• NCAA Football 11 Team Ratings, Prestige, & Offensive Styles (Update)

    While at E3 in Los Angles, PastaPadre has compiled the team ratings from NCAA Football 11. As of this post, the first 8 teams are missing. We will add them in if/when available. MadScientist06 of MaddenMatrix.com has posted a video of all team ratings. He adds: Team ratings could change by the time the game goes Gold.

    UPDATE - PastaPadre has posted team offensive styles for the majority of the teams in the game.

    Continue on to see the list of team ratings, offensive styles, & team prestige.

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    1. gschwendt's Avatar
      gschwendt -
      Unfortunately it's cutoff JUST after the team that I actually want to see. It's missing Air Force through Arkansas State.
    1. steelerfan's Avatar
      steelerfan -
      Quote Originally Posted by gschwendt View Post
      Unfortunately it's cutoff JUST after the team that I actually want to see. It's missing Air Force through Arkansas State.
      Who? Through who?
    1. iBrandon's Avatar
      iBrandon -
      Baylor's is pretty much what I thought.
    1. I OU a Beatn's Avatar
      I OU a Beatn -
      Houston looks like they will be a really fun team to use online.
    1. JeffHCross's Avatar
      JeffHCross -
      Well, that should be rather simple for me to make an Ohio State team that's worse than the default one.
    1. SmoothPancakes's Avatar
      SmoothPancakes -
      I like Navy's rankings, pretty fair. I'll probably lower them myself anyways just to add to the challenge in my single player dynasty. I actually want a challenge when I play my games against Air Force, Notre Dame, and Army.
    1. AustinWolv's Avatar
      AustinWolv -
      Seems fair for UM.
    1. JeffHCross's Avatar
      JeffHCross -
      I note that Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Rutgers and Utah are all B, B+, B. Be interesting to see how even those five teams are, given their different offensive styles.
    1. jaymo76's Avatar
      jaymo76 -
      No Arizona State... and the waiting continues...
    1. Kwizzy's Avatar
      Kwizzy -
      Nebraska's ratings seem to be the exact opposite of what I expected. B+ on defense? I understand we lost Suh, but we had the #1 scoring defense in the country last year! They shouldn't be less than an A- on D & I think an A- on offense is a little generous considering the total lack of production last year!

      Nebraska's Offense<< Mizzou's Offense
      Nebraska's Defense>> Mizzou's Defense
      EA got this one screwed up a bit!
    1. oweb26's Avatar
      oweb26 -
      Now all I have to do is figure out who I'm going to play with in my OD.
    1. gschwendt's Avatar
      gschwendt -
      MadSci of MaddenMatrix recorded all of the teams ratings from the Dynasty section:

      I'll try to go through later today and type them all up. Realize though that these are the numbered ratings whereas PastaPadre's were the letter ratings (I still don't understand why they use different ones in different areas).
    1. Twinky34's Avatar
      Twinky34 -
      Wow just saw Va Tech's ratings and the off is ranked higher than the def. 5 know we have two of the top running backs with williams ans evans but our def is the bread and butter of the hokies come on now.
    1. CLW's Avatar
      CLW -
      Grades seem pretty fair. UNC or Ohio State defense? Wow someone could put up some Tecmo Bowl like #s in dnasty mode with Boise State this year if the CPU D in the final build is as bad as the demo.
    1. cdj's Avatar
      cdj -
      I've started to add in the numerical team ratings that MadSci posted to the news posting of team ratings here.
    1. lilheavy's Avatar
      lilheavy -
      I noticed that the menu and play calling screens are very similar for BB and NCAA. Side scrolling. Coincedence...
    1. Coachdenz's Avatar
      Coachdenz -
      I'm a big Bama fan, but Alabama's D is rating too high......wow
    1. Kwizzy's Avatar
      Kwizzy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Coachdenz View Post
      I'm a big Bama fan, but Alabama's D is rating too high......wow
      Glad to see that even an Alabama fan thinks so! & if they are calling them the best D in the country & that's why they are rated so high, that's fine but why then is Nebraska's D only a 90? & again, I understand we lost Suh! He was AMAZING, but definitely NOT the only reason we were the #1 scoring D in the country.

      & our offense should be a B at best.
    1. psusnoop's Avatar
      psusnoop -
      Quote Originally Posted by Coachdenz View Post
      I'm a big Bama fan, but Alabama's D is rating too high......wow
      I couldn't agree more. How many returning starters? What 2 or 3 I think. I'm really not buying their offensive rating either. While Bama has the best running back tandem in the NCAA, I don't put their passing attack on that same pedestal honestly. This is me slamming Bama, just being an honest fan of NCAA. Just like their special teams being a rated a 99 overall, if I'm not mistaken I think Alabama is breaking in a new kicker for this year as well.

      Heck Penn State's offensive rating is equally too high in my opinion, just for the fact of breaking in a new QB and a questionable O-Line. Then throw in that the special teams is rated to high for PSU as well after the performance that Wagner displayed last year they should only really be a C+ or a B- at the most.

      These I'm sure are everywhere if people want to be picky, but just some of the things that bother me about EA and their ratings.
    1. psusnoop's Avatar
      psusnoop -
      Heck to get even more into it, after seeing the blue/white game and also hearing things about our QB situation here at PSU I don't know how in the world any QB on the roster should be rated higher then 73 or 75 and that is the honest to goodness truth.

      Our Kicker should be about a 75 as well.

      Only 1 player on our O-line should be in the 90's, and then no one else should be over a 85 overall.

      On defense is pretty close, though I'm sure they'll rank our LB'rs and CB's slightly higher but I really worry about them rating our FS and SS way to high.