View Full Version : NBA 2KCast Livestream - 8/11/15

08-11-2015, 06:49 PM
Here are some brief notes from August 11 NBA 2KCast with Ronnie & Chris.

- Focus of recent Curry video were: Scanned shoes, new accessories, mouth-guard tech, Curry's mo-capped shots
- Upcoming 'Be the Story' trailers coming soon for Davis and Harden.
- Last year: First 5 v 5 Sept. 18, "Yakkem" trailer August 26. Expect a similar timeline this year for 2K16.
- Gameplay: Green releases more rare in 2K16, no longer 100% accurate. Shot tuning can be done by developers server-side, so no need to wait for a patch to address.
- 99-00 Blazers & 03 Mavs
- Last-gen (PS3/360) will not have the Spike Lee MyCareer mode. Will have gameplay and presentation improvements.
- Leagues: Next feature reveal. Gameplay and presentation as well over next few weeks.
- More 2K16 footage by the end of the week. (Presumably either Harden or Davis video.)