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08-12-2013, 02:31 PM
So how is the pro style offense this year? I know the big thing has been the spread and the option, but I'd like to create a pro book and just wanted to see how viable it was. Now when I say Pro I'm essentially talking about a 2 back pro system. Not a big fan if single back forms. Also do the PA screen pass actually work this year?

08-12-2013, 03:58 PM
Started off with the Michigan playbook and modified it to what I wanted. Lots of I, some strong I, Ace, and Shotgun. I don't like weak I and didn't like the Split set, so those got tossed out.

PA works much better this year. I haven't run PA screen passes enough to speak definitively.

08-12-2013, 10:08 PM
play action is nice. not sure about the screens associated with PA though.

Always have been a huge fan of the "pro style" approach, spent many of nights studying the Syracuse playbook from previous years, as well as the UNC and USC books. My offense has evolved to what i consider more of a multiple TE pro spread. i use multiple TE's whether i am in the Gun. Pistol, or under center. Most of the guys on here will remember when i was almost exclusively an under center type player. this philosophy has changed with better capabilities for running the ball from the gun,and the downhill run approach you get from the Pistol much like being under center.

The Multiple TE philosophy came about for several reasons which included my love for 1 back power type sets like ACE BIG, ACE BIG TWINS, and both ACE PR and SLOT to name a few. My main reason though for the multiple TE scheme is my love for the "H" back position, and the fact that finding quality TE's are a nuch more viable option for a guy who is going to be in 1 back sets anyway. Recruiting a FB or at least 2 took up spots on my roster that i could fill with quality TE's that i could put on the field at the same time very often. I basically did away with 2 back sets not because they are not good, they are awesome, just not my philosophy any longer. There are times when i have 3 or 4 TE's on the field at once with my heavy sets. I use the same approach with madden, and this approach i might add is being used in real life today both with the pro and college game. If i were to go to some kind of 2 back look I would use one of my TE's at the FB position just as they do in real life, and many times motion him from one side to another as an extra blocker between the tackles or as a decoy, ala "H Back". Stanford type play but with the ability to run jet sweeps, QB based runs if personnel allows etc...

08-13-2013, 12:36 AM
On the topic of Pro style. If you want a playbook that runs a pro look but, goes for LONG BALL alot.......check out WKU. Very fun playbook!