View Full Version : CCM PS3 interest?

08-31-2012, 05:22 PM
Would anyone be interested in doing an online CCM on the PS3?

08-31-2012, 09:35 PM
I'm going to hold off for a bit before I consider CCM... I want to make sure they clean up all of the bugs and hopefully address some of the complaints. I imagine I don't really look to join one until later in September or possibly not even until after October (I expect a busy month).

08-31-2012, 10:32 PM
I don't currently own the game but if they patch in editing I will probably pick it up.

09-02-2012, 10:51 AM
Sounds good, just wondered, thanks.

09-02-2012, 02:06 PM
I would be interested too. The only problem I have is, I'm only on after 10 p.m. CST Monday-Thursday. That usually dictates what leagues I can join. If that doesn't matter, I'm in if you set one up.

09-03-2012, 10:28 AM
So from doing some reading online at various other sites I see a bad common theme of online CCMs users getting disconnected. Then the game results are reported all strange, i.e. the leading team is winning 21-7 and the losing team gets disconnected, then the loser gets the win 21-0!

When asked if they even test this stuff, someone from the tester community said they played 3 days in Online CCM and didn't get disconnected, then he retracts that and says, they did get disconnected but it just threw out their results and they restarted the game.

My problem with that "testing" is...I have no clue how many people get to go to these early game testing sessions but there is no way it's as many people as play the game online once it comes out. When they "test" this do they limit the server bandwidth? If not, the handful of people testing it are never going to push the server to it's limits.

Now when the game is out and all sorts of people thousands are online, disconnects happen, that's just the nature of the beast, but to have it give silly results that weren't "tested"....again this just fails in the QA process.

I find it stomach ache sicken that when things like this happen the first they (EA) does it start with their generic QA "testing" form questions: What system where you on? Was this Online or Offline play (LIKE THIS SHOULDN'T BE OBVIOUS!), How many users are in your CCM? Again, it looks like they are playing from behind the eight-ball and the users are the true QA testers of the game. CRAZY!

It just seems like a true lack of professionalism to keep pulling the, "we didn't see this in our testing" card. It seems like they are not testing it in real life situations. A handful or people with the game for a few hours or a few days is not quality testing. The game has been out for less than 1 week and some big issues have been noted by the consumers, it's just sad to use the, "hmmmm, well we didn't see this in our testing, but we'll have to take it into consideration...please give us MORE data as we cannot replicate your issues....then we'll take it to our product and design team and see if we can replicate your issues. If we can't then it must be something you are doing on your end (never-mind that is happening to multiple users). If this is something we are able to replicate, we will see about a patch...no promises....thanks for your continued support, if you'd like I can take a pre-order on any future EA title releases, you can put some money down or pay them in full today, how many would you like?