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I will be doing a CC dynasty spotlighting Crew Johnson. A little background here, Crew grew up a farm boy in a little town of Possium Kingdom, SC. Crew lived and breathed football while growing up but only being 5'4" he couldnt live his dream of playing college football so he went to his favorite school South Carolina. While there he worked closely with the football team and wiggled his way into a Graduate Assitant. Crew did that for a couple yrs before going back to PK and coaching the local high school team Belton-Honea Path.

Crew lived in the film room and became a fan of the spread attack, he then took over as Head Coach at BHP and took them to 3 state titles while winning 2 of them. Crew was well know around the south, because he was a regular at camps and coaching clinics throughout the south.

Which leads us here, Crew receives a phone call from a 575 area code. Not knowing what it was he let it go to his voicemail. Once Crew listened to the voicemail he was estatic and called right back.

DeWanye Walker (head coach of New Mexico State) said he wanted to interview Crew for the Offensive Coordinator position. Crew was speechless and flew to Lacrus the next morning. All went well in the interview and Walker was impressed with Crew's knowledge and love for the game.

Crew heads out to New Mexico in the morning to start work.......

I will try to keep a storyline going but will mainly focus on the dynasty.

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Season 2 Schedule
2|:@: :Ohio:| L 14-13
3|:@: :UTEP:| W 21-9
5|:@: :NC_State:| L 34-3
6|:New_Mexico:| W42-21
8|:Memphis:| W 24-21
9|:@: :Fresno_State:| L 38-10
10|:Hawaii:| W 36-21
11|:San_Jose_State:| W 42-21
12|:@: :Idaho:|
14|:@: :Utah_State:|

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Season 1
Name|Pos|Vitals|Rating|Hometown|:sparq:|Evaluation |
Mike Barrett|WR|6'1" 164|:1star:|Hurt, TX|48.00| Barretts doesnt have the best skill set but he has a big heart.
William Brown|OLD|6'2" 237|:2star:|Deming, NM|56.00|Brown has the speed and strength to become a star in this defense. Speed B-, Acc B-, Strength C
Justin Weber|QB|6'2" 214|:3star:|Valencia, NM|65.00|Weber is the prize of this class, Weber will come in and compete for the starting job with THP of a B- and THA of C+
Henry Wilson|WR|6'4" 192|:1star:|Shertz,TX|48|Wilson is a tall receiver that can go get it, and has some speed to compliment
Eric Lane|DE|6'4" 235|:2star:|Scottsdale, AZ|55|Lane is a strong kid and loves to hit people
Kevin Rivera|G|6'1" 280|:1star:|Spring, TX|40|Rivera is a quick guard who excels in pass blocking
Derrick Johnson|MLB|6'1" 213|:1star|Bell, CA|45| Bell is a speedy LB who can play in coverage.
Willie Wilson|G|6'5" 316|:1star:|Sacramento, CA|40| Willie is a big guy we hope we can coach up

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Season 1 Schedule
2|:@: :Minnesota:|L 20-14
3|:UTEP:| W 13-10
4|:@: :San_Jose_State:| W 33-10
5|:@: :New_Mexico:| W 23-13
7|:Idaho:| L 27-17
8|:@: :Hawaii:| L 57-14
9|:Nevada:| W 35-28
10|:@: :Georgia:| L 41-6
11|:Fresno_State:| L 19-12
12|:@: :BYU:| L 31-0
13|:@: :Louisiana_Tech:| L 40-3
14|:Utah_State:| L 24-17 OT

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YR 1 Goals....2 yr contract

Two Year Contract
Fail Impact|Goal|Progress|Pass Impact
:1redarrow:|2400+ Total offense in 1 season| Passed |:6greenarrow:
|Win 8 Games in One Season| 4 |:4greenarrow:
:4redarrow:|Win 6 Games| 4 |:4greenarrow:
|10+ points per game| 15 |:3greenarrow:
:3redarrow:|50% pass completion over contract| 45% |:3greenarrow:
:4redarrow:|Win 4 Games in One Season| Passed |:3greenarrow:
:4redarrow:|2000+ total Offense each season| 3355 |:1greenarrow:
:4redarrow:|500+ Rushing Each Season| 1198 |:1greenarrow:

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Looking forward to more dynasty reports over here happening. I REALLY enjoy reading your guys' stuff.

07-13-2011, 09:20 PM

Looking forward to more dynasty reports over here happening. I REALLY enjoy reading your guys' stuff.

Ditto. A lot of times reading their stuff makes me want to do my own.

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Going to go along the lines of what JB has as far as contract restrictions. I am throwing in a "recruiting area" restriction while being a OC. I am only recruiting California, Texas, and Arizona. California and Texas are pipelines and I will try to make Arizona a pipeline myself. I will only take on 8-12 prospects a yr and let the CPU do the rest.

I feel as being a OC I shouldnt be able to recruit "everywhere" and that it gives it a "realer" feeling.

I may also make my own words up throughout

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WEEK 2 @ :Minnesota:

The secondary of the Gophers will all play on sundays!!!!!

Total Points|14
Total Offense|368
Rushing Yards|35-173-1
Passing Yards|18-34-245-1
Stat of the Day|6 ints

Matt Christian - 18-34-245 1TD 6 INT QB rating 87.8

Robert Clay - 17 carries 71 yrds 1TD
Kenny Turner - 12 carries 57 yrds (#1 back but got hurt in the 3rd)

Austin Franklin - 6 catches 108yrds 1TD

Christian struggled to throw to his own team and had a chance to win it but threw a pick in endzone with :40 sec left. Happy with the rushing stats against this team, wanitng to be a run first team from the spread.

07-14-2011, 06:45 AM
I assume that's a mistype on the 114 points. ;)

07-14-2011, 07:00 AM
Week 3:UTEP:

Total Offense|254
Rushing Stats|30-102-1
Passing Stats|10-22-152-0
Stat of the Day|0-7 on 3rd down

Matt Christian - 10-21 152yrds 2 int

Kenny Turner - 20 carries 104yrd 1 TD

Turner was the reason we won this game, He had the lone TD but managed to move the ball when needed. Christian is now being evaluated to see if he is in fact color blind.

07-14-2011, 07:04 AM
Week 4 @:San_Jose_State:

Total Offense|398
Rushing Stats|40-247-4
Passing Stats|14-18-151-1
Stat of the Day|0 ints for Christian

Matt Christian 14-18 151 yrds 1TD

Kenny Turner - 11 carries 44 yrds 2TD
Robert Clay - 14 carries 163 yrds 1TD

Clay came in and took over when Turner went down with a high ankle sprain. Clay took his second carry 80 yrds to pay dirt and continued to run hard the rest of the day. Turner will be out 5 weeks but we think Clay answered any looming questions as to if he will be able to carry the workload.

07-15-2011, 09:09 AM
I assume that's a mistype on the 114 points. ;)

Yea, if we scored 114 and lost I would ask the DC to be hung

07-15-2011, 09:15 AM

Week 5:@: :New_Mexico: W 23-13

Total Points|23
Total Offense|363
Rushing Yards|40-221-2
Passing Yards|9-18-142-1
Stat of the Day|0 turnovers

Matt Christian 9-18-142yrds 1TD

Matt has figured out that he just needs to manage the game and not try to be the star. Matt made some good passes and did what he needed to to keep us on top.

Robert Clay - 24 carries 181yrds 1TD long of 67

Robert has really taken advantage of his opportunity, with RB Kenny Turner down he has proved to be able to take the #1 back role and produce. A decision will have to be made when Turner comes back into the lineup

Austin Franklin - 5 rec 97yrds 1TD

Austin has really stepped it up, being a freshman he is sure handed and seems to be open all the time.

07-16-2011, 08:01 AM
Week 7 :Idaho: Loss 27-17

Total Points|17
Total Offense|212
Rushing Yards|30-18-1
Passing Yards|12-29-194-1
Stat of the Day|18 yrds total rushing

Matt Christian - 12-29 194yrds 1Td 1int

Matt still doesnt have the best decision making and it seems like things process really slow for him.

Robert Clay - 20 carries 48yrds 1td

Clay couldnt muster much today in the running game. The Vandals defense lead by coach JBHuskers knew what we were doing when we were doing it.

Idaho Vandals Defense

07-16-2011, 08:05 AM
Week 8:@: :Hawaii: L 57-14

Total Points|14
Total Offense|222
Rushing Yards|22-14-1
Passing Yards|12-27-208-1
Stat of the Day|4 sacks for Hawaii

Christian - 11-23 187yrds 1td 1int

Christian felt pressure all day, dont know if it was the pretty women or the blue waters that had him in another place but he wasnt at the stadium

Robert Clay - 17 carries 38yrds 1td

Back to Back games where Clay has struggled to get something going. Turner returns next week and will give another gear in the running game.

Hawai'i defensive line

07-16-2011, 08:13 AM
Week 9 :Nevada: W 35-28

Total Points|35
Total Offense|457
Rushing Yards|36-103-2
Passing Yards|14-23-354-3
Stat of the Day|354 passing yrds

Christian - 14-23 354yrds 3td 2int

Things clicked in a big game at home for Matt. Made the right reads and made plays when he needed to. Although he threw 2 ints we are very pleased in what he did.

Kenny Turner - 25-79-1td

Kenny came back and was running hard until that high ankle sprain came back to bother him and put him out another week.

Tavon Rodgers - 5rec 209yrds 2td long of 86 89 yac

Rodgers was in the right place at the right time most of the day. He caught an errant pass from Christian and took it 89 yrds to pay dirt.

Matt Christian

07-16-2011, 11:06 AM
Good stuff man!

07-17-2011, 03:35 PM
Good stuff man!

Thanks man, got to week 12 up and it aint prettyb :fp:

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Week 10 :@: :Georgia:

Total Points|6
Total Offense|131
Rushing Yards|14-66-1
Passing Yards|7-22-65-0
Stat of the Day|131 Total O

The Offense really stalled after the big win against Nevada, with the team on a high the Bulldogs set them straight.

Matt Christian - 7-22-65 3int

Christian continued to be subpar and very inconsistant, which has the coaches thinking about a new direction now. Christian is a SR and has the tools to be sucessfull but doesnt look like it clicks for him

Robert Clay - 12-76-1td

Clay has been the workhorse for this team and continued to do so, giving the Aggies the only touchdown of the day, and averaging 6.3yrds a carry.


Robert Clay

07-18-2011, 05:37 AM
Week 11 :Fresno_State: L 19-12

Total Points|12
Total Offense|340
Rushing Yards|28-137-1
Passing Yards|13-24-203-1
Stat of the Day|1 fumble

The "stat of the day" fumlbe happened when Coach Johnson decided to go for a fake FG and the backup QB fumbled after the Fresno St defense was caught off gaurd and it was scooped and taken to the house.

Matt Christian - 13-24-203-1td 1int

Christian looked like a QB that was poised and experienced throught the day. He made good decisions and put the Aggies in a position to win.

Kenny Turner - 20-122-1

Turner returned from injury and played well. The high ankle sprian has plaqued him most of his SR yr. The coaches would have loved to see him 100% the whole yr though

Marcus Williams - 3rec 82yrd 1td

Williams stepped up and made the most of his catches. With his number only being called 3 times today he made a statement.


Kenny Turner

07-18-2011, 05:58 AM
Week 12:@: :BYU: L 31-0Category|:New_Mexico_State:
Total Points|0
Total Offense|98
Rushing Yards|12-(-4)
Passing Yards|11-37-94
Stat of the Day|98yrs total O

This BYU defense had the playbook in had, or was tapped into our mics today. Every play seemed to be blown up before it started. This is the LOW point of the yr.

Matt Christian - 1-5 6yrds 3int

Chirstian made it a point to start this game being terrible. Throwing more balls to the Cougars defense than to his own team, 2 of which were pick 6.

Andrew Manley 10-32-88yrd 3int

Manley was thrown in the fire and played well at that. Stats are misleading, we were suprised by the way he handled the offense and will get the start next week over Christian.


Andrew Manley

The Cougar defense forced 7 turnovers tonight and was all over the field. Crew tried a different approach with the offense tonight and it backfired.

With 2 games left and the Aggies sitting @ 4-6 they look to get wins against La Tech and Utah st, to become bowl eligible.

07-18-2011, 06:37 AM
Updated Recruiting.....

07-18-2011, 10:06 AM
Looking good man. With as tough as that schedule looks, 4-6 so far isn't bad. That was a tough loss to BYU, but you're still in good shape. You picked up the rivalry game victory, always a major confidence boost, and La. Tech and Utah State are both winnable games. I'm pulling for you man, hope to see the Aggies pull out the 6-6 season and go bowling after the regular season.

07-19-2011, 06:15 AM
Week 13 :@: :Louisiana_Tech: L 40-3

Total Points|3
Total Offense|233
Rushing Yards|14-56-0
Passing Yards|13-45-77
Stat of the Day| Were Terrible

Andrew Manley 13-45-177 2 int

After Manleys performance last week he got the nod this week. Wasnt a good idea at all, he was rattled the whole game and looked uncomfortable out there. Manleys future as a Aggie looks dim, with Weber coming in and looking to be the best QB we have Manley can give out towels and water next yr.

Kenny Turner 10-46yrds

Turner back from injury (again) didnt get much going and wasnt very productive.

This puts the aggies at 4-7 and really hurts any other goals that they have for the season.

07-19-2011, 06:28 AM

Week 14 :Utah_State: L 24-17 OT

Total Points|17
Total Offense|279
Rushing Yards|34-107-1
Passing Yards|13-28-172-1
Stat of the Day|3 ints

Matt Christian 13-28-172-1td 3int

Senior Day was much like any day for Matt, Terrible. Matt was recognized before the game with his parents. His parents was seen leaving the 3rd quarter with hiding thier faces. Matt will receive his degree and wont step foot back on this football field

Kenny Turner 22-126yrds

Kenny had 100 yrds in the 1st half. La Tech made the adjustments and shut him down in the 2nd half. Kenny will rest in the off-season and be the feature back next yr, pending health issues.

Season ended with the Aggies @ 4-8. Cant really say it was a dissapointment but we were in position to win a couple games and couldnt make it happen. Looking forward to playing with incoming FR Justin Weber, he will have a skill set that none of the QBs I have on roster have.

07-19-2011, 06:34 AM

Kirk Cousins won the Heisman

Alabama played Wisconsin in the MNC and lost, thus stopping the dominance of the SEC.

Coaching Moves

- Considered for the :Fresno_State: OC job (not offered)
- Offered the :Idaho: OC Job (declined)
- Offered the :Akron: OC Job (declined)
- Offered the :FIU: OC Job (declined)
- Offered the :Kent_State: OC Job (declined)
- Offered the :Rice: OC Job (declined)
- Offered the :Texas_Tech: OC Job (Declined)

Stayed trued to what I was going to do, The Texas Tech job was only a :2star: job but I wanted to play with Weber and see if I can get this team Bowl eligable this yr. It was tough and I debated it for a while before I declined it

07-19-2011, 07:32 AM
You were offered the :Texas_Tech: OC job? Is that right?

07-19-2011, 08:19 AM
You were offered the :Texas_Tech: OC job? Is that right?

Yes, I fixed it...it was a tough decision

07-19-2011, 08:45 AM
Yes, I fixed it...it was a tough decision

No kidding, :Texas_Tech: OC is quite the position to be in.

07-19-2011, 10:36 AM
No kidding, :Texas_Tech: OC is quite the position to be in.

Almost came down to a coin flip....

07-19-2011, 12:04 PM
Damn. I would be incredibly tempted to jump on that one. Wow. I might have a real hard time not leaving Memphis after one year (even though I promised myself I would stay the entire 3 year contract before moving on).

07-21-2011, 05:29 AM
I respect the decision of staying! Can't wait until I have those 'tough' decisions!

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07-21-2011, 07:11 AM
Week 2 :@: :Ohio: L 14-13

Total Points|13
Total Offense|301
Rushing Yards|38-106-0
Passing Yards|16-28-195-1
Stat of the Day|4-14 on 3rd dwn

Justin Weber 16-28-195 1td 1int

Weber started his freshman campaign off on the road. Justin played well and looked better than anyone we had last yr on the roster. Weber looks to have a bright future here.

Kenny Turner - 25-134yrds
Kenny will be the highlight of the offense barring any injuries. He showed he can make the plays to keep up in the game. He averaged 5.3 YPC today and was explosive when he had the ball


Kenny Turner

07-21-2011, 07:15 AM
Week 3 :@: :UTEP: W 21-9

Total Points|21
Total Offense|300
Rushing Yards|29-77-2
Passing Yards|14-21-223-1
Stat of the Day|0 turnovers

Justin Weber - 14-21-223 1TD
Weber seems to be settling into this offense and finding his rythm. He made the tough throws and got his 1st win under his belt against a rival

Austin Franklin - 1 rush 7yrds 1td/ 2rec 100yrds 1td
Fanklin did alot in little touches today scoring 2 times while only touching the ball 3 times.


Austin Franklin

07-21-2011, 07:21 AM
Week 5 :NC_State: L 34-3

Total Points|3
Total Offense|213
Rushing Yards|23-73
Passing Yards|9-22 141
Stat of the Day|3 turnovers

Justin Weber 9-22 141yrds 2INT
Weber faced a hostile enviroment and was shook all game long. The Wolfpack defense threw diff coverages and blitz's at him and Weber struggled. Weber is looking forward to playing at home against instate rival :New_Mexico: next week

Robert Clay 5carries 37yrds
Clay came in after an inury to Turner and played well. Clay has been in this role before and is nothing new to him

07-21-2011, 07:38 AM

Week 6 :New_Mexico: W 42-21

Total Points|42
Total Offense|527
Rushing Yards|28-106-0
Passing Yards|20-32-421-6
Stat of the Day|3 ints

Justin Weber 20-32 421yrds 6TD 3int
This is why we were excited about Weber coming to New Mexico st. He broke the single game record for passing TDs this afternoon. Big things are to come as this kid has a bright future here.

Robert Clay - 17-92
Clay provided the balance today and consistancy to keep the defense honest.

James Hall - 8rec 212yrds 4TD
Hall seemed to be open all day and when he caught the ball good things would happen. Weber proved he can be relied on and will be a target from here on out.

Austin Franklin - 4rec 125yrds 1td
With all the balls going around and Weber getting comfortable Franklin contributed some himself being the 2nd receiver to get 100 in the game


Justin Weber/James Hall

07-21-2011, 07:39 AM
Damn. I would be incredibly tempted to jump on that one. Wow. I might have a real hard time not leaving Memphis after one year (even though I promised myself I would stay the entire 3 year contract before moving on).

No kidding. High powered offense, nice pipeline, major conference (though it is down to 10 teams).

07-21-2011, 07:43 AM
No kidding. High powered offense, nice pipeline, major conference (though it is down to 10 teams).

Like I said it was very tempting, but I wanted to hold true to what I started with. And I look like I may get to the 6 win mark this yr. Im feeling really comfortable with Weber. May have to think about renewing just so I can see what I can do with Weber in his career

07-21-2011, 07:47 AM
Like I said it was very tempting, but I wanted to hold true to what I started with. And I look like I may get to the 6 win mark this yr. Im feeling really comfortable with Weber. May have to think about renewing just so I can see what I can do with Weber in his career

I don't have much at Idaho, but I am thinking I will play out my entire two year contract, so I definitely get your thinking there.

07-25-2011, 05:27 PM
been a while but will have a large update here tom. weds

07-27-2011, 05:54 AM
Week 8 :Memphis: W 24-21

Total Points|24
Total Offense|322
Rushing Yards|29-138-1
Passing Yards|17-30-184-2
Stat of the Day|2nts

Justin Weber 16-29-150 2td 2in
Weber continues to be consistant and looks to be the MVP of this team

Robert Clay 12 rush 52yrds
Clay continues to be consitant in the backup role. Clay really know his place on this team and takes advantage of every chance he gets

Phillip Chavis 3 rush 67yrd 1td
Chavis gave this team a spark with a big 64yrd run up the middle.

Darrius Preston 3 catch 28 yrd 2td
Darrius made the best of his 3 catches today. Nothing fancy just finding the endzone

07-27-2011, 06:09 AM
Week 9 :Fresno_State: L 38-10

Total Points|38
Total Offense|350
Rushing Yards|24-131-1
Passing Yards|16-31-219-0
Stat of the Day|2 ints

Justin Weber 16-31-219 2int
Weber was shook most of the game, he had trouble reading defenses and making good decisions.

Kenny Turner 18 rush 98yrds
Turner did all he could almost reaching the century mark but not seeing the endzone once

Phillip Chavis 1 rush 47yrds 1td
Chavis scored again on a long TD this week and was our only TD of the day

James Hall 5 rec 82yrds

Phillip Chavis

07-27-2011, 06:15 AM
Week 10 :Hawaii: W 36-21

Total Points|36
Total Offense|402
Rushing Yards|35-217-3
Passing Yards|11-24-185-2
Stat of the Day|217 rushing yrds

Justin Weber 11-24-185 2td 2int
Weber once again throws for a couple tds only to be overshadowed by the 2 ints. Something we can expect from a freshman

Kenny Turner 27 rush 195 yrd 3td
Turner is really coming to a zone, and has stayed healthy this season. Hes putting up big numbers and making a name for himself

James Hall 3 rec 81yrd 1td
Hall and Weber are becoming a household name in New Mexico


Kenny Turner

07-27-2011, 06:39 AM
Week 11 :San_Jose_State: W 42-21

Total Points|42
Total Offense|428
Rushing Yards|33-268-4
Passing Yards|10-22-164-2
Stat of the Day|4 rushing tds

Justin Weber 10-22-164-2td 2int
Its a given that Justin is going to throw it to the other team atleast 1 time a game. We just accept it and ask our defense to get it back for us

Kenny Turner 22rush 249yrds 3td
Kenny turned in a career day today not only with yards but also with TDs. Kenny had 3 rushes over 20yrds and is turning into a great back.

Darius Preston 5rec 85yrd


Kenny Turner