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Thread: New ps3 dynasty- dedicated players only

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    New ps3 dynasty- dedicated players only

    Our Dynasty is an All-American play with 6 minute quarters and All-American recruiting. You can be a 1 star team or 6 star team, be whoever you want to be unless they have already been taken. We dont want a bunch of user games because they tend to slow down the dynasty. I've seen it happen too many times. We will advance every 48 hours or sooner if everyone is ready. If you need extra time to complete your game let me know so we can work it out and I can let everyone else know. I'm DEDICATED and COMMITTED to make this a long lasting and enjoyable Dynasty. Leave me your PSN for an invite. The Dynasty will begin tomorrow. Invites start going out tonight. Play on my friends

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    cooter83 psn. i like the sound of this... only thing is I usually dont play games on weekends because im out of town (football season tickets)

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    Id like to play. PSN dtimedtime

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    Did you get you get my PM?

    I wasn't sure....looks like your last log in was 10.10.2011.



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