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07-19-2011, 03:42 AM
Settings - House Rules (Game Difficulty & Penalties)

Gameplay Options
SkillAll American
Quarter Length8:00
Play ClockOn
Coaching TipsOff
Game SpeedSlow
Player Min Speed Threshold20
Home Field Advantage EffectsOn
Ice the KickerOn

Game Rules

False Start80
Offensive Pass Interference100
Defensive Pass Interference100
KR/PR Interference100
Intentional Grounding100
Roughing the Passer54
Roughing the Kicker100

Custom AI

QB Accuracy5
Pass Blocking40
WR Catching50
RB Ability45
Run Blocking40
Pass Coverage50
Pass Rush50
Rush Defense10
FG Power45
FG Accuracy35
Punt Power55
Punt Accuracy30
Kickoff Power45

QB Accuracy30
Pass Blocking55
WR Catching60
RB Ability70
Run Blocking55
Pass Coverage45
Pass Rush55
Rush Defense65
FG Power55
FG Accuracy45
Punt Power50
Punt Accuracy45
Kickoff Power50

Settings - Strategy (Set Audibles & Auto-Subs)


QB Sub Out65
QB Sub In70
RB Sub Out79
RB Sub In85
WR Sub Out79
WR Sub In85
FB/TE Sub Out79
FB/TE Sub In85
OL Sub Out65
OL Sub In70

DT Sub Out79
DT Sub In85
DE Sub Out80
DE Sub In85
LB Sub Out79
LB Sub In85
CB Sub Out70
CB Sub In85
S Sub Out79
S Sub In85

Settings - System Settings - Volume Control

Stadium PA100
On the Field60
Menu Music90
Menu Sound FX50
Custom Stadium Sounds24
Road to Glory CommentaryOff

*The Auto-Subs are Playmakers set from last year's game with a few edits, he posts over on OS.

The overall goal of these sliders are to achieve realistic statistics, as well as have a fun playing game and most importantly a game that plays with variety. I believe that achieving realistic stats are important, however if a runningback averages 5 yards a carry for a game and he either is getting stuffed at the line or a ten yard gain to end up with 5 yards a carry, that needs to change. The game must look right and play right (as much as the game engine will let it)

I have been working on these sliders since the game came out. I would like to say that this is my first time posting sliders, but I feel as though I have a pretty decent base set here.

07-19-2011, 04:08 AM
I have played a few games so far with these, including FSU(user) at Stanford, where Andrew Luck shredded me to pieces with his precision passing, and Wisconsin(user) at Clemson where Wisconsin's rushing attack carried them to victory.

My most recent game featured Louisville coming into Syracuse, a match-up that I was at last year so I remember it pretty well and wanted to play this out as the two teams are fairly even. Here are the stats.

Syracuse (notable players)

QB Nassib 17-32-246 0 TD 2 INT(awful reads) 53% Comp. % Sacked 5 times
RB Bailey 19att-91yd-1TD Long of 21
DT Bromley 7tk (4 solo 3 asst) 3 tfl

Louisville (notable players)

QB Stein 10-25-137 1 TD 1 INT 40% Comp. % Sacked twice
RB Anderson 14att-82yd-1 TD Long of 29
CB Paschal 3tk (1 solo 2 asst) 1 TD(pick 6)

Team Stats (Lousiville/Syracuse)

1st Downs...........11/15
Total Offense.......280/314
3rd Down Conv.....7-13/4-12
4th Down Conv.....0-1/1-1
Total Yards...........478/439

As you can see I had a tough time reading the defense as I got picked twice but I also managed to pick Louisvilles QB once. It was tough to establish a running game, which led to me not being able to pass very efficiently. In my other games I was able to dominate on the ground with Wisconsin and couldn't stop the pass with Andrew Luck, which led to me winning and losing those respective games.

For the curious, I looked up the stats from the Louisville-Cuse game last year and the stats look pretty damn realistic to what happened in real life.


07-20-2011, 05:47 PM
So... I tried ur sliders man, and I really liked the way the game played out. I was playing with my TB team, Morris University Wolves. We are rated pretty high being that I want to compete in the Big East. I played an exibition game vs. Baylor and I absolutely crushed them. I believe I won 66-17 :)), that score sounds a bit high but I didnt feel that any of my scoring was cheap. Developed a great running game from the 1st Quarter. Reached about 120 yrds with my HB by the half. But as the second half kicked off, Baylor although down by a ton of points buckled down and shut my running game down to 23 yrds for the rest of the game. Pretty awesome:up:. I dropped the Threshold down to 0 being that I dont like players with low speed catching up to a fast scat back runner. It played out really well man. Have you tried these on Heisman? Let me know bro, Im really impressed after my game so Im def keeping these. Ill post stats up so you can see what your sliders produce. Thanks man, look forward to hearing from you.

07-21-2011, 03:36 AM
I actually haven't tried using these on Heisman, I have a hard enough time moving the ball as it is with these on All American. I feel that I got the game down just right in terms of variety in plays and also in terms of stats, so I am going to keep playing All American as long as I am having a good time playing and it is still competitive. One thing I am trying to do is get a better rushing attack for the CPU without games getting into shootouts. It is difficult but I am slowly finding a way to make it happen. I haven't played many game because I am editing my favorite teams ever since buckeye's rosters came out, but should be back playing soon. Glad to hear you liked them!

08-24-2011, 03:52 PM
Im trying to use your sliders but there not showing up on my computer.

08-25-2011, 01:37 AM
Im trying to use your sliders but there not showing up on my computer.

I am having this same issue, I feel like we are missing something.

08-26-2011, 01:06 PM
Im trying to use your sliders but there not showing up on my computer.

I am having this same issue, I feel like we are missing something.
They should be fixed now.

10-13-2011, 05:41 PM
Ive come to the conclusion that you have to use Heisman as your difficulty if you are a knowledgable fan on how the game works in real life. So far Ive had better games with All-American sets, but one thing is a game killer on AA. Your defensive backs are flat out plain stupid with ZERO awareness. CPU can just air out the deep ball and nine times out of ten, your DB will make no play on the ball when hes is the perfect spot to do so. CPU WRs outplay your DBs like its going out of style. I finally figured out the running games on both the USer and AI. But the passing game is pissing me off. I can either shut them down complete or they throw 3-500 yards a game.

I was having fun with this game at first, now im starting to feel like im playing the skill level instead of the team. LA Tech passed for 350 on me in the first half and that was the last straw. 3rd and long on 2 different occasions the WRs just outran my zone. My safeties stayed in their spot instead of trailing the WR beyond the zone. I though the AI was supposed to be a lot smarter in zone coverage this year??

Oh yeah, im going to try these. But from jump street I will not be turning the CPU RB Ability that high. They start breaking way too many tackles. Broken tackles is the area of the game that will have to suffer to produce real stats and scores. My user RB doesnt break too many, so Im not going to let the CPU 70 over RBs turn into Walter Payton. I find that when raising the CPU RB Ability its nearly impossible to get stops at or behind the LOS.