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12-08-2010, 03:54 AM
Thought I'd throw my hat into the ring. Here's some sliders for those who want to try the zero threshold monster but don't know where to start. My OD on another forum uses them and they would confirm these sliders are very realistic and that you must come out ready to play everytime. Don't know if I can link another site here but once I get off from work I'll go copy our current stat leaders over. These sliders are from memory, I will adjust any once I get my console/sliders in front of me.

Difficulty: Heisman
Quarter Length: 7 min
Speed Threshold: 0
Gamespeed: Fast

Offsides - 100
False Start - 100
Holding - 55
Facemask - 50
Offensive Pass Interference - 100
Defensive Pass Interference - 100
KR/PR Interference - 100
Clipping - 50
Intentional Grounding - 100
Roughing the Passer - 100
Roughing the Kicker - 100


QB Accuracy - 10/10
Pass Blocking - 25/25
WR Catching - 50/50
RB Ability - 50/100
Run Blocking - 50/50
Pass Coverage - 50/50
Pass Rush - 25/25
Interceptions - 80/80
Rush Defense - 10/10
Tackling -75/55
FG Power - 25/25
FG Accuracy - 20/45
Punt Power - 35/35
Punt Accuracy - 10/100
Kickoff Power - 25/25

12-08-2010, 08:37 AM
pretty close to mine... ill try these in about an hour... dont have anything to do today until 2PM... excited i love heisman & 0 threshold but what game speed do you have set... you didnt put that down...


12-09-2010, 09:35 PM
Jerzey, just to clarify, you're talking about the speed being 0 threshold, right? Not some metaphor about there being little margin for error.

12-26-2010, 05:17 AM
Sorry I haven't gotten back to these but I've been busy with my OD. @Jeff, yes I was referring to the speed threshold. @Gridiron- We have since met on TSO but your slider set is similar to mine. I'm a 'Zero Threshold' OG;)

12-26-2010, 05:23 AM
Updated! Sorry for the delay. The Run Blocking Was Wrong it was meant to be at 50 for both sides. I put Run D @ 10 for a OPTION offense, spread or 'traditional' option. In all my games the rush defense for the CPU is still a challenge but you will still be able to run your offense. Human QB Acc is also at 10 for my personal set.

Any questions feel free to ask.

Edit: I have some stats from my OD if its ok to post them up. I enjoy the stats because no every user is pushing for 2,000 yards at will on the ground, our record is about 1500, or not every user is throwing for 5,000 yards a season. Our record is 5,092 and no one has came close to it since. But the most important thing about my sliders is that you can (and will) lose to the CPU. Alot of guys don't like losing to the CPU but the guys in my OD welcome the challenge. I just finished up a 6-6 campaign, 2 user game losses and 4 CPU games losses. The sliders are made to produce realism not sim stats, just turns out that both happen. If you don't have the talent to compete it will be a b!tch to upset a better team. And if you take the CPU lightly a weaker CPU team will get you. Last season our powerful Ohio State user dropped a game to Purdue, 19-17. He commented that he took them lightly and before he knew it he was in a dogfight:).

Anyway, these won't cure everyone's 'sim' fantasies but I have (over the 3 forums my sliders are posted) have reached alot of guys 'expectations'. Enjoy!