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Thread: Madden 12 Online Franchise (360)

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    Madden 12 Online Franchise (360)

    Any Madden players out there? Starting a new league with updated rosters and we're looking for SIM - I say again SIM, players.

    The CMFL (Clean Madden Football League) is new SIM league created to provide the SIM player the best online Madden franchise league experience. We will focus on league interaction, good sportsmanship, and realistic sim gameplay. We may be using for stat tracking and salary cap management within our league. We have used it before and it works very well. We are only in the recruiting stage now but plan to be kicking off a brand new season with a rookie draft. Team selection will be first come first serve.

    If you are interested, go to the site above and register. After that go to the CMFL Rules and League Desciption page and READ ALL THE RULES and EXPECTATIONS. After you have read the rules and if it sounds like something you want to be apart of then send Rush or Keller a pm with the password. The password will be found on the Rules page. Game Recaps will be highly recommended for all owners after each win, but they will not be required. We feel like game recaps are a great way for league interaction. I myself enjoy reading them and posting them.

    What to expect:
    The CMFL will have weekly Player of the Week awards, Power Rankings, and yearly awards such as Coach of the Year and MVPs. The CMFL will have Podcasts throughout each season, where me and Keller will talk about the CMFL as well as the real NFL and other related topics. We will invite owners to the podcasts and have surprise call ins. Our podcast typcially last betwen 30 min to an hour. Our goal is to make the CMFL as interactive as possible. The more interactive owners the more fun it will be. If there is a decision to be made, everyone in the league will have a say on it. Decisions will be made based on what the league wants. Our weekly advance has not been decided yet but it will most likely be 2 to 3 times per week depending on what owners prefer. Being respectful of your opponents is very important in the CMFL. Bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Thanks for your time, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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    I'm still checking this thread to see if anyone is interested. We continue to add owners each day so please give us a look - particularly the rules and descriptions thread within the "league chatter" forum.

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    Some things to keep in mind as a way of differentiating ourselves from other leagues:

    1) Rosters are going to be post free agency. Wherever Peyton lands, thats where we'll move him. Mario to the Bills? Yup. Point is, we want to have the most up to date rosters as possible. Given that EA controls most of it, we can't change everything but we can at least get the right guys on the right teams.

    2) We are opening with a Rookie Draft. By that I mean, we are simming season 1 and will kickoff the league with the Rookie Draft and Season 2. Theres no better way to get excited for a team than going through an offseason.

    3) Podcasts/content/etc. A lot of leagues are just, play you games and thats it. We're striving to be different in that regard but we need your guys help. Myself and Rush are perfectly capable of running an entertaining podcast to talk about your teams, your successes and the league in general - everyone likes hearing their name called, trust me. I think you'll find that this is a pretty unique addition to the experience that you're not going to get in many other leagues, if any.

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    Season 2 starts Friday - Free Agency closes Thursday night. Hurry up and hop in.

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