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07-31-2019, 12:09 AM
I played one full season of Face the Franchise. Iíll provide a bit of a recap in the next few posts. Overall I had a lot of fun. I also had lots of frustration. If you own the game you definitely should try the mode. Itís still bare bones but itís a start.

07-31-2019, 12:13 AM

Player: Jay Mo
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Position: Quarterback
Hand: Left-handed

Archetype: Field general

Signed with the Miami Hurricanes

07-31-2019, 12:19 AM
College Football Semi Final

14 :Texas_Tech: 17 :Miami:

National Championship

7. :Oklahoma: 10 :Miami:

JayMo wins his first and only National Championship and gets an invite to the combine.

07-31-2019, 12:20 AM
At the combine JayMo went 18/24 in passing and as such was invited to the draft. He is expected as a late first round pick. NFL Network analysts have not been kind but we will see what happens.

07-31-2019, 12:22 AM
Draft Day.

And with the 26th pick, the Miam Dolphins select Jay Mo from the Miami Hurricanes.


07-31-2019, 01:01 AM

Game 1. 27. :Atlanta_Falcons: 20. :Miami_Dolphins:

Game 2. 21. :Miami_Dolphins: 19. :TB_Buccaneers:

Game 3. 20. :Jax_Jaguars: 14. :Miami_Dolphins:

Game 4. 26. :Miami_Dolphins: 29. :New_Orleans_Saints:

Overall a very poor preseason for the Fins with a 1-3 record. Jay Mo struggled to move the ball at times and threw a few pics. Ryan Fitzpatrick played much better but in game 3 Coach Flores told JayMo the team was his. With that’s it’s on to the regular season.

07-31-2019, 01:06 AM
Opening week.

0. :Miami_Dolphins: 21. :Baltimore_Ravens:

Ugly! JayMo’s NFL start was an abomination! He went 14/29 for 182 yards and 3 interceptions including a pick six. The Ravens D brought the heat and JayMo couldn’t adjust. The preseason problems continue in the regular season.

07-31-2019, 01:20 AM
Week 2 to week 5:

21. :NE_Patriots: 17. :Miami_Dolphins:

3. :Miami_Dolphins: 34. :Dallas_Cowboys:

36. :San_Diego_Chargers: 14. :Miami_Dolphins:

Bye week

What a horrendous start the the campaign. JayMo has been sacked on average 5 times per game and is throwing picks left right and centre. To make matters worse there is no running game and Kenyan Drake has multiple fumbles each game. Receivers are not helping either as we lead the league in drops.

07-31-2019, 01:45 AM
Sitting at 0-4 the Dolphins hope to see an improvement between now and the halfway point of the season.

Week 6 to week 9:

7. :Wash_Redskins: 24. :Miami_Dolphins: (12/17 180 yards 2 td’s)

21. :Miami_Dolphins: 34. :Buffalo_Bills: (18/36 199 yards 3td 1 int)

17. :Miami_Dolphins: 10. :Pitt_Steelers: (Monday Night Football). (14/21 268 yards 2 tds)

20. :New_York_Jets: 23. :Miami_Dolphins: (25/36 322 yards 1 td)

What a turnaround! After an 0-4 start the fish now sit at 3-5 and are in 3rd in the AFC East. JayMo is playing well managing the games and the interceptions have stopped though the sacks, drops and fumbles continue. The Pittsburgh win Is game of the year material thus far. Good things may be on the horizon?

07-31-2019, 01:53 AM
Week 10 and week 11

9. :Miami_Dolphins: 17. :Indianapolis_Colts: (17/28 187 yards 2 ints and 2 fumbles)

20. :Buffalo_Bills: 23. :Miami_Dolphins: (20/33 188 yards 1 td)

The Colts game should have been a win if not for two costly fumbles. However, the offence is slowing down again. Nonetheless a victory against the first place Bills is huge. 4-6 at the 10 game mark is very respectable. We are even in the wildcard hunt as it stands right now.

07-31-2019, 02:06 AM
And the season is lost....

Week 12 to week 16:

26. :Miami_Dolphins: 31. :Cleveland_Browns: (5/16 124 yards 2 td 1 int in an absolute blizzard).

* Kenyan Drake went down with an injury and Keith Ballage took over on 19 carries for 238 yards and 1 td. He should be rob 1 as Drake has done nothing all year.

26. :Philly_Eagles: 24. :Miami_Dolphins: (22/30 310 yards 3 td 1 int)

* this was a win except Drake fumbled in the last minute and Philly kicked the game winner.

23. :Miami_Dolphins: 42. :New_York_Jets: (20/43 277 yards 3td 1 int)

21. :Miami_Dolphins: 42. :New_York_Giants: (37/50 386 yards 2td 3 int)

4-10 with two games remaining. The season collapsed on us. We continue to fumble, drop balls and give up about sacks. A lot is needed in the offseason.

07-31-2019, 02:11 AM
Week 16 and week 17:

7. :Cincinnati_Bengals: 10. :Miami_Dolphins: (19/26 249 yards 1 int)

17. :Miami_Dolphins: 31. :NE_Patriots: (27/39 239 yards 1td 2 ints)

The season could not end soon enough. The Dolphins finish 5-11 on the season. Even worse with the Patriots win they make the playoffs. Ugh!

07-31-2019, 02:14 AM

:NE_Patriots: 9-7

:Buffalo_Bills: 9-7

:New_York_Jets: 9-7

:Miami_Dolphins: 5-11

07-31-2019, 02:14 AM
Jay Mo

:Miami_Dolphins: 5-11

Yards. 3,845
TDS. 23
Ints. 23
Comp 63%
Rating 83.2
Avg. 240.3

Sacked 53 times

07-31-2019, 02:20 AM
2019 acclamations for Jay Mo

AFC Offensive Rookie of the Year

Named to the AFC Pro Bowl team

07-31-2019, 02:30 AM
Around the league:

Super Bowl winners Green Bay Packers (58-54 over New England Patriots)

Coaches Fired:

Matt Patricia (Detroit)
Jon Gruden (Oakland)
Mike Tomlinson (Pittsburg)
Mike Zimmer (Minnesota)


Andy Reid (KC)


MVP Aaron Rodgers (GB)
Coach of the Year Matt LaFluer. (12-4)

Rookies of the year (NFC) Kyler Murray (Arizona), Sean Murray-Bunting (TB)
Rookies of the year (AFC). Jay Mo (Miami), Devin Bush (Pittsburgh)

07-31-2019, 02:39 AM
Further league news...

Tom Brady retires

Ben Watson (TE) retires

Jason Witten (TE) retires

Adrian Peterson cut by Redskins and announces retirement

Cameron Wake retires

Alibi Talib retires

Eli Manning retires

Viking hire Mike Tomlinson as HC

07-31-2019, 02:41 AM
Breaking news: Dolphins release:

Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB)

Dwayne Allen. (TE)

Jason Sanders (K)

07-31-2019, 02:47 AM
Dolphins free agency signings:

RE Ndamukong Suh
ROLB Brandon Copeland
RG Elijah Wilkinson
C Joe Looney
RT Seantral Hendersen
CB Kayvan Webster

The offensive line signings help but what about receivers???

07-31-2019, 03:09 AM
:Miami_Dolphins:Dolphins draft

Round 1 pick 6. CB Malik Graham (72 ovr)

Round 2 pick 6 RT Pearson Monroe (69 ovr)

Round 2 pick 27. LOLB Vaughn Lockhart (64 ovr)

Round 3 pick 6. LT Bradley Lofton (67 ovr)

Round 4 pick 9. CB Ben Herman. (64 ovr)

Round 6 pick 6 WR Andrew Cline (64 ovr)

Round 6 pick 30 RT Cole Sobieski (59 ovr)

Round 7 pick 6. TE Chase Wooten. (55 ovr)

07-31-2019, 03:24 PM
Overall a pretty disappointing draft for the Dolphins IMO. They really did nothing to help put some weapons around Jay Mo. In addition a number of the picks were very mediocre. There wasn't a pressing need for a cornerback in the first round yet Malik Graham from Texam A&M was selected. Likely the only player who may be a starter in week one is RT Pearson Monroe. The "big mauler" has some skill but he's still. JayMo needs far better protection than last year. 54 sacks again this year will lead to a short career.

07-31-2019, 11:29 PM
Year Two... on to the preseason...

Week 1. 20. :Miami_Dolphins: 30. :New_York_Giants:

Week 2. 17. :Kansas_City_Chiefs: 27 :Miami_Dolphins:

Week 3. 44. :Pitt_Steelers: 15. :Miami_Dolphins:

Week 4. 31. :Miami_Dolphins: 34. :Seattle_Seahawks:

The Fins had a tough preseason schedule and ended 1-3 including a horrendous performance versus Pittsburgh. The game was as ugly as they get. Jay Mo was for the most part outplayed by backup Drew Rosen but coach Flores continues to put for in JayMo.

As for draft picks, the only drafted player in the starting lineup is RT Pearson Monroe. That starting position is less that he earned it and more that the offensive line is very deficient and he is a slight improvement from last year. Free agent C Joe Looney is also an improvement no matter how slight from last year.

Bottom line, if the Fins can’t run the ball and pass protect for Jay Mo this will be another long season.

07-31-2019, 11:36 PM
The Fins have a tough schedule this year and it’s made even more difficult by three straight road games to start the season in LA, Oakland and Houston.

This years schedule involves playing the AFC and NFC WEST divisions as well as two contests against the Texans and Steelers.

07-31-2019, 11:41 PM

Week one roster acquisitions from free agency pool.

MLB Chase Allen

RE Angelo Blackson

K Ryan Succop

In other news, rookie WR Andrew Cline has been promoted to kick and punt returning duties.

07-31-2019, 11:57 PM
Week 1: Opening Week

18. :Miami_Dolphins: 22. :San_Diego_Chargers:

The Chargers are a tough out for the Fins. Today was no different. While the game could have been won a bad fumble by RB Drake and an interception by JayMo was the turning point in the game. JayMo actually had a really strong game going 27/33 for 208 yards 2tds and 1 int. The problem was Bosa was in the backfield literally every play. Add to that another invisible performance by RB Kenyan Drake.

The Chargers were relentless on offence and though the scoreboard didn’t show, they moved the ball with ease. They too however had fumble problems.

08-01-2019, 12:14 AM
Week Two:

32. :Miami_Dolphins: 3. :Oakland_Raiders:

That score is flattering for the Raiders. This game was a blowout. The now Grudenless Raiders are absolutely awful (now 0-2 on the season). As for the Dolphins this was the first true complete victory in two seasons and man was it impressive. Jay Mo was 19/33 239 yards 2tds 1 int. Had our receivers not had some timely drops we would have been in the 40’s. Carr was 14/27 for 138 yards and 2 ints.

The real story of the game was the emergence of Kenyan Drake. He had 17 carries for 141 yards and 1 int. Here’s the kicker though.... we was injured at halftime so he only played the first half. Wow! Where has this guy been?

At 1-1 the Fins head to Texas to wrap out their three game road swing.

08-02-2019, 05:06 PM
Week 3 and Week 4: what a mess!

3 :Miami_Dolphins: 43 :Houston_Texans:

Jay Mo was 8/24 for 108 yards and 3 interceptions. Even worse Jay Mo was sacked 7 times and under non stop pressure by Watt. Throw in an additional 3 fumbles from big hits and this score line make sense. This was a M onday Night Massacre and all the momentum from the Raiders victory is gone.

30 :San_Fran_49ers: 14 :Miami_Dolphins:

This was not a rebound game as we had hope. Jay Mo played decent but again the fumbles and non stop sacks killed any possibility of a victory. 3 fumbles and 7 sacks (4 by Bosa) led the 49ers to an easy victory. Jay Mo went 20/32 for 187 yards and 1 td but there was zero run game. Miami receivers had 6 drops which also really hurt the team.

With that, the Fins fall to 1-3 on the season and have a tough task with New England coming to town next week. Jay Mo has not yet beaten NE in his young career.

08-02-2019, 05:14 PM
Week 5: yes!

13 :NE_Patriots: 21 :Miami_Dolphins:

With the retirement of Brady, the Pats are now led by.... Jacoby Brissett. That's right, he's back in Boston. But even with Brady in the lineup it wouldn't have mattered. Kenyan Drake was a beast today on 21 carries for 144 yards and 1 td as well as a handful of passes. "The Drake" was a monster out there and could not be stopped. Jay Mo simply managed the game going 17/21 for 148 yards and 1 int. This is Jay Mo's first victory against the Pats and it feels oh so good.

With the victory the Fins now move to 2-3 on the season and have a date in Buffalo next week. After collapsing in the 2nd half of last season the Bills sacked Allen and replaced him with QB LEGEND.... Drew Brees. This game should be a good one as the Bills run D is stout.

08-03-2019, 12:08 PM
I’m happy you are Miami. I wouldn’t want to be lol

08-03-2019, 01:51 PM
I’m happy you are Miami. I wouldn’t want to be lol

Yeah they are not a good team. What makes it worse though are that the big hits and computer fumbles are out of control. I will finish year two and then probably stop playing the mode until a tuner update or patch to stop the fumbles.

08-03-2019, 04:00 PM
I see some people defending the fumbles on OS saying to cover up the ball. Screw that. Look at NFL fumble stats. QBS can fumble a lot on sacks but fumbling once every other game is normal. Only two RBs fumbled more than 4 times all last year. On average each team fumbles a total of 1.2 times per game on average and only loses 0.5 fumbles per game on average.


08-04-2019, 04:12 PM
I see some people defending the fumbles on OS saying to cover up the ball. Screw that. Look at NFL fumble stats. QBS can fumble a lot on sacks but fumbling once every other game is normal. Only two RBs fumbled more than 4 times all last year. On average each team fumbles a total of 1.2 times per game on average and only loses 0.5 fumbles per game on average.


In Face of the Franchise you cannot control the AI teammates so you cannot cover the ball. It's the cpu teammates that have the most fumbles. Even at that though the big hits are ridiculous and ILLEGAL in the NFL. Watch the players who deliver big hits. They leave both of there feet and they lead with the crown of the helmet. It's ridiculous! It also defies physics as often they will dive while in full run and hit the payer from behind. It loos terrible.

08-04-2019, 08:58 PM
Week 6 through Week 8

27 :Miami_Dolphins: 13 :Buffalo_Bills:

35 :New_York_Jets: 31 :Miami_Dolphins:

Jay Mo had a massive game against Brees and the Bills. Jay Mo went 23/28 for 316 yards and 2td's. Brees had a solid game as well but the difference maker was the Fins D. They were stout. The win moves the Fins to 3-3 at the 6 game mark.

For the first place showdown and for a chance for the Fins to go above 500 for the first time in JayMo's tenure, Miam would need to take down the Jets. JayMo had the biggest pass numbers of his career going 36/51 for 44o yards and 3 tds. That said he also had 2 picks, one of which was a pick six. In the last minute the Fins still had a chance to win but Stills had a crucial drop in the endzone on 4th down and that sealed the loss.

The Dolphins have a bye in week 8. Their record sits at 3-4.

08-04-2019, 09:03 PM
Week 9: Frustration

28 :Kansas_City_Chiefs: 21 :Miami_Dolphins:

JayMo had a decent game going 22/37 for 297 yards 3tds and 2ints. The interceptions were costly but didn't result in points for KC. The biggest problem was Mahomes was an absolute beast throwing for 300 yards and rushing for close to 100 yards and the Fins D just could not stop him in the 2nd half.

Miami falls to 3-5, the same record after 8 games as last year. The only real difference this year is that there is a more consistent run game this season.

08-04-2019, 09:15 PM
Week 10 and Week 11: Momentum won; momentum lost

17 :Miami_Dolphins: 3 :Arizona_Cardinals:

Arizona is scary. Led by Murray in his 2nd season the Cardinals were 6-0-2 on the season (yes 2 ties...). That said the Miami D was nasty and the Miami dynamic duo of Drake and Ballage took over the game and the clock. Ballage rushed for 148 yards and Drake had 95 yards on 3 carries. Jay Mo was an efficient going 13/24 for 130 yards and 1 td. The key was no interceptions and no fumbles.

20 :Buffalo_Bills: 14 :Miami_Dolphins:

At 4-5 the Fins have a chance to get back to 500. However, Brees and the Bills had different plants. Jay Mo was confident after a nice victory earlier in the season. That confidence was misplaced. Jay Mo had a brutal game going 23/42 for 313 yards with 1 td and 3 interceptions. The Bills had SIXTEEN PASS DEFLECTIONS (please fix this crap Tiburon...) and Jay Mo could not get a lot of production form his receivers. The loss was humbling and yet again the Fins have a 4-6 record after 10 games (same as last season).

08-04-2019, 09:35 PM
Week 12 and Week 13: turning point?

10 :Seattle_Seahawks: 21 :Miami_Dolphins: (18/23 213 yards 2tds)

Jay Mo was sacked 6 times and Miam had a minimal run game but again the Miami D was awesome. Wilson was eating his words after disrespecting JayMo. Jay Mo did just enough to get by and was highly efficient today.

24 :Miami_Dolphins: 16 :NE_Patriots: (23/34 290 yards 2td 2int)

Bottom line... the Pats aren't the Pats without Brady. Brissett struggled today and even though JayMo threw 2 picks, the Pats offense could not capitalize on the opportunities.

So after 12 games the Fins sit at 6-6 and are in the hunt for the division title and a playoff spot. Could things be turning around for Miami? The last four games are tough but this year the AFC is in a slump so anything is possible.

08-04-2019, 09:39 PM
Week 13 standings for the AFC EAST

:New_York_Jets: 7-5

:Miami_Dolphins: 6-6

:Buffalo_Bills: 6-6

:NE_Patriots: 5-7

Miami is definitely in the hunt. The crucial remaining game is versus the Jets on the road. NY is a strong team and they already beat Miami in Miami earlier in the season.

08-05-2019, 11:42 PM
Week 14 to Week 17: "the end is nigh..."

28 :Miami_Dolphins: 31 :New_York_Jets: (24/39 269 yards 3 tds 3 ints)

This was a backbreaking loss. Jay Mo made two really bad decisions, one of which was a pick six. However, he made amends and drove down the field only to have Ryan Succop miss yet another field goal (34 yarder) which would have pushed the game to OT.

32 :Denver_Broncos: 17 :Miami_Dolphins: (23/37 247 YARDS 1 TD 1 INT)

After the loss to NYJ the Fins didn't show up for this game and it was an ugly loss. There was no run game and Drake was lost for the season with an ACL. Teddy Bridgewater had his way with Miami's D. With the loss Miami falls to 6-8 and only running the table and getting help would allow them to earn a playoff spot.

34 :Pitt_Steelers: 3 :Miami_Dolphins:

With the season almost lost JayMo had the worst game of his career with a 24.9 passer rating. He was 14/31 for 100 yards and 3 interceptions. Add to this a fumble and 3 sacks and this is the day Miami had. The loss moves them to 6-9 and now officially missed the playoffs.

14 :Miami_Dolphins: 42 :St_Louis_Rams: (14/30 162 yards 1 td)

With nothing to play for the Fins end the season on the wrongside of a blowout. There's really nothing else left to say.

08-05-2019, 11:44 PM

:Buffalo_Bills: 8-8

:New_York_Jets: 8-8

:NE_Patriots: 7-9

:Miami_Dolphins: 6-10

The Bills were on fire to end the season, winning 4 straight. The Jets fell apart losing 3 of 4 and as such the only EAST team to make the dance is Buffalo.

08-05-2019, 11:48 PM
Jay Mo's 2020 Stats


attempts 519
completions 324
yards 3,747
TD's 24
Ints 22
YPG 234.2
% 62%

Jay Mo was also sacked 33 times this season.

Regardless of average numbers, Jay Mo received an invite to the PRO BOWL... again.

08-05-2019, 11:50 PM
Super Bowl:

14 :Cleveland_Browns: 40 :Seattle_Seahawks:

Congratulations Seattle, your Super Bowl Champions for the 2020 season!

08-05-2019, 11:53 PM

The Dolphins have announced that K Ryan Succopp has retired. Likely he would have bene cut if not retiring as he had a poor season.

Speculations still is swirling that Coach Flores will be shown the door but there is nothing yet to report.