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keyser soze
11-16-2011, 07:37 AM
Hello all who read this, I am in season 5 with my buddy. I run with Michigan and he runs with Notre Dame. It has been so long since we played our first 4 seasons that I will give you my best guess as to how I remember the seasons going:

Season 1: Michigan 14-0 National Champions
Notre Dame: 7-6 Bowl Win

Season 2: Michigan 8-5 Bowl Loss (When Denard got knocked out for the season everything went down hill QUICK!)
Notre Dame: 12-1 Bowl Win (Top 5 finish)

Season 3: Michigan 11-2 Lost Bowl Game
Notre Dame: 12-1 Lost National Championship

Season 4: Michigan 14-0 National Champions
Notre Dame 12-1 Lost to me in simulated National Championship

*** We overhauled conferences and Notre Dame joined the SEC. Texas and Oklahoma joined the Big 10. We pretty much blew up the Big 12

keyser soze
11-16-2011, 07:49 AM
Meet the 2015 Michigan Wolverine Captains and play makers:


Jr(RS) QB Jay White
Sr WR Paul King
Fr RB Jovan Nash

keyser soze
11-16-2011, 08:02 AM

Sr(RS) DE Brennen Beyer
Jr OLB Kenny Williams
Deleted to make room for Washington who is the real beast
Jr(RS) CB Quintin Corbett
So(RS) CB Steven Washington

If there is interest I will post more and talk about my players. The key to my defense are my corners, they are COMPLETE lock down man corners and enable me to use the other 9 any way I want!

keyser soze
11-18-2011, 07:29 AM
Game 1 Recap: The start of the season began with a home game against #17 Washington. The crowd was electric with excitement with the long delay with the cancellation of the previous college football season to clean up college football of all the scandals.... Although the first quarter ended in a gridlock 0 to 0 tie, the Wolverines eventually got the engine out of neutral and blew past the undermanned Huskies winning 45 to 3. The defense was better than expected lead by the 2 all american shutdown corner backs!

On display was Jr(RS) QB Captain Jay White leading the Wolverine offense. He threw for over 235 yards, 2 TDs and zero picks. He also ran for a couple of touchdowns and is a real weapon in the option game! Jay was as good as advertised and should make a huge push for the heisman.

All hands were on deck to see the most anticipated RB recruit in Michigan history. 5-star Jovan Nash had 110,000+ anxious to see what he could do in a winged helmet. How would this kid handle all the pressure at the highest level. And starting off against a top 20 team, there was no time to break him in slowly. Well Nash did not disappoint running for 202 yards and 2 TDs. Anyone who was on hand to watch the game left knowing that they got to see the start of a special career. If this kid stays healthy, look for Nash to make a run at all of Mike Hart's rushing records.

Passing ATT Comp Yards TD Int
Jay White 26 13 235 2 0
Rushing ATT Yards TD Long
Jovan Nash 33 202 2 22
Jay White 12 78 2 77
Chad Mason 2 8 0 6
Receiving Catches Yards TD Long
Robert Walker 6 132 0 30
Paul King 5 71 2 20
Chris Barnett 2 32 0 17

Defense Tackles Sacks INTs FF
Chad Matthews 3 0 0 0
Justin Kennedy 6 0 0 0
Brennen Beyer 5 2 0 0
Steven Washington 2 0 0 0
Will Stevenson 2 1 0 0
Johnny Moore 1 0 0 0
Quintin Corbett 2 1 1 0
Brandon Collins 2 1 0 0
Corey Dowdell 1 0 0 0

keyser soze
12-07-2011, 09:00 AM
We are in week 12 of the season. I am not going to post much detail because at this point with my outstanding 4th and 5th year guys I am mopping the CPU up for the most part. My friend who is using ND has had a couple of close calls. My closest call came in my game 2 weeks ago where I was TRAILING Indiana at Indiana at halftime with a score of 0 UM - 5 IU!!!!! They had a field goal and a safety on me!!! However, after ripping the team new arsses at halftime we came out in the second half and showed why we are the #2 team in the country! (ND is ranked #1) Final: 56 UM - 12 IU

At the end of week 11 I have not 1, not 2 but 3 guys in the top 5 for the heisman trophy!
FR HB Javon Nash - Rushing 240-Att 0-Fumbles 97-Long 36-TD's 2325-Yards
(RS) JR QB Jay White - Rushing 81-Att 4-Fumbles 84-Long 15-TD's 671-Yards Passing 227-Att 140-Comp 10-Int 24-TD's 2476-Yards (I hope I can keep him another year!)
(RS) SR DE Brennen Breyer - Defense 5-FF 0-FR 0-INT's 40-Sacks 58-Tackles for Loss 64-Tackles (will be very hard to replace!)

Remaining 2 games on the schedule is a road game to Nebraska and then final home game against arch-rival Ohio State!

keyser soze
12-07-2011, 09:06 AM
I have really been mixing up the offense lately. For the first part of the year I was a 2 TE, 2 WR guy on every play. I have since gone away from that and run a lot more 4 WR sets. This does 2 things.
1) Really spreads things out which makes it easier to run up the gut.
2) Makes the pass reads a little easier with more time to throw as the blitz is easier to see in spread formations.

I still run some 2 TE sets and even a little 3 TE sets close to the goal line or if my QB is really struggling. Next year following an off season of attribute building with Javon Nash is going to lead to scary things. If my QB White sticks around the offense is going to be flat out SCARY putting up crazy numbers. If White leaves then I am not sure what will happen.

My defense is only going to lose 1 guy but he is significant. Breyer is a total beast and a constant menace to opposing teams. I am hoping the ATH that I have recruited can take his place next year. Of course the frosh will not have half the numbers Breyer has but if he can come in and get a sack/hurry here and there it will help build momentum for the D. As long as my CBs return the defense is the best money can buy because they are both total shutdown guys.

keyser soze
12-09-2011, 08:10 AM
By the way, if anyone wants to talk about my dynasty or ask questions please do. I see there has been 105 views so I know someone is checking this out but feel free to comment or whatever. I enjoy dialogue far more then monologue.

keyser soze
12-09-2011, 08:27 AM
I don't know about everyone else but here is what I have experienced thus far with recruiting by position with a powerhouse Michigan football team.
QB - Easy to get solid pocket passers but REALLY hard to get elite dual threat guys. Seems like there should be at least 3 fast kids who can sling it per class but in the game there is maybe 1 per 3 years.
HB - Overall there are too many SLOW guys I think. I can't get over the number of high end rated HBs that are slow. For me it is all about how fast can the guy get through the hole. I don't care how strong he is if he can't get through the hole he is worthless to me.
FB - This position is broken. Luckily I can make TEs FBs if I want a FB. Since I am running ace exclusively these days this does not matter.
TE - Tricky position to recruit. Lack of high end guys which is pretty similar to real life so that is fine. Plenty of 3-star talent out there. Not easy to get a big difference maker though at this position. I would like to see an elite TE be more of a force.
WR - Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay over done. Far too many. This position is like the inverse/anti FB position when it comes to recruiting.
O-Line - At least from a powerhouse perspective, I really like how the O-line is done. It feels just about right in terms of difficulty getting guys.

FS - I have had a TOOOON of success landing FS players. They might be my most fun position to recruit as well.
SS - This position is kind of messed up I think. Unless you get a super elite, they get too slow and too linebackish. I end up turning excess FS's into SS's. Overall I think they made this position TOO SLOW.
CB - I like this position this year. It feels about right in recruiting. Not sure I always get their ratings but hey, if I don't like the attributes of a 5-star who likes me I don't have to recruit him.
LB's - Very odd that I run a 4-2-5 scheme as my base and for whatever reason I can recruit more LBs then any other position! It must be because like WRs, there are just TOO MANY!
DE's - Tough position to land a stud but pretty easy to get solid/slower run stoppers.
DT - Have found this position to be a little tricky. However, since we allow DE's and DT's to mix its not a big deal.

That is how recruiting has gone for me thus far. There are positions that I turn away 5-star interest because there are too many (WR's, LB's) and then there are positions that I feel like I can't buy a kid from at times. Overall, this is definitely the BEST recruiting has been in the series with the exception of the super broken FB position.

keyser soze
12-11-2011, 08:16 PM
I lost the NC game against my buddy in a SIM. My connection stinks to bad to play the game out so we have to be happy with simming. This year should be interesting in that he lost nearly all his starters so he will have problems running the table. On the other hand, I have nearly ever single starter back so I should be able to run the table. My loss of DE Beyer will be my only real void that I have to fill.

keyser soze
12-12-2011, 01:51 PM
Game 1 of season 6 is in the bag. I played #17 in the country Boise State at home for the season opener. Things were sloppy in a high wind, high rain game that lead to 3 fumbles and 1 pick which really kept my offense in check for the first half. Throw in Boise's fake punt that they easily converted for a first down and it felt like I never had the ball.

In the second half the commitment to the running game really paid off as the holes began to open up like the red sea and Javon Nash started to impose his will on the Broncos. Javon ended the game with some stunning stats behind is all-pro (left side) of the offensive line. Javon had 35 carries for 466 yards and 8 touchdowns!!! The key was to pound it and pound it and then run it LEFT instead of RIGHT. My left side (including my center) is made up of 3 (RS)SR studs with ridiculous OVR ratings of: 96 - 98 - 97! So I will be looking to run it LEFT a lot this year! Its very fun to watch my O-Line go and seal blocks at the second level and spring Nash for nasty yardage!