View Full Version : Welcome to the new season

07-15-2011, 06:38 AM
So the NCAA Conference redraft is over. Wow, some exciting changes in the College Football world. Florida, Miami, and FSU make the Conference USA a true viable conference for the first time. New additions to the Big 10 incude Tennessee, and Kentucky, and many other great and exciting changes. NCAA President Wayne Palermo says " when Im not smoking or scratching myself, I am really excited about the changes. Lets all eat som eboiled shrimp to celebrate"
Well Mr. President we all share your excitement. This season we will be focusing on the new Head Coach of the Wyoming Cowboys, Sal Buttiglieri. Sal makes his head coaching debut after 3 strong seasons as the OC at his alma mater the University of Miami. Sal brings an agrresive style of coachin gto the new MWC, " We will throw when you expect a run, run when you expect a pass, a roll the dice and take chances that may cause some boosters, and fans to scratch their heads, but I promise we wont be boring!"