View Full Version : Slider Suggestions?

10-27-2010, 09:23 AM
I've been playing either Madden or NCAA Football since the Super Nintendo days but have never really messed with the sliders on any version. I'm in year 4 of an online dynasty with Ohio State (only other owner in the league plays as Michigan). We are using the difficulty settings (AA I think) and sliders that were default out of the box. We have both switched playing styles from the teams we run (I now run with Miss St spread option playbook w/ OSU he uses a pro-style w/ Mich). I've only lost 1 game in roughly 3.5 seasons (a close loss at Penn St) and he has 3 losses (all to me). After beating winning at Minnesota, who was ranked #7 in our dynasty, last night 52-0 I think we should make the game a little more challenging. Should we just move up to heisman difficulty or are there a set of sliders anyone could suggest?