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11-04-2011, 05:20 AM
Now I've read over and over about how Heisman cheats and all that jazz. I actually believe that crowd and for the most part I tend to play a video game rather than a football game. I mean, I don't lose 20+ 4th quarter leads but thats another story for another day. In its current state, NCAA '12 is not a simulation of college football... its a video game about college football.

Now my belief is that this game is meant to be played (or developed) on the Varsity setting. From playing this game on that level you see so many animations that just don't happen on higher levels.

Now the problem with Varsity is that the Human player is given an artificial boost. Just like on higher settings the CPU is given hidden boosts. This is why the sliders all stay at 50 no matter what difficulty you are on.

With the game on varsity, I, the player, am creating my own difficulty. The first thing I must accomplish is to rid the player of any hidden boosts. Below is my base slider set to accomplish this. I have some sort of mathematical calculation in my head of how the difficulty is 'changed' when moving up in difficulty that is too long to actually post out. Lets just say that as you move up, the CPU gets a 25% boost. Not the exact number but just take 25% of 50 (62.5, rounds up to 65) and put all the AI sliders to 65 and it will proably play close to All American. Put them to 75 and it probably will play close to Heisman. The only difference is the AI doesn't 'know' your play when they need a stop or their QB doesn't magically become John Elway in the clutch.

Anyway, I could go on and on about this stuff but I save my reasoning for other sites. Now I'm not saying this set is the savior of slider sets (or NCAA '12), its just my attempt to unlock the game.

Remember, this is still a work in progress and is just for offline gamers...

Gameplay Options

Injuries & Fatigue: ON

Quarter Length: 8 Minutes

Game Speed: Normal

Threshold: 0

HFA & Ice the Kicker: ON

Game Rules

Offsides: 85

False Start: 85

Holding: 55

Facemask: 55

Off/Def PI & Kick return interference: 100

Clipping: 50

Intentional Grounding: 100

Roughing the Passer: 100

Roughing the Kicker: 100

User Sliders

QB Accuracy: 25

Pass Block: 25

WR Catching: 25

RB Ability: 25

Run Blocking: 25

Pass Coverage: 25

Pass Rush: 25

Interceptions: 25

Rush Defense: 25

Tackling: 25

FG Power: 50

FG Accuracy: 50

Punt Power: 50

Punt Accuracy: 50

Kickoff Power: 50

CPU Sliders

QB Accuracy: 50

Pass Block: 50

WR Catching: 50

RB Ability: 50

Run Blocking: 50

Pass Coverage: 50

Pass Rush: 50

Interceptions: 50

Rush Defense: 50

Tackling: 50

FG Power: 50

FG Accuracy: 50

Punt Power: 50

Punt Accuracy: 50

Kickoff Power: 50

11-04-2011, 05:21 AM
Haven't posted on this site in awhile and I figured I might as well include TGT into my attempt to create realistic Varsity sliders.