08-15-2012, 10:03 PM
The premier football commissioners are looking to take their commissioning skills to the college realm this year with Madden13 Connected Career mode. If you haven't heard of us we are young adults-mostly in our 20's, we love football and facilitating a strong sense of community within our leagues (it ensures that things run smoothly and the user games get played. not to mention it makes it more fun.)

Who can Join?

We want real football fans to take control of their favorite teams. I've found that people are generally more into the experience if they use the team they root for in real life, (as opposed to picking a team just based on speedy players.) Anyone at least 15 can join. No offense, we just don't like cursing at little kids, or sometimes the reverse. (We've all been cursed out by some smack talking 10 year-old over xbox live before. You have to at least have gone through puberty to join.)

As we all know, this year is the first for Connected Careers so I'll be learning more about the rules/settings that will be applied to the league this year. Advance is tentatively set for 3 advances a week, but there will be more tasks (recruiting, practice, etc.) than in years prior so again, we will have a better gauge once we get our hands on the game. The most important known aspect is that we want a league of all COACHES. A coach in connected careers is in charge of all of the salary cap, roster, and recruiting functions as well as having full control over the games. Though, its ok if you're mostly interested in playing games, you can allow the cpu to make your own roster decisions and recruiting if you'd rather not do all the GM stuff. We are Simulation oriented so the rules and sliders will reflect the most realistic football experience possible. I'll post more info about rules once I become more acclimated with the game. This is our first year with Connected Careers and my co-commissioner and I are excited EA is finally giving us the Online Franchise experience the hardcore community has been clamoring for. The main thing I know at this point as Coaching Carousel will be turned on so you must uphold the obligations in your teams contract or you may lose your job!

We currently have 5 teams signed up so if you are interested in joining, reply back with your gamertag and the top 3 teams you'd like to reserve. We are looking to launch the league soon after the Aug. 28th release, so teams are granted on a first come first serve basis. But if your team is taken on the list below, don't fret, still add your self to the list and I will put you in queue and if someone doesn't promptly join and you are ready to take the team over once the league starts then the team is yours.

List of Teams Taken:
49ers, Cardinals, Cowboys, Bengals, Seahawks, Jets, Packers, Steelers

Or message me on my XBL gamertag: Integra GSR

08-24-2012, 05:58 PM
*Major Update*

I've, talked to my co-commish and we've decide to cap the league at 24 users with 3 teams per division. We feel this will help the eague run more smoothly while still allowing plenty of User vs. User competition.

We are currently have 22 users signed up- though you can continue to sign up even once we hit 24 users and even if your team is reserved because teams are first come first serve. We will wait until the rosters update (approx Sept 3) to start the league so we have the accurate final 53 man rosters. If you reserve a team ill send you an invite and will give everyone time to join who is signed up. If you are not in the league by the league launch your spot will likely be lost. Let me know if you guys have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions. I'm always open to feedback from our league members.

Thanks guys

Canes Fan
08-24-2012, 06:53 PM
Hmu GT: Got My Mojo. Top Three teams 1 Dolphins , 2 Ravens , 3 Browns

08-24-2012, 08:57 PM
Hmu GT: Got My Mojo. Top Three teams 1 Dolphins , 2 Ravens , 3 Browns

I have guys signed up ahead of you for all three of those teams so you are also 2nd enque for eacb team in case those guys don't join.

Ill post the teams soon. Thanks for signing up!

09-10-2012, 09:33 AM
I would like to join a this league.
Gamertag - UnFukWitable504
Favorite Team - Saints.
Age 26.
I play this game on my ps3 and Xbox.

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