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05-26-2018, 09:50 PM
Okay, so for shits and giggles, I'm going to try something a little different here. I just started a brand new community with three former survivors from my first ever community in State of Decay 2. As I'm right at the very start of the new game, I'm going to try and do sort of like a journal type thing where you can follow the day to day lives of my survivors and community.

05-26-2018, 09:57 PM
This is where I will list all survivors during the course of the community, all of those alive, dead or exiled, as well as their skills, traits and stats.

Current Survivors: Bree (Brianna Dager), Courtney (Courtney Newman), Juniper (Juniper Barnum), Arsenault (Hannah Arsenault)
Dead Survivors: N/A
Exile Survivors: N/A


Health: 128 - Stamina: 185

Standing: Hero: Party Planning: Put me in charge of the entertainment; I know how to have a good time. - +4 Morale


Foam Dart Champion: We had these foam dart guns at work, and I would annihilate everyone during lunch. - Affects Skills
Loves Baking: I didn't say I was good at it. But I could rock a sheet of break-and-bake cookies.
Holed Up at a Farm: We spent our first winter holed up in a barn. That spring, we even tried to plant something - Affects Skills; Morale bonus from large-slot Farms
Puts Family First: If you won't take care of your family, why are you even here?


Cardio - Maxed --> Backpacking 6/7 stars - Major increase to carrying capacity, +56 Max Stamina, +15 Max Carrying Capacity.

Wits - Maxed --> Discipline - Maxed - Increased Stamina, light encumbrance limit and weapon durability - +35% Search Speed, +30 Light Carrying Capacity, -25% Durability Loss Per Hit (Melee), +24 Max Stamina, +5 Stamina Gain on Melee Kill

Fighting - Maxed --> Close Combat 2/7 stars - Improved fighting and reduced Stamina use with an empty melee weapon slot - +28 Max Health, -32% Melee Stamina Cost (Close Combat), Enhanced Close Combat moves, :ps3L1:+:360x: Shove Attack

Shooting - Maxed --> Gunslinging - Maxed - Faster reloads; Aim Snap ability unlocked - +200% Reload Speed, Aim Snap costs less Stamina, -25% Firearm Sway, -25% Firearm Recoil, :360a: Snap to targets while aiming

Gardening - Maxed --> Agriculture - Maxed - Unlocks top-end Garden and Farm upgrades for food prodution - Knowledge of Gardening, Knowledge of Agriculture, +1 Food Per Day


Health: 128 - Stamina: 121

Standing: Hero: Good Example: I just do my best every day. It's not a lot, but sometimes the little things really matter. - +33% Global Action Speed


Exterminator: Clearing infestations was already my specialty - Affects Skills
Track Star: My track team won the state championship. I dominated the hurdles. - Affects Skills
Rescued a Puppy: I once literally risked my life because a puppy was in danger. Dogs, man. They need us.
Rebellious as a Teen: What did I rebel against? Hell, what DIDN'T I rebel against? - Irritable towards other people


Cardio - Maxed --> Acrobatics 1/7 stars - Dodging and climbing are quicker and cost less Stamina - +21 Max Stamina, -20% Climbing Stamina Cost, Reduced Fall Damage, :ps3L1:+:360a: Flying Strike when facing an enemy

Wits - Maxed --> Scouting 4/7 stars - Increased scouting range and passive enemy detection - +35% Search Speed, +15m Enemy Detection Range, +40% Container Visibility Range

Fighting - Maxed --> Swordplay - Maxed - Improved combat moves and increased lethality for bladed weapons - +28 Max Health, +30% Blade Lethality, :RT:+:360x: Execute standing enemies with a blade, :ps3L1:+:360x: Leg Sweep to cripple enemies

Shooting - Maxed --> Assault 0/7 stars - Significantly reduced recoil; Kick attack unlocked while aiming. - -25% Firearm Sway, -50% Firearm Recoil, :360a: Kick enemies over while aiming

Chemistry - Maxed --> Munitions - Maxed - Unlocks Firesafe Storage. Allows crafting of thermite, C4 and improved ammunition - Knowledge of Chemistry, Knowledge of Munitions, +3 Max Ammo Storage


Health: 128 - Stamina: 155

Standing: Citizen


Fleet Manager: It's been a while since I was shoulders-deep in an engine, but I still know my way around. - Affects Skills
Theatre Nerd: The -re spelling is more appropriate to the history and erudition of the art.
Went to ROTC: I did some military training in school, but never got around to enlisting. - Affects Skills
Unmotivated: I just can't work up the energy to accomplish anything these days. - -50% Standing Rewards, Morale Bonus from luxury bed facilities, Annoys irritable community members, -1 Labor


Cardio - Maxed --> Backpacking 1/7 stars - Major increase to carrying capacity, +31 Max Stamina, +15 Max Carrying Capacity.

Wits - Maxed --> Discipline - Maxed - Increased Stamina, light encumbrance limit and weapon durability - +35% Search Speed, +30 Light Carrying Capacity, -25 Durability Loss Per Hit (Melee), +24 Max Stamina, +5 Stamina Gain on Melee Kill

Fighting - Maxed --> Striking - Maxed - Improved combat moves and increased knockdown for blunt weapons - +28 Max Health, +30% Blunt Knockdown, -66% Grand Slam Cost, :ps3L1:+:360x: Grand Slam against multiple enemies

Shooting - Maxed --> Assault 1/7 stars - Significantly reduced recoil; Kick attack unlocked while aiming - -55% Firearm Recoil, -25% Firearm Sway, :360A: Kick enemies over while aiming

Mechanics - Maxed --> Automechanics - Maxed - Unlocks Auto Shop. Allows crafting of vehicle upgrade kits (at Auto Shop) and quick-repair toolkits (at Workshop 3) - Knowledge of Mechanics, Knowledge of Automechanics, +25% Fuel Efficiency, +50% Vehicle Loudness Reduction


Health: 100 - Stamina: 100

Standing: Recruit


SWAT Trainee: I got a few weeks of training with automatic weapons and shotguns before the outbreak hit. - Affects Skills
Both Knees Replaced: I'm basically a cyborg. - -66% Cardio Experience Rate, Morale bonus from an upgraded infirmary, Affects Skills
Passive Aggressive: No, it's fine, I'll just be over here, alone. Probably getting eaten. Don't worry about me. - -10% Standing Rewards, Annoys irritable community members.


Cardio - 0/4 stars - Improves Stamina and leads to advanced athletic skills

Wits - 0/7 stars - Improves search speed and leads to advanced mental skills

Fighting - 0/7 stars - Improves Health and leads to advanced combat skills

Shooting - 6/7 stars - Improves firearms handling and leads to advanced shooting skills -18% Firearm Sway, -18% Firearm Recoil

05-26-2018, 09:58 PM
After traveling from town to town, we ran out of gas on the outskirts of Meagher Valley. Instead of foraging for gas and moving on, especially after a close call with a feral the last time we stopped to forage gas, we decided to find a place to call home and settle in here in the valley.

After some brief exploring up the road, we found a small house called Clarington House, which upon clearing of it's former occupants (no longer human), we declared it our home site and settled in.

With limited food, medical and building resources, and zero ammo or gas resources, the immediate first objective was to scavenge the area building for any and all supplies we could find while we build up our new home. What will await us in this unexplored valley remains to be seen.

05-26-2018, 11:46 PM
Well, we survived our first night at The Clarington House. Without power and water to virtually all buildings in the valley, it gets REALLY dark at night. And yet despite the ever present zombies shuffling around and the inability to see farther than a couple feet ahead at a time, Courtney went out by herself and scavenged a couple of the nearby houses and garages.

Our food supply is maxed out so we are in no danger of going hungry. We got a fair supply of medicine built up, a couple construction materials, enough to get started building an infirmary and a small supply of gas. We are still empty on ammo however.

We're not alone in this valley as it turns out. We were contacted via radio by someone named Allison, associated with a group called the Bystanders, asking for us to meet with them. It's a bit of a hike to the place where they are holed up, but as luck would have it, Juniper found a Norma, an older pickup truck, at a garage just across the road from our home site. It even still had 3/4ths of a tank of gas in it!

With the aid of our new vehicle, Juniper headed over to meet with Allison and the Bystanders. Looking to work on a cure for blood plague disease, she asked us to help them find a sample blood plague samples. So it was back into the truck and off to a nearby plague heart to find a horde of blood plague zombies. Since Juniper was by herself, it was easiest, and less dangerous, to just stay in the truck and run the zombies down, rather than get out and fight them by hand.

Along the way to the plague heart, Juniper came across an ambulance and a passenger van, both also with 3/4ths of a tank of gas in them, so we at least had plenty of options for vehicles nearby if our Norma either broke down or ran out of go-go juice. After stopping to do some quick scouting of the nearby town from the top of a cell tower, Juniper also discovered two Road Racer MXs (though both destroyed), a Brogan Sport (also destroyed) and a Pilato in the town behind our home site. While it would take some hiking on foot to reach those four other vehicles, as well as repair kits for the three that were destroyed, there were at least three good vehicles in working condition with gas within a couple miles of home.

After collecting the necessary plague samples, juniper returned to the Bystanders, who became friendly with us upon completion of the task. On the way back, Juniper met Hannah Arsenault, a survivor looking for a home, and welcomed her into The Refuge community. While Arsenault didn't have a special skill, and thus can be trained in a specific skill with the training books that were brought with us, she did have Passive Agressive for a trait, which causes her to annoy irritable community members. If fights start happening, she may find that her new home is just a temporary one.

Upon returning to base, Juniper got a much needed break and rest period as the sun set and night approached once more...

05-29-2018, 09:00 PM
Haha. This is awesome. Well done Smooth. You are making me want to buy this game. We move in mid June and I want a new XBOX 1 X for the living room.

05-29-2018, 10:46 PM
Haha. This is awesome. Well done Smooth. You are making me want to buy this game. We move in mid June and I want a new XBOX 1 X for the living room.Thanks! I wanted to try something a little different than just random updates every now and then in the SoD2 thread about how my community is doing. I figured make it like a journal of the community, with a new update for each day in-game, sort of a summary of events that happened for that day.

I'm waiting before continuing as there is supposed to be a patch or two currently going through the approval process at MS, so I'm waiting for those patches before continuing. The enclaves can get overwhelming with their requests, and will quickly become hostile or leave the map entirely if you don't complete their requests, sometimes as soon as one failed request will cause them to go hostile or up and leave. So I'm hoping the patches that are in the pipeline and eventually should be releasing will tone down the frequency of enclave requests before really diving into my new community.

And I highly recommend the game. Sure, in the long run it'll feel like the first one did, but I'm having a blast, bugs and all. And even though co-op can be buggy right now, it's still fun running with other people. I had fun the times me and bdoughty have caused havoc together. Hopefully we can get JB in at some point and let the three of us loose on some zombies. And if you ever get the game (hint hint ;)), we could get a full four person co-op going!

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02-15-2021, 02:20 AM
Haha. This is awesome. Well done Smooth. You are making me want to buy this game. We move in mid June and I want a new XBOX 1 X for the living room.

It is already relevant to the living room to put xbox X:P