplessis picks up one, and then from our 22..


... Donny Richardson is back in. He sees a hole..


... and he goes for a 22 yard TD! First career TD for Richardson. 42-14 Tulane. SMU comes out. Gregory Hallinsworth gets a pick. Game over. Moore kneels a couple times and the game is over.


Kevin Moore is back and this is the best game we've ever played under my coaching (back to over .500, 9-8), we shut down SMU's passing game with 2 picks and saw three freshman make big plays: Donny Richardson, George Harrison, and Gregory Hallinsworth. Kevin Moore had his best game by far in 2010 with 4 TD's and a LUCKY INT. Casey Robottom had the best game he's ever had too.


Kevin Moore: 194.4 QB Rating, 21-for-29 passing, 288 yards, 4 TD, INT

Stephen Barnett: 31 rush att, 163 yards, TD, 5 rec, 44 yards

Donny Richardson: 3 rush att, 33 yards, TD

Casey Robottom: 7 rec, 135 yards, 2 TD

D.J. Banks: 5 rec, 74 yards, TD

George Harrison: 1 rec, 6 yards, TD

Devin Figaro: 2 rec, 12 yards / Alan Mitchell: 1 rec, 17 yards

Lawrence Abrams: 4 pancakes

Cody Leford: 7 tackles, TFL

Darryl Farley: 7 tackles, TFL, INT

Samuel Brooks: 4 tackles

Sammy Boudreaux: 3 tackles

Oscar Ponce De Leon: 3 tackles, 2 TFL, 2 Sacks

Devin Williams: 3 tackles, TFL

Gregory Hallinsworth: Tackle, INT

Tony Bryant: Tackle, TFL, Sack

SMU: Four players with 12 tackles.

UP NEXT: Week Four Around the NCAA

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 02:16 PM


Last week on Around the NCAA: USC lost to Minnesota and stuff. That's about it.


>> UAB 31, NALFS Northwest 6 ... The NALFS Northwest Elaborate Tree Squirrels fell to UAB giving the Blazers their first win. Ellis had two pass TD's and a rush TD.

>> Virginia Tech 14, ECU 0 ... Yawn game. VT led 3-0 after three.

>> Memphis 45, Tulsa 24 ... Memphis to 3-0, Tulsa to 1-2. Memphis threw for 4 TD's and 364 yards through 2 QB's. G.J. Kinne had 3 Total TD's.

>> What's up with Southern Miss: Missouri 47, Southern Miss 24 ... USM down to 0-3.

>> UTEP 37, New Mexico 20 ... UTEP's Vittatoe threw for 4 TD's.

>> Houston 32, Texas Tech 28 ... Case Keenum found Beall for a 39 yard TD pass with :28 left as Texas Tech rallied from 17 down and took the lead but UH came back and won late.

>> Baylor 27, Rice 17 ... Rice took a 10-0 lead, until Robert Griffin had 3 total TD's.

>> Marshall 27, UCF 13 ... Marshall up to 2-0 in C-USA.


>> Miami FL 14, #16 Georgia Tech 9 ... GT down to 0-2 in the ACC. Jacory Harris with 2 TD's.

>> #8 Ohio State 38, Eastern Michigan 21 ... Ohio State is weird. They trailed 13-7 to EMU, then Terrelle Pryor ended up having 4 Total TD's as Ohio State escaped the Eagles.

>> #22 USF 27, #13 Clemson 24 ... USF won the game on a 35 yard field goal with :16 seconds left.

>> #14 USC 52, Washington 31 ... USC needed FIVE second half TD's to escape Washington.

>> #5 Mississippi 14, #17 Oklahoma State 10 ... Close, boring game. Stanley threw for 2 TD's.

>> #20 Western Michigan 33, Toledo 32 ... Closer than the score looks. Toledo had 10 late points. Arnheim had 3 passing TD's.

>> #12 Utah 21, Air Force 19 ... Utah needed a 39 yard field goal with 11 seconds left.

Rivalry Renewed: >> PITTSBURGH 26, #1 Penn State 24 ... Oh Penn State. 2008: Iowa. 2010: PITT. Harper with 11 seconds left kicks Penn State out of their number one ranking with a 39 yard field goal after Penn State rallied from a 23-7 deficit to a 24-23 lead.

TOP 25

Rank|Coaches'|Iron Dragon's top 25




4|Ole Miss|Ole Miss


6|North Carolina|North Carolina

7|Ohio State|Ohio State

8|Boise State|West Virginia

9|West Virginia|Utah

10|Virginia Tech|Boise State

11|Utah|Virginia Tech

12|Penn State|Texas A&M


14|Texas A&M|Penn State


16|USF|Western Michigan


18|Western Michigan|Wisconsin



21|Oklahoma State|PITT




25|Nebraska|Oklahoma State

Outside the Coaches': Georgia Tech, Oregon, Illinois, Maryland, Florida State, Arizona, Cincinnati, Colorado, Miami (FL)

HEISMAN: Kellen Moore, Sean Fitzgerald, Andre Debose, Garrett Gilbert (r-FR), Roy Helu (RB, Nebraska)

NCAA Player of the Week note: Brent Rausch: 51/68, 624 yards (!!!), 6 TD (54-44 vs Idaho)

UP NEXT: At home against Louisiana Tech, 3-1 (2-0 in the Sun Belt). They are C OVR, they have had NO home games. Only loss is at Clemson (by 21, #19).

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 02:16 PM

Louisiana Tech (3-1, 2-0 Sun Belt) at Tulane (2-2, 1-0 C-USA)

NEW ORLEANS -- Louisiana Tech looks like they should roll in the Sun Belt and they haven't had a home game yet. Their only loss is at Clemson. Which is impressive, because they haven't played a home game and have scored at least two TD's in each game, and they look to be on track for a decent 8-4ish season. This is my trap game. Louisiana Tech has a few very good players but lack depth. If we let those players get going, we'll be in trouble. Can Kevin Moore have another good game? Let's find out.. also this report will be more picture based in a way because it's late.


We won the toss and chose to receive. Figaro returns the kick to the 34. Barnett gets five, Banks get a 7 yard catch, Figaro gets 7 from Moore, then Duplessis gets 6, then Kevin Moore hits Mitchell for 19, then Robottom for 18, then hits Barnett, who is wide open in the endzone for a 6 yard TD:


L-Tech comes out and goes three and out. We'd drive down the field quickly thanks to a 35 yard run by Stephen Barnett, but two plays later from our two, Moore is sacked and loses the ball..


.. and a d-lineman takes it all the way back for six. Damnit.

We'd drive right down the field again thanks to a huge 53 yard HB screen to Barnett, and two plays later Antoine Duplessis scores from 2 yards out:


Louisiana Tech converts a critical 3rd & 14 and then the quarter ends.


Four plays into the quarter, Ensminger finds Fallis for a 2 yard TD after a 33 yard pass.

We'd start off by running: Barnett got 14 yards on three carries, then Moore hit Mitchell for 12, then Mitchell again for 16, then Banks for 12, Duplessis ran for 10 and Barnett pounded it in from four yards out:


21-14 Tulane. Louisiana Tech would drive down at us, stall. 29 yard field goal. 21-17.

We'd get the ball back with a minute and a half in the quarter to go. On the fourth play of the drive, Stephen Barnett runs for 7 yards but is taken off the field with an injury and he WOULD NOT return. Injury status is unknown. We'd get to the LA Tech 8, roll the dice with 8 seconds left and go for it on 4th & 1 and J.T. McDonald could not break a touchdown-saving tackle at our 8 (he had open field past the guy), and that was that.


LA Tech goes three and out. First play for us, Donny Richardson takes a carry and HE GOES DOWN. Injury status unknown, he wouldn't return either. We'd go three and out. Then our defense epic fails and we allow a 53 yard TD pass where we had FOUR missed tackles. 24-21 LA Tech.

We'd come fighting back. Moore would hit McDnald for 10, Robottom for 27, then would hit Robottom two plays later for a..


.. 26 yard TD! 28-24 Tulane.

LA Tech's drive would stall and they'd punt.

We'd drive down the field, stall and Ubekista would miss a 37 yard field goal JUST wide left from the left hash mark. Louisiana Tech would end the quarter... by..

FUMBLING! Gregory Hallinsworth recovered the fumble.


With a short field, Moore runs for 14 on a load option (Rare playcall), then hits Harrison for 8, then McDonald gets 5.. then he would find Harrison again..


.. for a 14 yard TD! 35-24 Tulane. LA Tech three and out. We'd go three and out. Play two of LA Tech's drive, Ensminger goes deep but his man CAN not keep up with the ball..


.. and JJ Black and Samuel Brooks fight over the INT and Brooks gets it.. he'd break the WR's tackle.. he'd GET SOME BLOCKS, he'd spin away from the QB..


.. AND THAT'S A 79 YARD PICK-SIX! The man with low ACC does it! His agility does it for us! 42-24 Tulane. That's your ballgame, I hope. Video highlight will come soon.

LA Tech will get a pity TD. 42-30. 2pt no good. They'd kick an onside. We'd recover. Trying to running out the clock..


.. with :25 left, our FIFTH string runningback (moved to 2nd midway through the 2nd), Nathan Austin scores a 2 yard TD. I tried. I tried not to score. If you can't tell. 49-30 Tulane.

LA Tech did nothing in the seconds they had.

FINAL SCORE: http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm191/UIronDragon/bottomline.png

Kevin Moore is back. 338 yards and 3 TD's. I don't know how our runningbacks are doing but I hope they are both back next game. If not, it's McDonald and Austin for the next game. I hope they are doing well as Richardson took a hard hit and Barnett went down awkwardly.

:intup: Samuel Brooks: ups to Brooks for his awesome pick-six.


Kevin Moore: 156 QB Rating, 21/38 passing, 338 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT

J.T. McDonald: 12 rush att, 64 yards, 1 rec, 10 yards

Stephen Barnett (inj): 12 rush, 85 yards, TD, 2 rec, 59 yards, TD

Antoine Duplessis: 4 rush att, 21 yards/ Nathan Austin: 3 rush att, 2 yards, TD / Richardson: 4 yards (inj.)

George Harrison: 5 rec, 61 yards, TD (his stats for the year before this game in one game)

Alan Mitchell: 5 rec, 71 yards / Casey Robottom: 4 rec, 87 yards, TD

Devin Figaro: 2 rec, 31 yards / D.J. Banks: 2 rec, 19 yards

Cody Leford: 6 tackles

Kristifer Rhymes: 5 tackles, 2 TFL

Darryl Farley: 5 tackles, TFL, Sack

Samuel Brooks: 4 tackles, INT, Def TD

Gregory Hallinsworth: 4 tackles

Oscar Ponce De Leon: 3 tackles, TFL, Sack

Sammy Bourdeaux: 2 tackles, TFL

JJ Black: 2 tackles

UP NEXT: Week Five Around the NCAA

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 02:17 PM


Last week #1 Penn State lost at home to in-state foe Pittsburgh in a renewed rivalry. Not sure if they'll want to play again after that one.. what happens this week? Let's see.


>> Marshall 37, Ohio 14 ... Marshall is currently the surprise team in the C-USA. 3-2 record and a 2-0 C-USA record. Marshall ran for 2 and Anderson threw for 3.

>> UCF 42, NALFS East 0 ... UCF faces NALFS East and wins. Clabrease with 3 pass TD and Harvey ran for three.

>> Memphis 31, UTEP 29 ... And another surprise team is Memphis. 4-0, 2-0. They escaped a better than last year UTEP team by two. UTEP had a late TD and failed to get the two.

>> Houston 35, Tulsa 7 ... UH is 4-0, 2-0. Tulsa is not so good. Case Keenum threw for 4 TD's and his backup threw for 1. Tulsa needs to end their QB situation: Bower finished with a 82.1 QB rating, with 17 incompletions (9/26), and Kinne finished with a 52.4 rating, with 14 incompletions (5/19).

>> Battle of the Winless: Southern Miss 31, ECU 28 ... If I told you that ECU and USM would be winless entering this game, you'd call me crazy. USM needed 21 2nd-half points including 15 in the final quarter to win. ECU drops to 0-4, USM to 1-3.

>> UAB 31, Rice 24 ... Rice to 0-4. Ellis for UAB had 4 TD's and Fanuzzi for Rice had 353 yards and 3 TD's but 3 INT's while Ellis had none.


>> #13 USC 27, Cal 24 ... USC is struggling. USC could only take a 6-0 halftime lead, then they took a 16-0 lead until Cal rallied back with 17 straight points, then the teams traded TD's (And USC got a 2), and then with 10 seconds left Lee for USC kicks a 46 yard field goal.

>> #12 Penn State 27, #20 Wisconsin 24 ... Penn State needed a Kevin Newsome TD run to get the game back to a tie with 6 mins. left, and then Wagner nailed a 36 yard GW fg with :04 left.

>> #8 Boise State 56, Hawai'i 47 ... Passing TD's galore: Kellen Moore threw for 471 yards with 4 TD's and a pick. While Brent Rausch threw for 460 yards and 6 TD's and 0 INT's. However Jeremy Avery ran for 62 yards and 4 TD's, while Hawaii kicked two field goals that could have been TD's (both kicks from less than 30 yards).

>> #2 Texas 63, Iowa State 24 ... Garrett Gilbert threw for 2 TD's and ran for one, but McGee and Johnson both ran for a trio of touchdowns. ISU's Arnaud had a decent day with 3 Total TD's and 0 INT's.

>> Suicide Watch: Florida, Year Two: #23 Alabama 17, #1 Florida 14 ... Alabama's Mark Ingram scored on a 3 yard TD run with 20 seconds left to put a dagger in the Gators' week at #1.

>> #18 Western Michigan 20, Buffalo 17 ... WMU took a 17-0 lead on the Bulls before UB scored 17 straight, but WMU kicked a 20 yard field goal with 8 seconds to play to win it.

Top game next week: #1 Texas/#2 Oklahoma

TOP 25

Rank|Coaches'|Iron Dragon's Poll



3|Ole Miss(3)|LSU

4|LSU(1)|Ole Miss

5|North Carolina(1)|Ohio State

6|Ohio State(1)|North Carolina

7|Boise State|Boise State

8|Florida|West Virginia

9|West Virginia|Florida

10|Virginia Tech|Utah

11|Utah|Virginia Tech

12|Penn State|Texas A&M

13|USC|Penn State

14|Texas A&M|TCU



17|Auburn|Western Michigan

18|Western Michigan|Alabama






24|Wisconsin|Oregon (5-0)

25|Oklahoma State|Wisconsin

Outside the Coaches: Oregon, Georgia Tech (tied with Oregon), Illinois, Maryland, Arizona, Notre Dame, Cincy

HEISMAN: Garrett Gilbert (QB, r-FR, Texas), Sean Fitzgerald (WR, Utah, SO), Jeremy Avery (HB, Boise, SR), Andre Debose (WR, Florida, SO), Roy Helu (HB, Nebraska, SR)

UP NEXT: at Houston (4-0), on TV, 1 win ever on TV (Hawai'i), Houston is better than us in every category but total offense (2 yards worse than us) rushing offense (they are 4 yards worse than us). Keep in mind: Tulane 5 games, Houston 4. Houston has the #1 rush defense, too. Hopefully we stay in the game until the very end.

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 02:18 PM
Tulane's RB depth chart suffers: McDonald could start, Barnett to play less than normal, Richardson to get another MRI

NEW ORLEANS --- J.T. McDonald could make his first college start - a little earlier than expected. With the NCAA's leading rusher in yards banged up (keep in mind, Tulane has played 5 games, most teams only have played 4, including the no. 2 man), Stephen Barnett could start - but will most likely spend most of his time on the bench. Barnett hurt his ankle in the 2nd quarter of the Louisiana Tech game.

Tulane's RB depth chart did not need this. They redshirted sophomore Payton Jason and freshman Dan Thomas - lowering their numbers from 6 to 4. With Barnett banged up, that gives them three. However, Donny Richardson, also went down, in the third quarter. His injury was more severe than Richardson, and is affecting his MCL. With another MRI upcoming, his injury could be a sprain (3-4 weeks), a partial tear (10-15 weeks, back for bowl game(?)), or a complete tear (season-ending).

Richardson's injury is most likely a sprain, but could be a partial tear. This would keep him out for about four weeks. Barnett's injury may not affect him at all, but could limit his carries to let his ankle fully recover. If he is not ready to go, it will be J.T. McDonald starting, with Nathan Austin as his backup and a possible WR as the third string.

If Barnett is good to go, he will most likely take 20 carries at most, unless he looks very confident with his ankle in practice. So he could take around 30 at most. If he's not McDonald and Austin will share the load on about a 75/25 split, along with FB Antoine Duplessis.

If the running game struggles the Green Wave can rely on very confident Kevin Moore who has turned around a 1 TD, 6 INT start to the season to a current 8 TD, 7 INT season.

In other news.. position battles (1st player is current 3rd): WR2: D.J. Banks/Alan Mitchell, CB2: Sammy Bourdeaux/Alex Wacha, TE2: Tyler Helm/Brock Sanders. Also, D.J. Ponder has started to take reps again at QB. Most speculate he will return to the QB after a disappointing stint at WR.

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 02:20 PM
Alright, another five games down for your pleasure which puts 18 so far in this thread. Only 50 or so more to go.

Also it's pretty cool to re-read some of my earlier seasons in this dynasty, I think.

07-03-2010, 02:26 PM
Also it's pretty cool to re-read some of my earlier seasons in this dynasty, I think.

It is cool to be able and go back and read earlier games.

Iron Dragon
07-03-2010, 02:38 PM
It is cool to be able and go back and read earlier games.

It's also cool to look at what happened around us like Brent Rausch's 624 yard game.

07-03-2010, 03:12 PM
Loved that Google Map pic :)

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 08:16 AM
Loved that Google Map pic :)

Thanks, I always thought that was a nice touch I had.

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 09:21 AM

Tulane (3-2, 1-0 C-USA) at Houston (4-0, 2-0 C-USA)

HOUSTON, TEXAS --- Last year we lost a heartbreaker to Houston with a batted pass in OT on fourth down and a batted pass that could have won the game at the end of regulation. This year, Houston is undefeated and is on pace for a great season. The winner of this game becomes the favorite in the West, and if it's Houston, there might be no stopping them. This was the #1 vs #2 West predicted teams, if I remember right. If Tulane pulls off the win, it could be the best win for them so far under Ron Draggo. If Houston wins, they roll to 3-0 in the C-USA.. Let's find out.

Pre-game news: Stephen Barnett will start, he's back to 100%.


We won the toss and deferred. Houston came out. Two incomplete passes and a 0 yard run. Kevin Moore starts out with a 9 yard run, then Barnett gets 7 on two carries, Moore finds Mitchell for 16, Duplessis gets 7, Barnett takes three carries and gets a first down and then Moore steps back and throws..


.. to Alan Mitchell for the touchdown! 15 yard TD for Mitchell.

Keenum throws for 38 yards on two plays, Beall loses 2, Keenum runs for 10, and on fourth down, Houston rolls the dice in field goal range and goes for it.. and they would not get it!

Stephen Barnett showed his injury wasn't stopping him as he almost broke a TD but instead picked up 29 yards. Casey Robottom then on WR sweep picks up 19 yards. Two plays go nowhere for Tulane as we lose five yards on a sack. On third down, Figaro gets 14 of the 15 on a reception. We go for it on fourth and one. Duplessis got five. Moore hits Harrison for 11 to the two. Then J.T. McDonald checks in:


..and gets a 2 yard TD. 14-0 Tulane. Yes, that's right 14-0 TULANE!

Houston starts up the pass happy train and gets 32 yards on three passes to start their drive.. here we go. [glare]


We put pressure on Keenum to start the quarter, and his pass floats and Beall catches it, the catch - he's 7 yards behind the LOS and is stopped immediately. They could not recover from that 2nd & 17 and punted two plays later. Tulane took over with 6:14 in the quarter.

Barnett gets 6 after losing three, Mitchell gets 7, Figaro gains 10, both from Moore's passes obviously. Two plays later on third and 11, and Moore hits Mitchell for 19. Barnett gets 2, then Moore gets 8 and gets the first down on third down. Duplessis then gets eight. We try a WR sweep again: 2 yards from Robottom. Moore hits Robottom for 12 yards. McDonald runs for 3, Barnett gets 2, Barnett then gets a 6 yard reception. A play later..


.. Moore hits Mitchell for TD no. 2 for an 8 yard TD. 21-0 TULANE!! Holy upset batman! That drive chipped off four and a half minutes! 1:47 left in the half.

Houston would go three and out. Pinch me now.

Barnett would get 15 on two carries. Then Moore finds a wide open Robottom for 29. We gain five yards, let the clock drain. Timeout. 38 yard field goal by Ubekista is good. 24-0 Tulane. Holy crap. Upset special?


We'd go three and out. Houston gets a first down, Beall gets 11. But Case Keenum gets sacked on a crucial third down. Punt. Moore fires one to Harrison for twenty. Barnett runs for 18 on four carries. McDonald gets 1 and we can't get the first down. Ubekista misses a 46 yard field goal JUST wide left off the crossbar from the left hash mark into the glaring sun. 24-0 still.

Houston goes three and out. Then this happens:


And J.T. McDonald fumbles. Well hold the phone, if Houston's offense gets going this one's not over.


Well hey would you look at that. Houston passing TD. 8 yards. They go for two. No good.


Three and out us. Punt to start the 4th on the first play of the quarter. Houston starts to drive..


.. Darryl Farley gets a critical INT! He's got some field..


.. but he can't take it. But we're close to field goal range. We'd get into field goal range but we wouldn't get the first down. Ubekista would kick it, and it was good for a career long! Yellow flag. Holding, #80 (HARRISON@!@!), 10 yards. Repeat fourth down. Punt.

Well it's not like Houston would score again.. a 32 yard pass, and then..


.. a 38 yard TD pass to Scrouton who bowled over two of our guys when he made the catch. Hold the phone and the party. They'd go for two..


.. and they got it. 24-14. 3:00 to play.. and they'd kick an onside.. it was a good kick, VAN HOOSER FUMBLES IT!!!

But he picks up his own muff. Whew. We'd chew half of the three minutes and kick a 42 yard field goal. 27-14. Houston was still in this, believe it or not.

However thanks to horrible clock management, on their second to last play, sack. Fourth down and game with 16 seconds to go. Keenum steps back..


.. and it's a sack party. De Leon with the game sealing sack. And Keenum had a man wide open in the endzone too. Oh well.

We'd kneel down the rest of the clock.

FINAL SCORE: (UPSET SPECIAL!!) Tulane 27, Houston 14

This is our best win so far under my coaching. Everyone played their hearts out. Barnett had a poor YPC carry game but had 111 yards on 30 carries, but sometimes YPC doesn't mean a thing. Kevin Moore only had four incompletions (two drops). We shut down Case Keenum in the first half with 0 TD's and held Houston to nothing for three and a half quarters and unlike Southern Miss 2009, we held on after taking a huge lead and getting confidence in the upset. This year, we took a huge(r) lead and then held on to it and now we can go home celebrate and hopefully not be kicked off cloud nine by UTEP.


Kevin Moore: 196.5 QB Rating, 14-for-18 passing, 176 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT, 13 rush yards

Stephen Barnett: 30 rush att, 111 yards, 3.7 avg, 0 TD, 2 rec, 10 yards

J.T. McDonald: 6 rush att, 24 yards, TD, Fumble

Alan Mitchell: 5 rec, 65 yards, 2 TD

George Harrison: 2 rec, 31 yards / Devin Figaro: 2 rec, 24 yards / Casey Robottom: 2 rec, 41 yards, 21 rush yards

Cody Leford: 8 tackles, 2 TFL

Darryl Farley: 7 tackles, INT

Sammy Boudreaux: 6 tackles

Samuel Brooks: 6 tackles

Devin Williams: 6 tackles, 3 TFL, Sack, FF

Tony Bryant: 4 tackles, 2 TFL, Sack

Oscar Ponce De Leon: 3 tackles, TFL, Sack

Tinzen Ubekista: 2/3 FG, 3/3 XP

UP NEXT: Week Six Around the NCAA

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 09:21 AM

Last week on Around the NCAA, another #1 bites the dust as Florida fell to Alabama, this week, #1 Texas plays #2 Oklahoma. Could it be three straight weeks?


>> UCF 31, Memphis 14 ... Memphis (4-0, 2-0) did have the same record as Houston entering the week, and they will exiting. Memphis' lone offensive TD came in the 1st quarter on a TD pass.
>> UAB 23, SMU 15 ... June Jones may be finding his way to a new coaching job next year, SMU to 0-5. Ellis with 2 TD passes.
>> Marshall 27, #20 Alabama 24 ... Chain: Marshall who beat Alabama who beat Florida. Hello surprise team, 4-2, 2-0 (same record as Tulane). Marshall's 16-point second quarter after falling behind 10-0 and then their TD run at the beginning of the 4th propelled them to the upset.
>> UTEP 39, Virginia 27 ... UTEP rallied with 16 fourth quarter points including a garbage 74 yard TD pass with 41 seconds to play. Vittatoe with 3 TD passes.
>> Southern Miss 22, Tulsa 10 ... Here comes Southern Miss, but what's up with Tulsa? 1-4 and 0-3 in the C-USA. USM had a 22-point 2nd quater. Davis with 2 pass TD's.
>> ECU 32, Rice 21 ... Battle of the 0-4 teams as ECU prevails. outscoring Rice 23-7 in the final 31 and a half minutes.


>> Mississippi State 27, #17 Auburn 0 .. I didn't believe in Auburn's offense. And they mustered up just 120 yards against the previously winless in SEC play MSU Bulldogs.
>> Kansas State 28. #25 Okie State 15 ... K-State having another strong start under Bill Snyder (3-1, 2-0). Brown had 3 all-purpose TD's in the first quarter: 2 recieving and 1 punt return.
>> Northwestern 20, #6 Ohio State 3 ... wah wah wah. The Buckeyes outgained NU 235-216 but the Buckeyes turned the ball over FIVE times at home against the now 4-1 wildcats.
>> #4 LSU 25, Vanderbilt 22 .. With three seconds left. Down 22-17. Jordan Jefferson throws a 22 yard TD pass to Terrance Tolliver and the Tigers win it. JJ threw for 3 TD's.
>> Kansas 24, #14 aTm 13 ... Kansas' 93 yard INT return of Tannehill in the fourth quarter was the dagger in the Aggies first loss of 2010.
>> #21 Minnesota 34, (ID's no. 23) Illinois 27 ... Minnesota rallied back to beat the Illini on a 17 yard TD pass from Adam Weber with 18 seconds to go.
>> #2 Oklahoma 27, #1 Texas 14 ... Primetime Red River Rivalry. Tied at the half at 7, Oklahoma had a 20-point swing including a pick-six of Garrett Gilbert. Gilbert had a bad day: 1 TD, 4 INT / Bradford: 1 TD, 2 INT.
>> Elsewhere: Ranked Western Michigan beat Ball State, North Texas traveled to Hawaii with a 3-2, 2-0 WAC record, got passraped 58-7. Brent Rausch (2.5 qtrs): 21/33, 330 yards, 5 TD. All of Hawai'i's points came inside the fourty minute mark of the game. Oregon improved to 6-0 beating 0-6 UCLA.

TOP 25
Rank|Coaches'|ID's worth nothing poll
2|Ole Miss(25)|LSU
3|LSU(1)|Ole Miss
4|North Carolina|Texas
5|Boise State|North Carolina
6|Utah|Boise State
8|Florida|West Virginia
9|West Virginia|Florida
10|Virginia Tech|TCU
11|TCU|Virginia Tech
12|Penn State|Penn State
14|Minnesota|Western Michigan
16|Ohio State|Oregon
17|Western Michigan|USC
21|Texas A&M|Arizona (4-0)
22|Arizona|Texas A&M
23|Wisconsin|Notre Dame (5-0)
24|Notre Dame|Wisconsin
25|Northwestern|Ohio State

OUTSIDE the Coaches: Louisville, Cincy, PITT, Kansas, Auburn

The bottom of the top 25 is a mess. Notice my 13-16, all undefeated teams that were unranked to start the year. How did I decide where the train (the four unbeaten teams) moves up? Minnesota has the best win: USC, WMU has the second best: Virginia Tech, Nebraska's best win is Kansas at home (they should start 8-0 easily), and Oregon's best win is at a sub-.500 Tennessee team.

HEISMAN: Roy Helu (RB, Nebraska), Sean Fitzgerald (WR, Utah), Jeremy Kerley (WR, TCU), Garrett Gilbert (QB, Texas), Jeremy Avery (RB, Boise)

1. Tulane 2-0
2. Houston 2-1
3. UTEP, Rice 0-2
5. Tulsa, SMU 0-3

EAST: Everyone is at least .500 in conference, with three undefeated teams in conference.

UP NEXT: On the road at UTEP. Their offense is better on paper and their defense is worse on paper. This screams shootout trap game, but if we stop the passing game like we did to Houston.. watch out..

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 09:23 AM

Tulane (4-2, 2-0 C-USA) at UTEP (3-2, 0-2 C-USA)

EL PASO, TEXAS -- We head almost south of the border to play UTEP. Classic trap game on the road. UTEP has a B- OFF and a C- DEF. It's could be a trap shootout game. Trevor Vittatoe is a gunslinger who can throw for multiple TD's with no problem at all, and Kevin Moore is the same way, as his INT's have dropped from 6 in the first 3 games to 1 in the last three. Stephen Barnett is fully 100% this week if he wasn't already last week, while Richardson (HB3) is out until our BYE week it seems right now. Also it's an orange-out as UTEP is wearing all-orange and the stadium is full of orange and then our crappy section of green and ocean/light blue. Anyways, let's see what happens..


UTEP won the toss and chose to gunsling and recieve. And gunsling they did. Trevor Vittatoe and their RB Van Dyke led the Miners down the field. Eventually gunslinger Vittatoe finds Van Dyke who gets some air over a diving Samuel Brooks on this 12 yard TD:


We'd battle back easily. Barnett gets one to start the game, Moore hits Harrison for a first down. Barnett then breaks off runs of 19 and 16 yards, and Duplessis pounds for 6, Barnett gets five more, Kevin Moore surprisingly dances away for 6 yards, and then..


.. Barnett slides his way out for a 9 yard TD run to the left. 7-7.

UTEP said not so fast as they passed and ran down the field again and eventually got a 18 yard TD pass from Vittatoe to Frye. But they miss the XP. 13-7

These were our keys to the game:

- Stop Vittatoe: FAIL through one quarter

- Stop the passing game: FAIL through one quarter

- Score touchdowns: SUCCESS:

Well, anything UTEP can do we can do better.. it's a toss to Barnett.. from our own 25 who breaks a tackle at the 26, slips into the secondary..


... makes a defender miss at mid-field and bye bye folks, that's a 75 yard TD run! Hellooooo Barnett! 14-13 Tulane with the XP.

UTEP would drive into the next quarter.


After a funfilled 2nd quarter, this is the quarter where nothing happens. UTEP drives down the field, stalls. 33 yard field goal. We drive down the field. Stall. 51 yard field goal by Ubekista (career long, I do believe). UTEP then punts. We punt. UTEP gets another field goal. 19-17. We go three and out. UTEP does nothing. Halftime.


Unfortunately for the Miners, we get the ball first. Not a bad thing. Barnett gets three on two carries, then Moore hits Robottom for 26, and Harrison for 17. However, on the next play, Moore gets hit and doesn't come back up. He's hurt. And that's not a good thing. He won't return, so Joe Kemp needs to step up. However, Stephen Barnett says "just give it to me":


.. and he gets a 19 yard TD. 24-19. That's no. 3 for him on the day. And UTEP would shoot itself in the foot twice to start the drive: holding then false start. They couldn't recover. Three and out, punt.

Joe Kemp took the role of gunslinger. Kemp who is identical basically to Moore (2 or 3 less THP, not a bad thing, 3 less SPD, not a bad thing either). Had the drive of his life. Five passes: a 19 yarder to Mitchell, a 8 yarder to Barnett, a 6 yarder to Mitchell, 3 yards to Harrison and then going five for five with this:


.. a beautifully thrown 17 yard TD pass to Mitchell. Ron Draggo could breathe easier, "We're going to be okay with this kid.", he mumbled to himself.

Meanwhile UTEP woke up from their hibernation and scored on a 4 yard TD after a minute-and-a-half long drive. Did ya forget about them? 31-26 Tulane.

J.T. McDonald gets 24 yards on two carries (one being 22), Kemp hits Duplessis for 8 (6-for-6 in the third), and then runs for a 7 yards and a first down to end the quarter. Not bad, youngen.


McDonald starts the quarter witha 10 yard run, Kemp hits Harrison for 8 (7-for-7), Barnett runs for 5, Kemp throws to Harrison who is absolutely NAILED and flips and almost hangs onto the pass. Incomplete. Great attempt at it though. McDonald lost one, and then Kemp missed Mitchell. Ubekista nails a 35 yard field goal. 34-26 Tulane.

UTEP comes out... and Vittatoe makes a mistake. He underthrows Van Dyke and Kristifer Rhymes gets the INT.

We'd start to chew the clock. McDonald for 10, then five, then five more, Barnett got two, then eighteen (almost a TD), Stelly made a rare appearence and got one on 1st and goal, then Barnett got three. 3rd and Goal.

"The gunslinger" as Draggo would now call him does this:


.. he throws a perfect TD strike to D.J. Banks in the endzone. Great form, great pass, great catch. 41-26 Tulane. That's a four-yarder. A pretty good debut with only 10 passes, I'd say.

UTEP drove down the field passing, of course, scored. It was too little, too late, even though they got the two. They didn't get the onside kick and the kick was a miserable one.

We'd run out the clock with two first downs. Ah yes, Tulane is really turning into something good.. are we the best team in Louisiana? No. But we're getting there.


If you told me Trevor Vittatoe would do better than Case Keenum, I'd say "you are an idiot". And boy I was wrong. UTEP played like Houston should have, and Houston played like UTEP should have. Or maybe this was the way things were supposed to go down. Four more C-USA wins and the title is ours. Just gotta play strong with Kevin Moore. He's supposely going to be back around the BYE week. But Joe Kemp is a gunslinger and he's a pocket passer and a good one at that. Hopefully his performance carries over to next week and the weeks he will start. Stephen Barnett is back, too, completely.


Joe Kemp: 207.3 QB Rating, 8-for-10 passing, 73 yards, 2 TD, 7 rush yards

Kevin Moore (injured, ~4 weeks): 100.3 QB Rating, 6-for-12 passing, 72 yards

Stephen Barnett: 22 rush att, 197 yards, 3 TD, (8.9 avg), 3 BTK, 4 rec, 28 yards

J.T. McDonald: 10 rush att, 62 yards (turning into a more usable back-up)

Alan Mitchell: 3 rec, 42 yards, TD / D.J. Banks: 4 yard TD catch

George Harrison: 4 rec, 37 yards / Casey Robottom: 1 rec, 26 yards / Duplessis: 8 rec yards

Samuel Brooks: 6 tackles, TFL

Cody Leford: 6 tackles

Gregory Hallinsworth, Sammy Bourdeaux, JJ Black: 5 tackles each

Kristifer Rhymes: 5 Tackles, INT

Tinzen Ubekista: 2/2 FG, long of 51, 5/5 XP

Devin Figaro: 158 return yards

UTEP: Vittatoe 24/34, 323, 3 TD, INT / Van Dyke: 19 rush att, 74 yards, TD, 5 rec, 79 yards, 2 TD

UP NEXT: Week Seven Around the NCAA

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 09:23 AM


For the last three weeks, the number one team has lost: Penn State (PITT), Florida (then #20 'Bama, now NR), Texas (now #1 Oklahoma). This week, Oklahoma faces winless Iowa State, I hope it doesn't happen or we have more suicide watch.


>> Marshall 38, UAB 31 .. Both of these teams were 2-0 in C-USA play. Marshall continues to be the surprise going to 5-2. Marshall rallied back with 24 4th Q points including a 6 yard TD pass with :27 left.

>> UCF 37, Southern Miss 7 ... USM's only TD was a return TD. Harvey ran for two TD's, Catto hit 3 FG's. USM had a pitiful 112 yards of offense.

>> Houston 38, Memphis 0 ... Oh hey, who pissed off Houston? Oh right we did. Case Keenum threw for 4 TD's in the opening 18 minutes in a 391 yard day.

>> ECU 40, SMU 34 ... SMU is horrid at 0-6, 0-4 and ECU's struggle is surprising even though they are struggling. ECU outscored SMU 20-14 in the 1st quarter and that was the difference.

>> Tulsa 33, Rice 10 ... Rice and SMU battling for last (0-6). Tulsa gets 2nd win (2-4, 1-3). Kinne with 2 TD's and Tulsa also had a 3 yard pick-six. Why was Rice throwing from inside their own three only down 13-7?!!


>> Alabama 52, #2 Ole Miss 17 ... I wasn't drinking the Ole Miss kool-aid. McElroy throws for 6 TD's.

>> Cal 43, #20 Oregon 27 ... Oregon's defense has been pretty good until today. They blew it. Outscored 30-10 in the 2nd half. Bye bye undefeated.

>> #23 Wisconsin 20, #16 Ohio State 10 ... tOSU choke meter: Full!

>> Iowa 17, #12 Penn State 12 .. Remember when Penn State was #1?

>> #8 Florida 28, #3 LSU 0 ... I didn't have the Ole Miss kool-aid, but I did sip the LSU wine.

>> Oregon State 26, #22 Arizona 21 ... That's four undefeated teams down this week.

>> #25 Northwestern 31, #14 Minnesota 28 ... And that's five. Northwestern wins the game on a 10-point fourth quarter with a GW 39 yard field goal with :25 left.

>> #10 Virginia Tech 27, #4 North Carolina 20 ... Jeez. That's six. No. 2, 3 and FOUR all go down. Boise State and Utah shit their pants.

Elsewhere: #1 Oklahoma won, so did Western Michigan, Miami beat sub-.500 FSU, Colorado improved to 6-1.

TOP 25

Rank|Coaches|ID's top 25


2|Boise State(21)|Florida


4|Florida|Boise State


6|Virginia Tech|Virginia Tech


8|West Virginia|TCU


10|North Carolina|Ole Miss

11|Ole Miss|West Virginia

12|Nebraska|North Carolina



15|Western Michigan|Western Michigan

16|Notre Dame|Notre Dame



19|Texas A&M|Minnesota

20|Penn State|Penn State



23|Ohio State|Iowa



OUTSIDE THE COACHES: Oregon, Clemson, Arizona, Auburn, L'Ville, Illinois, Okie State, Cal

HEISMAN: LaTravis Washington (QB, Nebraska) jumps to 4th, Avery falls out, Titus Young back to fifth, Roy Helu still leads. (Nebraska)


1. Tulane 3-0

2. Houston 3-1

3. Tulsa 1-3

4-6. Everyone else 0-3/0-4

EAST'S WORST CONF RECORD: 2-2 (Memphis), four 2-1 teams and Marshall is 3-0.

UP NEXT: at Home against UCF (4-2, 2-1).. This could be our free mulligan, but it's at home, so I have some confidence in us to get win no. 6. If we lose, we can still win out and hit the CCG. Also, Tulane is just three wins away from 500 wins all-time.

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 09:24 AM
Kevin Moore out until BYE week at least, Joe Kemp to start next two games

NEW ORELANS -- Kevin Moore will be sitting on the sideline with a pinched nerve along with Donny Richardson, who will both be recovering into the BYE week after Tulane's UCF and Marshall games.

Joe Kemp who went 8-for-10 with 2 TD's in a win at UTEP last week will start this coming week at home against UCF and will most likely start unless something happens in the Marshall game.

Kevin Moore is expected to return after the BYE week, along with Donny Richardson, who suffered a MCL sprain. Hopefully this will be the end of the injury bug for Tulane that has taken out two good players for 3-4 weeks right in the middle of C-USA play.

"Kemp is a gunslinger and he's pretty darn similar to Moore, so the guys don't have to adjust to his throws at all. And he's a pretty good pocket passer.", said Ron Draggo. Tulane currently sits at 5-2 and 3-0 in C-USA play.

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 09:24 AM

UCF (4-2, 2-1 C-USA) @ Tulane (5-2, 3-0 C-USA)

NEW ORELANS -- Ah yes, Tulane football. Where were we? That's right, on our way to a West Championship, I hope. We can take a mulligan any week and still make the Championship game. But, if we want to do it, we'll have to contain a dangerous UCF team, that will be even more dangerous next year (2011, my homer pick to win the conference next year). Anyways, it's been a week, so am I rusty? Let's find out..


UCF won the toss and said, "Let's show them some offense", and they chose to recieve. And show their offense, they did. Brynn Harvey caught a 20 yard pass from Clabrese, before getting 11 yards on the ground, but three incomplete passes after two first downs ending UCF's drive.

We'd copy the end of UCF's drive, in a a way. Barnett would take an outside handoff. Nothing. Inside handoff. 2 yards. Kemp to Mitchell. 4 yards. Punt.

The Golden Knights offensive train warmed up, Clabrese hit Nissley for nine, then Brynn Harvey gets back-to-back thirteen yard gains, then catches a six yard pass, then runs for three, and then Clabrese would be pressured, throw across the field to the endzone..


.. where Jackson makes the 7 yard TD. 7-0 UCF.

Joe Kemp and the Green Wave would try to fight back. Barnett got six yards, then Kemp hit Banks for 11, Barnett got seven more, Duplessis got one, then Kemp hit Figaro for 18 on 3rd & 2, then Mitchell for 7, and Barnett for 11, as the Gunslinger warmed up his arm. He then hit Figaro for four more, Barnett went back to work for eight, and then this next play is presented by Staples:


.. you can't get any more wide open than that. Easy TD pass, 2 yards, to Antoine Duplessis. 7-7.

UCF gets a first down, the quarter ends.


Welcome to the second quarter! Let's recap:

UCF punt

Tulane three first downs, missed field goal

UCF punt

Tulane punt

UCF punt down to our 2 yard line

So we'd have to get it out of there. And we couldn't. On a play action from our own 4 yard line (yes, PLAY ACTION), Joe Kemp is murdered in the endzone by three players. Genius play calling by me. Safety.. the first of the dynasty. 9-7 UCF.

UCF missed a long field goal.

Halftime. 9-7.


We'd get the ball first and kneeldown in the endzone for a touchback. We'd get our offense train moving. Barnett would get twelve, we'd pass four straight times, Barnett and Duplessis gained some more, Kemp got fourteen, and then Barnett..


.. gets a four yard TD. 14-9 TULANE.

UCF would get two first downs, then go for it on fourth and five and Kristifer Rhymes would break up the pass at our 35 yard line.

We'd go back to the ground game. Barnett got two, Kemp got 11, but after that first down, we could only gain three yards in three plays. Punt.

UCF ends the quarter with a first down.


UCF would get another first down riding Brynn Harvey, then would lose four yards, and have two incomplete passes. Punt.

Barnett time. Barnett would get four. False start on second down. Second and 11. He would get seven. 3rd & 4. Barnett on a toss to the right, he had some open field.. spun away from one tackler, and took the carry THIRTY FIVE yards to the UCF 33. First big run of the day on a critical third down.

Barnett would then get 6 more, McDonald would get the first with a 5 yard gain, Barnett got 7 more on two more carries, then McDonald got the first down with a 3 yard carry as Tulane ate the clock up. Barnett would lose one, then get 7 yards on 2nd down, putting us at the UCF 7.. third down, and we need a score to put this defensive struggle to an end. Barnett would get the toss to the left with two wideouts to the left to block. He'd get back to the line of scrimmage, looked for the hole inside.. and then HE WOULD BREAK IT OUTSIDE.. TOUCHDOWN TULANE!


.. Super Barnett leaps in celebration. The extra point is good with 1:38 to go. 21-9 Tulane. Nice defensive struggle. UCF still had time and needed to find it's first half offense.

After two incomplete passes, Clabrese hit Nissley for seven, and then they would hand it off to Harvey on fourth and three and he got twelve. Not so fast my friend. Clabrese got seven more through the air and it was fourth and three (and game), again.. Clabrese looked, he had a man..


.. but Tulane got to him first. Ballgame.





What looked like it could have been an offensive shootout turned into a defensive struggle. We allowed Clabrese to have almost 200 passing yards and Harvey to have over 100 yards on the ground, but we stopped them when we needed it most (3rd, 4th downs). The "Gunslinger" who had less than double the yards in a full game than he had last week, but we ran a more ball control style offense this week. Barnett had a slow first half, but got moving, increasing his 3.1 ypc first half into a 4.9 ypc game with two TD's. Next week we have Marshall.. if we win that game, that puts us at 5 conference wins. We just need seven.


Joe Kemp: 132.6 QB Rating, 17-for-25 passing, 153 yards, TD, 0 rushing yards

Stephen Barnett: 31 rush att, 153 yards, 4.9 avg, 2 TD, 11 yards rec

Antoine Duplessis: 2 rush att, 4 yards, Rec TD

Alan Mitchell: 6 rec, 62 yards / Devin Figaro: 4 rec, 35 yards

D.J. Banks: 2 rec, 19 yards / Casey Robottom: 1 rec, 9 yards / George Harrison: 1 rec, 9 yards

Kristifer Rhymes, JJ Black: 6 tackles each

Darryl Farley, Alex Wacha: 5 tackles each

Cody Leford, Devin Williams: 4 tackles each (Williams one tackle for loss)

Oscar Ponce De Leon: 4 tackles, 2 sacks

Dezmen Moses: 3 tackles, 2 TFL

Gregory Hallinsworth, Sammy Bourdeaux: 2 tackles each

UP NEXT: Week Eight Around the NCAA

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 09:25 AM


Last week, which was last week, number two and number three lost, last week. Anyways, this week's version is a little smaller and quicker.


Marshall 42, UTEP 39 OT... Marshall 6-2, 4-0 | UTEP 3-4, 0-4

Southern Miss 34, UAB 10... USM 3-4, 3-1 | UAB 3-5, 2-2

Michigan 35, Rice 14 ... UM 3-3, 1-2 Big Ten | Rice 0-7, 0-3

Memphis 34, ECU 14 ... Memphis 5-2, 3-2 | ECU 2-5, 2-2

Tulsa 28, SMU 13 ... Tulsa 3-4, 2-3 | SMU 0-7, 0-5


#1 Oklahoma 41, Colorado 31

#12 Nebraska 43, #5 Texas 41

Oregon State 23, #13 USC 16

UNLV 21, #3 Utah 20 (UNLV TD pass with :16 left)



1. Oklahoma (7-0)

2. Boise State (6-0)

3. Nebraska (8-0)

4. Florida (5-1)

5. TCU (8-0)

6. Virginia Tech (7-1)

7. West Virginia (6-1)

8. LSU (6-1)

9. North Carolina (6-1)

10. Ole Miss (5-1)

11. Notre Dame (7-0)

14. Western Michigan (7-0)

HEISMAN: Helu, Washington, Dalton, Bradford

UP NEXT: IT'S A TRAP. On the road at Marshall (6-2, 4-0).. hey that's our record! Marshall is a C+ OVR.

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 09:26 AM

Injury update: Richardson upgraded from Doubtful to Questionable for Marshall game

NEW ORLEANS -- Donny Richardson will travel with the team and could play Saturday in West Virginia at Marshall. Richardson's season has been small but productive. Richardson has played in three games, with 9 carries for 59 yards (6.6 avg), with one rush TD.

Richardson has been out for a few weeks and is up to Questionable for this week's game. Team doctors said that he is back to 80% percent and is starting to practice a little bit again. Earlier this season, Stephen Barnett was injured earlier this season and played a full game after being docked with "Probable" and ended up having a pretty good game.

Richardson would like to play this upcoming week but may be held out because coach Ron Draggo does not want Richardson to re-injure a lingering MCL sprain.

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 09:26 AM

The Mid-Season Championship Game: Tulane (6-2, 4-0 C-USA) @ Marshall (6-2, 4-0 C-USA)

Huntington, West Virginia --- This is Marshall's best start to a season since 2001, when they were in the MAC, when they started 10-1 before dropping the MAC Championship Game to Toledo, and then beat ECU in the GMAC Bowl 64-61 (which is a bowl record for points, I believe), and finished 11-2. (Marshall's lone "regular" season loss was at Florida). And crapfully enough, this is Tulane's best start since 1998, when they went 12-0 and finished #7. Tulane and Marshall lead their respective divisions. These two teams could meet again in West Virginia or New Orelans in just a few weeks if things continue to go for each team. ANYWAYS, onto the game..

Donny Richardson: will not play


Yes, first half, combining the first and second quarters.

Marshall had the ball first, drove into Tulane territory, stalled, went for a puntrooksie and failed. Tulane went three and out. Marshall got one first down, but not a second. Then here came Tulane. Barnett got 14 yards on three carries, Kemp hit Mitchell for 16, Barnett got 17, Kemp to Harrison for 23, then to Figaro for 9.. and then Barnett:


.. got a 5 yard walk-in TD. 7-0 TULANE.

Marshall got a first down thanks to a facemask, then didn't get another and punted. The quarter ended on a 19 yard punt return by Jordan Sullen.

The Tulane train got going again. 8 yards for Barnett, Kemp found him then twice for 15 yards, Duplessis got 10, McDonald got 7, Barnett got one. Third down. Incomplete pass. Ubekista would try a 40 yard field goal from the left hash mark. It went down the middle, and off the bottom crossbar. Damn.

Marshall got two first downs and then punted after they couldn't get a fourth. They pinned us to our own six. McDonald got 5 to get us to the 11 for a 3rd down, where, Kemp hit Banks for 10, then Figaro two plays later for 34, Robottom for 5, then he'd go for Robottom again who got 37 yards after breaking free from his defender. Almost got six. The very next play..


... and there's the Robottom TD. 3 yards. Rule 1: Never let him get open, rule 2: NEVER EVER let him get open in the endzone. Marshall broke both of these rules. 14-0 TULANE.

That'd be the score at the half.


Three and out Tulane. Marshall started to drive, then on a backwards pass to Darius Marshall from Anderson, Marshall broke free:


.. for a 32 yard TD run (or a 37 yard TD pass, the game says it's a TD run, which it is). 14-7 Tulane.

And then we come back out:


.. and Kemp gets picked off. If he had some more strength behind that pass, that would have been a LONG TD pass.

Marshall gets into field goal range, stalls, and kicks a 30 yard field goal. We'd then get one first down. And then Stephen BARNETT goes down. He would not return. And to make things better, we would not get another first down, but we pinned Marshall to their own 6. Tulane would call a heavy crash blitz. Darius Marshall got a carry, broke a tackle behind the line of scrimmage, then another. At this time, Ron Draggo preceded to notice the huge area of open field. Here is Marshall inside his own 20.


.. needless to say, we got eaten alive by one player. That would be a 94 yard TD run. Shit. 17-14 MARSHALL. 17 unanswered. Well.. let's just drive down the field.. right? Right??

Wrong. Joe Kemp after a 17 yard run by McDonald got picked off. Oh great. Marshall luckily went three and out and punted for a touchback.


McDonald now has to take the load. 2 yard run. Kemp hits Robottom for 4. McDonald got 6 more, then 5 more, then broke a 17 yard run, then got 5 more, then four more, Nathan Austin checks in and gets nine. Then McDonald loses 5 on a toss. Now we'd pass, heavy blitz by Marshall, Duplessis is wide open.. breaks a tackle.. and THERE HE GOES!


.. and that is a 33 yard TD pass to Duplessis, the fullback. 21-17 Tulane.

Marshall went three and out. Sullen's 18 yard punt return put us just yards out of field goal range. We'd get there and we would stall. Ubekista hits a 38 yard field goal. 24-17 Tulane.

deRochement then skanks the kickoff, and it's returned to the Marshall 48. 2:23 to play. Marshall lost two. Anderson passed for 10, Marshall got six. Anderson hit Spann for 19. Marshall got five more. Third down from our sixteen yard line.

Anderson overthrows his man. Fourth down. Anderson throws to Spann.. we go for the swat and miss.. he's got a catchable ball...


.. DROPPED! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! He catches it and he could have scored. Someone took their mind of the football. Tulane will hold on after getting two first downs. Whew.

FINAL SCORE: Tulane 24-17

What a game. Kemp and company had a great first half, let Marshall get the lead with 17 unanswered, then Kemp shook off two INT's and threw a great TD pass to Duplessis and then we hung on from there. Marshall could have tied the game with a minute left and Spann, their top reciever makes a foolish mistake and drops the probable TD. Stephen Barnett went down in the 3rd, after a rough day besides his TD run. McDonald with one less carry hit 101 yards, while Barnett had 18 carries and only got 67. Barnett should be good to go for the Rice game since we have a BYE. Kevin Moore will most likely be probable for the game, so he could be ready to go or he could be back on week 12. Two more wins.. one mulligan to spare as of now.


Joe Kemp: 155.2 QB Rating, 15-for-22, 197 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT, no sacks

Stephen Barnett: 18 rush att, 67 yards, TD, 15 rec yards

J.T. McDonald: 17 rush att, 101 yards, 3 rec yards

Antoine Duplessis: 2 rush att, 17 yards, 1 rec, 33 yards, TD

Casey Robottom: 4 rec, 49 yards, TD

Devin Figaro: 2 rec, 43 yards

Gregory Hallinsworth: 9 tackles

Tony Bryant: 7 tackles, 4 TFL, 2 Sacks

Darryl Farley: 7 tackles, TFL

Kristifer Rhymes: 4 tackles

Dezmen Moses: 4 tackles, TFL

Samuel Brooks: 3 tackles

JJ Black: 2 tackles

Sammy Boudreaux: Tackle

Jordan Sullen: 21.0 avg on kick returns, 14.5 avg on punt returns

[Darius Marshall: 23 rush att, 176 yards, 2 TD, 2 rec yards]

UP NEXT: Week Nine Around the NCAA

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 09:27 AM


Last week #3 Utah lost to UNLV on a late score. USC also lost.


Rice 39, UTEP 36 ... Rice gets it's first win on the year. UTEP is 0-5 in C-USA play.

Houston 31, Southern Miss 6... USM might miss a bowl game. Houston up to 6-1. Keeping the pressure on us.

NC State 29, Tulsa 21 ... Tulsa was in it but they never led the game.

Memphis 35, #8 LSU 21 ... What is it with Memphis and upsetting teams from the SEC?? Jordan Jefferson's 4 INTs certainly did not help LSU.

UCF 45, ECU 10 ... ECU is definitely not going to make a bowl.


UConn 35, #13 Western Michigan 13 ... [glare]. Oh Western Michigan. WHY NOW.

Nothing else major happened.

TOP 25


1. Oklahoma (1.000)

2. Nebraska (0.994)

3. Boise State (0.989)

4. TCU(0.980)

5. Florida

6. Virginia Tech

7. Notre Dame (0.964)

8. West Virginia

9. North Carolina

10. Ole Miss

11. Texas

12. Wisconsin

13. Minnesota

14. Alabama

15. Utah

16. LSU

17. aTm

18. Northwestern

19. USF

20. Ohio State

21. USC

22. Iowa

23. Oregon State

24. Arizona

25. Cincinnati

Lingering Teams: Western Michigan, Oregon, Georgia Tech, Cal, Memphis, Rutgers, Colorado, Louisville

Heisman: Roy Helu, LaTravis Washington (QB, Nebraska), Sam Bradford, Scotty McKnight, Jeremy Kerley

UP NEXT: Probably Week 10 Around the NCAA, since we have a BYE.

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 09:28 AM


Western Michigan lost last week. We have a BYE.


Navy 37, ECU 6 ... ECU is now offically not going to a bowl. Navy gets it's second win of the year.

Memphis 41, UAB 17 ... Memphis ran for four TD's and kicked four field goals.

UTEP 34, Tulsa 30 ... UTEP gets it's first conference win, thanks to a 24-8 second half run.

Rice 30, SMU 14 ... Rice gets it's second straight win, while SMU falls to 0-8.

Southern Miss 36, Marshall 30 ... And just like that, Southern Miss takes the East lead. USM held a 30-10 3rd quarter lead.

Houston 14, UCF 10 ... Houston keeps the pressure alive on us. Keenum's TD with 5:38 left gave Houston the close victory.


#22 Iowa 32, #12 Wisconsin 0 ... The 8-1 Hawkeyes should move up a bit.

#2 Nebraska 59, Missouri 13 ... The #2 Cornhuskers put up 59 points on Missouri in just 42 minutes. Latravis threw for 5 TD's.

Virginia 52, #18 USF 14 ... Oh my.

#20 Ohio State 33, #13 Minnesota 14 ... The Buckeyes are returning to usual form thanks to Pryor's 4 TD day.

#25 Arizona 33, #21 USC 28 ... How long has it been since USC has been unranked?

#14 Utah 29, Wyoming 28 ... Utah needed 23 points in the second half to beat the Cowboys.

#1 Oklahoma 40, #15 aTm 20 ... Total offense: 386-174 in favor of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma State 40, #11 Texas 19 ... The sub .500 Cowboys beat up on Texas. Cate had 5 INT's for Okie State, but Texas had 4. Dez Bryant had 2 TD's.

Tennessee 31, #10 Ole Miss 7 .. Oh my.

Eastern Michigan 30, Western Michigan 10 ... Where did things go wrong so fast?

- Tulane nabs two commits including a 2-star punter and that elusive four-star player..

TOP 25 - BCS

1. Oklahoma

2. Nebraska

3. Boise

4. Notre Dame

5. Florida

6. TCU

7. Virginia Tech

8. WVU

9. North Carolina

10. 'Bama

11. tOSU (up NINE spots)

12. LSU

13. Utah

14. Iowa (up EIGHT spots)

15. Wisconsin

16. Minnesota

17. aTm

18. Ole Miss

19. Arizona

20. Oregon State

21. Cincy

22. Texas

23. Georgia Tech

24. USC (unranked in Coaches, AP, computers saved them)

25. Northwestern

The Lingering Teams: Oregon, Memphis, Rutgers, Colorado, Houston (WHAT!!!!), Tennessee, Illinois

HEISMAN: Latravis Washington, Sam Bradford, Roy Helu, Scotty McKnight, Andy Dalton


Maxwell: Latravis Washington

Bednarik: Zach Brown, UNC

O'Brien: Latravis Washington

Walker: Roy Helu (Barnett 12th)

Best WR: Scotty McKnight

Mackey: Eric Mensik, Oklahoma

Best OL: Donald Stephenson, Oklahoma

Rimington: Keenan Stevens, Colorado

Lombardi: Jason Worilds, VT

Best LB: Garrick Williams, TAMU

Thrope: Blake Gideon, Texas

Groza: Ross Evans, TCU

Best P: Ryan Peterson, Virginia Tech (FR)

Best RET: Sidney Stewart, Northwestern

UP NEXT: Rice (2-7), C- OVR. Rice's lone wins are over UTEP and SMU, coming in the last two weeks. Rice has lost FIVE games by under 12 points.

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 09:29 AM

Ponder moves back to QB, possibly moves to third string QB to finish season

NEW ORLEANS -- D.J. Ponder like many speculated is going to compete for the QB starting job next year. And this week he moved back to QB after switching to WR prior to the 2009 season. Ponder found his time at WR to only work out on kick returns, but he now knows the wide receivers better than he probably would if he were playing QB.

That could give him an advantage in 2011. Ponder's speed could really open up Tulane's offense if he plays in 2010 and if he were to start in 2011. He'll definitely challenge for it.

Ponder may see time this year if any games turn ugly in the 2nd half. However, with Kevin Moore's return, Ponder will not have a shot at being Tulane's no. 2 QB for their upcoming game against Rice.

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 09:29 AM


Casey Robottom's TD catch set the standard for today's game versus Rice.


D.J. Ponder as our new third string QB scores.


The lowly Rice Owls rolled into town as 28-point underdogs. Rice's turnovers and the return of Kevin Moore sunk the Owls early as Moore only needed to play one half to leave his mark on Rice. Rice's first possession went into Tulane territory but Tulane forced a stop on fourth down and a handful of plays later Moore found Casey Robottom wide open for a TD. Alex Wacha recovered a fumble and Kristifer Rhymes had an INT in the first quarter. Tulane on the opening play of the second quarter, Moore found Robottom again for TD #2. After Leford's pick of Fanuzzi, Moore finds a wide open J.T. McDonald for a 28 yard strike. Tulane took a 24-0 halftime lead with a 52 yard field goal by Darren deRochement (which had the distance from 60).

Tulane rolled in the 2nd half, as well. Joe Kemp found Wilson Van Hooser for a 67 yard gain to the three, and the very next play Stephen Barnett scored. After a poor drive by Rice, Jordan Sullen had a great punt return, and J.T. McDonald had a 34 yard TD run right up the gut where he somehow managed to go untouched to the house to give Tulane a 38-0 lead.

Tulane played ball control offense for mainly the rest of the game and D.J. Ponder saw time at QB. He led Tulane down the field and then on an option keeper he went 15 yards to the house to the left side (very similar to Ryan Griffin's WTF TD run in 2009 against McNeese State.). Tulane pulled a shutout and improved to 8-2, 6-0 with a possibility of receiving votes in the polls this upcoming week.

Kevin Moore threw for 179 yards going ten out of fourteen with 3 TD's. D.J. Ponder went 2-of-2 for 13 yards, and 28 yards rushing and a TD. Stephen Barnett and J.T. McDonald also scored TDs on the ground. McDonald had a recieving TD along with Robottom's pair of TDs. Devin Williams led the defense with 7 tackles and four, yes FOUR sacks. Rhymes and Leford had INT's while Wacha forced and recovered a fumble.



1. Nebraska

2. Oklahoma

3. Notre Dame

4. Boise State

5. Florida

6. TCU

7. Virginia Tech

8. West Virginia

9. North Carolina

10. Alabama

(Coaches: Tulane #30, AP #32)

UP NEXT: Road night game on TV at Tulsa (3-7, 2-5).. a win gives Tulane a berth to the CCG. Tulane is also going for win #500 in school history..

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 09:32 AM
Tulane headed for C-USA title game, cruises to 42-0 lead, celebrates...
...then uncelebrates as Tulsa scares Tulane but falls short, 42-28

D.J. Banks first Q TD catch.
Leford INT.
Who needs to see to score?

Tulane headed to Tulsa, Oklahoma to take on the 3-7 Golden Hurricane, and expected somewhat of a fight. Tulsa can score points, but on this day, they could only do it with players like Alan Mitchell (3rd WR) as our 3rd CB in the 4th quarter as Tulane's third string secondary penciled in out of position players. Darryl Farley should not play safety.

Kevin Moore returned and tied his career best against Army last year, with similar numbers.. 5 TD's and 1 INT. His 5th TD, he didn't realize he had thrown, as it came on an option play where he somehow managed to throw it forward behind the LOS and it counted as a TD pass to Donny Richardson.Moore's four other TD passes went to D.J. Banks, 22 yards in the 1st.. Brock Sanders, 65 yards in the 1st.. almost all of it YAC (video here!) (http://www.easports.com/media/play/video/9523423) an 8 yarder to Figaro in the 2nd, and a 47 yarder to Robottom in the 2nd.

Tulane cakewalked to a 42-0 lead thanks to Nathan Austin's TD run, but DeMaris Johnson kept it interesting with 3 4th quarter TD's, two recieving and one returning. Tulsa's lack of covering onside kicks cost them a potential comeback as Tulane's offense went flat and so did their defense. However, their win over Tulsa does mean one thing - they are going to be playing for the C-USA title at home - since they will finish with the most conference wins despite their game against Southern Miss yet to be played - at 7-1, they would still lead the conference.

Moore's statline: 317.6 QB Rating, 12/14 passing, 214 yards, 5 TD, INT .. Barnett got 131 on 16 carries .. Austin ran for 52 and a TD. Richardson ran for 14 and had a TD reception. Boudreaux led the tacklers with 7. Farley and Leford (in position) had INTs on Tulsa's QB.

With the win, Tulane improves to 9-2 (7-0), and nine straight wins.

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 09:33 AM



>> Tulane headed for C-USA title <<

Southern Miss falls to Memphis, 35-33.

>> East Title Game: Memphis (8-3) at Marshall (7-4), winner faces Tulane. Tulane beat Marshall 24-17 earlier this season, and did not play Memphis. <<

Recruiting update: Tulane gets three commits, five soft commits.


Top 5 unchanged and still undefeated: Nebraska, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Boise State, TCU

Ranked teams left to play for those teams (minus CCGs), NU 1, Oklahoma 1, ND 2, Boise 0, TCU 1

Houston (9-1, lone loss to the Green Wave) jumps into the AP at #24, while Tulane sits at #30 in the AP. Houston is 26th in the Coaches, and Tulane is 29th.

- Sam Bradford leads the Heisman race, after a 633 yard performance at Baylor.

- The Big XII holds all the top 5 spots in the Heisman race right now.

Tulane's current bowl projection: Arkansas (5-5, Arkansas needs to beat LSU or San Diego State to be bowl elligible).

UP NEXT: Tulane takes on Southern Miss (4-6, 4-3) at home in the battle for the Bell. If Tulane loses, they hold the tiebreaker over Houston in the C-USA West, and will play Memphis/Marshall for the C-USA. A win gives Tulane their first ten win season since 1998.

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 09:33 AM

The twelve club


NEW ORLEANS -- Tulane after it's 0-2 start wondered if they would see a bowl game again this season after last year's surprising Texas Bowl bid season which ended in a loss to Missouri.

Since then, the Green Wave have rolled out 9 straight wins - none over BCS opponents which has most likely kept them out of the top 25 for now which they have not been in since their no. 7 ranking in 1998.

Twelve years ago. That team had twelve wins. Twelve straight wins.

This year, the Green Wave have a chance to match the twelve-win season that the Green Wave did twelve years ago. Tulane has to get through Southern Miss, then the C-USA Championship and then their bowl game. Which could be a hard task. In 1998, Tulane played BYU in the Liberty Bowl. If Tulane does win out, they'll have to get through a BCS opponent to get that elusive twelfth win.

Twelve years after their lone 12-win season. Can the Green Wave repeat the 12-win season in 2010, 12 years after the original?

The twelve club is waiting if they do.

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 09:34 AM
There you go TGT, some more Tulane action for you all.

Some of the greatest dynasty games are just around the corner..

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 10:05 PM


I'll just tell you now, Southern Miss can put up the points and if your a fan of defensive battles, this isn't going to be a game you like. Iron Dragon's unoffical over/under line was 52 points. Over. Way over. And if you like passing, you'd like this ballgame. There was alot of it. Now onto the action..

Southern Miss would lose the toss and got it first. On the first play out, Kristifer Rhymes sacks Austin Davis for a six yard loss and USM could not get the first down, just four yards in the Birds' next two plays.

Moore started up the passing attack.. 14 yards to Mitchell, some runs by Barnett, including an 18 yard one, too, but in the end going a perfect 5-for-5 on the drive, Moore throws to the endzone..


.. and George Harrison makes a nice catch for six. 7-0 TULANE.

USM three and out. Tulane three and out. Two drops.

USM would find their way down the field, converting a fourth and short, then on a quick pass Davis hit Pierce for a 20 yard score. 7-7.

Tulane looked like they were going to go three and out until a pass interference gave the Wave a first down.

That kept the offensive train a'moving and Stephen Barnett found the endzone two minutes into the second quarter from 4 yards out.


14-7 Tulane.

USM and their offense responds. After two runs of nothing, Davis throws on third down.. JJ Black gets the deflection and celebrates..


... and that's why your a true freshman. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE BALL! Or maybe it's just a great catch. Two plays later, Davis hits his RB Duckworth and Wacha epic fails on the TD-saving tackle and he quacks his way into the endzone. 14-14.

We'd get one first down but not another.

We'd hit a terrible punt of just 35 yards, and USM would return it 19 yards down to midfield. Duckworth got 14, then Davis hit Duckworth for 13, then a loss of 2, then hits Rue for 22.. then JJ Black would cover the corner route into the endzone..


.. and that's why your a true freshman. JJ Black thinks it's headed out of the endzone, and Southern Miss bites him again with another great catch. 21-14 SOUTHERN MISS.

Now, with 1:22 left.. we can A) run out the clock, B) try to get downfield. What are we, losers? B it is. Barnett runs for 13, Moore hits Robottom for 13, then Figaro loses one, and then Robottom drops one. Damnit. Fourth down. Ah well, a little trickery never hurt.. we'd fake the punt and throw it, and GEORGE HARRISON brings the pass in for a 19 yard gain to the 25 yard line. What are we, Boise State?

That momentum-changing catch led to this dumbfounded move by USM's secondary..


.. never leave the other team's best wide receiver open. 21-21. 25 yard TD for Robottom.

... AT THE HALF: 21-21

Three and out. Tulane. USM wouldn't, they'd stall but Estes, the kicker with a leg to hit 50 yards. He hit a 41 yarder. 24-21 USM.

The passing train opened.. 10 to Mitchell, 2 to Banks, 11 to Figaro, 20 to Mitchell. Harrison for 11. And then a fade route after a couple runs..


.. and Robottom's got it!! Touchdown Tulane! 10 yard strike. 28-24 TULANE. Three and out USM. This was our game now, after runs and a first down, Tulane would fail to convert a third down as the clock struck 0:00. One quarter to go.

Now to hold USM, they need 65 yards to get to the endzone. And they would get 43 of it on the first play. Shit. After a 7 yard sack, Davis hits DeAndre Brown for a 29 yard TD. Double shit. 31-28 USM. 6:18.

Barnett got six yards twice, Moore then broke off 12 yards, then one more yard. Incomplete pass on second, but a 25 yard pass to George Harrison on third. Clutch freshman TE. Duplessis got eight. Another pass to Harrison and dropped. Damn. Barnett got one. 4th and one. We could kick the field goal, but coach Draggo has balls and goes for it. Duplessis got seven. Barnett got 8 more to the six yard line. Quick pass is called..


.. and FB Duplessis is wide open for six. 35-31 TULANE. 3:27 to hold the Dirty Birds.

And by hold them, did you mean allow a 93 yard kick return? Why yes, DeAndre Brown makes our special teams look like epic fail shit and takes the kickoff back to the house. 38-35 USM.

Kevin Moore now needed heroics and no drops. Tulane had dropped six passes already. Moore should be at 30+ completions and he's not.

Van Hooser takes the kick back to the 36. Barnett got the first on the ground. Moore then throws a PA pass to Robottom.. and he's got his man beat.. DROPPED. Shit. 7 drops today by the WR core. Not good. Barnett lost a yard. Third and ten-and-a-half. Moore runs for 6 with NO one open. 4th & 4 it's marked.

"This is where legends are made", said Coach to Moore.

And Moore made a play. He broke a tackle and threw a nice strike to D.J. Banks for a ten yard gain and a first down. But oh so soon it was third and nine. Once again, he breaks through a sack, plants his feet and this time Robottom doesn't miss it. 26 yard gain inside the ten. First and goal. 59 seconds left.

Barnett gets three, Richardson gets five. Play action pass. Moore fakes the handoff, then would find Barnett.. who cannot break the tackle and is dragged back for a loss. Shit. Maybe not the best play inside the five. Tinzen Ubekista now has to tie it up. Five seconds left. USM ices him three times.

Good snap, good hold, the kick is up from the right hash mark.. and he nails it! Overtime. 38-38.


We won the toss and went on defense. And this is how we started OT:


.. not the best of starts. 45-38 SOUTHERN MISS.

Moore hits Barnett who uses his RB skills to go for 22 yards. Good start. Moore then takes it up the middle for a 3 yard TD run. Ubekista onto kick the XP.. and he almost misses it. Whew. 45-45. 2OT.

Incomplete pass. 5 yard gain. One yard pass. Fourth and four. Draggo goes for it. Moore doesn't see that Robottom is open in the endzone and throws to Mitchell and it's knocked down. Oh shit.

USM passes for a 17 yard gain. Oh shitcakes. Next play, USM passes it.. Davis is brought down and HE FUMBLES IT!! USM would recover it but that is a loss of 15 yards! Not so fast my friend!! USM ran for five yards, then would pass on third and very long goal.. and Davis would be sacked again for a 7 yard loss on the RIGHT hashmark. Oh my. John Estes on to kick the game winning field goal. 41 yards. His first was an easy one down the middle. This one, not so much.

The snap was good, the hold was good...

and the kick had the length....

... and it looked good...

... but it bounces OFF THE RIGHT CROSSBAR!! HOLY SHIT!! NO GOOD!! Three overtimes, here we come!

USM would have to score now. They wasted no time to get to our two yard line. Duckworth runs up the gut, loss of one. Again up the gut, loss of one. 3rd and goal. Pitch to Duckworth, he picks up yards, fights for the endzone and does not make it! Three yard gain to the one. This time Estes makes it from 18 yards out. 48-45 USM.

After eight drops on the day, Kevin Moore had this statline: 34-for-48 passing, 296 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT, 16 yards rushing, TD. That's quite a statline, if I say my self.

Barnett got nine. Duplessis got eight. Barnett got one. Second and goal, Moore steps back to throw.. looks...




.. TO ROBOTTOM WHO MAKES AN AMAZING CATCH AND HE SCORES TULANE WINS IT TULANE WINS IT IN THREE OVERTIMES DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?????? Holy shit. That's all I got to say. D.J Banks made a miracle own tipped catch against Hawaii in the clutch to set up OT, and today Casey Robottom somehow makes a backhanded grab for the game winning touchdown. Ten and two baby. Ten and two!


What a catch. What a play.


Kevin Moore: 157.3 QBR, 35-for-49 passing, 305 yards, 5 TD, Rush TD (8 drops by core)

Stephen Barnett: 25 rush att, 129 yards, TD (surpasses 1500 yards), 35 rec yards

Casey Robottom: 6 receptions, 93 yards, 3 TD

George Harrison: 5 receptions, 72 yards, TD

Antoine Duplessis: 34 rush yards, TD catch

Alan Mitchell: 6-54 / D.J. Banks: 5-37 (10 different players with a catch)

Darryl Farley: 9 tackles, TFL

JJ Black: 7 tackles

Gregory Hallinsworth: 6 tackles

Tony Bryant: 5 tackles, 3 TFL, 2 Sack

Kristifer Rhymes: 4tackles, 3 TFL, 2 Sack

Samuel Brooks: 4 tackles, TFL

Sammy Boudreaux: 2 tackles

Tinzen Ubeksita: 1/1 FG, 6/6 XP

Jordan Sullen: 142 ret yards

USM: Austin Davis 20/27, 305 yards, 5 TD / Duckworth: 36 rush yards, 47 rec yards, TD / Quentin Pierce: 2 rec TD / DeAndre Brown: 36 rec yards, TD, 198 return yards, TD / Josh Johnson (true freshman): 13 tackles (TFL)

UP NEXT: The final weeks of the regular season wrapped up, who does Tulane face in the C-USA title? Do we crack the top 25? Find out..

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 10:05 PM




Memphis topples Marshall 42-35, team's QBs combine for 9 TD's. Memphis takes TD deficit into 42-28 lead and holds off Marshall's offense in final minutes.

Houston gets it's tenth win over ten loss Rice, 41-27.. Not as close as the score looks, UH held a 41-10 lead in the 4th.

The June Jones era in SMU ended last week with a mid-season boot and the interim head coach gives SMU's it's first win over UTEP, 38-17. UTEP slips from a bowl game most likely.

ECU finishes with a win over UAB, but has a 4-8 (4-4) season. Not expected.


The Rich Rod era ends in Ann Arbor with a 27-21 loss to the Buckeyes after blwoing a 21-0 lead. Michigan is 3-8, OSU 10-2.

#1 Nebraska, #2 Oklahoma perfect 12-0 seasons with wins over top 20 teams (Oklahoma beats #8 UNC on the road 45-21)

#3 Notre Dame held scoreless against USC, national title hopes gone

#6 Florida falls to Florida State, 10-9

#7 WVU escapes PITT, 7-3 .. teams combined for 241 offensive yards, 21 punts and 7-of-35 on third downs.

>> Tulane gets six more commits. <<

>> Tulane also ranked for the first time in twelve years, at #24 in the Coaches / Houston #21 <<



#20 Houston rolls up 62 on SJSU, Keenum with 5 TD passes

Interim HC 2-0: SMU stuns Tennessee, 31-24


Notre Dame football, ur doing it wrong: 9-0 to 9-2: #12 Utah upsets #7 Notre Dame 44-31.

Beavers BCS bound: #13 Oregon State beats Oregon, 28-16, Oregon State 9-0 in Pac-10

Boise State escapes: #4 Boise State 40, Virginia (4-8) 34 2OT

Navy beats Army

>> Tulane gets another commit, gets another four-star commit to soft (first one did commit), Tulane up to #21, Houston #19 <<


Dead week. No major games.


1. Oklahoma(37)

2. Nebraska(23)

3. TCU(1)

4. Boise State

5. West Virginia

6. Alabama

7. Ohio State

8. Iowa

9. Utah

10. Wisconsin

19. Houston (#21 BCS, #18 AP)

21. Tulane (#22 BCS, #22 AP)

27. Memphis

28. Rutgers


Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

LaTravis Washington, QB, Nebraska

Ryan Broyles, WR, Oklahoma

Roy Helu, RB, Nebraska

(whoever plays the best of these four in the Big XII will win the Heisman probably. Broyles will probably need 200 rec. yards and 2 TD's though.)

Tulane currently projected for Liberty Bowl vs Arkansas.


C-USA: #27 Memphis at #21 Tulane (New Orleans, LA)

ACC: #24 USF vs #15 Virginia Tech

SEC: #14 Florida vs #6 Alabama

Big XII: #2 Nebraska vs #1 Oklahoma

MAC: Akron vs Western Michigan (9-3)

UP NEXT: C-USA CCG preview and other stuff, I'd suppose

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 10:06 PM


Time: 5:00pm Eastern

Stadium: Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana


Match-up: Memphis at #21 Tulane

Memphis Overview

Memphis put up a 9-3 (6-2) season and found it's way into the CCG thanks to wins over Southern Miss and Memphis by less than a touchdown in both games. Memphis looked to be on a roll with a 4-0 start until a crushing 31-14 loss at the hands of UCF and then a 38-0 blanking at home against now #19 Houston. The Tigers recovered with 3 straight wins including a stunning victory over LSU, 35-21 (the Tigers may not make a bowl game), rolled to two more conference victories and then dropped one to Tennessee, 28-22. Then they beat USM and Marshall to finish with a 9-3 effort.

Memphis is led by first-year duel-threat QB Tyler Bass. Bass has passed for an impressive 2920 yards and 25 TD's along with 13 INT's, but leads the Tigers with 10 rushing TD's and 839 yards. Bass averages over 300 yards a game of offense.

When not running it with Bass, they give it off to Lance Smith who has 848 yards and 4 TD's this year. Brandon Ross also has decent carries for the Tigers. Memphis also starts a true freshman in Jon Ginn at FB but he only has 10 carries this year.

Lance Smith, however, also lines up at receiver. He has 28 catches and 7 TD's, a team-high, so we need to look for him both ways. Also on the recieving core for Memphis is Cam Baker, who has 80 catches for 961 yards this year with 6 TD's. Marcus Rucker also has 6 TD's recieving. Memphis will also pass it to Billy Foster who has 45 catches this year, and Devan Onarheim, the team captain who is the TE and has 34 catches and 4 scores this year. Memphis' offensive line is led by senior Brad Paul at RT who has 31 'cakes on the year.

Memphis' defense is led by their three linebackers: Winston Bowers (SR), Jamon Hughes (FR), and Corderick Govan (SR). Bowens has a team-high 69 tackles, Hughes has 60 tackles and Govan has 58 and is tied for second for INT's on the team. The defensive line is led by David Adams, a TRUE freshman RE who has 57 tackles, 14 for loss, and 7 sacks this year.

Memphis on special teams has Tony Walton (true freshman), who is 17-for-28 on field goals this year, with a long of 50 yards. However, his leg can be a bit inaccurate at times as he's missed two field goals from inside thirty yards, and six between 30 and 39, he's 4/6 from 40 to 49, and 2/3 from 50. Jimmy Jackson, also a true freshman is the punter and kickoff specialist. He averages 42.9 yards a punt and has 13 touchbacks on 72 kickoffs.

Lance Smith also returns kicks, he has 740 yards on KRs, and 567 on punt returns. Cam Baker also helps with returns.




Desmond: Well, I gotta tell you.. Tulane is on a roll, they are in the top 25 for the first time in a long time, they are on a hot streak. This game is a home game for them and they'll take the C-USA title here. I like Tulane by two scores.

Kirk: Well, Desmond.. I disagree, I think Memphis is gonna come in fired up. They have a great team, everyone forgets about how they beat LSU and almost beat Tennessee, because people look at the losses to UCF and Houston. I think Tyler Bass beats Tulane with his arm and his legs, they'll come in upset-minded and take this one by a field goal.

Lee: Not so fast my friend! Tulane is the #21 team in the nation, and they should be higher, the only home game they lost this year was against LSU on week 1 when this team was looking for it's identity, and they found it, and Tulane will win the C-USA title by a touchdown. Kevin Moore played the game of his career against Southern Miss and he'll keep it going today.

UP NEXT: The C-USA Championship Game

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 10:07 PM

THE C-USA CHAMPIONSHIP: Memphis (9-3) at #21 Tulane (10-2)

Tulane is back and fights for the C-USA title for the first time (there was no conference championship game in 1998.) and they get to do it at home. Basically, Senior Saturday version II. This is Kevin Moore, Casey Robottom, Alan Mitchell, Andrew Neirman, Pete Hendrickson, Alex Wacha, Justin Adams, Dezmen Moses, Tony Bryant, Oscar P.D.L and Darren deRochemont's last games at home. And this one means more than any game they've ever played. This is the first time we're playing Memphis under Ron Draggo's tenure at Tulane.


Memphis won the toss and took the ball, and they wasted no time whatsoever. As on their second play, Tyler Bass found star WR Cam Baker on a 23 yard TD pass.. that's not the last we'll here out of Baker today..


7-0 Memphis. Kevin Moore came out firing, hitting Brock Sanders who was mismatched with a end playing linebacker and got 33 yards. Then he hit Mitchell for 6. Then Harrison for 14. Duplessis got eight, Barnett got three on the ground and then five more as he scored on a TD. 7-7. Not too shabby, I'd say.

Memphis punted after two first downs, Moore hit Harrison for 12 and Banks for 10 and then hit Memphis' SS Davis for a pick. Memphis would drive down and MISS a 38 yard field goal.. that's not the lass we'll here out of those kicking woes today.


A minute into the 2nd quarter at Memphis' 40 yard line.. Moore dropped back and looked deep for Robottom..


.. who made a great grab for a 40 yard touchdown. 14-7 TULANE. Too bad Memphis didn't care and Tyler Bass went 5-for-5 for 64 yards and a TD on their ensuing drive. 14-14. Then we got a first down and then didn't get another and punted for a touchback.

Then Bass hits Cam Baker..


.. can you say blown coverage? 80 yard TD. Damn. Speaking of kicking woes, Memphis misses the extra point. 20-14 MEMPHIS.

It's like Kevin Moore didn't even care. He hit Banks for 18, Harrison for 13. Barnett got 22 on the ground and then Moore goes for six again..


.. and D.J. Banks is there to get the 26 yard TD. 21-20 TULANE. Tulane's defense came alive and Bass threw a perfect pass to Cody Leford. Barnett got 20 (16 recieving), Moore hit Robottom for 8. Then with fifteen seconds left in the half..


.. he hits Banks in the corner of the endzone who drags a foot for six. 28-20 TULANE on the 27 yard TD.


Memphis kicked a field goal. That's all I got. 28-23 Tulane.


.. And so did we. Ubekista hits a 28 yarder. 31-23 Tulane. Memphis would start to drive but Devin Williams 2nd sack of the day pushed them back to a 3rd & 20 and Bass threw two incomplete passes. 4:42 to play.

With 3:09 to play, deRochemont punts for a touchback. Bass then hits Rucker twice for 41 total, Smith got six, Bass hit Foster for 11, then McKenzie for 4, then an offsides on Tulane, Smith got ten more, and then backup RB Ross rumbles it in for Memphis. 31-29. Two point conversion..


.. look who it is. 31-31. 1:42 to play.

And this is where legends can be made. Sullen returns the kick to our 34. Barnett got 11, then 10, then 1, then Richardson got 11, then Barnett got three, Richardson got seven more and keeping the ball on the ground, we got to Memphis's 23-yard line. Timeout. :04 to play. Ubekista comes on. This can be a chip shot for him. All he has to do is get this and we win it. Memphis calls not one, not two but all three of their timeouts. A true freshman kicker. From fourty yards.. for the ballgame.

The snap was good. And the hold was good. And the blocking, well, it was good. The kick was a great one. It had the distance. It looked good! Ubekista was going to win it!! Tulane was ready to run and celebrate.

And then it hooked right.

No good.

Overtime. Here we go.


Memphis loss the toss and we went on defense. I think they watched the Southern Miss game. Memphis ball..


.. and that's what you call a 25 yard TD. That's Baker's 4th catch in the endzone and third for six. 38-31 MEMPHIS. Well, it was the second play this time, actually.

No problem for Tulane. Moore hit Robottom for 15, Barnett got 5, Richardson got two..


.. and then three more on the next play for six. Ubekista hits the XP. 38-38.


It's like one wasn't enough. Moore went back to pass and hit Donny Richardson who was at the fifteen, ten, five.... taken down at the one yard line. That was easy. Barnett punches it in for six. 45-38 Tulane.

Now it's Tyler Bass and Memphis' turn. Bass would throw.. and it's incomplete. Flag. Pass interference. Defense. 1st and Goal. Incomplete pass. Four yard loss. 3rd and goal. Devin Williams wants to end this. He sacks Bass before he can find anyone. His fourth of the day. Yes, his fourth sack of the day. Fourth and game and 18 yards to go. Tulane once again kneeled on the sideline and hoped and prayed that this time they can run and celebrate.

Bass had plenty of time.. and he had a man open. He threw it to #9, WR Jermaine McKenzie. He was on a WR screen. He had speed and he had room. And he got to the ten. Wacha for the game winning tackle. Missed. To the seven. To the six. To the five... inside the five...


... TACKLED BY DAVID PHILLIPS AT THE TWO!! LET'S PARTY TULANE!!! 45-38 in double overtime, the Green Wave hold on and beat the fiesty Tigers from Memphis!


Oh my god.

Kevin Moore: 199 QB Rating, 22/29 passing, 328 yards, 3 TD, INT

Stephen Barnett: 27 carries, 100 yards, 2 TD

Donny Richardson: 11 carries, 70 yards, TD, 24 rec yards

Casey Robottom: 8 catches, 127 yards, TD

D.J. Banks: 4 catches, 81 yards, 2 TD

George Harrison: 3 catches, 39 yards

Lawrence Abrams: 5 pancakes (r-FR)

Darryl Farley: 8 tackles

Devin Williams: 8 tackles, 5 TFL, 4 SACKS

Gregory Hallinsworth: 7 tackles

Kristifer Rhymes: 6 tackles, TFL

Samuel Brooks: 6 tackles

Cody Leford: 4 tackles, 2 TFL, INT

Oscar P.D.L: Sack

Memphis: Bass 22/32-359-4 TD-INT / Baker 3-128-3 TD, 2pt catch / Darius Davis 14 tackles, INT

>> UP NEXT: Conference Championship, Heisman, Awards Wrap-Up .. bowl games etc. <<

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 10:07 PM


MAC Championship: Akron (8-4) vs Western Michigan (formerly ranked, 9-3)

>> WMU held a 15-7 lead on the Zips thanks to two Amheim TD passes, until Akron's QB Wackerly went off on the Broncos and threw 6 TD's as he led the Zips to a 43-33 win over Western Michigan. Even wackier is that WR Brown caught 19 passes, for 220 yards and 4 TD's. That's pretty good if I do say so myself.

ACC Championship: #24 USF (9-3, 5-3) vs #15 Virginia Tech (10-2)

>> USF is already in the ACC's title game in just their second year. Virginia Tech took care of business with QB Clayton as he threw 3 first half TD's to give the Hokies a 21-0 halftime lead. The Bulls fought back with a safety in the 3rd (21-2), and then two TD passes for Landi to Mitchell which got the bulls only down 21-15 in the mid-4th. But the VT defense held and kept the 21-15 mid-4th score and made it the final score.

SEC Championship: #14 Florida vs #6 Alabama

>> John Brantley led the Gators to a 14-3 halftime lead in this SEC defensive fest, both to Debose, as the Gators held Alabama to 198 total yards. Florida won it 14-9 thanks to holding Greg McElroy to a 8-for-31 passing day, which isn't what you'd call good.

BIG XII Championship (AKA this season's national title as the winner will play TCU and probably win): #2 Nebraska (12-0) vs #1 Oklahoma (12-0)

>> Nebraska came out fired up with a 17-0 run to start the game with two LaTravis Washington TD passes as he looked to hoist the Heisman. However, Sam Bradford led Oklahoma on a charge with a TD pass and a Mossis Madu TD run along with a 23 yard field goal tied the game. Nebraska's Henery hit a 30 yard field goal to make it 20-17 in the 4th, and then Oklahoma would need to stop Nebraska once they got the ball back late in the fourth up 3. They couldn't. Roy Helu broke a 80 yard TD run with 2:22 left as Nebraska would win it 27-17 and will probably play TCU in the National Title. Congrats on 14-0, Nebraska.

Despite losing conference title, Sam Bradford becomes second two-time Heisman winner

2008: Heisman

2009: Injury.

2010: Heisman

2009 was not a good year for Bradford but the years around his injury last year are two Heisman trophies, joining Archie Griffin of Ohio State as the NCAA's only two time heisman winners. Bradford beat out LaTravis Washington of Nebraska, Scotty McKnight of Colorado, Roy Helu of Nebraska and his own Ryan Broyles in the all-Big XII Heisman ceremony. Bradford had 336 1st place votes and 1627 total, as Washington had 1297. Bradford's season stats: 312/470, 4153 yards, 395 rush yards, 40 Total TD's

Tulane headed for Liberty Bowl on Jan. 2nd against 7-5 Arkansas

Arkansas (7-5, all losses to bowl teams) will take on C-USA champion #22 Tulane (11-2) in the Liberty Bowl on Jan. 2nd at 4:30pm on ESPN. The Razorbacks lost to 5 bowl teams and beat LSU while Tulane lost to LSU and Rutgers in their first two games of the year. Arkansas averages 25.2 points a game, and has the nation's 44th best defense via total yards.

#2 TCU (12-0) and #1 Nebraska (13-0) to meet for national title

Other BCS Bowls

Rose: #6 Iowa vs. #13 Oregon State

Sugar: #8 Florida vs. #5 West Virginia

Orange: #15 Virginia Tech vs. #4 Oklahoma

Fiesta: #3 Boise State vs. #7 Ohio State

Boudreaux, Sullen make Freshman AA team

CB Sammy Boudreaux made the Freshman All-American team at the DB position along with CB Jimmy George out of UTEP. Jordan Sullen as Tulane's kick returner.. despite only playing returner for a few games.

All C-USA honors

1st team: Stephen Barnett, Harris Howard, Andrew Neirman, Devin Williams, Tony Bryant

2nd team: George Harrison, Darryl Farley

UP NEXT: Liberty Bowl Preview

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 10:08 PM


- Arkansas: 7-5 record (4-4 SEC, t-5th)

- Key Wins: LSU (31-12)

- Key Losses: at Texas A&M (24-42), at #12 Alabama (28-35), at Georgia (28-35)

- Season overlook: After a rough start at aTm and an OT win over 2-10 Purdue, the Razorbacks looked like crap. They fell to 2-4 but rebounded with a 5-1 record to close the season but almost lost to 2-win San Diego State at home (only won by 5). The Razorbacks did not have to play Florida, another reason they managed to make a winning record.


Arkansas should have a great offense. The key word is SHOULD. Instead, they have the #23 ranked defense and the #57 ranked offense. You'd think those would be the other way around. The good thing is.. Tulane is pretty crappy at pass defense and is #2 at rush defense. However, Tulane can basically outscore you. But so should Arkansas.

Ryan Mallett is the QB for Arkansas, the former transfer from Michigan. Mallett has thrown for 23 TD's and 12 INT's this year. His completion rating is 46 percent and normally throws about 38 passes a game.

Arkansas also has a good rushing game. Broderick Green ran for 1115 yards and 5 TD's this year, at 4.3 yards a carry and 93 yards a game. However, he's broken one run of more than 20 yards, and that was an 87 yard TD.

Jarius Wright is Mallett's main target. He has 1078 recieving yards and 13 TD's. 514 of his yards are YAC and gains 13.3 yards a catch. If it's not Wright, it's Carlton Salters who has 52 catches, 585 yards and 8 TD's this year. If it's not him, it might be Arkansas' top rated player D.J. Williams, a TE, who has 48 grabs for 637 yards and 3 TDs. He's not your normal TE. He has 86 SPD, 91 AWR, 87 CTH, and 86 BTK. Those are Mallett's main targets but a dumpoff to Green or backup RB Dennis Johnson isn't unlikely.

DeMarcus Love is the workhouse of Arkansas' O-Line at 97 OVR, he's all around o-lineman greatness with 36 pancakes this year. Arkansas' o-line has a sack problem up the middle (center and guards have allowed 22 sacks this year).

The leader of the Razorbacks defense is linebacker Jerry Franklin who has 77 tackles (20 for loss), 7 sacks, a pick, 8 deflections, a FF and 2 FR's along with one TD. He is everywhere on the field. Jelani Smith, another linebacker has 58 tackles, 14 TFL, 4 sacks and 3 INTs. Their defense is a sack-happy group, with 37 sacks on the year.

Alex Tejada is Arkansas' kicker who is 19/26 on FG's this year, but has not kicked one from 49+. He's 5-for-7 from 40-49. Tejada also punts for the Razorbacks and averages 40.7 yards a boot. He also has 13 touchbacks on 64 kickoffs this year. Jarius Wright returns kicks and punts for Arkansas and has not found the endzone this year. His long on either kick or punt returns is 40 yards.


THE LINE: Tulane by 3

The game could go many ways.. Tulane could dominate, Arkansas could dominate or it can be a close game going either way. However, the chances are this one's going to have some points.. my points forecast is: 77 total points.

Kirk and Lee from College GameDay believe Tulane will win.

UP NEXT: The Liberty Bowl <<

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 10:10 PM
Liberty Bowl: Arkansas (7-5, 4-4 SEC) vs #22 Tulane (11-2, 9-0 C-USA, Champions)

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- Tulane can get win number 12 today, and that'd be the first time in twelve years. Yada yada yada. Tulane's last two games have been settled in more than one overtime, including hometown to Memphis, Memphis, obviously in the C-USA title game. This is Kevin Moore's time to shine, along with Casey Robottom. These guys have to shine if they want to play on sundays next year and beyond. Can they? I hope they can. A national stage against a pretty dangerous SEC team. Time to put up or shut up.


Arkansas won the toss and took the ball. Mallett and company went to work. Mallett went perfect on the team's opening drive up to the 3 yard line of Tulane.. Mallett stepped back, Tulane with heavy pressure, Mallett fires a nice one..

.. but JJ Black intercepts the ball as Jarius Wright misruns his route into the corner of the endzone, the freshman has some speed though...

.. and he will take it 101 yards for the touchdown. 7-0 TULANE.

Mallett and Arkansas went back to work on a 3rd & 5 he throws a 34 yard pass, then they'd battle into a 1st and goal situation but three handoffs to Broderick Green could not reach the goal line. Tejada's 21 yard field goal is good. 7-3 TULANE. More than half of the 1st is gone, Tulane leads by 44 and they have 0 total yards.

A great return by Van Hooser gets Tulane to it's own 40. Moore went to work.. a 13 yard pass to Barnett, Barnett then runs for 7, two pass plays for less than two yards and deRochement is called on to.. kick the field goal? Yes, we'd go for the 57 yard field goal. deRochement hits this one long enough for 63 or 64 but it bounces off the right upright. Ugh. Arkansas at our 40.


It then became the Broderick Green show and a minute and a half into the 2nd he finds the endzone..


4 yards out. 10-7 Arkansas. Tulane goes three and out. So does Arkansas. Moore would then hit Duplessis for 13, Harrsion for 17, but the next three plays go for a loss of 3 yards. Punt. The punt goes to Arkansas' 4 yard line. Green loses one, gains two. Green then gets 11 for the first down. Mallett then fires a 12 yard pass, and then a 42 yard pass thanks to blown coverage. Uh oh. Three plays later, Mallett hits Jarius Wright for a 9 yard TD. This time, he makes the right route. Arkansas, however, misses the XP. 16-7 Arkansas.

First play out for Tulane.. 23 yard run by Barnett. 4 more on the next 1st down. Two incomplete passes. Fourth and six. 12 yards to Robottom. Another incompletion. Loss of two. Moore to Barnett for six. Fourth and six again. We'll go for it. Robottom makes the 11 yard first down grab. Twenty seconds to go. Moore goes for the home run..

.. and D.J. Banks grabs the 19 yard TD pass with :14 to go! 16-14 Arkansas with the XP. Halftime.


Sullen with a good return, Tulane's offense is not there, deRochement hits an ugly punt. Childs gets 20 for the Razorbacks, Mallett and Green get the Razorbacks inside our ten for first and goal. Incomplete pass. Dropped TD. Loss of one. Field goal from 23 yards...

no good! Tejada misses it.

Barnett gets 16, Moore to Robottom for 10, incomplete pass, loss of two, 7 yard gain. Punt. Barnett goes down. He will NOT return.

Arkansas would chew their way down the field and this time Tejada makes a 41 yard field goal. 19-14 Arkansas. 1:55 to play.

Kevin Moore and McDonald run the option and McDonald misreads the pitch..

.. and the Razorback defender reads the pitch and picks it off. Two plays later.. Mallett to Jarius Wright TD. 26-14 Arkansas.

We'd get our running game going, we got 18 yards on four runs. Moore hits Harrison for 17, then a deep ball to Robottom.. got him. 31 yards.


10 yards to go. McDonald gets two. Second and goal..

.. and it's an easy TD catch for the senior Alan Mitchell.. an 8 yard catch and run. 26-21 Arkansas. We're not done yet...

... unless Mallett has something to say, and he does. 3 passes, 46 yards. Damn. They get to our twelve yard line like it's nothing. 3 plays, 8 yards. Arkansas should try the field goal here and go up by eight.. and they won't. 4th and 2. Mallett will throw it..

.. and he puts way too much into this one. Incomplete. Turnover on downs and Tulane is 96 yards away. McDonald gets 11. Then a dump pass to McDonald for 5. McDonald gets 8. Robottom catches one for two. McDonald for seven, Duplessis pounds it for three. Robottom gets the 18 yard catch. McDonald for 6 more, Moore hits Sanders for ten.. hall of fame drive, here.. then to Banks for 2. Then a facemask on Arkansas to put us at the 12. Duplessis grabs one for seven. Then four more on the ground to the one.. and then from the one..

.. and Antoine Duplessis scores. Easy TD. Tulane leads it!! 27-26 Tulane! We'd go for two.. the pass is complete to Robottom to the one yard line. Darn. 1:32 to play.

Jarius Wright gets a 39 yard return on an awful kick and it's into Tulane territory. Arkansas pounds the rock, and is stopped and kicks a 30 yard field goal with :47 left. 29-27 Arkansas. Tulane with one timeout and :47 seconds.

Tulane returns it to the 41. Incomplete pass. Moore to Banks for 19. Timeout. :24. Incomplete pass. To Robottom to the middle of the field for 7. No timeouts, tick tock tick tock.. Spiked with :03 left. deRochement will kick this 52 yard field goal. For the game. Ubekista won't kick it, he doesn't have the leg and our 50+ kicker does. Here we go.. for the win.

The snap was good.

The hold was good.

The blocking was good.

The kick was up, it had the distance from 60-ish again.

... but the kick was not good. WIDE RIGHT. Arkansas wins. The winning streak is over. Fiddlesticks.

Can't blame this loss on deRochement. Arkansas is a great team and better than Tulane. Couldn't get the victory and we drop to 0-2 in bowls.

FINAL SCORE: Arkansas 29-27
SENIORS in bold

Kevin Moore: 133.1 QB rating, 24/38 pass, 238 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT

J.T. McDonald: 10 rush, 45 yards, 5 rec yards / Barnett: 9 rush, 49 yards (inj.), 26 rec yards / Duplessis: 13 yards rushing, TD, 20 rec yards

Casey Robottom: 8 catches, 86 yards / Alan Mitchell: 3 rec, 17 yards, TD
D.J. Banks: 3 rec, 40 yards / George Harrison: 3 rec, 34 yards
(Remember: Jarmon Forston will be elligible next year as a r-JR.. that's a name we haven't talked about)

Darryl Farley: 12 tackles
Samuel Brooks: 10 tackles
Cody Leford: 8 tackles (TFL)
Alex Wacha: 7 tackles (Kristifer Rhymes also with 7 tackles)
Dezmen Moses: 6 tackles
Gregory Hallinsworth: 6 tackles
Tony Bryant: 5 tackles (TFL), Sack
JJ Black: 4 tackles, INT, Def TD
Sammy Boudreaux: 2 tackles

Darren deRochment: 0-2 FG (52, 57), 4 punts, 152 yards, 2 inside 20

ARK: Mallett 27/34, 368 yards, 2 TD, INT / Jarius Wright 7-73-2 TD

UP NEXT: The Season Wrap-Up.. who wins the BCS bowls and the BCS Championship?

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 10:11 PM

2010 WRAP-UP

(I had originally typed up a full bowl report and Firefox crashed (damnit!)


New Orleans Bowl: UCF 45, Troy 14

Hawai'i Bowl: #20 Houston 31, Hawai'i 21

Liberty Bowl: Arkansas 29, #22 Tulane 27

Texas Bowl: Kansas 44, Marshall 24

GMAC Bowl: CMU 30, Memphis 27

Rose Bowl: #7 Iowa 31, #12 Oregon State 24 [Ricky Stanzi 3yd TD run with 1:11 left]

Sugar Bowl Yawn-Fest 2011: #11 Florida 6, #5 West Virginia 2 [311 combined yards, 8 combined points]

FedEx Orange Bowl: #4 Oklahoma 24, #15 Virginia Tech 17 [Sam Bradford 9yd TD pass with :38 left]

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: #3 Boise State 34, #6 Ohio State 33

BCS NATIONAL TITLE: #2 TCU completes perfect season, rallies to beat #1 Nebraska 34-30.. TCU trailed 23-7 at the half, got the ball first in the second and used two 3rd qtr. TD passes to cut the lead to 23-21, Nebraska takes a 30-21 lead, Dalton runs for a 6 yard TD, then throws a 40 yard TD pass with 1:52 to play as the Horned Frogs STUN Nebraska 34-30, many people did not believe that TCU should have been here and they proved that the BCS busters reigned in 2010. Andy Dalton goes an impressive 29/41 for 405 yards, 4 TD's, 0 INT's and a rushing TD. What a year for TCU.

[B]Draggo says 'no' to Michigan, signs 5-year extension with Tulane

FINAL TOP 25: Rise of the non-BCS schools

1. TCU(61) (13-0)

2. Boise State (13-0)

3. Nebraska

4. Oklahoma

5. Iowa

6. Florida

7. West Virginia

8. Alabama

9. Ohio State

10. Notre Dame

11. Wisconsin

12. Georgia Tech

13. Oregon State

14. Utah

15. Houston

16. North Carolina

17. Virginia Tech

18. Texas

19. Washington (beat #9 Utah)

20. Colorado

21. Texas A&M

22. Florida State

23. Rutgers

24. LSU

25. USC

27. TULANE (12-2)

UP NEXT: A look at the final stats, goodbye to seniors, the start of the off-season yada yada yada

Iron Dragon
07-04-2010, 10:12 PM
Alrighty. Two seasons in the books here, and I'm mid-way through season six as it stands as I'm hurrying to get that season done before the drop of '11.

Iron Dragon
07-05-2010, 01:50 PM



Kevin Moore (Player of the Year): 221-for-345, 2859 yards, 28 TD, 9 INT, 64% comp. pct (started 12 of Tulane's 14 games (missed two due to injury), started season with 1 TD, 7 INT)

>> Moore put up great numbers after a horrid start to the 2010 season.. missed two games due to injury .. finished season with 27 TD, 2 INT .. led Tulane to a 9-3 record as a starter this year.

Joe Kemp: 41-for-59, 490 yards, 5 TD, 2 INT, 69% comp. pct (started 2 of Tulane's 14 games)
D.J. Ponder: 3-for-3, 32 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT, 100% comp. pct (played in two games)

>> Kemp started two games .. won both games .. rallied Tulane in second half after Moore's injury at UTEP .. Ponder played vs Rice and at Tulsa in limited action


Stephen Barnett: 313 carries, 1698 yards, 5.4 average, 14 TD, 32 broken tackles, 11 runs of 20 yards or more

>> Barnett started 13 games .. left a couple games with injuries which lingered here and there .. great runner .. YPC went down from 5.6 as a backup last year. Hopes to return as a much improved 3rd-year player next year

J.T. McDonald: 71 carries, 441 yards, 6.2 average, 3 TD
Antoine Duplessis: 40 carries, 200 yards, 5.0 average, 2 TD
Donny Richardson: 28 carries, 151 yards, 5.3 average, 2 TD
Nathan Austin: 33 carries, 124 yards, 3.7 average, 2 TD
D.J. Ponder: 14 carries, 55 yards, 3.9 average, TD
Kevin Moore: 57 carries, -124 yards, -2.1 average, TD, long of 14

>> McDonald played well when needed, Duplessis was the power fullback who was an easy five yards each time, scored a TD in the Liberty Bowl .. Richardson missed half the season with an injury, hopefully will be 100% as a sophomore .. Austin was our second halfback in a few games when Barnett went down or McDonald went down .. saw alot of playing time against Tulsa.


Casey Robottom: 51 catches, 849 yards, 16.6 average, 11 TD
Alan Mitchell: 48 catches, 551 yards, 11.4 average, 4 TD
Stephen Barnett: 40 catches, 328 yards, 8.2 average, TD
D.J. Banks: 38 catches, 522 yards, 13.7 average, 6 TD
George Harrison: 31 catches, 372 yards, 12.0 average, 3 TD
Devin Figaro: 25 catches, 347 yards, 13.8 average, 2 TD
Antoine Duplessis: 14 catches, 114 yards, 8.1 average, TD

>> Robottom became the go-to guy after the graduating of Jeremy Williams. Stepped it up majorly in the final three games of the year surpassing double-digit TD grabs .. Mitchell was our possession guy who had 28 catches and 0 TD's last year and 48 catches and 4 TD's this year, including one in the Liberty Bowl and 2 against Houston .. Barnett was a viable option out of the backfield or motioned into a WR spot .. Banks turned into our no. 2 guy later in the year, should be really promising fighting for the no. 1 spot next year .. Harrison put up great numbers for a TE as a true freshman .. Figaro's numbers should improve as a junior next year, and Duplessis was another backfield dump-off pass guy.

Also with TD catches: J.T. McDonald, Brock Sanders, Donny Richardson
Longest pass of the year: Joe Kemp to Wilson Van Hooser, 67 yards


Lawrence Abrams: 25 'cakes, 8 SA
Harris Howard: 18 'cakes, 4 SA
Joey Ray: 13 'cakes, 6 SA
Pete Hendrickson: 9 'cakes, 9 SA
Andrew Neirman: 7 'cakes, 1 SA
George Harrison: 7 'cakes, 1 SA

>> Abrams had one heck of a freshman season .. Howard and Ray are seniors next year, and the lesser of the 'cakers are leaving. Hendrickson's SA went up majorly as a senior, and his 'cakes went down, Neirman's pancakes went down as a senior.


Darryl Farley (Defensive Player of the Year): 100 tackles, 8 TFL, Sack, 3 INT, FF
Cody Leford: 76 tackles, 10 TFL, 3 INT
Gregory Hallinsworth: 65 tackles, 2 TFL, INT, FF, 2 FR
Samuel Brooks: 64 tackles, 3 TFL, INT, Def TD
Devin Williams: 63 tackles, 21 TFL, 12 Sacks, FF
Kristifer Rhymes: 51 tackles, 7 TFL, 2 Sacks, 2 INT
Alex Wacha: 48 tackles, TFL, INT, FF, FR
Dezmen Moses: 46 tackles, 13 TFL, Sack, FF, FR, Def TD
Sammy Boudreaux: 43 tackles, TFL, FF, FR
Tony Bryant: 42 tackles, 19 TFL, 9 Sacks
JJ Black: 41 tackles, 1 TFL, INT, Def TD
Oscar Ponce De Leon: 32 tackles, 17 TFL, 7 sacks, FF
Jordan Garrett: 23 tackles (mainly 90% special teams)
David Phillips: 17 tackles
Justin Adams: 15 tackles

>> Farley hits 100 tackles, our 2nd and 3rd leading sackers depart, Wacha was a solid secondary man, Moses was a great d-lineman, along with Bryant. Phillips and Adams were good tacklers. Hallinsworth, Black and Bourdeaux all have great freshman seasons.


Tinzen Ubekista: 15/23 FG, 58/58 XP, long of 52
Darren deRochement: 2/4 FG, long of 56, 40 punts, 1746 yards, 43.6 average, 10 inside 20, 7 touchbacks, long of 56 punting, too

>> Ubekista, the walk-on, was an excellent kicker. deRochement had quite the leg.

Devin Figaro: 21 KR, 492 yards, long of 30, 14 PR, 85 yards, long of 14
Jordan Sullen: 16 KR, 325 yards, long of 30, 15 PR, 124 yards, long of 19
Wilson Van Hooser: 13 KR, 212 yards, long of 32, 12 PR, 48 yards, long of 13
D.J. Banks: 12 KR, 263 yards, long of 29

>> We couldn't find a return man this year.

UP NEXT: Senior Sendoff, Transfer news, who's going pro..

Iron Dragon
07-05-2010, 01:50 PM


Justin Adams

#6, OLB

OVR: 67

Stats: 15 tackles, TFL

Notes: Moved positions as a senior and provided depth to the linebacking crew and played alot of special teams and also played in the 4-4 and goal line formations.


Helm in 2009 versus Army

Tyler Helm

#88, TE

OVR: 70

Stats: 2010; Drop, 2 tackles 2009; 28 rec, 275 yards, 3 TD

Notes: As a senior, Helm fell from starting TE to #3 TE after George Harrison came and Brock Sanders shined over Helm in the spring. Helm's lone stats from 2010 is a drop and two tackles, but in 2009 he was a good TE.


David Phillips

#13, CB

OVR: 75

Stats: (2009): 25 tackles, INT (2010) 17 tackles

Notes: Phillips is known for the game-winning tackle in 2OT against Memphis but was a sure tackler at the CB position.


Dezmen Moses

#51, DE

OVR: 76

Stats: (2009) 26 tackles, Sack, FR (2010) 46 tackles, 13 TFL, Sack, FF, FR, TD

Notes: Defiently a workhorse on the D-line.. top play was 2010 at Hawai'i with a forced fumble, then the recovery and then a defensive TD. Moses never really got to the QB, but he sure put pressure on him.


Alex Wacha

#8, CB

OVR: 78

Stats: (2009): 51 tackles, INT (2010) 48 tackles, INT, 11 PD, FF, FR

Notes: Became the master of the deflection going from 1 in '09 to 11 in '10. Shared some time with FR Sammy Bourdeaux at CB, but started 27 straight games. INTs came against LSU in 2009 and Hawaii in 2010.

Tony Bryant

#96, DT

OVR: 79

Stats: 2009: 52 tackles, 21 TFL, 6 sacks, 2010: 42 tackles, 19 TFL, 9 sacks

Notes: Was another workhouse on the D-line.. played in the middle of the line and broke through for 15 sacks in the last two years. Defiently had the strength to get through anyone.

Oscar Ponce De Leon

#62, DT

OVR: 79

Stats: 2009: 36 tackles, 14 TFL, 5 sacks, 2010: 32 tackles, 17 TFL, 7 sacks, FR

Notes: P.D.L is known for having a long last name and like Bryant, was a strong and quick lineman who brought out the sacks from the DT position.

Kevin Leary

#63, C

OVR: 81

Stats: Nothing

Notes: Who? Sat behind Andrew Neirman.. which he wasn't previously redshirted.


Alan Mitchell

#87, WR

OVR: 82

Stats: 2009: 28 rec, 385 yards 2010: 48 rec, 551 yards, 4 TD

Notes: Possession WR, played a bit of #2 and #3 reciever throughout the 2010 season. Had a pair of TD catches against Houston and one in the Liberty Bowl after having none in '09.


Darren deRochemont

#40, P/long FG K

OVR: 82

Stats: 44.4 avg punt (2009+ 2010), 20 career inside 20, 2/4 FG, all from 53+

Notes: Had a huge leg. He made the kick against Hawai'i which started our run of 11 wins in 2010.

Pete Hendrickson

RT, #58

OVR: 84

Stats: 2009: 18 cakes, 3 SA / 2010: 9 cakes, 9 SA

Notes: Not sure what happened to him in 2010 but the wrong stats went up and down for him. Was a good blocker.


Kevin Moore

#2, QB

OVR: 84

Stats: 2009: 178/317, 2453yds, 25 TD, 11 INT / 2010: 221/345, 2859yds, 28 TD, 9 INT

Notes: Led Tulane to 18 wins as a starter, had a great senior season after a dismal start (finished year with 26 TD, 2 INT).. was a leader and a game winner. First proved himself in 2009 against SMU as those things said before with a rushing TD that won the game.


Casey Robottom

#19, WR

OVR: 87

Stats: 2009: 31 rec, 537 yards, 5 TD / 2010: 51 rec, 849 yards, 11 TD

Notes: He caught everything. High. Low. Short. Long. One-handed. Two-handed. One foot in bounds, two feet in bounds. Robottom was a playmaker and a gamechanger. His best catch was the game winner against USM at home on Senior Sunday. He had a great career and was Moore's favorite target and his no. 2 target in '09.

Andrew Neirman

#68, C

OVR: 91

Stats: 18 career 'cakes, 2 career SA

Notes: Didn't allow sacks often, but didn't really pancake anyone, but he pushed and pushed and didn't let them through. Dynasty's first player to reach 90 (or more) OVR and was the O-line leader.




Zach Mettenberger, QB, UGA, 85 OVR to Eastern Kentucky

Mike Gillislee, RB, Florida, 85 OVR to Mid Tenn State

Bryce Petty, QB, Baylor, 84 OVR to Mississippi

Austin Fuller, WR, VT, 85 OVR to BC

Andrew Sweat, LB, Ohio State, 88 OVR to BC

Kody Spano, QB, Nebraska, 84 OVR to BYU

(there were many others)


Jeff Demps, RB, Florida, 99 OVR

Nigel Bradham, OLB, Florida State, 98

Julio Jones, WR, Bama, 98

'Quizz Rodgers, RB, Oregon State, 97

Caleb King, RB, UGA, 97

Jeremy Brown, CB, Florida, 97

Malcolm Williams, WR, Texas, 96

Earl Thomas, FS, Texas, 96

Ryan Broyles, WR, Oklahoma, 95


DC Jefferson, QB, Rutgers, 89

Brynn Harvey, RB, UCF, 90

Daniel Herron, RB, Ohio State, 94

Jarius Wright, WR, Arkansas, 86

Iron Dragon's second annual WTF why did you go pro award goes too...

Nick Saenz, SS, Houston, 82 OVR

And with that.. goodbye to the seniors, and to some sophomores and juniors.. here we come off-season..

UP NEXT: Recruiting!

Iron Dragon
07-05-2010, 01:51 PM

Recruiting a success for Tulane

Tulane's 11-3 season pulled them to a surprising 38th best class in the nation, rated better than national champion TCU's class, and the best class in the C-USA.

Florida reloaded with a record class: 9 5-stars, 11 4-stars, and 5 3-stars including the #1 and #2 players in the nation. Ohio State, Texas, Oklahoma and Miami FL rounded out the top 5.

4-8 Michigan had the 10th best class. 2-10 UCLA had the 16th best class. Fresno State had the best class of the mid-majors at #29, with 5 four-stars. #2 Boise State struggled with recruiting, missing out on the #1 recruit and had the 50th best class. Southern Miss was 64th, Marshall 68th, UCF 70th, ECU 73rd, Memphis 80th, UTEP 84th, Rice 92nd, and stunningly Houston 105th .. the Cougars had a recruiting disaster despite their top 15 ranking. Tulsa had 111th best class, SMU 117th rounding out the C-USA.


(by position)

:r3star: QB Marcus Minor from Arkansas .. 6'3, 208lbs.. 73 OVR, 82 SPD, 84 THP, 73 THA

:r2star: JUCO FB Eric Jones from Church Point, LA .. 6'0, 208lbs.. 72 OVR, 79 SPD, 81 ACC

:r2star: TE Chad Flowers from Florida .. 6'4", 243lbs ... 72 OVR, 73 SPD, 81 CTH, 76 CIT

:r2star: G Reggie Ross from Arkansas .. 6'6", 296lbs ... 71 OVR, 86 IMP, 83 RBS

:r4star: G Michael Landry from California .. 6'4", 280lbs ... 77 OVR, 89 RBS

:r2star: C Ron Daniels from California .. 6'3", 316lbs ... 71 OVR

:r2star: C Rashaad Harris from Texas .. 6'2", 278lbs ... 69 OVR

:r2star: JUCO C Bo Mason from Montana .. 6'4", 291lbs ... 69 OVR

:r2star: T John Williams from Mississippi .. 6'2", 330lbs ... 72 OVR, 79 STR

:r2star: DE Dustin Peterson from Georgia .. 6'5", 209lbs ... 66 OVR

:r2star: DT Melvin Dickson from Mississippi .. 6'1", 270lbs ... 72 OVR, 81 BS, 79 STR

:r2star: DT Joe Childs from Louisiana .. 6'4", 266lbs ... 69 OVR, 50 SPD, 81 STR

:r2star: DT Jared Fields from Texas .. 6'6", 298lbs ... 67 OVR

:r2star: OLB Jason Nolen from Florida .. 6'1", 194lbs ... 72 OVR, 81 SPD, 86 ACC

:r2star: OLB Jason Thornton from Tennessee .. 6'1", 210lbs ... 71 OVR, 80 SPD, 77 ACC

:r2star: MLB Ralph Hall from Iowa ... 6'4", 246lbs ... 73 OVR, 85 HPW

:r2star: MLB Derek Larson from Louisiana ... 6'2", 254 ... 72 OVR, 79 STR

:r2star: OLB Lamont Coleman from Texas ... 5'11", 220 ... 70 OVR, 82 SPD

:r2star: OLB Mark Jackson from Louisiana ... 6'0", 203 ... 68 OVR, 77 PLY

:r4star: CB Erik Madison from Louisiana ... 6'4", 208 ... 78 OVR, 81 SPD, 86 ZCV, 89 PUR

:r3star: CB Keenan Tate from Louisiana ... 5'10, 180lbs ... 74 OVR, 83 SPD, 83 MCV, 82 ZCV

:r2star: P Jason Fountain from Oklahoma ... 6'3", 213lbs ... 68 OVR, 71 SPD, 73 KPW, 65 KAC


D.J. Ponder: WR to QB

Anthony Patterson: LT to C

Harry CiGar: LE to RE

Emanuel Eluko: MLB to DT (back to DT, that is)


OLB Peter Morreale

OLB Sule Osagiede

QB Mike Bell

FB Kasey Stelly

LG Byron Herrell

C Bo Mason

DT Jared Fields

CB Joe Howard

UP NEXT: Onto the 2011 Preseason..

Iron Dragon
07-05-2010, 01:52 PM
Tulane will visit the Buckeyes on week 3

Date|Opponent|Time|Team's Ratings
8/27|#24 Rutgers (ABC)|8:00PM|B OVR, B OFF, B+ DEF
9/3|Navy|8:00PM|C OVR, C OFF, C DEF
9/10|at #3 Ohio State (ABC)|3:30PM|A+ OVR, A+ OFF, A DEF
9/17|at SMU|3:30PM|C OVR, B- OFF, C DEF
9/24|at UAB|6:00PM|C- OVR, C- OFF, C DEF
10/1|Houston|12:30PM|B OVR, B OFF, B DEF
10/8|UTEP|12:30PM|D+ OVR, C- OFF, C- DEF
10/15|at Rice|3:30PM|C OVR, C+ OFF, C- DEF
10/22|Memphis|6:00PM|C+ OVR, B- OFF, C DEF
10/28|at ECU (Friday)|6:00PM|C OVR, C OFF, C+ DEF
11/12|Tulsa|12:30PM|C OVR, C+ OFF, C DEF
11/26|at #16 LSU (ESPN)|8:00PM|A+ OVR, A OFF, A+ DEF

Tulane has no "tune-up game" again this year as another ranked team visits on week 1, this time Rutgers. Rutgers is not the same team we saw last year.. they look very different and they are weaker. Navy's triple option attack is now led by SR Kameron Smith, they only have one player over 85 OVR. Ohio State is Ohio State. They are good. If we can win, it'd be huge. The C-USA luckily is weak this year, and a win over Houston could easily sail us to a 8-0 C-USA record. LSU ends the season on the road, this year could be the year we get 'em if LSU is beat up like they were last year on week 14.

I hope we beat at least one of those ranked teams, if not two or maybe all three. We'll see. We could also lose a game we shouldn't. You never know.

Iron Dragon
07-05-2010, 01:53 PM



Fear the 'stache! Landry Jones has to fill Sam Bradford's shoes this year.


1. Oklahoma(40)

2. Florida(21)

3. Ohio State

4. Alabama

5. Nebraska

6. West Virginia (B+ OVR)

7. Georgia Tech

8. Texas

9. Notre Dame

10. Iowa (B OVR)

11. Wisconsin

12. North Carolina

13. Boise State (B OVR)

14. USC

15. Oregon State (B+ OVR)

16. LSU

17. Florida State

18. Georgia

19. Washington (B+ OVR)

20. Virginia Tech

21. Texas A&M

22. TCU (B OVR)

23. Miami (FL)

24. Rutgers (B OVR)

25. California

26. Utah

27. Houston

42. UCF (A- OFF, oh crap!)


62. Memphis

65. Marshall

74. Southern Miss

84. SMU (New head coach)

89. ECU

97. UTEP

107. Tulsa

108. UAB

112. Rice



QB Kellen Moore, r-SR, Boise State (38 TD, 11 INT last year)

WR Andre Debose, JR, Florida (15 rec TD last year)

WR Tyrone Carrier, r-SR, Houston (14 rec TD last year)

QB Aaron Corp, r-SR, USC (23 TD, 12 INT, 7 rush TD last year)

WR Sean Fitzgerald, JR, Utah (13 Rec TD last year)


1st-team AA: Stephen Barnett (RB)

2nd-team AA: None

1st-team C-USA: Stephen Barnett, Devin Williams (LE)

2nd-team C-USA: George Harrison (TE), Darryl Farley (MLB)

UP NEXT: 2011 Conference USA preview

Iron Dragon
07-05-2010, 01:54 PM




12|Rice|C OVR, C+ OFF, C- DEF


10|Tulsa|C OVR, C+ OFF, C DEF




6|Southern Miss|B- OVR, B- OFF, B- DEF

5|Marshall|C+ OVR, C+ OFF, B- DEF

4|Memphis|C+ OVR, B- OFF, C DEF

3|Tulane|C+ OVR, C+ OFF, C+ DEF


1|Houston|B OVR, B OFF, B DEF


RICE OWLS - Probable finish: 10th-12th

Key Games: 8-27 at #8 Texas, 9-10 at Baylor, 11-19 at Houston

>> Rice will probably struggle this year with 7 of 12 games on the road, including at Texas, Baylor and Northwestern OOC. Nick Fanuzzi will start for his third straight year and needs to improve on his 18 TD, 17 INT season from a year ago. Shane Turner and Sam McGuffie can carry the running game, but Rice's defense does not have a player over 78 OVR. Not a good thing.


UAB BLAZERS - Probable finish: 10th-12th

Key Games: 9-3 at #2 Florida, 9-10 at Marshall, 10-22 Western Michigan, 11-12 Houston

>> UAB has an interesting schedule. They start out in the Swamp, then they play at Marshall and Tulsa, then they have a 6 of their next 7 at home, before finishing out with two road games. Like Rice, UAB does not have a defense. They have an 85 OVR MLB in JR Danny White, but then it's a dropoff into the 70s. They have two QBs over 82 OVR, two RBs over 81, but no recievers over 76 OVR. Their offensive line is bad, with an all-CUSA performer in 90 OVR in Greg Calhoun, but then they have 3 true freshman under 67 OVR starting. Not good.


TULSA GOLDEN HURRICANE - Probable finish: 6th-9th

Key Games: 8-27 at #1 Oklahoma, 9-10 Okie State, 11-19 #20 V-Tech

>> Tulsa's OOC schedule is hard. They maybe can beat Troy, so don't be surprised to see Tulsa 0-3 when they play UAB. Tulsa is not a 10th place team, but they aren't a top 5 team. GJ Kinne no longer has to deal with Bower, while Shavodrick Beaver waits now. If Kinne and 94 OVR DeMaris Johnson can hook up, Tulsa can score. However, they start two freshman on the o-line, and their linebackers are weak. Get around these issues and Tulsa could get four wins in conference play.


UTEP MINERS - Probable finish: 10th-12th

Key Games: 8-27 at Kansas (then two BYEs), 9-17 Houston, 9-23 UCF, 10-08 at Tulane

>> UTEP has to play the "big three" in four weeks, but get Houston and UCF at home. However, UTEP doesn't look like a ninth-place team. UTEP's best player is a kicker. Mike Scott, at 83 OVR. They have an 80 OVR QB in Tim Curry, an 80 OVR RB in Vernon Frazier, three WRs at 82 OVR. Oh did I mention that their o-line is 4 freshman and a sophomore? UTEP isn't bad, they just aren't good.


EAST CAROLINA PIRATES - Probable finish: 6th-9th

Key Games: 9-10 #12 UNC, 10-08 at Houston, 10-22 UCF, 10-28 Tulane

>> ECU has a challenging OOC game with North Carolina and have the "big three" to play. QB Rio Johnson will start for his second year, and look to find Joe Womack, Jacobi Jenkins and Michael Bowman through the air. He can also give it off to Marquan Brown who returns from injury. ECU's linebackers are pretty weak, but they have speed.


SMU MUSTANGS - Probable finish: 6th-9th

Key Games: 9-03 Baylor, 9-17 Tulane, 10-08 at #22 TCU, 11-05 at Houston

>> SMU booted June Jones after a 0-10 start to 2010 and now Tommy Bowden comes in and takes the helm after leading SMU to a 2-0 finish including a stunner at Tennessee. SMU will start to lean away from the pass, dropping to 60 percent pass this year. Braden Smith still has targets in Terrance Wilkerson, Cole Beasley and Bradley Haynes. But Bryce Lunday should improve majorly on his two sub-400 yard rushing seasons and sub-90 carries seasons. JJ Di Luigi should see carries too. SMU's d-line is the stronghold of their defense. Their offensive line has no starters worse than 80 OVR, and they have a few backups at 80 or 81 OVR.


SOUTHERN MISS MUSTANGS - Probable finish: Bottom of the top 5 **SLEEPER TEAM**

Key Games: 9-10 at UVA, 10-08 at UCF, 10-22 at Miss State

>> Southern Miss has an easy schedule. Two road games OOC at Virginia and Miss State, but they don't play Tulane or Houston. Austin Davis is back, and is now at 91 OVR, and DeAndre Brown is back, now at 98 OVR. Brown, how would you say, is an absolute beast. He has 95 SPD and 98 ACC and 88 CTH and 94 SPC and 92 CIT. If he stays healthy, he could put up some huge numbers. USM's weakness is a couple spots on the o-line and at safety. Another thing is that they start two true freshman at K and P. Neither with a huge leg. That is a weakness.


MARSHALL THUNDERING HERD - Probable finish: Bottom of top 5

Key Games: 9-17 at UCF, 10-08 at #6 WVU, 10-15 at #17 FSU, 10-22 at Houston

>> Marshall has four tough road games, two OOC and two in-conference. Darius Marshall is gone. So what? Martin Ward, Terrell Edwards and Demetrius Thomas are all 83+ OVR RBs for Marshall. Marshall has a new QB in Chris Smith, and has a good WR in EJ Wynn to find. Marshall's o-line is good. Marshall's defense isn't great, but it doesn't lack anywhere. They do start a freshman kicker who doesn't have a huge leg.


MEMPHIS TIGERS - Probable finish: 6th-9th

Key Games: 9-10 #4 Bama, 10-1 at UCF, 10-22 at Tulane, 11-12 at USM

>> Memphis doesn't have to play Houston and I could be wrong about Memphis but I don't think they are a fourth place team. Tyler Bass is gone, their RB is gone, but Cam Baker is back. However, they are missing a defense. They have no starters over 78 OVR and in a league with big offenses and if they are projected to be fourth, that won't help them.


TULANE GREEN WAVE - Probable finish: Top three

Key Games: 8-27 #24 Rutgers, 9-10 at #3 Ohio State, 10-01 Houston, 11-26 at #16 LSU

>> Tulane has an interesting schedule. They don't play UCF, but they have three tough OOC games and get Houston at home, who as underdogs in 2009 and 2010 are 1-1 against. The question is.. who is Tulane's starting QB? Joe Kemp, D.J. Ponder or "out of nowhere in the spring" Ryan Griffin? Stephen Barnett is back, so is J.T. McDonald and Donny Richardson is now a sophomore. Whoever the QB is, Jarmon Fortson is here, and he's a 92 OVR. D.J. Banks is back, too. Tulane's O-line is good, and all their starters are 81+, their d-line improved well in the spring, and the three starters at linebacker who were freshman in 2009 are still starting in 2011. Tulane's true freshman secondary was a success last year, and now they are now sophomores with the addition of 6'4" Erik Madison to take Alex Wacha's spot. Tinzen Ubekista will handle K and P duties this year, and this team does not have a weak spot. They are locked and loaded and depth-filled. If their schedule was easier, they could go 12-0, since it's hard, they could go as bad as 8-4.


CENTRAL FLORIDA - Probable finish: Top three

Key Games: 9-03 at #8 Texas, 9-10 at FIU, 10-08 at USM

>> UCF is going to go at least 11-1. That's right. They don't have to play Houston or Tulane and they are loaded. This offense is better than some teams in the top 10. They can beat Texas. Joe Weatherford knocks Rob Clabrese off the starting job at QB, and he's 91 OVR. Brynn Harvey is gone but Chris Rainey is here.. and he has 98 SPD, 99 AGI and 99 ACC. Oh shit. Even better, 99 ELU and 99 SPM and 99 JKM. If I know anything, when you have 99s in a non-BCS conference, you are going to dominate. Thearon Collier is elligible to play too, and he's 97 OVR. 93 SPD, 87 CTH, 90 SPD, 88 CIT, 80 AWR and 90 BTK. Oh shit. UCF's O-line is amazing. 88+ starters. Needless to say, we're screwed. And their defense is good. Oh boy. UCF could bust the BCS.


HOUSTON COUGARS - Probable finish: Top three

Key Games: 8-27 UCLA, 9-03 at #16 LSU, 10-01 at Tulane, 11-26 at #24 Rutgers

>> And then you have Houston's offense. They have three tough OOC games and don't play UCF. If they did, the over/under would be 100 points. Maybe a 62-59 game or something. Houston starts a new QB, Drew Hollingshead, a 78 OVR QB. Around him he can give it off to Bryce Beall at 93, or throw it too Heisman candidate Tyrone Carrier is a 97, Patrick Edwards is a 93, and James Cleveland is a 90. Houston's O-line is good. Their defense is probably the best or second best in the C-USA, led by 95 OVR Marcus McGraw, he has 89 SPD. Basically he's got 85+ everything and he's dangerous. He's quick enough to return kicks basically. Speaking of quick, Tyrone Carrier is another player with 99 ACC. Not good for everyone else. If Hollingshead can find his groove quickly, Houston will be a top 25 team again.

KEY QUESTION FOR THE CONFERENCE: Can we have three teams ranked at once? Last year, Houston and Tulane were ranked at the same time.

Three teams have a good shot to go undefeated this year.. Tulane, Houston and UCF. I think UCF has the best shot. Can they get past Texas? If so, watch out! What if Tulane gets past Rutgers and Ohio State? How much momentum will they have? We'll just have to wait and see.

UP NEXT: Tulane 2011 roster

Iron Dragon
07-05-2010, 01:54 PM

WR/RET Van Hooser out for season; granted medical redshirt

NEW ORLEANS --- Today in preseason camp, JR wide receiver Wilson Van Hooser who is competing for the no. 3 spot has had a "lingering injury" since the end of last season and has not gotten better through spring and will undergo foot surgery later in August and will has been declared out for the season and has been granted a medical redshirt.

Van Hooser accounted for 260 return yards throughout about five games last year and in his lone catch last year of 67 yards scored a touchdown from Joe Kemp.

Van Hooser was competing with Chandler Davis, Devin Figaro and Jordan Sullen for the team's no. 3 WR spot. Hooser will have two years of eligibility remaining starting in 2012.

Iron Dragon
07-05-2010, 01:55 PM


New faces, new starters, old faces in new places can sum up any roster.

We are redshirting 13 freshman and Wilson Van Hooser gets a medical redshirt.



#8|Marcus Minor|QB|FR|74

#46|Eric Jones|FB|JR|72

#9|Wilson Van Hooser*|WR|JR|78

#83|Chad Flowers|TE|FR|72

#75|Reggie Ross|LG|FR|71

#61|Rashaad Harris|C|FR|69

#62|John Williams|RT|FR|72

#49|Dustin Peterson|LE|FR|66

#90|Melvin Dickson|DT|FR|72

#92|Joe Childs|DT|FR|69

#58|Derek Lawson|LB|FR|72

#51|Mark Jackson|LB|FR|68

#35|Keenan Tate|CB|FR|74

#44|Jason Fountain|P|FR|68




#14|D.J. Ponder|rJR|6'2", 196|82|86|63|84|79

#7|Joe Kemp|rSR|6'4", 221|82|59|72|87|87

#11|Ryan Griffin|rJR|6'4", 213|81|65|58|86|85

We still don't have a starter named yet, but Ponder is the current front-runner and is penciled in as our starter in practice right now. He's not in sharpie yet.

Ponder Positive: Great speed, dual-threat. Negative: <80 THA, only three passes (all complete) thrown in career in mop-up duty

Kemp Positive: Starting experience, equal THP and THA. Negative: Low speed, hardly any ability to keep the play alive

Griffin Positive: Good arm, 73 ACC. Negative: No career passes, only playing time is against McNeese State in 2009.



#36|Stephen Barnett|JR|5'11, 185|81|89|68|81|72

#22|J.T. McDonald|rSR|5'9, 215|80|88|67|85|69

#47|Donny Richardson|SO|6'4", 208|78|87|47|80|81

#31|Payton Jason|rSO|5'11", 196|74|86|58|79|67

#29|Nathan Austin|rJR|6'1, 211|74|86|55|85|65

#10|Dan Thomas|rFR|6'1", 189|73|86|62|71|79


#45|Antoine Duplessis|rSR|6'2", 268|73|70|63|67|74

Barnett ran for 1698 yards and had 328 receiving, at a smooth 5.4 yards a carry. Barnett is quick on his feet to make moves and that's why he still has his starting job. J.T. McDonald is still Barnett's backup as more of the "up the gut" kind of guy, who had 6.2 yards a carry last year. Donny Richardson is 100 percent again and should improve on a 151 yard season last year, we're still looking for some awareness improvements from him though. Jason, Austin and Thomas are just all there. Austin did run for 2 TD's last year.

Duplessis who is our powerback is a whopping 268 pounds and had 5 yards a carry last year, but has still not run for more than 11 yards on a carry. He's pretty consistent and he's a pretty good short yardage receiver too.



#17|Jarmon Fortson|rJR|6'3", 223|92|89|70|86|92

#5|D.J. Banks|JR|5'9", 177|85|91|70|83|74

#89|Devin Figaro|JR|6'2", 201|80|91|70|80|73

#86|Chandler Davis|rSR|6'2", 174|79|86|60|76|72

#1|Jordan Sullen|rSO|5'11", 185|77|90|63|73|71

#15|Taylor Echols|rSR|6'2", 177|78|88|60|74|68


#80|George Harrison|SO|6'5", 220|75|67|52|86|57

#81|Brock Sanders|JR|6'3", 231|69|80|75|75|75

No Casey Robottom? No problem. Jarmon Fortson has sat out his year and is now here and ready to play for us after leaving Florida State. Fortson has two years of eligibility unless he has some amazing numbers and goes pro after this year. D.J. Banks is now the lone no. 2 man and there is no splitting time with anyone at that spot (last year it was Alan Mitchell). Figaro slips into the no. 3 spot, Davis into the no. 4 spot, Jordan Sullen who looked to be the 7th WR is actually in the 5th spot and is basically here if an injury occurs. Echols sits 6th but I believe takes our no. 3 TE spot.

Harrison is back at TE along with Brock Sanders. Harrison will probably sit around his same numbers from last year: 31 rec, 372 yards, 3 TD's. Brock Sanders disappointingly only has 8 catches in two years but has three TD's in those eight catches. Hopefully he sees double-digits this year.



#77|Lawrence Abrams|rSO|6'5, 343|LT|86|84|82|85

#71|Harris Howard|SR|6'4", 306|LG|85|84|87|86

#70|Anthony Patterson|rFR|6'4", 311|C|83|89|83|88

#66|Joey Ray|rSR|6'2", 321|RG|81|82|86|84

#79|Eric Jones|rJR|6'6", 311|RT|84|84|83|84


#72|Rio Mares|rSO|6'5", 325|LT|81|83|81|82

#60|Jeff Keyes|rFR|6'4", 293|LG|73|78|80|85

#65|Ron Daniels|FR|6'3", 316|C|71|77|72|83

#63|Michael Landry|FR|6'4", 280|RG|77|78|79|74

#67|Eric Hall|rJR|6'6", 325|RG|77|78|86|85

#64|Chris White|rFR|6'6", 316|RT|72|82|80|74

Patterson and Jones are the new starters on the line this year, replacing Andrew Neirman and Pete Hendrickson. Our O-line is big and strong and great at blocking. This line averages about 315lbs and everyone is over 6'2". We have quality backups too, Michael Landry and Rio Mares are movable around the linem both are solid backups, along with Eric Hall.



#54|Devin Williams|JR|6'2", 225|LE|78|84|73|72|82

#53|Harry CiGar|SO|6'1", 246|RE|74|78|67|75|78

#52|Emanuel Eluko|SR|6'3", 289|DT|80|65|46|86|85

#98|Cedric Wilson|rSR|6'2", 264|DT|75|82|58|78|74


#48|Josh Smith|rSR|6'2", 259|DE|68|74|75|76|72

#93|Christian Martindale|SO|6'3", 222|DE|70|78|57|69|76

#99|Chris Asomnu|rJR|6'2", 300|DT|73|67|65|86|76

Our D-line has three new starters with the only one returning is Devin Williams who had 12 sacks including a 4-sack game last year. Eluko moves back from LB where he was just not fast enough to be, Wilson has great speed for a DT. Harry CiGar doesn't have any strengths or weaknesses, which is good. We lose 3 active players at the end of this year on this line, but we have capable redshirts, too.



#42|Kristifer Rhymes|rJR|6'0, 226|LOLB|76|89|71|78

#34|Darryl Farley|rJR|5'11, 232|MLB|86|84|70|87

#37|Cody Leford|JR|5'11, 219|ROLB|76|84|75|81


#55|Jason Nolen|FR|6'1", 194|OLB|72|81|47|78|76

#57|Jason Thornton|SO|6'1", 210|OLB|71|80|53|76

#59|Ralph Hall|FR|6'4", 246|MLB|73|57|77

#50|Jeremy Minor|SR|6'6", 221|MLB|73|73|59|82

#56|Lamont Coleman|FR|5'11", 220|OLB|70|82|52|72|73

Rhymes, Farley and Leford will all make their 28th consecutive start against Rutgers. These three have lined up beside each other since they were freshman. Farley is now in the role of defensive leader, after a 100-tackle season last year, his 95 block shredding defiently helps. We're planning to switch to a 3-4 after this year, and our lot of freshman (active or redshirting) will fight over the 4th spot next year. Jeremy Minor is the lone senior of this bunch and has the no. 4 LB spot.



#26|JJ Black|SO|6'0", 170|CB|81|90|69|89|79

#21|Sammy Boudreaux|SO|5'11", 168|CB|79|87|62|87|86

#23|Samuel Brooks|SO|6'1", 180|FS|74|81|60|93|77

#33|Gregory Hallinsworth|SO|6'2", 212|SS|74|86|68|80|77


#6|Erik Madison|FR|6'4", 208|CB|78|81|46|84|86

#4|Jordan Garrett|JR|5'11", 195|CB|77|88|66|79|77

#13|Shakiel Smith|rSO|6'0", 185|CB|77|90|67|76|80

#3|Mike Jacobs|rFR|5'10", 182|CB|74|86|54|86|78

#18|Detlrick Strozier|rSO|5'8", 166|CB|73|88|60|74|76

#27|Brad Allen|rJR|6'0", 180|FS|66|81|56|80|82

#28|Ian Harson|rJR|5'11", 174|SS|66|87|58|71|76

Our true freshman secondary are now sophomores and Alex Wacha is gone but Erik Madison, the 6'4" true freshman is here. Our secondary is young and highly experienced. Brooks' man coverage is one of the top 10 in the nation at safety. We expect good things from our Utopian secondary this year. Erik Madison and Jordan Garrett should also see time, along with Shakiel Smith. The other guys are special teams.


K/P/KOS: #12 Tinzen Ubekista, SO, 84 OVR, 87 KPW, 87 KAC

Returners (as of now): (KR) Figaro, Shakiel Smith (PR) Jordan Sullen

UP NEXT: Offical starting QB announcement and Rutgers preview

Iron Dragon
07-05-2010, 01:56 PM

Notes from the practice field: "Wild Wave" could make appearance this year

NEW ORLEANS --- The Wildcat could get a New Orleans twist with the "Wild Wave".

The formation would feature Jarmon Fortson, who yes, can has throwing power and accuracy, and it would put D.J. Ponder in Forston's spot as Ponder, a WR/QB the last two years on the roster is now a full-time QB looking at the starting job.

The formation would feature Jarmon at the QB position and D.J. Ponder out in Jarmon's spot out wide. "It's more like a double QB formation in a way. We're just working on it, I don't think we'd run it more than one or two times a game, if at all."

The plays could be considered a "Fortson Option", where Fortson could throw it to any of the recievers - possibly even D.J. Ponder (or maybe most likely). There might be a way for him to hand it off in a sweep or run a QB draw.

"There's not many plays we have ready right now. Or maybe that's what we want you to think.", Draggo said.

Iron Dragon
07-05-2010, 01:56 PM
2011, Game 1


#24 Rutgers Scarlet Knights (0-0, Big East)

Date: August 27th

Time: 8:00PM

Stadium: Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Line: Tulane by 2

Picks: Kirk: Tulane | Lee: Tulane

Coverage: ABC Regional


D.J. Ponder has been announced as Tulane's starting QB for the Rutgers game.

Rutgers Starting Lineup


QB|Tom Savage|rSO|85

HB|Jordan Brooks|rSR|92

FB|Maruice Ross|rFR|66

WR|Timothy Wright|SR|88

WR|Keith Stroud|SR|87

TE|Paul Carrezola|rSO|81

LT|Richard Muldrow|SR|90

LG|Caleb Ruch|rSR|91

C|Danny Luck|rFR|74

RG|Art Frost|SR|99

RT|Desmond Stapleton|rSR|96

LE|Desmond Wynn|rSR|88

RE|Andre Civil|rSO|81

DT|Antwan Lowery|JR|88

DT|Eric LeGrand|SR|88

LOLB|Marcus Witherspoon|rJR|88

MLB|Lance Payne|FR|74

ROLB|Manny Abreu|rSR|96

CB|David Rowe|SR|89

CB|Abdul Smith|rSO|87

FS|Brent Parker|FR|69

SS|Khaseem Greene|rJR|90

K|San San Te|rSR|88

P|San San Te|rSR|88

RET|Joe Martinek (RB)|rSR|99

Iron Dragon
07-05-2010, 01:57 PM
SATURDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: #24 Rutgers at Tulane

New Orleans, Louisiana -- Primetime, on national television. There aren't any "great" matchups this opening week, but Tulane's game is in the night and it features two top 50 teams. Last year, Rutgers cruised to a victory in the second half thanks to the offense's struggles in New Jersey. This year, Tulane comes to the big easy, N.O. Rutgers is ranked 24th, we're ranked 47th. A win could put us with votes next week. We have to make sure Ponder makes good decisions.

Brent Musburger cued off the night, "You are looking live... at the Superdome in New Orleans.."


Rutgers lost the toss and we deferred to half no. 2. The start of the season would feature a wobbly kick by Ubekista, only to the Rutgers 24 and Martinek ran it to the 42. Savage then hits Wright for 20 (2 plays), Brooks falls back to make it third and seven, and then Rutgers runs it again and they get two back. They bring on Te and he tries a 56 yard field goal.. and he misses it wide right.

Ponder's first throw of the season would be a 17 yarder to Figaro. Barnett got 7, and Ponder ran for 9. Another pass..

.. and Abreu picks it off, intended for Jarmon Fortson.

Rutgers would indeed answer, on an third and 13 in our territory, they got fourteen. Third and ten, a 13 yard gain. Next play..

.. and we leave Harrison open. 7-0 Rutgers, 24 yard strike.

Barnett picked up 16 on three carries, then Ponder throws to Duplessis who makes some good moves and gets the first down but fumbles the ball and Rutgers recovers. Rutgers would stall and Te misses another field goal, from 48 yards, wide left.

Final two plays of quarter 1: Ponder hits Fortson for a 28 yard gain and Barnett runs for 9.


Ponder got the first on the ground with a 5 yard gain, then fired to Chandler Davis for a 24 yard strike putting Tulane at the three.. next play...

.. Ponder finds senior WR/TE Taylor Echols for his 1st career TD. 7-7.

We hold Rutgers next time out and they punt for a touchback. But we would punt too. And then they would again after failing to gain ten yards from their own 4 yard line. We had good field position after a return to the 42 of Rutgers. Barnett got 14, Ponder ran a draw for 12, Barnett lost three, then Barnett..

.. goes untouched for a 19 yard TD with prime blocking. 14-7 TULANE.

We'd sack Savage twice (both by Devin Williams) and Rutgers would punt and we'd run out the clock.


We start from our own 23, Ponder hits Duplessis for 19, Barnett gets 8, Duplessis gains 16 through the air again. We're going now, just until Ponder and Barnett's option is fumbled and Rutgers recovers. Rutgers would punt for a touchback.

We would then put on a third-quarter ending drive. Barnett caught a 9 yard pass. Then ran for 3 and 1. Then Davis gets 13 through the air. Barnett runs for 2, Ponder to Fortson for 10, Barnett gets 3, Ponder gets 1, then an incomplete pass. Fourth down and we gamble and go for it. Ponder finds no one open and goes up the gut for a 14 yard gain breaking a tackle. Barnett got five and then Harrison makes a 3 yard gain on a tipped pass.


And our drive would continue, Barnett got three. From the thirteen, Ponder steps back.. throws to the endzone..

.. caught by D.J. Banks! 13 yard strike! 21-7 TULANE. Rutgers would take less than a minute to do this..

.. throw for a 20 yard TD. 21-14 Tulane.

We would chew up the clock again. Barnett got 1, Ponder got 11, Barnett lost four, Ponder hit Banks for 6, then Davis for 27, Barnett got 3, Duplessis got three. Then an incomplete pass and Ubekista kicks a 40 yard field goal. 24-14.

But here came Rutgers again. Thanks to a PI call, they were down in our territory in no time. After gaining 51 yards from starting at our 36, they'd look to go to the endzone..

.. but Williams gets his 3rd sack of the day, Savage would get hurt and fumble it but Rutgers would recover. In comes Raymond Howard. Howard hits Brooks on a 18 yard screen pass and that'd be a first down. Brooks got two to get to our one.. then Howard..

.. would run it in himself. 24-21 Tulane. 1:45 left. They'd go for the onside and would not get it. They have all three timeouts left however.

Barnett gets the first down after two carries of 7 yards and gets three for the first. Three more runs but only for six yards. Field goal from 40 yards out is good with :08 to play. 27-21 Tulane.

Rutgers gets the ball with four seconds left at our 41. Savage was back after getting the wind knocked out of him, and it was hail mary time..

.. and JJ Black seals the game with the INT.


Well, the experts knew something, we were favored to beat a ranked team at home, College GameDay was behind us and so where the fans. This team played great despite the fumbles. What if Rutgers hadn't missed those field goals in the first quarter? Ubekista's kick would have been a game tying one. But we wouldn't have been pounding the ball then anyways. But it doesn't matter, we won, we're 1-0 and we've got confidence.


D.J. Ponder: 180.2 QB Rating, 17-for-22 passing, 215 yards, 2 TD, INT, 57 rush yards
Stephen Barnett: 30 carries, 143 yards, TD, 9 rec yards
Antoine Duplessis: 7 rush yards, 45 rec yards
D.J. Banks: 2 catches, 19 yards, TD / Taylor Echols: TD catch
Jarmon Fortson: 3 catches, 38 yards / George Harrison: 2 rec, 20 yards
Devin Williams: 9 tackles (5 TFL), 3 Sacks, FF
Darryl Farley: 9 tackles
Cedric Wilson: 6 tackles (TFL)
Emanuel Eluko: 6 tackles (3 TFL)
Harry CiGar: 4 tackles (TFL)
JJ Black: 3 tackles, INT
Sammy Boudreaux: 3 tackles
Samuel Brooks: 3 tackles
Gregory Hallinsworth: 2 tackles
Tinzen Ubekista: 2/2 FG, 3/3 XP, 1 punt, 42 yards

RUTGERS: Tom Savage 12/20 passing, 175 yards, 2 TD, INT / Brent Parker (yes, that guy, FS): 12 tackles / Manny Abreu: 12 tackles, INT / Lance Payne: 7 tackles, TFL

UP NEXT: Week One Around the NCAA

Iron Dragon
07-05-2010, 01:57 PM


And welcome to the 2011 college football season. About half the NCAA doesn't play this week.


North Texas 19, Southern Miss 9 .. DeAndre Brown was held to six yards receiving. The sleeper team is still jamming out with MC Hammer.

Memphis 41, Mid Tenn State 28 .. Beyah caught 11 passes for 163 yards and a pair of TD's.

Kansas 16, UTEP 13 ... UTEP only put up 186 offensive yards and had less than a yard a carry.

South Carolina 30, ECU 3 ... Rio Johnson threw 2 picks and fumbled it once.

UCLA 15, Houston 0 ... QB Problems: Hollingshead 9/20, 94 yds, Guidry: 6/13, 121 yards, 2 INT.

#1 Oklahoma 40, Tulsa 7 ... The 'stache attack threw for 439 yards and 3 TD'. G.J. Kinne's 3-yard TD run was Tulsa's lone score.

#8 Texas 49, Rice 23 ... Rice put up a fight in the first half, taking a 17-14 lead on the Longhorns until Cody Johnson had a 3 yard TD run to end the half and then the Longhorns ran up the score with 3 4th-quarter TD PASSES.


Friday Night Kickoff: Buffalo 28, UConn 10

Two Ranked teams last year: Northwestern 20, USF 13

PITT 31, #10 Iowa 21

#22 TCU 34, Baylor 31

#3 Ohio State 38, Akron 7

BYU 25, #19 Washington 24

[B]TOP 25 UPDATE: Tulane up to 29th with 41 votes.

UP NEXT: Navy preview and who is out for 7 weeks on Tulane that I forgot about??

Iron Dragon
07-05-2010, 01:58 PM

From the clipboard: Safety Samuel Brooks out for seven weeks

NEW ORLEANS -- Samuel Brooks left the Rutgers game in the fourth quarter with "chest pains", all it seemed like was a bruised rib or a small chest injury, instead it's an abdominal tear. Brooks is expected to miss 7 weeks, which would possibly make his return to the football field against ECU on Friday, October 28th.

Erik Madison slides into Brooks' starting spot at FS, which moves Shakiel Smith up to no. 3 CB and moves Smith off of the return game and puts Jordan Sullen into the no. 2 kick return spot. Madison, a true freshman four-star recruit had just one tackle in his opening game, but said he's ready to fill in as a starter.

Echols finally breaks through

Taylor Echols reached the endzone for the first time in his Tulane career last Saturday against Rutgers. The fifth year 6'2" senior who has only recorded 2 catches for 41 yards previously made his first TD grab of three yards as Tulane's no. 3 TE.

"I don't think I was the go-to guy on the play, really, I beat out the guys who were on me to the corner of the endzone and Ponder through a perfect pass. It was really cool to score my first TD in my final opening game of the season as a Green Wave. It took awhile for it to happen, but I'm glad it finally did. Now to work on the second TD.", said Echols.

Iron Dragon
07-05-2010, 01:59 PM
2011, Game 2


Navy Midshipmen (0-0, Independent)

Date: September 3rd

Time: 8:00pm

Stadium: Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Line: Tulane by 15

Coverage: CBS College Sports


NAVY - Slow down D.J. Ponder's 77% completion rating, protect the ball

TULANE - Watch the option pass, watch Alex Teich (FB), and DON'T LOOK AHEAD

Naval Academy Starting Lineup


QB|Kameron Smith (88 ACC)|SR|85

RB|Aaron Santiago|JR|81

RB|Michael Stukel|SR|78

FB|Alex Teich|SR|77

WR|Gary Meyers|SR|83

TE|David Henderson|SO|76

LT|David Sumrall|JR|76

LG|Luke Andrews|SO|79

C|Brady Demell|SR|90

RG|David Hong|SR|79

RT|John Dowd|SR|83

LE|Jabaree Tuani|SR|75

RE|Alan Lawrence|FR|74

DT|Eric Douglass|SR|77

OLB|Trey Grissom|SR|76

MLB|David Moss|SO|74

MLB|Sean Dukes|SO|72

ROLB|Neil Doogan|SR|75

CB|David Wright|SR|83

CB|David Sperry|SO|77

FS|Ricky Kyles|SR|73

SS|Al Evans|SO|68

K|Paul Asack|JR|80

P|Paul Asack|JR|80

RET|Gary Meyers (WR)|SR|94

Iron Dragon
07-05-2010, 01:59 PM
The NCAA (Around it), week 2

Iowa and Washington lost as half the NCAA played and half didn't. Blah.

Arkansas State 37, Memphis 27 - Arkansas state scored 17 points in the final five minutes after trailing 27-20.
#2 Florida 44, UAB 14 - The Blazers Actually held a 7-3 lead in the 1st and only trailed 21-14 at the half. Bolden ran for 124 yards and 3 TD's.
ECU 37, Southeastern School College of the Mimes 9 - Mime school led 9-6 at the half. Oh pfft, ECU. The Mimes' kicker booted FGs from 47, 42 and 48. Rio Johnson threw 3 2nd-half TD's.
Tulsa 17, Troy 10 - Singleton's 93 yard return of a Gurerrero pass led Tulsa to a narrow victory
Marshall 27, Ohio 24 - Bates had 3 TD's, all in the second half.
Baylor 17, SMU 16 - R-Griff's 33 yard TD pass in the 4th with 2:20 left led Baylor to a win.
#15 LSU 27, Houston 14 - Houston had it and lost it. They had a 14-10 4th quarter lead and Russell Shepard throws 2 TD's. Hollingshead did not throw an INT.
Purdue 28, Rice 20 - Purdue scored a TD with :36 left and then went for two for some reason and got it. Purdue trailed 17-7 early.
#8 Texas 38, UCF 21 - So close but yet, so far. Chris Rainey had a TD run, and Collier had 2 TD's but Texas outscored UCF 24-7 in the second half.

Duke 28, #18 Virginia Tech 19 [laugh]
#3 Ohio State 35, Tennessee 24 (at UT) [Pryor: 10/17, 164 yards, 3 TD | Berry: 116 rush yards, TD]
#7 Georgia Tech 30, #11 North Carolina 3
#9 Notre Dame 27, Michigan 19 [ND outscored Michigan 21-3 in the fourth quarter.. Dayne Crist throws two TD's in final three minutes]
#12 Boise State 28, #24 Utah 10
#14 Oregon State 28, #10 Wisconsin 16
Texas Tech 38, #20 TCU 26 [TCU's 15-game winning streak snapped as 2010 national champions upset]

College GameDay headed for Columbus, Tulane at #3 Ohio State game of the week, yes seriously.

TOP 25 UPDATE: Top 9 unchanged, Oregon State up to 10th. PITT, Oregon and Colorado all join the poll. Tulane up to 27th.

UP NEXT: Ohio State game preview

Iron Dragon
07-05-2010, 02:00 PM
2011, Game 3


at #3 OHIO STATE BUCKEYES (2-0, 0-0 Big Ten)

Date: September 10th

Time: 3:30pm

Stadium: Ohio Stadium, "The Horseshoe", Columbus, Ohio

The Line: Ohio State by 9

Coverage: ABC


OHIO STATE - Get going early, make Tulane turn the ball over

TULANE - Find Ohio State's weaknesses, be aggressive

Ohio State starting lineup

POS|Name|Year|OVR|Notable Ratings

QB|Terrelle Pryor|SR|99|90 THP, 90 THA, 92 SPD, 97 BTK

HB|Jaamal Berry|JR|91|97 SPD, 99 ACC

FB|Jermil Martin|rJR|93|89 SPD, 90 TRK, 87 BTK

WR|DeVier Posey|SR|99|94 CTH

WR|Laamar Thomas|SR|95|95 SPD, 99 ACC, 87 CTH

TE|Jake Stoneburner|rJR|91|89 CIT, 88 SPD, 76 AWR

LT|Tim Hobbs|rFR|90

LG|Jason Whitlock|rFR|84

C|Michael Brewster|SR|99

RG|Marcus Hall|JR|92

RT|J.B. Shugarts|SR|98

LE|Melvin Follows (inj.)|rSO|91

LE|Ryan Booth|FR|77

RE|Nathan Williams|SR|96

DT|Garrett Goebel|SR|95

DT|Willie Mobley|rJR|94

OLB|Dorian Bell|JR|96|90 SPD, 95 ACC

MLB|Etienne Sabino|SR|99|99 HPW, 98 BSH, 94 PR

OLB|Storm Klein|rSO|90|92 PUR, 89 PR

CB|Travis Howard|rJR|97|94 MCV, 94 ZCV

CB|Devon Torrence|rSR|94|

FS|Orhian Johnson|rJR|88

SS|Jamie Wood|rSO|89

K|Clarence Williams|SO|75|83 KPW, 73 KAC

P|Corey Jones|SO|81|86 KPW, 82 KAC

KR|DeVier Posey|SR|99


College GameDay

Chris: And now on to the game right here in the Horseshoe, the fiesty Green Wave from New Orleans, Tulane comes in with their 2-0 record and Ohio State has a 2-0 record as well. Tulane is upset-minded and Ohio State is a 9-point favorite and many people think that that's way too low because they don't see what everyone else sees in Tulane. The fan vote is a very high 94 percent for Ohio State. What do you think about the game, Desmond?

Desmond: Well, Chris, I think Tulane is out to prove themselves, they want to be the premier team in the state of Louisiana, and they want to break the top 25. Can they beat Ohio State? I think they can. Will they? No. But I do think they'll keep it close, closer than the 9-point spread but I like the Buckeyes.

Kirk: The key for me in this game is if Tulane can come into a hostile 105,000+ fan environment and win. They've played in Death Valley but they haven't won. This team is good, Ron Draggo is one of the most suprising coaches to come out of nowhere and he's a great one at that. However, I don't see the Green Wave coming out of here with a win, I like the Buckeyes by a touchdown.

Lee: Well, Kirk, you might be right! But first, let's get the Herbstreit kids up here! How can I pick against the Herbstreit kids? Look at them! How can I pick against these guys? But Tulane.. I can't pick them! The Buckeyes are going to flood the Green Wave right out of Columbus! Go Buckeyes! [lots of cheers]


UP NEXT: Tulane at #3 Ohio State

Iron Dragon
07-05-2010, 02:01 PM

[#27] Tulane (2-0) at #3 Ohio State (2-0)

COLUMBUS, OHIO --- The first of this two-game series, next year, the Bucks come to New Orleans, but this year, Tulane heads to the Horseshoe. If Tulane pulls this one of, they become BCS-hopefuls and could jump well into top 25. If Ohio State wins, they take the dirt off their shoulders and get Miami (FL) next week. The Buckeyes play Tennessee, Tulane and Miami in three straight weeks. The Buckeyes out to prove something. So is Tulane. Let's go.


Perfect weather, mid-60s, and sunny, no rain. We win the toss and defer.

The Buckeyes first drive was too easy for them. Way too easy. People in the stands thought, "HA! Tulane??" Jamaal Berry ran for a gain of 18, then broke a run of 39 and then found the endzone on the Bucks' 3rd play on a 3 yard score. Oh jeez. 7-0 Ohio State.

Tulane didn't let down though. Richardson got seven on two carries, then Ponder hits Fortson for 15, then for 13, Richardson then breaks through the Buckeyes with a 24 yard run, McDonald pounds ahead for two, Ponder hits Fortson for a third time already for 8 more, and then Richardson..


.. pounds it in for a 6 yard TD. 7-7.

The rest of the 1st quarter: Ohio State punt, Ubekista misses a 54 yard field goal off the right upright, Ohio State gets a first down, not another, Richardson runs for 22, Ponder loses 2, Richardson gets it back, then catches a pass for a 10 yard gain. First down.


We ride the running train down the field inside the three, then a play action pass fools the Buckeyes..


.. and Jarmon Forston gets the 2 yard TD from Ponder. 14-7 TULANE. But here comes Ohio State. FB Jermil Martin gets 16 (RB/FB actually in real life), Berry gets 19, Pryor hits Posey for 21, but he goes down (Posey) and would not return. Didn't matter though..


.. as Jake Stoneburner makes this 22 yard TD grab. 14-14. But here comes Tulane. Richardson gets 7 on two carries, Duplessis gets a 14 yard gain on a pass from Ponder. Then Richardson gets 11 from Ponder. 6 more yards on the ground. Third down, to Fortson for 19. Banks for 9. Richardson gets one, to the four yard line. Endzone....


.. and D.J. Banks with the TD catch. 21-14 Tulane, 1:15 left. On the Bucks second play out, Darryl Farley recovers a fumble. Uh oh, Ohio State. Ubekista kicks a 39 yard field goal to end the half..

.. but it's off the right upright, again. Damn. Halftime.


Tulane moves down the field and punts for a touchback. Ohio State would punt. Then we would again. Ohio State returns the favor and punts. We drive down the field, stall AGAIN in Buckeye territory, touchback. Pryor then hits Duron Carter, who breaks through the Tulane defense, and speeds past everyone for a 67 yard TD. Well shitcakes. 21-21. Two incomplete passes for Tulane and a 12 yard pass to Fortson ends the quarter.


Ponder hits Figaro for 11. Then Banks for 22. Richardson gets eight. Dan Thomas checks in and gets 8, but he left the game and would not return. Richardson gets 1. Third down. Pass to McDonald who drops the sure TD. 24 yard field goal is good. 24-21 TULANE.

Here comes Ohio State. A great return by Travis Howard puts Ohio State in Tulane territory. Berry gets two. Pryor to Jackson for 24, and then Stoneburner gets his 2nd TD of the day. 16 yards. Buckeyes lead it 28-24.

0 yards for Richardson. Incomplete pass. Third and ten from our own 27. Ponder flushed out of the pocket and takes off up the right hashmark for a 16 yard gain. Richardson gets three, Duplessis gets the first. McDonald for two. Handoff to Richardson.. AND HE'S GOT OPEN FIELD.. FOURTY, THIRTY, TWENTY-FIVE, TWENTY down inside the 15 yard line!! A 35 yard run! Incomplete pass. Richardson doesn't get a yard. Third and ten. Judgment down right here. Ponder throws and it's caught by Figaro who fights and gets the first down to the one-yard line!! Next play..


.. and Donny Richardson takes it in!! 31-28 Tulane!! 1:50 left to go!

Kick returned to the 41. Pryor steps back to throw...

.. to Duron Carter..





Holy shit. Tulane stuns the Horseshoe and has a 10-point lead with 1:35 to go! Ballgame, right? Right? Right?


Terrelle Pryor comes out of nowhere and he's furious and hits Duron Carter for gains of 29 and 36. Next play..


.. Pryor hits Berry for a TD. Buckeyes keep all three of their timeouts. 38-35 Tulane. 1:11 left. Hold everything. Onside kick recovered by George Harrison. We gotta get a first down. Richardson loses 3, timeout, Richardson loses 2, timeout. Shit.

3rd and 15. 1:00 left. Now we have to pass. Ponder to Davis, well short of the first down. Timeout. 4th & 8. Draggo keeps his offense on the field. Fourth and game, fourth and miracle, fourth and risktaking, fourth and Buckeyes need a stop. Eight yards. All they need.

Ponder in the shotgun. Buckeyes bring the blitz with three guys. Ponder rolls right.. throws..




Ballgame. Upset city.


Oh yes. Tulane, your the best around, no one ever gonna keep you down. Let's just not lose to SMU next week. Why did we go for it at the end of the game? It was a: make the field goal, kick it to the Buckeyes great returners, b: miss the field goal, Bucks only need 3 to tie and a TD wins it with a short field, c: grow some balls and go for it and win it on fourth down.

Which option worked? C.


D.J. Ponder: 137.5 QB rating, 25-for-38 passing, 246 yards, 2 TD, 40 rush yards

Donny Richardson: 30 carries, 158 yards, 2 TD, 20 rec yards

Jarmon Fortson: 9 rec, 88 yards, TD / D.J. Banks: 4 rec, 50 yards, TD

Devin Figaro: 3 rec, 36 yards / George Harrison: 2 rec, 17 yards, 2 drops (big hits), 3 pancakes

Erik Madison: 9 tackles

Darryl Farley: 8 tackles, 2 TFL, FF, FR

Kristifer Rhymes: 5 tackles, TFL, INT, Def TD

Devin Williams: 4 tackles, TFL

Cedric Wilson: 4 tackles, 2 TFL

Gregory Hallinsworth: 2 tackles

JJ Black: 2 tackles

Harry CiGar: Tackle

OHIO STATE: Pryor 16/21 passing, 280 yards, 4 TD, INT / Berry: 100 rush yards, TD, Rec TD / Duron Carter: 4 rec, 145 yards, TD (80 YAC) / Jake Stoneburner: 4 rec, 54 yards, 2 TD

UP NEXT: Week 3 A.t.N

Iron Dragon
07-05-2010, 02:02 PM



UCF 30, FIU 10 [Chris Rainey 174 rush yards / Collier: 10 rec, 150 yards, 2 TD]

SMU 52, I've run of names for these teams 7 [Smith 20/29, 297 yards, 4 TD, rush TD | Lunday: 100 rush yards, TD]

Marshall 28, UAB 9

#4 'Bama 38, Memphis 10

Houston 48, FCS Crap 13 [Johnson 34 rush, 180 yards, 3 TD / Carrier: 9 rec, 132 yards, 2 TD]

ECU 21, #17 North Carolina 9 [Rio Johnson 2 TD passes]

Virginia 25, Southern Miss 10

Baylor 38, Rice 28 [R-Griff: 24/36, 300 yards, 4 TD]

Tulsa 20, Oklahoma State 14 [Singleton gets another pick six]


#16 Wisky 26, Eastern Kentucky 16

#9 Notre Dame 30, Michigan State 23 OT [Game was 10-3 entering the fourth]

Buffalo 39, #23 PITT 27

USF 20, #14 Florida State 10

#21 Cal 27, #25 Colorado 14

South Carolina 24, #15 UGA 19

Washington 26, #5 Nebraska 21 [Washington's Fouch scores a 1 yard TD run with 1:13 left]

[B]TOP 25

1. Oklahoma(39)

2. Florida(21)

3. 'Bama(1)

4. WVU

5. Georgia Tech

6. Texas

7. Notre Dame

8. Oregon State

9. Boise State

10. USC

11. Ohio State

12. LSU

13. Nebraska

14. Wisconsin

15. aTm

16. Miami (FL)

17. Iowa

18. California

19. Northwestern

20. TULANE (#14 AP)

21. Washington

22. Florida State

23. Oregon

24. NC State

25. USF

INJURY UPDATE: Samuel Brooks 5-6 weeks, Stephen Barnett 1-2 weeks

UP NEXT: SMU game preview

Iron Dragon
07-05-2010, 02:02 PM
2011, Game 4 (C-USA opener)


SMU Mustangs (1-1, 0-0 C-USA)

Date: September 17th

Time: 3:30pm

Stadium: Gerald J. Ford Stadium, Dallas, Texas

The Line: Tulane by 20

Coverage: ESPNU

Keys to the Game
Tulane: Don't be overconfident, don't overthink, don't make mistakes
SMU: Surprise Tulane, take risks, slow down the run

SMU Mustangs Starting Lineup
QB|Braden Smith|rJR|84
RB|Bryce Lunday|SR|87
FB|Michael Williams|SO|70
WR|Terrance Wilkerson|SR|89
WR|Cole Beasley|SR|82
TE|Marcus Neal|SO|73
LT|Kelly Turner|rSR|86
LG|Jordan Free|rJR|82
C|Blake McJunkin|SR|87
RG|Josh Emshoff|rSO|81
RT|JT Brooks|rSR|88
LE|Brent Elliott|SO|75
RE|Taylor Thompson|SR|77
DT|Brandon Henderson|JR|81
DT|Evan Huahulu|SR|73
OLB|Reggie McNair|FR|72
MLB|Beck Coulter|rSO|67
OLB|Marcus Edwards|SO|71
CB|Derrius Bell|rSR|77
CB|Leon Rogers|SR|74
FS|Darrick Moyer|SO|76
SS|Ryan Smith|rJR|68
K|Lewis Justice|SO|75
P|Lewis Justice|SO|75
RET|Terrance Wilkerson|SR|98

Iron Dragon
07-05-2010, 02:03 PM
Another page of updates for y'all.

07-05-2010, 03:23 PM
Congrats on the upset over the Buckeyes.

Also, I'm unsurprised that my Golden Eagles now suck really bad. That's what happens in my dynasties too if I don't control them. They slide into oblivion.

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:31 PM

#20 Tulane at SMU


DALLAS, TEXAS --- "You can't be overconfident", said Ron Draggo to his team. The message he told them over and over this week. Everyone's out to knock us off and we can't play like we have a straight, easy cakewalk to the BCS. We might not even have the ability to be ranked that high. First up is SMU in conference play.


Tulane got off to a quick start with the ball first. Their running attack was again led by Donny Richardson and Tulane got inside the one in about three minutes and then D.J. Ponder fired a 1 yard score to Jarmon Fortson. SMU did nothing and had a horrid punt. Tulane's next drive was sparked by two big plays: a D.J. Banks sweep for 31 yards and a pass to Fortson for 29. Next play: Richardson from two yards out. TD. Tulane up by two scores. SMU started to drive and got picked off by Jordan Garrett. 14-0 Tulane after one.


Tulane took complete control of the game in the second quarter. A 33 yard field goal started out the quarter, then with a short field to play with, Ponder hits Fortson again for a 7 yard score. SMU would then take just four plays to score themselves, but was aided by 23 yard pass + 15 yard penalty. SMU strangely went for two and Lunday pounded it in to make it a 24-8 game. Dan Thomas, who coach Ron Draggo really seems to like and is impressing alot of people, did it again. He runs an option with D.J. Ponder, gets the pitch, breaks a tackle, jukes away a defender and gets a block at the 10 and goes 50 yards for a score. SMU would be intercepted again by Cody Leford. Now with a short field again, Ponder hits Jordan Sullen for a 29 yard TD, the first of Sullen's career. That would be the last time Ponder saw the field as Tulane took a 37-8 lead into the half.


The second half was a snoozer. SMU scored on it's opening drive of the half on a 17 yard TD pass, and then Dan Thomas found the endzone for the second time in a clock-chewing festival in the mid-4th quarter. The defense came alive and sacked Braden Smith for SMU seven times in the second half with senior Josh Smith recording 2 of those. The Tulane defense had a sack party on the day, getting nine sacks in total. The strangest one was left tackle Lawrence Abrams, who was playing as a DT with the second team who managed to sack Smith before he could cross the line on a scramble. All in all, Tulane looked sharp against SMU.

FINAL SCORE: #20 Tulane 44, SMU 16


D.J. Ponder: 192.1 QBR, 8-for-15 passing, 130 yards, 3 TD, 14 yards rushing

Dan Thomas: 10 carries, 115 yards, 2 TD (11.5 average) [Keep in mind, I almost cut this guy]

Donny Richardson: 15 carries, 113 yards, 7.5 average, TD, 29 rec yards

J.T. McDonald: 74 rush yards / Payton Jason: 34 rush yards / Duplessis: 14 rush yards (11yd carry in 2nd qtr; longest of career)

Jarmon Fortson: 3 catches, 36 yards, 2 TD / Jordan Sullen: 29 yards rec, TD

Gregory Hallinsworth: 5 tackles

Jordan Garrett: 4 tackles, INT

JJ Black: 3 tackles

Sammy Boudreaux: 3 tackles

Cody Leford: INT

SACKS - Josh Smith 2, Devin Williams 2, Lawrence Abrams (LT) 1, Chris Asomnu 1, Cedric Wilson 1, Kristifer Rhymes 1, Darryl Farley 1

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:32 PM

Southern Miss, 41, Rice 13 [Rice led 13-9 at the half.. Davis 3 2nd half TDs]
UConn 23, Memphis 12
UCF 41, Marshall 7 [Rainey: 28 carries, 130 yards, 2 TD, 4 rec, 48 yards, TD]
Tulsa 41, UAB 14 [Kinne 2 pass TDs, Tulsa returns another INT back for six]
Houston 31, UTEP 13 [Hollingshead 14/27, 242 yards, 2 TD]

Clemson 38, #25 USF 20
North Carolina 16, #24 NC State 13 OT
UCLA 39, #23 Oregon 25
#12 LSU 38, #4 West Virginia 37
#22 Florida State 32, #1 Oklahoma 7
#11 Ohio State 30, #16 Miami (FL) 27
Eastern Kentucky 45, Bowling Green 12 [Youngblood: 5 TDs]
North Texas 22, Nevada 10 [NT: 3-0, 2-0 WAC]

TOP 25 UPDATE: 1. Florida, 2. 'Bama, 3. Georgia Tech, 4. Texas, 5. Notre Dame, 8. LSU, 10. Oklahoma, 11. Ohio State, 19. Florida State, 20. Tulane (only 9 points from #19).. 23. Georgia, 24. Ole Miss, 25. Colorado

AP poll crazyness
1. Florida, 2. Bama, 3. GT, 4. LSU (jumps 7 spots), 8. Florida State (jumps 13 spots), 16. Tulane (drops 2 spots)

HEISMAN: Kellen Moore, John Chiles, Tavarres King, Frankie Hammond Jr., Kirby Moore

UP NEXT: UAB (0-3) preview

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:33 PM
2011, Game 5


UAB Blazers (0-3, 0-2 C-USA)

Date: September 24th

Time: 6:00pm

Stadium: Legion Field, Birmingham, Alabama

The Line: Tulane by 21

Coverage: Versus

Keys to the Game

Tulane: Don't let your 6th ranked offense be abused by their 100th ranked defense, don't risk injuries, don't be overconfident

UAB: Don't turn the ball over (99th worst on the year), run the ball, somehow score more than 12.3 points (118th in the NCAA).

UAB Starting Lineup


QB|Bryan Ellis|rSR|85

HB|Dexter Barnett|rJR|83

FB|Joe Flynn|SO|70

WR|Nick Adams|rSR|77

WR|Edward Simmons|SO|74

TE|Chaz Britt|SO|73

LT|Michael Griffin|FR|65

LG|Greg Calhoun|rSR|90

C|Brandon Moore|SO|71

RG|David Ward|FR|72

RT|Hunter Thorne|FR|67

LE|Jordan Houston|SR|70

RE|John Watson|SO|71

DT|Nick Davidson|SR|79

DT|Michael Pearson|FR|75

OLB|Blake Robinson|SO|72

MLB|Danny White|JR|85

OLB|Kellen Newby|FR|74

CB|Marquis Coleman|rSR|81

CB|Ugona Amarikwa|CB|78

FS|Matt Daniel|FR|68

SS|Chase Daniel|rJR|70

K|Trey Ragland|rSR|79

P|Max Garcia|rJR|85

RET|Dexter Barnett|rJR|91

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:34 PM
The C-USA Injury Report

Might as well do one of these. This also may answer questions to why Houston's offense isn't so hot.


HB|Bryce Beall|Houston|Broken Wrist|8 wk|93

HB|Justin Johnson|Houston|Broken Wrist|9 wk|89

HB|Sam McGuffie|Rice|High Ankle Sprain|Probable|86

LT|Brandon Pickens|UTEP|Forearm Fracture|7 wk|62

LG|Daron Thompson|East Carolina|Strained Back|4 wk|76

LG|Theo Goins|UCF|Dislocated ankle|4 wk|88

RG|Brock Wempa|Marshall|Strained back|11 wk|84

RG|Lionel Bain|ECU|Partially torn ACL|7 wk|73

RT|Branden Curry|Marshall|Mild concussion|3 wk|84

OLB|Jamon Hughes|Memphis|Broken elbow|Out for Season|76

OLB|Jonathan Davis|UCF|Hip pointer|1 wk|83

FS|Samuel Brooks|TULANE|Abdominal tear|4 weeks|74

FS|Vance King|UCF|Hip pointer|3 wk|84

Houston's starting RB now: rJR #26 Chris Wilson, 86 OVR [90 SPD, 87 BTK, 80 CAR]

dawg_gone's theory of star players going down doesn't effect Houston's RBs.. Beall is 4th on the return charts and has no career returns. The backup isn't even on the depth chart.

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:34 PM
Notes: Barnett returns, Richardson and Thomas impress while he's gone

NEW ORLEANS -- Stephen Barnett will return from injury after going down against Navy in week two. The man who stepped into his place, Donny Richardson has leaped from 3rd to 2nd on the depth chart while Dan Thomas has worked hard on the practice field since spring and has seen his name go from 6th to 4th on the depth chart.

Richardson has put up these numbers in just three games: 71 carries, 435 yards, 6.1 average, 6 TDs, 156 yards after contact, and five runs over 20 yards. His YPC may look high, but two players have higher YPC with 15+ carries.

J.T. McDonald has 15 carries for 102 yards (6.8 avg), but it's not him who has the highest.

It's Dan Thomas.

The electrifying freshman has come out of nowhere and has an NCAA-high 8.3 yards per carry. Thomas has 19 carries this year for 158 yards and 3 TD's. Dan Thomas has quite the story, he almost was cut from the 70-man active roster but instead of cutting him, Draggo liked the freshman and gave him the 70th roster spot and in only seeing the field in three games - he's looked pretty darn good. Another reason these guys are breaking out is their size.. Thomas is 6 foot 1, and weighs under 190 pounds. Donny Richardson is a huge 6'4" and weighs about 205 pounds.

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:35 PM
Two QBs have perfect day, Wave rolls to 45-14 win over UAB

ALABAMA --- Despite three fumbles, the Green Wave exploited UAB's pass defense and went 18-for-19 for 318 yards and 3 TD's through three different QBs. D.J. Ponder was 5-for-5 for 84 yards before leaving with an injury. Joe Kemp went a perfect 11-for-11 for 201 yards and 2 TD's. And Ryan Griffin actually did end up with a TD pass (the in-game scoring summary said rush TD), on a late 25 yard TD pass to J.T. McDonald, finishing 2/3 for 33 yards and a TD.

Stephen Barnett did not play much: 11 carries, 67 yards, 2 TD - Coming off an injury, we don't need to reinjure him, so his short day went well. Dan Thomas took the load late, having 17 carries for 57 yards and a TD, but three of those carries were from 1st to 3rd and goal (where he then scored), gaining 4 yards on just three carries, so his numbers look a little crappy.

Jarmon Fortson had the play of the day catching a 47 yard TD pass, beating his man, spinning to make the catch and then dragging the UAB CB another 5 yards into the endzone. Fortson also caught another TD pass.

From the "How'd you get a sack" police: Erik Madison (CB/S), true freshman Ralph Hall (4 tackles, sack, MLB), and Lawrence Abrams (Starting OL/third string DT) should have techinally gotten .5 of a sack with Josh Smith, but he didn't.

Tinzen Ubekista hit his career long: a 57 yard field goal which just cleared the upright.

http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm191/UIronDragon/UAB1.jpg http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm191/UIronDragon/UAB2.jpg
Jarmon Fortson's 47 yard spin and run TD catch

K/P Tinzen Ubekista celebrates his 57 yard field goal by jumping like a madman

#20 Tulane Green Wave|14|14|3|14|45
UAB Blazers|0|0|7|7|14


NCAA Upsets: #25 Colorado 23, #10 Oklahoma 10 | Penn State 41, #16 Iowa 23 | Oregon 28, #17 Cal 17 | USF 27, #22 Miami 24 | Fresno 23, #24 Ole Miss 10 | Arky 24, #15 aTm 21 OT | #2 Alabama 41, #1 Florida 36

NCAA Update
Tulane up to #17
Alabama new #1, GT #2, Texas #3, Notre Dame #4, Oregon State #5
Tulane up to #15 in the AP (peak: #14, was 16th last week)

UP NEXT: Houston (2-3, 1-1) Game Preview

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:36 PM
2011, Game 6


Houston Cougars (2-3, 1-1 C-USA)

Date: October 1st

Time: 12:30pm

Stadium: Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Line: Tulane by 10

Coverage: CBS College

Keys to the Game

HOUSTON: Give Hollingshead time to throw, put the ball in Tyrone Carrier's hands

TULANE: Play smart, don't fumble the ball three times again

Houston Starting Lineup


QB|Drew Hollingshead|rSO|78

HB|Bryce Beall (inj.)|SR|93

HB|Justin Johnson (inj.)|rJR|89

HB|Chris Wilson|rJR|86

FB|Luis Turner|SO|59

WR|Tyrone Carrier|rSR|97

WR|Patrick Edwards|rSR|93

WR|James Cleveland|rSR|90

TE|Tyler Chambers|JR|79

LT|Jacolby Ashworth|rJR|86

LG|Chris Thompson|rSR|93

C|Blake Sargent|rJR|86

RG|Ty Cloud|JR|82

RT|Aaron Griffin|SO|75

LE|Mohammed Usman|SR|83

RE|Michael Ray|rSR|86

DT|David Hunter|SR|92

DT|Doug Winfield|rSR|89

OLB|John McIntyre|rSR|85

MLB|Steve Robertson|JR|85

OLB|Marcus McGraw|SR|95

CB|Loyce Means|rSR|80

CB|AJ Edwards|rSR|80

FS|Kris Johnston|rJR|81

SS|AJ Dugat|JR|80

K|Jordan Mannisto|rSR|84

P|Jordan Mannisto|rSR|84

KR|Tyrone Carrier|SR|99

PR|Tyrone Carrier|SR|99

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:36 PM

Tulane likes the following: trick plays for TDs, sacks and Jarmon Fortson

Something's not right in Houston, if they lose this game, that would drop them to 2-4, and that's not the usual Cougars way. With a victory, Tulane will go to 6-0 (3-0) and has a weak schedule down the road until what could be top ten vs. top ten at LSU in late November. But that's a ways off.

Gus Johnson got to call the game for CBS College Sports, because that's what he does. That's not eerily important, however. What is important is the actual game. 2-3 Houston at 5-0 #17 Tulane. Tulane got the ball first and moved down the field like a snail. They stumbled at Houston's six yard line and lined up for a field goal, and in the words of Gus Johnson.. "And here comes the field goal try, NO IT'S A FAKE and KEMP will throw to a wide open man and it's SANDERS FOR THE TOUCHDOWN!! Oh my Tulane!" Oh my Tulane indeed, ol' Draggo rolled the dice from the right hashmark and Joe Kemp found a wide open Sanders for six. A little while later, Tulane whips out the Wildcat and Fortson throws it back to Ponder for a 13 yard gain and then runs for six yards (he would have three carries on the day).

Two field goals gave Tulane a 13-0 lead mid-way through the 2nd, until Houston's offense awoke after a D.J. Ponder INT, and Hollingshead connected with James Cleveland for a 24 yard score. So, Tulane's just going to kneel it and play it safe? Heck no. Ponder fires a long one to Banks to the eight yard line with under 10 seconds to go. 8 seconds.. incomplete pass. Next play, Ponder throws the ball to Fortson who runs the comeback route correctly and gets the unguarded TD. Play it safe? I don't know how to that. Tulane led 20-7 at the half.

The third quarter, Houston would awake completely. Despite the fact that DE Harry CiGar got his first ever INT on Hollinsghead, he led his team to two scoring drives, a 35 yard FG and a 19 yard TD pass to speedy Tyrone Carrier, the Cougs were back in this one and they were only down 20-17 entering the final quarter.

A Tulane punt put Houston at it's own two yard line and Houston looked to run an option pass in the endzone. [rock] Needless to say, the Tulane blitz won the battle as Hollingshead dropped to the turf and the officals called safety. 22-17 Tulane. Ponder & Tulane took their time but then put the dagger in the game with a 30 yard TD pass to Jarmon Fortson, his second TD of the day, putting him over 100 yards recieving and almost 150 total yards.

Houston would try to score again but Devin Williams' back-to-back sacks ended Houston's hopes and Tulane milked the clock. Dan Thomas ran the ball down to the 3 yard line. He got the ball with under 30 seconds to go, Draggo expected the freshman to walk in for the score. He didn't. Thomas cut the ball dead right and ran out of bounds at the one yard line. A class act.

FINAL SCORE: Tulane 29-17


Brock Sanders' TD reception from Joe Kemp on the fake field goal. | Devin Williams safety in the 4th quarter has Hallinsworth's approval.


The record-breaking sack for Devin Williams


- D.J. Ponder went 16/30 for 249 yards, 2 TD's and a pick. Joe Kemp threw a TD on his only attempt.

- The rushing game did OK. Stephen Barnett got 16 carries for 77 yards. Thomas 10 for 72. Richardson 6-23, and McDonald 3-15.

- Jarmon Fortson did it all today. 6 rec, 114 yards, 2 TD, 11 rush yards, 14 pass yards (1/1). Brock Sanders caught a TD.

- Devin Williams had 6 tackles (4 for loss), and his 21st, 22nd and 23rd sack in his third year as a Green Wave. He broke Tulane's all-time record with the sack in the 4th quarter. He also recorded the safety.

- Utopians DE Harry CiGar and SS Gregory Hallinsworth had INTs

- Ubekista: 2/2 FG, 3/3 XP, 48.0 average/punt, a good day.



*records are post-game

SMU (2-3, 1-2) 34, Southern Miss (2-3, 2-1) 23

UL-L 38, UAB 10

ECU (3-2, 1-1) 45, UTEP (0-4, 0-3) 42

Tulsa (5-1, 3-0) 29, Marshall (2-3, 1-3) 17

Memphis (3-3, 2-0) 34, UCF (3-2, 2-1) 32


Fresno State 38, #6 Boise 10

#10 Ohio State 33, #14 Northwestern 18

#15 Oklahoma 15, #3 Texas 14

V-Tech 24, #1 Bama 20

#8 LSU 51, #7 UF 17

#5 Oregon State 26, #9 USC 21


> Tulane finally getting some respect > jumping from #17 to #12 [AP: #15>#11].. 2-loss Oklahoma at #10, Ohio State at #5. | GT #1, Oregon State #2, ND #3, LSU #4

UP NEXT: UTEP (0-4) preview.. Tulane could be favored to win by about 40.

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:38 PM
2011, Game 7


UTEP Miners (0-4, 0-3 C-USA)

Date: October 8th

Time: 12:30pm

Stadium: Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Line: Tulane by 31

Coverage: CBS College

Keys to the Game

UTEP: Somehow manage to win

TULANE: Don't lose

UTEP Starting Lineup


QB|Tim Curry|rJR|80

HB|Vernon Frazier|rJR|80

FB|Ronnie Richardson|SO|79

WR|Russell Carr|rSR|82

WR|Jeken Frye|rSR|82

TE|Craig Wenrick|JR|77

LT|Brandon Pickens (injured)|FR|62

LT|Lamar Howard (TE)|rFR|60

LG|Wade Coe|FR|70

C|Chris Watson|rFR|72

RG|Ernest Robinson|FR|71

RT|Craig James|SO|69

LE|Brian Anderson|FR|65

RE|Matt Camilli|SR|72

DT|Tony Robinson|rJR|73

OLB|Anthony Maxwell|SO|72

MLB|Joe Banyard|SR|74

MLB|Royzell Smith|rSR|73

OLB|Nate Lowery|SO|72

CB|Jimmy George|SO|77

CB|Derek Williams|SO|76

FS|Kenny Wright|SO|76

SS|David Madison|SO|77

K|Mike Scott|SR|83

P|Mike Scott|SR|83

RET|Jeken Frye|rSR|97


Barkley: "This team is turrible, turrible, turrible. Just down right turrible."

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:39 PM

Fortson Who?: There's more than one good receiver on this team, Harrison catches trio of TD's

Tulane rolls out "Wild Wave" a little more, and how the hell does Devin Figaro (WR) intercept a pass?

NEW ORLEANS -- UTEP is bad. The question was not if Tulane was going to win, but were they going to cover the 31 point spread? Tulane didn't look like they would do it early, only holding a 7-0 lead at the end of the 1st, and early in the 2nd, but then things started to click, despite a few unnecessary turnovers. Ponder had a pair of picks, and the Wave coughed it up twice on returns. Despite all of that, the Green Wave had no problem handing UTEP their 4th conference loss of the season and keeping their goose egg in the win column, and Tulane kept theirs in the loss column.

Coming into the day, all anyone talks about for Tulane's receivers is Jarmon Fortson. Yes, Fortson still had a nice day, he was mainly double covered in the end zone and he never found it, despite having 94 total yards (17 pass (1/1 again), 17 rush, 59 receiving). In today's game, it was the tight end show. George Harrison broke through and had a 3 TD game, something only Casey Robottom has done under Draggo's career in Tulane.

Needless to say, it was the George Harrison show. Tulane got the game rolling with D.J. Ponder's newly designed QB run, and it worked successfully for a 25 yard TD run. Coach Draggo stated that Ponder is a great runner and we're not using him completely as a duel-threat QB. Today, Ponder looked pretty darn good running the ball. Tulane only led 7-0 after one, but in the second, Harrison had a pair of TD's, a 2 yard TD and a 6 yard TD. On the 6 yard TD, Ponder was pressured, broke through a would-be tackler, planted his feet and threw a perfect strike to an open Harrison. UTEP added a field goal to make it 21-3 at the half.

Harrison's last TD came on a 1 yard TD in the mid-3rd, giving Tulane a 28-3 lead. Ubekista added a 25 yard field goal. Ubekista had a not so good fourth quarter. Draggo called on the kicker to attempt a 60 yard field goal - but it fell about two yards short. This led to Frazier's 3 yard TD run for UTEP. Then Ubekista nailed the right crossbar on a 29 yard field goal later on. Keeping it a 31-10 game. Dan Thomas found the end zone on a 2 yard TD, his only carry of the day to make it a 38-10 game with 1:30 to go.

Then, Devin Figaro was in as a second-team DB in a 5 DB set, and yes, Figaro has defensive skills (I've thought about moving him a couple times), and picks off a pass and returns it 18 yards inside the 20. Then J.T. McDonald scored with :21 left, making it a 45-10 game, and that was the final.



Wild Wave is officially in Tulane's playbook, and this certain play went for a 33 yard gain for Barnett.

http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm191/UIronDragon/tep2.jpg http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm191/UIronDragon/tep3.jpg

The anatomy of a TD: Ponder evades the defender and finds George Harrison for a six-yard TD pass in the second quarter, Harrison's 2nd TD of the day


D.J. Ponder: 143.0 QB Rating, 15/26 passing, 194 yards, 3 TD, 2 INT, 58 yards rushing, TD

Stephen Barnett: 17 carries, 112 yards

McDonald, Thomas: TD runs | Nathan Austin: 33 rush yards | Richardson: 51 rush yards

George Harrison: 5 rec, 27 yards, 3 TD

D.J. Banks: 5 rec, 69 yards, 18 rush yards

Jarmon Fortson: 1/1 passing, 17 yards, 17 yards rushing, 2 rec, 59 yards

Cody Ledford: 6 tackles

Darryl Farley: 5 tackles, INT

JJ Black: 5 tackles (TFL)

Sammy Boudreaux: 4 tackles

Cedric Wilson: 3 tackles (3 TFL), 2 sacks

Eluko, CiGar: 1 sack each

Devin Figaro (WR): INT



- Friends of Coal Bowl: #8 WVU 34, Marshall 10 (2-4, 1-3)

- Rice rallies from 29-8 deficit: Rice 40 (2-4, 2-1), Tulsa 39 (5-2, 3-1)

- QB problems in Southern Miss, UCF's Rainey hurt: UCF 34 (4-2, 3-1), USM 33 (2-4, 2-2)

- Iron Skillet Beatdown: TCU 52, SMU 16 (2-4, 1-2)

- QB problems in Houston, Hollingshead 4 INT game: Houston 20 (3-4, 2-2), ECU 17 (3-3, 1-2)


#1 Georgia Tech holds off Duke's comeback, 30-21

Oklahoma State stuns #9 Nebraska 20-17 on late FG

Boise State no longer team to beat in WAC, Nevada upsets #19 Boise 14-13, Boise with 2 conference losses

K-State upends #17 Colorado 21-17

#2 Oregon State holds off fiesty 4-1 North Texas, 27-13

#3 Notre Dame beats #13 USC

Kiffin's Vols drop to 1-5, Kiffin's butt on fire

UP NEXT: Some sort of news story

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:40 PM
Tulane cracks top 10 for first time in 13 years
Green Wave in position to crash the BCS

NEW ORLEANS --- When the Coaches and AP poll came out Sunday afternoon, Tulane didn't expect them to jump from #12 to #9 in the Coaches and from #11 to #8 in the AP. However, the AP does have something right, Tulane is ahead of Ohio State, a team they beat 38-35 when Ohio State was #3.

In the coaches, Tulane leapfrogged Nebraska (who lost), 2-loss Oklahoma, and one-loss Wisconsin (to #2 Oregon State).

The top ten in the coaches looks like this:
1. Georgia Tech (38)
2. Oregon State (22)
3. Notre Dame (1)
4. LSU
5. Ohio State
6. Texas
7. Alabama
8. West Virginia
9. Tulane
10. Oklahoma
(bold - undefeated)

In the AP, Tulane leapfrogged West Virginia, Ohio State, and Florida State. The AP finally got Tulane over Ohio State, but Oklahoma strangely sits at #6 still, despite the fact they have lost to an unranked Colorado team and a lower ranked Florida State. The AP also has LSU #1, so the AP is defiently building for a huge showdown on November 26th. If the game were played today, it would be #8 Tulane at #1 LSU.

There are two other undefeated teams, and that is the Big East's Boston College, who finally joined the polls this week. And the other is Buffalo, who is 7-0 with wins over UConn and Pittsburgh notably.

Also for the first time in a long time: there are no teams from the WAC or Mountain West in either top 25. It looks like the reign of the WAC and Mountain West isn't happening this year.

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:41 PM
2011, Game 8


Rice Owls (2-4, 2-1 C-USA)

Date: October 15th

Time: 3:30pm

Stadium: Rice Stadium, Houston, Texas

The Line: Tulane by 12

Coverage: ESPNU

Keys to the Game

RICE: Play smart, give Fanuzzi time to throw, don't drop passes

TULANE: Don't be upset by an upset-minded team, force turnovers, pound the rock

Rice's wins: at Marshall (39-29), Tulsa (40-39)

Rice's losses: at #6 Texas (23-49), Purdue (4-2, 20-28), at Baylor (3-4, 28-38), at Southern Miss (2-4, 23-41)

Analysis: Rice is starting to pick up steam as Nick Fanuzzi has played the best two games of his career in the last two weeks. Rice can definitely score some points, but can they stop Tulane from scoring? Rice isn't one to overlook, as their record isn't a good way to show how they've played. Losing to Texas, Purdue, Baylor and Southern Miss aren't bad losses at all. The win over 5-1 Tulsa defiently has Rice upset-minded.

Rice Starting Lineup


QB|Nick Fanuzzi|rSR|87

RB|Shane Turner|rJR|88

RB|Sam McGuffie|rJR|86

WR|Andre Gautreaux|JR|82

WR|Roddy Maginot|rJR|74

TE|A.J. Todd|SO|74

LT|Bobby Janisch|JR|86

LG|Jake Hicks|rSR|86

C|Keshawn Carrington|rSR|89

RG|Davon Allen|SR|87

RT|Tyler Parish|rSR|87

LE|Amaud Gason-Nadon|SR|67

RE|Reggie Moore|FR|67

DT|John Gioffre|SR|78

DT|Michael Smith|SR|73

OLB|Dave Miranda|FR|72

MLB|Tanner Shuck|rSR|71

OLB|Jon Oliver|FR|71

CB|Jarrett Ben|SR|77

CB|Phillip Gaines|JR|76

FS|Lance Brown|FR|71

SS|Adam Sullivan|SO|74

K|Chris Boswell|rSO|78

P|Kyle Martens|SR|83

RET|Sam McGuffie|rJR|97

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:42 PM

Looks like Stephen Barnett's 100 percent again, but Tulane doesn't lead at the half for the first time this year

Fanuzzi & Rice looks to upset #9 Tulane

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Oh Rice. Rice rice baby. The Green Wave return to Rice where they struggled in the first half in 2009, then pulled away and won it by 17 points thanks to Andre Anderson's head-turning 259 yards on the ground, but he only had one TD. In that game, Kevin Moore threw for 3 TD's stealing some of Anderson's spotlight as he actually didn't even have 100 yards passing. In 2010, Rice sucked when they visited the Superdome, leading to Draggo's first ever shutout, 45-0. (Yes, McNeese State scored 7 on us in 2009). On that day in 2010, Devin Williams had four sacks. Why am I talking about the past stats? Because this game's stats have some similarities in a way. More on that later.

On to the game, Rice had the ball first, and on their first play out after a big Sam McGuffie pass, DE Harry CiGar intercepted Nick Fanuzzi's batted pass. Two picks in three weeks for a DE? That's pretty good. Tulane wasted no time thanks to a 29 yard run and a 16 yard reception by Barnett and Ponder found WR/TE Taylor Echols for his 2nd TD of the year, and it's only his second catch. He's pretty good at that TD thing. Feeling confident, the Tulane defense came out on the field. And Rice's drive, once again, took just one play. Rice ran a screen pass, and Fanuzzi found Shane Turner, Turner had one man to beat - true freshman Erik Madison. And Turner broke through the freshman's tackle and took it 76 yards for the score. Looks like Rice came to play after all. But, we pounded it with Stephen Barnett and it didn't seem like much later that Ponder found wide open Richardson for a 13 yard TD. The rest of the quarter was a snoozer, even though Tulane drove down the field, their first play of the 2nd qtr. was a field goal from 19 yards out. 17-7 Tulane in the early 2nd.

Rice finally got going as their freshman reciever Landon Kirby snuck open 3 receptions of 14+ yards and eventually Shane Turner found the endzone for a TD run. Tulane was intercepted by DB Ben after a few rushes, and we had a ballgame. Rice tied it up with a 24 yard field goal. And then the teams traded punts to go into the half, with #9 Tulane and Rice tied at 17.

Tulane got the ball first to start the second half and melted on that clock and their drive was kept alive by a 28 yard run by Barnett, putting him over 150 on the day. Ponder found Banks in the endzone for a 20 yard score, Tulane up 24-17, mid-way through the third. The teams then traded punts a little, then Tulane started to drive again, using the ground game. The fourth quarter came. Barnett got 20, almost breaking a TD of over 20 yards, but that's the third time he's been caught inside the 15 after a run like that today. Next play, Ponder hits open Jarmon Fortson for a 10 yard TD, Ponder's fourth TD pass of the day and he only has about 10 completions. Barnett hits 200 yards on the drive. Nice day, but no TD's.

And here came Rice. They drove inside our twenty-five. Then we brought the pressure. Fanuzzi breaks away from one defender, back ten yards from the original line of scrimmage, but he's nailed by Devin Williams, his second sack of the day for a devastating fifteen yard loss. Fourth and long. Fanuzzi looks for the true freshman, Kirby, he's got a shot at it, but Kirby can't get to the ball in the endzone. Tulane has to punt, but it lands at Rice's 7. And then Rice makes a bad move. A screen pass from their own 7. Not a good idea. Devin Williams wins the battle and that's Williams' second SAFETY in three weeks. 33-17 Tulane. Another three and out Tulane. Rice scores on a TD run by Turner, 33-23. 2pt no good. 2:06 left. Onside kick. Rice gets it back. But they cannot pass to save their lives. Four and out.

And that would be the ballgame. Trying to melt Rice's timeouts, Stephen Barnett reaches his final yardage mark on the day: 234. And he finds the endzone for the first time in a long time, on a 2 yard TD run with :44 left to go. 40-23 Tulane. That'd be the final. On Rice's desperation drive, Williams gets four sacks, meeting his total from last year's game. Huh. Also, Ponder throws 4 TD's - or one for every three complete throws, similar to Moore's 2009 game. Barnett runs for a bunch and only one TD - similar to Anderson's 2009 games. Huh. Must be something about playing Rice.


[Technical Difficulties: EA Sports World doesn't want to upload my pictures from my PS3 right now, this message will be gone when pictures are here]


D.J. Ponder: 202.6 QB Rating, 12/17 passing, 134 yards, 4 TD, INT, 25 rush yards

Stephen Barnett: 32 carries, 234 yards, 7.3 average, TD, 16 rec yards

Donny Richardson: 16 rush yards, 2 rec, 12 yards, TD

D.J. Banks: 3 catches, 40 yards, TD / Jarmon Fortson: 3 rec, 49 yards, TD / Echols: TD catch

Gregory Hallinsworth: 8 tackles

Cody Ledford: 6 tackles (TFL)

Erik Madison: 5 tackles

Devin Williams: 4 tackles (all for loss), 4 Sacks, safety (all four sacks in final quarter-and-a-half)

Sammy Boudreaux: 4 tackles

Harry CiGar: 4 tackles, TFL, INT

RICE: Fanuzzi 21-39-334, TD, INT | Shane Turner: 42 rush yards, 2 TD, 97 rec yards, TD | FR Landon Kirby: 6 rec, 95 yards | Jon Oliver: 11 tackles, Sack



- Southern Miss (3-4, 3-2) beats UAB (0-6, 0-4), 30-6.. Davis 32/49, 360 yards, 3 TD

- SMU (3-4, 1-2) keeps bowl hopes alive with win over OOC Navy (1-4), 17-16

- Winless UTEP leads 3-0 after a quarter, then outscored 38-0 by 4-4 Maryland

- #13 Florida State flattens Marshall (2-5, 1-3), 41-11

- Tulsa (6-2, 4-1) bounces back and upsets UCF (4-3, 3-2) 22-14

- Memphis remains undefeated in C-USA play (4-3, 3-0) beats ECU (3-4, 1-3), 20-10



- Favored Penn State beats #15 Northwestern 28-20

- #12 Florida beats #19 UGA 27-3

- Stanford stuns #2 Oregon State on last second FG, 24-23 .. Stanford trailed 23-15 with 3:30 to play

- #1 Georgia Tech rallies back from 18-14 deficit to beat Miami (FL)

- #5 Ohio State blanks #11 Wisconsin 35-0

UP NEXT: Another news story about our ranking.

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:42 PM
Wave want to play at home: Screw crashing the BCS, let's just play in the title, Tulane no. 4 in first BCS rankings

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- Well, well, well. Tulane fans, to say it lightly, the Green Wave might be playing at home in the comforts of the Superdome in January.

In the Sugar Bowl? No.

The BCS National Title.

It's not far out of reach by any means now, as the Green Wave knew that their BCS ranking was gonna be a good one when the Coaches poll put them at #5 and the AP at #4. The Green Wave are starting to be rewarded for their undefeated record and it's showing. The same can go with Boston College, who jumped almost ten spots in the polls this week, as they are undefeated. Buffalo is at #25 in the AP, so if they keep winning a jump is in order.

But for Tulane, they need to not overlook a thing. They don't need to think about the showdown with #2 LSU in late November, or the team that is 0.001 out of #1 in the BCS. They gotta finish it out, and we'll see where the marbles fall.

1. Georgia Tech (0.996)
2. LSU (0.995)
3. Notre Dame (0.992)
4. Tulane (0.981)
t5. Alabama (0.972)
t5. Ohio State (0.972)
7. Texas (0.967)
8. Oklahoma (0.963)
9. West Virginia (0.955)
10. Florida State (0.947)

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:43 PM
2011, Game 9


Memphis Tigers (4-3, 3-0 C-USA)

Date: October 22nd

Time: 6:00pm

Stadium: The Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Line: Tulane by 11

Coverage: CBS College

Memphis's wins: at MTSU (41-28), SMU (27-19), at UCF (34-32), ECU (20-10)

Memphis's losses: at Ark State (27-37), #7 Bama (10-38), UConn (1-6, 12-23)

Analysis: Senior QB Bryon Ingram has passed for 1245 yards this season, but has only 4 TD's and has 7 picks. When in doubt, Memphis runs the ball. Brandon Ross has run the ball into the endzone for 9 scores. Cam Baker is Ingram's main target with 55 catches for 743 yards and 2 TD's. Baker, however is marked as questionable for the game. Last year against Tulane, Baker had a huge day. Memphis' O-line is the leader of the offense. Their D-line lacks and their top LB is out with an injury and talent lacks there, too. Actually, Memphis' whole defense is just average so we could be looking at another shootout like last year's 45-38 game.

Memphis Starting Lineup


QB|Bryon Ingram|rSR|87

RB|Brandon Ross|rSR|88

FB|Jon Ginn|SO|57

WR|Cam Baker (questionable, possible inj.)|rSR|89

WR|Marcus Rucker|rJR|86

WR|Jermaine McKenzie|rSR|83

TE|Jason Dykes|SR|78

LT|Ronald Leary|rSR|94

LG|Joel McCleod|SR|85

C|Robbie Hardie|rSR|86

RG|Michael Antonescu|rSR|82

RT|Jamie McCoy|JR|86

LE|Micahel Leonard|SR|74

RE|David Adams|SO|74

DT|Dontari Poe|SR|82

DT|Paul Harrell|SO|79

OLB|Jamon Hughes (inj., out for season)|rSO|76

OLB|Ricky Holloway|SR|72

MLB|Terrance Thomas|rSR|75

OLB|Patrick Carr|SO|73

CB|Lavaris Edwards|rSR|79

CB|Trey Parks|SO|77

FS|DeRon Furr|rSR|79

SS|Luke Williams|SO|76

K|Tony Walton|SO|75

P|Jimmy Jackson|SO|78

RET|Cam Baker (quest.)|rSR|99

RET|Jermaine McKenzie|rSR|98

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:43 PM

No easy games for Tulane's OOC in 2012

NEW ORLEANS -- Tulane might be the number four team in the land but they are still scheduling hard as they still need respect from the NCAA.

Navy, Ohio State and LSU all return from this year's OOC schedule, along with a return trip to 2009's BYU game up to Provo, Utah.

Tulane will travel to Navy and BYU and get Ohio State and LSU at home. LSU will most likely remain near the end of the season, but in 2010, it was the first game of the season.

This year, Navy is playing hard football but is 1-4, Ohio State and LSU are in the top 10, and BYU beat #12 Washington on opening weekend on the road, but since have been beaten up due to injury and sit at 3-4.

Tulane's projected OOC schedule:

at Navy

Ohio State

<possible conference games>

at BYU (week ~4-9)

LSU (week 14ish)

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:44 PM

Quickie Report: Memphis week

No Richardson? No problem, Barnett takes the load as Tulane falls behind in early scare, but still beats Memphis 29-14

MLB Darryl Farley lost for the rest of the season: who will step up in his spot?

Memphis put up a fight to the #5 team in the country, including taking a surprising 14-6 lead on the Green Wave in the mid-2nd quarter until Stephen Barnett scored the first of his two TDs (2-pt no good), and then Ponder hit Fortson for a 43 yard TD had a 19-14 lead at the half. Then in the second half, Stephen Barnett broke a tackle on his way to a 30 yard TD run, to put the Green Wave up 12, then Ubekista's 3rd and longest FG of the day, from 52 yards, put the Green Wave up 29-14 late as the #5 team in the nation kept their dreams alive.

It looked like early that Byron Ingram was going to have a great day.. he started 6-for-9 passing with 2 TD's, but then Memphis players started losing his passes and the Tulane secondary stiffened their coverage and he finished just 10-for-30.

Stephen Barnett had the best day of anyone, scoring twice and it looks like the injury-prone RB is finally injury-free for the Green Wave. Darryl Farley, however, broke his tailbone and will not be back for the rest of the season but may play if Tulane reaches a BCS bowl.

D.J. Ponder: 17/36 passing (started badly), 264 yards, TD, INT

Stephen Barnett: 30 carries, 146 yards, 2 TD

Jarmon Fortson: 10 catches, 198 yards, TD

Kristifer Rhymes: 8 tackles, 3 TFL, Sack

- Clemson upsets #1 Georgia Tech on Thursday Night, 19-7

- #4 Ohio State outlasts #21 Penn State 41-36

- #25 Nebraska upsets #6 Texas 21-17

- C-USA: Southern Miss upsets Miss. State | SMU upsets Tulsa | UTEP wins first game beats Rice | Houston's Hollingshead throws 5 TDs, UH steamrolls Marshall, back to .500

>> LSU new #1 in BCS, Notre Dame at #2, Tulane sits at #3.

>> Jarmon Fortson enters Heisman watch at #5 ... [Season Stats: 43 receptions, 719 yards, 10 TD, 40 rush yards]

Next up: ECU preview (Friday Night, at ECU (3-5, 1-4)

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:45 PM
2011, Game 10


ECU Pirates (3-5, 1-4 C-USA)

Date: Friday, October 28th

Time: 6:00pm

Stadium: Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium, Greenville, North Carolina

The Line: Tulane by 14

Coverage: ESPN

ECU's wins: Western Carolina (FCS, 37-9), North Carolina (21-9), UTEP (45-42)
ECU's losses: South Carolina (3-30), at Southern Miss (23-30), at Houston (17-20), at Memphis (10-20), UCF (15-35)

Analysis: QB Rio Johnson is injured so true sophomore Benny Carter will make his first ever start against Tulane, who only has a 32.3% completion percentage in his career. ECU's strength should be their running game with Marquan Brown. ECU has a good trio of wide recievers: Joe Womack, Jacobi Jenkins and Michael Bowman. TE Brian DeLuca has also had a good year. ECU's offensive line is banged up and weak besides possible 1st-day draft pick Steven Baker, who plays at left tackle. ECU's defense is a major hit and miss and starts two true freshman. ECU's special teams are solid, as they are 11-for-14 on field goals this year, and their freshman punter boots an average of 42.2 yards a punt.


QB|Rio Johnson (inj.)|rSO|82
QB|Benny Carter|SO|76
RB|Marquan Brown|rJR|86
WR|Joe Womack|rSR|84
WR|Jacobi Jenkins|rJR|83
WR|Michael Bowman|rSR|82
TE|Brian DeLuca|SO|75
LT|Steven Baker|rSR|93
LG|Daron Thompson (inj.)|rFR|76
LG|Michael Brooks|JR|75
C|Joe Phillips|SO|73
RG|Lionel Bain (inj.)|rFR|73
RG|Jerome Myers|FR|70
RT|Steven Fowler|FR|74
LE|Clifford Singleton (inj.)|SO|71
LE|Marcus Benson|FR|71
RE|Allen Crowder|SR|88
DT|Antonio Allison|rSR|83
DT|Lee Marshall|FR|72
OLB|Cliff Perryman|rSR|76
MLB|Jimmy Bonner|FR|71
OLB|Lamar McLendon|JR|74
CB|Adrian Winston|rFR|77
CB|Darryl Reynolds|rSR|78
FS|Rahkeem Morgan|rJR|74
SS|Todd Grier|SO|79
K|Brandon Everett|SO|73
P|Brian Robinson|FR|81
RET|Joe Womack|rSR|98

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:45 PM

>> True Freshman OLB Jason Nolen will replace the injured Darryl Farley at middle linebacker against ECU, if he performs well, he will be named the starter for the upcoming weeks. If not, senior Jeremy Minor and true freshman Ralph Hall will step in and fight over the starting job. Farley broke his tailbone and may return in time for a January bowl game, if Tulane reaches one. Either way, Farley will fall short of another 100-tackle season. Also this ends the redshirt junior from heading to the NFL Draft early, as some projected him as a 3rd-4th round pick, due to the injury, Farley has said "there is no chance he is declaring".

>> Sophomore safety Samuel Brooks has been upgraded to a game-time decision, if he can play, it will be the first time he has taken the field since opening night against Rutgers (27-21 victory), Erik Madison will start at safety if Brooks is ready to go or not, but Brooks will see time in the secondary if he's ready to play. Brooks has been out with an abdominal tear.

>> One-year and quick impact player junior wide receiver Jarmon Fortson could be Tulane's first early draft entry under coach Ron Draggo as he has been scouted as a first-rounder as he is currently projected as a finalist to the Heisman ceremony by ESPN.com. Fortson said however, "He has not really thought about the draft yet.", scouters like Fortson's playmaking ability and catch-it-all hands, reminding them of former top 50 draft pick, Jeremy Williams.

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:46 PM

Slow start turns into blowout victory over injury-beaten ECU, Wave roll 41-3

ECU can not overcome previous injuries, and losing their starting RB for the game early

Quickie Recap:

>> Tulane limped to a 7-0 lead in the 1st quarter, on a 8 yard TD run, ECU surprisingly drove it down inside our 15, elected not to kick a field goal on fourth and three and Christian Martindale sacked Benny Carter, ECU's sophomore QB who was making his first ever start. Not easy for his coach to say, "Alright kid, your first start is against the number 3 team in the nation - go beat 'em!" Carter actually played pretty well.. 11/21 for 111 yards, no TDs, no picks, but he was sacked twice on third and short (led to a punt) and fourth and short (costly turnover on downs)

>> A little trickery never hurt anyone.. Emanuel Eluko (SR DT) snuck onto the field in a goal line situation as an extra "blocker" at ECU's 6-yard line. The ECU defense obviously didn't realize he was an eligible reciever and the 6'3", 289lb defensive tackle snuck out of the Tulane offensive line, and broke free into the endzone while an ECU linebacker picked him up late and Eluko caught an easy TD pass, even though he's only got 53 CTH. Eluko let go his inner-MC Hammer and broke into a dance after scoring the TD. Good for you, Emanuel.

>> The rest of the first half.. D.J. Ponder who took 11 carries today scrambled in for an untouched 7 yard TD to put the Green Wave up 21-zip, and ECU kicked a 28 yard field goal with :02 left to cut the lead to 18.

>> Then the Wave rolled.... in the second half, at least. Ponder found a wide open D.J. Banks in the back of the endzone for a 14 yard TD pass and he dragged a foot in bounds. Nice effort, I guess. The XP got blocked, ECU's lone highlight, really, of the night. Donny Richardson broke into the endzone in the late third on a 3 yard TD run.

>> And a sixth different player scored.. after five TDs have been occured by five different players (not counting D.J. Ponder being a part of TD passes), freshman Dan Thomas came in late and scored on his lone carry of the day - a 4 yard TD where he stiff armed a much larger defender and waltzed into the endzone.

- Final Score: #3 Tulane 41, ECU 3.. so much for Friday Night Upset.

> D.J. Ponder: 14-for-19 passing, 211 yards, 2 TD, 11 carries, 32 yards, TD

> Stephen Barnett: 12 carries, 138 yards, TD

> Donny Richardson: 8 carries, 29 yards, TD

> Jarmon Fortson: Carry, 22 yards, 5 rec, 100 yards

> D.J. Banks: 4 catches, 51 yards

> Nolen: 3 tackles, TFL | Martindale, Williams: Sack each

> Hallinsworth: 2 tackles, FF, FR

>> Tulane will play in C-USA title, most likely facing winner of USM/Memphis


1-7 UConn upsets #6 WVU

Fraud Tech: #9 Georgia Tech routed by 5-4 Maryland

#1 Notre Dame, #2 LSU win easily over 1-win opponents

Top 5 teams win by an average of 4 TD's on week 10


LSU, ND deadlocked in BCS at #1.. Alabama/Ohio State deadlocked at #4, Tulane sits in the middle at #3

> Fortson 4th in Heisman watch

> Jordan Jefferson leads Heisman Watch still (23 TD, 1 INT, 64 comp percentage), Russell Wilson second (29 TD, 6 INT, 68 comp percentage), Terrelle Pryor third (21 TD, 7 INT, 63 comp percentage, 5 rush TD)

UP NEXT: Bye Week Recap

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:47 PM

We might be the no. 3 team - but we're surely not recruiting like one

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- Tulane is playing with the big boys. They are ranked number three in the nation, they've beat BCS-conference teams, won big, won small, they've won 'em all so far this year. But in one category - they aren't winning.


Tulane's success under Ron Draggo has helped somewhat with Tulane's recruiting but so far this year - Tulane has a goose egg in their commits. Zero. Zilch. Nothing. Nada. No one. Yet, at least. Tulane looked to reel in Louisiana's Michael Whitlock, a five-star offensive tackle, but Tulane ended up being third but Whitlock went to Turner Gill's Penn State Nittany Lions.

But, he's not the only top prospect looking at Tulane. Tulane currently seems to have four or five soft commits from three and four-star prospects, all from the state of Louisiana. "We've got to start winning in our home state in the recruiting war - then we'll take the region. It might take awhile, but we'll become the next southern recruiting power.", said coach Ron Draggo.

Draggo says that he hopes that this incoming class will help Tulane help give interest to more big-name prospects by hauling in some nationally-recruited prospects. They aren't five-stars, but maybe someday they will be recruiting and getting some of the highly-recruited players.

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:47 PM


Entering the week:

East Standings: UCF (4-2), Southern Miss (3-2), Memphis (3-2)

West: TULANE (7-0)

> Head to Head in the East: UCF beat Memphis and Southern Miss.

- UCF 34, UAB 7 - Memphis 41, Rice 27 - UTEP 37, Southern Miss 31 OT

Now: UCF (5-2), Memphis (4-2)


#2 LSU makes case for #1, travels to #5 Alabama and wins 24-14.. Jefferson 23/34, 207 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT

#1 Notre Dame yawns past lowly Akron, 41-10.. Walker 5 rec, 162 yards, 2 TD

#4 Ohio State beats Purdue

#8 Washington travels to #10 USC and wins 34-23


1. LSU (1.000)

2. Notre Dame (0.993)

3. Tulane (0.989)

4. Ohio State (0.983)

5. Washington (0.978)

6. Oklahoma

7. Florida

8. Alabama

9. Texas

10. Virginia Tech

11. Oregon State

12. aTm

13. Georgia Tech

14. Nebraska

15. Arkansas (8-1) <-- lost to Alabama on week 3

16. USC (6-3)

17. Georgia

18. NC State

19. Wisky

20. Cal

21. Florida State

22. Penn State

23. Maryland

24. Clemson (5-4, was #14, steamrolled by Florida State)

25. Boston College


Jordan Jefferson, QB, LSU (25 TD, 1 INT, 2 rush TD) ... probably the Heisman winner

Russell Wilson, QB, NC State (32 TD, 6 INT, 2 rush TD)

EJ Manuel, QB, Florida State (30 TD, 13 INT, 4 rush TD)

Jonathan Coleman, WR, Boston College (75 rec, 1043 yards, 14 TD)

Terrelle Pryor, QB, Ohio State (21 TD, 8 INT, 5 rush TD)

NEXT UP: Tulsa (7-3) preview

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:48 PM

Five Reasons Tulane needs to be careful on Senior Day against Tulsa

NEW ORELANS, LOUISIANA --- Tulane's won the C-USA West title, they'll be playing for the title at home, and look to play in the BCS at home (Sugar/National Championship), they are 10-0, and looking good. They've got a huge game coming up against #1 LSU in two weeks but they've got a game before "the Game" and here's why they need to be careful..

1. This game has no implication on Tulane's season (or so they might think) - Tulane's got the C-USA West title, they are looking forward to playing LSU for the Tiger Rag, if they lose this game, they still get to play LSU and for the C-USA title and still could play in the BCS. Tulane needs to not look ahead, is what we're trying to say, there are still other games to play. Tulane could still play in the Hawai'i Bowl, if they aren't careful.

2. Tulsa's got nothing to lose - Tulsa's got second place wrapped up in the West, they're going to a bowl game, and are clawing near the top 25 (in the top 35 or so now) - why not pull out everything you got? They have absolutely nothing to lose. If they win - they're still second, if they lose - they're still second.

3. Tulane cakewalked through last year's game for three quarters, then Tulsa "rallied back" - Last year, Tulane went way out in front, 42-0, started to look ahead then Tulsa threw down 28 straight points and they easily could have tied it if they didn't stumble and run out of time. They can't go up by 21 or so and think, "We've got this", and start to celebrate. You got past them once doing this, but you might not get past an improved team the second time.

4. Admit it, you're thinking about playing in the title already - Tulane players can not think, "We're the best around, nothing's ever gonna keep us down, we're going to win easy and then beat LSU, win the C-USA and play for the title at home." Not quite yet, Green Wave. You've got three games to play, not three meaningless games. Three important games. This one's just as important.

5. Admit it, you're already thinking about going to play #1 LSU - And Tulane can't do this either. They can't start thinking about maybe the game of the year for a spot in the national title. They can't think about that yet. Tulsa's tough, get past them, enjoy the BYE, prepare and then you can play LSU.

Ron Draggo has always told his team to "never look ahead", he says. Against Navy earlier this year, it looked like Tulane was looking a little bit ahead to Ohio State but blew out the Midshipmen thanks to a big second half. If Coach Draggo keeps his team in the mindset of playing Tulsa for a full four quarter game, then he might be the best coach around keeping his players thinking week-to-week.

We've seen it before, but we'll have to see if we see it again.

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:49 PM
2011, Game 11


Tulsa Golden Hurricane (7-3, 5-2 C-USA)

Date: Saturday, November 12th

Time: 12:30pm

Stadium: The Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Line: Tulane by 10

Coverage: CBS College

Tulsa's wins: at Troy (17-10), Oklahoma State (20-14), UAB (41-14), Houston (30-17), Marshall (29-17), UCF (22-14), UTEP (47-17)

Tulsa's losses: at #6 Oklahoma (17-40), at Rice (39-40), SMU (29-32)

Analysis: If Tulsa wants to win, then G.J. Kinne needs to play games like he did against UAB and UTEP. Kinne has 17 pass TDs and 10 picks on the year, and 2 rush TDs, with his favorite target being 5'8" speedster Demaris Johnson. He has 63 catches for 908 yards and 6 TDs this year. On the ground the Hurricane go with Charles Opeseyitan, who has 4 rush TDs this year, and 4 receiving TDs, so he's a duel-threat guy. Tulsa knows how to score on defense. They have 7 defensive TDs this year, 3 by Reid Singleton (DB), 2 by Jake Pierce (DB).. all five of those for those guys being on INTs, 1 by Willie Carter (LB) (fumble return), and Leonard Key (FS) (INT return). Also Dustin Bennett who has 8 sacks on the year needs to come up big. Tulsa's kicker/punter is also good.. Fitzpatrick is 20/25 on the year, his career long is 53 yards. He also punts for an average of around 43 yards a punt. Demaris Johnson returns kicks and averages 23 yards a return.



QB|G.J. Kinne|rSR|90

HB|Charles Opeseyitan|rSR|84

WR|Demaris Johnson|SR|94

WR|Freeman Kelley|JR|83

WR|Chris Ford|rJR|80

TE|Matt Pennington|SO|72

LT|Brian Mincher|JR|86

LG|Chris Williams|SO|77

C|Matt Hesterberg|rJR|80

RG|Jeremy Barnett|rFR|72

RT|Tyler Holmes|rSR|87

LE|Brent Ray|FR|72

RE|Michael Holt|SO|75

DT|Maurice White|rJR|82

DT|Matt Hesterberg|rJR|80

OLB|Zack Wallace|rJR|70

MLB|Dustin Bennett|JR|73

OLB|Willie Carter|SR|71

CB|Reid Singleton|SR|82

CB|DeAundre Brown|rSR|78

FS|Leonard Key|FR|74

SS|Aadam Hartman|SO|78

K|Kevin Fitzpatrick|SR|85

P|Kevin Fitzpatrick|SR|85

RET|Demaris Johnson|SR|99

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:50 PM
Game of the Year: Part One

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- Yes, I'm actually doing a game report in more than one post. Tulsa comes in to New Orleans with nothing to lose or gain but respect from the nation. Tulane looking for a BCS bowl. We're not there yet...

Tulane won the toss and defered, Tulsa went three and out. Five plays later, Stephen Barnett rumbled and stiff armed and juked his way to the endzone on an impressive 33 yard run. D.J. Ponder accounted for 21 rushing yards on this drive.

Tulsa stalled again and punted again, to Tulane's two-yard line. Not a good spot to start. Draggo calls play action and Taylor Echols is wide open out of the tight set.. looks to be a 20 yard gain and it slips through his hands. Ponder then sneaks for five for a third and five. Pass again. Sacked. To inside the one. It was reviewed and the ball never went past the line. Whew. So we had to punt with our team at the one, and it may have been better to take a safety as this left a huge lane open for speedster DeMaris Johnson. Ubekista actually hit a 56 yard punt but Johnson went 57 yards for the score. Never even touched.

That was the first quarter.

The second quarter started with a Green Wave punt, then a long Tulsa drive ending with a Opeseyitan TD run. Then the teams traded punts. Then Tulsa went pass happy and got 3 on a 30 yard field goal. 14-10 Tulsa at the break.

"I'm not happy with how we're playing right now.. we're shutting them down but we can't get nothing started.. come on guys, we got to get our heads in the game.. we're not to Baton Rouge yet..", said coach Ron Draggo at the half.

Tulane came out good. Two plays, 26 yards. Then D.J. Ponder was presurred and picked off. Tulsa did nothing and punted, luckily. But once more, Tulane was stuck inside their own ten. Two plays, loss of four. Not good. Third down, we pass and Ponder's taken down in the endzone for a safety. On the play, he got hurt and did not return. That means senior Joe Kemp has to step in for Ponder, who hasn't really done that great today.


Now we had to stop Tulsa. Being down 16-10 isn't a good thing. And we could not. Tulsa marched their way down the field, including a costly 15 yard PI on a 32 yard completion, which really helped them out. Kinne found his big TE Brown who was wide open for a 2 yard score. 23-10 Tulsa.

And at this point and time, all of New Orleans had a sick feeling in their stomach as the #3 team in the nation trailed by 13 with 2:28 to play in the third quarter..

Now it was time for Joe Kemp to lead us back into this game. Or so we hoped. We got the Barnett train back going. 3 carries, 21 yards. Kemp to Banks for 21. Richardson got 10. Kemp to Harrison for 15. And then Barnett runs to a side where no one is and walks in for a 15 yard TD run, his second of the day. Relief. 23-17 Tulsa, 0:55 left in the third.

They had to stop Tulsa. Fourth quarter. Third and ten. Kinne fires and he finds a wide open man behind the first down marker. Can't tackle him. He gets thirty-six yards. Then they got ten more. Then they lost two, got pushed back for 10 more. Then Kinne fired.. to Demaris Johnson for a 23 yard score. 29-17 Tulsa. And hey, they're going for two. HB Draw. Tulane's fooled. 2 points. 31-17. 5:11 left.

Now we go pass happy. Kemp starts to lead us down the field. We get past midfield. He's pressured, wobbly pass, Banks is open but the Tulsa DB picks it off. "Oh shit.", muttered everyone in the stands.

"Oh shit.", muttered Ron Draggo.

Tulsa 31, #3 Tulane 17
4:02 to play - 4th quarter
Tulsa ball at their own 39

Iron Dragon
07-06-2010, 06:50 PM
Good spot to stop? I think so.

07-06-2010, 07:05 PM
Good spot to stop? I think so.

Weeeaaak!! I want to know what happens next lol.

07-06-2010, 07:31 PM
Good spot to stop? I think so.

Oh shit is right Mr. Draggo :D

07-06-2010, 11:26 PM
Washington went up to #5 in the polls??? HAHAHAHAAA :D:D:D

07-06-2010, 11:44 PM
Good spot to stop? I think so.

Oh shit.

07-07-2010, 06:49 AM
Good spot to stop? I think so.

I disagree. It's the WORST spot to stop.:D

Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 08:30 AM
Weeeaaak!! I want to know what happens next lol.

You will..

Oh shit is right Mr. Draggo :D

Yes, that's what I thought when I was playing this game back in December. I was really surprised what was going on.

Washington went up to #5 in the polls??? HAHAHAHAAA :D:D:D

Not for long..

Oh shit.


I disagree. It's the WORST spot to stop.:D

That's how I originally did the report (mainly because EASW went down at that time).

Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 08:30 AM

Game of the Year: Part Two

Haven't read part one? Do it now.

Anyways, where were we? Ah yes, Joe Kemp had just fired one to a Tulsa defender down by two scores. Not always the best way to win a game.

Anyways, there's 4:02 to go. Tulsa goes conservative. 6 yards for Opeseyitan. Incomplete pass. Well, that's not conservative. Tulsa on third and four.. no one open, Kinne scrambles and brought down two yards short. Punt. And it was a bad one. 3:39 to go.

Kemp hits Fortson. 22 yards. Figaro for 10. Richardson for nine. Banks for 16. Down to the four yard line. 2:14 to play. Kemp looks.. and finds a wide open diving Donny Richardson. 4 yard TD. 31-24 Tulsa. 2:10 to go. Two timeouts.


We kick it deep. Johnson to their 26. Opeseyitan gets four for Tulsa. 1:38 to go.. Kinne will throw it.. incomplete. Third down. Strange playcalling. Kinne.. to Opeseyitan. Behind the LOS. Gotta tackle him.. Tulane misses. 9 yard gain. Oh damn. 3 yard run. Timeout. Loss of four. Timeout. Third and 11. 1:17 to go. If Tulsa gets this, it's game over..

Kinne stepped back, they would throw, they want to end it now. He looks for Demaris Johnson.. but FRESHMAN Jason Nolen steps in front of the pass and picks it off and returns it to the Tulsa 31 yard line!! We're not done yet!!

Minute and two seconds. No timeouts. Barnett runs for 5. Kemp to Figaro gets 7. Kemp to Figaro again.. 18 more to the one yard line!!!! Spiked with :20 to go. Incomplete pass to Fortson. Third and goal. Draggo calls for senior FB Duplessis to run it in.

Snap gets in Kemp's hands.. here comes Tulsa, handoff's clean.. Duplessis hit at the one..

..breaks the tackle.. AND INTO THE ENDZONE HE GOES!! Touchdown Tulane!! DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?? Tulane rallies from 14 down in the final three minutes and with the XP they tie it.

And it was good. 31-31. 13 seconds to go. Game's not done yet. Johnson returns it to the 35. 10 seconds. Kinne to Kelley for 21. Hold your horses. Timeout Tulsa.. 3 seconds to go. Hail Mary time. Kinne has plenty of time.. throws deep, it's long enough but it's knocked down looking for Demaris.

Overtime. Coin toss. Tulane wins. Defense we go.

Kinne looks to throw on the first OT play. Twenty-two yards. Stellar defense. Kinne sneak. One yard. Then a pass.. nothing there. Third and goal. Do I smell a stand? Nope. Kinne runs around the blob of Tulsa and Tulane players for the easy score.


Don't worry, we'd make it look easy too. Kemp to Fortson, 8 yards and then Barnett just runs away from everyone for a 17 yard score. XP good. Overtime two.


Kemp finds Harrison for a 16 yard gain. Then he'd find D.J. Banks for a 9 yard score. This overtime thing is pretty easy, isn't it??


45-38 Tulane. First lead in ever. Kinne to Mills.. three yards. Loss of one. Third and seven. Sack for a 3 yard loss. Well, this is it. The call on CBS by Mr. Gus Johnson..

"Kinne into the shotgun. Opesetyitan next to him. Four WRs. Fourth and ten. Twenty-five yard line. This could do it. Kinne gets the snap. He looks, pumps one to the endzone.. tipped.. and OH CAUGHT KELLEY OH KELLEY OFF THE HELMET OF A TULANE DEFENDER CAUGHT TOUCHDOWN WOOOWWWW!"

You've got to be shitting me. But I'm not. Freeman Kelley rips the ball basically off Gregory Hallinsworth's helmet and somehow makes the catch and finds the endzone. One of the craziest plays all year. Jeez.

Three overtimes. Here we go. 45-45 with the XP and it was good.

Tulsa's got to go again on offense. Two incomplete passes. Third and ten. Kinne would look.. fires one to a man..





Tulane 51, Tulsa 45 3OT

What a crazy game. Who woulda thunk it? Not the performance or the way we wanted to do it, but a win's a win. 51-45. This might just be the game of the year. Now we can focus on LSU.


SENIOR Joe Kemp: 15/24 passing, 172 yards, 2 TD, INT [Ponder: 11/21, 171 yards, INT | left game with injury, did not return]

Stephen Barnett: 14 carries, 104 yards, 3 TD

Duplessis (SR): TD run, 3 'cakes

D.J. Banks: 8 catches, 94 yards, TD

Jarmon Fortson: 5 catches, 71 yards

George Harrison: 5 catches, 88 yards

Devin Figaro: 5 catches, 66 yards

Donny Richardson: 2 catches, 13 yards, TD

Abrams, Patterson: 5 'cakes

Jones, Ray (SR): 4 'cakes

Erik Madison: 7 tackles, TFL

Gregory Hallinsworth: 6 tackles

Cody Leford: 6 tackles

Jason Nolen: 5 tackles, INT

SR Cedric Wilson: 4 tackles (2 TFL)

SR Emanuel Eluko: 3 TFL, 2 sacks

Black, Boudreaux: 3 tackles each

Harry CiGar: 2 TFL, Sack

Devin Williams: 2 tackles, INT, GW Def TD in 3rd OT

SR Jeremy Minor: 2 tackles

TULSA: Demaris Johnson 6 rec 116 yards TD - 93 KR yards - 67 PR yards TD

UP NEXT: Bye Week Recap


Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 08:32 AM


> OOC Navy whips ECU 27-7, OOC Northwestern 34, Rice 16, OOC Fresno 13, UTEP 10
> Houston gets 6th win with 41-3 win over UAB, Hollinshead's finally getting his play on the right track..
> UCF pounds SMU 47-7 .. Weatherford throws 4 TDs.. they are still without Rainey
> Southern Miss beats up Memphis 38-7 .. UCF takes East title.. Assad: 10 rec, 83 yards, TD, 2 4th quarter punt return TDs (38, 78 yards)

#1 LSU beats Ole Miss 34-10
#2 Notre Dame survives Hawai'i vacation 34-24 (UH: 17 points in final 3:10)
#4 Ohio State handles lowly Illinois 41-7
Frauds: #5 Washington falls to #19 Cal | #6 Oklahoma falls to Texas Tech | #11 Oregon State falls to Miami (FL)

>> BCS: LSU (1.000), ND (0.994), Tulane (0.989), Ohio State (0.983), Florida (0.978), Alabama (0.969) (Florida lost to Alabama..)
>> Bowl projection: The one in our stadium, vs Big East leader #22 Boston College (8-2, 4-2)

WEEK 13: Rivalry Week

OOC games: #8 VT 45, Tulsa 20 | UCF 38, Army 20
Houston 32, Rice 27
Memphis gets 6th win, beats Marshall 21-10
UTEP upsets SMU denies them their sixth win 37-17
ECU handles 1-win UAB

Lone Star Showdown: #9 aTm 27, #6 Texas 10
The Game between schools in Georgia: #12 GT 27, #14 UGA 24
"The Game": #4 Ohio State 27, Michigan 3
#1 LSU rips apart #11 Arkansas 41-17.. Jefferson 23/32 302 yards 4 TD
de facto Big East title game: #22 Boston College 42, Syracuse 10 (and yet, they aren't bowl elligible)
#2 Notre Dame survives Stanford 34-29
Eastern Kentucky becomes bowl elligible
de facto Sun Belt title game: FIU 17, FAU 13

>> Polls.. stay the same. aTm jumps 'Bama.

UP NEXT: Tiger Rag Preview

Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 08:32 AM
2011, Game 12


#1 LSU Tigers (11-0, 8-0 SEC, SEC West Champions)

Battle for the Tiger Rag

Date: Saturday, November 26th

Time: 8:00pm

Stadium: Tiger Stadium, "Death Valley", Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Line: LSU by 9

Coverage: ABC

LSU's wins: Houston (27-14), App St. (FCS, 48-10), at West Virginia (38-37), at Miss State (18-0), #5 Florida (51-17), Kentucky (53-10), Auburn (42-17), at Tennessee (33-6), at #7 Alabama (24-14), at Mississippi State (34-10), #13 Arkansas (41-17)
LSU's losses: None.

Series History: 2-0 LSU

rSR WR Terrance Toliver: 4 weeks
rSR LT Greg Shaw: Out for season
rSR OLB Shomari Clemons: 2 weeks
[they all start]

Analysis: LSU is hands down the best team in the nation. And that's why they are #1. Jordan Jefferson is on his way to a Heisman trophy and this team is loaded. Jefferson has 30 TDs and only 2 INTs on the entire season, he's also ran for two. And if they have too, Russell Shepard will play at QB and he's just as good. Michael Ford is their starting runningback who has 663 yards and 7 TDs on the year. Cody Moore is his backup who's pretty good too. 99 OVR WR Toliver is out for the game, so that's good. Too bad they have a 1000-yard reciever in Rueben Randle, and Chris Toliver and Morris Claiborne are good too. And their TE is good too.. 46 rec, 713 yards, 8 TD on the year. Shaw, their starting LT is out, and their backup is just as good. In fact, their whole offensive line is good. Actually this whole team is good. Conclusion: If we win, we need a miracle. Or something. This team has killed every team it's faced since they starting to get going and have beat the #5 team in the nation by 34. Oh my. Their kicker is 19/20 on field goals, by the way..


QB|Jordan Jefferson|SR|94
RB|Michael Ford|rSO|93
WR|Terrance Toliver (inj.)|rSR|99
WR|Rueben Randle|JR|93
WR|Chris Toliver|rJR|92
WR|Morris Claiborne|rSO|87
TE|Mitch Joseph|rSR|91
LT|Greg Shaw (inj.)|rSR|95
LT|Chris Faulk|rSO|91
LG|Will Blackewll|rSR|94
C|TBob Herbert|rSR|99
RG|Josh Dworaczyk|rSR|99
RT|Ernest McCoy|rSR|94
LE|Sidell Corley|rSR|92
RE|Chase Clement|rJR|97
DT|Chris Davenport|JR|96
DT|Akiem Hicks|rSR|91
OLB|Shomari Clemons (inj.)|rSR|96
OLB|Barkevious Mingo|rSO|87
MLB|Kevin Minter|JR|90
OLB|Ryan Baker|SR|91
DB|Patrick Peterson|SR|99
DB|Brandon Taylor|SR|93
FS|Craig Loston|JR|90
SS|Stefoin Francois|rSR|85
K|Byron Jones|FR|82
P|Josh Jasper|rSR|87
RET|Patrick Peterson|SR|99

Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 08:33 AM
Ponder out for LSU game; Kemp to make 4th career start in Death Valley

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- D.J. Ponder will not be suited up to play LSU Saturday night as a hand injury will keep him out from playing quarterback against the #1 team in the nation.

Instead Joe Kemp will be making his fourth career start, who has been a viable backup ever since Ron Draggo has taken over the Green Wave. Kemp threw for 174 yards and 2 TD's in relief for Ponder in Tulane's three OT win against Tulsa. He started three games last year in place of Kevin Moore when he got injured. On Saturday night, Ryan Griffin will backup Joe Kemp if he's needed.

The redshirt senior has 11 TD's and just 3 INT's under Ron Draggo. He's had a 71% completion percentage the last two years, going 70-for-99 since the beginning of last season. Kemp is 9 yards short of 1000 passing yards under Draggo.

Kemp has been fighting for the starting job since 2009, when he was beat out by Kevin Moore, and then this year he was beat out in a close race by D.J. Ponder (155/255, 2179 yards, 21 TD, 8 INT, 252 rush yards, 2 TD this year).

If Ponder's injury lingers, Kemp may start in the C-USA title game against UCF.

07-07-2010, 08:33 AM
That's a heart attack game right there. Did it get an ESPN Classic score?

Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 08:34 AM


Green Wave not surprisingly rolled by "unstoppable" #1 LSU.. and heck, they are down three starters..

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA --- LSU is unstoppable. They beat the #5 Florida Gators by 34 like it was nothing and Jordan Jefferson is putting his name down in history as he easily sealed the Heisman trophy on Saturday night in a 38-3 cruising of #3 Tulane. LSU "exposed" the #3 team in the nation, but they've exposed everyone since SEC play has started for them, as Tulane lost after an amazing performance by LSU - on all sides of the ball.

Needless to say, this game really will hurt Tulane. This game was a nationally televised whipping. Game of the Week hoopla. And Tulane, yes, we know is without their starting QB, that's an issue, but they got pounded. Luckily, it was by a team that has pounded every one. A loss to Tulsa would have done worse but they way they got rolled may but them back in the Liberty Bowl, or even the Hawaii Bowl if they lose the C-USA title.

Tulane actually led 3-0 in the 1st quarter, but that 1st quarter FG drive was their best of the entire game, as LSU went into entire dominance. LSU held Tulane to negative rushing yards for the first time in Ron Draggo's 39th game as the Tulane head coach. In fact, this is the first time they've been held to under 100 rushing yards. That stat is amazing first of all, and now it's wiped away. LSU's front seven was just too good and too athletic for Tulane.

After leading 3-0, Tulane got rolled. Michael Ford found the endzone from two yards out, then Jordan Jefferson found Mitch Joseph for a TD, and LSU only led 14-3 at the break.

Third quarter.. Joseph again 3 yards from Jefferson. Then Joe Kemp was picked off by redshirt Junior DB Ron Brooks and he went 60 yards for the score. Untouched. That about sealed it at the 28-3 score. That looked like that was going to be the final. Looked like.

In the fourth quarter, Les Miles made a ballsy move and decided to call a HB pass from Tulane's seven. CiGar ripped the ball loose, recovered it. Whew, Tulane thought. And then the RB stripped it right back and took it back to Tulane's 11. Then Jordan Jefferson found wide open sophomore Jay Tanner for a TD. Tanner easily had his best game so far against Tulane.. 4 rec, 57 yards, TD. That made it 35-3. Tulane gave the ball away inside their own 30 late in the game and the game was capped off by a 19 yard field goal.

"It was a big slap in the face. To come in 11-0 and then get thumped like that. LSU's the best team out there, that's why they are #1. They are well-coached, they are extremely talented and I watched a bunch of first-round picks and a Heisman winner beat us, and we had no answer.", said coach Ron Draggo after the game.

And with that, Tulane's 11-1. Next up.. UCF.


Joe Kemp: 17/31 passing, 184 yards, 2 INT, sacked four times, -29 rush yards

Griffin: 3/8 passing, 23 yards, sacked once, -9 rush yards

Stephen Barnett: 10 carries, 10 yards, 11 rec yards

J.T. McDonald: 6 carries, 9 yards

Jarmon Fortson: 4 catches, 42 yards

George Harrison: 4 catches, 48 yards

Cody Leford: 13 tackles (2 TFL)

Cedric Wilson: 10 tackles (2 TFL)

JJ Black: 9 tackles (TFL)

Jason Nolen: 8 tackles

Harry CiGar: 7 tackles

Emanuel Eluko: 4 tackles, Sack

Samuel Brooks: 4 tackles (back, finally)

Hallinsworth, Boudreaux: 2 tackles each

LSU: Jefferson 19/23 176 yards 3 TD | Ford 31 carries 152 yards TD 4 rec 34 yards | Joseph 7 rec 61 yards 2 TD | Ryan Baker 10 tackles (4 TFL), 3 sacks

Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 08:34 AM

Week 14

C-USA Update

OOC week.. Rutgers beats Houston 34-20


Marshall loses to Iowa State

UAB upsets Sun Belt's 2nd place FAU

UTEP beats crappier Utah State

NCAA Update

> #7 'Bama beats #6 aTm 24-17

> Notre Dame locks up national title spot with 59-10 creaming of Texas Tech

> Crapply Cup Upset: Washington State knocks off #9 Washington

> 2-8 Navy def. 5-5 Army 30-13

> Civil War: Oregon State def. Oregon for the right to be 8-4

> On the right track.. Idaho gets 8th win, beats Arkansas State

- Tulane not really punished for loss to LSU, takes minor drop in polls, keeps BCS bowl dreams alive, only slips four spots to #7. And we're actually only .001 out of 6th. Not too shabby.

-- Current Bowl Projection: Orange Bowl (Nooo!!!) vs #8 Georgia Tech (vs #15 NC State)

Week 15 (Useless Week)

The games this week..

#10 Cal 30, Cincy 24

Navy 23, SJSU 6

Nevada 31, #22 Iowa 17

Hawai'i 27, WSU 19

> Somehow the BYE week spreads us to a .004 deficit behind #6 Virginia Tech.

> National Title Scenarios:

- #1 LSU vs #2 Notre Dame

- #2 Notre Dame vs #3 Ohio State (if LSU loses to #5 Florida, who they already killed once)

UP NEXT: C-USA Title Game Preview vs UCF (9-3).. at home in New Orleans


ACC: #15 NC State vs #8 Georgia Tech

SEC: #5 Florida vs #1 LSU

Big XII: #24 Colorado vs #12 aTm

MAC: Western Michigan vs Buffalo

Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 08:35 AM
Report: Wyoming's top target is Tulane offensive coordinator James Theodore Wallenstein

LARAMIE, WYOMING -- Wyoming's moved on with Dave Christensen, and now looks for a new head coach. Reports from Laramie say that their top target is Tulane offensive coordinator J.T. Wallenstein (his second mention in this thread!), who has ties to the Rocky Mountain area, just like Ron Draggo.

Wallenstein, who has guided the #1 rushing offense this year, and about every year, along with coaching pretty darn good wide recievers and has coached some pretty good QB's too. Tulane's offense has been high scoring and very well coached under J.T.

Wallenstein, who is from Wyoming, could return home and trade in his Green Wave clothes for the Brown and Gold of Wyoming. Wallenstein could be the man to turn around Wyoming's 112th ranked offense, and their nation's worst scoring offense. Wyoming scored an entire 17 TD's on offense this year. Wyoming had the NCAA's 5th worst red zone offense in 2011. Wyoming also turned the ball away 25 times on offense in their 1-11 season.

Wyoming has also punted an NCAA-high 231 times in the last two years and their failure has been due to the lack of offense.

Is Wallenstein the next Wyoming head coach?

Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 08:36 AM

Quick notes: Ponder back from injury; will start against UCF for C-USA title

NEW ORLEANS -- It's quick notes time!!

Good to go

Junior QB D.J. Ponder will be back after suffering a broken finger against Tulsa and will start against UCF for the C-USA title. Joe Kemp played OK in his relief against LSU but obviously Ponder's running and sack-avoiding abilities were missed as the Green Wave QBs got taken down five times and threw 2 INTs.

Ponder broke a finger on his throwing hand, otherwise, he may have never sat out a game. Ponder attempted to throw with a broken finger but obviously things weren't just right and throwing with his left hand wasn't as good either. Ponder during practice this week 'looked like normal' according to coach Ron Draggo.


Maybe Wyoming could have waited to start to talk to J.T. Wallenstein until after the C-USA title, and some of the offensive players aren't liking the news that he's in talks with home-state Wyoming.

Players were wishing that the Cowboys had waited until after the C-USA title to talk, and then they could have chatted it up the entire time up until Tulane's bowl game. It is unsure what Wallenstein wants to do, but the offer may be too good to pass up for the Wyoming-native.

Tulane only a field goal favorite against UCF

Obviously the line-makers payed attention to Tulane's lack of offense and the fact that UCF has found it's groove and the lines from Vegas show Tulane as a 3-point favorite, with the over/under line at 62.

LSU sits as 20-point favorite for SEC title, and yes, they're playing the #5 team in the nation

Vegas opened lines for the SEC title as 14 points, but this week, it's jumped to 20 points and it may still be a sure bet to take LSU by more than 20 in this one. They thumped Florida 51-17 earlier in the season, so why wouldn't they do it again?

Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 08:36 AM
2011, C-USA Title Game


UCF Knights (9-3, 6-2 C-USA, C-USA East Champions)

Date: Saturday, December 10th

Time: 5:00pm

Stadium: The Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Line: Tulane by 3

Coverage: ESPN

UCF's wins: at FIU (30-10), Marshall (41-7), at UTEP (40-11), at Southern Miss (34-33), at ECU (35-15), at UAB (34-7), SMU (47-7), Army (38-20), Louisiana-Monroe (38-0)
UCF's losses: at #9 Texas (21-38), Memphis (32-34), Tulsa (14-21)

Series History: 2-0 Tulane

HB Chris Rainey - Questionable
QB Joe Weatherford - Out
LT Nick Pieschel - Out

Analysis: UCF lost their starting QB and LT at the end of the year to injury, while Rainey's been out for awhile. Anyways, 91 OVR Weatherford can't go so 90 OVR QB Rob Clabrese will.. Clabrese is basically the same QB Weatherford is, a little faster, a little less awareness, and the same arm capabilities. 96 OVR transfer Chris Rainey may play.. if he does, he's fast as heck. If not, LaTravius Murray (89) will play, and he's got 1261 yards and 9 TD's this year. He's a power runner, unlike Rainey's "hope I get to the sidelines and sprint" style. Ronnie Weaver (87) is a capable backup. Out wide, they have Thearon Collier. He's fast and a better version of Jarmon Fortson. Collier has 85 rec, 1312 yards and 9 TDs this year. Oh my. Then they have A.J. Guyton and Dontravious Floyd. Then they have their big 6'7", 254lb TE.. who wears #78. Adam Nissley. He came into the year with 1 TD the previous year.. this year, he has 56 rec, 760 yards, 10 TDs, and 433 YAC. He's a tight end, and with all that YAC, he's good. He's not fast but he's big and hard to get down. Due to injury, UCF's line's worst starter drops from 88 to 83. Oh well. UCF's d-line is young but they are quick. Their linebackers are young, and quick, like 89 SPD and 93 ACC junior Jonathan Davis, who is all over the field. He does alot. UCF's secondary is very good. They have five guys either 86 or 87 OVR, and then a 84 at FS. They are all very good at covering and know how to catch and tip, like you'd expect. Their kicker, Nick Cattoi is a senior, and is 18/22 on the year, with 16 touchbacks on kickoffs, and he punts too. He boots 41.3 yards a punt, and his longest on the year is 72. He also has down 35 punts inside the 20. Oh my. Thearon Collier and Chris Rainey would be returning, but most likely it'll be Collier and Guyton. Thankfully Rainey isn't returning as he averages 35 yards a KR and 15 yards a punt return. That would be bad.

QB|Rob Clabrese|SR|90
RB|Chris Rainey (quest.)|rSR|96
RB|LaTravius Murray|SR|89
FB|Brandan Kelly|rJR|82
WR|Thearon Collier|rJR|98
WR|AJ Guyton|rSR|85
WR|Dontravious Floyd|rSO|79
TE|Adam Nissley|rSR|88
LT|John Oliver|rJR|83
LG|Theo Goings|SR|88
C|Chad Hounshell|rJR|86
RG|Steven Robinson|SR|92
RT|Billy Offutt|rSR|88
LE|Robert Pritchard|rJR|76
RE|Blake Graves|SO|80
DT|Frankie Davis|JR|86
DT|Brian Timm|SR|86
OLB|Jonathan Davis|JR|83
MLB|Josh Linam|SR|81
OLB|Chris Sharp|SO|78
DB|Josh Robinson|JR|87
DB|Darin Baldwin|rSR|87
FS|Vance King|rJR|84
SS|Quincy McDuffie|JR|86
K&P|Nick Cattoi|rSR|84
RET|Thearon Collier|rJR|99

Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 08:37 AM
That's a heart attack game right there. Did it get an ESPN Classic score?

I don't remember, I'd have to check NCAA '10. I'm pretty sure it did.

EDIT: That's all I'm posting for right now. Two games and some other things leading up to the C-USA title.

07-07-2010, 01:53 PM
Man thats gotta hurt, after winning the game against Tulsa like that to get creamed by LSU.

Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 10:41 PM

C-USA TITLE GAME: Well this sounds pretty familiar..

Tulane's MVP is unlikely and little-known "hero"

NEW ORLEANS -- It's C-USA title time as the 9-3 Golden Knights of UCF come rolling into the Big Easy, and coach Ron Draggo is 2-0 against Central Florida. This year, we get to see only Thearon Collier, no Chris Rainey today.. although that wasn't a big deal as his backup did fine, like he has all year.

1st Quarter... was the snoozing quarter. Clabrese got intercepted by Hallinsworth on the fifth play of the ballgame. The Tulane offense went to work and thanks to Stephen Barnett's 33 yard run, he set up Ponder's 11 yard TD pass to George Harrison, giving the Wave a 7-0 lead. UCF went three and out and Tulane started to drive. Devin Figaro caught a 19 yard pass and Harrison caught a 25 yarder, as Ponder ended the 1st quarter a perfect passer. He then ran it himself for five yards to start the second and then found Devin Figaro for a 35 yard score, an unlikely target. 14-0.

UCF finally woke up as Clabrese found Collier for a 49 yard score. We had ourselves a ballgame (or we thought so) now. Tulane's offense came out firing as Ponder hit Fortson for 34, then a mix of run and pass eventually led to Stephen Barnett's 7 yard draw TD run. 21-7. UCF went three and out. So did Tulane. Clabrese was INT'd by Nolen, who's still playing for Darryl Farley and doing an excellent job. Ponder hit Fortson for 37 right away, but then Tulane struggled to get anything and Ubekista hit a 30 yard field goal and it was a 24-7 Tulane lead at the break.

A week after everything went wrong, things were going perfectly right.. D.J. Ponder walked into the locker room with a 12-for-13 passing line, with 2 TDs.

UCF lost the opening toss, so we got it first in the second, and we drove again, but stalled and punted. UCF rode the Murray train down the field, and eventually Clabrese found Murray for a 41 yard TD. 24-14.

Tulane went three and out, and Collier returned Ubekista's punt fourty-five yards inside Tulane's 30. Uh oh.. Six plays later, little used FB Brendan Kelly scored for the Knights, his tenth ever carry and his first ever TD. 24-21. Tulane comes out running.. D.J. Banks on a sweep gets 22 yards, then D.J. Ponder scrambles when no one's open and no one's around and goes for a 42 yard gain, quite the run, something we really missed last week. Two plays later, the unlikely Devin Figaro is found for a 7 yard TD. 31-21. End of the third.

Murray train kept on rollin' into the fourth.. but UCF stalled as they lost Clabrese and their backup Slowik looked not too good throwing two off-target passes. Cattoi hit a 49 yard FG. 31-24. Tulane got their ground game going, Barnett picked up 26 on two runs, Richardson got 23, Barnett got ten more on two runs, then J.T. McDonald found the endzone for a 8 yard score. 38-24, 3:31 to go.. we're feeling good.

But here came UCF. And well, this sounds familar. They are down 2 TD's with 3:26 to play. Slowik goes 2-for-4 on the drive, but those two passes being a 22 yard pass and a 32 yard TD pass to Floyd. UCF was back in it and they were only down a score. This sounds too familar to our game against Tulsa. 38-31 Tulane. However, we drive down the field, UCF burns all of it's timeouts and we punt with 1:40 to go and the punt lands at UCF's four-yard line.

Tulane was confident. Slowik hit Floyd for 21. Then he spiked it. Nissley for 14. Collier for 28. Suddenly the dude who looked bad looked pretty damn good. Guyton for 6. Then Slowik hit Guyton at the 18, who cut it upfield for the 27 yard TD! Oh my.. :49 to go and UCF has tied it with the XP. 38-38.

And this is where we found the unlikely hero. An unlikely target. Cattoi kicked to Tulane's 12 yard line where Devin Figaro caught the kickoff and he ran, broke a tackle, broke Cattoi's tackle and he HAD SPACE! He was at the 50, the 40, the 30, the 20, the TENNNN, the five.. and brought down at the three yard line! Tulane was celebrating like it was 1998. They were ready to hope to have a huge drive and now all they had to do is get the ball in the middle of the field, call a timeout and kick the field goal. The unlikely hero, Devin Figaro had done it. Two TD catches and an 85 yard kick return set up Tinzen Ubekista's field goal try, basically an extra point. Eighteen yards.

The snap was good.

The hold was good.

The kick was gooooooddddddddddd.

#7 Tulane 41, UCF 38. Tulane survives UCF's comeback, wins it on a FG with :03 left. Next stop.. BCS. We hope. But we still had to kickoff. The squib was returned 33 yards, but that was thanks to holding, and that was the ballgame. Back to back C-USA titles. And maybe a BCS berth is coming. Can we stay at home, please?

FINAL SCORE: #7 Tulane 41, UCF 38


D.J. Ponder: 19-for-22 passing, 230 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs, 65 rush yards

Barnett: 14 carries, 85 yards, TD | Richardson: 33 yards rush, 24 yards rec | McDonald: 10 yards rushing, TD

Devin Figaro: 5 catches, 70 yards, 2 TD, 125 kick return yards, set up GW FG with 84 yard kick return

George Harrison: 4 catches, 42 yards, TD

Jarmon Fortson: 3 catches, 82 yards

Emanuel Eluko: 6 tackles (TFL)

Brooks: 6 tackles | Black: 5 tackles

Harry CiGar: 4 tackles (2 TFL), Sack

Jason Nolen: 4 tackles, INT

Devin Williams: 2 tackles (TFL), Sack

Gregory Hallinsworth: 2 tackles, INT

Ubekista: 2/2 FG, 46.5 yards/punt

UCF: Slowik 7/11, 150 yards, 2 TD | Murray 25 carries, 132 yards | Collier 85 rec yards, TD, 140 return yards

NEXT UP: CCG wrap-up and are we going BCS bowling?

Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 10:42 PM


ACC Championship: #8 Georgia Tech 38, #15 North Carolina State 14

>> Jaybo Shaw only threw the ball 13 times for Georgia Tech, but three of those throws were TDs. Heisman candidate Russell Wilson got hurt and left the game, before he left he went 4/7 for 30 yards and a TD.

SEC Championship: #1 LSU 38, #5 Florida 14

>> Not surprisingly, LSU walks through Florida. Jefferson threw for 338 yards and 2 TDs as LSU scored 31 points in the first half. The Gators were held to just 43 rushing yards on 39 carries.

Big XII Championship: #24 Colorado 28, #12 Texas A&M 18

>> Dan Hawkins finally gets it going for the Buffaloes as Tyler Hansen torched the Aggies for 292 yards passing and 4 TDs as Colorado will go BCS bowling.

MAC Championship: Buffalo 31, Western Michigan 17

>> Buffalo gets their 11th win thanks to 306 passing yards by their QB Dennison. Western Michigan falls to 7-6.



LSU QB Jordan Jefferson wins Heisman

Jefferson's stats: 256/395, 3519 yards, 114 carries, 282 yards, 37 Total TDs

Jefferson beat out NY-invitees Terrelle Pryor from Ohio State and Jonathan Coleman from Boston College. Jefferson led the LSU tigers to a perfect 13-0 season and only threw 3 INT's all year.


Jordan Jefferson|QB|LSU|424|248|84|1852

Terrelle Pryor|QB|Ohio State|160|240|215|1175

Jonathan Coleman|WR|Boston College|109|161|217|866


Tulane's bowl fate..


No home-field advantage for the Green Wave as they draw ACC champion #6 Georgia Tech on Thursday, January 5th, 2012 in Miami, Florida in the Orange Bowl. Tulane is the only non-BCS team to make a BCS bowl this year, in 2009, three teams made the BCS, and last year, TCU won the national title.

UP NEXT: Orange Bowl preview and maybe some sort of non-BCS bowl wrap-up, maybe not.

Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 10:43 PM

Tulane offensive coordinator Wallenstein is next Wyoming football coach

LARAMIE, WYOMING -- This may be the least suprising coach hiring of all time. Wyoming has hired Tulane offensive coordinator James Theodore Wallenstein to be their next head football coach after Wyoming's miserable 1-11 season that's lone win was against FCS Portland State. Wallenstein is from Wyoming, so him returning to his home-state and taking a new job wasn't a huge suprise, but a bit of a blow to Tulane. Some question why'd he leave Tulane prior to their BCS bowl, as Wallenstein who has guided the offense to a 30-10 record under Ron Draggo in three years, is leaving the sudden success of Tulane.

"I want to build the Wyoming football program, I want to get people interested in Wyoming football. These guys need a change, and I'm here to help them to become successful.", said Wallenstein. Wyoming's athletic director was very happy that Wallenstein was coming to coach the Cowboys and looks for a bright future under Wallenstein's guidance.

Wallenstein has pieces to work with, just the lack of coaching seems to have killed Wyoming. And the lack of offense. However, Wallenstein has been a mastermind of offense at Tulane. He knows how to coach the offense. If Wyoming wants to win, they'll have to score alot more than they did this past season, only having 17 offensive TDs. This past season, Tulane averaged 5 TD's a game, with 36.7 PPG, and they had the #6 offense in the nation. Wyoming had the 116th offense in the nation.

It may take awhile, or not long at all.. but Wyoming has got themselves a pretty darn good head coach.

Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 10:43 PM

It's bowl season..

BOWL RESULTS THROUGH ORANGE BOWL (excludes Orange Bowl and Title Game)

New Mexico Bowl: Colorado State 24, #18 Boise State 17

St. Petersburg Bowl: Florida Atlantic 30, Louisville 27 OT [FAU scored TD with :09 left to tie, won with TD in OT]

EagleBank Bowl: Utah 35, Arkansas State 0

R+L Carriers N.O. Bowl: Florida International 27, Memphis 13

MACCO Las Vegas Bowl: #21 TCU 35, Oregon State 30

Poinsettia Bowl: Air Force 24, Arizona 21 [10 wins for AF]

Sheraton Hawai'i Bowl: UCF 13, North Texas 10 [Cattoi 38 yd GW FG as time expired]

Emerald Bowl: Miami 29, Oregon 21

Meineke Car Care Bowl: North Carolina 41, BYU 0

Little Caesars Pizza Bowl: Indiana 32, Buffalo 16

Champs Sports Bowl: Clemson 45, Iowa 17

International Bowl: Cincy 34, EKU 14

PetroSun Independence Bowl: Nebraska 29, Rutgers 17

Papajohns.com Bowl: Fresno 17, NW 13

Roady's Huminatrian Bowl: USF 30, #25 Nevada 20

Texas Bowl: Texas Tech 44, Tulsa 30

GMAC Bowl: Southern Miss 35, WMU 0

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl: #23 Washington 33, #13 Oklahoma 21

Armed Forced Bowl: Arizona State 23, SDSU 6

Brut Sun Bowl: #10 USC 47, Idaho 17 [who made this bowl matchup??]

Music City Bowl: #15 Maryland 33, Kentucky 7

Chick-fil-A Bowl: #20 NC State 27, Miss State 20

Insight Bowl: Illinois 43, Okie State 7

Outback Bowl: #11 Florida 40, Michigan 34

Gator Bowl: Florida State 40, PITT 3

Capital One Bowl: #12 Arky 45, #14 Penn State 30

Cotton Bowl: #16 UGA 40, #24 aTm 21

Liberty Bowl: West Virginia 13, Houston 7

Alamo Bowl: Wisconsin 14, #9 Texas 10



Rose Bowl: #4 Ohio State 49, #8 Cal 7

>> Pryor: 5 pass TD, rush TD

Fiesta Bowl: #5 Virginia Tech 26, #19 Colorado 23 OT

>> VT: Game-tying FG with :11 left, Evans 2yd TD in OT wins it

Sugar Bowl: Boston College 42, #3 Alabama 28

>> The Big East champions stun the no. 3 team in the land, BC trailed 28-10 in the third quarter after a 83 yard TD run by Trent Richardson, then BCS found life by scoring 32 points in the game's final 23 minutes capping off the game with a pick-six with 1:02 to play.

UP NEXT: Orange Bowl preview

Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 10:44 PM
2011 Orange Bowl



#7 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (11-2, 7-2 ACC - Champions) [ranked #1 earlier in season]

Date: Thursday, January 5th (2012)

Time: 8:00pm

Stadium: LandShark Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida

The Line: Georgia Tech by 6

Coverage: ESPN

Georgia Tech's wins: North Carolina (30-3), #5 V-Tech (26-7), Middle Tenn. State (42-17), #20 NC State[1st] (21-17), Michigan (37-10), Duke (30-21), Miami (23-18), Virginia (52-7), #16 Georgia (27-24), #25 Nevada (37-14), #20 NC State [2nd, CCG] (38-14)

Georgia Tech's losses: #17 Clemson (7-19), #15 Maryland (7-30)

Series History: First meeting


FR All-American RT Troy Beck - probable (33 pancakes, 0 SA!!!)

Analysis: In Georgia Tech's two losses this year, Tulane took notes. Both Maryland and Clemson shut down GT's run game and forced them to throw. And Shaw completed 39 percent of his passes, shutting down GT's offense. This is what Tulane needs to do. Slow down the run.

Jaybo Shaw can be a good passer.. he's not used much, but he's got 15 pass TDs on the year. We should be worried about his running abilities. We also need to worry about 99 OVR RB Roddy Jones and his friends 91 OVR Richard Wright, 90 OVR Jon Lockhart and 86 OVR Richard Watson. Those guys combined for more than 2300 yards rushing this year, and they are quick and are hard to bring down.

This isn't the first time Tulane has faced a flexbone attack, on week two they beat Navy 45-14, although Navy threw for 245 yards on just 11 completions, but besides that Tulane slowed down Navy to under 3 yards a carry. What they need to do is: score points, keep GT under 3-4 yards a carry, and stop the deep passing game, because Shaw probably will throw more PA bombs than short passes.

Georgia Tech's offensive line is good, it would look like that a freshman RT would slow down their line. Nope. He led the team in pancakes. He may not play. Georgia Tech's defense isn't their strong point but they are underrated and have done well this year, but Tulane might have to win a shootout. Georgia Tech has a freshman kicker who is 20/29 on the year, so he's pretty reliable if he's needed.

Stop the run, and we might see a Tulane victory. If we don't, oh boy.



QB|Jaybo Shaw|SR|90

RB|Roddy Jones|rSR|99

RB|Marcus Wright|SR|91

FB|Richard Watson|rJR|86

WR|Tyler Melton|SR|93

TE|Corey Bostic|SO|82

LT|Nick Claytor|rSR|98

LG|Omoregie Uzzi|rJR|90

C|Nick McRae|rJR|96

RG|Joseph Gilbert|rSR|94

RT|Troy Beck|FR|79

LE|Jason Peters|rSR|96

RE|Emmanuel Dieke|rSO|87

DT|T.J. Barnes|rJR|93

DT|J.C. Lanier|JR|90

OLB|Steven Sylvester|SR|91

MLB|Brandon Watts|rSO|88

OLB|Kyle Jackson|rSR|94

CB|Rashaad Reid|SR|93

FS|Cooper Taylor|SR|94

SS|Brandon Leslie|rJR|84

K|Vic Robinson|FR|80

P|Chandler Anderson|rSR|84

RET|Roddy Jones|rSR|99

Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 10:45 PM
Ah! I forgot something..


1st team

rFR Anthony Patterson (C | 24 'cakes, 1 SA)

2nd team



rFR Dan Thomas (RB | 48 carries, 293 yards, 6 TD)

rFR Anthony Patterson (C)

FR Erik Madison (CB)

The WTF EA how is this guy a freshman AA award goes too.. John Ruffin, HB, LSU.. listed as the returner, and he had a whopping 0 returns all year! Congrats!

1st team C-USA

rJR D.J. Ponder (QB)

JR Stephen Barnett (RB)

rJR Jarmon Fortson (2nd WR)

SR Harris Howard (LG)

rFR Anthony Patterson (C)

JR Devin Williams (LE)

SR Emanuel Eluko (DT)

SO Gregory Hallinsworth (SS)

2nd team C-USA

SO Donny Richardson (RB) [We have the 1st AND 2nd team runningback??]

SO George Harrison (TE)

rJR Eric Jones (RT)

SO Harry CiGar (RE)

rSR Cedric Wilson (DT)

FR Erik Madison (CB)

Award Winners

Maxwell: Jordan Jefferson, QB, LSU

Bednarik: Dwayne Maddox, OLB, NCSU

O'Brien: Jordan Jefferson

Walker: Jermie Calhoun, Oklahoma

Best WR: Jonathan Coleman, BC [Fortson 7th]

Mackey: Matt Flowers, Boise State

Best OL: Kyle Hix, Texas

Rimington: Spencer Thompson, TCU [Patterson 2nd]

Lombardi: Chris Divincezo, Oregon [Williams 6th]

Best LB: Dwayne Maddox

Thorpe: Evan Kern, TCU

Groza: Blair Walsh, Georgia

Guy: Justin Tucker, Texas

Desmond Howard: Aaron Crawford, RB, TTU

Coach of the Year: Ron Draggo, Tulane

Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 10:46 PM

Do we really need any more drama?

Game comes down to final play; do we bust the BCS?

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- The question on people's minds coming into the game is "is Tulane's offense going to be down without their coordinator" and "why is the lower ranked team favored by 6?", the second one's not important, but the first one is. Would Tulane's offense struggle with Wallenstein gone?

Anyways, we were here, in a BCS bowl, on national television, playing solo on Thursday night, no other games to contend with, people going to be tuning in from everywhere to watch this game. It was Orange Bowl time.

Those viewers probably yawned at the first quarter as GT kicked a 41 yard FG, D.J. Ponder threw a pick, and Tulane hit a 49 yard field goal. GT then started out the second quarter with a 52 yard field goal and led it 6-3. But here we came.. Ponder hit Banks for 21, then Duplessis broke free and had no one on him and picked up 35 on a reception, then Ponder found D.J. Banks for a 13 yard touchdown. Hey look, offense!


Now Tulane was going to go up 10-6.. not like XPs are hard or anything, and Ubekista misses it. Wide right. Ugly XP.

With that past us, we stopped GT again, held them to another FG. Tied. 9-9. 51 yards this time. Then we would start to drive, into GT's 30 yard line. Then it was fourth and four. We decided to go for it. Pass to Harrison. Caught but inches short. Damn. Georgia Tech comes out passing on a fake pitch, and Shaw goes deep for Jones, who gets it but then is creamed by Brooks and Hallinsworth falls on the loose football and it's Green Wave football.


We drove back down to GT's 25 where we stalled. We lined up for a 42 yard field goal with :12 left.. but ol' Draggo said, let's fake it. Ponder went to hold, and then he plain out stood up with the ball and fired to a wide open Donny Richardson for a 25 YARD TOUCHDOWN! Gotta get 'em anyway you can, I guess. 16-9 Tulane at the half.

Third quarter. Whole lotta nothing happened. Tulane missed a 43 yard field goal. Georgia Tech fumbled again. Then Tulane punted. Then Georgia Tech started to run down the field and the clock struck 0:00. To start the 4th, GT kicks a 35 yard FG. 16-12 in the very early fourth quarter.

Tulane's next drive was an interesting one. Barnett got three, then Ponder hit Harrison for 18, then Barnett got four. Incomplete. To Fortson for nine (his lone catch of the night!), 18 yards rushing by three different guys, a 4 yard pass to Figaro, 10 to Davis, then Barnett got four. Why is this drive interesting? It started with almost the entire 4th quarter. It ended with a 8 yard TD catch by D.J. Banks and 2:31 left on the clock. Tulane up 23-12. Now we have to stop Georgia Tech.

And on their second play, Jaybo Shaw finds Roddy Jones for a 66 yard TD due to a coverage slip-up. Not good. They'd go for two and not get it. 23-18. Then Georgia Tech with all three timeouts left, kicks an onside. And Tulane got it. Not a good move. Maybe it was. Tulane quickly had a 4th and two. Draggo thought back to the Ohio State game. "We're going for it.", and his offense ran back onto the field. Play action pass. Ponder throws... caught by D.J. BANKS! 24 yard gain! That could do it. It didn't though. We couldn't find the endzone to seal the victory as Stephen Barnett was brought down inside the one on third and goal. Ubekista hits a 17 yard FG. 26-18. :43 to go.

Now GT has to pass. Shaw to Watson for 6. Greco for 22. Jones for THIRTY-FIVE. Jones is at Tulane's 4. Oh my god. Georgia Tech ran down the field full-speed. They had no timeouts. Gotta spike it. They don't. They fake spike it. Shaw throws to Jones.. and it's a backwards pass that's dropped and kicked out of bounds for a 7 yard loss. Eight seconds to go.

Shaw in the flexbone.. he'll pass.. to Melton.. and JJ BLACK INTERCEPTS IT!! BALL--- not so quick, Melton goes into DB mode and knocks the ball away from Black. Tulane looks up at the scoreboard..

Tulane 26 - Georgia Tech 18


One second. One second. If GT makes it here, they gotta get two still, so it's not like they have an easy XP to make and we're going to OT if they find the endzone. Oh no. Not at all. They have to find the endzone twice.

And here it was. Once more, the flexbone. Obviously Paul Johnson doesn't have a true desperate passing formation. We know they aren't going to run it. They will throw.. everyone's covered good so Shaw will throw it up and hope someone comes down with it..


.. and it may not be soccer but KRISTIFER RHYMES DEFLECTS IT (with his helmet sorta)!! TULANE WINS!! TULANE WINS!! Orange Bowl Champions!!!

FINAL SCORE: Tulane 26, Georgia Tech 18


We busted the BCS like an orange. Hardy har har.


D.J. Ponder (MVP); 20/26 passing, 253 yards, 3 TD, INT, 14 rush yards

Stephen Barnett: 29 carries, 77 yards

Donny Richardson: 10 rush yards, 25 yard TD rec

D.J. Banks: 4 rrec, 66 yards, 2 TD

George Harrison: 5 rec, 58 yards

Devin Figaro: 3 rec, 34 yards, 66 return yards

Gregory Hallinsworth: 11 tackles (TFL), FR

Cody Leford: 7 tackles (3 TFL)

JJ Black: 7 tackles, deflection

Jason Nolen: 7 tackles

Samuel Brooks: 6 tackles, deflection, 2 FF

Harry CiGar: 5 tackles

Kristifer Rhymes: 5 tackles, deflection

Cedric Wilson: 5 tackles (3 TFL), 2 sacks, FF, FR

Devin Williams: 3 TFL, Sack

Sammy Boudreaux: 3 tackles

Tinzen Ubeksita: 2/3 FG, 2/3 XP

TECH: Roddy Jones 56 rush yards, 126 rec yards, TD, 167 return yards | Vic Robinson 4/4 FG, long of 53

UP NEXT: How bad did LSU beat Notre Dame for the title? And how high are we ranked? Are we joining a new conference? It's the regular season wrap-up..

Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 10:46 PM
End of 2011 Report

NATIONAL TITLE GAME: #1 LSU 34, #2 Notre Dame 13

>> LSU ends their perfect season with another beatdown, creaming Notre Dame. Sadly enough, the final score is decieving, LSU led this game 34-0 with 10:22 left in the 3rd quarter. Needless to say, they coulda scored alot more. Jefferson went 23-for-33 with 289 yards and one TD. Moore ran for 71 yards and 3 TDs in for the injured Michael Ford. Brian Kelly's Irish to punt the ball ten times, and went a horrid 6-17 on 3rd down.


1. LSU(61)

2. Ohio State

3. Tulane

[something looks wrong here.. we beat #2 but lost to #1, but Ohio State majorly improved from week 3, so it's arguable they'd win a rematch]

4. Vick Tech

5. Notre Dame

6. Arkansas

7. Florida

8. USC

9. Alabama

10. Georgia Tech

11. Georgia

12. Cal

13. Maryland

14. Clemson

15. TCU

16. Washington

17. Texas

18. NC State

19. Boston College

20. Wisconsin

21. Florida State

22. Oklahoma

23. Penn State

24. Air Force

25. Boise State

Others Receiving Votes: West Virginia, Miami (FL), North Carolina, UCF, Buffalo, Colorado, Nebraska, Colorado State, Nevada

New Conference? Pfft.. Tulane still in C-USA for 2012 despite rumors

NEW ORLEANS -- New conference? Not yet. That's all I've got.

Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 10:47 PM
2011 Stats

Without further ado, let's get to the player stats..

Seniors in bold


D.J. Ponder: 161.3 QBR, 194/303, 2662 yards, 27 TD, 9 INT

Joe Kemp: 148.3 QBR, 46/71, 581 yards, 5 TD, 3 INT

>> Ponder's play was very good this year, throwing 3 TDs for every INT.


Stephen Barnett: 221 carries, 1210 yards, 5.4 average, 11 TD

Donny Richardson: 117 carries, 645 yards, 5.5 average, 7 TD

D.J. Ponder: 100 carries, 331 yards, 3.3 average, 2 TD

Dan Thomas: 48 carries, 293 yards, 6.1 average, 6 TD

J.T. McDonald: 34 carries, 177 yards, 5.2 average, 2 TD

Antoine Duplessis: 15 carries, 77 yards, 5.1 average, TD

>> Barnett was in and out with injury, Richardson and Thomas stepped it up, Thomas was the surprise of the year. We'd like Ponder to be 100 carry, 600 yard season next year, instead of just 3.3 average.


Jarmon Fortson: 61 catches, 1023 yards, 16.7 avg, 10 TD

D.J. Banks: 42 catches, 634 yards, 15.0 avg, 7 TD

George Harrison: 40 catches, 455 yards, 11.3 avg, 4 TD

Devin Figaro: 25 catches, 349 yards, 13.9 avg, 2 TD

Antoine Duplessis: 19 catches, 130 yards, 6.8 avg

Donny Richardson: 15 catches, 165 yards, 11 avg, 3 TD

Chandler Davis: 13 catches, 188 yards, 14.4 avg

Stephen Barnett: 13 catches, 99 yards, 7.6 avg, TD

Brock Sanders: 9 catches, 149 yards, 16.5 avg, TD

Taylor Echols: 5 catches, 19 yards, 3.8 avg, 2 TD

[McDonald 1 TD, Sullen 1 TD, DT SR Eluko 1 TD]


Anthony Patterson: 24 PC, 1 SA

Harris Howard: 23 PC, 4 SA

Eric Jones: 22 PC, 4 SA

Lawrence Abrams: 20 PC, 6 SA

Joey Ray: 13 PC, 5 SA

D.J. Banks: 12 PC

George Harrison: 11 PC, 1 SA

Brock Sanders: 10 PC

Antonine Duplessis: 10 PC


Cody Leford: 75 tackles, 8 TFL, Sack, INT, 5 PD, 4 FF, FR

Gregory Hallinsworth: 68 tackles, 3 TFL, 2 INT, 6 PD, FF, 2 FR

Devin Williams: 56 tackles, 23 TFL, 15 sacks, INT, 2 PD, FF, Def TD

Erik Madison: 55 tackles, 2 TFL, Sack, INT, PD

Darryl Farley: 53 tackles, 5 TFL, Sack, INT, 6 PD, 2 FF, FR

Kristifer Rhymes: 52 tackles, 15 TFL, 3 sacks, INT, 5 PD, FF, TD

JJ Black: 52 tackles, 3 TFL, Sack, INT, 6 PD

Cedric Wilson: 51 tackles, 18 TFL, 6 sacks, 2 PD, FF, FR

Emanuel Eluko: 47 tackles, 14 TFL, 5 sacks, PD

Harry CiGar: 47 tackles, 18 TFL, 5 sacks, 2 INT

Sammy Boudreaux: 33 tackles, INT, 9 PD

Jason Nolen: 28 tackles, TFL, 2 INT

Shakiel Smith: 24 tackles, TFL, 3 PD

Jordan Garrett: 20 tackles, INT

[Garrett + Smith: mainly special teams]

Samuel Brooks: 19 tackles, 3 PD, 2 FF (missed most of the year)

Josh Smith: 3 sacks


Tinzen Ubeksita: 19/27 FG, 59/62 XP, one blocked, long of 58 on FGs | 35 punts, 1555 yards, 44.4 average, 10 inside 20, 8 TB

Jordan Sullen: 25 KR, 487 yards, 47 PR, 258 yards

Devin Figaro: 24 KR, 553 yards

>> We'd like to get a return TD someday. We need some speed on returns and Van Hooser will be back next year, too.

UP NEXT: Who's leaving/transferring etc.

Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 10:47 PM
Senior Sendoff, Junior Departures etc.

RB Stephen Barnett and DE Devin Williams headed for NFL Draft; Fortson staying

Runningback Stephen Barnett is headed for the NFL along with sack-master Devin Williams. Barnett has 35 total TD's in three seasons with the Green Wave and has two 1200+ yard rushing seasons. Devin Williams also declared. He has 53 TFLs and 30 sacks in three years, along with the game-winning TD against Tulsa on a pick-six this past season. Williams has had 27 sacks in the past two seasons.

Goodbye to..

QB Joe Kemp: 83 OVR, four career starts, 11 pass TD, 5 INT in career

JR RB Stephen Barnett: 81 OVR, 666 career carries, 3642 yards, 31 rush TD in three years, started two, missed part of 2011 with injury

RB J.T. McDonald: 80 OVR, 660 career yards and 6 career TDs, two recieving TDs

FB Antoine Duplessis: 75 OVR, never had a carry for more than 11 yards, 9 career TDs, 5 came last year, only one in 2011

WR Chandler Davis: 79 OVR, 15 rec, 188 yards, no career TDs

WR Taylor Echols: 78 OVR, 7 rec, 60 yards, 2 career TDs, all in 2011

LG Harris Howard: 85 OVR .. 55 career pancakes, 10 SA

RG Joey Ray: 81 OVR .. 28 career pancakes, 11 SA

JR LE Devin Williams: 80 OVR .. 30 career sacks

LE Josh Smith: 68 OVR ... 3 career sacks

DT Emanuel Eluko: 81 OVR ... had big year in 2011, 14 TFLs and 5 sacks

DT Cedric Wilson: 76 OVR ... finished out season with great performance in Orange Bowl.

MLB Jeremy Minor: 74 OVR ... special teams guy, 28 career tackles

And that's it for Tulane..



DeShaun Sands, 85 OVR RB from Kansas to UTEP

Jamie Taylor, 77 OVR MLB from Clemson to Memphis

RaShaun Barbour, 81 OVR SS from Florida to UAB


EJ Manuel, QB, Florida State, 93 OVR

Alex Dennison, QB, Buffalo, 89 OVR

Bryce Brown, RB, Iowa, 93 OVR (One-and-done after transfering)

Enrique Davis, RB, Indiana, 94 OVR (Same for you)

Jamaal Berry, RB, Ohio State, 92 OVR

Jonathan Coleman, WR, BC, 85 OVR

Chris Toliver, WR, LSU, 92 OVR

Chase Clement, DE, LSU, 97 OVR

Kevin Minter, MLB, LSU, 90 OVR

Brandon Watts, MLB, GT, 88 OVR

Ronnie Thornton, OLB, USM, 85 OVR

Ron Brooks, DB, LSU, 91 OVR

[LSU with four early entries, bad for LSU, good for everyone else..]

And finally, Iron Dragon's third annual WTF why did you go pro award goes too.. Xavier Stinson, RB, Florida Atlantic, 81 OVR & Andru Pulu, LB, Washington, 80 OVR

UP NEXT: The off-season

Iron Dragon
07-07-2010, 10:48 PM
That's what I've got for now. Three seasons down.. currently 3/4ths done with season six.

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 12:15 PM
Tulane offensive assistant promoted to offensive coordinator

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- Don't worry Tulane fans, the 2011 Orange Bowl champions won't be changing their offense in 2012, as they promoted offensive assistant and WR coach Aaron Shubar to offensive coordinator. Shubar was a great friend to Wallenstein and basically agreed with everything Wallenstein wanted to do with the offense.

Shubar was the interim offensive coordinator for the Orange Bowl and under his reigns, Tulane scored 26 points against a quick Georgia Tech defense. Shubar doesn't plan on making any major changes, but does want to work on a pistol and a 5 wide formation for the upcoming. Tulane lined up in one pistol play in the Orange Bowl, going for a 7 yard run, which was taken by former runningback Stephen Barnett, who declared for the NFL earlier this month.

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 12:16 PM
Breaking News: Tulane nabs #1 overall player away from LSU day before signing day

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- Easily the biggest commitment of all-time, or should I say commitments from Louisiana are coming to New Orelans this spring.

Tulane pulled in two five-stars away who seemed like they were headed to LSU, but Tulane pushed doubt into their minds and they have commited to Tulane. This put a major slap on the face to LSU's recruiting class, which would have been a top five recruiting class if they had pulled in the #1 overall player and the #17 overall player, instead it shoots up Tulane's mid-40s ranked class into the lower top 20, and knocks LSU's down to 14th.

"The rivalry is not just about a game, it's about winning recruiting in the state of Louisiana.", said coach Ron Draggo.

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 12:16 PM

A look at Tulane's 17th ranked overall recruiting class

Tulane's recruiting class this year is easily the best in school history, full of talent, and starting to get big recruits from Louisiana and Texas.


(no ratings yet, sorry!)

:r3star: QB - Jamal Burns - 6'1", 191lbs - Big arm, OK accuracy, decent speed

>> Most likely will: Redshirt

:r4star: RB - O.J. Clarke - 6'0", 227lbs - Alot of power, and a plenty of speed and good hands. This guy could be huge in a few years.

>> Most likely will: Be the no. 2 RB and see alot of time.

:r3star: RB - Mike Marquardt - 5'11", 196lbs - Taken away from Baton Rouge (yay!), major power-back, great hands, great strength.

>> Most likely will: Redshirt

:r2star: FB - Blake Walters - 6'1", 247lbs - Speedy FB, great hands, great strength.

>> Most likely will: Redshirt

:r4star: WR - J.D. Williams - 6'2", 171lbs - Good speed, good hands, excellent jumper, elusive

>> Most likely will: Redshirt

:r2star: TE - Harry Fleming - 6'5", 248lbs - Decent speed, good hands, terible catch in traffic, bad awareness, good strength, great blocker

>> Most likely will: Redshirt or be cut

:r3star: G - Scott Rogers - 6'4", 275lbs - Good run blocking, OK pass blocking

>> Most likely will: Redshirt

:r3star: RE - Stephen Harris - 6'5", 204lbs - Decent speed, excellent strength, tackling, hit power and moves.

>> Most likely will: Start

:r2star: RE - Dwayne Horne - 6'3", 250lbs - Great speed, OK everything else

>> Most likely will: Backup Harris

:r2star: DT - Jared McCoy - 6'0", 287lbs - Good speed, great tackling

>> Most likely will: Redshirt or be cut

:r5star: Nation's #1 player MLB - Terrance Carr - 6'6", 229lbs - Excellent speed, great tackling, excellent coverage, great hands, great moves.. he's the number one player, he's going to be a star.

>> Most likely will: Play in 4 LB situations, sub in sometimes for linebackers, see good playing time

:r3star: MLB - Brandon Lewis - 6'2", 238lbs - OK speed, OK tacking, good block shedding

>> Most likely will: Redshirt or be cut

:r5star: That other 5-star.. OLB JUCO-JR Kyle Dickson - See Carr, he's good because he's a five-star guy.

>> Most likely will: Redshirt, yes I'm serious

:r3star: OLB - Ray Kerr - 6'3", 222lbs - Great speed, great tackling

>> Most likely will: Redshirt

:r4star: DB - Corey Bratton - 6'0", 179lbs - Great acceleration, great man coverage, great agility

>> Most likely will: Redshirt

:r3star: SS - Scott Barrett - 6'1", 185lbs - Good speed, great tackling, great pursuit and hit power.

>> Most likely will: Redshirt


:r3star: JUCO-JR Brandon Palmer - 6'1", 176lbs: will play WR, most likely will redshirt, maybe not

:r3star: Wade Brooks - 6'2", 188lbs: will play DB, most likely will redshirt

And that's the class. most of these guys don't seem that they will be making an impact this year, as most will redshirt, but these guys could be big down the road.



SO Michael Landry - RG to LG

JR Harry CiGar - RE to LE

rFR Derek Lawson - MLB to DT


rJR DB Detlrick Strozier

rSO DB Mike Jacobs

rFR C Rashaad Harris

rFR OLB Mark Jackson

rSR SS Ian Harson

FR TE Harry Fleming (42 CIT, blech!)

UP NEXT: 2012 Pre-Season stuff

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 12:17 PM
We'll be here on week two.


Tulane's ratings: B- across the board

Date|Opponent|Time|Team's Ratings
8/25|at Navy|3:30pm|C- OVR, D+ OFF, C+ DEF
9/1|at Brigham Young|3:30pm|B OVR, B- OFF, B DEF
9/8|vs #2 Ohio State|8:00pm|A+ across the board
9/15|vs SMU|8:00pm|C across the board
9/22|vs UAB|12:30pm|C- OVR, C- OFF, C DEF
9/28|at Houston (Friday)|6:30pm|B- OVR, C+ OFF, B- DEF
10/7|at UTEP (Sunday)|8:00pm|B- OVR, B- OFF, B- DEF
10/12|vs Rice (Friday)|6:00pm|C OVR, C+ OFF, C DEF
10/20|at Memphis|12:30pm|C OVR, C OFF, C+ DEF
10/27|vs East Carolina|12:30pm|C OVR, C OFF, C+ DEF
11/10|at Tulsa|8:00pm|C OVR, C OFF, C DEF
11/24|vs #1 LSU|3:30pm|A+ OVR, A+ OFF, A DEF

Does that conference schedule look similar to anyone? Well, it should, because it's the exact same week-to-week, just with the locations flipped. And well, some of the dates. We don't play on a Saturday for almost a month for some reason, too.. weird. And look we play the top two teams in the preseason rankings. Awesome. Navy looks to be our easiest game, and it's our first. So I guess we have a "tune-up" but it's on the road.

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 12:18 PM



Can Russell Shepard (10) replace 2011 Heisman winner and lead LSU to back-to-back national titles?


1. LSU(39)

2. Ohio State(21)

3. USC(1)

4. Alabama

5. Virginia Tech

6. Florida

7. Notre Dame

8. Georgia Tech

9. Georgia

10. Arkansas

11. California

12. Texas

13. Wisconsin

14. Florida State

15. Maryland

16. Oklahoma

17. Penn State

18. Clemson

19. Miami (FL)

20. Washington

21. North Carolina

22. West Virginia

23. Nebraska

24. Tulane

25. TCU

35. UCF

47. Southern Miss

68. Houston

73. BYU

76. Tulsa

84. Memphis

86. ECU

90. SMU

93. UTEP

99. Navy

104. Marshall

109. UAB

110. Rice

112. Wyoming

120. Louisiana Tech


r-SR QB Star Jackson, Alabama [29 pass TD, 13 INT last year]

SR WR Rueben Randle, LSU [10 rec TD last year]

rSR WR Thearon Collier, UCF [1470 rec yards, 10 TD last year]

rSR WR Tavarres King, UGA [1072 rec yards, 13 TD last year]

rJR QB Casey Pachall, TCU [24 pass TD, 9 INT last year]


1. Tulane (West)

2. UCF (East)

3. Southern Miss

4. Houston

5. Tulsa

6. Memphis

7. ECU

8. SMU


10. Marshall

11. UAB

12. Rice

>> Analysis: The C-USA is down this year besides Tulane, UCF and maybe Southern Miss. Houston's offense lost alot of weapons and will have to rely on their defense if they want to finish fourth. You should expect another UCF/Southern Miss vs Tulane conference title unless something happens..

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 12:18 PM
2012 Roster/Depth Chart

A little different feel to the roster this year, in the way I'm reporting it and who's on it. The way I'm doing it this year loses some of the detail, but you'll still get the feel of who's on it etc, if that's a good way to explain it.

FR QB Jamal Burns - 73 OVR
FR RB Mike Marquardt - 78 OVR
FR FB Blake Walters - 71 OVR
JR WR Brandon Palmer - 79 OVR
FR WR J.D. Williams - 74 OVR
FR RG Scott Rogers - 72 OVR
FR DT Jared McCoy - 70 OVR
JR OLB Kyle Dickson - 85 OVR (85 SPD, 93 AGI, 86 ACC, 43 AWR, 87 TKL, 82 PRC, 94 HPW, 76 CTH)
FR OLB Charles Banks - 72 OVR
SO DB Erik Madison - 81 OVR [wanted to redshirt him last year, if someone goes down in the secondary, his redshirt will be dropped again]
FR DB Wade Brooks - 78 OVR
FR DB Corey Bratton - 77 OVR

Returning Starter

QB #14 r-SR D.J. Ponder - 84 OVR, 87 SPD, 88 ACC, 86 THP, 79 THA
QB #11 r-SR Ryan Griffin - 82 OVR, 65 SPD, 86 THP, 86 THA
QB #8 r-FR Marcus Minor - 78 OVR, 84 SPD, 86 THP, 75 THA

RB #47 JR Donny Richardson - 81 OVR, 87 SPD, 89 ACC, 84 BTK, 83 CAR
RB #25 FR O.J. Clarke - 82 OVR, 91 SPD, 91 ACC, 82 BTK, 73 CAR
RB #10 r-SO Dan Thomas - 76 OVR, 86 SPD, 87 ACC, 74 BTK, 81 CAR
RB #29 r-SR Nathan Austin - 77 OVR, 86 SPD, 86 ACC, 87 BTK, 65 CAR
RB #31 r-JR Payten Jason - 76 OVR, 86 SPD, 90 ACC, 81 BTK, 67 CAR

FB #41 r-JR Eric Jones - 75 OVR, 79 SPD, 71 BTK, 77 CAR

WR #17 r-SR Jarmon Fortson - 95 OVR, 90 SPD, 91 ACC, 88 CTH, 91 RR, 94 CIT, 89 SPC, 92 JMP
WR #5 SR D.J. Banks - 89 OVR, 92 SPD, 98 ACC, 85 CTH
WR #89 SR Devin Figaro - 85 OVR, 92 SPD, 93 ACC, 82 CTH
WR #9 r-JR Wilson Van Hooser - 80 OVR, 90 SPD, 91 ACC, 76 CTH
WR #1 r-JR Jordan Sullen - 80 OVR, 91 SPD, 91 ACC, 75 CTH

TE #80 JR George Harrison - 77 OVR, 67 SPD, 86 CTH
TE #81 SR Brock Sanders - 73 OVR, 80 SPD, 75 CTH
TE #83 r-FR Chad Flowers - 74 OVR, 75 SPD, 81 CTH

LT #77 r-JR Lawrence Abrams - 90 OVR, 88 PBK, 85 RBK
LT #72 r-JR Rio Mares - 86 OVR, 86 PBK, 84 RBK
LG #63 SO Michael Landry - 81 OVR, 82 PBK, 81 RBK
LG #60 r-SO Jeff Keyes - 76 OVR, 78 PBK, 82 RBK
LG #75 r-FR Reggie Ross - 75 OVR, 77 PBK, 77 RBK
C r-SO #70 Anthony Patterson - 90 OVR, 95 PBK, 87 RBK
C r-FR #65 Ron Daniels - 77 OVR, 80 PBK, 75 RBK
RG r-SR #67 Eric Hall - 82 OVR, 81 PBK, 88 RBK
RT r-SR #79 Eric Jones - 87 OVR, 88 PBK, 87 RBK
RT r-FR #62 John Williams - 77 OVR, 80 PBK, 79 RBK
RT r-SO #64 Chris White - 76 OVR, 85 PBK, 83 RBK

LE JR #53 Harry CiGar - 79 OVR, 80 SPD, 72 AWR, 82 TKL
LE JR #93 Christian Martindale - 75 OVR, 80 SPD, 61 AWR, 78 TKL
LE r-FR #49 Dustin Peterson - 72 OVR, 71 SPD, 63 AWR, 83 TKL
RE FR #66 Stephen Harris - 78 OVR, 72 SPD, 68 AWR, 82 TKL
RE FR #95 Dwayne Horne - 75 OVR, 83 SPD, 65 AWR, 76 TKL

DT r-FR #58 Derek Larson - 77 OVR, 74 SPD, 52 AWR, 78 TKL
DT r-SR #99 Chris Asomnu - 76 OVR, 67 SPD, 69 AWR, 78 TKL
DT r-FR #90 Melvin Dickson - 75 OVR, 66 SPD, 60 AWR, 75 TKL
DT r-FR #92 Joe Childs - 73 OVR, 50 SPD, 62 AWR, 75 TKL

LOLB r-SR #42 Kristifer Rhymes - 81 OVR, 89 SPD, 74 AWR, 84 TKL
LOLB SO #55 Jason Nolen* - 78 OVR, 83 SPD, 56 AWR, 82 TKL
LOLB r-SO #57 Jason Thornton - 75 OVR, 82 SPD, 58 AWR, 78 TKL
*Nolen finished season starting at MLB in place of injured Darryl Farley

MLB r-SR #34 Darryl Farley - 90 OVR, 86 SPD, 75 AWR, 88 TKL, 98 BS, 90 PUR, 86 JMP
MLB FR #50 Terrance Carr - 87 OVR, 87 SPD, 79 ACC, 86 TKL, 87 HPW, 93 PMV, 89 JMP
MLB SO #59 Ralph Hall - 77 OVR, 72 SPD, 61 AWR, 79 TKL

ROLB SR #37 Cody Leford - 82 OVR, 86 SPD, 90 ACC, 79 AWR, 85 TKL
ROLB FR #51 Jay Kerr - 76 OVR, 86 SPD, 84 TKL, 68 AWR
ROLB r-FR #56 Lamont Coleman - 74 OVR, 84 SPD, 57 AWR, 74 TKL

CB JR #26 JJ Black - 83 OVR, 90 SPD, 73 AWR, 90 MCV, 81 ZCV
CB JR #21 Sammy Boudreaux - 81 OVR, 87 SPD, 68 AWR, 87 MCV, 87 ZCV
CB SR #4 Jordan Garrett - 81 OVR, 88 SPD, 71 AWR, 84 MCV, 81 ZCV
CB r-JR #13 Shakiel Smith - 79 OVR, 90 SPD, 67 AWR, 78 MCV, 82 ZCV
CB r-FR #35 Keenan Tate - 77 OVR, 83 SPD, 62 AWR, 86 MCV, 85 ZCV

FS JR #23 Samuel Brooks - 76 OVR, 81 SPD, 64 AWR, 95 MCV
FS r-SR #27 Brad Allen - 70 OVR, 83 SPD, 51 AWR, 83 MCV

SS JR #33 Gregory Hallinsworth - 79 OVR, 87 SPD, 75 AWR, 85 MCV
SS FR #30 Scott Barrett - 76 OVR, 87 SPD, 75 AWR, 80 TKL

K/P/KOS JR #12 Tinzen Ubekista - 85 OVR, 88 KPW, 88 KAC
K/P FR #43 Jason Fountain - 71 OVR, 75 KPW, 68 KAC

RETURNERS: O.J. Clarke, Devin Figaro, D.J. Banks
LONG SNAPPER: Anthony Patterson

And that's the roster, may be a bit messier than normal, but it still does everything it used to do, just quicker for my purposes. And with all the preseason stuff done.. you know what that means..

UP NEXT: Navy game preview

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 12:20 PM
2012: Game 1


Navy Midshipmen (0-0, Independent)

Date: Saturday, August 25th

Time: 3:30pm

Stadium: Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, Annapolis, Maryland

Coverage: CBS College

Series History: 1-0 Tulane

Analysis: Navy has not played yet. Their new starting QB is not really that quick. They are just decent overall. They don't have any gaping holes, but their top players is only 82 OVR, and that's their kicker Paul Asack.


rSO QB Sam Carpenter: 76 OVR, only 69 SPD but a good thrower.

rSR HB Aaron Santiago: 82 OVR, 88 SPD, 94 ACC

rJR HB Cyril Ontai: 77 OVR, 86 SPD, 77 BTK

FR FB Ricky Bellamy: 65 OVR, 80 SPD

SR WR Jonathan Howell: 77 OVR

JR TE David Henderson: 78 OVR

JR LB David Moss: 77 OVR

SR CB Will Neal: 80 OVR

SR K Paul Asack: 82 OVR, 88 KAC

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 12:20 PM
Tulane upends Navy

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND -- The #24 team in the land headed up north to Maryland to face the Navy Midshipmen, and the Naval Academy did not seem to be too much of a test for the second year, as Tulane rolled the Midshipmen 44-19 on Saturday afternoon on opening weekend.

Tulane's true freshman runningback O.J. Clarke showed that he is better than a true freshman as Tulane's double-back system worked well as Clarke scored on his first ever carry - a 14 yard TD run. New offensive coordinator Aaron Shubar wanted to use Clarke, Richardson and Ponder alot, and D.J. Ponder seemed to be more mobile on the day, as in the 1st quarter, Ponder took off for a 51 yard gain - where he ran up the middle, cut it inside, popped back outside and took down the sidelines setting up a Jarmon Fortson 7 yard TD catch from Ponder. Shubar's offense looked to be rollin' good after one quarter.

In the second, Tulane extended their 14-3 lead with a 2 yard TD pass to George Harrison. Then, Ubekista hit his first field goal of the season from 39 yards away for a 24-3 advantage. Kriss Proctor was in for the injured Sam Carpenter for Navy (he did not return, out with a broken hand, but Proctor's faster..), Proctor passed, yes, passed for a 12 yard TD to runningback Aaron Santiago, who was originally faked a pitch too. It was 24-10 at the half.

In the second half, Tulane went to work, as Donny Richardson found the endzone on a 1 yard run, his first TD run of the year, and hopefully the first of many as Tulane's starting "powerback". Ubekista's 24 yard field goal made it 34-10, and Navy cut it to 34-13 with a 43 yard FG with :13 left in the half.

Coach Draggo's team then went on a long drive, chewing up over four minutes, and late in the drive, he pulled his starters and in came freshman Marcus Minor. Minor led the end of the drive to Ubekista's 23 yard field goal. Navy then passed and ran it's way down the field, and Terrance Carr showed his muscle with 3 tackles and 2 TFL on the drive after entering the field as the leading linebacker. We expect good things from the #1 player in the future. Navy then found some luck as Proctor passed down the left side inside the ten, but the ball popped out, luckily WR Jonathan Howell was there to clean up the mess and took the fumble 7 yards for the score. 37-19 with :43 to go. Navy kicked an onside and still had all three timeouts. Tulane got the onside kick.. well, let's just burn out the clock. Don't tell that to a freshman. Minor ran the option, cut up the left side of the field and went 34 yards untouched for the score. The first of many scores. The big and fast dude showed some speed right there, and that would do it.


Marcus Minor's 34 yard TD run

D.J. Ponder: 9/16 passing, 99 yards, 2 TD, 74 rush yards
rFR Marcus Minor: 1/2 passing, 14 yards, INT, 37 rush yards, TD [first career]
Donny Richardson: 16 carries, 76 yards, TD
FR O.J. Clarke: 5 carries, 57 yards, TD
Eric Jones: 4 yards rush, 20 rec yards
George Harrison: 3 rec, 22 yards, TD
Jarmon Fortson: 3 rec, 24 yards, TD
Samuel Brooks: 8 tackles | Darryl Farley: 6 tackles
FR Terrance Carr: 4 tackles, 2 TFL (could technically say two sacks)
Gregory Hallinsworth: 4 tackles | Cody Leford, FR Derek Lawson: both with 4 tackles (TFL)
FR Stephen Harris: 3 tackles (TFL) | FR Jay Kerr: 3 tackles
Kristifer Rhymes: 2 tackles, Sack
Chris Asomnu: 2 tackles, Sack
Tinzen Ubekista: 3/3 FG, 5/5 XP

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 12:21 PM

Around the NCAA: Week 1


South Carolina 24, ECU 17 [South Carolina: 14 points in 4th qtr.]

UCLA 43, Rice 20 [Kevin Prince throws 54 passes for 424 yards and runs for 85 more]

SMU 35, Baylor 14

Iowa St. 26, Tulsa 15 [Game featured 4 failed 2-point conversions]

#23 Nebraska 29, Southern Miss 17


#12 Texas 34, Wyoming 14 [J.T. Wallenstein's Cowboys travel to Austin and keep it fairly close before Texas pulls away late]

Kansas State 38, Oregon 28 [Year-opening game]

Eastern Michigan 38, Michigan State 31

Colorado 27, Colorado State 21

TOP 25: Unchanged

Heisman Watch: Unchanged

UP NEXT: BYU game preview

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 12:22 PM
2012: Game 2


BYU Cougars (0-0, Mountain West)

Date: Saturday, September 1st

Time: 3:30pm

Stadium: LaVell Edwards Stadium, Provo, Utah

Coverage: Versus

Series History: 1-0 BYU

Analysis: Nebraska transfer Kody Spano leads the BYU Cougars against the Tulane Green Wave. Spano will make his first career start as a Cougar on Saturday. Daniel Hansen starts at RB for BYU, and he was a backup last year. At FB, the Cougars have dangerously quick Peni Makaafi. Out wide will be Brett Thompson, who has had 23 TD catches in his three seasons at BYU, and Matt Taylor. BYU has a good-hands TE in Muehlmann. However, BYU's offensive line is down right terrible. This could be easily one of the strangest O-lines in the country. They have a great center, and then a bunch of average, and below-average lineman. Their D-line is lead by JR Micah Banks. The linebacking crew is led by speedy Kyle Van Noy, who is a senior, Van Noy has had 192 tackles, 29 TFLs, 10 sacks, 3 picks and 6 FFs in his two years at starter. BYU's secondary is very good. Casey Diggs and Garrett Nicholson are both "pass hogs" and their safeties aren't too bad either. BYU's kicker career long is 47 yards and their punter will make his first start (rSO).

(Former Nebraska transfer) QB Kody Spano - 87 OVR - 88 THP, 88 THA
RB Daniel Hansen - 88 OVR
2nd RB/FB Peni Makaafi - 81/83 OVR - 90 SPD, 92 ACC, 82 RBK, 78 CTH
WR Brett Thompson - 92 OVR - also KR, PR - 91 CTH, 91 CIT
C Terry Alletto - 98 OVR - expect everything to be led by him
LE Micah Banks - 85 OVR
SO RE Brandon Parrish - 75 OVR - FR AA last year - 18 TFL, 6 sacks last year
OLB Kyle Van Noy - 83 OVR - 86 SPD, 90 ACC
CB Casey Diggs - 87 OVR
CB Garrett Nicholson - 87 OVR

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 12:22 PM


PROVO, UTAH -- Wide Right. Better known for Florida State/Miami football games, but Tulane's last loss came on that very thing. A wide right kick. Tulane brought it's long winning streak into LaVell Edwards Stadium, and a field goal would once again decide a win or a loss.

BYU started off the game hot as Kody Spano hit Brett Thompson for a 17 yard TD on BYU's opening possession, taking not even a minute off the clock. BYU's drives would be short - in yards or time all-day today. Tulane's drive was long and hard-fought, converting 2 3rd downs on the drive and their longest gain on the drive was 10 yards, but it ended in a 4 yard TD run by Donny Richardson, taking over half the 1st quarter with it.

BYU got another first down, but then punted. The 1st quarter ended. 7-7.

Tulane went on another hard-fought drive, this time with two plays spanning for 50 yards to blow up the drive, a 31 yard pass to D.J. Banks and a 19 yarder to Jarmon Fortson, as Ponder was perfect on the day. He then found Brock Sanders who tip-toed his way for the 1-yard score. BYU seemed to be stopped on their next drive on a third and one, but a yellow flag flew as Derek Lawson was nailed for a facemask on what seemed to be a 4 yard loss. Spano then hit Muehlmann for 34 and Thompson for 17, setting up Daniel Hansen's 12 yard TD run, tying the game at 14.

With 2:50 left in the 2nd quarter, Tulane pounded the ball inside the one, and then on fourth and goal, Donny Richardson went 1 yard for the score. D.J. Ponder's perfect day and Richardson's pair of TDs had Tulane up by 7 at the break.

The third quarter was a snooze. Eric Jones' fumbled at the BYU 5-yard line on Ponder's 17th pass, all completed and BYU got it. BYU did nothing with it and punted. Ponder's 46 yard pass to Fortson made the drive look good but it only set up a missed 53 yard field goal that hit the bottom crossbar. Three plays later, Spano hit a wide open Mathews for a 48 yard TD on a blown coverage play by Tulane's secondary. Can't do that.

Tulane started the 4th quarter after a drive that ate up the rest of the 3rd, and D.J. Ponder's 19th pass was his first in completion. Ubekista lined up for a 48 yard field goal.. wide left. Provo had about a 5-10mph wind blowing today, so it was hard to kick with. BYU then took the lead on a 25 yard field goal with 5:34 to play.

Once more, Tulane pounded it, and then they went for it on a fourth and three inside BYU territory, Richardson ran, he stretched and was a half a yard short. However, Tulane preserved it's timeouts except for one and got the ball back with two and a half minutes to play. Ponder scrambled for 12, then Richardson ran for 19, Ponder found Harrison for 29, Richardson got for, Clarke lost two, and then on third and 12, Ponder looked to throw, but it was knocked down. So here came Tinzen Ubekista on to try a 34 yard field goal to tie the game.. the snap was good, the hold was good..


... and the kick was WIDE RIGHT. Ubekista hits this too far to the right and misses his third FG on the day and BYU players celebrate.

One hope to get back in this game. Gotta stop them. And we did, just needed another play. Tulane got them into a 3rd & 3. Handoff to Hansen...

... and he got four yards. Ballgame.

BYU upsets #24 Tulane 24-21. Tulane's first loss since Wide Right I in the Liberty Bowl in 2010.

Tulane miscues on the day

- Fumble at BYU's five yard line

- Three missed field goals

- Failed fourth and three run in BYU territory

>> Basically five scoring drives we coulda had, and we got zero points out of. How does a team get almost 500 offensive yards, dominate T.O.P., and only 21 points? That's how.


D.J. Ponder: 22-for-26 passing (started 18-for-18, finished 4-for-8), 278 yards, TD, 37 rush yards

Donny Richardson: 31 carries, 131 yards, 2 TD, 60 yards after contact

Dan Thomas: 3 carries, 30 yards

O.J. Clarke: 13 rush yards, 100 return yards

Jarmon Fortson: 7 rec, 116 yards | D.J. Banks: 4 rec, 59 yards

George Harrison: 3 rec, 47 yards | Eric Jones: 3 rec, 37 yards, fumble

Brock Sanders: TD catch

Gregory Hallinsworth: 4 tackles | Brooks: 3 tackles | CiGar: 2 tackles | Boudreaux: 1 tackle

Stephen Harris: 2 tackles, TFL, Sack

Tinzen Ubekista: 0-3 FG, 3-3 XP

BYU: Spano 13-20, 268 yards, 2 TD | Hansen 16 car, 73 yards, TD | BYU YAC: 163 yards | Michael Alisa: 15 tackles, 3 TFL (I swear this guy was everywhere.)

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 12:23 PM

Week 2 Around the NCAA


Memphis 28, Ark. State 9

UCF 34, Northwestern State 0

Kent State 24, UTEP 19

Friends of Coal Bowl: #22 West Virginia 34, Marshall 9

Kansas 17, Rice 12

#5 VT 31, ECU 14

Iron Skillet: #25 TCU 33, SMU 10

Southern Miss 41, Stephen F. Austin 6

Mississippi 27, UAB 13

Oklahoma State 41, Tulsa 24


Temple 17, #15 Maryland 10

#8 Georgia Tech 23, #21 North Carolina 16

UCLA 21, #23 Nebraska 20

Michigan 29, #7 Notre Dame 26

Well damn, already?: #20 Washington 23, #1 LSU 20 OT [Washington rallies from 17-0 early hole, gets game into OT with 33 yard field goal with :12 left, wins game in OT]

USF 34, #19 Miami 14


Ohio State takes the top spot, USC 2nd, Bama 3rd, VT 4th, Florida 5th (no games played), GT 6th, Georgia 7th and LSU falls to 8th. Washington only somehow jumps four spots to #17 in the Coaches, the AP jumps them fourteen spots to #7. Michigan joins the polls at #20/#15, USF #21/#20, and NC State is in at #25.

- UCF is now getting votes in the Coaches, Tulane got no votes

HEISMAN UPDATE: Jake Stoneburner (TE), Ohio State joins at #4, yes a TE, he had 3 TDs last week and has 4 on the year.

UP NEXT: #1 Ohio State game preview

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 12:23 PM
2012: Game 3


#1 Ohio State Buckeyes (2-0, 0-0 Big Ten)

Date: Saturday, September 8th

Time: 6:00pm

Stadium: Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana

Coverage: ESPN

Series History: 1-0 Tulane

Analysis: No Terrelle Pryor, no Berry, no Posey. Instead, we'll be faced rJR Kenny Guiton, JR Carlos Hyde (and rJR Jordan Hall), quick FB Jermin Martin, 97 SPD + 96 OVR James Jackson and Duron Carter. And that Stoneburner guy who is 4th in the Heisman race, and he's a TE. Guiton has been good so far on the year passing, while Hyde and Hall have almost 400 yards rushing combined, including them both having 100-yard games last week. Jermil Martin is easily the best FB in the NCAA and he's got 178 yards on the year and 2 TDs. He's quick and he can catch. And hey, he can block. Our secondary is going to be challenged by speedster James Jackson along with Duron Carter, and possession but still speedy Jack Robinson. Stoneburner and Fragel at TE are pretty good too. On the o-line, Ohio State's good. Very good. On the D-line is 99 OVR Melvin Fellows, along with a pair of 93+ DTs. On the linebacking crew is 99 OVR Dorian Bell, and he's got some good guys next too him. In the secondary, it's 99 OVR Travis Howard and the Buckeyes secondary is bad, bad fast. And good. Ohio State's JR kicker Clarence Williams is still shaky though. And so is their punter as he hits about 40 yards flat a punt. If we're going to win, we're going to need a miracle. This may be the next "Team of the Century".

HB Carlos Hyde - 93 OVR
HB Jordan Hall - 90 OVR
FB Jermil Martin - 97 OVR
WR James Jackson - 96 OVR, 98 SPD
WR Duron Carter - 95 OVR
TE Jake Stoneburner - 95 OVR, 88 SPD
LE Melvin Fellows - 99 OVR, 98 block shredding
OLB Dorian Bell - 99 OVR, 97 ACC (for a 232lb LINEBACKER)
DB Travis Howard - 99 OVR, 96 MCV, 96 ZCV

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 12:24 PM

NEW ORLEANS -- #1 Ohio State's in town and the last time they were in the Superdome, they were beat 38-24 by LSU in the 2008 BCS National title game. Anyways, last year, Coach Draggo's daring fourth and eight pass late in the game sealed Tulane's stunning 38-35 as that win put Tulane into the top 25, and eventually put them in the national spotlight as a BCS buster. This year, the Green Wave had their bubble bursted with a loss to BYU, but a win over the #1 team in the nation would make us all forget about last week.

THE FIRST HALF, basically.. was pretty snoozing. Donny Richardson's 13 yard TD run with :24 left in the 1st qtr. gave Tulane a 7-0 lead, but Carlos Hyde scored on a 1 yard run, after a punt and a Kristifer Rhymes INT, the Green Wave rolled out some Wildcat late in the 2nd half at Ohio State's 33, Fortson lined up at QB, Richardson sweeped to the right of him, it looked like an option play, but Fortson then stepped back and planted to throw to w wide open Eric Jones.. and here's an anatomy of another bizarre and great Tulane catch..

.. Jones originally misses the pass..

.. BUT HAULS IT IN from his own helmet!

.. and then does some sort of dance as he completes the 33-yard TD play. I think someone lost a bet. 14-7 Tulane. That was the score at the half.


In the 3rd quarter, the score-fest was on. By the end of the quarter, there was 5 TDs scored in just under four minutes. It started with a Tulane punt, but then Kenny Guiton's 4 yard TD pass to James Jackson looked to tie the game, but Ohio State missed the XP. Tulane then missed a 49 yard field goal off the right crossbar (from the right hashmark), but on the very next play, Guiton looked to throw and..

.. found Kristifer Rhymes for the 2nd time today! Rhymes breaks a tackle and cuts it up field..

.. and leaps into the endzone. His second INT return for a TD against Ohio State. One in each game. Not too shabby.

Ohio State came right back by hitting speedy James Jackson on a screen and he went 49 yards down the field, and twelve yards later, it was Guiton to Robinson for six. Down 21-19, the Bucks went for two and Hall ran it in. Tulane then went quick firing, as Donny Richardson's 35 yards rushing on two plays set up D.J. Ponder's 31 yard TD pass to Jordan Sullen. Tulane went up 28-21 headed for the final quarter.

Ohio State's drive would tie the game as Guiton would find Duron Carter for a 9 yard score. 28-28 Tulane's drive ended due to two straight sacks and they punted. Guiton went on quick-fire, hitting Martin for 22 and Carter for 12, then Hall would get 12 on the ground and then would waltz in for a 20 yard TD. 35-28, Ohio State, 3:07 to play.

Tulane started out the drive slow until Jordan Sullen's 24 yard catch, then on 1st down, he got it again.. 7 more. But then Ponder was sacked for a loss of 8. 3rd and 11 in Ohio State territory. One minute to play.. short throw to Harrison, he gets only three. Fourth and eight. Yes, that's right.. fourth and eight. We have to go for it. Ponder had time, rolled right and threw to D.J. Banks who appeared to be open..

.. but the hit knocked the ball away from his hands. Ohio State gets the turnover on downs.

And Tulane, with two timeouts, had to stop the Buckeyes. Hall took a carry and went for 19 yards and the dagger was placed in Tulane's hopes.


No upset this year. Also, this is Tulane's first losing record since their 1-2 start in 2009.

D.J. Ponder: 22-for-26, 240 yards, TD
Jarmon Fortson: 1-1, 33 yards, TD, 3 rec, 35 yards
Donny Richardson: 16 carries, 64 yards, TD, 2 rec, 28 yards
Jordan Sullen: 5 rec, 68 yards, TD
Eric Jones: 2 rec, 38 yards, TD

Darryl Farley: 8 tackles (TFL)
Sam Brooks: 7 tackles
Hallinsworth: 6 tackles
Boudreaux: 5 tackles
Stephen Harris: 3 tackles, TFL, Sack
Harry CiGar: 3 tackles, 2 TFL, Sack
Kristifer Rhymes: 2 tackles, 2 INT, Def TD

BUCKS: Guiton 20/29 289 yards 3 TD 2 INT | Hall 10 carries, 101 yards, TD, 2pt run | Keith Wells 9 tkls 6 TFL 3 sacks

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 12:25 PM

Week 3 Around the NCAA


Army 51, SMU 24 - In a strange day, Army threw the ball just 18 times, but for 353 yards.

Ohio 21, Marshall 10

Troy 20, UAB 17

PITT 27, UCF 17 - PITT outscored UCF 21-7 in the final 17 minutes.

Memphis 39, Duke 37 - Memphis' 19 yard FG with :44 left ends Duke's hopes of their first 3-0 start in well, probably, maybe.. ever.

The 'Ville 17, So. Miss 10

UCLA 24, Houston 10

WMU 35, UTEP 6

East Carolina 48, Furman 21 - This was just a 28-21 game entering the 4th quarter

Oklahoma State 31, Rice 13


#23 UNC 17, #15 Oklahoma 14

#6 Georgia Tech 30, #4 Virginia Tech 16

Air Force 21, #19 West Virginia 17

#17 Washington 38, BYU 35 - U-Dub's 43 yard FG with :09 left won it.


Ohio State remains #1, Georgia Tech up to #4 (#2 AP), Oregon State joins at #24, WVU fell out from #19 to #30.

UP NEXT: SMU preview

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 12:25 PM

-- Tommy Bowden is in his second year at SMU.

Braden Smith (QB) is starting for the third straight year.. he's improved every year.

SMU splits time between two runningbacks.. a RS-jr and a true freshman. Their offensive line is the strength of their offense.

SMU's defense is bad besides FS Darrick Moyer (80) and DT Brandon Henderson (84).

SMU's kicker is one of the most accurate in the nation right now.

For some reason, this is a night game. SMU has beat Baylor and lost to #20 TCU and Army. Both teams are 1-2.

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:11 PM


Tulane runs the ball for 369 yards in big victory to move back to .500

NEW ORLEANS -- Coach Draggo said Saturday night, that he wanted to re-establish the run game. And run it they did. Donny Richardson gave us flashes of Andre Anderson on that night, running for 208 of Tulane's 369 rushing yards on the night, along with 3 TD's, showing the willingness to not go down without a fight, picking up 90 yards after contact, and breaking five tackles.

In fact, the entire rush game did great. O.J. Clarke scored a TD, as well. To recap the game "shorterly".. Tulane dominated this one. They started out with D.J. Ponder's 52 yard TD pass to D.J. Banks, then Ubekista hit a 24 yard field goal as we slowly rebuild his confidence and Tulane led 10-0 after one.

Donny Richardson's 3 yard TD was the lone TD in the second quarter so Tulane had a 17-0 advantage at the break. Richardson's 19 yard TD run made it 24-0 in the mid-3rd but SMU responded with a 10 yard TD pass from Smith to Stevenson, and then out of all things to call, Coach Bowden calls a fake XP try.. and heck, they get it! 24-8 Tulane. But, Donny Richardson scored his 3rd TD to end SMU's fun and make it 31-8. On the ensuing kickoff, SMU gets called for clipping inside the ten, and it eventually led to them facing a 3rd & long from their own one.. and they wouldn't make it past their own goal line as our defense held for the 2 points. 33-8 after 3.

In the 4th, O.J. Clarke's 15 yard TD run made it 40-8, and then after a long Tulane drive is stopped at the one yard line, SMU is seemed to be tackled for a safety by the scrubs. Not so fast, as they challenge it and somehow overturn it even though the runner was down in the endzone. Way to go, EA. Our scrubs blow it and SMU scores, but hey, we still won it 40-15.


D.J. Ponder: 138.2 QB Rating, 12-for-18 pass, 138 yards, TD, INT, 13 car, 45 yards

Donny Richardson: 28 carries, 208 yards, 3 TD

O.J. Clarke: 8 carries, 50 yards, TD

Dan Thomas: 7 carries, 33 yards

Marcus Minor: 4 carries, 30 yards

Jarmon Fortson: 4 catches, 45 yards | Banks: 52 yard TD rec

Samuel Brooks: 4 tackles

Derek Larson: 2 TFL, safety

Harry CiGar: 2 tackles

Melvin Dickson: Sack

Cody Leford: INT

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:11 PM

Week 4 Around the NCAA

J.T. Wallenstein's Wyoming Cowboys update

After losing their opener at Texas by 20, they beat New Mexico 24-18, blew 21-20 lead in the 4th vs Missouri, and lost 32-21 in the 4th qtr., and then upset Mountain West favorite Utah on the road 22-21 in week 4 as the Cowboys rallied back from a 21-3 deficit. This puts them at 2-2 (2-0 Mtn. West)


Navy 21, ECU 14 - Navy's Santiago ran the ball 40 times for 210 yards.

Southern Miss 40, Rice 20

UAB 31, Tulsa 21

Houston 48, Sam Houston State 3

UCF 24, Marshall 0

Oregon 30, UTEP 0 - Oregon gets their first win on the year.


#25 USF 24, #17 Clemson 20

#3 Alabama 31, #7 Arkansas 7

#2 USC 28, Washington State 21 - USC scored 22 points in the final quarter including a 44 yard heave with :04 left to go as the Trojans survived a huge scare.

Arizona State 27, #16 Washington 24

Tennessee 49, #5 Florida 10 - So maybe this Dooley guy isn't so bad after all.

UCLA 39, #24 Oregon State 25


Alabama jumps Ohio State and USC to #1, Florida falls 13 spots to #18, Oklahoma State and Arizona State join the polls,

Next week.. vs 1-win UAB

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:12 PM


- The Blazers sit at 1-2 on the season, losses to Mississippi and Troy, beat 0-3 Tulsa by 10.

- UAB has a first-year rSR starting QB in David Isabelle.. who has 1 TD and 4 picks on the year. If they run the ball, it'll be with rSR Dexter Barnett who is averaging 4.6 yards a carry. None of their recievers are speedsters.

- UAB's offensive line is just like their offense.. not too good.

- UAB's strong point on their defense is definitely SR MLB Danny White (89).. who leads their defense. UAB's defense would be helped out by SS RaShaun Barbour, but he is a transfer sitting out from Florida.

- UAB's punter wears #65. Why? I have no clue. But he's attempted at least 90 punts the other three years he's started as a Blazer.

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:12 PM

I'll raise you a run, with another run

Green Wave continue to pound the rock, run for 227 and throw for 210 in win over UAB

NEW ORLEANS -- Quickie recap.. I guess, for this one. Tulane pounded the rock once more against UAB, while Tulane's starting defense held UAB to just 97 yards in the opening three quarters, until the scrubs came in (they allowed 127 and 10 points). Tulane still continues to struggle with pass rush, as they obviously miss Devin Williams, who now sits on the bench in the NFL. The shoes of Stephen Barnett have been filled by Donny Richardson as he continued a great season with 138 yards and a TD in the victory. Ponder had 46 yards and a TD and O.J. Clarke had 96 all-purpose yards and a TD.

The game started off well for Tulane as Ponder hooked up with Jarmon Fortson for a 8 yard score. On this drive, RG Eric Hall went down with injury and was replaced by Rio Mares. He will be out 4-6 weeks. UAB matched Tulane's TD with their only successful drive in the first three quarters set up by a 47 yard kick return with a 2 yard TD pass. UAB missed the XP. UAB went to sleep for the next two quarters, despite intercepting Ponder twice (one in the 1st qtr.).

In the 2nd, Ponder hit Banks for a 37 yard TD pass, and scored on an 8-yard walk-in scramble to make it 21-6 at the half. In the third, Donny Richardson's 1 yard TD run made it 28-6 and O.J. Clarke's 10 yard TD reception from Ponder made it 35-6. The scrubs came in and true freshman Dwayne Horne made the most of it as he got Tulane's lone sack on the day and recored 4 TFLs.. all in the game's final quarter. UAB had a FG and a 4 yard TD pass to make the final score 35-16.


D.J. Ponder: 136.3 QBR, 16-for-28 passing, 210 yards, 3 TD, 2 INT, 46 yards rush, TD

Donny Richardson: 31 carries, 138 yards, TD, 15 yards rec

O.J. Clarke: 96 A-P yards, rec TD

Devin Figaro: 4 rec, 62 yards

Jarmon Fortson, 4 rec, 33 yards

D.J. Banks: 2 rec, 63 yards, TD

Dwayne Horne: 5 tackles, 4 TFL, Sack

Cody Leford: 5 tackles, TFL

Brooks: 4 tackles

Darryl Farley: 3 tackles, 2 TFL

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:13 PM

Week 5 Around the NCAA


Marshall 21, South Carolina State 3

Southern Miss 17, ECU 7

Memphis 28, SMU 23 ... Memphis still undefeated

UCF 31, UTEP 21

Tulsa 17, Houston 14 OT


Boise State 31, BYU 24 ... Boise is 2-3 and BYU is 1-3. Le sigh.

#18 Florida 22, Kentucky 16 OT ... Florida needed a TD pass with :22 left to get to OT against 2-2 Kentucky.

#7 Cal 27, UCLA 24 .. This is Cal's second game of the year and UCLA's fifth. UCLA falls to 4-1.

Indiana 36, #15 Michigan 34 .. Denard Robinson's 3 yard TD pass with :36 seemed to have won it, but Skyes' 55 yard boot with :01 stunned the Big House.

Wake Forest 25, #22 Clemson 0

Northwestern 27, #2 Ohio State 16 .. the Buckeyes went a terrible 9-24 on 3rd downs and went 15-40 passing.

Colorado State 37, #17 TCU 34 OT .. No one wants to take our spot as BCS busters this year.

#4 Georgia Tech 52, #21 USF 41 .. GT and USF lit up the scoreboard.

> Idaho 28, Wyoming 16 .. Wyoming may have got the score run up on them as Idaho threw a 78 yard TD pass with :38 left. Idaho's good though.


Ohio State plummets to #13, Northwestern leaps to #17 from no votes (and they lost to 1-4 Syracuse), Indiana's getting votes. If you don't count Notre Dame, there are non-BCS teams in the top 25. Wake Forest jobbed out of the top 25 by one vote.

WR D.J. Coles goes to #1 in the Heisman Watch as he caught 4 TD passes and had over 250 receiving yards against Duke in VT's 49-10 win.

This week.. we travel to Houston (1-2).

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:14 PM


-- Houston is down at 1-2 record. They are missing a key point in a high-flying offense like we saw back in '09 and '10. A good set of wide receivers. But when looking over this team their record is deceiving for how the team looks, but games aren't played on paper.

- Drew Hollingshead starts his second year at QB for the Cougs. He's got only 3 TDs on the year and 3 picks.

- Houston's runningback duo is pretty darn good. Justin Johnson (90) and Chris Wilson (88) could be hard to stop.

- Houston's main receiving threat is rSO Travis Thompson .. he's not fast but he's got great hands.

- The offensive line is led by 3 85+ OVR players.

- Houston's defensive line is solid.

- Tulane's offense needs to watch for #4 Steve Robertson.. a 89 OVR LB with 87 SPD and can defend the run or pick off a pass.

- Houston's secondary's strength is their safeties.

- On special teams, they have a true freshman kicker.. he's got the leg to hit about 45-48 yarders at max and he's more accurate than powerful. They have a rSO punter who hits 41.4 yards a punt.

>> OUT: Tulane Eric Hall starting RG - 4 weeks | Houston Dorian Gullory starting RE - 8 weeks

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:14 PM

Tulane's 28 points in 1st quarter sets tone in shocking blowout of Houston

First quarter capped off by back-to-back pick 6s.

HOUSTON -- Well dang. Houston's team looked deceiving on paper and they were down right bad on the field today as the Green Wave slapped them straight across the face with a run of 38 points in just seven minutes after Houston's early 3-0 lead.

After Houston's Berry hit a 25 yard field goal in the opening two minutes, it took Tulane only 45 seconds for them to score as D.J. Ponder found Jarmon Fortson for a 42 yard score, despite the fact that Fortson was tripped up at the three and managed to get the ball across the line for the score. Two minutes later, Ponder hooked up with Fortson for the second time in the back corner of the end zone for a 29 yard score. That put Tulane up 14-3. After trading punts, Houston made it into Tulane territory where they attempted a WR screen. Hollingshead foolishly did not scamper into open field, but instead threw to a double covered WR and he was picked off by Jordan Garrett and Garrett had plenty of space and waltzed 68 yards for a TD. That was with 11 seconds to go,

After the kickoff, there was 6 seconds left in the 1st quarter. Hollingshead went back to his old tricks of passing, well Houston did, and they tried a slant pattern to the left and in the middle of it all was safety Gregory Hallinsworth who intercepted Hollingshead and he went down the sidelines untouched for a 27 yard TD and that put up Tulane 28-3 after one quarter.

In the second, D.J. Ponder found George Harrison for a 6 yard score, and Ubekista's 33 yard FG made it 35-6. Houston scored a TD on a 1 yard TD run by Luis Turner (his first ever TD). And it was 38-13 at the half.

Now Marcus Minor took over the reigns of the offense. Marcus Minor threw his first TD to D.J. Banks for a 19 yard score. 45-13. Also in the third, Jordan Garrett intercepted Hollingshead for the second time. In the fourth, Dan Thomas scored on a 10 yard run and finished the scoring at 52-13. To finish out the pickfest, JJ Black picked off Hollingshead. Hollingshead was promptly benched and his backup went 3-for-3 but Houston went more towards the run down 39. Either way, it was a blowout.


D.J. Ponder: 242.3 QBR, 7/11 pass, 140 yards, 3 TD, INT

Marcus Minor: 223.2 QBR, 4/5 pass, 46 yards, TD, 17 rush yards

Donny Richardson: 15 carries, 104 yards, 11 rec yards

Clarke: 8-42 | Thomas 4-25 TD | Jason 3-18

Jarmon Fortson: 3 rec, 93 yards, 2 TD

D.J. Banks: 2 rec, 35 yards, TD

George Harrison: 2 rec, 25 yards, TD

Sammy Boudreaux: 6 tackles

Terrance Carr: 6 tackles

Samuel Brooks: 5 tackles

Darryl Farley: 5 tackles

Jordan Garrett: 3 tackles, 2 INT, Def TD

JJ Black: 3 tackles, INT

Derek Lawson: 2 tkls, Sack

Dwayne Horne: Sack

Gregory Hallinsworth: Tackle, INT, Def TD

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:15 PM

Week Six Around the NCAA


#13 Ohio State 23, UAB 7 - Jordan Hall: 43 carries, 218 yards, TD

Tulsa 31, Marshall 24 - After starting 0-3, Tulsa is now 2-3 and 2-1 in C-USA play

Rice 19, Utah State 10

ECU 27, UTEP 17

Southern Miss 31, SMU 21

UCF 35, Memphis 32 - UCF is 4-1 (3-0)


BYU 37, Wyoming 27

Colorado 44, #19 Okie State 24

#1 Alabama 48, #4 Georgia 3 - Is this the new LSU?

EXCITEMENT! #2 USC 3, #6 Cal 0 OT - No I'm not kidding. The sim engine pulls out some crazy-ass game like THIS? Cal and USC combined to pass for 16-for-67 passing. USC's 45 yard field goal in OT won it. The only score of the game.

#10 Florida State 35, Wake Forest 9

#14 Penn State 41, #9 Wisky 10

#5 LSU 27, #16 Florida 6


Missouri joins the top 25, along with Indiana and the world explodes. Kevin Newsome takes the lead in the Heisman watch. UCF, Southern Miss, Tulane all 3-0 in conference.

Next game.. we play a Sunday night game against winless UTEP. If we beat Houston 52-13.. what can we do to UTEP? Lose?

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:15 PM
Notes from the Coach

>> Horne replaces Harris as starter at right end

Freshman Dwayne Horne has replaced freshman Stephen Harris at starting right defensive end, as Horne has two sacks in mop-up duty against opposing starting offenses - or two of our three sacks in the last two games. We are still looking for someone to step up and take the void that Devin Williams' depature caused. We looked for either CiGar or Harris to step up, but it may be Dwayne Horne. We'll have to see how he does making his first career start against UTEP on Sunday.

>> Carr's role increased

We're still looking for Terrence Carr's first big play.. a sack, an interception or a forced fumble, but last year's #1 overall recruit is slowly seeing the field more and more as we have used 4 LB sets a bit more in the past two games. Carr recorded a career-high 6 tackles against Houston.

>> And that other five star guy..

Dickson still waits for his redshirt year to end as the junior college prospect plans to start along side Terrance Carr and most likely Jason Nolen in 2013 as a junior. Dickson has looked very impressive in practice and we can't wait to see him on the field next year.

>> Minor looks to become Major

Marcus Minor saw more time on the field as he was the only other QB to record a pass after Ryan Griffin started out the third quarter as QB against Houston. Minor's still our third-string guy, but Griffin knows he's a redshirt senior and will be called upon if needed, but Minor looks to be our QB from 2013-2015. Mr. Minor has showed us quite a bit for a redshirt freshman as he has played smart football (whether it be in meaningless time or not), and has 2 TDs on the year to show for it, hopefully this is building his confidence.

>> Speaking of Confidence

Tinzen Ubekista who had rough weeks kicking has regained his confidence and has not missed a field goal or been close to missing one (or an XP) and his punting average has went up since his struggles on field goals earlier on in the year.

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:16 PM


The lowdown.. UTEP is a C across the board team in ratings. They average only 12.6 points a game, and have the 115th best rush offense and 102nd best pass offense. Or combined, the NCAA's 23rd worst offense. Their defense is ranked 107th and run and pass are both 104th. Notably, UTEP scored 21 points against UCF and only lost by 10. Game will be played on the road on a Sunday night. They average 18 points per game at home, and 9 on the road.

The team.. Tim Curry will be throwing for the Miners. He's been less than stellar this year with just a 41.6 completion rating and 2 TD's and 8 picks. UTEP probably wishes they had DeShaun Sands, but he's a transfer. Vernon Frazier instead starts, but he averages only 32.8 yards a game. Their recievers would be led by captain Evan Davis, but he's out for the season. So they have Hunter Nix (33-324-TD) and Eric Bridges (21-186), and TE Craig Wenrick (10-144-TD). So why does UTEP's offense suck? Their line. If we needed a game to break out against, it better be UTEP. If we have no sacks against them, I'll be worried. UTEP's key defensive spot is DB where all of their starters are at least 79 OVR, which isn't bad for this team. UTEP's special teams guru is freshman Skyler Brown who is 5/9 on FGs and hits 42.2 yards a punt. He leads the C-USA in punts inside the 20.

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:16 PM

After early mistake, Tulane rolls over UTEP

Ponder's sack to lucky "pick-six" in opening minute gives UTEP early hope, but Tulane goes on 28-0 run

EL PASO, TEXAS --- Tulane's still at the top of the C-USA as Tulane won their fourth straight conference game this year, and their 23rd C-USA victory in a row, the most of any team in C-USA history. Tulane continued to roll through the weaker part of their schedule in a 44-14 win over winless UTEP, although without the lucky early pick-six for UTEP, this could be a 51-7 game, and without Tinzen Ubekista's blocked 48 yard FG, 54-7? Not really that close.

The game went down starting with UTEP's 31 yard pick-six of Ponder, when he was going to be sacked, the ball came out of his hands and was ripped from just above the ground by Jeff George and he went untouched for the score. After that Tulane went to work.

Donny Richardson's 19 yard TD tied the game at 7 in the 1st, and that would end the scoring for quarter no. 1. In the early second, it was Richardson again for a 7 yard TD, later on in the 2nd, Ponder found D.J. Banks for a 46 yard TD, and then Ponder's 3 yard TD run made it 28-7 at the half.

UTEP opened the second half and drove down the field with now backup QB Patrick Branch in and he delievered a 9 yard TD pass to Wenrick. The third quarter then featured 3 Ubekista field goals from 23, 29 and 51. Tulane's 37-14 lead in the 4th quarter was increased to the game's final score of 44-14 with Donny Richardson's 3 yard TD run, his third of the day.

Elsewhere.. Tulane had 5 sacks, Jason Nolen had an interception, Cody Leford forced a fumble and Kristifer Rhymes recovered it. The so close to scoring player of the day was George Harrison who had 5 catches for 58 yards, including two catches setting up two of Donny Richardson's shorter TD runs.


D.J. Ponder: 18-for-29 passing, 233 yards, TD, INT, 14 yards rushing, TD

Donny Richardson: 26 carries, 110 yards, 3 TD

Jarmon Fortson: 8 rec, 79 yards

George Harrison: 5 rec, 58 yards

D.J. Banks: 3 rec, 84 yards, TD

Rio Mares: 4 'cakes

Cody Leford: 8 tackles, 3 TFL, Sack, FF

Gregory Hallinsworth: 5 tackles, 2 TFL, Sack

Harry CiGar: 5 tackles, 2 TFL, Sack

Christian Martindale: 4 tackles, 2 TFL, Sack

Dwayne Horne: 4 tackles, TFL

Chris Asomnu: 3 tackles, 2 TFL, Sack

Jason Nolen: 3 tackles, INT

Kristifer Rhymes: Tackle, FR

Tinzen Ubekista: 3-4 FG (one blocked), long of 51, 5-5 XP

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:17 PM

Week 7 Around the NCAA


Maryland 52, Memphis 10 - Memphis led 10-0 with 5:27 left in the 1st qtr., at 5:27 in the second quarter, it was 38-10 Maryland, and they scored 38 points in the 2nd.

Marshall 25, UAB 8

Tulsa 38, Rice 10

Houston 24, ECU 13

UCF 21, Southern Miss 3 - Clash of the undefeateds is won by UCF.


#4 Texas 26, #24 Missouri 21 - Missouri drops their first game.

#13 Ohio State 28, #14 Wisconsin 23

Oregon 30, #11 Cal 13

#7 Virginia Tech 34, #6 Florida State 23

K-State 37, Oklahoma 21 - Oklahoma's 4th loss and 3rd in Big XII play this year

Eastern Michigan 17, EKU 14 - Eastern Michigan is 6-0

TCU 52, BYU 28 - BYU is now down to 2-4.


1. Alabama (33)

2. USC (21)

3. Georgia Tech (5)

4. Texas (1)

5. Penn State (1)

6. Virginia Tech

7. LSU

8. Georgia

9. Arkansas

10. Florida State

25. Missouri (drops only 1 spot)

28. UCF

31. TCU

33. Tulane (Well, we are playing our best football right now..)

NEXT UP: 1-win Rice

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:18 PM

Quickie Report: Tulane rolls lowly Rice 44-10

O.J. Clarke's punt return for TD, Ponder's 3 TD passes bury Owls

By quickie report, I mean very quick report. And sorry for the lack of the pre-game. Rice just sucks.

After Rice won the toss and took the ball, they punted and O.J. Clarke took the ball 60 yards down the field on the punt return for the touchdown and Tulane went up 7-0 and never looked back. Rice cut it to 7-3 with a field goal, but D.J. Ponder's 9 yard TD pass to Jarmon Fortson made it 14-3, Ubekista's 33 yard FG, made it 17-3, and Rice came back to make it 17-10.

And then Rice was dead in the second half. Ubekista booted a 44 yard FG, then Ponder's 13 yard TD pass hit up Devin Figaro, then Ubekista hit a 43 yard FG, Donny Richardson's 2 yard TD run made it 37-10 on the first play of the 4th quarter. D.J. Ponder's 22 yard TD pass on a play action to Jarmon Fortson got the game to it's final score of 44-10.

With that, Tulane wins it's 5th straight to improve to 6-2 and 5-0 in the C-USA.


D.J. Ponder: 140.6 QB Rating, 21-for-35 passing, 266 yards, 3 TD, INT, 30 yards rushing

Donny Richardson: 24 carries, 96 yards, TD

O.J. Clarke: 2 rec, 37 yards, punt return TD

Jarmon Fortson: 10 rec, 125 yards, 2 TD

Devin Figaro: 5 rec, 77 yards, TD

D.J. Banks: 3 rec, 19 yards

Anthony Patterson: 6 pancakes

Kristifer Rhymes: 12 tackles, 2 TFL, Sack

Scott Barrett: 6 tackles (Gregory Hallinsworth missed 3 qtrs.)

Sammy Boudreaux: 5 tackles

Cody Leford: 5 tackles, FR

Terrance Carr: 4 tackles, TFL

Chris Asomnu: 4 tackles, 2 TFL, Sack

JJ Black: 3 tackles, FF

Tinzen Ubekista: 3-3 FG, 5-5 XP

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:19 PM

Week 8 Around the NCAA


Marshall 33, Vandy 30 - Marshall's Dembry had 4 tackles, 2 INTs, a FF and a TD.

Tulsa 20, UCF 13 - Mr. Beaver makes his presence known throwing a pair of TD passes in the final quarter, both to Freedom Kelley.

Houston 35, UTEP 10 - Since our beating of the Cougars, Drew Hollinshead has thrown 5 TDs and one INT.

ECU 14, Memphis 10

Southern Miss 34, UAB 10


Ohio 20, Eastern Michigan 17 - The Eagles fall for the first time this year.

Stanford 27, #15 Arizona State 21

#16 Florida 34, #8 Georgia 20

Oregon 32, #2 USC 24 - USC didn't know quack

#23 Clemson 35, #6 VT 32

#3 Georgia Tech 24, #17 Miami 21 - GT RB Lockhart: 31 car, 115 yards, TD, 1 rec, 4 yards, TD, 81 KR yards, 88 PR yards, TD


1. Alabama, 2. GT, 3. Penn State, 4. Texas, 5. LSU, 6. Arkansas, 7. Florida St., 8. USC, 9. Ohio State, 10. Notre Dame

> In the Coaches, we have lost all of our votes for the top 25.

NEXT UP: at Memphis (3-3), this dynasty's 50th game

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:19 PM
Here an explanation for the next post. This is where most of the season goes away since I took a month break.. so here's the rest of the C-USA in one post.

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:20 PM

WHERE WE AT: The continuation of the 2012 season

Week 9: at Memphis - W 23-17

> D.J. Ponder's two TD throws including one to Jarmon Fortson gave Tulane the small victory.

Week 10: vs ECU - W 31-24

> The Tulane offense struggled until Gregory Hallinsworth's 97 yard pick-six ignited the Tulane Green Wave from a 17-0 deficit eventually winning the game on Jarmon's Fortson TD catch with 51 seconds to go.

Week 12: at Tulsa - W 38-21

> O.J. Clarke had his second straight 100-yard rushing game while D.J. Ponder 231 passing yards and 46 yards on the ground giving Tulane a 9-2 record. Donny Richardson eclipsed 1000 yards with a 76 yard performance.

After the victory, Tulane ends up #24 in the rankings, with a game against rival #10 LSU in the Superdome coming up next. The Tigers were #1 two weeks ago before falling to #10.


Tulane will take on 7-1 in conference play UCF again, for the conference title, in the Superdome, again.

Also, Tulane's two prior losses on the year to BYU and Ohio State look very bad and just fine. BYU is a terrible 2-9 and have been killed by injuries. Ohio State is 9-3.


TOP 10 (entering week 14):

1. Penn State

2. Georgia Tech

3. Notre Dame

4. Alabama

5. Florida

6. North Carolina

7. USF

8. Arkansas

9. Wisconsin

10. LSU

26. UCF

30. Eastern Michigan

UP NEXT: The boys are back in town as they try to go to 10-2 against #10 LSU.

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:21 PM


NEW ORLEANS, LA -- One again, LSU is the King of Louisiana as Tulane lost another heartbreaker to the Tigers, at home, to the team from Baton Rouge.

Looking to go up 14-0 early after Richardson's one-yard TD run, backup QB Marcus Minor had to come in for the injured D.J. Ponder, who returned after that drive, as Ryan Griffin was questionable for the game and didn't play. Minor got the Green Wave to the three before getting picked off by Davis, who had 2 picks on the day, and he went to the house. This started a 24-7 LSU run with D.J. Ponder's 7 yard strike to O.J. Clarke being Tulane's only other score as they trailed 24-14 at the half.

D.J. Ponder cut the lead to 24-21 with his 13 yard TD pass to Devin Figaro, but a LSU FG made it 27-21 after three. Early in the 4th quarter, Tulane's defense failed to hold LSU and Allen pounded it in from inside the one, LSU greedily went for two and a tipped pass was caught in the endzone for the eight-point scoring drive, making it 35-21. D.J. Ponder didn't give up throwing a 45 yard TD pass to D.J. Banks.

LSU, with the ball with under 2 and a half to play drove down the field and missed a game-clinching FG with under 45 seconds to play. Tulane moved quickly with no timeouts and reached the LSU 29 yard line with three seconds to go. Ponder stepped back and looked for Jarmon Fortson under a linebacker blitz, the pass sailed inside the ten yard line where it was tipped by a LSU LB/S, but the defender slipped up allowing Jarmon Fortson to make the grab off the tip, run inside the five, only to be brought down by the last man - the original tipper of the pass after time had expired.

http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/7789/lsu1.jpg http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/5149/lsu2.jpg

After the game Ron Draggo said that he "would have definitely went for the win if they had scored on that play."

#10 LSU 35, #24 Tulane 28

D.J. Ponder: 23/33, 326 yards, 3 TD, 2 INT, 11 rush yards
Donny Richardson: 9 carries, 37 yards, TD, 4 rec, 23 yards
Jarmon Fortson: 6 rec, 131 yards
George Harrison: 5 rec, 73 yards
D.J. Banks: 3 rec, 72 yards
Figaro, Clarke: TD catches
Darryl Farley: 8 tackles, INT

LSU player of the game: RB Michael Ford 45 carries [wow] 186 yards TD 3 rec 14 yards (Shepard: 13/25 - 142yds - TD, 2 INT)

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:22 PM

NCAA UPDATE: End of Regular Season

TOP 25

1. Penn State (12-0)

2. Georgia Tech

3. Notre Dame

4. Alabama

5. Florida

6. North Carolina

7. USF

8. Arkansas

9. Wisconsin

10. LSU

11. Oregon State (11-1)

12. Michigan

13. VT

14. WVU

15. Ohio State

16. FSU

17. Texas

18. Rutgers

19. Colorado

20. UCLA

21. Mizzou

22. Washington

23. UCF

24. Cal

25. Clemson

28. E. Michigan

29. Tulane


1. Kevin Newsome, QB, Penn State

2. Blaine Dalton, QB, Missouri

3. DJ Coles, WR, Virginia Tech

4. Denard Robinson, QB, Michigan

5. Jonnie Fields, WR, Missouri


AutoZone Liberty Bowl: Pittsburgh (7-5) vs Tulane (9-3)

Rose Bowl: Alabama vs Oregon State

Sugar Bowl: LSU vs UNC

Fiesta Bowl: Missouri vs Wisconsin

Orange Bowl: Notre Dame vs WVU

BCS National Title: Georgia Tech vs Penn State

Accepted bids


ACC: #16 Florida State vs #2 Georgia Tech

SEC: #5 Florida vs #10 LSU

Big XII: #17 Texas vs #21 Missouri

MAC: Akron vs Eastern Michigan (1-loss)

C-USA: #23 UCF (10-2) vs Tulane (9-3)

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:22 PM

C-USA TITLE: Tulane 38, #23 UCF 19

Tulane took home their third straight Conference USA title, winning another title in the Big Easy, once more, against UCF, this time taking home the title 38-19. Despite a season-low 75 rush yards on 27 carries. However, it didn't matter as D.J. Ponder threw for 3 TDs and Ryan Griffin threw for one as Tulane took home another trophy and another title, as well as probably heading to the Liberty Bowl, where they are 0-1 in, after last year's Orange Bowl victory.

Tulane started out the game with a 17-0 lead, then expanding it to a 31-7 lead with 3 D.J. Ponder TD passes with two to Richardson, and one to Sullen. Donny Richardson also had a TD run. UCF made it someone of a game late cutting the lead to 31-19 but failed to convert either two-point conversions they tried.

Ryan Griffin's 2 yard TD pass to D.J. Banks sealed the deal and won it 38-19.


D.J. Ponder: 205.1 QBR, 20-for-26 passing, 279 yards, 3 TD

Ryan Griffin: 4/6 passing, 25 yards, TD

Donny Richardson: 13 carries, 18 yards, TD, 4 rec, 32 yards, 2 TD

Jarmon Fortson: 6 rec, 85 yards

Jordan Sullen: 3 rec, 63 yards, TD

D.J. Banks: 2 rec, 22 yards, TD

Melvin Dickson: 7 tackles (all for loss), 3 sacks



ACC: #2 GT 35, #16 FSU 7

SEC: #5 Florida 24, #10 LSU 21

Big XII: #20 Missou 38, #17 Texas 35

MAC: Akron , EMU


Blaine Dalton - 357-534 passing 4644 yards 161 carries 478 yards 52 Total TDs - 1761pts

Kevin Newsome - 1727pts

Tulane headed to Memphis

MEMPHIS, TN -- The Green Wave of Tulane after winning the C-USA title will take on the Big East's #2 team PITT (7-5) in the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, Tennessee on January 2nd, 2013 on ESPN. PITT is rated B across the board. PITT's best win on the year is #19 Rutgers (24-16), and they have a mutual win in UCF (27-17, wk3). Their worst loss was on week 1 to Buffalo (21-26) who finished at .500. PITT is lead by RB Dion Lewis, who ran for 1314 yards in 2012.

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:23 PM

New Mexico Bowl: Air Force 21, Hawaii 14

St. Petersburg Bowl: Ball State 26, FAU 9

EagleBank MAC Special Bowl: Western Michigan 23, Buffalo 16

R+l Carriers New Orleans Bowl: Southern Miss 45, Arkansas State 3

Las Vegas Bowl: Colorado State 27, #25 Oregon 20

Poinsettia Bowl: TCU 25, #22 Cal 18

Hawaii Bowl: UCF 17, North Texas 10

Motor City Snoozer Bowl: #19 Rutgers 20, Akron 3

Emerald Bowl: #20 Washington 52, Duke 14

Meineke Car Care Bowl: Virginia Tech 40, Ole Miss 17

Champs Sports Bowl: Purdue 21, #21 Clemson 11

Independence Bowl: Oklahoma St. 10, Boston College 7

Papajohn's Who Cares Bowl: UL-Lafayette 31, New Mexico 21

Routy's Humanitarian [laugh] Bowl: Miami (FL) 66, Idaho 3

Texas Bowl: Nebraska 35, Houston 17

Holiday Bowl: Texas 41, #17 UCLA 20

Armed Forces Bowl: Utah 28, USC (6-7) 21 - this game was Lane Kiffin's last as Trojan head coach

Sun Bowl: Arizona St. 31, Troy 10

Music City Bowl: Tennessee 17, Wake Forest 16

Champs Sports Bowl: #7 USF 59, South Carolina 14

Insight Disappointment Bowl: Oklahoma 31, Northwestern 27

Outback Bowl: #15 Ohio State 38, Georgia 3

Gator Bowl: #24 Florida State 35, Fresno State 10

Capital One Bowl: #10 Wisconsin 43, #13 LSU 37

Cotton Bowl: #8 Arkansas 29, #14 Colorado 22

Alamo Bowl: Minnesota 30, #25 Kansas State 16

International Bowl: Ohio 20, Nevada 16

GMAC Bowl: Eastern Michigan 40, Tulsa 21

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:24 PM

Liberty Bowl: Dion Lewis runs for 265 yards and 4 TD's - but was it enough?

PITTSBURGH (7-5) vs TULANE (10-3)

Pittsburgh's Dion Lewis had one goal for his final game in a Pittsburgh uniform - carry the team to one last victory. And boy did he ever try. At the end of the day, Lewis racked up 61 return yards (2 touches), 15 recieving yards (2 catches), and 265 rushing yards (35 carries) and four touchdowns. Added up, he touched it 39 times for 340 yards and every PITT TD.

On to the game action.. Mr. Lewis only took 29 seconds of the game to make his first impact - running through Tulane defenders on a 52 yard TD run. However, the Green Wave responded with a 3 yard TD run by freshman O.J. Clarke. Lewis came back with TD #2 on a 4 yard run as PITT held a 14-7 1st quarter lead. In the late 2nd, D.J. Ponder's 1 yard TD run cut the lead to 14-13 but Tinzen Ubekista missed another easy kick (oh boy), and it stayed at a one-point deficit. PITT increased the lead to 17-13 with a time expiring FG.

In the third, Jarmon Fortson got into the action in the Wildcat and went under center then went straight through the PITT defense for a 7 yard TD run. Tulane went for two and D.J. Ponder's option keeper gave Tulane a 21-17 lead. Fourty seconds later, Dion Lewis made a fool of JJ Black and Gregory Hallinsworth by tripping up Black and stiff arming Hallinsworth on his way to a easy 69 yard TD run. Ubekista's 32 yard FG made it 24-24 after three.

In the early 4th quarter however, Tulane broke a long play open as D.J. Ponder found a wide open D.J. Banks who took it 74 yards to the house, with 63 yards coming after the catch - in front of NFL coaches who viewed the game looking at Fortson and Banks, who could be top 100 picks in the NFL Draft, with Fortson peaking at round one. Anyways, that play gave Tulane a 31-24 lead.

Fast-forward to the late 4th, with the lead, 31-24, Tulane had the ball with just less than 2 minutes to go and faced a 3rd & 13 outside of field goal range and Ron Draggo called to go for six points, as Ponder looked for Banks, but the pass was intercepted at the goal line and returned to the fourteen, so PITT had one more chance to tie it up. PITT made it down to the eight yard line with a fourth and two with seven seconds to go. PITT came out in a four wide formation but then moved Dion Lewis over as a fifth WR. QB Sunseri for PITT threw the ball to a diving Lewis who put the ball across the goal line and the refs signaled TD with one second to play.

However, the play immediately went under review and after the referees looked at multiple angles the TD was overturned as Lewis' knee hit at the one-yard prior to the ball crossing the goal line. The play resulted in a first and goal with one second left at the one yard line. Once again PITT would put the ball in the hands of Lewis who took a pitch around the right side where Christian Martindale tripped him up..

..but Lewis dived over him and went into the endzone putting PITT an XP away from OT. The XP was up and good down the middle. The cointoss.. PITT lost and went on offense. This time the Lewis-led PITT team went dry and kicked a field goal.

O.J. Clarke took the next three carries getting Tulane to the 13 yard line where D.J. Ponder looked left towards the endzone..

...and that would be where he found JARMON FORTSON for a 13 yard TD pass!! Tulane wins it 37-34! Lewis' 265 on the ground not enough as Tulane's Jarmon Fortson wins it for Tulane - 37-34 as Tulane finishes the year at 11-3.


2012/2013 Liberty Bowl

SR D.J. Ponder - 23/32, 340 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT, 7 carries, rush TD

Donny Richardson - 11 carries, 54 yards

O.J. Clarke - 9 carries, 44 yards, TD

SR Jarmon Fortson - 2 carries, 4 yards, TD, 7 rec, 97 yards, GW TD

SR D.J. Banks - 4 catches, 116 yards, TD

SR Devin Figaro - 2 catches, 21 yards

George Harrison - 5 catches, 82 yards

SR Cody Leford - 9 tackles, TFL

SR Darryl Farley & SR Kristifer Rhymes - 7 tackles

Brooks, Hallinsworth - 6 tackles each

Black, Boudreaux - 5 tackles each

Melvin Dickson - 4 tackles, 2 TFL (FR, gonna be big next year)

PITT - Dion Lewis 35 car 265 yards 4 TD / Scott 6 tackles 3 TFL 2 sacks

UP NEXT.. end of year stuff

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:25 PM

Rose: Oregon State 27, Notre Dame 16

Sugar: North Carolina 18, Florida 13

Fiesta: Michigan 28, Missouri 13

Orange: Alabama 36, WVU 14

BCS National Championship: #1 Penn State 29, #2 Georgia Tech 21

MVP: Kevin Newsome - PSU - 19/35 - 291 yards - 2 TD - 0 INT

Top 10:

1. Penn State

2. UNC

3. Bama

4. GT

5. USF

6. Oregon State

7. Arky

8. ND

9. Wisconsin

10. Florida

22. Tulane

25. UCF

New Tulane Record: Jarmon Fortson, recieving yards (season), 1228 yards

UP NEXT: Senior Sendoff

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:25 PM


#47 Donny Richardson, RB, junior

82 OVR

1-year starter & partial starter in 2011

Best year: 2012, 261 carries for 1155 yards, 15 TDs, 349 yards after first hit, 4 20+ runs, 29 broken tackles

Notes: Coming in to the spring of 2012, Richardson transitioned into a true powerback, running over people in 2012 like he had never done before, never seeming to give up on the first hit. He played with alot of power in 2012, and that's what some NFL teams like in a down year for RBs in the draft it seems. The best projection's we've seen for Donny are the 5th round and we wish him the best of luck.


#27 Brad Allen, FS

70 OVR

Recorded no starts, played in countless games over four years

Best year: 2010 - 8 tackles

Notes: Allen was just kinda there. He didn't ever get a start but he was there on special teams and defense when needed - even if it was with the backups. He didn't make an impact or isn't going to be remembered by many, but he was a hard worker.

#81 Brock Sanders, TE

73 OVR - senior honorary co-captain

5? starts, but played in every single game coached under Ron Draggo

Best year: 2011 - 9-149-16.6-TD / best play: 2010 66yd TD catch & run

Notes: Sanders never really panned out as we'd like him to despite his quickness for a TE, he just seemed to never find his way on the field. Sanders had 5 TDs in his career as a Tulane TE.

#29 Nathan Austin, RB

77 OVR - senior honorary co-captain

0 stars, but played in alot of games

Best year: 2010 - 33 carries, 124 yards, 2 TD

Notes: Austin was just kinda there too. He never could climb higher than third on the depth chart but still ended up taking a handful of carries over the last four years and scoring 2 TDs, both in his sophomore year.

#99 Chris Asomnu, DT

77 OVR

1-year starter, only played partially in 2011

Best year: 2012 - 43 tackles (19 TFL), 5 sacks

Notes: Asomnu came in to 2012 as the backup and in the spring played into the starting job with power and strength. Asomnu doesn't look like he'd be quick but he was a deception guy recording 19 TFLs this past year, in the top 25 in the NCAA.

#67 Eric Hall, RG

82 OVR

partially started 2012 (injury), played in 2011

Best year: 2011 - 3 'cakes

Notes: Hall got hurt and never recovered from injury but was still there at every practice. Hall isn't a disappointment, it's just a shame he got hurt early in the year and never got better.

#4 Jordan Garrett, DB

82 OVR

partially started 2010-2012

Best year: 2012 - 34 tackles, 4 INT, TD, 6 PD, blocked FG

Notes: Garrett was a realiable 3rd DB/S when we needed him. His best play was his pick-six against Houston this past year. For being the third-string DB this year, he got 4 picks of his 5 career INTs.

#37 Cody Leford, OLB

82 OVR

4-year starter

Best year: 2010 - 76 tackles, 10 TFL, 3 INT, 5 PD

Notes: Leford did it all - he covered the pass and the run, whenever, wherever against whoever. Leford started 54 straight games at OLB and he played his heart out in all of them.

#42 Kristifer Rhymes, OLB

82 OVR

4-year starter

Best year: any of them / best play: pick sixes against Ohio State

Notes: Just like Leford, Rhymes was a great linebacker and found his way into the endzone 3 times in his career. He had 50+ tackles in all four years of starting, and recorded 11 sacks, 7 picks, and 38 TFL in his career.

#11 Ryan Griffin, QB

83 OVR

0 starts, played not so much

Best year: 2012 - 7/13 passing, 50 yards, TD / best moment: 2009 TD run against McNeese State (who dat?)

Notes: Valuable backup who came on the field and played well when needed. Never turned the ball over in his 26 throws and 14 rushes in his Tulane history.

#14 D.J. Ponder, QB

84 OVR

two-year starter, originally WR/RET in '09/10

Best year: as a returner: 2009 - 26 KR, 22.2 avg / as a QB: 2012 - 249/383, 3199 yards, 28 TD, 14 INT, 65 percent completion, 293 rush yards, 4 TD

Notes: In 2009, D.J. Ponder was the last WR on the depth chart and was returning kicks, in 2010, he was sparingly used as WR and started to develop his arm, and in 2011, he started and threw <10 INT, and in 2012, broke the 3000 yard barrier and almost got 30 pass TDs. Ponder went 2-0 in bowl games, as well, and was a great QB.

#89 Devin Figaro, WR

85 OVR

started sometimes

Best year: 2012 - 22 rec, 309 yards, 2 TD, 23.0 avg KR, 7.0 avg PR

Notes: Figaro never found himself higher than the third WR on the depth charts, but he was a consistent WR catching 72 passes for 1005 yars in his career with just one drop in his senior year. He was also pretty good in the return game.

#79 Eric Jones, RT

87 OVR

started 2011 + 2012

Best year: 2011 - 22 'cakes, 4 SA

Notes: He blocked, and he did it well. He started 28 games and never was in question of losing his job and he was reliable. What else do I gotta say?

#5 D.J. Banks, WR

89 OVR

started 2011 + 2012, playing since '09

Best year: 2012 - 36 rec, 669 yards, 8 TD, 261 YAC

Notes: Banks was a quick-footed WR who wasn't afraid to run any route we planned for him despite his 5'9" height. Banks could be playing RB at the next level, and despite the fact we didn't want to use him at returner for injury-risk purposes, he's pretty fast for that too. He was reliable.

#34 Darryl Farley, MLB

90 OVR

started 2009-2012, despite injury in 2011

Best year: 2010 - 100 tackles, 8 TFL, sack, 3 INT, 6 PD, FF

Notes: First 300+ tackler in Draggo's coaching history, also recorded 34 TFLs, 9 sacks, 8 picks, 18 PDs, 5 FF and 2 FRs in his career. Farley was a short 5'11" middle linebacker which made him elusive enough to be a block shredding machine who could also defend the pass extremely well. A great player and a leader on defense.

#17 Jarmon Fortson, WR

95 OVR

started 2011, 2012 after transferring from Florida State

Best year: 2012 - 88 rec, 1228 yards*, 10 TD, 470 YAC, 3 carries, 21 yards, TD, 4-4 passing, 45 yards, TD

Notes: Jarmon Fortson showed off his NFL-ready skills in 2012 showing he can be a true #1 WR, run the ball and throw the ball in the Wildcat if he's got too. Fortson just wants to play and make a difference. And make a difference he did. He broke Tulane's recieving record for a season in yards*, and only dropped one pass in his senior year. Fortson has great size, speed and hands for the NFL and has great awareness and that's why he'll be a 1st-round pick in this year's draft.

And with that, the seniors + Donny Richardson pack their Tulane bags and the season is over.

UP NEXT.. Recruiting Results

Iron Dragon
07-08-2010, 03:26 PM
Four seasons down and I'm two games from finishing season six as of now. So I've got you guys almost caught up.

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:40 PM

POS|Rank|Name|Caliber|State|OVR|Notable Stats
QB|#8|John Stegall|:r4star:|TX|79|81 THP, 85 THA
ATH-WR|#30|Taylor Mackey|:r3star:|LA|77|88 SPD, 77 CIT, 77 THP
WR|#26|Adrian Anderson|:r4star:|LA|76|83 SPD, 75 CTH, 78 RR
WR|#88|Arthur Bell|:r2star:|LA|73|79 SPD, 78 RR, 77 CIT
FB>TE|#5|Vernon Blair|:r2star:|LA|68|79 SPD, 86 IPB, 79 RBS
OT|#15|Brandon Lewis|:r4star:|LA|79|90 RBF
C|#33|Joel Ferwerda|:r2star:|LA|75|all-around good
OG|#43|Nick Butler|:r3star:|TX|75|81 IPB
DE|#44|Dwayne Johnson|:r3star:|AL|73|
DE|#32|Glen Wilkinson|:r3star:|TX|74|84 SPD
ATH>DT|#14|Marlin Nelson|:r3star:|AL|85|84 SPD, 79 ACC, 85 TKL
DT|#39|David Blair|:r3star:|MS|75|81 SPD
OLB|#26|Matt West|:r3star:|LA|73|86 PUR
MLB|#17|Cedric Kemp|:r3star:|FL|75|
OLB|#22|Frank Davis|:r3star:|TX|80|84 SPD, 82 PRC
OLB|#17|Bruce Meade|:r4star:|LA|75|
FS|#8|Kasey Capps|:r4star:|TX|80|89 TKL, 90 HPW
SS|#34|Brad Chase|:r3star:|LA|76|87 SPD, 85 ACC, 91 MCV

In all.. only 18 players, smaller than normal, but we lost 15, so we didn't need too much.

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:41 PM

We're not visiting anywhere we haven't been before this year, so no fancy "we're going here" on week __ this year on the schedule.



2|8/31|Louisiana Lafayette|3:30PM|C-/D+/C+

3|9/7|Kansas State|12:00PM|B/B-/B+

4|9/14|at SMU|8:00PM|C/C/C+




8|10/12|at UCF|3:30PM|B-/C/B



11|11/2|at Rice|3:30PM|C/C-/C+


13|11/16|at Southern Miss|12:30PM|B-/B-/B-

14|11/23|at #16 LSU|3:30PM|A/A-/A


Tulane's ratings: B OVR, B- OFF, B+ DEF

Early season projection: 8-4 to 11-1

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:41 PM

2013 Season Preview


1. Penn State

2. Alabama

3. Florida

4. Notre Dame

5. Ohio State

6. Michigan

7. USF

8. North Carolina

9. Virginia Tech

10. Georgia Tech

11. Wisky

12. Oregon State

13. Florida State

14. Arkansas

15. Texas

16. LSU

17. Miami

18. Colorado

19. Washington

20. Rutgers

21. WVU

22. Oklahoma

23. Missouri

24. UCLA

25. Tennessee

33. Tulane

36. UCF

37. Kansas State

44. Southern Miss

45. Auburn

57. Houston

63. ECU

67. UL Lafayette

73. Marshall

91. Tulsa

93. Memphis

108. Rice

114. SMU

115. UAB

116. UTEP


QB Casey Pachall, TCU

OLB Eddie Harper, Florida State

TE Stacy Collins, Alabama

TE Chris Turner, UNC

WR Jeremy Jackson, Arkansas


QB: Garrett Gilbert, Texas, 99

RB: Michael Ford, LSU, 99

FB: Taimi Tutogi, Arizona, 91

WR: Jaz Reynolds, Oklahoma, 99

TE: Logan Thomas, VT, 98

LT: Tim Hobbs, Ohio State, 97 (Lawrence Abrams - 2nd @ 95)

LG: Kevin Graf, USC, 98

C: Josh Wilford, LSU, 99 (Anthony Patterson - 6th @ 96)

RG: Carneal Ainsworth, LSU, 96

RT: Quinn Harris, VT, 97 (Rio Mares - 6th @ 91)

DE: Five players at 99

DT: Gary Brown, Florida, 98

OLB: Five players at 99

MLB: Jerome Meadows, Cal, 96

DB: Dre Kirkpatrick, Bama, 99

FS: Brad Robinson, Neb, 94

SS: Jamie Wood, tOSU, 97

K: Tinzen Ubekista, Tulane, 87 (along with Bryon Jones, LSU and Brian Parker, Florida)

P: Zach Grossnickle, Colorado, 88

Quickest player: Ryan Bolden, RB, Florida - 98 SPD

Most aware: Ishmael Aristide, FS, Purdue - 95 AWR

Hard to bring down: Michael Ford, RB, LSU - 99 BTK

Making some crazy catches: Matthew Higgins, WR, Miami - 99 SPC

On target: Garrett Gilbert, QB, Texas - 95 THA

Best returner: Caleb Lester, DB, UAB - 91 RET

UP NEXT.. Tulane 2013 roster

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:42 PM

2013 Roster


#81 TE/H-back Vernon Blair - 68 OVR

#89 WR Arthur Bell - 73 OVR

#98 DE Dwayne Johnson - 73 OVR

#94 OLB Matt West - 73 OVR

#91 DE Glen Wilkinson - 74 OVR

#67 C Joel Ferwerda - 75 OVR

#97 OLB Bruce Meade - 75 OVR

#99 DT David Blair - 75 OVR

#52 MLB Cedric Kemp - 75 OVR (JUCO)

#79 RG Nick Butler - 75 OVR

#36 SS Brad Chase - 76 OVR

#88 WR Adrian Anderson - 76 OVR

11 redshirts, 59 active players


QB #8 Marcus Minor - rSO - 81 OVR, 84 SPD, 87 THP, 78 THA

QB #3 John Stegall - FR - 79 OVR, 66 SPD, 81 THP, 85 THA

QB #16 Jamal Burns - rFR - 74 OVR, 76 SPD, 87 THP, 70 THA

RB #25 O.J. Clarke - SO - 87 OVR, 92 SPD, 86 BTK, 75 CAR

RB #7 Mike Marquardt - rFR - 81 OVR, 86 SPD, 82 BTK, 81 CAR

RB #10 Dan Thomas - rJR - 80 OVR, 87 SPD, 77 BTK, 86 CAR

RB #31 Payton Jason - rSR - 79 OVR, 87 SPD, 84 BTK, 70 CAR

FB #41 Eric Jones - rSR - 80 OVR

FB #28 Blake Walters - rFR - 76 OVR, 80 SPD

WR #2 Brandon Palmer - rJR - 83 OVR, 77 CTH, 84 RR, 84 CIT, 88 SPD

WR #9 Wilson Van Hooser - rSR - 83 OVR, 78 CTH, 78 RR, 77 CIT, 90 SPD

WR #1 Jordan Sullen - rSR - 83 OVR, 77 CTH, 76 RR, 77 CIT, 91 SPD

WR #87 J.D. Williams - rFR - 77 OVR, 86 SPD, 70 CTH, 79 RR, 76 CIT, 86 SPD

WR #84 Taylor Mackey - FR - 77 OVR, 67 CTH, 79 RR, 77 CIT, 88 SPD

TE #80 George Harrison - SR - 80 OVR, 86 CTH

TE #83 Chad Flowers - rSO - 77 SPD, 81 CTH

LT #77 Lawrence Abrams - rSR - 95 OVR, 92 PB, 87 RB

LT #78 Brandon Lewis - FR - 79 OVR, 85 PB, 76 RB

LG #63 Michael Landry - JR - 86 OVR, 85 PB, 86 RB

LG #75 Reggie Ross - rSO - 79 OVR

C #70 Anthony Patterson - rJR - 96 OVR, 98 PB, 89 RB

C #65 Ron Daniels - rSO - 83 OVR, 83 PB, 78 RB

RG #60 Jeff Keyes - rJR - 80 OVR, 81 PB, 85 RB

RG #68 Scott Rogers - rFR - 75 OVR

RT #72 Rio Mares - rSR - 91 OVR, 88 PB, 87 RB

RT #64 Chris White - rJR - 83 OVR, 87 PB, 86 RB

RT #62 John Williams - rSO - 79 OVR

LE #53 Harry CiGar - SR - 82 OVR, 80 SPD

LE #93 Christian Martindale - SR - 79 OVR, 82 SPD

LE #49 Dustin Peterson - rSO - 77 OVR, 71 SPD

RE #66 Stephen Harris - SO - 83 OVR, 72 SPD

RE #95 Dwayne Horne - SO - 80 OVR, 85 SPD

DT #71 Marlin Nelson - FR - 85 OVR, 84 SPD, 83 STR

DT #58 Derek Lawson - rSO - 83 OVR, 76 SPD, 83 STR

DT #90 Melvin Dickson - rSO - 79 OVR, 77 TKL

DT #92 Joe Childs - rSO - 75 OVR, 50 SPD [laugh]

DT #96 Jared McCoy - rFR - 75 OVR, 72 SPD

LOLB #45 Kyle Dickson - rJR - 88 OVR, 86 SPD, 93 AGI, 88 TKL

LOLB #51 Jay Kerr - SO - 80 OVR, 86 SPD

ROLB #55 Jason Nolen - JR - 85 OVR, 85 SPD, 91 ACC, 85 TKL

ROLB #57 Frank Davis - FR - 80 OVR, 84 SPD, 80 TKL

ROLB #56 Lamont Coleman - rSO - 79 OVR, 84 SPD

MLB #50 Terrance Carr - SO - 89 OVR, 88 SPD, 86 TKL

MLB #59 Ralph Hall - rSO - 81 OVR, 74 SPD, 80 BS

MLB #54 Brandon Lewis - rFR - 80 OVR, 87 BS

DB #26 JJ Black - SR - 87 OVR, 90 SPD, 93 MAN

DB #6 Erik Madison - rSO - 87 OVR, 92 MAN, 93 ZONE

DB #21 Sammy Boudreaux - SR - 84 OVR, 87 SPD, 90 ACC

DB #13 Shakiel Smith - rSR - 82 OVR, 90 SPD, 91 ACC

DB #39 Wade Brooks - rFR - 82 OVR

DB #20 Corey Bratton - rFR - 80 OVR

DB #35 Keenan Tate - rSO - 78 OVR

FS #48 Kasey Capps - FR - 80 OVR, 89 TKL

FS #23 Samuel Brooks - SR - 79 OVR, 97 MAN

SS #33 Gregory Hallinsworth - SR - 85 OVR, 88 SPD, 89 MAN

SS #30 Scott Barrett - SO - 88 SPD, 88 ZONE

K/P #12 Tinzen Ubekista - SR - 87 OVR, 89 KP/KA

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:43 PM
Week 1 Around the NCAA


NC State 17, ECU 3

Baylor 48, Rice 14

TCU 34, SMU 20


#18 Colorado 31, Colorado State 26

USC 31, #7 USF 7

#11 Wisky 22, #12 Oregon State 17

Fresno State 28, #20 Rutgers 23

#5 Ohio State 42, Cal 10

Thursday Night Kickoff: Ohio 21, Louisville 14

Thursday Night Kickoff II: Syracuse 20, Northwestern 17

UP NEXT.. vs UL-Lafayette (DNP, 0-0)

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:43 PM
Minor named starter, doesn't disappoint, Tulane shows off new weapons

NEW ORLEANS, LA -- Jarmon Fortson. Gone. D.J. Banks. Gone. Donny Richardson. Gone. Devin Figaro. Gone. D.J. Ponder. Gone. The trio of linebackers. Gone.

Brandon Palmer. J.D. Williams. Marcus Minor. O.J. Clarke. The new trio. Here.

Seems like a brand new team took the field for Tulane on Saturday afternoon. 4 starters gone on defense, 6 on offense. And it didn't take long to replace him. The big question was - who's the QB - Stegall or Minor? Marcus Minor took the starting job and it didn't take long for him to make an impact. After UL-Lafayette's failed first drive, Minor started out 3-for-3 (and eventually 7-for-7), and led Tulane down to the 2 and then Clarke put it in for six. Three minutes later, Minor showed his arm and found Wilson Van Hooser for a 59 yard TD pass where Hooser shook off a safety and dove past another into the endzone to cap off the play and give Tulane a 14-0 lead at the break.

Minor continued his hotstreak with a 17 yard TD pass to Jordan Sullen, now up 21-0. ULL finally broke into the endzone with a 16 yard TD pass from first time starter QB Wesley. After a Marcus Minor fumble on a bad snap, ULL got the ball and got a quick FG to make it 21-10 with 80 seconds left in the 2nd. However, Minor upset over his last turnover, led the team down the field and ran it in himself for a 4 yard TD to end the half up 28-10.

Ubekista's 38 yard FG was the lone score in the third and for a span until three minutes left in the game. After trading punts, Tulane pulled out the starting teams and John Stegall got his chance to be a Tulane QB. He found J.D. Williams for a 17 yard TD, and put Tulane up 38-10. Wesley for ULL trying to replace a QB who had 30 TDs last year and a bowl-winning season got another TD with a minute to go. Running out the clock, Dan Thomas scored on a 2 yard TD run and the final was 45-10.

Marcus Minor: 14/21 passing, 223 yards, 2 TD, 12 rush yards, TD
John Stegall: 6/10 passing, 102 yards, TD
O.J. Clarke: 15 carries, 105 yards, TD, 2 rec, 26 yards, 15.5/yards a PR
Dan Thomas: TD rush
Brandon Palmer: 5 rec, 58 yards
Jordan Sullen: 3 rec, 34 yards, TD | J.D. Williams: 3 rec, 62 yards, TD
Wilson Van Hooser: 2 rec, 83 yards, TD
Gregory Hallinsworth: 8 tackles
Terrence Carr: 6 tackles
Jay Kerr: 4 tackles
Kyle Dickson: 3 tackles, 2 TFL
Jason Nolen: 3 tackles, TFL
Derek Lawson: 2 TFL, Sack
Erik Madison: 2 tackles, 3 deflections
Tinzen Ubekista: 1/1 FG, 6/6 XP, 42.0 punt average

UL-L: Ronnie Welsey 20/40 passing 221 yards 2 TD (r-FR)

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:44 PM
Week 2 Around the NCAA


UAB 26, Arkansas St. 8

UTEP 34, Northwestern St. 3

Tulsa 34, Georgia St. 10

Houston 31, North Texas 18

UCF 24, FIU 12

Oklahoma State 52, SMU 7

Nebraska 10, Southern Miss 9

ECU 44, #8 Virginia Tech 16 [wow][wow][wow]

Memphis 23, Mid Tenn St. 14

Texas 33, Rice 0


#1 Penn State 28, Virginia 21

#7 North Carolina 10, #9 GT 0

#4 Notre Dame 24, #6 Michigan 20

TCU 20, #14 LSU 17

#3 Florida 28, #15 Miami 21

#20 Washington 13, #2 Alabama 10

#21 WVU 35, #11 FSU 16

TOP 25 MAJOR CHANGES.. UNC up to #4, Wisky up to #6, Bama to 7, USC has went from 37 to 12, VT from 8 to 24

NEXT UP: Kansas State (1-0)

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:45 PM

1. KSU QB Jason Atkinson is just making his second ever start.

Last week against UL-L, Tulane played against first-time starter Ray Wesley who struggled at times and was rushed against Tulane's quickest defense yet. In their 27-7 win over Louisville, Atkinson threw a pair of picks and was sacked twice. However, once Atkinson got the ball going to his recievers, the passing went smoothly and he went 28-for-41.

2. KSU recievers Sheldon Smith and Marcus Kennard spread the field easily.

Last week, we didn't a set of great receivers, but this week, Sheldon Smith (90, 93 ACC) and Marcus Kennerd (85, 91 SPD) can easily have big games. Kennard had a 121-yard game against Louisville, and both guys can make people miss after the catch and turn it upfield. When they aren't passing, Brandon Finely out of the backfield is dangerous as he's a mix of power and speed who had 130 yards and 2 TDs last week.

3. Marcus Minor's first big test.

UL-L's defense was not-so-great against the pass while KSU's secondary could be one of the best in the Big XII. Ian Peters (91), Nick Foster (88), Patrick Quinn (87), Ronnie Williams (86), Robin Adkins (84) are players we could be hearing alot on Saturday, all planning to make an impact. All of them are quick and all of them can make plays.

4. No starters worse than 80 OVR on KSU's defense.

Going against anyone on this defense will be a challenge. Kansas State's DEs all have more than 80 SPD and ACC, while their DTs are big and strong, and their linebackers have a trio themselves, with true sophomore 2012 Bednarik award winner Nick Thompson on the right side, who had 6 TFLs and 3 sacks against Louisville. Last year he had a monster year with 92 tackles (14 TFL), 5 sacks, 3 picks, 6 PDs, 5 FFs and a blocked kick. He could be the one to watch on this defense, but we should be watching everyone.

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:45 PM

Despite 4 turnover day, Minor's 381 passing yards too much

Tulane's next big WR is discovered

NEW ORLEANS -- Wilson Van Hooser has been worse than 4th on the depth chart in all of his years a Green Wave, and as a senior, he's found his way to the top of the charts and he's making the most out of it as he caught 8 passes for 157 yards and set up touchdowns on saturday against K-State. Van Hooser has almost 250 yards in two games this year. Meanwhile, Marcus Minor passed up 600 yards already on the season with his 381 on the day.

Anyways, on to the recap.. Kansas State scored first on a 57-yard pick six by Hester, but then Tulane tied it at 7 with O.J. Clarke's 10 yard trot to the endzone and that was the score after one. Marcus Minor found Brandon Palmer for a 14 yard score to make it 14-7, then Jordan Sullen for a 2 yard TD pass to make it 21-7. KSU closed the gap after a 17 yard TD pass from Atkinson to Sheldon Smith, and then Marcus Minor lost the ball on a option and KSU got a last-second FG out of that, to make it 21-17 at the half.

Minor's 5 yard TD pass to George Harrison gave him confidence after throwing pick #2 on Tulane's opening drive of the second half, however his third pick of the game set up KSU's 7 yard TD pass, but a tipped XP was no good and made it 28-23 with one quarter left to play.

In the game's final quarter, Tulane put the game away with two more touchdowns on O.J. Clarke's 14 yard sideline tip-toe run with a dive over a defender to end the run to start the 4th, and then Dan Thomas got a 1 yard TD run replacing Mike Marquardt as Tulane's 2nd RB who was injured in the mid-4th on a kickoff. Marquardt should return after the BYE week. Kansas State's desperation ended on a Nelson's back-to-back sacks, his second & third of the day, and Tulane won 42-23.


Marcus Minor: 24/31 passing, 381 yards, 3 TD, 3 INT, 10 car, 41 rush yards, fumb lost

O.J. Clarke: 13 carries, 84 yards, 2 TD, 2 rec, 17 yards

Dan Thomas: 6 carries, 19 yards, TD

Wilson Van Hooser: 8 rec, 157 yards

George Harrison: 6 rec, 70 yards, TD

Brandon Palmer: 5 rec, 106 yards, TD

Jordan Sullen: 2 rec, 17 yards, TD

Marlin Nelson: 10 tackles, 6 TFL, 3 sacks

Jason Nolen: 6 tackles, 2 TFL, INT

JJ Black: 8 tackles

Hallinsworth: 3 tackles / Brooks: 2 tackles

Ubekista: 59.0 avg/punt

K-STATE: Atkinson 21/37 301 yards 2 TD INT / Finley (inj. 3rd qtr - did not return) 17 car 58 yards [only 3 carries for k-state after his injury or so]

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:46 PM


Memphis 23, Ark. State 10

Marshall 19, UAB 7

#21 Oklahoma 42, Tulsa 0

Akron 33, UTEP 20

Baylor 31, SMU 14

Wake Forest 31, Rice 21

UCF 57, Temple 10 (UCF: two defensive TDs totaling just 14 yards)

Houston 31, Sam Houston State 17

ECU 23, USM 14


#4 North Carolina 24, #5 Ohio State 17

Oklahoma St. 42, #19 Oregon State 18 (0-2)

Sparty 28, #2 ND 14

#7 Alabama 23, #8 Arkansas 12

CURRENT TOP 10: 1. Penn State, 2. UNC, 3. Florida, 4. Alabama, 5. Wisky, 6. Michigan, 7. Texas, 8. Ohio State, 9. USC (who was unranked to start the year!!), 10. Washington, 16. TCU, 23. USF (somehow still ranked at 1-2), 24. Fresno State

*Gregory Hallinsworth: C-USA Defensive Player of the Week with 2 FF and a FR along with three tackles.

*Marcus Minor's 190.8 QB rating is top in the NCAA

*Wilson Van Hooser's 24 yards a catch is fourth in the NCAA.

NEXT: at SMU (0-3)

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:47 PM

Minor's 5 TD day too much for Mustangs

Tulane passed it's first road test on Saturday night as they beat SMU 48-22, as SMU had a TD in garbage time to cut the 48-14 lead to 48-22 in the final minutes.

Marcus Minor played great despite throwing 2 INT's (including one being returned 101 yards for a TD), scoring 5 TDs on the day, and John Stegall scored his first TD on a fake field goal. SMU fell to 0-4 as Kyle Padron continued to struggle going 15-for-41 on the day. SMU still has no run game as they have no good backs just getting 34 yards on 15 carries.

Without SMU's garbage TD and the pick-six, Tulane blew out SMU. They had 535 offense yards to SMU's 249 yards. Tulane as a team went 26-for-39 passing for 375 yards and 5 TDs. They also added 160 yards on the ground, showing that their new mix of spread & power on offense is working well in the 2013 season.

Tinzen Ubekista continued his perfect FG run on the year, hitting two more attempts on the day, as he is obviously improved from his woes a year ago. Jinx! We hope not. He also continues to hit almost 50 or more yards a punt a game.

Last week, Wilson Van Hooser had 157 yards and 8 catches.. this week he caught 11 passes for 143 yards and a pair of TDs, starting to become an outside chance at winning the NCAA's best WR award. Also catching TDs on the day were Brandon Palmer and Jordan Sullen from Minor, and Stegall found Chad Flowers for six. On the ground, Marcus Minor had 25 yards and score, and O.J. Clarke had 108 rush yards, 27 receiving, and 40 on punt returns, as he continues to be our all-purpose back.

With the win, Tulane is now 3-0 and SMU is 0-4.


Marcus Minor: 24-for-37 passing, 331 yards, 4 TD, 2 INT, 25 rush yards, rush TD

John Stegall: 1-1, 26 yards, TD / Burns: 1-1, 18 yards

O.J. Clarke: 16 carries, 108 yards

Jordan Sullen: 3 rec, 94 yards, TD

Harrison: Catch, 22 yards / Flowers: 26 yard TD rec / Palmer: 3-35, TD

Harry CiGar: 4 tackles, 2 TFL, Sack

Derek Larson: Sack

Marlin Nelson: Sack

Jason Nolen; INT

Ubekista: 2-for-2 FG, 50.0yds/punt

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:49 PM


Arizona 42, ECU 40 - Arizona's 30 yard TD pass with 47 seconds to go sealed the deal.

UAB 17, Bowling Green 13

Memphis 26, Tulsa 13

Houston 24, UTEP 14 - Houston's first 3-0 start since the days of Case Keenum

UCF 30, Marshall 17

KU 28, Rice 6

Southern Miss 33, Northern Iowa 0


#1 Penn State 30, #20 Missouri 20

#16 TCU 44, Wyoming 6 - Despite going 5-7 last year, Wyoming is 0-4 this year and J.T. Wallenstein is on the Hot Seat.

NC State 20, #2 North Carolina 14

Oregon 33, #9 USC 21


Yes, the C-USA has some of that, Rod Davis of Memphis has pretty good stats through 3 games.. 29 rec, 600 yards, 4 TD, 200 yards a game, 292 yards after the catch. Oh my.


> Tulane BYE week.


Memphis 30, UTEP 25 - Memphis 4-0

UAB 31, Rice 7 - UAB 3-1

Houston 20, Tulsa 14 - Houston 4-0

The Ville 16, USM 9

Marshall 21, SMU 14


BYU 29, Wyoming 10 - Wyoming drops to 0-5 against a team that had a worse record then them last year (and yes, we did lose to them)

#16 USC 31, #8 Washington 10 - USC continues on the top 25 rollercoaster

#4 Wisconsin 38, #1 Penn State 17 - Wisconsin makes it case for #1 upsetting Penn State in Happy Valley

TOP 15

1. Wisconsin (34)*

2. Florida (25)*

3. Alabama

4. Texas (2)*

5. Michigan

6. Ohio State

7. Penn State

8. Notre Dame

9. UNC

10. Miami

11. Georgia Tech**

12. TCU*

13. USC

14. Oklahoma*

15. Washington

21. Fresno State*

31. UCF*

32. Tulane*


*two losses

> Fresno State's WR Richard Love moves to #1 in the Heisman race, while Memphis WR falls out.. Love has 36 rec for 456 yards and 8 TD this year. Casey Pachall (QB, TCU) is 2nd, and Tony Fletcher (QB, Florida) despite only 2:1 TD:INT ratios round out the top 3. In the QB snubbing race is Marcus Minor (Highest QB rating, 3rd most yards per game, highest comp. %), David Martin of USC (11-4 TD:INT), and Chris Siegel of Notre Dame (9-0 TD:INT). Minor needs love!

UP NEXT: vs Houston (4-0)

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:50 PM

Tulane still C-USA's top dog, continues defense & offensive dominance

NEW ORLEANS, LA --- Obviously Ron Draggo was mad after giving up big yards near the end of the 2012 season on the ground and for the 3rd straight week, held a team to under 100 rushing yards (we gave up 102 to UL-L, however 26 came on a WR reverse). They've also held team's top backs to low YPC.. UL-L 3.7, KSU 3.4, SMU 3.7, and now Houston 4.0. Meanwhile, the offense continues to score in the 40s, with 45, 42 and 48 points coming into today's game against 4-0 Houston. The most points Houston had allowed so far this year was 18, and that would change on this day.

Tulane didn't waste time getting on the board as Marcus Minor found Wilson Van Hooser for a 47 yard score, after a Houston punt on Tulane's first drive. Houston tied the score just 12 seconds later on Thompson's 90 yard kick return for TD. Houston's Berry hit a 31-yard FG and Houston led 10-7 after one.

However, that quickly changed as Marcus Minor scored on a 16 yard QB draw. Later in the quarter, Marcus Minor's 4 yard TD to Wilson Van Hooser made it 21-10, and Ubekista's 47 yard FG with one second left in the half gave Tulane a 24-10 lead. Tulane extended the lead on Marcus Minor's 12 yard strike to Chad Flowers in the 3rd, the lone score of that quarter. After a Minor pick, Houston got back into the game with a 22 yard TD pass to cut the lead to 31-17.

But the Cougars were really never back in it, after Wilson Van Hooser's 60 yard reception to the 1, a hurry-up offense pass play to Van Hooser gave him a 1 yard TD, his third TD catch of the day. After a failed fourth down attempt, Houston gave the ball back to Tulane at midfield, and what should have been a clock-milking drive turned into a terrible defensive call for Houston, bringing a safety blitz and O.J. Clarke went 50 yards untouched to the house, and that would cap off the game's final score of 45-17.


Marcus Minor: 18-for-26 passing, 348 yards, 4 TD, INT, 7 carries, 24 yards, TD

O.J. Clarke: 22 carries, 161 yards, TD, 1-1 pass, 12 yards (HB pass to J.D. Williams), 1 rec, 8 yards, 53 KR yards, 37 PR yards [31 touches, 273 yards]

Wilson Van Hooser: 7 receptions, 164 yards, 3 TD

Jordan Sullen: 3 receptions, 112 yards

Flowers: 2 rec, 22 yards, TD / Harrison: 2-16 / Mackey 2-14

Stephen Harris: 2 TFL, Sack

Marlin Nelson: 2 TFL, 2 Sacks

Brooks, Black: 4 tackles each

Bordeaux: 3 tackles

Kasey Capps: Tackle, FF, FR

Tinzen Ubekista: 1-1 FG, 6-6 XP



Virginia Tech 20, Marshall 13

SMU 13, UAB 6

ECU 38, Rice 9

Memphis 13, UCF 6 - Memphis 5-0

Southern Miss 30, Tulsa 21


#1 Wisky 24, Illinois 0

#4 Texas 21, #14 Oklahoma 14

Indiana 32, #5 Michigan 7

Arizona State 27, #8 Notre Dame 24

Ole Miss 20, #2 Florida 15

Maryland 23, #9 UNC 12

San Diego State 31, #12 TCU 28

TOP 10: 1. Wisconsin, 2. Texas, 3. tOSU, 4. Penn State, 5. Miami, 6. GT, 7. Florida, 8. USC, 9. Washington, 10. Michigan, 14. Maryland (NR LW), 15. Indiana (NR LW), 17. Fresno State, 23. UCLA (10th in AP, NR LW, 5-0).

HEISMAN: Love for Richard Love, who's still #1.


Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:51 PM
Ubekista's missed 57 yard field goal lone problem in crushing of UTEP

Tinzen Ubekista's missed 57 yard field goal in the 4th quarter was the only problem in Tulane's 40-7 win over the Miners of El Paso on Saturday afternoon. Marcus Minor's momentum and confidence grew some more, throwing for 288 yards and 3 TDs and no turnovers. Tulane as a team had no turnovers, while Kyle Dickson improvised on a UTEP INT and scored on a 33 yard pick-six.

Despite his miss in the 4th, Ubekista hit FGs from 32, 38, 27 and 33 yards out. O.J. Clarke didn't find the endzone again in this one, but had 102 yards on the ground (22 carries), 59 yards recieving (3 catches), and 55 punt return yards (6 returns).

Wilson Van Hooser continued his great year with a pair of TD catches and 21.6 yards per catch, while Jordan Sullen had a TD and an average of 11.3 YPC. Tulane had no sacks in this game - the first time this year.

UTEP could never get anything going all day with their return yards totaling up more than their offensive yards, and they were held to just 110 passing yards, a season-low on defense for Tulane, and just 85 rush yards. Their lone score was a 9 yard TD pass in the early 2nd quarter in their only trip to the red zone. UTEP's kicker also missed two attempts: one from 46 yards and one from 52 at the end of the 1st half.

Marcus Minor: 18-for-33 passing, 288 yards, 3 TD, 16 rush yards
O.J. Clarke: 22 rush att, 102 yards, 3 rec, 59 yards
Jordan Sullen: 8 catches, 91 yards, TD
Wilson Van Hooser: 6 catches, 130 yards, 2 TD
Lawrence Abrams: 5 pancakes
Kyle Dickson: 2 tackles, INT, TD
Scott Barrett: 6 tackles, INT, FF
Ubekista: 4-5 FG, miss from 57

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:51 PM


West Virginia 16, Marshall 13

Houston 37, Memphis 0 - A team we beat 45-17 blanks a 5-0 squad

Tulsa 38, Rice 14

Southern Miss 26, UCF 20 2OT - USM's game-winning score went the entire 25 yards.

ECU 27, SMU 3


Minnesota 38, #10 Michigan 14 - Indiana last week, Minnesota this week

#3 Ohio State 42, #1 Wisconsin 19 - Buckeyes could move into the #1 spot with a loss

#13 Florida St. 17, #5 Miami 14

#14 Maryland 14, Troy 7 - After moving 17 spots to #14, Maryland gets just 14 points in a win

#17 Fresno State 28, North Texas 23 - Richard Love's 125 yard day was capped off with the game-winning 13 yard TD catch with :59 left.

#2 Texas 52, #11 Colorado 20

Northwestern 31, #15 Indiana 18 - Indiana in the top 25? Ha!

Stanford 27, #9 Washington 10

TOP 10: 1. Texas*, 2. Ohio State, 3. Penn State, 4. Florida, 5. GT, 6. USC, 7. Wisconsin, 8. Maryland*, 9. FSU, 10. Miami, 12. Fresno State*, 13. UCLA*, 25. Missouri (159 votes), 26. Tulane (158!!, no. 25 in AP)

UP NEXT: at 3-2 UCF

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:52 PM

Week 8 & Week 9: Tulane football

Week 8: at UCF

The main contender to us of the C-USA ever since their transfer dominance a few years back is UCF. We return to BrightHouse Network(?) Stadium for the second time where Chinoso Echebelum won the game for us back in August? Yeah. Tulane's first half took them to a 20-14 lead. Wilson Van Hooser had a 25 yard TD grab from Minor, and a 2 yard TD reception over to the freshman Mr. Mackey (his first TD). Ubekista's 28 + 34 yard field goals got us to 20. Meanwhile for the Knights, Muhammad for UCF had 2 1st half rush TDs.

In the second half, Ubekista's 21 yard FG made it 23-14, and then a 1 yard TD pass for UCF made it 23-21. O.J. Clarke's 13 yard TD run made it 30-21, but Brandon Rich's 43 yard TD pass to Key made it 30-27, however the XP was no good, keeping it at a field goal with 2:21 to play. UCF stopped Tulane to get the ball back, but since they wanted to go for the win than force it to OT, their over aggressiveness forced them to be intercepted at Tulane's 38 yard line by Erik Madison with 37 seconds to go.

PotG: Marcus Minor 26/32 283 yards 2 TD

Week 9: Marshall

Remember when Darius Marshall was Marshall's lead of success? He's been long gone. Tinzen Ubekista broke a Tulane record, but not a C-USA record with a 62 yard FG in the 2nd quarter. He also had FGs made from 48 and 40. O.J. Clarke had a pair of TD runs while Dan Thomas caught one, and Eric Jones caught another in a 37-0 win.

PotG: O.J. Clarke 25 car 138 yards 2 TD 2 rec 23 yards

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:52 PM
Tulane's improbable comeback almost falls short, but defeats Auburn on last gasp 40 yard TD pass

NEW ORLEANS -- Trailing 22-7 was a big hole for Tulane to overcome, much like me trying to remember I game I played back on May 21st. Tyrik Rollison's pair of 1st quarter TD passes put Auburn up 13-0 (minus one XP), on two short TDs, that is.

Tulane found their groove when O.J. Clarke had a 8 yard TD run, but Ray's 27 yard FG made it 16-7 at the half. In the early third, Auburn returned someone's fumble from Tulane back 56 yards to the house (who it was, I don't know), and they went for two and didn't get it. Then Dan Thomas' 14 yard TD scamper put Tulane down 22-13, but they failed to get the two point conversion. Headed to the early 4th, Jordan Sullen was on the recieving end of a 7 yard TD putting Tulane down 22-20.

Then came the 24 second mark of the game where Tulane faced a 4th & 4 from Auburn's 40 yard line, making it a 57 yard FG. Instead of kicking the field goal, Tulane went for it, and in dramatic fashion, sophomore QB Marcus Minor hit freshman Taylor Mackey over the middle for what seemed to be a 7 or 8 yard gain until Mackey sped away from Auburn defenders and wound up in the endzone on the 40 yard TD play with 16 seconds to go, capping a three-TD comeback in the game's final 10 minutes.

To cap off the game, Auburn's Tyrik Rollison was intercepted on the game's final play well short of the endzone.


Marcus Minor: 23-41, 253 yards, 2 TD, INT, 16 carries, 119 yards
Dan Thomas: 15 car, 70 yards, TD, 3 rec, 32 yards
O.J. Clarke: 6 car, 36 yards, TD
Wilson Van Hooser: 7 recpetions, 72 yards
Taylor Mackey: 2 rec, 57 yards, TD
Marlin Nelson: 5 tackles, 3 TFL

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:53 PM
NCAA Update

Top 25

1. Maryland(33) [Yes, Maryland is #1, and I'm not sure how either]

2. Texas(27)

3. Fresno State(1)

4. Ohio State

5. Florida

6. Alabama

7. UNC

8. Georgia Tech

9. Tulane (no. 8 BCS)

10. UCLA

11. AZ State

12. Wisky

13. Michigan

14. Florida St.

15. USC

16. Penn State

17. Oklahoma

18. Notre Dame

19. Nebraska

20. Mississippi

21. Iowa

22. Stanford

23. VT

24. WVU

25. TCU


Garrett Gilbert, QB, Texas (16 TD, 4 INT, 6 Rush TD)

Richard Love, WR, Fresno (60 rec, 754 yards, 9 TD, 800 ret yards)

Marcus Minor, QB, Tulane (22 TD, 7 INT, 3 Rush TD)

Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio State (225 car, 1162 yards, 9 TD)

Drew Allen, QB, Oklahoma (18 TD, 16 INT, 4 Rush TD)


Maxwell: Marcus Minor 3rd

O'Brien: Marcus Minor 3rd

Walker: O.J. Clarke 5th

WR: Wilson Van Hooser 2nd

Groza: Tinzen Ubekista 7th


at Rice (0-9)

Tulsa (3-6)

at Southern Miss (4-5)

at LSU (4-4)

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:54 PM
Tulane 51, Rice 0

Tulane went on over to Texas and handed Rice another crushing loss. Tulane improved to 9-0 while the Owls fell to 0-10.

Marcus Minor was the star of the show throwing 5 first half TD passes, two to Wilson Van Hooser (4, 71 yards), two to Brandon Palmer (19, 11 yards) and one to Taylor Mackey (15 yards). His five TDs gave Tulane a 35-0 lead as the Heisman hopeful took a seat on the bench at the half.

In the second half, Tulane only scored a pair of TDs, one coming on Gregory Hallinsworth's 91 yard option pitch pickoff, on what seemed to be Rice's only scoring opportunity as it was their only trip to the redzone. Tinzen Ubekista hit a 25 yard FG and 3rd-string QB Jamal Burns had a 1 yard TD run one play after ripping Rice's defense up the middle on a QB draw for 42 yards.

Marcus Minor's 16-27 for 231 yards and 5 TD (plus 67 rush yards) performance moved him to 2nd in the Heisman race. Meanwhile, backup QBs John Stegall and Jamal Burns both went perfect on passing in the second half. Also the defense recorded four sacks including one by JJ Black (who was subbed in as a LB?) on a 4th & 18 - the game's final play.


Tulane 45, Tulsa 17

Tulsa rushed Marcus Minor like crazy on this day only leading to one TD throw but that blitzing defense was prone to the run game where O.J. Clarke had a career day on the Golden Hurricane defense.

Clarke accounted for 300+ yards on Tulsa's defense and four TDs on the day - his best day of his short Tulane career. Despite an early pick-six, Tulane quickly made this game another rout. Marcus Minor had just one pass TD to Clarke, but he also ran for two scores and showed great duel-threat ability.

But the star of the show was O.J. Clarke who had a 3 yard TD run, a 49 yard TD run (his most impressive, cutting from the right side of the field, slipping his way through defenders all the way to the left side and into the endzone. He got through about four defenders on this run.), a 27 yard TD run and a 2 yard TD catch.

On the defensive side, Tulane had 3 sacks, also on special teams, Tinzen Ubekista hit a career high 54.2 yards a punt with all five of his punts landing inside Tulsa's 20 yard line.

Now Tulane sits at 10-0 with two road games to go: 5-5 Southern Miss and 4-6 LSU.


Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:54 PM


#3 Fresno State was upended up Utah State on the road 20-17 in OT. Utah State's coach called it "the greatest victory in Utah State athletics history", Utah State were two-TD underdogs. Fresno State's BCS hopes crushed.

#9 Arizona State falls from Pac-10 lead with loss to 3-win Cal 24-14.

Stanford's 0-4 start now has them 6-4 and sitting at #17 due to wins over USC, UCLA. Next up has them taking on #12 Notre Dame.

Army looks to crack top 25 for first time in who knows how long. The Black Knights resume includes a 34-10 win at Stanford.

TOP 10

1. Maryland (32)

2. Texas (27)

3. Tulane (2)

4. Ohio State

5. Florida

6. Alabama

7. UNC

8. GT


10. Michigan

14. Fresno State

22. Auburn

30. Army


1. Garrett Gilbert, QB, Texas - 2709 yards, 22 TD, 5 INT, 410 rush, 6 TD

2. Marcus Minor, QB, Tulane - 2762 yards, 28 TD, 8 INT, 338 rush, 5 TD

3. Boo Anderson, LB, Utah - 111 tackles, 35 TFL, 11 sacks, 3 INT, 5 FF


Maxwell - 2. Marcus Minor (1st - Garrett Gilbert)

O'Brien - 2. Marcus Minor (1st - Garrett Gilbert)

Walker - 5. O.J. Clarke (1st - Carlos Hyde)

Best WR - 2. Wilson Van Hooser (1st - Willie Jefferson, Baylor)


at 5-5 Southern Miss (Battle for the Bell)

at 4-6 LSU (Tiger Rag)

C-USA Championship (ECU if they beat UAB, if not.. Southern Miss if they beat Tulane OR Memphis if they beat Marshall OR UCF (no C-USA games remaining, will advance to C-USA title with ECU loss, USM loss and Memphis loss))

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:55 PM
USM's offense has more yards, but loses 41-13

So the Battle for the Bell was won by Tulane, for the first time, on the road under Ron Draggo. Southern Miss may have had more yards than Tulane on the offensive side of the ball but it really didn't matter as two of Tulane's 5 TDs came on defense and special teams.

Marcus Minor got the scoring started on a 3 yard QB draw with 14 seconds left in the 1st half, just one drive after being picked off at the goal-line by USM. USM tied the game mid-way through the 2nd with a 4 yard TD run by their QB. But on the ensuing kickoff, senior DB Shakiel Smith returned the kickoff from the 15, slipped through a couple defenders and ran down the left side for a KR TD. After a USM punt, Marcus Minor found Brandon Palmer for a 29 yard TD pass, Palmer's 3rd TD in the last three games. Then, down 21-7 USM looked to get at least 3 before the half, just until a pass was unthrown into the hands of Sammy Bordeaux and he returned it 51 yards to the house giving Tulane a 28-7 halftime advantage.

Tinzen Ubekista nailed two FGs in the 3rd, a 40 and 43 yarder. USM had a 15 yard TD pass but missed on the two point try. The game was sealed 33 seconds into the 4th quarter with Marcus Minor's 16 yard TD pass to a wide open Wilson Van Hooser, who is closing on Jarmon Fortson's recieving yards in a season record, which was just set last year. The final quarter was scoreless after that and Tulane won 41-13.


Marcus Minor: 12-for-20 passing, 176 yards (lowest on the season?), 2 TD, INT, 11 car, 69 yards, TD
O.J. Clarke: 7 car, 37 yards, 2 rec, 37 yards
Brandon Palmer: 2 rec, 42 yards, TD / Hooser: 2-33-TD
Samuel Brooks: 9 tackles, 2 TFL (one on 3rd & 2, one on 4th & 1)
Sammy Boudreaux: 6 tackles, TFL, INT, TD
Marlin Nelson: 4 tackles, 2 TFL, Sack
Shakiel Smith: 3 KR, 135 yards, 85 yard TD

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:55 PM
LSU surely doesn't look like a 4-7 team, but four picks doesn't help either

BATON ROUGE -- Well, if the streak of 22 straight losses to LSU was gonna end, it was gonna probably be today. A 11-0 Tulane with the Rose Bowl on their mind for the biggest of them all takes on a 4-7 LSU team with nothing to play for except for the fact that's it a rivalry and senior day. They've got nothing to lose. For QB Marcus Minor, this could be the game that could deliver him a Heisman trophy in December based on his performance.

Why is LSU 4-7? Well, for one, they have a 74 OVR true freshman QB, but that's because their starter got injured early in the year who is alot better, but the freshman ain't that bad. Well, maybe he isn't great. Erik Madison had a 70 yard pick six to start out the game, putting Tulane up 7-0 after one. O.J. Clarke's 3 yard TD run made it 14-0. Tinzen Ubekista's 50 yard FG extended the lead to 17-0. LSU cut the lead to 17-3 with a 53 yard FG, the a 64 yard TD pass just before halftime.

LSU tied the game up on a 47 yard fumble return on a punt return. LSU continued to fight until Tulane broke through on Marcus Minor's 1 yard TD pass to Chad Flowers, putting them up 24-17. Tinzen Ubekista's 45 yard FG put the game up to a 27-17 score with 5:30 to play. LSU's backup RB took his only carry of the game with inside four minutes to go and it was a good one as he scored a TD to cut the lead back to a one-possession game as Les Miles' Tigers didn't give up.

After a Tulane punt, LSU had one final chance to win or tie the game. LSU started to move down the field until Erik Madison intercepted LSU QB Eric Lacey with 57 seconds left and sealed Tulane's first victory against LSU in forever, and Ron Draggo's first win against LSU in five tries. #3 Tulane 27, LSU 24.

This is Tulane's first perfect regular season also in 15 years (they did not play LSU in 1998). Ron Draggo said after the game, "I am so proud of this team. We got it done, 12-0 and we could still get in the BCS title. We're outsiders but we've got the guys to take it all."


Marcus Minor: 20-for-30 passing, 233 yards, TD, 16 car, 47 yards

O.J. Clarke: 19 carries, 55 yards, TD

Terrance Carr: 10 tackles, INT

Erik Madison: 5 tackles, 2 INT, Def TD

Samuel Brooks: INT

NEXT UP: The #3 Green Wave take on ECU for the C-USA title and a BCS berth.

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:56 PM
Tulane's last C-USA game?: Tulane blasts ECU 59-15 for C-USA title

NEW ORLEANS -- Four-peat for Tulane as their C-USA dominance continued while Marcus Minor, hearing of Garrett Gilbert's injury prior to taking the field had one last chance to wow the Heisman comittee, and he played his best game of college football yet. Minor was done by the game's fourth quarter but he only needed three quarters to be named C-USA Player of the Year.

Marcus Minor went 16-for-22 for 397 yards for 4 TDs and no picks, along with 10 yards rushing and a TD. Who had the most of his recieving yards? Seniors George Harrison and Wilson Van Hooser, and Jordan Sullen who accounted for all but 15 yards of Minor's 397. George Harrison was the surprise of the day catching 6 passes for 197 yards including an incredible 82 yard TD, the craziest thing is, he had 117 yards after the catch or 19.5 yards after each grab. Harrison caught two TD passes, the second being 45 yards. Wilson Van Hooser, a possible New York invitee, had 6 grabs for 115 yards and a 70 yard TD. Finally Jordan Sullen had 3 catches for 70 yards. Minor's 4th TD pass was to Marquardt.

On the rushing side of things, Clarke and Marquardt both had rushing TDs, but neither averaged more than 3.1 yards a carry due to ECU's very talented front seven. That's why Minor had great success all day, and that's why Harrison was open, well, wide open early on.

On the defensive side of the ball, Terrance Carr played like an absolute freak of nature. 13 tackles, 6 TFL and 2 Sacks. True Freshman LB Frank Davis also had 7 tackles and an INT. Jay Kerr, Stephen Harris, and Melvin Dickson all recorded a sack. Meanwhile, the team recorded 5 INTs, one by Nolen, one by Boudreaux, one by Samuel Brooks, and one by freshman S Capps, who returned it 26 yards for a TD as he was in with the backups in the game's final quarter.

East Carolina didn't have much success. Their starting QB was pulled after throwing three picks and their backup was an improvement throwing a TD and 2 INTs. ECU was only 33 percent on third downs and was 50 percent in the redzone and had 6 turnovers to Tulane's zero. ECU actually led the game 3-0, 9-7, and were only down 28-15 at the half, but they collapsed completely giving up 31 Tulane points in the second half, leading to the rout for the C-USA title. ECU had a good fight, but you can't win with 6 turnovers and the opposing QB throwing 397 yards on just 16 completions.

MVP: Marcus Minor: 16-for-22 passing, 397 yards, 4 TD, Rush TD

Iron Dragon
07-09-2010, 02:56 PM
Alright, 13 games down from the 5th season, and with Maryland and Texas yet to play their conference championship games, what happens to the Green Wave?

We shall see..

Iron Dragon
07-10-2010, 09:42 AM

Knowing of Texas' Garrett Gilbert being injured early in Texas' game against Nebraska in the Big XII title game, they needed a Nebraska victory. They were shown the highlights of Nebraska being tied with Texas 31-31. Nebraska's K Gary Miller was on to try a game-winning 42 yard FG with 5 seconds to go. Tulane players sat to watch the game and edged out of their seats a bit..

"For the Big XII title game and a BCS berth, the snap's good.. hold's good.. the kick is up..


Immediately the Tulane locker room turned completely upside down as Tulane players celebrated as the #2 team in the land had been upset by #10 Nebraska. Immediately players started to think of Pasadena, but who would they face?

Well, it could be #5 Florida who smacked #6 Alabama 32-7 in the SEC title game. Suddenly, some conversation came up, could Florida jump us?

The eyes of Tulane, however, not caring too much, turned to the ACC title game where #7 North Carolina led 28-14 over #1 Maryland in the early 4th after UNC had scored three TDs in the 3rd quarter to take the lead. However, Maryland cut the lead to 28-21 with a TD pass, and then just seconds later, UNC loses the ball at Maryland's 11 yard line and it is scooped and scored tying the game at 28. Finally, with 32 seconds to go, Maryland's K Holden kicks the game-winning 23 yard field goal, and seals their national title game appearance.

After the game, Maryland head coach said, "We're ready to head to Pasadena and take on the Green Wave, we know they are a good team, but we're better, not thinking about that yet though, we're gonna celebrate our perfect season and this ACC title."

Game on, Maryland. But first, we had a Heisman ceremony to get too.

[MAC championship game: 9-3 Ball State beats 10-2 Akron]

Iron Dragon
07-10-2010, 09:42 AM

Despite injury in Big XII championship game, Gilbert takes 2013 Heisman by 205 votes

NEW YORK --- Well, that's what we kinda expected. Garrett Gilbert is your 2013 Heisman winner. Marcus Minor 2nd. Gilbert had been the Heisman leader for more than half of the season, but the late-charging Marcus Minor, despite better stats, could be held with the non-BCS card, and the Heisman was delivered to Garrett Gilbert, QB, of Texas.


Garrett Gilbert|QB|Texas|388|270|106|1810

Marcus Minor|QB|Tulane|273|307|172|1605

Manny Fountain|WR|Texas|93|156|352|943

Carlos Hyde|RB|Ohio State|29|43|143|316

Looking at the votes, it was really a two-man race to the end as Manny Fountain took home third and Carlos Hyde was fourth. Looking at where the guys end up in January, Texas takes on Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl while Tulane heads to Pasadena to take on #1 Maryland for the BCS championship.

However, when you compare the two players stats - who had a better year? Gilbert also took the O'Brien and the Maxwell with Minor second in both.

Player|School|Record|Comp|Att|Yards|TDs|INTs|Rush Att|Yds|TDs

Garrett Gilbert|Texas|12-1|286|441|3509|30|6|179|470|7

Marcus Minor|Tulane|13-0|245|373|3568|35|9|127|464|7

When you look at their numbers, they are very much similar but Minor had 5 more TDs, but Gilbert had 3 less INTs, but he only threw 4 passes in the Big XII title game, so he could have thrown who knows how many TDs in that game. However, at the end of the day, Gilbert won and Minor didn't.

Iron Dragon
07-10-2010, 09:43 AM
Pre-Bowl NCAA Update

TOP 25

1. Maryland (34) [1498]

2. Tulane (27) [1293]

3. Florida [1178]

4. Ohio State [1122]

5. Texas

6. Nebraska

7. Georgia Tech

8. Oklahoma

9. USC

10. Fresno State

11. UNC

12. Wisky

13. Alabama

14. UCLA

15. Arizona State

16. Ole Miss

17. Michigan

18. Penn State

19. OK State

20. Iowa

21. Tennessee

22. Notre Dame

23. Utah

24. Boston College

25. Minnesota

Conference Champions (Conf. Record/Outcome)

ACC: #1 Maryland (def. North Carolina)

Big XII: #5 Nebraska (def. Texas)

Big East: #25 Boston College (7-0)

Big Ten: #4 Ohio State (8-0)

C-USA: Tulane (def. ECU)

Independents: Army (8-4)

MAC: Ball State (def. Akron)

Mountain West: #23 Utah (7-1)

Pac-10: #14 UCLA (7-2)

SEC: #3 Florida (def. Alabama)

Sun Belt: UL-Lafayette (6-2, 6-6 on the year)

WAC: #11 Fresno State (7-1)

Tulane All-Americans


QB Marcus Minor

RB2 O.J. Clarke


WR Wilson Van Hooser

DT Marlin Nelson


WR Taylor Mackey

DT Marlin Nelson

*both true freshman

Award Winners

Coach of the Year: Ron Draggo, Tulane

Maxwell: Garrett Gilbert, QB, Texas [Marcus Minor 2nd]

Bednarik: Boo Anderson, Utah

O'Brien: Garrett Gilbert, Texas [Marcus Minor 2nd]

Walker: Carlos Hyde, Ohio St. [O.J. Clarke 5th]

Biletkinoff: Manny Fountain, Texas [Wilson Van Hooser 3rd]

Mackey: Jason Wilson, Oklahoma

Rimington: Ty Sanders, Fresno St.

Lombardi: Blake Cary, Alabama

Butkus: Boo Anderson, Utah

Thorpe: Trevor Williams, Minnesota

Groza: Luke Holden, Maryland [Tinzen Ubekista 9th]

Guy: Blake Johnson, Fresno

Desmond Howard: Adam Herring, Mizzou [only player with 3 RET TDs]

UP NEXT: Bowl game results

Iron Dragon
07-10-2010, 09:44 AM
Bowl Game Results

New Mexico Bowl: Boise State 27, TCU 16

St. Petersburg Bowl: UTEP 23, BYU 7

EagleBank Bowl: Army 27, Kent State 14 :D

New Orleans Bowl: Memphis 30, UL-Lafayette 3

Las Vegas Bowl: #21 Utah 32, Oregon 31

Poinsettia Bowl: Hawai'i 27, Colorado St. 10

Hawai'i Bowl: UCF 24, #11 Fresno St. 3

Little Caesars Pizza Bowl: #18 Penn State 41, Ball State 7

Emerald Bowl: Arizona 23, WF 16

Meineke Car Care Bowl: Miami (FL) 26, FAU 3

Champs Sports Bowl: #17 Michigan 24, VT 13

Independence Bowl: Baylor 37, Air Force 17

Papajohns.com Bowl: Louisiana Tech 30, West Virginia 9 [wow]

Roady's Humanitarian Bowl: NC State 13, Nevada 12

GMAC Bowl*: Buffalo 14, Houston 7 [glare]

Texas Bowl: Marshall 22, A&M 15 [wow]

Holiday Bowl: #16 Arizona State 27, Missouri 17

Armed Forces Bowl: #22 Notre Dame 38, SDSU 23

Brut Sun Bowl: PITT 45, Stanford 17

Music City Bowl: Georgia 41, Clemson 17

Chick-fil-A Bowl: #10 UNC 20, Auburn 10

Insight Bowl: Kansas 38, Indiana 24

Outback Bowl: #23 Tennessee 27, #13 Wisky 13

Gator Bowl: Mid Tenn State 17, Florida State 16 [wow][wow]

Capital One Bowl: #12 'Bama 21, #24 Minnesota 14

Cotton Bowl: #7 Oklahoma 34, #15 Ole Miss 28

Liberty Bowl: ECU 30, Idaho 27

Alamo Bowl: #20 Iowa 13, #19 Oklahoma St. 10

International Bowl: Akron 35, Louisville 21

*C-USA would be undefeated in bowl games if not for Houston!!


Rose Bowl: #4 Ohio State 23, #14 UCLA 20 OT

Sugar Bowl: #3 Florida 30, #9 USC 0 [How the heck did a 6-3 Pac-10 team get this bid again?]

Fiesta Bowl: #25 Boston College 42, #5 Nebraska 31 [How the heck was BC only ranked #25 with two losses?]

Orange Bowl: #6 Texas 31, #8 Georgia Tech 6 [Once again, 3 losses in conference and creamed in BCS bowl]

UP NEXT: BCS National Championship Game preview

Iron Dragon
07-10-2010, 09:44 AM
2013 BCS National Title Preview


#1 Maryland Terrapins [Terps] (13-0, 9-0 in ACC, ACC Champions)

Date: Tuesday, January 7th, 2014, 8:00PM

Stadium: Rose Bowl Stadium - Pasadena, CA

Coverage: ABC

Previous Meetings: None

Previous BCS Bowl Appearances: Tulane - 2011 / Maryland - 2002

Previous National Championships: Tulane - never / Maryland - none since 1953 (none in Modern Era)

Average Attendances: Tulane - 45,833 / Maryland - 51,957 (lowest combined in BCS National Championship history)


:p4star:|Program Prestige|:p2star:
41.2 (#1)|Points per game|26.5 (#19)
6159 (#3)|Total offense|4279 (#52)
2318 (#2)|Rush offense|1602 (#29)
3841 (#5)|Pass offense|2677 (#56)
3896 (#56)|Total defense|3133 (#4)
1053 (#8)|Rush defense|914 (#2)
2843 (#73)|Pass defense|2219 (#13)
+10 (#14)|Turnover difference|-7 (#98)
13th|Bowl Appearance|27th
204|Points Allowed|213
29|Sacks for|37
12|Fumbles recovered|11
18|Interceptions for|19
47% (1st)|3rd down conversions|32%
65%|4th down conversions|68%
85% (t2nd)|Red zone scoring|77%
61%|Defense Red zone scoring|60%
70 (1st)|Penalties|119

Since the dynasty has begun..
Winning Seasons|4|5
Longest Win Streak|14 (active)|15 (active)
Record vs. top 25|9-10|4-6
Record vs. rivals|5-1|3-5
Bowl Record|1-2|2-2
Conference Titles|1|4
National Titles|0|0

Maryland five to watch - offense:

87 OVR QB Danny O'Brien - r-SR - 2470 pass yards, 21 TD, 20 INT, 139 rush yards (72 SPD, 87 THP, 88 THA)
90 OVR RB Avery Graham - r-SR - 884 rush yards, 5 TD, 211 rec yards, TD, 27.4 yards/KR, 7.3/PR (96 SPD, 99 ACC)
86 OVR WR Dave Stinebaugh - r-SR - 74 rec, 969 yards, 11 TD (86 OVR, 88 SPD, 84 CTH)
85 OVR AA TE James Morton - JR - 53 rec, 632 yards, 8 TD (84 SPD, 78 CTH, great blocker)
91 OVR RT Nick Klemm - 32 pancakes - 97 RBF, 93 IMP

Maryland injuries
95 OVR LT Pete DeSouza - Probable - if he plays, he gives Maryland's offense a HUGE boost.

Maryland starting lineup
Danny O'Brien|QB|87
Avery Graham|HB|90
Paul Lewis|FB|74
Dave Stinebaugh|WR|86
Tim Bryant|WR|82
Vince Foster|WR|82
James Morton|TE|85
Pete DeSouza (?)|LT|95
Backup: Alex Griffin|LT|80
Pete White|LG|91
Jimmy Black|C|80
James Foster|RG|77
Nick Klemm|RT|91
David Phillips|LE|90
Jeff Lawson|RE|81
Zach Kerr|DT|88
Lorne Goree|OLB|91
Demetrius Gatiher|MLB|92
Darin Drakeford|MLB|88
Isaiah Ross|OLB|90
Matthew Heffner|DB|89
Travis Hawkins|DB|85
Andre Martin|FS|85
Dexter McDougal|SS|91
Luke Holden|K/P|83
Avery Graham|RET|99

UP NEXT: 2013 BCS National Title Game

Iron Dragon
07-10-2010, 09:45 AM


PASADENA, CA --- We've finally made it after all. The Rose Bowl. National Title game. Against Maryland, of all teams. The Terps/Terrapins are 13-0, we're 13-0. Only one team could leave the Rose Bowl 14-0. Heisman runner-up Marcus Minor looked to lead Tulane to their biggest victory in school history.

The game started out with Tulane winning.... the toss. They deferred. Wind is a bit of a factor blowing between 15 and 25mph. Kicks will be either deep or short tonight. After two straight runs, Maryland picks up a first down, then a third run where the ball is stripped by JJ Black and recovered by Erik Madison, a freak of the defense in the last couple games to end the season. Maryland forgets to cover Brandon Palmer and gives up 22 easy yards at the end of the drive, then Minor connects with Chad Flowers for a 1 yard score where the TE was left wide open thinking that RB Blake Walters had the ball. 7-0 Tulane.

Then, QB Danny O'Brien for Maryland gets hit on the option and hurts his hip. Out for the game. So in comes redshirt freshman backup QB Brian Jackson to take the reigns of the offense. First pass.. PICKED OFF BY ERIK MADISON and returned inside the five! Two plays later, TD O.J. Clarke - 4 yards. 14-0 Tulane with only 2:58 gone! What in the world??

Jackson and RB Avery Graham starts to find their groove, as Jackson hits Wood for a 23 yard TD. 14-7. Then Tulane goes three and out. Maryland gets 16 on the opening carry, but then goes three and out. End of 1. Minor starts quarter #2 with a 26 yard gain. Nice. However, three plays later he is intercepted. Not nice. Maryland goes three and out. Clarke gets 25, then Minor gets picked AGAIN. Maryland goes three and out. Five plays into Tulane's drive, Minor is Todd Boeckman'd and gets brutually murdered and the ball flies out of his hands for a pick. 3 INTs in one half of a quarter. Ron Draggo has a long talk with Minor and his O-Line who is giving him no time to do anything suddenly. But the defense for Tulane continues to rock Maryland and shuts them out on fourth down and one.

Then, Jordan Sullen opens the game up with a huge play, a 60 yard gain on a WR sweep where Maryland was completely lost. One play later, Sullen catches a five-yard TD. 21-7 Tulane. Brian Jackson and Maryland respond with a 13 yard TD pass with 36 seconds to go before the break. Tulane runs down the clock and it's halftime. 21-14 Tulane.

In the third now, we go three and out. Maryland's Avery Graham takes 6 staright carries at the end of the drive and they get six points. 21-21. Minor starts to get going, 14 yard rush, 4 to Hooser, 29 to Sullen, 5 to Mackey, 12 to Palmer and then a 5 yard TD run on a QB Draw. 28-21 Tulane. Maryland gets one first down and not another. A very quick and bland third quarter comes to an end. Tulane has 3 sacks in the quarter, Maryland 2.

To start the 4th, Tulane is punting. Avery Graham takes the game on his shoulders. 4 yard gain, then a 12 yard gain, then a 19 yard gain, two passes to Foster from Jackson for a combined 11, then 8 more yards, and finally a 3 yard diving TD as Graham passes 100 yards. 28-28 as the workhorse speed prototype RB gets Maryland into the ballgame once more. Now Tulane looks to drive down the field. Minor finds a wide open Chad Flowers on an all-out blitz, who breaks two tackles, spins and trips up but not after 42 yards. However, two plays later, Minor is looking to pass, is sacked but the ball comes loose, and Maryland's senior OLB Isaiah Ross picks up the fumble and NO ONE'S GONNA CATCH HIM.. MARYLAND LEADS, are you kidding me?? Down 21-7, Maryland now leads it 35-28. My oh my.

Tulane can only muster up 5 yards on the next three plays and is forced to punt. Terrapins feeling good. Graham's two carries make it a third and three. Easy call right? Run the ball again? Wrong. Maryland decided to pass on third down. Bad idea. Brian Jackson throws to a covered TE and is picked off by JJ BLACK! Why would you abandon the run to throw the ball up 7? *Dejavu for ID With the strange call, this gives Tulane the ball down 7 with great field position with 2:48 left.

Minor hits Sullen for 17. Runs for 9. Clarke for four. Marquardt gets 7, Clarke loses one. So it's third and goal. Four yard line. Minor, another QB draw. No one touches him. TOUCHDOWN TULANE. Tie ballgame. 35-35. However, Maryland has 1:47 and all three timeouts left with 14mph wind at their back. Their Groza-winning kicker is gettin' warmed up.

Kick was returned to the 26. Jackson passes twice for 12 yards. 79 seconds left. Jackson throws to a wide open man towards midfield.. BUT THE BALL IS STRIPPED BY GREGORY HALLINSWORTH AND RECOVERED BY JJ BLACK!! JJ Black makes another huge play ripping the ball away from another Maryland WR off the forced fumble!! Tulane ball at Maryland's 46 yard line.

Tulane goes into give it to Clarke mode. 4 yard gain. 16 YARD GAIN. Field goal range. 14 more yards! Marquardt comes in, 2 yards, 1 yard. Just shortening it up. Minor spikes the ball with 4 seconds to go. Tulane's got the ball in the middle of the field at Maryland's 18. The only problem is a 15mph wind that we're gonna kick into. Tinzen Ubekista on to try the game-winning field goal. The senior. For all the marbles. Maryland tries to ice him with their last timeout.

Here it was. Tulane kneeled on the sideline. Coach Ron Draggo was about to pee himself in excitement. Tinzen Ubekista walks up like the coolest cucumber in the world. Gotta remember, he's missed a field goal like this before in Provo. Don't think of that though. So here it was. John Stegall lines up to hold the ball. Snaps have been clean all year as Anthony Patterson has no troubles with that. Tulane signaled they were ready and Maryland would try to block it. This was it. For the national title.




Ron Draggo's Tulane Green Wave - NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! They did it! They did it! They did it! 38-35 over the Terps of Maryland! Tulane is #1 and your 2013 National Champions!

"I had no worries I was gonna miss it as soon as I kicked it - I knew I had it - icing doesn't face me - I'm gonna celebrate this one for a long time. I love this team and this is unbelievable.", said Tinzen Ubekista.

Maryland played a great game and Brian Jackson, for being a redshirt freshman, played his heart out to relieve Danny O'Brien, however his efforts came up one fumble and three points short.

__________________________________________________ _


Offense - Marcus Minor 12-for-22 passing 150 yards 2 TD 3 INT 37 rush yards 2 TD

Defense - Terrance Carr 14 tackles 5 TFL 2 sacks & JJ Black 6 tackles 1 sack INT FF FR & Gregory Hallinsworth 8 tackles 2 FF

Other Stats

O.J. Clarke: 20 car, 89 yards, TD

Jordan Sullen: 3 rec, 51 yards, TD, 60 yard WR sweep (play of the game?)

Chad Flowers: 2 rec, 43 yards, TD

Wilson Van Hooser: 3 rec, 17 yards

Derek Larson: 6 tkl, 2 TFL, 2 sacks

Harry CiGar: 6 tkl, 2 TFL, Sack

Kyle Dickson: 4 tkl Sack

Erik Madison: 4 TKL INT

Marlin Nelson: 4 tkl, Sack

Tinzen Ubekista: GW 35 yard FG, 5/5 XP

Terps: Backup rFR QB Brian Jackson 18-for-30 214 yards 2 TD 2 INT

Avery Graham: 30 car 140 yards 2 TD 2 rec 27 yards

Vince Foster: 8 rec 80 yards TD

Isaiah Ross: 12 tackles 3 TFL FR Def TD

David Phillips: 6 tackles 4 TFL 2 Sack

UP NEXT: ???

Iron Dragon
07-10-2010, 09:45 AM


Ron Draggo says 'no thanks' to USC, North Carolina jobs

He's the hottest coach in the nation and he has once more turned down BCS conference jobs. Ron Draggo will not become the head coach of USC or North Carolina, reportedly turning down offers from both schools. He said, "I'm happy in the Big Easy and I'm not leaving."

Marcus Minor's 3718 yard, 37 TD year gives him Tulane records

Sophomore QB Marcus Minor is now Tulane's all-time leading passer for one season in yards. His 3718 yards are 318 more than the original record previously set back in 1999. He also broke the passing TD record with 37 pass TDs, one more than 1998.

TOP 25
2. Florida
3. Texas
4. Maryland
5. Ohio State (win the Rose Bowl and drop in the rankings?)
6. Oklahoma
7. North Carolina
8. Alabama
9. Nebraska
10. Arizona State
11. Fresno State
12. Michigan
13. Georgia Tech
14. Penn State
15. UCLA
16. Tennessee
17. USC
18. Iowa
19. Boston College
20. Notre Dame
21. Utah
22. Wisconsin
23. Mississippi
24. Boise State
25. UCF
29. Akron
31. Marshall
32. Army

UP NEXT: We're leaving the dang C-USA!!! But to where?

Iron Dragon
07-10-2010, 09:46 AM
Tulane to replace Texas Tech in Big XII starting immediately; Texas Tech to C-USA?

NEW ORLEANS, LA -- There will be no five-peat in the C-USA for Tulane. The Green Wave are headed to greener pastures - that is the Big XII, and unlike originally thought, the Big XII wants Tulane and they want them now.

Tulane was expected to have one final year in the C-USA, that is, until Texas Tech decided to drop out the same day Tulane received the invite to the Big XII. Texas Tech reportedly was in talks to join the SEC, but Tech over assumed and went ahead and left the Big XII only to find out that the SEC doesn't plan to expand until at least after the 2016 season (two years from now), so where does Tech go now? They formally resigned from the Big XII, and now are an independent. The C-USA is down to 11 schools, so unfortunately for Tech - they've got no where to go. C-USA's commishioner would be glad to send an invite to the Texas school - which would give the C-USA five - SMU, Houston, Rice, and UTEP already reign in the C-USA. And it would make the West division all Texas schools except for Tulsa. "This may be the biggest mistake in college sports history. Tech left a BCS conference planning to join another one - a more 'prestigious' according to the school - only to wind up without an invite and the 12th spot in the Big XII filled by Tulane. What is Tech left to do but join the C-USA?", said ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit. No one really knew why Texas Tech's AD strangely stepped down four days ago, but now it's all making sense. He was the one behind the 'deal' that was actually 'no deal'.

For Tulane, Texas Tech's misfortune is their fortune. Even if Tech hadn't left, Tulane would have become the Big XII's 13th member next year, but this just speeds up the process. Ron Draggo stated, "I am very grateful to join the Big XII and accept their invite. The C-USA has been a great conference for us, but we proved that non-BCS schools can make it in the college football world and I hope that teams like Fresno State, Boise State, Akron and others who had great seasons to get to move into the higher playing field. We are excited for the upcoming seasons in the Big XII. We can not thank the C-USA enough, they are a great conference and best of luck to them and the 11 members of the conference. I am proud to say that the Green Wave are a proud member of the Big XII Conference and I cannot wait for the season to start."

Immediately everything changes for Tulane. The Green Wave planned to play Kansas State and Texas A&M anyways this year and they already planned a mid-season showdown with LSU - which is now off-set with their Big XII schedule, so they will have to reschedule and find two or three new OOC opponents for 2014. Tulane may end up getting Southern Miss - a rivalry game to start out the season, but we will have to see how things turn out.

Iron Dragon
07-10-2010, 09:47 AM
(written on June 28th)

Well, I planned on ending the dynasty after the national championship win. I planned on posting the final top 25 and Ron Draggo resigning from Tulane. I had accidentally simmed ahead past that the other night and didn't receive a conference invite, so I said, I guess it will be the end. So today, when I was reporting, I posted the top 25, advanced, and a conference invite came up to join the Big XII, and I was surprised, shocked actually.

And that invite (which I accepted, of course) has intrigued me to keep on going with Tulane.. into NCAA '11 even.

Now here's my problem. There's just two weeks until the game drops, and I can rush to finish this season, then do a TeamBuilder copy of Tulane and start the 2015 season on NCAA '11 right away (I wouldn't need rosters, I'd just sim the names because, we don't need Garrett Gilbert winning the 2013 and 2017 Heismans etc.), and we'll roll on from there.

So here's how we stand.. 14 days to NCAA '11 and I could be playing 14 games, although I will be adjusting the slider set for this, we gotta have more of a challenge.. so here we go.

As for the reporting, the last season on NCAA '10 will be kinda bland. The seasons on NCAA '11 will return to what this dynasty's reporting was back in the earlier years (pictures, videos, quarter-by-quarter), but a little shorter.