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There is a surprise bonus team being included in Madden NFL 13 which goes by the name ‘Canton Greats’. Coached by a young John Madden on the sideline the team features a mix of legends and current superstars. Home field is Fawcett Stadium (Hall of Fame Field) and they have their own unique uniforms. Because depth charts were inaccessible with the E3 build it’s unclear if the starting lineups contain all the legends or if others are present – and whether any more legends obtained (via pre-order incentive or DLC) would then be added to the team or if all of them may already be there

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A Few Madden NFL 13 Ratings for Barry Sanders, Michael Irvin, and Deion Sanders

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 12:30 PM PDT

Coming out of the Madden NFL 13 Pro-Am held late last week EA Sports has revealed some of the ratings for Barry Sanders, Michael Irvin, and Deion Sanders. The three are amongst the crop of legends included in the game for use in various modes.

These ratings appear to come from their representations on the “Canton Greats” team and possibly their matured cards in Madden Ultimate Team. However they will instead be starting with ratings that reflect their skills and expectations when they entered the league as rookies (most will fall in the low 80s overall) when chosen within Connected Careers mode.

Barry Sanders
99 Overall
97 Speed
99 Acceleration
75 Trucking

Michael Irvin
99 Overall
93 Speed
96 Acceleration
97 Spectacular Catch
100 Catch in Traffic

Deion Sanders
99 Overall
99 Speed
100 Man Coverage
40 Tackle

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