View Full Version : Ok I've waited long enough for Madden 13 to improve.

10-20-2012, 09:21 AM
First off, I am not being unreasonable. The gameplay and new engine is smooth and enjoyable. Commentary and presentation is tolerable.

But Connected Career Mode and the fact that EA is basically forcing everyone to play on line to interact with friends or other Users is pure motherf*$&%^%Kin trash. This makes me absolutely sick.

Those who make this game need to understand a few things. Things that they obviously do not get.
1. Online play will always have stability issues. So not everyone wants to play a laggy sports game online. GET IT!!
2. Offline modes made this game, there are way too many people who have enjoyed the old franchise mode to have it ripped from them.
3. Gamers want realism. Madden developers, Looman or whoever, flat out said last year how important it was for the game to have the ability to edit players. And then just simply took it out this year for no reason. All because CCM is scripted.

NEWSFLASH: NFL games shouldn't be scripted.
NEWSFLASH: No one gives a damn about EA's cheesy Twitter feed. That is pure stupidity.

This year we are forced to play with the god awful, cheesily named fake players in their created draft classes. You will never see tall defensive ends or cornerbacks. You see too much emphasis on small schools. take notes from 2k and let us make our own DRAFT CLASSES. So we can have real life people in our game. At the very least bring back importing classes from NCAA.

If they won't let us create our own draft classes like nba 2k does. Then they should let us edit players within CCM. Not just equipment and college like they did with the 3rd patch. I WANT TO BE ABLE TO EDIT NAME, COLOR, HEIGHT, WEIGHT, RATINGS, EVERYTHING!!!! So I can make my franchise/CCM as real as possible. It's not too much to ask considering that the NCAA Football series allows it.

Connected careers is a good idea for people that want to play online. CCM is a huge "FUCK YOU" to people like me who like offline modes more. People like me who have played the game offline for 10+ years.

No longer are we able to control multiple teams in offline franchise/CCM as coaches or players. The last patch claimed to allow multiple users to play in offline CCM. Come to find out that its only possible through a ridiculous work around. Sickening.

Madden will eventually stop selling at this current rate. Connected career mode is garbage. It puts too much restriction on what Users can edit to make the game a more realistic experience.

If they go with CCM mode in the NCAA series, then that game will go straight to hell to.

EA needs to stop this tolerating to online play. If you want to go crazy with online features, give the offline modes some love too. Bring back basic franchise mode for the people who loved. Let us create draft classes or fully edit players at any time, in any mode.

GIVE US CREATIVE CONTROL. Stop forcing us to play your stupid modes.

10-20-2012, 07:15 PM
I tried messing with the game face feature. That feature should be removed until they upgrade their site to handle it. That site moves so slow. I have a 25 mb net package and this site functions as if I was using half of a dial up connection. It would take 3 days to upload, create, and customize a guy to your liking. Just embarrassing.

10-21-2012, 04:39 AM
I do think we should be able to edit everything in our franchise. It's our game - let us do what we want. I haven't even gotten to the draft yet so I don't know how the players there are. I disagree about the Twitter stuff. I like the info there even if it can get repetitive.